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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  November 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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who are saying they're going to have poll watchers out there. as we know, he's been threatening a rigged election in philadelphia. a very, very important day, and important night for the clinton campaign here. >> jacob soboroff, thank you very much. and that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> hey there, mika. i'm stephanie ruhle. this morning, so much to cover. one more day. less than 24 hours until the polls open. and one final twist. >> you can't review 650,000 e-mails in eight days. you can't do it, folks. >> the fbi with a bombshell letter number two. they have searched the e-mails and found nothing new, but the big question is, is it too little too late? and nbc news exclusive, turning to donald, who would be in his cabin cabinet? the names are out and we have got them. big names, including rudy giuliani and newt gingrich. donald's hard core posse. and the closing arguments.
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this is it, with less than 24 hours until the polls open, the final sprint for voters starts right now. >> so we're one day away from the change you have been waiting for your entire life. >> i have never felt more strongly about what we can do together. >> you know what we have got to begin with today. the fbi investigation that upended this race just over ten days ago. let's take you to yesterday. 4:30 p.m., the fbi released a letter saying that despite the new e-mails found on anthony weiner's laptop, their conclusions had not changed. what does that mean? no charges against hillary clinton, and that of course, did not sit well with donald trump. >> hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it, the fbi knows it. the people know it. right now, she's being protected
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by a totally rigged system. >> hillary clinton's reaction to the latest news, understated, according to the campaign, and she made no mention of it yesterday. >> we've got to get everyone to believe that this election is about you. >> instead, it was her running mate, tim kaine, that spoke for the campaign at an event in the state of wisconsin. >> not surprised. i mean, i really felt like the original conclusion was so unequivocal after such a long investigation. we're glad to get the news but not surprised. >> you want to know who loved it the most? my favorite player, the markets. markets loved it. dow futures surging more than 200 points in hours after comey's letter came out. and as for the candidates, they have got one me day on the trail. both will be in the battleground states of pennsylvania, michigan, and north carolina. and donald trump is adding stops in new hampshire and florida as
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well. this as our latest nbc news/survey monkey poll shows hillary clinton still in the lead, 47% to 41%. guess what. we have got the race covered with the best correspondents in the business across the country, including our team of reporters and analysts that are standing by. i want to start with hallie jackson. she joins me here in new york. >> here we go. >> final 24, man. >> what's donald going to do in the last 24? >> hit his five most important states. he's going to places that are priorities for him. he's going to end in a state that has become one of the more intriguing story lines which is michigan. this idea that we know that for our battleground map, he has to flip a blue state. which blue state? pennsylvania? eh, michigan, he has a shot. he's blanketing those locations and really what has been keeping up, as you can see, a grueling pace for him. she's also got stopped in pennsylvania, north carolina, and interestingly, michigan, where president obama will be, too. that's emerging as sort of the blue battleground dejure, the one to watch as we head into the
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final stretch. >> something else emerging. over 70 white and wonderful and how one might describe the cabinet possible selections for donald trump. >> so let's talk about those cabinet selections. this is reporting from my colleague katy tur and benjy sarlin talking to senior advisers about what a transition would look like for donald trump's team. who would be on sort of the next administration. how does secretary of state newt gingrich sound to you? that's one possibility. rudy giuliani for attorney general. mike flynn as possibly a defense secretary, that's something we have been hearing about since maybe august, just speculatively since he started going to those intelligence briefings when they began, and a couple names there for finance, steve mnuchin and lieu isenberg. >> wall street guy. >> yeah, these are names that people know. obviously, it's a time when you would be thinking about the transition. did you notice who is not on the list? >> the head of his transition team. >> correct, chris christie. >> governor of my home state.
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>> dealing with bridgegate for a while. i was told by a very good source that he was still doing all the weekly meetings for transition, even with the trial happening. still varinvolved, even though he hadn't been quite as visible on the tv circuit like he had been a couple months ago. >> i want to bring in nbc's justice correspondent, pete williams. help us out. the trump campaign is saying no way can you get through 650,000 e-mails in ten days and come to this kind of conclusion. what happened here? >> it depends on how you do it. the fbi says this process was largely automated. remember, the 650,000 is the number of the total e-mails on the laptop. so first of all, very simple to simply root out only those that were to or from huma abedin. that's the universe. then by looking simply at the time and the to and from on the header of the e-mail, again, an automated process. you narrow it down to the timeframe when hillary clinton was secretary of state. that's going to be very fast to
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do in an automated system. then you use another automated system to compare the e-mails on the laptop to the known e-mails the fbi found in investigating the clinton server. and see how many of them are duplicates. that again is an automated process. the computer experts say it's deduping. deduplicating to root out the duplicated and then you're left with a small number, officials say, of e-mails that had to actually be looked at one by one. some of them dealt with social issues, nongovernment issues. and then the rest they had to look at to city if there was the potential for classified information. they say there were a few that were forwarded that contained classified information but they were already known to the fbi, so at the end of the day, it doesn't change in any substantial way the fbi's conclusion about the number of classified documents that were on the server, and asi you know the fbi director said in july that wasn't a prosecutable case.
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>> pete, thaj thanks so much. i want to bring in msnbc contributor and republican strategist steve schmidt, and msnbc political analyst and former rnc chairman michael steele. michael, i want to start with you. james comey's letter, is it too little too late? >> in the overall scheme of things, i don't know what inplay was, but it was played horribly in terms of really having an impact on the race. it helped clinton in the interim, that first letter, between the first letter and second letter, just a little bit. but i don't think it's a game changer. there's so much more that has to go into the race that has gone into the race besides this letter that would make a difference for donald trump. this isn't it. >> does it make a difference for james comey? steve, on friday, you poured gasoline on james comey and let him on fire in that seat. now he's put out another letter. what does it mean? >> he's totally discredited. he's brought profound discreditation upon the fbi. we live in this era where trust has collapsed in nearly every
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institution in the country you can think to name. u.s. military is an exception. the fbi was another exception. until very recently. so what you have is a director who i think for reasons of ego, who wants to hold himself as a man apart, above politics. the indispensable truth teller in the room, played this through a political lens through day one and got burned by it. it's not just comey's reputation that matters here. it's the institution that he leads. and he's done tremendous damage to it. most importantly, in the united states, we don't decide presidential elections through the intervention of law enforcement agencies like this, within nine days of an election. i mean, it had an impact on the race. it was contrary to every conceivable justice department policy, and it's bad news. now, this institution is leaking. literally like a secret police organization full of banana republic.
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>> but trustworthiness has been one of the biggest issues that has plagued hillary clinton from the beginning. you can't argue she doesn't have more experience and is more qualified for the job. trustworthiness is one of the issues many people have taken. >> the problem, to steve's point, that undermines the argument when the institution, look, everybody got upset about debbie wasserman schultz and her finger on the scale for hillary clinton. you can make the counterargument, the fbi has had its finger on the scale for donald trump, given the fact there were leaks coming out below comey. now, some could argue comey was trying to get in front of that as much as possible. but it does begin to undermine the trustworthiness of the institution itself. you pay more attention to that than the trustworthy concerns you have about hillary clinton. >> trustworthiness, you have to think about battleground states. if you look at where the two candidates are in the next 24 hours, pennsylvania, michigan, north carolina, new hampshire, florida. a state like michigan, is it
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really up for grabs? this is a state, there are people who live in flint, michigan, who have no job prospects, who have written their houses down to zero. they don't trust the system. they believe donald trump when he says it's rigged. is this a state that could go to donald trump? >> it's a state that's closer than the democrats would like to see it, but it's a state i think will go to hillary clinton tomorrow night. >> you know, i'm a little bit less certain in that regard. simply because of this. you don't have a real beat on where the folks there are. i think you just identified a good number of them. who live in michigan, and that includes the african-americans. i know a lot of folks focus on detroit, but the reality of it is, you don't have that early voting sense of where the state is leaning. and i think both camps see an opportunity here in hillary's case to lockdown what she perceives to be as a home plate for her and for donald trump to steal one. that's going to be the battle over the next 12 hours. >> let's go broader than just donald trump. following the last election, the republican party put together an autopsy. and deduced it was latinos, it
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was african-americans, it was women, that's where they were lacking. and donald trump has been their candidate. so to whomever got paid whatever it was, a million bucks for doing the autopsy, good for you. was the republican party not listening? it seems those are the exact groups that donald trump can't seem to resonate with. >> i guess the good news is from a recycling perspective, you don't have to do another one. just flip the cover for the next one. look, there's this mythology, and it results in an alternate universe that there's this hidden mass of older white, primarily male voters, that will come from the hills to descend into the polling booths and will win an election. but the reality is, right, when you look at the demographics in the country and this electorate is 2% less white than it was four years ago, and 4% less white than it was eight years
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ago. you antewcan't win an election n antagonizing the fastest growing group in the country, latino voters. the last time that republicans won the popular vote in an election was a campaign i was part of in 2004, george w. bush, 43% of the hispanic vote. donald trump is likely to be under 20%. you can't make the math work. so as we're watching tomorrow in the state of florida, which i think will come in early, and early for hillary clinton, it's going to come in early on the strength of hispanic voter turnout. and you look at states like georgia. you look at states like arizona. correspondingly, you also see a drop in the second fastest growing demographic in the country, which is asian american voters who parallels almost exactly over the last four years the drop in hispanic support as well. so a party that is viewed as hostile to minorities, to women, to millennial voters. you just can't put the math
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together to win a presidential election. >> how much does it help democrats that we're seeing so many states with early voting? i think back to when i was a kid, and it was -- i would go with my mom. it was little old ladies working at the polling centers, and that's who were going to vote. now that there's so much early voting in so many states, where people who have difficult job schedules, women who have young children can say i have weeks to go and vote. is this a big advantage for hillary? >> it's an advantage for both parties, if they know how to take advantage of it. clearly, the democrats have made this much more of a sport. it's an art for them. they have honed their skills in developing the on the ground presence in the early phases of the campaign and certainly in terms of voting. republicans have spent roughly $178 million versus the $42 million they spent in 2012 on this very issue. on how to get their vote out to the polls early. so they see themselves doing better in places like florida where they have about 100,000 ahead of where they were, same
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in north carolina. but here's the rub. that's in history, and over time, has been connected to a presidential campaign. donald trump doesn't have that same connection. he doesn't have the field offices that would support the effort of the party. so the party has been carrying not only its own luggage but the luggage of the presidential campaign and at some point, you have to drop one to get to the polls, and they're focusing on the senate races and down ballot. >> an amazing story in the "new york times." >> you have to tell me in the commercial. we're out of time. we have to pay the bills. sorry. it's what we have to do. steve, michael, here's the good news. you're going to come back tomorrow. in the break, they're going to give my their predictions. i have to do my own show poll and i'm going to use them to cheat. >> before we go, i want to remind you, you need to stay with msnbc for all-day coverage of this historic 2016 election. it begins tomorrow with yours truly at 9:00 a.m., and you have got to stay with us at 6:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. i know these gentlemen will be there for msnbc's special
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election night coverage. full primetime coverage across the network. coming up, the gold star father who became the center of the campaign. he was back on the trail with hillary clinton with a really rousing speech last night. mr. khan will be joining me live. >> but next, the path to victory for donald trump is very narrow. he needs a potentially blue state to flip for a win. steve kornacki and his magic map will explain what we're going to see tomorrow. >> but first, throughout the show, we'll hear from you, there voters. >> when you're making this decision, what do you think about? >> i think about the integrity of the united states. >> do you have any concerns if we end up with a donald trump presidency? >> the only concern i have is maybe there will be a rethinking of the lgbt community and their rights of having federal protection. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say,
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it is election eve. and who better to go through the latest numbers than msnbc host and political correspondent steve kornacki who i just messed with beyond belief. i walked over to the board and destroyed it, but luckily, this guy is a human computer. >> we should turn it off so we don't confuse people. we have states kind of miss the sign. but the bottom line. here we go, the 43 color nbc battleground map. i don't know if this will make sense, but the bottom line in terms of what donald trump is trying to do is some of the states that we have been thinking of as the battleground states in this election, whether it's florida, whether it's nevada, maybe even arizona, some of the indications are that turnout from latino voters not just is overwhelmingly for hillary clinton but that turnout itself might be higher than we have ever seen before. that's some of the early indication. and so one of the things i think the trump campaign is seeing here is, whoa, if nevada
6:20 am
suddenly falled off the mab for us, if florida, that would be a big blow for them, 29 electoral votes, if they were to lose florida, what could they possibly do to sill salvage this election? >> rudy giuliani said if donald loses florida, it's over. is it? >> that is more than likely. that is very, very likely the case. but what the trump campaign is trying to do right now is try to put a few of these bigger blue states in play at the last minute. you were talking about like michigan, pennsylvania, maybe even minnesota. this is where donald trump is suddenly spending time. >> how likely? >> very unlikely. michigan is of those three i just mentioned, michigan is the best bet right now for republicans. you even see president obama going out there to the university of michigan, ann arbor. you see hillary clinton is going to be out there. clearly, the democrats are aware there's a potential threat to them in michigan. when you start talking about like minnesota, where donald trump was yesterday, there are parts of that state, you think like the iron range, sort of the northeast rural part of the state there, there are parts of the state that are actually gravitating more toward trump
6:21 am
than they usually do toward republicans. the problem is that's probably going to be offset in the minneapolis suburbs where trump may not do as well as the republican traditionally does. and it's more or less a democratic state in presidential elections. when he goes to minnesota, its arer a hail mary pass, a campaign saying, whoa, what we have been looking at as our most likely path in the swing states may be choked off. we have to make something happen or we have no chance at all left. >> you mentioned a massive surge in latino votes not just for hillary clinton. the idea that voter suppression was going to take place, is that off the table? >> that's generally more talked ability in term fz of the black vote. you think more specifically of north carolina. there were changes in some counties in north carolina in terms of early voting procedures. cutting off the number of hours, the number of days. there are indices, there's a bit of a debate about what it means. there are some indications that black turnout may be off, it may be lower. if it is, some would say, hey,
6:22 am
president obama 2008, 2012, first black president ever. you're going to fall off in terms of black turnout. >> and it could be offset by latinos. >> it could have to do with the changes in voting laws. if it's a situation where black turnout is down and latino turnout is up, in florida, that probably offsets it for the democrats. it probably helps the democrats in nevada, helps them in arizona. the flipside, if you're talking about lower black participate is maybe it would help the republicans in michigan if the black turnout in detroit is down, trump could rely more on the rural white voters. >> i messed with your game and you still delivered. before we go, if there is a state that donald trump flips, which one do you think it is? >> michigan, if you're looking for a surprise, the most likely would be michigan. >> steve schmidt says hillary clinton between 320 and 341. michael steele has 320 for hi hilla hillary. >> if you're in britain and you want to put a bet on this right now, i think you would say if the over/under were at 300,
6:23 am
you're more likely to go on the over side for hillary clinton right now, but of course, anything is possible. all sorts of volatility, all of the disclaimers in the world i can put out, they will. >> we have another 21 hours. thank you so much. steve kornacki. coming up, the gold star father who drew attacks from donald trump after criticizing him at the democratic convention. khizr khan joins me next. >> november 8th is upon us. do you know who you're going to vote for? >> uh-huh. i will go for him. >> who are the dogs voting for? she said gary johnson. sassy. jill stein. they go with the underdog. for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ dinosaur growls ] and his dad earned 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs.
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♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. welcome back. it is time now for your morning primer. everything you need to know to get your day started. we begin one day out from election day, with hillary
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clinton in the clear. fbi director james comey says his agency has reviewed all of the clinton related e-mails found on a laptop of anthony weiner, and affirmed his conclusion in july that hillary clinton should not face criminal charges. >> janet reno, the nation's first female attorney general has died at age 78 from complications from parkinson's disease. her eight-year tenure during the clinton administration was marked by several political storms, including the 1993 deadly fbi raid on a religious cult in waco texas, and the seizing of a 5-year-old cuban refugee, elian gonzalez. >> u.s.-backed forces have begun a major offensive against isis to reclaim the de facto capital in syria. 30,000 fighters along with u.s. air strikes are involved in the operation, which comes two weeks after a campaign to take back mosul in iraq. >> in philadelphia, a paralyzing week long transit strike has
6:28 am
come to an end after transit authorities and union workers reached a tentative five-year deal. and a very big night in football. the oakland raiders have topped the afc west with a 30-20 win against the denver broncos, and the indianapolis colts defeated the packers 31-26. >> khizr khan revved up voters whi when introducing hillary clinton at a rally last night. the father of a muslim american soldier killed in iraq reminded voters of the dark vision of donald trump's america. >> donald trump, would my son have a place in your america? would latinos have a place in your america? well, thankfully, mr. trump, this isn't your america. >> khizr khan joins me now from boston. mr. khan, you had that crowd crazy with excitement when they heard your words last night. how did it feel?
6:29 am
>> well, it felt wonderful. we through our experience have become testament to the goodness of america. that is what you saw yesterday. that is what you saw last night. that the crowd and this nation is realizing how good this country is and what values of this country are at stake in this election, so it was that reminder that touched everyone in the crowd. >> mr. khan, you, your wife, your family, you came up again at the last debate. how have you felt becoming really a centerpiece of this election at times? >> we really had not sought this as maybe our share because we consider ourselves grateful citizens of this country. maybe this is our civic share that we continue to contribute
6:30 am
to the better of this country. last night, i mentioned a letter that we had received among thousands of letters of support and encouragement and respect, one letter that said that, thank you, mr. and mrs. khan, thank you for reminding us of our values, and thank you have participating in this election and reminding the united states that in this election, what is at stake, the fundamental values of this country. so we have become part of the conversation. but it is not us. it is our reminding this nation, this wonderful nation of its values enshrined in the constitution. >> in terms of you, what happened after election day? will you stay involved in politics? >> stephanie, no, no, no. we have not sought nor are
6:31 am
interested in politics, but i have been to 22 communities, civic and community organizations. i have 14 more to go through april, may, by invitation of these organizations. they saw something good in this conversation. we have reconciliation that needs to take place. we need healing that needs to take place. we have division that needs to be removed from here. and it will be under the leadership of our leader, leadership that embodies the constitutional values hillary clinton, but my journey is already on the calendar. i'm traveling to various communities, various faith organizations speaking to them ability the goodness of america, so no interest in politics, but of course, interest in serving my country. >> mr. khan, i'm looking at
6:32 am
images moments ago of you and your wife speaking of the dnc and now speaking of your journey. if your son were alive today, would he be surprised? what would he say about what you're doing? >> stephanie, he'd be standing right here. right next to me, left shoulder to left shoulder. that is how we had greeted. he will be so proud because our journey had been cared for others. his life was dedicated to care for others, to the last moment, it was given in care of others. and so is our journey. he will be so proud. we do this when we get so tired, when at airport to airport, i am so tired, my back hurts, my feet hurt, i think of his dedication, how much he meant, how much others meant to him, and the value of serving others, serving this country. so we work and we continue under his grace and under his -- under
6:33 am
his teaching that sometimes it is said that parents teach children, but in this case, captain khan taught us that caring for others, caring for your nation, should be the quality. >> and you have to have a lot of people a lot of good things in this country. thank you so much, khizr khan, a proud american. >> thank you. all right, we have to take a turn. the stock market, the market has now been open three minutes. surging. dow is up 200 points. and this is following the news of fbi director james comey's letter on sunday night clearing hillary clinton again. msnbc's ali velshi is here with me now. one thing we know about wall street. wall street doesn't like volatility. wall street likes certainty and predictability. >> so there's two kinds of uncertainty that's happened in the last week. the first is that the markets had assumed and priced in the idea that hillary clinton would be president. when those comey letters, the first comey letter came out and the polls started to decline for
6:34 am
hillary clinton, the market didn't like the uncertainty of the fact that they didn't know who was winning. the second, look, we're up to about 250 points up on the dow now. the second piece of uncertainty is donald trump himself. it's not clear that donald trump would be bad for the economy. it's certain that donald trump has threatened to rip up, you know, trade deals and things like that. so the market doesn't know what to make of that. now that it looks like hillary clinton is back in the lead in a lot of places and it's still close, the market is bringing back some of the losses it gave up. >> we do need to qualify, though, the market moves all the time. this isn't necessarily a testament to the market or wall street saying hillary clinton is good for the economy. >> not at all. >> it's the certainty that's good for the market today. >> if we had six weeks to think donald trump was in the lead, the market would have adjusted to that. that's the bottom line. don't get too excited for that. for those of you with 401(k)s, you have seen nine days of it going away. you're seeing at least something different than nine dayoffs losses. >> thank you so much. we have to take a break. >> coming up, election eve, and
6:35 am
just like santa claus, the candidates are seemingly everywhere across the sky and in your backyard. we're going to whip around the country with our reporters to see where the candidates are spending their final hours. our mission is to produce programs and online content for african women as they try to build their businesses and careers. my name is yasmin belo-osagie and i'm a co-founder at she leads africa. i definitely could not do my job without technology. this lenovo yoga, you can configure it in so many different ways, it feels like a much more robust computer than the old mac that i used to use. i actually, i do yoga like off my computer and it works really well. and there's something about it that feels really cool. i feel like i'm in the future. ♪ ♪ ♪
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for one of the largest greeting card companies. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. on this final day before election day, we have got our team of reporters in the final states where the candidates will be campaigning today. that means everywhere. first, let's take you to new hampshire where a brand-new poll shows hillary clinton taking a commanding 11-point lead. nbc's chris jansing is live in durham, where president obama will be making one last blitz for clinton, including at the university of new hampshire. chris. >> reporter: and the fact that he's coming here tells you that neither side believes that poll. look, you have the president here today. donald trump later. you're talking to khizr khan, here with hillary clinton yesterday. that's because they believe this is too close to call. you have a situation where this
6:39 am
is a state with a lot of white voters who don't have a college education. that favors donald trump. remember, she lost to bernie sanders here massively. that's why we're at the university of new hampshire, because they want to turn the students over to hillary clinton, make sure that they get to the polls. the intensity here is really like the primary. $130 million plus when all is said and done, will have been spent here on the senate and presidential race in a state that only a little more than 700,000 people will vote. you do the math, stephanie. it's really unlike anything we have seen in a general election in new hampshire. >> thanks, chris. let's go down south and take you to north carolina where hillary clinton is maintaining a slim two-point lead. nbc's morgan radfort is live in raleigh where democrats are planning a massive get out the vote operation. but republicans are not sitting idly by. what's happening there? >> reporter: not i.dle at all. this is ground zero for the next
6:40 am
24 hours. we're at the gop headquarters here, and in north carolina, this is known as the check mate state. this is a state that donald trump and his campaign manager have said they need to win in order to secure victory for the white house. that's why we have people behind me. they're making phone calls. they're sending e-mails, talking to voters and convincing them that tomorrow is the day they must get out to the polls and must make their voices heard right here in north carolina, stephanie. >> thanks. on to ohio, where it is neck and neck. hillary clinton with a one-point lead in the latest polling. jolean kent is live in columbus where early voting continues today. places like ohio county, that is trump land, but this is a state where the governor voted for john mccain, and just this weekend, beyonce, jay z, the king himself, lebron james, stumping for hillary. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. it is the last day of early voting here, and it has been record turnout. here in franklin county, 78,000 people have already voted. that's shattered the record from
6:41 am
2012. looking at the state-wide situation here, the columbus dispatch poll saying it's fra48 for clinton, 47% for trump. we have been watching this very long line go by, and what we have seen is voters are enthusiastic, ready to vote, and the line is moving fast, ability 30 minutes from start to casting your ballot. but looking at who the early voters are, according to the columbus dispatch, 10% are going for hillary, more so than trump, but we do know on election day, everything could change. if trump is able to turn out those older white voters, he wins. if clinton turns out the younger minoriti minorities, she wins ohio. >> thank you. and really thank you to all of our reporters, keeping tabs on these crucial states in the final day before election. we're going to take a break. up next, for the second time, fbi director james comey releases a bombshell letter. this time, clearing hillary clinton again. but is it too little too late for the clinton campaign? hillary clinton's deputy
6:42 am
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the review of hillary clinton's e-mails without charges is not sitting well with donald trump. here's what he had to say last night. >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the united states. right now, she's being protected by a rigged system. it's a totally rigged system. i have been saying that for a long time. you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in eight days. you can't do it, folks. >> right now, i'm joined by kristina schake, deputy communications director for the clinton campaign. reliev relieved, happy? the letter last night was good news for your camp. but has the damage been done? can it be reversed? >> honestly, we were relieved he came to the conclusion he did in
6:46 am
july, that there was no reason to move forward with this case. but we were always perplexed why he made the decision 11 days out from an election to release a letter like that when he hadn't even reviewed the information yet. he's been widely criticized by republicans and democrats for breaking protocol with the fbi to do that. we were, honestly, we have been following hillary's lead, which is never to be distracted. her approach to this from the beginning was to keep her focus on what was important, which was talking to american voters about what she would do as their president to make a real difference in their lives. so we as a campaign followed her lead and stayed focused on the battleground states and the work we need to do to turn out our voters. >> but it was more than a distraction. during the time between the first and second letter, tens of millions of people voted. you had to change your strategy. you went from being on offense to defense. so it did change things. >> you know, when we talked to voters, we really believe most people have made up their minds. this is something that has been
6:47 am
extensively reported on for over a year. >> but the polls tightened. >> we were expecting the polls to tighten anyway. that's what we planned for for months. our strategy was to get out there and keep fighting. for hillary to be on offense, talking about the kind of president she would be. we're actually feeling great today. the day before the election. because 40 million americans have already voted. and we feel really confident that we have gotten our supporters out there. if you look at florida alone, more than 5 million people have already voted. we're seeing a doubling in the turnout of latinos and asian pacific islanders. actually a third of those voters didn't even vote in 2012. that speaks to the organization we have out there, registering voters and getting people out to the polls. she's also on defense, to spend all this time in a state like michigan, michigan is a blue state. kellyanne conway this morning said they're confident they're going to get michigan. what does kellyanne conway know that the rest of us don't? >> actually, we feel really
6:48 am
confident about michigan. this speaks to who hillary clinton is. she never gives up. she keeps fighting. she doesn't take anything for granted. she has been working her heart out in michigan. >> if it's a blue state, why go? >> ritzerit's it's a different a state that the majority of voters vote on election day. so we always planned in our strategy to spend more time in the states where people vote early so we spend a lot of time in north carolina, nevada, north carolina, and then switch and spend a lot of time in places like michigan and ohio where the majority of voters are voting on election day. >> i'm a dramatic person. i was reading the response of the clinton campaign to the second comey letter was understated from hillary clinton. what on earth does understated mean? if i was hillary clinton, i wouldn't feel understated. >> as i said, we were really perplexed by the decision to release the letter 11 days before the election. that was really unprecedented. we know it went against the guidance of the leadership within the department of justice. but we always felt confident
6:49 am
with the outcome of what it was going to be, and hillary really stayed focused. so we as a campaign did the exact same thing. we understand for most americans they aren't making their vote based on e-mails. they're making their vote based on which of these candidates is really going to make a difference in their lives, and hillary is out there making the case. >> perplexed, perturbed, really mad is what she had to have been over the last week. if elected president, she could fire the fbi director. could hillary clinton work with james comey after this? >> we're not even thinking about that. hillary clinton is completely focused on tomorrow. we have already seen record turnout in the early vote. we think more americans are going to vote tomorrow than have ever voted in a presidential election. she's getting out there, working her heart out. she's going to be all over the battleground states in the next two days asking people to come out and support her. she actually is going to have an ad tonight on "the voice" here on nbc. two minutes where she's going to talk directly to american voters about what the election means to her, what's add stake and how she'll be a president for all
6:50 am
americans. she's closing this election the way she wants to. >> will huma abedin be with her? had she's been in her headquarters. she didn't want to be a distraction, but she's a crucial member of the leadership team. she's an important, important adviser and friend to hillary and to all of us on the campaign. we've all just been taken by her grace and her integrity through all this and she's been working in the headquarters every day and it's been great to have her there. >> one day left. >> yes. >> stay hydrated. hillary needs tea with honey. i heard her. >> she's working her heart out. >> thank you so much, kristina. we'll take a break. 596 days since the election officially kicked off and with one, uno, day left, we'll break down this grueling election by the numbers. se!!!!! we heard you got a job as a developer! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay...
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and that is why today i am
6:54 am
announcing that i am running for president of the united states. >> that, of course, ted cruz. on march 23rd, 2015. the first candidate to announce his run for president. here's the question. just how long and grueling has this election been? let's break it down by the numbers. if we start at ted cruz, the election has lasted 594 days through today. we started with a total of 20 candidates and now we are down to two. there were 25 debates. >> wrong. >> damn e-mails. >> wrong. >> let's dispel the fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. >> there it is. the memorized 25 seconds. >> wrong. >> he called this woman miss piggy. >> wrong. >> wrong might have been his favorite word but donald trump came up with at least six nicknames. >> lying ted. >> jeb bush, low energy. >> little marco. crooked hillary clinton. crazy bernie.
6:55 am
pocahontas. it's pocahontas. >> the entertainer. counted on twitter. donald trump insulted a total of 282 people, places, and things and that was just as of two weeks ago. how many pundits and lawmakers said donald trump disqualified himself over the last 16 months? over a number of controversies. >> disqualifying. >> it is disqualifier. >> he's disqualified. >> trump has done so much to disqualify himself. >> that number is just too many to count. we can count the amount of campaign stops though. >> hello, arizona! >> north carolina. >> philadelphia. >> nevada. >> this is a big one for donald. hillary clinton had a total of 90 stops since accepting the nomination. donald trump had a whole lot more. 148 stops. and these candidates, they raise a lot of money. a lot. clinton raised $498 million
6:56 am
while donald trump only raised $248 million but he did put in money of his own. >> i will have in my race more than $100 million put in of my money. >> he said that but according to our numbers, it's not quite that much. the latest record showed donald trump put in $56 million and remember, the trump campaign received a whole lot of money to trump businesses because trump world headquarter was their campaign headquarters. after all of that, 594 days, $746 million totaling the two, here's what happened. in june, there was a 5 point difference in polling and yesterday, according to our very same poll, there's once again a 5 point difference. so as exhausted as we may be, we have may have ended upright where we started. wow. coming up a key to the clinton victory would be the
6:57 am
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7:00 am
all right, that wraps us up for the hour. i'm stephanie ruhle. coming up right now, more news with kristen welker in the state of new hampshire. >> reporter: stephanie, thank you. good to see you. good morning from manchester, new hampshire, one of the big battlegrounds in this tight election. hillary clinton was here last night. donald trump is here today. right now, the state of the race as we hit the 24 hour mark. the candidates and their surrogates are crisscrossing the country campaigning for every last vote. up until the very end. just out, the new battleground map. if everything goes secretary clinton's way, we have her at 274 electoral votes. trump at 170 and 94 in the toss-up column. that's the new national polls this morning with clinton leading trump anywhere from 3 to 6 points. we also have the very latest early voting numbers and what


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