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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  November 7, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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headquarters in new york where we have a look outside democracy plaza, outside 30 rock advantage, with tomorrow electoral maps we will have it embla embla emblazeed on the states. the of a punishing and divisive campaign that has gravely damaged our political discourse and shaken our standing overseas. back to pennsylvania, for that massive rally in pennsylvania. north of 30,000 people, the great state of new jersey offered two of its favorite ent
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bon jovi, and bruce springsteen, also, president obama, missouch obama, and former president bill clinton. president obama made an emotional appeal in his remarks. >> you bet on me all those years ago and i will always be grateful for the privilege you gave me to serve, but i'll be honest with you, i've always had the better eyes, because i've always bet on you. and america, i'm betting on you one more time. i'm betting that tomorrow, most mom and dads across america won't cross their vote for someone who denigrates their daughters from the highest office in the land. i'm betting that most americans won't bet for someone who considering minorities and immigrants and people with disabilities is inferrer, who considers people that practice different faiths as objects of
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suspicion. i'm asking to you work as hard as you can this one last day to elect my fellow americans this fighter, this stateswoman, this mother, this grandmother, this patriot, our next president of the united states of america, hillary clinton! >> pretty good as introductions go if you like that kind of thing. hillary clinton also has a late rally tonight in raleigh, north carolina. bon jovi will be with her once again along with lady gaga for good measure. we'll have live coverage of that, as well along the way. meanwhile at events earlier tonight, both candidates made their final pitch to voters. >> i regret deeply how angry the tone of the campaign became.
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after he has insulted everyone, more than half the population, by the way, immigrants, african-americans, latinos, p.o.w.s, muslims, women, he then launches an attack on our democracy, refusing to say whether or not he would accept the outcome of the election. well, let's show tomorrow there will be no question about the outcome of this election. >> you have one day to make every dream you ever dreamed for your country and your family come true. you have one magnificent chance to beat this corrupt system and deliver justice for every forgotten man, for every
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forgotten man and woman and child in this nation, do not let this opportunity slip away. folks, it's never going to happen again. never going to happen. in four years from now, never going to happen again. and people are voting that they never saw before, these are great people, but they never saw anybody they wanted. they're voting in numbers like they've never seen in texas, in florida, no matter where you look, they're voting in numbers like they've never seen before. >> we want to bring in our panel at this point in the broadcast, nicole wallace, former white house community occasions director, pulitzer winning prize host, eugene wallace, and i wanted to share with our audience where we see this election. this is from the nbc news political unit. this is our latest battleground map. mark murray and remarks that went along with the release of this map today said, quote, clinton holds a substantial lead over donald trump and going in
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to tomorrow night, our political unit predicts that right now, the electoral vote totals are 274 to 170. again, prediction, based on a slew of data, a slew of models, it should not be predictive as to your vote. it should not be at all a factor in your vote. we want to stress that everyone needs to get out there and vote and make numbers of their own. nicole, we've talked about the stature gap where surrogates are concerned. later in the brougadcast tonigh i had to say the all-stars attended the democrats. >> the case that obamas have made for hillary clinton feels like a bit of a turning point. the case they started making feconventif at the convention, what kind of country do you want to be. it was sort of the moment that started to give some republicans
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pause. it was followed by donald trump's fight with the khan family. and i only take us back to thesis moments because i think this is where we'll end up tomorrow evening talking about how -- our map has hillary clinton ahead before we go into election day. every poll has her ahead by a three to five point margin. i don't think every poll has ever been wrong before. the trump camp's answer to that would be brexit, brexit, brexit. sure, we could have that kind of night. but i think that the case that hillary clinton has made, interrupted by the fbi's letter two fridays aing -- was that on friday? i would say trump's closing argument, and if was the case he prosecuted about change was very strong, well. his case and his arguments was also punctuated on more people
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than he's in sulgted than he hasn't. if we end up talking about demographics tomorrow night, that conversation will have to include the vast numbers of groups of people, women. we make up 53% of the people who -- he insulted women. she gave off a pretty good list and she's got a point. >> you sound a little bit like someone who is looking at this in the rear view mirror. >> well, it's not over. i remember in 2008, i was on the mccain, palin campaign. we had a pretty good sense how it was going to turnout. the polls looked the same as mr. trump. it was 8:30 and i said my dad hasn't voted yet and you said with all due respect to your dad, i went back into the mccain suite and he turned into a trumper maybe it started there. but you do know on a campaign
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pretty much how it's going to turnout when the polls are this pretty far apart. in '04, that was a three to four point race. no disrespect to any voter. everyone should go out and vote but there are certain battle lines that have been drawn around demographic groups like hispanics and women is one of them. >> i noticed there's column in today's "washington post" by a young promising columnist -- >> with pullitzer under his belt. >> comey's damage can't be undone. you make a devastating case for the damage he was able to do in a very short amount of time. >> yeah, i did. it came in the short of sweet spot before the first comey letter, the hillary clinton had a -- in some polls a 12-point lead. she was widening the lead and it seemed likely to -- seemed to be on its way to be coming a route, basically. donald trump seemed defeated,
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dejected in sort of every other rally. he was -- he was bitter and speaking as if he had already lost. you know, it gave -- it put the wind at his back when comey came out and gave him a closing argument about corruption. now, the second letter took that argument away, but those nine intervening days i think took away the possibility of a clinton route. i don't think it will be a route. but she obviously has righted the ship and is ahead by all estimations and i think -- i saw interesting data today, which is more bad news for the republican party, which is not only -- >> we can take it, we can take it. >> -- not only asian voters, but hispanic voters coming out in early voting in those toss-upstates. asian-americans, they went slightly heavily for president obama in 2012 than hispanics
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did. >> it's a group that's been slipping away. >> if they, too, submit an alle allegiance is not going to be good. >> my friend ana navarro wrote an unbelievable piece how she was never a trump fan but she thought about writing in her mother -- >> that's putting it mildly. >> -- but she -- she went through all the people -- and you know you forget. i had forgotten some of the offenses but she went back to judge curiel, sort of an sauasst in an independent judiciary, and she went back to the khans. he branded himself as latino when he came down that escalator. yes, there's a lot to unpack and a lot of damage that's been done to the republican party but i think the question -- and this is win or lose because if he win it's. >> yes, exactly. >> -- he will have done so without any of these groups. so the republican party has a
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problem no matter the outcome and i think they'll be a lot of conversations in the days that follow. >> our attention is called to the man in camo. ted nugent is the opening act for donald trump, and donald trump has said much today, let them have their springsteens, their bon jovis, their jay-zs, and that crowd is getting a heaping helping of ted nugentent. we can ma i have a meeting with chuck todd on the meeting before every election day. last election cycle was more fun. we did it over monday night sdpoo football and dominos. chuck was able -- we were going through senate races. he's able to identify one or two that he thinks are quote/unquote comey races, that have been turned -- >> this is interesting.
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>> -- late in this race. that will be interesting. >> it's kind of my thesis, as well, what comey may have done is not -- you know, did not affected presidential race that much, but those senate races, by bringing republicans home, by bringing out some republicans who might have just said, i'm just going to stay them today, they'll come out, they'll vote for the republican senators. i think that could have a real impact -- you know it's right there on the razor's edge. tim kaine will be the decider. i'm not sure it's going to get to 50/50. >> and i agree with you. it raised the period with nine to 11 days -- >> i think nine days. >> that was when a lot of those races went back in favor of the republican -- i think kelly ayotte is one of them. chuck is probably right with that analysis. >> i'll put you on the spot. not the first time or last. if i'm a nicole wallace friend,
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family, loved one, and i say to you i've got stuff to do election night, what hours should i be watching, what do you think the accetion's going be taking place? >> i would say msnbc all day long. >> they're dvring us tomorrow night. i think at the poll cloesing yo know what kind of polling it's going to be. >> so 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> and i think you'll know whether they're close calls or too close to call. if you look up in florida, and north carolina, and ohio, it could be a long night. i think the difference between a three and a five-point race is the length of the night we're all going to have. so i think that this country is so gripped, i think everyone is going to be at home watching this if they can take it. but i would tell people to tune in at the east coast poll closing. so if you're out in california, you know, that would be 5:00,
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and most of the poll closings -- >> if you hear a lot of too-early-to-calls, then we might soon start calling those races. if you hear a lot of too-close-to-calls, then we're going to have a long night. >> and there's your viewers' guide to tomorrow night. >> and even because it's important and germane, folks have been talking about the weather across the country today and it seems the only place among the battle grounds at least that's going to get sustained precipitation in all the population centers looks to be the state of ohio. they've got a nasty-looking low pressure system about to be parked over them. otherwise, we hope for everyone else fair weather and no excuses. get out there. thank you both very much for starting off our broadcast with us tonight. and coming up, what's it like right now inside these campaigns in mostor cadtorcades and renta
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the cas the tat t the caserers disappear, and crushed eye glasses get replaced, in other words, two presidential campaigns are starting to come to an end. not many people on this planet know what these final frenetic hours are like and we have three of them here with us tonight in one room. nico nicole wallace, former communications director for president bush and a veteran of the storied mccain '08 campaign. josh king who served as advanced man of the clinton white house is the author of "off crypscri" and mike murphy, nsenior strategist strategist back in 2000. we'll go from far to near.
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they're throwing events on the calendar. it's like someone threw them a dart board. what is happening? >> i think you can't say things are bad, we can't do anything, so off they go and particularly the trump campaign kind of responds to anecdotal info, and someone tells trump, my 'causes in nebraska are voting for and you he's saying let's got to nebraska because you have all this energy, everybody's running on sugar and rage and you're in a bubble where the thought of loses ing unmentionable, so you're not going to stay in the hotel, you're going to go somewhere. so they're going to go to the ground until someone wrestles them to the ground. >> there is someone who has to worry -- podiums, think about podiums at the presidential level, there's only so man of those regionally around the country. they've got to get there, planes, fuel, motel rooms, someone has to tell the media where you're going. how does that start? >> well, this is tonight's event
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in philadelphia featured president obama and the first lady so they were afforded full presidential support. a lot of ballistic glass, 23,000 people out there, a major event, but i watch on social media, bryan, the guys that -- and women that i came up within 1992, who were in their 20s then, they're in their late 40s and 50s now still doing it, and ed emerson, they're on their way to celebrate and they have been on the run every day of the week for the past three months doing this, and they're ready for this to be over. >> how do you keep your wits about you? >> every different week, bry br a new challenge. ed went to bangjo r, and back
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east. these are stories that last a lifetime. you don't want to waste a minute of it. every part is meaningful and for some of these people who did it in '84, and '88, and 'pho92 you can't do it anywhere else. >> all those sayings every six inches, we have him to thank or blame. >> yeah. >> what was it like at the presidential level for you doing this? >> in 2004, i remember -- you may have had more events in the last 24 hours but president bush's last day on the campaign trail we did nine events and i looked for my schedule because on every rundown is the manifest who is in what car, who is on the plane, where you sit -- mark mckinnon and i were manifested for the conference room on air force one, and bushes are full of nervous injury.
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the president was in and out of the conference room on air force one and before we landed in dallas, which is where he did his last event on this day in 2004, he wanted to make sure his chestnuts, his most treasured campaign zingers, they were all in there, he said is this in there and one of them was you may not always agree with me but you'll know where i assistant, but the staff secretary -- when you're the president, everything goes through the systems so we were in there typing up his speech on the last night and he was shouting lines and it's exactly as mike murphy describes. it's never vo it's nev it's nev it's never vous injury, especially in a tight election. i know you were describing two campaigns, that's my life, too, the kid needs to get a flu shot. everything has been on hold. >> i wrote that based on personal experience. >> it describes all of us. but i remember president bush walking up and down air force
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one thanking everybody and saying whatever happens tomorrow at least we all know we've left everything on the field. >> that's what you have to do. >> that's how you want to end a race. >> the campaign that knows it's doing better is a little giddy and a little relieved because it's kind of like launching a ship. by today it's kind of beginning to slip out of your control. >> there's not much more you can do. >> cake is baked. >> you get to relax a little bit and say this big plane is going to land and a lot of candidates tomorrow will have secret r rituals. one guy would go to the batting cage, the lucky movie theatre, because election day for the candidates and senior staff is about staying out of the way of the turnout operation and they have a whole day to kill. >> readers of the "dallas morning news" saw a piece about specifically the last 48 hours of a king which is really for aficionados. you brought a piece to share which is pictured in that article. >> this is from the king
8:25 pm
presidential archives it shows in the final 29 hours -- >> this is '92. >> -- is the road to the white house is 4,106 miles long through nine states and features the finest views of philadelphia, cleveland, detroit, st. louis, paduka, mccallen, fort worth, albabe albuquerq albuquerque, little rock, and all i got was this lousy t-shirt. >> and explain the significance of two planes aiming towards each other, the logo, you selected in case we get any calls. >> the front of the shirt shows express one, which is the 727 that clinton was in and there were two more 727s, press 1 and press 2 that trailed them on so the candidate and the staff and the tight pool would travel to express 1, and then by the time you had swedish and norwegian press with you for the final roundabout you needed two more planes so there was a flow unti
8:26 pm
of three planes that made their way from western time zones to east back to little rock and in some ways it's a little bit disconcerting to the show ended on midnight monday night rather than than go to 6:00 in the morning. >> we don't have to. >> it's notice those gratuitous stops. >> in kentucky. what were you doing in kentucky. >> josh is the guy that gets the bail of hay when you're doing a texas location and hangs the lobster traps casually. >> just in maine, of course. >> exactly. it's such a cynical business, isn't it? >> i was -- philadelphia was a little disappointing with the simple u.s. flag back drop. >> yeah. >> i could they settled for bon jovi springsteen. >> bon jovi, springsteen, and independence hall of 23,000. >> what are we going to call if opponent of the potu
8:27 pm
potus fotusex-ppotus fotus potus fotus expotuss he fogotus? and this is the table to come up with it. >> he said he wanted to call himself first laddie. >> gotus. that opens up some material we're just not going to get into in the 11th hour. thank you-all of our experts who have been there and back and all we got was josh's lousy t-shirt fantastic conversation. continued success. coming up it was simply put, the all-star game for democrats tonight on independence mall will be live to philadelphia next, this is "the 11th hour." our mission is to produce programs and online content for african women as they try to build their businesses and careers.
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