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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  November 8, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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i mean i worked. >> in sarasota almost giddy. >> is there any place more fun to be than a trump rally? right? >> the campaign like their candidate is feeling good. over the past week and a half, the race tightening so dramatically, even his seasoned aides were surprised. only hours left and trump still hasn't released taxes, haven't quashed perceived conflicts of interest between himself and his company should he win and not cleared of fraud charges against his university. there's uncertainty how he would governor. nbc news has learned from senior sources trump won't talk transition because he doesn't want to jinx his chances. but his staff is talking about newt gingrich as secretary of state, rudy giuliani has attorney general, reince priebus as chief of staff. officially team trump denies these names are under consideration. one thing is certain though, whatever does happen politics will not be the same. >> there is every possibility
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that the trump faction of the republican party will persist and there will be a fight over the soul of this party over the next four years. >> and the final hours donald trump said he would do well among african-american and latino voters by simply saying he would. we'll find out if that strategy worked but the campaign says it will all likely come down to michigan, a blue state they say they can turn red with donald trump's jobs message which they claim cuts across all demographics. katy tur, nbc news, manchester, new hampshire. >> we thank her for that. in hillary clinton's final day of campaigning she energized her base and avoided an issue that emboldened her rival. kristen welker fills us in on that. >> reporter: good morning. the clinton campaign feeling confident heading into election day and on monday, secretary clinton had a final frenzy sprint four stops in three states including a massive unity rally in philadelphia. this is the city where the
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nation's democracy was born. this is also the city where she officially accepted her party's nomination. and she was joined by her husband, the obamas, as well as rockers bon jovi and bruce springsteen. this was a show of force by democrats making their closing arguments for secretary clinton. president obama making the case not only is she the most qualified candidate but she's the candidate who will represent all-americans. secretary clinton vowing to try to help this country heal after a very ugly 2016 race, and urging this crowd to get out and vote saying every vote counts. pennsylvania is an important part of her fire wall and so is michigan. these are generally blue leaning states that she needs to get to 270. she made a stop on monday in michigan, as well. campaign officials feel as if they have a robust ground game and that is going to ultimately push her over the edge. secretary clinton campaigning early into the morning as she tries to make history. alex, back to you.
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>> all right. kristen welker with that. she adds the clinton campaign is confident its ground game will bring them victorying in two states that trump hopes to win, michigan and pennsylvania. as millions of us head to the polls to elect the new president, there are a number of questions we'll be considering as we see who becomes the commander in chief. let's bring ben jealous, a former president and ceo of the naacp and beth thuy senior politics editor for msnbc. good morning. this is so exciting to be out here running. picking up on michigan and pennsylvania, give me your reads on those two states where they stand and if you agree with the trump campaign as katy tur was predicting. i'll start with you beth on in that donald trump thinks he can turn that state blue. >> michigan was always going to be tougher for clinton than some of the other battleground states because of the issue of trade. donald trump has made his mark on this campaign talking about free trade agreements. he wants to get rid of them.
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agreements like nafta and the pending tpp. michigan was receptive to his message. in terms of demographics, there are a lot of white voters there without college degrees which is his major group. it was always going to be tougher for hillary clinton to win. president obama won it by nine points last time. so the clinton campaign thinks that's going to be anywhere close to what president obama got last time. they think their ground game is superior to trump's and they can probably pull it off. it became a battleground toward the end. >> this is a solid blue state. very large black populations, also a state that surprised hillary once before. i was there with bernie when she thought she would win and he came out on top. it was this jobs message. with that said, donald trump is about hate in so many ways. what you're seeing in polls of black voters across the country most are saying 2016 is more important than 2012. and it really comes down to donald trump being on the
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ballot. so perhaps if he was a different republican, one who was willing to fight these bad trade deals but not insult everybody, he could say the jobs message. so many other bad messages out there, i don't see him winning. > i want to get to your terms of where the african-american vote stands overall. you were all in for bernie sanders. there was the question whether or not his voters would then jump onto ship hillary. >> sure. >> do you have the sense that it took a long time or they're all there? >> most. the polls have shown about 90% of bernie supporters followed him over to support hillary clinton. there are 10% who just won't. that's basic american politics. >> they will go to trump or gary johnson and jill stein. >> we had a green party types and libertarians. the majority are right there
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with her because again, donald trump you saw with the obamas. they're way closer to the clintons now than anybody expected given what they went through. who did that? donald trump. all of us now are much more supportive of hillary clinton than we expected. why? donald trump. the reality of this guy, you know, again, that's going to be the fight today is going to come down to, does he inspire more people to get out and vote against him or vote for him? one worrisome side is in the southern states where we've seen black voting percentages down, we've seen white voting numbers up which means the white vote is surging more in georgia. the presumption is 80s trump driving that. >> to the point about the bernie supporters, so many of them are young people. college students, mill len yalz, the under 30 crowd. that tends to be the crowd that doesn't vote in as large numbers anyway compared to older voters. so the combination of them being bernie supporters and
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predisposed to stay home anyway is a concern for the clinton campaign. they need to get the voters out. >> a lot of what has united the country has been trump in the anti-. how much do you think the vote for hillary, beth, consists can of those of anyone but trump or anyone but hillary? because there's a huge faction for that. >> that's true. at the same time, polling late in the campaign started to show the enthusiasm was coming up for secretary clinton. it wasn't simply an anti-trump vote. people were starting to get excited about voting for her. the prospect of voting for the first woman president is exciting for a lot of people, particularly older women. it's historic. >> younger women, too. >> my 10-year-old daughter was out this weekend in force for hillary knocking on doors. it's a big deal. they want to be part of it. and you know, at the same time, i think a lot of people in the berny campaign are movement people. and so they've come to a place where they figured out yes, our
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movement may have to pressure hillary to do the right thing but they'll bend to our pressure. donald trump is a brick wall. >> that's a huge challenge for hillary clinton. she's got to get into the congress maybe with the senate that's democratic but almost certainly a house that's republican. she has to play ball with republicans if she wants to get anything done and has the bernie forces, the left who got her to agree to a lot of things around immigration, around wall street, whether he she was in the primary that very tightly fought primary against sanders. the left of the party is not going to let her just play ball with republicans in her presidency. she's going to having to balance both. >> african-american voter enthusiasm is where as it compares to barack obama. >> so enthusiasm is down but sense of this is important is up. that's sort of what's interesting is that. >> will that make up the difference? >> one hopes that sense of responsibility to future generations and we cannot have a guy who's been endorsed by the ku klux klan who plays ftse with them in public as our president
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not to mention who has insulted women, latinos, muslims. right down the line. >> and so as all the election results come in, there are a couple thoughts i want to go through, the first being can trump win educated and wealthy republicans. >> beth? >> the biggest gap for donald trump right now is people with college degrees. and that's for republicans and democrats. white voters with college degrees are really pushing away from him. they are usually voter who's go with republicans especially white women with college degrees have really pushed away. we've seen in polling that the republicans have come home. something like 90% say they're going to support trump. he still has big gaps particularly white women with college degrees who voted republican for the last 60 years but polling shows they are not with him. whether they after the cast their vote for clinton is another matter or if they split their tickets, we'll find out. >> what we'll see is the white
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vote this time is different than 2012 or 2008. you have a lot of white first time voters or folks who haven't voted in 20 years. trump's campaign is similar to a referendum on the confederate flag or when jooufl beat dinkins it was the staten island nonbinding secession referendum that turned out all the white folks who wanted to secede from new york city under dinkins. he's turned his campaign with the help of breitbart and glenn beck into an extremist right wing cause. you'll get a lot of white voter who's don't show up in any database because they haven't voted in the last ten years. >> there's going to be a question where all of this trump movement goes after the election should he not be elected i guess we'll be following that. >> trump tv. >> i know. a lot of speculationing about that. look, we've talked about the african-american vote, will they turn out. your answer is we hope so. >> they are. 93% of black voters say they plan on voting.
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they're very likely to vote. we would like to see that closer to 96. >> hispanic voters? >> they're surging. > a massive massive surge. in battleground states where there are a lot of hispanic voters, nevada looks like it's probably already gone hillary clinton just based on early voting and what we've seen of the vote there. we're seeing a big surge also in florida. those are huge important battleground states particularly florida. if they take hillary clinton over the top in florida, it's going to be hard for donald trump to win this race. >> bottom line with the millennials and college students, do you think they'll turn out, all of this and the immersion in all of this, i'm hoping so. certainly the ones i've spoken with, they're going to the polls today. >> people get it. there's been great work done across account range from rock the vote to vote latino to push out different demographics of young people. they'll disproportionately go for johnson and stein like 5% rather than 2.
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but this generation in many ways is the most inclusive generation and trump stereotyping of their peers and hateful rhetoric cuts deep. i think you'll see a lot go to clinton if only for that reason. >> but hillary clinton has got a lot of work to do with that community. there is a pushback we've seen especially for those who supported bernie sanders against the political establishment, against kind of the moneyed interests among those group of voters. she is got work to do to make up ground with them and knows it. >> how about trump's blue collar appeal? >> there's a certain type of what we used to call the reagan democrats. so it's blue collar but also basically white men who will turn out for him. he's championing them in a way that they hear. a lot of this is about trade. trade has devastated entire communities where the jobs have not come back. they've been replaced by low level service job that pays a fraction of what have that old
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factory union job used to pay. the reality is, is that i would not trust trump to actually follow through. and so the hope is folks, kind of wise up to what a con he's been running but the reality is i think a lot of them feel like he represents them in a way that you know, that mrs. clinton just doesn't. >> look, i want to have you guys sit here for a second and get your opinion on what we'll talk about here next. it seems almost everyone has an opinion on the candidates. nbc political director chuck todd included. he got a pretty good idea of what's on people's minds from the latest polling and the words that come to mind where there is little left to the manual nation. >> we asked people to give us a word or phrase on what they think of each candidate. this is a word cloud of what clinton voters think of trump. pretty nasty words, sexist, womanizer, racist, bigot. you're thinking boy, how would these folks handle a president trump? well, take a look what trump
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voters think of clinton. crooked, corrupt, liar, dishonest. so now i wonder how does a president clinton govern trump voters? think it's going to be a huge challenge bringing this country together no matter who wins. for what it's worth, the entire country is fed up with this presidential election. one of our pollsters peter hart did this at a focus group. he said tell us what this campaign smells to you like. well, skunk, rotten egg, dead fish, garbaging. > we cut out quickly from that last picture. too distasteful. it is only 4:14 in the morning. your thoughts on what the word association was, beth. this is what we've heard throughout. >> let's face it, this was not a very edifying campaign. you think about 2008 when it was about hope and change, the phenomenon than brought barack obama to power. this campaign was so vitriolic, so nasty and yet, my hope is
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that if hillary clinton is elected and she's a few points ahead at this point. we don't know it's going to happen but she's leading that the a sense of historic, the historic candidacy of the first woman president will come back. will people appreciate that this is a woman who has broken boundaries, broken through the glass ceiling she talked about eight years ago, made it to the highest levels. women couldn't even vote 100 years ago in this country and here we have a woman president for the first time. maybe they'll be coming around to her. i do worry. cluck's right. this country's very divided right now. there's a lot of negative feelings against the clintons. she has too get out there and prove she can unite this country. she called trump supporters a basket of deplorables. they're not going to forget that. >> you're echoing the conversation in my household last night, the potential for this being truly historicing in electing our first female president. it's a huge deal. jen jealous, thank you so much.
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beth, we'll see you at the bottom of the hour. security concerns certainly high on this election day. one senior intelligence officer telling nbc news preparations and nerves are at the frenzy level. we'll tell you what's at stake next. >> look at this place. is this incredible? and we don't need -- we don't need jay-z or beyonce. we don't need jon bon jovi. we don't need lady gaga. all we need to is great ideas to make america great again. that's all we need to. that's all we need to. so it's now officially tuesday, november 8th. did you ever think you'd be hearing a major speech like at
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around close to 1:00 in the morning? are we crazy? is this crazy? crazy.
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so ladies and gentlemen, why don't you put your voting shades on.don't you put your voting shs on. practice your walk to the polls. and go out and vote for hillary clinton. i think it's time to come to mama.
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>> i'm bill karins with the election day forecast. on this election day, i don't know if we've seen an election day this warm and mild across the entire country. record highs possible in the northwest today. middle of the country looks fantastic. if it's any problem, heavy rain around new orleans. wealth continue with the trend in texas. after a cold start warming up if you're voting this afternoon in the mid-atlantic or areas of new england and even if there's a line outside, temperatures will be in the 60s. in the southeast, not too many problems. if we have trouble states out there, one would be down here in texas where we'll see showers and storms later on this afternoon. not severe weather that's going to stop people from voting but carry that umbrella with you today, louisiana and texas. >> i think you've made it, bill karins, so nobody has a good excuse for not voting today. let's hope. >> it's ridiculously warm. >> all right, thank you so much for that. amid all the concerns surrounding this election, u.s. intelligence officials are on a heightened state of alert on a
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number of fronts. the government has mounted unprecedented security operations to protect against any potential cyberattack. correspondent cynthia mcfadden has more. >> reporter: high intelligence official told nbc news preparations and nerves are at the frenzy level as the government gears up to protect the country on election eve. it's all hands on deck, says a second senior intelligence official. multiple officials say concern is so high for the first time in conjunction with an election in several top secret facilities, including underground bunkers like this newly refurbished one located somewhere on the east coast, hundreds of federal employees including both military and intelligence cyberexperts are monitoring incoming intelligence to react to any threat to the federal government's communication and command system. former nato commander discussed the type of russian threat he was concerned about from a dump
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of false documentsing to an attack on the u.s. power grid. >> there's maybe a one in three chance of this happening but it's not inassist. >> reporter: the scope of government readiness is unprecedented including the six national cyber centers and 54 state emergency operation centers. including here in new york where both candidates will host what they hope are victory celebrations. new york police department and counter surveillance teams are already at work. 5,000 uniformed officers on the detail. comparable to the pope's visit. it's the first time since 1944 that both candidates are from the same place. testimony too was new york. the candidate roosevelt and dewey. but unlike 1944, the cyber jeannie got out of the bot this year and won't ever be put back in. cynthia mcfadden, nbc news, new york. in just a moment, how hillary clinton and donald trump will be spending election day and where they will be waiting
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for america's answer from the ballot box. >> and i'm asking you to work as hard as you canning this one last day to elect my fellow americans, this fighter, this states woman, this mother, this grandmother, this patriot, our next president of the united states of america, hillary clinton! mr. clean gets tough on dirt and grime and grease in just a minute mr. clean will clean your whole house and every room that's in it floors, doors, walls, halls he's so tough, he cleans 'em all mr. clean!
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can look back on 2016 and say we stood with hillary clinton on the right side of history. that's why i'm standing here with you tonight for the dream of a better america. >> well, he is the boss after all. bruce springsteen last night at hillary clinton's huge rally on independence mall in philadelphia. an estimated 33,000 people were there to see it. it was the biggest rally of clinton's entire campaign. a very good morning to all of you. it is 4:28 here on the east coast, election day across america. i'm alex witt. breaking news moments ago. hillary clinton has landed here in new york. there you see her departing her hillary force one jet her husband by her side and a staff. and she was met by a crush of supporters cheering her on. it was quite the homecoming for what they hope is a historic night. she's expected to cast her vote in just a few hours later on this morning. it has been 18 months in the
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making. this morning, millions of americans prepare to head to the polls to pick our nation's 45th president just hours after trump and clinton each wrapping up their final campaign events in michigan and north carolina. it has been 3510 days since we all saw this, donald trump riding down his fifth avenue trump tower escalator and announcing his candidacy for president. 575 days since hillary clinton released her official campaign video announcing her second run for the white house. it all came to a head last night as the campaigns held their final rallies. trump taking to michigan as hillary clinton amassed her largest event yet, nearly 33,000 supporters estimated in the crowd by independence hall. they were all cheering her on. she had the president, former president and husband by her side. the current president and wife by her side. we were all treated to a concert by jon bon jovi and bruce springsteen. both she and trump delivering
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their last. >> when you step into that voing booth today, it's now today, there is one core question for you to consider. do you want america to be ruled by the corrupt political class? or do you want america to be ruled by you, the people? >> tomorrow, you can vote for a hopeful and close-up, big-hearted america. i really believe it's the most important election of our lifetimes because we've never had a clearer choice. never. it is a choice between division or unity. between strong, steady leadership or a loose cannon who could risk everything. >> it was an all out sprint to the finish line for the candidates barnstorming through
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michigan, new hampshire, florida and north carolina. and this morning, we have some election results to share with you. this from the very first place that votes in the nation, the small town of dixville notch, new hampshire. they have a total voting population of count them, eight. they continued their midnight voting tradition. clinton capturing the most votes with four followed by two for trump, one for gary johnson and there was a write-in for mitt romney. since 1960, that town has accurately predicted half of the last 14 elections. they're 50 for 50. and our final battleground map has clinton leading with 274 electoral votes. there are 94 votes in our tossup category. this is just a prediction. clinton also spoke to millions of tv viewers during two minutes of primetime on the major networks where she laid out her vision for the nation. >> i think we can all agree, it's been a long campaign. but tomorrow, you get to pick our next president. so here are a few things that i
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hope you'll think about. first, it's not just my name and my opponent's name on the ballot. it's the kind of country we want for our children and grandchildren. >> but it was president obama who gave the most visceral speech of this final day of the campaign. offering his full throated support for clinton. and with the latest gallup poll putting his an probable numbers at a record high of 56%, numbers not seen since 2009, he's now putting that approval rating on the line for clinton. ing. > so with whatever credibility i've got after eight years as your president, i am asking you to trust me on this one. >> on the other side of the aisle, trump's running mate mike pence and campaign surrogate sarah palin along with the trump daughters ivanka and tiffany, sons donald junior and eric were all out hitting the trail one last time. >> you know, this isn't just a choice between two people. this is a choice between two futures. >> i choose to stand with donald trump and every american who
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knows we can make america great again. >> this is bigger than one man. if they have a problem with donald trump's tone or something you know, something on the periphery. well, so what? you know, this is bigger than one man. it's bigger than a party. >> now, let's see what donald trump will be up to on this election day. to do that, we go to sarah an czario outside trump tower for us. with a good morning to you, sarah. talk about the donald's closing message to voters. what was it in. >> well, alex, good morning to you, as well. donald trump is resting up this morning after campaigning late into the night having five stops just yesterday alone. here outside of trump towers, it's quiet right now. but we've seen crowds both for and against him. a sign of just how did i visive this election is. despite that, trump is hoping his supporters will help him pull out a win. he ended his campaign as you mentioned in michigan yesterday. michigan is a critical state voting democratic in the last
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six presidential elections. so now he's hoping to turn that state red. while polls do show trump trailing, he's hoping to pull out an upset win barnstorming the battleground states, florida, pennsylvania, north carolina, making a stop yesterday in new hampshire, also again as we mentioned, ending his campaign late last night in michigan. take a liston some of what he had to say there. >> i thought new hampshire was going to be my last speech. and i heard that crooked hillary clinton was coming to michigan. i said let's follow it up. let's follow it up. and i said there's no place i'd rather be for my last rally right here in michigan. late at night. and full of energy and life. boy do we have energy and life.
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>> reporter: and again, donald trump hoping to turn that state red. a critical state there with more protests expected today here in new york, there is a heightened sense of security. not just here at trump towers but all over new york city especially at the two different places where both trump and hillary will hold their election parties tonight. >> sarah, i'm curious the extent to which you feel like the trump campaign felt that they had so much ground to make up prior to 12 days ago when fbi director james comey released that bombshell letter. is there a sense that buoyed them and that carried them to the place where this truly is a horse race? >> reporter: well, i think that that has been the centerpiece of many of trump's talking points yesterday. he was honing in on that and telling people, telling voters they need to carry out justice at the polls. i think it's something he's hoping that voters will hold on to as they go to the polls
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today, especially in many of those states where they didn't have early voting. so we'll see what happens. again the decision is up to voters. >> it is indeed. sarah rosario, thank you for that. looking beyond the election, there is so much riding on today's election. namely control of congress and implications of that. halle jackson gives us a look at the down ballot breakdown. >> right now, republicans control congress but take a look at our senate battleground map for tomorrow night. arizona looks pretty safe for john mccain, same thing for florida with rubio. high latino turnout in nevada could hurt republicans. we'll make that blue. the democrat in indiana seems to be losing steam. in pennsylvania, she's picking up momentum. let's drill down on the three states left. these are basically coin flips. watch what happens when we move these to these numbers on the top of your screen under this scenario. missouri, democrat jason kander could unsee the the sitting senator there. in richards burr in north
1:37 am
carolina hangs on to his see the, and kelly ayotte in new hampshire, it is a 50/50 split. in the senate with the supreme court nomination on the line with the future of the affordable care act and immigration reform. what happens then? well, whoever is the vice president will be the tiebreaker. >> lots to talk about now. thank you for that. joining me beth fuohy, we're talking about the senate races. key ones we should focus on. nevada has gotten a lot of attention. >> that is the seat of retiring democrat harry reid, majority leader. lots of eyes on that. that's always been the one of all the big senate rays we're looking at that republicans were favored to take that state. the candidate joe heck, the republican. we've seen because of the early voting in that state a huge surge of hispanic voters coming out to vote early. there's a very good chance they will help carry hillary clinton over the top. and they could potentially carry one of their own, catherine
1:38 am
cortez masto. she's been running a little bit behind all this time. because of this very unusual surge of latino voters it could take her over the top and keep it a democratic seat. >> kelly ayotte in the new hampshire. >> she has been probably the candidate most sort of therebied to donald trump throughout this whole race. she's a republican. she at first said i'm going to vote for him but not endorsing him. then when that tape came out of access hollywood showing trump speaking smack about women she said i can't even get behind this guy. at the same time, there are a lot of trump voters up there in new hampshire. she was really in this rock and a hard spot. >> threading the needle. >> so hard to say i want those republican voters to come home to me but i don't want to the alienate independents and democrats who might support me turned off by trump. that is a nail biter up there with the governor of the state maggie hassan the democrat. >> another enact looking to be in trouble a bit pat toomey
1:39 am
versus katie mcginty in pennsylvania. >> another incumbent republican who tried to thread the needing with trump. he says good things and not good things about trump. >> had an ad that featured barack obama supporting him and his position on gun control. >> and katie mcginty the democrat in the race is lashing him right to mr. trump. saying that picture toomey is basically a vote for toomey is a vote for trump. that has been a very, very close race. that's the most expensive senate race in the country. close to $200 million spent on that race. >> those are three of the nine that are real nail biters. thank you so much. lots of hours in in day ahead. anything is possible when voters head to the polls. ahead, some of the most predictors of an election and what impact will one of the biggest voting groups in the nation have? i'm talking about latina voters. >> we don't have to accept a dark and diadvicive vision for
1:40 am
america. tomorrow you can vote for a hopeful and close-up-big hearted america.
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beginning of a new adventure because the new adventure we have to win. we have to go out and vote. but the new adventure is making america great again. >> there is certainly no shortage of projections when it comes to the election. but this morning, we take note of just three of the more well-known prognostications. "the new york times" statistical analysis gives clinton an 84% chance of winning. nate silvers assigns a chance of about 71% and larry
1:44 am
sabato's krystal ball sees clinton coasting to victory a whopping 422 electoral vote. rather 322. got the math. till the final vote is cast, it's anyone's guess this year. one of the biggest deciding factors in the election might be the influence of the latina vote. early voting suggests it is at an all-time high in key states. gabe gutierrez ventured to central florida to get a closer look at what folks there are thinking. >> let's talk to these folks are out and let's see. >> reporter: in the toughest of battlegrounds, the war is changing. >> the latino community know their futures their families, education, health care, jobs, all of that is on the line here in 2016. >> reporter: christina hernandez runs a spanish vote my people. for months the group in central florida scramblinging to energize an underrepresented demographic long considered a sleeping giant. >> the latina vote in the state of florida has exploded in? florida it, hispanics have so
1:45 am
far cast about 15% of the more than 6 million early and absentee ballots boosted by puerto ricans fleeing the island's debt crisis. turnout is also surging in arizona, nevada and parts of texas where immigration is a top concern. >> latinos are much like all americans that they vote on different issues and different local issues. >> reporter: despite miss controversial comments about mexicans donald trump insists he's gaining ground. >> we're going to do great with the hispanics. >> reporter: among latinos hillary clinton leads him bill 45 percentage points. since winning the white house in 2004, the gop has lost more specific support each election psych. >> sometimes i think that donald trump looked at that gop autopsy after 2012 and decided to do the exact opposite. >> you don't like either candidate? >> really no. >> a puerto rican voter disgusted by trump but skeptical of clinton. still she voted early for the
1:46 am
democrat. on the road to the white house, what was once a sleeping giant is stirring. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, kissimmee, florida. >> joining us now distributor raul reyes. thank you for joining us at this early hour. your expectations for the vote are? >> great. fantastic. super optimistic. i'm so excited because of the word we have seen again in the coverage of the projections of the latina vote are the word surge, historic. it's off the hook. it's really not -- i think there's an assumption it's all part of a backlash against trump. it's not just that. obviously what is being called the trump bump plays into it. it's that and the sense among latinas for once, you're from california. we're a very diversity electorate. doe min cans, puerto ricans in new york. for once we seem to be
1:47 am
coalescing around a pan latino identity, a strong sense of empowerment coupled with mobilization. i'm talking grassroots where you have people going into the community, volunteers knocking on doors, getting people registered to vote, all of this added up to this intense interest. something like 76% of latinos have said that this electioning is more important than the last one. and they turned out in record numbers last time. >> but that interest, listen to the woman who gabe gutierrez who was knocking on the door. she vacillates between disgust for one candidate and skepticism of the other. are you concerned about voter turnout? not in nevada. it's done quite well. >> in all the places where we have significant latina populations the early voting as gabe said it's exploded. arizona has the highest latina early turnout in the country. part of that is boosted by the
1:48 am
anti-joe arpaio movement. florida he mentions strong growth. colorado. i don't think the problem is we're going to be seeing is turnout. the problem is maybe a long-term problem. what is going to happen maybe in the next election cycle when trump is not on the ballot. are the democrats going to be able to hang onto the new vote ares? it's a similar thing i think the democrats are going through right now with african-american voters. now that we don't have the historic candidacy of president obama, we are seeing some lags in the turnout. >> are you seeing a prediction that you can say with the nevada senate race? that would be cortez masto versus joe heck? it's a big race. that is the retiring seat of the senate majority leader harry reid. >> up till a few weeks ago i would have been hesitant to say a projection but the early voting turnout among latinos i think she's going to make it. we don't feel it here but in nevada, there's a real sense she's going to make history, first latina in the senate. and aside again, aside from the
1:49 am
backlash against trump, this is the type of thing that gets people excited because especially new voters even assimilated voters look at catherine cortez masto and say that could be my daughter in 20 years. it's very inspiring to people. >> keep that excitement all day long. thank you. from start to finish, the 2016 presidential election has one of the most polarizing in american history. according to john kerry, it isn't us doing us any favors abroad. key air simmons joins us from world reaction. those sentiments are echoed all over the place. what are you seeing and hearing? >> reporter: alex, that's right. honestly in many parts of the world, the world is watching unable to do anything about obviously these the vote. but to give you a picture -- almost every news show around the world will be leading on the american elections. that's how important it is to the world.
1:50 am
some of the newspapers one british newspaper here, the world holds its breath as america votes. let me just show you here a german newspaper today a picture of donald trump with the headline apocalypse now. no doubt about what that newspaper thinks about the elections. in the financial times, markets rally as surveys show clinton hanging on to a slim lead. and that reflects the view in the west honestly clearly there will it be multiple views but many, many people and governments will be looking for a clinton victory. on the other hand, other parts of the world may be concerned about a president clinton continuing the policies of president obama, difficult policies in the middle east. we've seen that. war in syria or war in yemen. of course,ing in russia, president putin's spokeman today saying they are hoping to work with the new president in russia. it's pretty clear that they would have been more enthusiastic about a victory for
1:51 am
donald trump in asia, there is a real concern with the philippines for example shifting towards china. what will a new president do about the difficulties there. >> keir simmons, a lot to discuss. thank you. and if any of you are planning to take a selfie while you're in the voting booth, you could be breaking the law. why would there be any law like that? we're going to take a look.
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1:55 am
no matter what happens tonight this election will be historic. and that is why so many people may have wanted to record their choices at the voting booth with a selfie. but doing so has become an election issue itself as joe fryer now explains. >> can you get in? >> reporter: the modern say self portrait so popular not even the pope's immune. how about taking one while voting. > i don't like it in the voting booth. >> i don't think i would do it. i don't think it should be prohibited. >> reporter: justin timberlake recently learned after snapping this photo ballot selfies are not allowed in tennessee. in about two dozen states, it's illegal to take a picture of your ballot inside the booth. one reason to prevent bribery fearing some voters would photograph their ballots so they can get paid. mark levine calls such rules archaic and authored a new law that will make selfies legal in
1:56 am
the golden state. >> to share one's marked ballot is a celebration of the first amendment. we need to protect our rights. >> reporter: the new california law doesn't take effect till january. so the aclu went to court hoping to lift the ballot selfie ban sooner, but the judge said no. that didn't stop levine from posting his mail-in ballot on social media. a lawmaker breaking the law without much worry. >> there's never been any history of people being prosecuted for taking a picture of their marked ballot. >> reporter: across the country, the laws vary and can be confusing. last week in new york, a judge rejected ballot selfies saying the rule change so close to the election would create confusion while another judge in colorado ruled voters can share images of completed ballots on social media. if you're unsure, perhaps stick to a pic of the infamous i voted sticker. a selfie that's not self-conscious. froe joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. take that, justin timberlake. thank you very much for that.
1:57 am
we're approaching the top of the hour. we are so not done here yet. stick around, everyone. my partner in crime ali velshi and also louis burgdorf. we'll bring you "morning joe"'s first look next here on msnbc. stay with us.
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so it's now officially tuesday, november 8th. >> this election will end but i want you to understand, our work together will be just beginning. we have to bridge the divides in this country. >> today we're going to win the great state of michigan and we are going to win back the white house. >> our core values are being tested in this election. but my faith