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tv   Election Day 2016  MSNBC  November 8, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> america is tired of waiting. the moment is now. >> today, no more speeches. no more ads. it all comes down to this. one person, one vote. >> with your vote, you can beat the system. the rigged system. >> the best way to stop him, by showing up with the biggest turnout in history. >> today, america decides and history will be made. >> good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. let me take you to live images right now picking off where craig melvin left last hour. donald trump voting in new york city joined by members of his team, obviously, quite a crowd and secret service following along with him. this is the day that we waited so very long for. we are coming to you live as we keep those pictures up.
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msnbc headquarters here. it is finally here, election day. 595 days after senator ted cruz of texas became the first candidate to officially declare his running for president. 575 days after hillary clinton declared and 510 days after donald trump declared, we could just be hours away from knowing who will become the 45th president of the united states. we have images of bill and hillary clinton casting their votes just after 8:00 this morning. this is still the live shot from new york city though. donald trump and melania trump. you hear crowds there as trump is waving. i believe this is video from when he was going in the building. i'm not sure if this is live. this is a rerack of the tape. showing donald trump. his daughter, ivanka and her husband also with them. trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence expected to
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vote during this hour in his home state. let's go back to the former president, and the secretary of state casting their vote as mentioned in chappaqua earlier today the town north of new york city where they lived since bill clinton's two terms as president ended in 2001. as i mentioned also, trump's running mate, governor mike pence expected to vote during this hour in his home state. senator tim kaine was the tsecod person to vote at his polling location voting before dawn in virginia, his home state, and seen long lines in battleground states. this is florida. ohio, pennsylvania, new hampshire, all key states to what will play out tonight and right now, polls are opening in alaska. the top of the next hour, going to open in hawaii. the last state to begin voting. here in new york, this morning, we found voters to be anxious but ready.
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>> but i just hope we get through this this one piece. >> i couldn't sleep at all. i'm very scared about this election. i don't know who's going to win, who's going to lose. >> in the years i've been voting, i'm in my 60s, this is, i've never seen anything like it. >> many people agree with her. they've never seen anything like this. the new york police department is deploying more officers today than on any other previous election day and that's because both secretary clinton and donald trump are holding their election night celebrations in the city and both parties will be less than two miles apart. one a party. one won't. final national poll shows hillary clinton with a 3 to 6 point lead over donald trump. it's 8 hours until the first polls close in six states including georgia and virginia. we certainly have it all covered for you all day long. until the very end from coast to coast. let's start off with nbc's jacob
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rascon. he is live at trump tower. jake, we just showed those images of the trump family voting there. what are you hearing is the feeling from the campaign this morning? >> reporter: so, i would start by saying that we saw as you saw in that video, melania and trump and others walking in to vote. as they did that, a mix of reaction here. some construction workers who were standing nearby who were yelling, go donald and then a lot of people in line booing. so you had the mixed reaction there, immediately when he went in there to vote. the campaign right now, we know they have a special event scheduled for later this afternoon at trump tower. a vip event for high profile supporters and others and then tonight, of course, they have what they're calling a victory party in mid-town manhattan. we saw donald trump close out his message last night after ten states, ten stops in three days in these states where he's hoping to, as the campaign says,
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expand the map. today, he was asked, he called in to fox and was asked if he had any regrets about the campaign. here's what he said. >> i think we're going to do well. i think we're really going to do well in michigan and i will tell you, very good reports out of wisconsin. >> any regrets? >> always regrets. if you could go back and change things but you can't. just have to learn, sure, there's things i would have done differently but you have to go forward. >> what would you like to say to the people of america right now? final message. >> we have a great, great country. we have tremendous potential. definitely go out and vote. >> reporter: so when we're talking about how he's actually doing in the battleground state, out of the ten states that he visited in these last three days, he is either tied or just ahead in only a couple of them. so the campaign would be not just two or three upsets in some of the other states but six,
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seven, and eight and the campaign knows that but he is promising the moon to his supporters. every rally, he says, i hear the polls show it's a blowout. as far as his supporters are concerned, he's up but we know he's a long shot in all of these states, most of these states he's visiting. when we talk to the campaign about their plans tonight, what would he do? his son asked this morning if he lost, would he concede? and his son don jr. said, well, if it was a fair fight, if it was legitimate, he said. if there was nothing else going on. so still some of the talk about a possible donald trump would say, rigged election. >> we were showing our audience two people who may not have recognized because of the helmet. that's mike pence, unconventional way to make it to the polls but probably speedier than standing in traffic. you see his detail behind him so mike pence now casting his vote.
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the last members of the parties, the tickets that have gone out to vote. as far as this event that donald trump has planned tonight, jacob, it's described as a private event. trump supporters alone have been invited to that. >> reporter: that's how we understand it. at trump tower this afternoon before their big party tonight. you know, the last words from donald trump last night in michigan were, i've done my part. i worked. now it's up to you. get out and vote. let's win. thank you, i believe were his final words. >> thank you very much. let's go down to the clinton campaign. kasie hunt is covering all of it for us. in chappaqua, new york, clinton's hometown. if we could rerack that video, you have a former president escorting his wife, the first woman to lead a major party ticket, no matter what you feel
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about policy, that is american history in its extraordinary form as what was playing out last night, kasie, in philadelphia. the first african-american president alongside potentially the person who could be the first female president. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. there have been a series of moments over the last 24 hours that have reminded people of the significance of hillary clinton's candidacy and i think the clinton campaign itself is really starting to feel that way. you can see hillary clinton herself as a candidate. she has been buoyant the last 24 hours. it's clearly a campaign that's optimistic and she has been enjoying it with her family, chelsea clinton, bill clinton, both joining her in philadelphia last night when she started out the day, she was face timing with granddaughter charlotte who would grow up potentially with a female president in the white house for the first time if in fact hillary clinton wins today.
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hillary clinton herself as usual, and frankly, she's a candidate who has, i don't want to say stayed away entirely from this but it has been something she has been reluctant to make a very emotional case for, if anything, we've seen people like michelle obama do more of that. she reflected a little bit on this though when she did cast that vote for herself. the first woman to be on a general election ballot as a major party thnominee. look at what she had to say. >> so many people are counting on the outcome of this election. what it means for our country, and i'll do the very best i can if i'm fortunate enough to win today. >> reporter: so, of course, she is alluding to just how divisive this election has been and in the event she does win and has to govern. there's still a lot of potential hurdles ahead but i have to tell
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you, this is a campaign that feels good about its chances. >> this is donald trump leaving his polling location. jacob rascon mentioned he was met in his home city, home state by boos. let's listen in to this background audio. >> we are hearing, you can hear people saying, you're so phony and other things at the candidate who certainly when he is in front of his crowds at the
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big rallies, that is not the greeting he receives. it is striking to note, this is the place that donald trump has called home. he is for queens, new york, lives in the heart of manhattan and here he is voting for himself in his home state and surrounded by boos from people who are outside that polling location. let me go back to kasie hunt. and kasie, this is a part of the closing argument for hillary clinton last night is she could essentially bridge this gap, this divide in the country represented by a division within the republican party. division of race, policy, the list goes on and on and believes after this grueling 20 months since senator cruz jumped into the race that she can mend these fences. >> reporter: i think, you know, those of us who have been out on the road for this campaign have felt that divide that you just
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showed. in this particular case, you had, it just illustrates all of the divisions based on geography and where you live, what kind of economic background you come from, are you a minority voter or not? and i think new york city, obviously, a place that's not very welcoming to donald trump when we were driving with the hillary clinton motorcade outside of pittsburgh, there were people standing alongside the road that were making impolite skrgestures at the mo r motorcade and i think it's going to be a challenge no matter the outcome on tuesday to bring the country together. >> thank you very much, kasie and our partners at target smart tell us that 46.3 million people cast their vote early. nearly a quarter of americans registered to vote. that's what that accounts for. let's zero in. the final battleground map shows hillary clinton with the projected advantage. 274 and florida is a state that
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nbc is a musays is a must-win fp and a record number of people and a look at a crowded polling place in hialeah, florida. this is this morning. not as crowded in the shop but you see it there. kerry sanders joining me now from tampa, florida. so kerry, talk to us about the recognition and the importance always of florida but this time around in such a different way. >> reporter: you know, i mean, really where i'm standing in tampa and hillsborough county, 19 of the last 20 presidential elections have been called here. so if you're going to watch a county, it's here. i'm along what's known as the i-4 corridor. that's interstate 4 from tampa bay to the east coast at daytona. this is the real battleground. to the north, it's generally conservative. but along this i-4 corridor, population at about 15 counties
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is about 5 plus million people and the size of, say, virginia, if you really take it all into account here and this is where it's kind of 50/50 split. so people watch closely. now, i do want to report right now that there are seven schools here in hillsborough county that are on lockdown. but it's important to note that they've eliminated having polling locations in the schools. so that's not affecting the vote at all. there have been, let's call it, user generated problems or user generated issues with voting. this is what the ballot looks like. i have a sample one here and bubbles, fill them in and feed it into a machine. as you feed it in the machine, if you do it quickly, it has a problem so some of the excited voters doing it a little bit too quickly and fish officials sayi they should slow down. you went many and voted. any problems for you? >> no, took my time. sat in. went okay. >> reporter: who did you vote for? >> clinton. >> reporter: is this a last
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minute decision or did you know it all along? >> i was there at the beginning but if the republicans had a more organized platform, like four years ago, i may have jumped party lines but this time, i stay with them. >> reporter: damian crumbly. thank you very much. we could see upwards of 80% v e voter turnout. 50% voted early, tamron. >> thank you very much, kerry. now to democratic strategist. was for barack obama's campaign in 2008. senior advisor during the 2012 reelection campaign. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning, tamron. >> good morning. let's talk about what you see on the ground here as far as the early vote totals and it seems what has been described as a momentum that's been fluid in florida. >> i tell you, first of all, i think we're all just amazed at the level of turnout. 6.5 million people voted so far, more than in ohio and pennsylvania in the last election so we see a great
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turnout closer to probably 2008 levels hthan 2012. driven almost entirely by hispanics, i think more voted than the entire 2012 election. we'll see a robust turnout tonight and frankly the demographics look pretty good for secretary clinton. >> let's talk about the demographics that stand out. we heard so much about the latino vote. the breakdown of puerto rican voters. even non-cuban but cuban hispanics who traditionally have sided with republicans who may not be standing with this candidate this time around. >> florida, you go back 16 years, you think about hispanics but cubans don't make of the majority because of the influx of puerto ricans but also mexicans, colombians, venezuelans have become naturalized citizens over that time. not just the size but the make-up anddemocratic.
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>> thank you very much. more long lines out in florida. i know that last night on lawrence o'donnell, asked a scale to 1 to 10 and a 9 for hillary clinton. still feel that way this morning? >> i spent time again last night. even if everybody who voted in 2012 votes today, trump would win by a little bit, 20,000, 30,000 votes but would need really unheard of record turnout of north florida at this point. south florida has turned out big numbers. kerry said the state is basically a stale. south florida is heavy and that's good news for her. >> people should check out the article. "we made it in america" and the margins right now, hillary clinton nearly 2 point victory is what you're seeing at the models compared to 2012. thank you so much for joining us, steve. greatly appreciate it. >> of course. live to battleground north
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carolina with the final polls show a deadlock race. a live look at the polling sites. this is charlotte. we're going to get the latest live and the doj said it's watching for signs of voter intimidation in north carolina. coming up, i'll talk live with the president of the north carolina naacp. reverend william barber who said it's the epicenter of voter suppression and award winning actor, hillary clinton supporter jeffrey wright will join me live. why mr. wright said it's been hard for him not to lose patience with african-americans not supporting hillary clinton. we'll have much more all day coverage live from nbc election headquarters. this is democracy plaza you're looking at. a live picture. we'll be right back. changes to make things right. first, all customers who have been impacted will be fully refunded. second, a confirmation will be sent when new personal or
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this was the video just a few minutes ago. the trump family voting in new york city. donald trump, his wife melania, daughter ivanka as well as her husband there with security detail casting their ballot. trump's running mate mike pence took a different form of transportation to his polling location in indianapolis with his wife bicycling in to cast his vote. now to battleground north carolina in the latest real clear politics average. trump is up by just 1 point within the margin of error. more than two-thirds of the state's expected voters already cast their ballots. democrats lead in early voting there. 42% to 32%. polls opened at 6:30 local time and nbc's morgan radford is in charlotte at one of the busiest polling stations. that's in mecklenburg county. voters at that location, almost
8:23 am
perfectly mirror how the entire state of north carolina voted in 2012. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. this is actually a really interesting polling station because back in 2012, about 48% of the people who walk into this polling station voted for president obama. 50% voted for mitt romney and turns out that mirrored exactly what happens across the state but let me take you inside to show you exactly what's going on right now. inside, we've already seen about a thousand people who have come through these doors and there was a line all the way outside, tamron, at 5:30 this morning. there's a bit of a shorter line but expect to see 6,000 people entering this polling station according to polling officials and as you mentioned, we're locked in a dead heat. 44% going to donald trump. 44% for hillary clinton. that's according to the latest "new york times" poll. tamron? >> thank you. election monitors observing counties by order of the
8:24 am
department of justice. the doj sided with the naacp in a lawsuit filed just last week alleging that election officials in some counties were suppressing the minority vote. a federal judge also issued an injunction to stop officials from cancelling voter registrations there. yesterday, the state's naacp called north carolina, quote, the epicenter for voter suppression. the head of the north carolina chapter of the naacp, reverend barber who spoke at the dnc which seems so long ago. thank you so much for joining us. >> the episeyou're welcome. >> how do you understand what's happening there? >> you know, it's serious business, tamron. thank you for having us. we had the worst voter suppression law since jim crow. it was much more. they attempted to end same-day registration and out of precinct voting. we beat them, won, and after we won, the gop sent out a memo to the boards of election, the
8:25 am
members to say implement rules that reflected their values and not so much the values of our victory. after that, we had, they put in place 158 fewer early voting sites than we had in 2008, 2012. they removed all the early voting sites from the hbcu campuses and 38 counties hit by flood and a hurricane. the governor and the state board of election refused to extend early voting hours to open up more early voting sites in the first week of early voting. and then they tried this purge of over 5,000 voters in just three counties. so we are the epicenter. they are throwing everything they can to stop this vote. they are afraid that north carolina and other southern states break through and if that happens, it undermines the southern strategy in place nearly 50 years but people turn out, people are fighting. we have more than 1200 faith centers turning out. 2,000 volunteers. our lawyers are out by 200. lawyers are out. but we just found out in durham,
8:26 am
there's a glitch now. the computer is down. they're using the paper check-in. so we're saying, we've got to fix the glitch, extend hours and federal monitors. we will not allow them to steal, to do this. >> we mentioned the doj is giving personnel to states to ensure that people are able to vote and quickly going back to what you referenced, several headlines about the north carolina gop. the daily bee referred to them as bragging over racist voter suppression and the headline was that they are right and that blacks in the swing state are not voting as much in 2012 not for a lack of enthusiasm or effort but because of rules designed to stop them. you referred to the north carolina gop press release that said the vaulted clinton ground game has been buried in north carolina but the republican effort thus far. will that be the headline tomorrow? >> well, we certainly hope the headline will be that we
8:27 am
overcome that and fight that but that's the violation of the law. this gop has been so bold. they bragged and now said the headache has been removed, we can move forward. in the courtroom, they argue that the retrogression was fine and bragging now about their efforts and bragging about unconstitutional action. being open. this is how open. so i tell people, it's not so much donald trump, look at what, he's talking about what he may do. we have a governor and a republican legislator and a republican group who have indeed done it. now, they've been called guilty but this shows us why not having the voting rights act is so important and it's so dangerous because it gives these groups the ability to do what they're doing without being checked on the front end through preclearance. >> reverend, thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it.
8:28 am
>> thank you, god bless. >> god bless. these are live pictures of a voting place. my former home, temple university. did hillary clinton's rally last night with the obamas, jon bon jovi and bruce springsteen motivate voters in that city? plus, chance the rapper gave a free concert in chicago last night before leading a massive what he called parade to the polls driving the county to an early voting record. can he increase black voter turnout elsewhere but here's what one told us about the contentious nature of this election cycle. >> the stress was heavy in this election, i have to say, being my first but i felt obligated to. i think it motivated me to make sure i voted. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go.
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welcome back. we pick up where we left off before the break. live pictures from philadelphia. yet another location where the lines are just wrapping around the block. i saw it this morning in new york on my way into work as well. so turnout is expected all across pennsylvania to be high. a state that's not had early in-person voting. hillary clinton leads donald trump there by 2 points according to the real clear politics polling average. let's go to msnbc's jacob soboroff in philadelphia. we talked as much about pennsylvania but joe biden and others reminded us, it's a state with two different stories. philadelphia and the rural areas. >> reporter: that is exactly right, tamron. and hillary clinton was here last night just because of that fact. she needs to drive up the turnout. it's not a question of whether she'll win philadelphia but how much and how many people will come out to see if she can overcome what's called the area between pittsburgh and
8:33 am
philadelphia. the red area that donald trump is counting on for support. you said it, stretches all the way to the end of the city block. you can see the beautiful william penn up at the top of city hall and a lot of people in line for a time. >> not really long but i guess since 1776. >> reporter: you look like you were born in 2015. >> you look like you were born yesterday. >> reporter: perfect. how long? >> half an hour. >> reporter: people inside, as long as an hour and a half to actually get inside. let's see as we get to the end of the line. i know we've got to run but let's see if the person at the end of the line is as excited about waiting main this line. how you feel about being here at the end of the line? >> i hope it doesn't take too long. >> reporter: they say maybe an hour and a half. >> for this election, yes. >> reporter: what does it mean to you personally?
8:34 am
>> me? my vote? hillary. all the way. >> reporter: you heard it. hillary clinton will be happy to hear that. back to you in new york. >> you have to be careful. being a troy aikman fan in the '90s there. you will get it all in that t n town. >> no kidding. >> got to say that, obligation. 40 people on independence mall last night to see the president with first lady and hillary clinton and let me bring in the next guest. award winning hillary clinton supporter, passionate writer. thank you so much for joining us. i think people have followed you on twitter this election cycle and you've expressed the anxiety, the frustration and just honestly, a lot of the rawness that this election has brought. >> i think, you know, i was initially kind of driven to that by the rhetoric from the trump campaign and from his initial campaign speech which really fired my outrage and, you know, twitter is certainly a place to
8:35 am
express that. >> your outrage or your passion has not just been directed at trump and his campaign but this op-ed in the root and write, i've worked hard not to lose patience with the logic some of you, quote, woke brothers have thrown my way as you argue against voting for hillary clinton. not directed at donald trump and his typical supporters but black voters, men. >> young, some young black voters. i think yesterday, just kind of fed up with having received one more, you know, dismissive suggestion from a woke young brother i needed to wake up to support hillary clinton. so i wrote that piece as really a call to engage. i think that this idea that we should sit out this election is just absurd or the idea that nothing that can be achieved
8:36 am
through supporting hillary clinton. i think the issues, more engaged with the issues than the personalities, we can look at a way to have her be a lever towards the type of change we want to see. for example, i was working what i think is a pretty unique project. shot a movie in a maximum security prison in indiana. mostly inmates, correctional officers playing correctional officers. number two, my co-star, number two in the call, a young brother in for 65 years. 34 years. another guy for 170 years. these were so engaged in this election. i was shooting in the cell block j of this prison and guys were watching hillary's speech and they were engaged in a way because they did not have the luxury of sitting back and not being so. >> when you reference those who say you're not woke, a lot is from the '94 crime bill. you reference the super predator language in your piece and this is what some say that they have a hard time getting past with
8:37 am
the clintons. but you see that as not valid. >> i think that is valid. i think it is valid to be critical of what happened there and as well, i was not at all supportive of those measures when i was, you know, living under the clinton administration and, but if i look back now, i understand the pragmatism involved. i understand there was a lot of pressure from the right. >> and african-american churches and leaders in the community as well. >> because if we con textualize it, we can't not, we can't not recall that if you look at the statistics, 170 black young, young black men for 100,000 were killed that year. that was the murder rate for young black males. during world war ii, the global civilian death rate was 350 per 100,000. we were pressing on half of the
8:38 am
civilian death rate for world war ii. there was a crisis at hand. inner cities were war zones and so if we con textualize it, i think we cannot just talk about that but fix the overreach of the crime bill and i think she's capable of doing that and expressed that throughout this campaign. >> people should go on and read your op-ed. one more line. i promise, latinos and blacks will go towards the heart of trump's movement. and congratulations on the project. can't wait to see what happens. live to battleground ohio where the final polls show donald trump with a slight lead. we've got a live look at the voting under way in cleveland and with jay-z, beyonce, energized the young african-american vote there, that's next. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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no republican president has won the presidency without winning ohio. donald trump holds a small lead over hillary clinton there. just 2 points in the real clear politics average of head to head match-up of the state. chris jansing at a polling location in cleveland. that's hosting five precincts, one of ohio's favorite daughters, for sure. you know the state so well. chris, you know, we talk about the importance of ohio but do the people there recognize their role particularly in this election? >> reporter: one of the things they have been saying particularly here which is the heart of cleveland, the african-american vote, they know that they need to bring up the numbers here. they're hyperaware of it and a number of people have friends or
8:43 am
family not going to vote seem quite upset about it. let's see what's going on. i spoke to election officials here in cuyahoga county and said this is pretty much the scene everywhere. very steady what they would call brisk business but no long lines. that's something they like. they have quarter mile lines in cincinnati. bad news though it looks like for hillary clinton because in this county, voting is down 16%, early voting was 22% in cleveland alone. so she really needs to bring up those numbers today. it's impossible to say countywide where that will be but right now, as i said, we haven't seen any lines at all with more than two to three people here. what are they doing? tour tim four times today, go out and canvassing for the hillary clinton campaign. door to door from 400 different offices. they are not ready to concede this at all, tamron. >> chris, thank you very much. and we have developing news. donald trump's running mate,
8:44 am
mike pence, walking to his polling location right now. we saw him cycling a little bit of the way now. he's walking in, being greeted there. so we'll continue to follow the developments as the candidates cast their votes, obviously, for themselves. and watch the more important number, the millions of you who are voting today. nbc's senior political editor mark murray standing by with the big board with new numbers. looking at them for you and have it right after a break. ♪ ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now,
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use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. we've been tracking mike pence as he was riding in in indianapolis on his bike to a polling location near his home. our video froeze but we assure you that's mike pence casting his vote. we want to go to senior political editor mark murray
8:48 am
with the latest on the battleground map. the number one question people said to me today and you as well, will we have to wait all night? could we have a clear answer earlier in the evening? >> i'll point you to the clue we end up getting and it really does all come down to the state of florida. this is the state of florida, the earliest you could end up calling the race is at 8:00 eastern time. two time zones in the state but we start getting information from florida maybe a little after 7:00. certainly after 8:00 with all that early vote that's in. if hillary clinton has a lead of the substantial lead, i think we'll know how this race will go. conversely, if this is razor tight in florida, we might be in for a long night. florida will give us the key but also, north carolina, so important. ohio, and pennsylvania and what's important, donald trump has to win all four states. that is really his challenge tonight. if he somehow tries to pick off of michigan but again, he almost
8:49 am
has to run the table tonight. >> let's talk about, donald trump said this will be brexit where the polling is flawed. nate silver, i think he gave people cardiac arrest on the democratic side. you've been consistent in providing our data. but could the polling just be that off? >> always, we've seen polls since i've been covering politics. sometimes they can be wrong but why the brexit analogy doesn't make sense. all the polling was 50% but didn't believe brexit would win but show it's a close race. i see hillary clinton having a bigger advantage than barack obama did in this time in the 2012. >> out of time, quickly, the senate. >> democrats need four seats. if hillary clinton wins, five if not. it's going to potentially be a 50/50 race. we'll watch all night long. >> up next, battleground nevada and traditionally votes for
8:50 am
democrat. a nice forecast throughout the country. great day vote. this year's surging latino vote could redraw the electoral map and could be the big headline tomorrow. line tomorrow. y do some cash back cas make earning bonus cash back so complicated? they limit where you can earn bonus cash back to a few places... ...and those places keep changing every few months. the quicksilver card from capital one doesn't do any of that. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. leave complicated behind. what's in your wallet?
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8:53 am
now to battleground never neff where democrats have a six point lead over republicans. 50 reasons not to the vote for donald trump was an he had eight torial. miguel almaguer joining us from las vegas. what are you hairing frrare yous there? >> reporter: it's quiet now, but earlier today we had voters literally wrapping all the way down through this middle school and coming back through here. it will be a busy day here,
8:54 am
we're expecting to see a surge of latino voters. already some 770,000 people have taken part in early voting. nearly 20% of voters in nevada are eligible voters are latino, so they're expecting a large latino turnout that could tip the scale in this battleground state more towards a blue state. we are expecting the lines to increase throughout the day. many people just getting back to work. earlier this morning we had long lines and also expecting this polling location one of the busiest in las vegas certainly to be very busy tonight. >> miguel, thank you. and let's see how things are fairing in arizona where donald trump has a four point lead o.j. hillary clinton. gatti schwartz is standing by in phoenix. we've heard a few technical issues have been reported, but it isn't appear anything too serious unless you have different reporting there. >> reporter: well, we're hearing a lot of frustration from people that were in line early today. early this morning about 6:00,
8:55 am
there were problems. we can't get within 75 feet because of state law, but you're seeing a line going into one of the polling sites. at this site in particular, earlier today 6:00 people showed up before work to cast their ballots and they were waiting here for about an hour. they were told that there were some technical problems they were having with the voting rolls that are on digital ipads. they went down. some of those people went to work, others were able to cast tear ballots. we're checking into more reports and we'll have those for you in a bit. >> thank you very much. and we have mike pence, he just voted. he's speaking outside of a polling site or inside in indianapolis. let's listen in. >> that donald trump will have the partners that we need, to rebuild our military, revive our economy and set our nation on a
8:56 am
pa pa pathway where we can once again have government as good as our people. >> what did it feel like to vote for yourself. >> very humbling. very humbling. >> echoing similar sentiment that we heard from hillary clinton earlier today when asked what was it like to vote for himself or vote with his name on the ticket. governor pence calling it very humbling. we'll be right back. before danny got what he was dreaming about for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ dinosaur growls ] and his dad earned 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. yeah! even before they earned 3% back on gas. danny's parents used their bankamericard cash rewards credit card to give him the best day ever. that's the joy of rewarding connections. learn more at
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9:00 am
crooked and it's broken. >> the election that has defied prediction finally comes to a vote. today, history will be made. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in new york. right now you syou decide after marathon of 20 months, today you the voters will city who will be the 45th president of the united states. >> so many people are counting on the outcome of this election, what it means for our country. and i'll do the very best i can if i'm fortunate enough to win today. >> what will you hearing about early returns? >> they're very good. everything is very good. we'll see what happens. >> morning, all. >> and then we will midday or so start to move up to new york and then just be nervous for a while. >> and final pitch in a


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