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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 11, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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now. >> halie jackson, thank you very much. this is been the world's waits in the suspense of president elect trump's staff. lets give you a live look, it is been nick named white house north. he tweeted on important decisions on people under way and now we know that vice president elect pence will take over the responsibility from chris chris christy. >> trump promised to drain that swamp in dc. >> for many of the top jobs and some of them took to the air waves today to promote themselves without saying so. >> i don't have any updates for you on transition. >> my goal in all of this is not so much a cabinet position. >> they spelled my name wrong,
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it made my mother happy. i don't expect to call. >> there is a lot of great women out there and the same can be said with hispanics and muslims. he's going to have a diverse cabinet. >> all right, that promise being made right there. we'll wait and see as protesters gearing up another night of taking to the streets declaring donald trump is not their president. our correspondence our correspondents is joining us, we got kristen welker and halie jackson and hans nickel. andrea mitchell, let me start with you. >> it is a reflection between the relationship between donald trump and chris christie. mike pence is a disinterested and neutral person in this. he has the president elect's interest at heart.
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he does not have his own agenda. he's not looking for another position in the administration. he had this elected position prime among of all of the people around donald trump. i think this reflects more on whether there was some internal concerns about chris christie and he is interviews. remember the interview he did on the "today" show when he was asked about himself wanting the chief of staff position. there was also the fact that chris christie among the small circle of newt beginning witch and rudy giuliani was less supportive of donald trump of the closing days and weeks. he was less out there. he seems to be hanging back. perhaps his loyalty and his own self interest is questioned. and tlauls a question whether there is a bridge gate fallout or other stuff that may come, that may happen, some other
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things that may fall. >> to play off with bridge gate out there. our halie jackson was there yesterday as mike pen was side by side with donald trump. how important is pence and because of his connection on the hill to be able to build those developing relationships with those that are skeptical and of the agenda of trump. >> thomas roberts, this is one of the key reasons why those close to president elect trump at the time during his campaign, i am thinking paul manafort were urging him to select somebody like mike pence or select mike pence specifically for that vice president slot because he does have relationships here in congress. he's close to house speaker paul ryan and he understands the way washington works. he had been here for so long. it was an intentional choice for donald trump. as andrea noted, the president elect trump appears to be making use of those relationships and leveraging them in order to try to put together this transition
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team. i think it is fair to say that because pence knows what his position will be, he's not looking for a role inside the west wing. that's a concern and there is been some drama playing out and there is still is some drama playing out over who ends up of that chief of staff position and given chris christie roles in the transition team. this appears to be a step back for governor christie and a step forward for the vice president ee le elect. >> he will continue to talk and transition after their meeting yesterday with vice president biden. >> one of the first that comes from a new administration coming in is that pick of the chief of staff, we had andy carr, who was the chief of staff with our colleague today. this was his insights. take a look. >> the names that have been
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mentioned to me, seems a little bit and not bridge building. the group of the chief of staff is to work with the people who are on the edge of embraces the president rather than those who already embraced him. >> andrea, let me play it to you and go back to the george h.w. bush if we are going to use that. it was the reverse basically of going from the oval to the rnc. did we see reince priebus -- >> i think priebus is an interesting choice. >> partly because he knows the hills well and he knows everyone in the republican politics and he would be a great bridge to the rest of the republican party. he has proved his loyalty
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certainly to this campaign. >> bringing insider in when you have an outsider president is a really good idea. jimmy carter could used another outsider president. >> andrea, people are talking about steve bannon, koild he get this job? >> certainly he could because of his loyalty and the power and the intellectual energy. he has that particular role and can weigh in on everything and add more free reign and not be the administrator and not the link to congress. that would not be the strengths that i would think for steve bannon and setting off other fire works. they have to figure out what the president elect trump is comfortable with. it is his administration and
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white house. if you look at power play around washington and who has the bridge of the hill and who is the person helping to craft speeches and helping to do the philosophy and ideology that's most comfortable for donald trump. there are a lot of way that is you can play it. real estate is important though. >> when we see who in which office is a really important game. the person who has the office right off the oval, that's what you want to know. >> well, president elect trump understands real estate. >> i want to go over to our hans nickel on the other side of things. what are you saying inside the national security of organization about expert he's looking to attack to lead them. >> the briefing, a colleague of mine has reported, mr. trump has not received his first briefing.
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that could come this afternoon. that's the job that i have been hearing. the transition between the pentagon and the transition office, those conversations have not taken place. now, as for names and these personalities and people, they are important because in some way, they'll populate the government and help establish policies. here are some reporting we are hearing on the names. jeff session out there, secretary of defense and steven hadley is the name that keeps coming. he was bush's national security guide. here is the best report that i got for you. steven hadley, the only person that this person ever saw sleeps on air force one in his suit in a coffin's post. >> rice would be out there and steve hadley, a smart guy but you ask yourself, a guy sleeps in air force one sleeps on his suit. is that the kind of guy that's going to jive with donald jay
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trump personally. >> we shall see. when you have president obama holding the national veterans day ceremony at the national cemetery and he made a comment about how he sees a way to bridge the divide port. take a look. >> veterans day often follow a hea hard fought political campaign. an exercise and preach the government that you fight for. it often lays barriers and disagreements across our nation. the american instinct has never been to find isolation and opposite corners. it is to find strength in our common creed to forge unity from our great university to sustain that strengths and unity even when it is hard. when the e llection is over as
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search a way to come together and connect with one another. when the principles is more enduriing -- some of our best examples is our men and women that we salute today. >> talk about the soul searching that still goes on in the white house about what the president's next step is to help president elect trump. >> what we heard from president obama is an echo of what he has been saying in the rose guard and yesterday in the oval office which is that smooth transitions are a fundamental and critical part of the nation's democracy. he takes this very seriously, she's working very hard to make sure that this transition is smooth. not only in terms of the mechanics but also in terms of the tone that has been coming from him. he thinks it is critical. in terms o f the mechanics, this
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white house, this add minuminisn has been working on this since the beginning of this year, really earlier than president obama's predecessor. he talks about the fact that former president bush made the transition so smooth for him and he wants to replicate that for president elect trump. what does it mean? >> they are going to have office space near the white house. they are going to be in constant contact with the different agencies here. they are going to be holding briefings. donald trump is going to get intelligen intelligence briefings in addition to his top aids. they'll hold exercises in crisis management to really prepare the incoming and administration and the in coming team for anything that may happen. of course, you may never be completely prepared until you get here. the goal transition is to get the tools necessary.
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one interesting point before i throw it back to you. >> 58%, 40% disapproved. that's just a striking number as he prepares to leave office. >> that's a good sent off for president obama to have numbers like that. he would like solve the successor he wanted taking over the white house to protect his legacy. >> halie, we want to take you back to the white house. trump did promise that we'll get some names who would be running the government there. we see eric trump and ivanka trump getting in. these are the typical insider that we witnessed at donald trump's side. when it takes to the course of washington washington, d.c., how comfortable with folks there with the idea that resurrecting a lot of old names of certain
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lobbyists and gop insiders that maybe on the fringe of what the office looks like today. >> they don't have much choice. by virtue of having one more than 270 electoral votes, donald trump gets to choose who he wants to be in washington. the rest of the republican side, they have to kind of figure it out. i remember the night of the election, we were speaking with one of producer frank sources on capitol hill. yeah, donald trump will now have to search and learn how washington works. no, he does not. the republicans in washington are going to have to adjust to president elect trump. he will have to work with people in congress but having the house and senate and the white house now is going to likely power them to some legislative victory and get some things done and policies done as they are
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getting it done. is he choose name on the fringe of what people want to see, national security, yes, it is a new president and it is going to be probably a little bit of a new world for folks here in dc. >> the gop figures out how trump played in his campaign and he's getting in his way of the course he wants to take. he's going to take over the transition team and chris christie had been leading on the charge on that. pence cushner, donald trump's son-in-law and steve bannon that are leading. we'll keep you posted on all the developments as we expect more coming ing today. our andrea mitchell and hans nicoll and halie jackson and kristen welker. >> coming up next, martin o'malley for the position of dnc
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all three branches of government are leading the branch to a scramble. chuck schumer, and former maryland governor, martin o'malley who ran against clinton. she's taking a hard look at dnc chair.
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>> i am very interested in the chair of dnc, not so much because i think i am the only person that can fix it. we need a full-time chair. >> so it is official, you are running. >> it is my plan. i like keith aernderson a lot. he's a very good guy. you cannot do this job and sit in the office at the same time. it is not possible. >> joining me now is former dnc chair, and our msnbc political analyst. governor, do you have a declaration to make or can i ask you some questions? >> all right, so who gets your support? >> well, i like all three of the candidates. i like martin o'malley very much so. the question is someone might be a candidate for president in the future, good idea, i think the point that our dean makes about keith anderson, he's young and
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progressive. he reaches out to all part of the party. keith is a good candidate because he can hold down a congressional job. it is something to the fact that the chair needs to be a full-time position. >> and debbie wasserma wasserman shults -- >> the chair is going to have to travel a whole boat load and get across the country. it is hard to do as a city congressman. i would be interested in talking to keith anderson this afternoon and interested in seeing how he addresses that. >> when we think of the democrats andargely losing the election because of white working class voters not showing up and they are being the core of your party.
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how is having ellison and mark o'malley -- getting them interested again. >> but, i think we have to do a better job of pain stakingly through town meetings and a lot of different ways. pain stakingly reconnected with them and going through the issues that's important to them. >> for example, if you go back two years or three years ago at the beginning of the recession when most of those workers were flat out unemployed, who's fighting the stand of unemployment benefit? republicans were fighting to stop it and we were fighting to extend it. that's an issue that people forgotten about it. if you go issue after issue, eight or nine of the ten issues that are important, we are on the right side. we just got to get the measure to them. it is more than just one person.
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we got to do a full course. >> sir, thank you very much. it is nice to see you, i pree appreciate it. >> thank you. it is about breaking news considering the president elect trump announcing the new presidential transition team. as we told you earlier this hour. vice president elect is going to take over serving h is chairman. we got doctor ben carson and chris christie who has taken a front seat position and newt gingrich is on this and lieutenant general michael flinn and rudy giuliani and jeff sessions with all be on this committee at vice chair. we got family members of donald trump on this team as well announce ugh t announcing the following leaders will be on the executive committee which includes jerry cushner and derrick jr. and
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iviv ivanka trump and chris colins and congressman barletta and amm bondy and peter teal who was the -- and rumors to be a big part of the team. the big name that donald trump promised today early in a tweet and we have a team leadership staff, kellyanne conway is going to be senior adviser and david bossy who's the deputy executive director and steven miller of the policy director. and the vice president elect has tapped three senior advisers to work with him.
11:24 am
the names interestingly enough, we have been talking about some of these folks and now we have it right in front of it especially of mike pence who'll helm the transition team. lets give you a look at trump tower. this is in manhattan, it is known as the white house north. it is been a scene. a real scene for folks coming out, some happy and sad and for the secret service, this is a big job to secure this manhattan's landmark now. protests are continuing and how trump and his team are addressing how people say he's not his president. we are asking you in our pulse question despite calls to accept trump's victory, do you think trump cambridge this national divide. 8% say yes and 92% say no. check out our pulse at pulse.
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welcome back, members of donald trump's family have been listed as apart of this group. eric and don jr. and ivanka have been spotted going in and out of trump tower. this is in manhattan. we got the sanitation truck acting as barricade and heavy police presence at this part of manhattan. meanwhile anti-trump protesters are taking their message out on the streets of another night. we saw demonstrators in chicago to milwaukee. and msnbc's cal perry is outside the president elect trump's home, trump tower. describe the situation there and what we are expecting to see over the weekend.
11:29 am
this is a hub of activity for this transition team. >> reporter: yeah, it is a never changing security situation. it is a secret service's nightmare. this is midtown manhattan, a 56 story glass building. fifth avenue is shut down and beyond for the area. this area is shut down. traffic going down from fifth avenue runs the length of central park. people who are not from new york city, that's crazy. it is crazy insane that fifth avenue has been shut down. protests were bad out west. here where i am standing we saw 400 pro-hillary supporters and we saw in rallies, protesters would come and interrupting our interviews. >> you don't include of the fact that we had an awesome president
11:30 am
there. you are portraying something different of the one that i am really is. >> now, that kind of language and aggressive behavior is not representative of all trump's supporters but what is representative and what we do here consistently from a number of trump supporters that we heard is a deep distrust of the media. s the -- it is a message that blasted beyond the campaign throughout now and into the period and talking to police officers who changed the way the area works. they are shoeioing them away an anticipation of what's going to to happen this weekend. they expect protests to be large tonight and much bigger tomorrow night. here we have been talking to people on the streets and people from nypd who says overtime is up and double shifts are on
11:31 am
their way. >> cal perry, thank you very much. >> that woman will not be embodiment for trump supporter, maybe stop for a drink or something, too. >> lets keep on this breaking news as we continue to go through this list as the president elect trump announce the new phase of the new team is led by mike pence. joining me is our former president of the ceo --and heather mcgee, it is great to see both of you. ben, this is interesting. we are looking at this list and it is a lot of the usual suspects. i am looking add the lead being mike pence and ben carson is on this list. it is a list of names and family that we know. what i can tell, ben carson is the only person of color that has influential role at the top and side by side with mike pence. >> yeah, that's not surprising
11:32 am
if you look at the campaign that he's run. it is just -- it fits right in with the approach and the slain of this campaign from the beginning who were the other high profile black supporters. you had mike tyson -- >> this is a high stake in dc to be apart of. are the people that we are seeing here on this list, are a lot o f the folks whether their family members or people we saw as surrogates on tv, people that are inside the bubble are moving to washington. is this part of the narrative or does this concern you? >> they are predominantly lobbyist lobb lobbyists in this list. each of them have a story that
11:33 am
has, you know, it is not what we want to see as an american leadership. here is mike pence at a veterans day event that's taking place. this is live for folks tuning in. this is the governor of indiana and he's the vice president elect, the trump's transition team for chris christie have been leading this. ben, i don't know if you have seen this. folks who are feeling very upset about what this means after eight years of president obama, what's the message of folks to not stay sad but to realize that this is how democracy works, and you got to pick yourself up and dust yourself off if you want something different. >> yeah, look, i think we have to respect the feedback that a lot of people in this country are grieving. they are not grieving because their party lost, they are grieving because the candidate
11:34 am
won who has threatened the very livelihoods or the lives of their neighbors. there is a lot of people who are here from other countries who are concerned they maybe deported and back to places where those people could be killed. so you have to respect the fact that people have this fear at the same time, it is important that we look down the ballot and celebrate the real wins that progressives have had. we have a real justice reformer coming into the u.s. senate. we have our first latina coming in the senate. we won bill from coast to coast and people want to live in fear. we see the minimum wage increased in several states. the list goes on and on. and i think it is time for people to yes, be figuring out how we are going to stop the worse policies of donald trump
11:35 am
build up our movement. at the same time to really respect the fact that if we want something we can build on them and -- >> as we look down at that data, there are swing states voters that voted for president obama, and twice came out for dpronald trump. we have newberryiers putting down in front of trump's tower. there are new big vehicles coming into help create this barrier. >> harry reed -- this does not feel like america. but, how does a president elect trump unring this bell? >> he cannot unring the bell because it was the bell that he
11:36 am
sounded every single time he opened his mouth and explained to his supporters how the world works. he explained it by saying "they" and they was often religious and ethic minorities are taking something away from you. the "you" was often just white people. this is the kind of story that's been told subtly all over the media and many ways through the republican party and southern strategies since lyndon johnson civil rights act of 1965. how is it that we had a revolution of the democratic party under president bill clinton deregulated fiennance. how much we are willing to take
11:37 am
on corporate power in the democratic power with insiders and outsiders withpolitics. >> amen. >> i think we got an amen from ben jealous. >> i want to say thank you. we talked to you so much in the days and weeks to come as we all kind of going through this together and figure it out. i want to gamecoo back to my colleague, halie jackson. as we look at the usual suspects here. this is kind of typical and there are not many shockers here, are they? >> no, they are not. forgive me for looking at my phone, i am trying to get a note out to you guys. i am hitting send on that and looking at these names here. here are a couple of things standing out here. you see some women on this list, women and trump is taking fire for a lack of diversities from the name that's floated out there for top positions.
11:38 am
there is some buzz online and tiffany trump is not on the list, eric, ivanka and donald jr. that's not a surprising to me. we saw her speak at the republican national convention and that was a high profile role for her but it was not as though as she was prominent of a surrogate and i know the children of president elect trump hate to be called surrogate because they are family members. you did not see that quite as much from tiffany trump from certainly donald jr. eric and ivanka. steve bannon which was on there and priebus was on there which we expect. chris christie is still the vice chair. ben carson, we have been reporting out he's under consideration for a possible candidate position as well. >> i don't know if there are any shockers there as people you see of the transition team. kellyanne conway and these are names that are nra r with
11:39 am
anybody who's been covering donald trump's campaign. >> so i think that we are starting to see though a more formal structure being put in place and getting structured out. that's something we are expecting to see. we talked and i think you are on our network wide conference call, we were talking about ex p ex -- the team shifted away on the celebration on wednesday and thursday is a day to visit washington friday, day three, of the transition it is time to put these pieces in place and start to move forward. they got to move quickly because there are activities that need to start happening the next couple of weeks as far as getting the current administration and given the download to the next administration and their counter parts in that. you got to start connecting the dots here. there is not a ton of time left before january 20th. >> time is the essence. we are talking about the daily
11:40 am
intelligence briefing book and trump has access to that intelligence. yes, time is of the essence for them to get this together and to start effectively getting up to speed. we had moments ago just here in new york with former rudy giuliani talking about the transition, lets listen. >> our friendship and loyalty to him. i can see already how he's going to be a great president and i am glad i can play a small role in it. >> what's your advice for him? >> that i give to him personally. [ laughs ] >> do you expect to be apart of his cabinet. >> there we see insider the trump's team. former mayor rudy giuliani talking about whether or not he will have a cabinet role and we'll wait and see. we does know he gives add vvice
11:41 am
president elect trump. our hugh hughes, let me reaction from trump's team. is that a logical pick or let the president elect trump take over? >> well, i see governor chris christie -- governor pence, your transition chair is a great move. mike pence is key bridge between the article one republicans in congress and led by president elect trump. i went back and looked at my last interview of mike pence from october 25th. he made out three priorities, rebuilding the navy and getting tax policies right and he was careful to put a construction on the courts. so they're about 25 jobs, thomas, that mattered and they're delegated down below that. donald trump has put together
11:42 am
more management team in a hurry than their business careers. he knows how to do this. he makes 25 collection and the big five and department of homeland security and treasury and the department of defense and you let them staff down and you staff out your white house with the chief of staff and the council and the president and some of them of the fielding. then you let them go out and find great people so i am actually very encouraged and i will give you one more example. nick air is a name that not many people know about. he's 37-year-old. he's a wonder kid. when he was a executive -- >> he's one of the senior adviser. >> he's 37 and he knows all the young conservatives in town and all the talents. it does not matter what colors they are. donald trump needs talents.
11:43 am
>> what happens to that statement about you know the kids are going to take care of the business and it is going to be in a blind trust? >> oh not yet. >> you don't have to do the blind trust until after. >> what's the point of having the children that had no political knowledge in adviser's role for this campaign and now for an executive team member to transition president elect trump? >> oh, i think it is a great idea. they know their father and priorities and know the campaign that's conducted and know that the people that who are on board and people in between and then when they do accomplish the trust, they have to exit from the governing if they all stay in the management side. in this transition, there is no question. i served in the white house's council office, during the transition period, there is no ethical problems whatever so
11:44 am
ever. you cannot have any power if you are going to run trump enterprises after president trump becomes president trump in january. >> for folks trying to pick apart that. three adult kids that were supposed to run the trump organization, they'll be running it as we know this while this announcement comes out. we have not gotten any information of donald trump's business than anyone else taking over other than his adult children who are also on his transition team. you can understand why that's a red flag of folks. why not pick people that understand what dc government maybe about because there is no not a lot of time here. >> i should push back of the idea that people are concerned about that. >> the law should be very clear and the clearance process is
11:45 am
very clear. after you're sworn in and take the oath of office, it do descend on everyone that's involved. there cannot be any self dealing. from this 75 days, anyone can be on the planning than after the 75 days, those must exit from any private interests they have that can me influenced by the decision making. i don't think it is a story. i have only dealt with ivanka and she's been a guest on my show. she's very, very impressive. you want her input and selection of people who have been useful to the success of trump's enterpris enterprises. you want donald jr. and eric. if they are staying, -- helping the country kind of breathe out so there is not a problem yet.
11:46 am
there really is not. you would not find one democrat, the council of the president before. he would not see any problem with this. there is not one serious legal scholar that would say there is a problem of having a big transition team. it all kicks in on january 21st. there after, i do have a caution, blind loyalty is very dangerous. blind loyalty leads to scandal. the reagan years had many of them and the obama years, you want loyalty, you don't want line loyalty. >> a lot of people are looking at this and the expectations of donald trump being self propelled to get in this position. there is an expectation that he's working for all americans after january 20th. there is an accountability ex peck pe peck -- expectations.
11:47 am
>> hugh hewitt thank you. mike pence right now appearing at an event of vete n veterans day. >> we have been asking the question on our pulse, 10% say yes, and 90% say no. go vote on pulse., we'll be back in a moem. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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donald trump's three adult children are also listed on this transition team as well as his son in law jered cushner.
11:51 am
but, now we got this formalize copy going out with a lot of suspects that'll be holding the transition team. mike pence will take over. i want to bring you to our national political correspondent post. >> explain the potential for conflict of interests or is this nothing in. >> i actually think that they are even though they are publicly they are on the team. the fact that first family and first families to be it is no unprecedented for them to have an influence on some of the key appointments. when ronald reagan was elected,
11:52 am
his wife nancy reagan was one of the key voices in bringing in an outsider, jim baker, worked in the primary as chief of staff. there was a big battle going on between the sort of reaga reagan -- the pragmatist. what a whether their names are on this list or not? we knew that the trump family is going to have a big say in the shapes and administration of this. >> if hillary clinton were elected and a transition team was put out, we saw her daughter or bill clinton's name on there or brother's name on there, that's hillary clinton's brother. would that be a shock to folks? >> i think that her brothers aside, i think that there is
11:53 am
nobody who does not think that bill clinton and chelsea clinton would not have a say in these appointments. they are formalizing something that anybody who's watching this campaign would know is going to happen anyway. the trump children, for instance, had a lot to say as he was switching campaign managers and changing up his team several times during the campaign. >> yes, and obviously, staying nimble and fluid has worked in a situation where people believed it to be impossible, it actually worked. do you think as your colleague with your colleague, of the biggest day of barack obama's biggest legacy maybe the -- we are seeing the power of the dnc. everybody is talking about the award on the democratic side now. >> the fact is over the last
11:54 am
eight years the democrats came in with almost 30 governor ships and they are now down to 15. republicans have more. they are pretty close to the highest in history. the state legislatures have been designa decimated and state's party are not functioning as well as they should. the big question is whether you should be doing this kind of, all the people running for chairman and stuff like that when the party is really very much in mourning. >> we shall see now. keith ellison and martin o'mall o'mall o'malley. we'll continue to watch how it shapes out. >> there is news everywhere. >> yes. >> thanks so much. good to see you. i want to give you a quick recap
11:55 am
of what we learned at this hour. this team includes his adult children, we see eric there and don jr. and cushner, the husband of ivanka trump. >> we have one last look at the responses to our pulse question for today about trump being able to deal with this divide, can he do it? >> 10% say yes and 90% say no. the pulse is live, check it out. we are back after this. all finished.
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umm... you wouldn't want your painter to quit part way. i think you missed a spot. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. painter: you want this color over the whole house?
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all right, we have today's
11:59 am
veterans day. there is president obama's final veterans day. he laid a wreath and made a few suggestions how americans can honor our veterans everyday. >> on veterans day, we acknowledge humbly that we can never serve our veterans quite the same way that they served us but we can try. we can practice kindness and pay it forward and volunteer and serve. we can respect one another. we can always get each other's backs. >> all right, we always get each other's back. we'll continue to watch how this plays out. it is a busy week. there we have governor mike pence celebrating in indiana at veterans day. vice president elect has been named as the chair of the trump's team. a big thanks to all our arm
12:00 pm
forces. have a great weekend, my colleague, kate snow , is here o pick things up. >> hello everybody, i am kate snow. it is friday. mike pence as thomas just said is now leading trump's transition team taking over for governor chris christie who has been on the lead since may of this year. lets get right to it. lets get to halie jackson, she's covering the trump's transition down at the white house today. this is sort of a surprise on a friday afternoon to hear that there is new leadership of a transition team >> i will say this, kate. there is some expectations as we talked about it this morning. we'll be seeing some names revealed and why is that? it is the natural flow of what we expect to see three days out from the new president elect trump being elected by the nation. the other part is they


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