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tv   Pulse of America  MSNBC  November 13, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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and a good sunday to you. i'm richard lui in new york city, and welcome the "pulse of america" right here on msnbc where your voice can be heard for the next hour. these are the stories that we want to get your pulse on today. first off, how divided is the country? the anti-trump protesters march nationwide, and unite the country. and newt gingrich says they can work with the democrats.
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>> take something like infrastructure and he can work with chuck schumer and find a bipartisan path to improve infrastructure and something that president obama knows a great deal about, and you could have a bipartisan bill. >> and new names are surfacing for staff administration for the trump administration. and who will reach across the lines to the fill some of the holes? and support from working class americans for trump, and democratic and republican le leaders are asking themselves if they have lost touch with those very voters. >> as we are kick it off here on msnbc, a quick note on how to pulse for the next hour. cal is our guy for that. >> and whatever the preferred couch deis vice is, tablet or phone, you logon to vote as many times as you want throughout the show, and not like election day
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where we are looking for certain things but log on and you will see the first question >> and now, we will start with more protests for you in the wake of donald trump's election, and the first question which you can pulse on, can president-elect trump unite a divided nation? as cal said, pull out the device and let us know what you think. protests across the nation, and not letting up, as another rally goes the trump tower for the fifth con sek secutive day, and of the divide that we are talking about. and morgan ratford at trump tower for that, and morgan, you have been out there for a couple of days now, and how different today? how are the crowds different on this sunday? >> well, actually i will show you the crowds, richard. if you are looking behind me, you can see where they are limited to the pen here, and they are carrying the sints burk much more quiet today and carrying the signs and soft chants and we are expecting to see about 1,000 more protesters
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to arrive here shortly. in fact, some live pictures. this is the crowd as they are moving from trump international hotel in columbus circle to make their way down to where i am standing right now, and a lot of them, they are older, and system of them immigrant saying that this is not the type the of america that they stand for, and now, this is similar to the protests that we saw just yesterday when people came out to say that they wanted to show a sign of unity to america. take a listen. >> i teach my family all of the thi things that i believe in and u teach my son that they are not the values of donald trump. >> well, it is a peaceful protest and my voice on facebook and other kinds of media is a small voice, and this is louder. >> reporter: richard, i want to also give you a sense of the effect of this area, because if you are looking at the stores like gucci and tiffany and company, and now, the retail analysts have confirmed to us that the next six weeks leading up to the holidays and these store stores can see up to six months' revenue and many people
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have not been able to get into the stores because of the nypd barricades that you are seeing now, and that is the effect of the anti-trump protesters here. >> morgan radford outside of trump stouer to watch the protests across the country this weekend, and morgan, thanks for that. and the trump transition effort meanwhile is primarily focused on one position at this moment, the chief of staff is considered to be the second most important job in washington. and kellyanne conway telling supporrs at trump tower that the decision is imminent. and halle jackson has more. what are you hearing on the short list? >> well, richard, the chief of staff position is one to be announced any day now, and ke y kellyanne conway at the trump tower north is where the pick should come imminently essentially. and who is at the top of the list? one person close to top tells me that reince priebus is a frontrunner and other folks
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people like steve bannon, the campaign ceo in the last several months who will likely still have a position of power inside of the west wing even if he is not named the chief of staff, and maybe former campaign manager corey lewandowski, and kellyanne conway herself, a wild card or maybe chris christie who is potentially making a play for that position, but he is speculated as possibly other roles in the administration as well. that is going to be the kind of the first domino to fall, richard. what happen s wis with that pos is going to be likely to dictate a lot of the reputation or left wing posts after that. so there is a lot of speculation and interest into this, because what donald trump does, and the president-elect does in the administration in naming of the chief of staff will set the tone of what washington can expect to see in the first 100 days. >> yes, haley, and another headline not only watch ing fin the transition process, but news today on the upcoming trial on tr trump university, and what are you seeing on this? >> well, some documentation was
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filed in court asking to delay a trial on trump university until after the inauguration, and asking that trump does not have to testify in person in this ca case, and rather that he be allowed to use the videotaped testimony. and this trial was set to begin on september 28th, and now trump's lawyers are asking for a postpone umt to 2017. >> you have the aear to the ground,le hally, and you have info and data on a call from trump and john kasich. >> yeah, you scared me with the setup, richard, that i didn't know what you were going to ask, man. >> okay. >> and we know that trump has been trying to mend some fencs s with people inside of the republican party who did not support his candidacy, and you saw kellyanne conway saying that he has phone calls with the people like ohio governor john kay sich and former rival carly fiorina, and it is confirmed that happened and a source close to the governor says it happen and the call described as brief
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but cordial, and remember that governor kasich had been a very much against the trump candidacy and not just the primary, but the general election and not endorsing him and i had the opportunity to speak to governor kasich a day before this phone call happened at the white house, and he said, hey, lins, i respect the office of the presidency and i wish donald trump the best and while don't agree on all a of the policies, i hope for the best in the administration. >> potential healing going on there. and haley jackson in washington watching for us. thank you. >> thank you, richard. as we are waiting for the trump transition teams to answer the questions that hallie is talking about, right now, the question is whose responsibility is that, and joining me is elise jordan msnbc political analyst and former adviser to rand paul and rick wade former adviser to president obama. and elise, you are hearing the reporting coming from hallie jackson who might be considered at the top spot. any surprises that you are
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expecting that might bubble up? >> well, for now, i really think that the showdown between reince priebus and steve bannon for the chief of staff is what i am watching and indeed it is going to be setting the tone for basically every major cabinet position and appointment that trump makes after that key appointment, so i am watching who he is going to be putting in the all-important chief of staff slide. >> and that is coming soon according to hallie. and kellyanne conway adviser to trump and the campaign, and she said this earlier on bannon and priebus earlier, and take a listen to this. >> bannon in particular can pain was the general. we are grateful in trump world to both nn and priebus, and i think that you will see them work, and continue to work together and we all work very closely together. >> okay. so, bannon if he is in the white
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house, the question that has been out there, and how can they expect the democrats or the establishment republicans to come to the table, because of what bannon has done in the past and in leading breitbart, and rick, a good choice the go with him? >> listen, steve bannon and if president-elect trump is going the do what he said which is to bind the division, the wounds of the division, then steve bannon is problematic. the alt-right is not the entity of steve and not the person who needs a seat at the table. and all righty, the other thing is that president-elect trump has to do more. if he doesn't see that the division and the hatred that is taking place across the country right now that he is seeing in the protests, then he is clearly blinded already. he has to speak to the division. i addressed the church this morning in south carolina, and in the sermon top iblg, it was the strength to love amidst the ha hate. there is hate and disrupting in the violence and you have to get
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a hold of this, because it is not what we want to see everyday as we move forward towards the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. >> and elise other than the two tweets that rick is alluding to the topic itself, and other than the two tweets that he put out at the end of the week, what would you suggest that you were writing something that donald trump could say to help to bring together these two sides, the protesters in the streets and those who elected him into office? sglel well, it is important that donald trump make some kind of statement saying that he absolutely does not condone bigotry, misogyny or any anti-semitism or racism among his followers and that he wants them to cut out all of the terrible behavior that he has been tacitly condoning by not speaking out against it. he needs to really make a strong statement to the extent of saying, and we have to come together and we have to heal the nation, and you know, i am not condoning this horrific behavior. >> and elise, about what donald
12:11 pm
trump can do and will do and i want to go back to the discussion about who is going to be the chief of staff, right? and you wrote a piece on that topic, a a nd you know, coming together is really the theme here, and what you wrote in part is this, though trump owes great credit to the national republican committee for a ground army and data, his is not a party win. the trump victory is not a triumph of the republican or the conservative politicals, but it is a bipartisan of political class of elites, and with the thematic that you have written, if he were to pick a reince priebus as a chief of staff, that is not consistent with what has actually brought him to office? >> but, steve bannon would actually incite more vitriol against donald trump, and really, cut off any possibility of bringing together these differing factions. i think that it is really going to be a horrible strategic play to put bannon in that position
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and throw more care seen on the fire that is happening among all of the different people in the country right now who are upset with the rhetoric throughout a rough campaign. >> would it bring you in if he picked reince priebus, and say, this is an administration that i can support. >> i thu that it would be a positive first step, but it would not be enough for me to jump completely on board. >> all right. and now in looking at the team here, and from what you are hearing, is there career civil servants here with a commander in chief here given the potential individuals that he might be putting into the cabinet? >> well, i imagine that it must be concern. i was chief of staff for the united states department of commerce and most of the appointees in the administration are career servants and president-elect trump has never held office and never been in the political environment before
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and never served in the military and pause and concern as to what kind of a, what will the governance be like. and another thing about transition is that, you know, i'm not hearing enough messaging about the diversity across the cabinet. will there be women? african-americans? and you know, what about the hispanic community? and what about democrats as a part of the administration, and he needs to send a signal other than the conversation around the chief of staff position and others that he is going to be having an inclusive adm administration and every aspect of management will be considered. >> and is there to a specific person named to. >> well, he is president-elect trump and he is soon to be president trump, and so we have to do it again. and the messaging globally and the more importants and the
12:14 pm
healing in america, and stronger america, and he has to have democrats, and there are democrats obviously willing and including myself to work with mr. trump as he advances the agenda that is good for bringing america together and building the economy for all people, and building the america that we can all be proud of and people want to be a part of it. >> and elise, at least building on what rick said there, and ven on the margin howonald trump won when we look at the working class and that thematic out there, does he need to put in that voice into the cabinet? that crosses all of the ethnic li lines, but really talks to the class issue that might be representative of the outcome of this election? >> well, donald trump's perhaps most effective line in the campaign is saying that he was about the forgotten man and woman, and i certainly think that it is a theme that is not going to be going away and he seems to have some strongly felt convictions that he can help make their lives better, and soy do think that helping the middle-class is going to be a huge initiative of the trump
12:15 pm
administration, but it is just going to be, you know, skeptical how he is going to be getting that way if he is going to be adding trillions to the debt, but i am eagerly awaiting to see what policy initiatives he is going to unveil and who he will put in place to make sure that the agenda actually goes somewhere. >> and we could be getting one of the names very, very soon. elise jordan and rick wade, thank you for joining us on this sunday. >> thank you. >> and still time for you to make your voice heard on the first pulse question. here it is. can president-elect trump unite a divided nation? logon to those are the numbers right now. next, democratic leaders are y saying that they are open to working with the new president, and we will look at some areas where they might find some common ground.
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if mr. trump in fact has the courage to take on wall street, and take on the drug companies and to try to work forward and go forward to create a better life for working people, we will work with him on issue by issue. >> all right. that is senator bernie sanders saying today that he would help president trump to rebuild the middle-class and also with the olive branch, nancy pelosi says that she has offered trump a infrastructure push, and elizabeth warren looking for common ground, but make no mistake, fights for the democrats and obamacare, and taxes and immigration, and all parts of trump's 100 day plan. and joining me is the republican strategist david goodfriend who served as the staff secretary under president bill clinton, and welcome. >> thanks for having m >> and we will see where you feel that the democrats can be working together and put up a
12:20 pm
fight. and start with first of all perhaps something that democrats and the new president, and the president-elect can work together, and that is donald trump's $11 trillion infrastructure proposal, and congressman keith ellison is running to be the next head of the dnc and he responded to the idea, and take a listen to what he said. >> that would be a welcomed development. we will see if he wants to deliver on that. the truth is that if he does, we want to see the infrastructure development, too, and all over the country, and we need to rebuild from transit, fiber optic, and broadband in the rural areas and the urban areas, and that is aer worthy program, but we will see if he really means it, and he is going to have a chance to deliver on that promise. >> david, it seems like a win-win, and your thought? >> that is a first effort by the trump administration, and they roll out a priority first and foremost to do infrastructure they will win over a lot of
12:21 pm
democrats. an example, i represent the teamsters union in my private practice and jim hoffa of the head of the union came out with a statement and said that we will support any effort on infrastructure on trade, and he pointed to statements that they have made for years, wanting to see infrastructure improvements in the united states. that is a labor union, okay, and you will see the democrats following suit, if however what trump does is to come out with an obnoxious anti-immigrant or the straight up conservative alt-right approach to taxes, you will see the democratic party retrench into the corner and fight him and i won't say they will win every fight, but they will go into the corner to fight him, so my advice to the trump ministration would be to show that you are really a different kind of republican, and show the populism, and show the things that bernie sanders was talking about in the segment is or keith ellison was talking about, and you will see an interesting dynamic unfold on capitol hill.
12:22 pm
>> he is open to tax reform on the statements so far. his initial numbers don't seem to skew towards the lower or the middle income group, and where is there some places for the democrats and the president-elect trump can come together. >> well, the first is the repatriation of the corporate cash held overseas, and the congressional budget office has scored and calculated that this would be a huge revenue generator for the u.s. economy and the u.s. government. you bring in the funds at a lower tax rate than today, and then the revenue would be enough to more than pay for infrastructure program of the scope that he is talking about. so that is a form of tax reform that democrats and republicans would support. if on the other hand what he is going to do is to give the tax breaks to billionaires like himself and not do anything for the middle-class, the democrats will ride it to 2018. >> and so it does not look like he will ride it to be skewing to the top 0.1% of the america
12:23 pm
here. and another very important issue herer for this presidency, obamacare. >> right. >> and democrats are open here to amending it? it appears that donald trump is now open to amending it as well in a surprise statement that will be airing later on "60 minutes" today, and it seems that there may be some space here surprisingly where the democrats and the president-elect can come together. >> yeah, i have to chuckle here. i mean, former congressman henry waxman from california who is a big architect of obamacare said nothing that big has ever passed without having to amend it afterwards and try to work on it, and he said that we should have been doing it from the start. of course wing out to the amend it, but the problem is that if you want to have the 20 million americans maintain their health insurance, and have a subsidy, it is hard to cherry pick and just say, i will do the pre-existing condition piece and that is it. so i'd like to to see what
12:24 pm
president-elect trump says that he will do to maintain the parts of it that he says are worth preserving without undermining the entire system, and that is a difficult puzzle to solve, but i am hopeful that he will do it. >> you remain hopeful, and that is hopeful, david goodfriend. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. and now back to the question of the question if donald trump can heal the divided nation. and we go back to you, cal. >> well, the first one is visually the snapshot, and this is literally happening right now, as you are voting, and you u will probably see this move 89% of you disagreeing that it san overall number regardless of the demographics and take a look at the political affiliation, and we have a tug of war here graphic, and you will see that very few of you who are democrats who believe that donald trump is going to be uniting the country, and it is little bit more opt mimistic wi
12:25 pm
the independents and the republicans are not surprised and 42% at home who say that you are republican do not believe that trump will unite the country, and now the results by gender, and we saw the female viewer at home staying very consistent there in the strong disagreement. they say they believe that donald trump will not unite the country, and males to a lesser extent, and lesser clip with the males disagreeing that they will unite the country, and before we shut it down, richard, the final snapshot, things finished off unanimous, and 83% of you disagreeing optimistic ally tha donald trump can unite things, and this is going to be the coming question in the coming months, richard. >> and it did not seem to ebb or flow over the last 20 minute, and stayed consistent. thank you, cal. we will be getting back to you for more pulse of america. more politics ahead for you. will donald trump build a team of rivals in the cabnet, and a look at how likely he is to choose some democrats and the republicans who opposed him. up next, somber observances in france marking one year since
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a somber anniversary today in france to tell you about. it is one year ago that paris came under attack when the suicide bombers and gunmen killed 130 people across the capital city. today, president francois hollande laid a plaque and wreath to honor those kill and sting also had a concert at the bataclan to honor those healing. and bill neely is standing by. and bill, it is a year when we were standing next to each other over this ter are ribble tragedy and how has the city healed over to the past year?
12:30 pm
>> well, richard, it was really remembrance sunday in a city still haunted by what happened exactly a year ago. there have been ceremonies here to today at the bataclan and at the five other sites targeted by the islamic gunmen, and at each of the sites, and for example at the bataclan where 90 people died at the restaurant where i know that you visited as well, richard, where 19 people died, flowers laid and the names of each of the victims read out, and memorial plaques unveiled. all of the ceremonies were led by the french president who could not have been in a more so somber mood, because these were the worst terror attacks in french history. but there is a determination here, richard, that those gunmen, the bombers will not win, and that life will go on as normal, and so, this concert hall behind me has reopened at least last night with the concert by the rock star sting. he last played here in 1979, and
12:31 pm
he said that he was here to honor the victims, to celebrate this iconic music venue, and he asked the 1,500 people or so who were here to stand for a minute's silence. tickets were made available to the survivors, and to the relatives of the dead, but they weren't made available, it is being reported to the californian rock band eagles of death metal who were playing here as you will remember exactly a year ago, and that is because the bataclan believe that the lead singer said that he believed that it was in some way an inside job. he blamed the muslim security staff for somehow helping those who attacked the club, and the managers here at the bataclan said that some things they will not forgive. so those two members of the californian rock band who turned up here were supposedly not allowed in. and tonight, as well as masses and religious services across paris, parisians are asked to
12:32 pm
light candles, and in fact, three candles lit in the balcony above us a few moments ago, and that is so that light and life can in the words off those who want the candles lit to dispel the forces of dark thans cause ad night of mayhem here exactly a year ago, richard. >> so many emotions there, bill, and so many hearts on this side of the atlantic that are reaching out to paris on this day one year now since the horrible incident. bill neely, thank you so much for your reporting there in front of the bataclan. now, we want to go to the live look at the fifth day of the anti-trump protesting in new york city. the protesters are marching to trump tower to manhattan on this day which some are calling the white house north, the trump tower, and you can have the voice heard on the second pulse question of the day. should president-elect trump reach across party lines to the assemble his cabinet? go to the [ crowd noise ]
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male vo: comcast.
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welcome back. former presidents like george washington and president lincoln made it a so-called tra doigs add rivals in their cabinet and today, that does not happen as often. so that is the second pulse question of this sunday, should president-elect trump reach across party lines tos a senl his cabinet? that is the pulse question, and pull out the devicesand pull out the couch device and we will be sharing the result s wis wit shortly, and to talk about the very top iblg, i want to bring in the former fnc chairman who served president bush and vice president cheney and just because you know the way that
12:37 pm
the factory works, take us behind the doors if you will and what are some of the conversations that might be happening that you might be aware of or experienced in the past and the priorities related to them. >> well, richard, thank you for having me. the next 70 days will be the fastest 70 days in the professional lifetime of everyone who is working in the trump transition, and a remarkable amount of things have to be done in a short period of time. and focusing first on the fact that there are 4,000, and nearly 4,000 political appointees that have to be decided upon, and transitions tend to break ut down into two categories and those appointees that have to go up to the senate for confirmation, and those appointees who don't. for the first category, those who require a senate confirmation, you have to do the extensive background checks, and also, the jurisdictions of those with appointees have their own questionnaires and the factual information to be gathering, and that is a labor intensive process and the goal over the next several weeks is to
12:38 pm
announce the cabinet and get it underway to turn it to the deputy secretaries and the assistant secretary, and at the same time as you are dealing with the appointees tealing with the senate, you have to deal with the appointees and the white house staff who don't have to have senate confirmation, and also background check, so it is a two-dimensional chessboard you are dealing with each day and not a lot of time to get it done. >> i will get unto more in depth here, but as they are bringing in the team here, the question, michael, will you have the democratic stafferers now assigned of the 4,000 as trump starts to bring in the people, what will happen if those democrats just leave, and will we see a large number of these positions just remain vacant for a long period of time? >> well, richard, two phenomena that with see a lot. and first a number of vacancies that can take place, and people can serve in the acting capacity and we will generally have that
12:39 pm
in the first new weeks and months whether it is democratic or republican administration, and another phenomenon at the cabinet level is at least one member of the cabinet being the member of the other political party, and both george w. bush and barack obama did this and ironically both for the department of transportation which seems to be the cabinet officer of choice in terms of being bipartisan and i would expect the president-elect trump to do something similar to reaching out to at least one member of the other party for it. >> and like secretary norm aneta. and also, when president obama was elected, will you see another one, or who are you looking at that might be a good selection from the democratic party who is a centrist and able to be function thei-- function ? >> well sh, if history is any chance, and ray lahood is the most recent example when barack
12:40 pm
obama picked him to be the transportation secretary. and that was in 2009. so it is hard to handicap these things but i would not be surprised if it was an individual from the hill who has real credibility on both sides of the aisle, and there are a numb ber of people who fall into that category. >> give me a couple of names that you are watching? >> senator manchin who has been really reck sill or t really reck sill or the toir -- reconciliatory in the process with the comments that have been made by speaker reid. >> and now, the ones who have been through the most reps and has the muscle been set of the way that washington functions here, and do you see him functioning in a similar way?
12:41 pm
>> well, richard, what we have been seeing in the last 15 to 20 years is that broad portfolios for vice presidents and the real joke of the real role of the vice president so at the end foreign funerals is not the case in recent decades. al gore, when he was vice president had a broad policy portfolio, and vice president cheney, extensive responsibilities and mike pence is cut from the same cloth and very policy oriented official, and with a lot of experience in these areas, and i expect a vice president elect pence to play a broad role not only in the transition, but in certain domestic policy areas, and he has credibility on the hill as well which could be valuable for the incoming president who has not served previously here in washington. >> and bidenesque and reaching into congress and knowing the way it functions. >> yes. >> and thank you, former fec chairman, michael toner.
12:42 pm
and staying on one of the tommics that we talked to michael about, should president-elect trump reach across the aisles for a cabinet member? and cal, what are you seeing? >> this is a snapshot and in realtime so you will see it move, but a vast mority of you at home do want him to cross the party lines and be more inclusive in the cabinet, and maybe it is the result of the victory is hours at home, and the republicans possibly, and looking at the tug of war by age group. young viewers at a home, i don't have an explanation of this disagreeing than agreeing and more of you at home 18 to 24 disag grree and don't believe h should cross the party line, and keep in mind that the republicans control all three branches of government in this administration, and take a look at the political affiliation, and not surprisingly, the republicans especially as we started the conversation not so keen on crossing the party lines, and a little bit more lukewarm than democrats who are strongly agreeing that donald trump is going to reach across the party lines into the
12:43 pm
cabinet. and finally, before we shut down the question, scoreboard, 86% of you want to see donald trump, president-elect trump reach across the party lines, and about 15% of you at home disagree. that is the potentially the victory is ours group. we will see. >> and the youngest demographic is a surpriser, cal. >> yes, i don't know why it is, but the young viewers at home not so keen on limb crossing the party lines. >> thank you, cal. great stuff. results right there. and we will have another question shortly. and trump voters, and why they are angry and how they shaped the presidential election. and you can now weigh in on the leaders of the democratic and the republican parties are out of touch with working class voters. logon to to participate and answer that question, and we will share the results with you. strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps
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in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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what they have heard for a long time from the left and the right is the same significant set of complicated problems that have only gotten worse. so trump goes up there and he is sounding unconventional and occasionally offensive, but what he is saying is that,k look, we have been trying the things for 20 or 30 years and they have not been working so we have to do something different. >> and jay vance author of "hillbilliology" saying that hillary clinton who beat trump by 8 percentage points by those with no college degree according to the exit polls. and four years ago, president obama beating mitt romney with the very same voters, so we are asking at this moment, agree or disagree -- the leaders of the democratic party with working class voters. go to and to join us to talk about that is a former state senator.
12:48 pm
and now, the polls are missing a large part of voters who got donald trump into the white hous house, and what did they miss? >> they missed how the talk to them. they don't know how the talk to the voters. they don't even understand what they are saying or calling them uneducated how incredibly insulting it is to them. and if you don't have a bachel's degree, you don't matter in america anymore, and obviously, the democratic party is missing out, but the national media, richard, they played into that as well, richard, big time. >> with all due respect to you. >> oh, no, i understand. >> and if joe amica went to iowa do you think they they know what the price of a bushel of corn is? the guys i build out with, they build bobcats and my guess is that the national media on the
12:49 pm
east coast don't even know what the bobcat is. and here in north dakota until the democratic party starts to realize that the men and women who built this country are educate and quit calling them dumb and the name calling is appropriate in america, and so we can use things like, okay, we elected a president that is an idiot and a pig. i mean, that is what we have done, and that is the price we pay for calling the rest of america stupid. >> and so some bobcats, and fantastic, and we would not have simple home foundations without them, and so bobcats and hats off to you for building them on that, and i have not driven one, and maybe you have -- >> i own one. >> okay. very good. i will have to get you over there to my house, because the foundation is not so good. but to get you to this point, and all good fun aside here, and what is the issue here with it more class or the white working class or the black,
12:50 pm
african-american? latino american, and what was some of the key points when we look at the group that was not reached before? >> oh, it is totally working class. it is all about the men and women that get up and shower after work. i mean, that's the key, right? there is no connection to them on the democratic side. the clinton campaign never energized that base at all. joe biden would have energized that base. he never forgot the old roots of the democratic party. and then the media played into this whole donald trump, we love donald trump, even if we hate donald trump he gets us ratings, donald trump. and they couldn't find enough times to say donald trump. when nobody yet to this day even asked him whether or not he believes in federal prop insurance. nobody asked him whether or not he believes that you could have -- he's got harold hamm next to him in bismarck, north dakota, saying this is going to be my greatest adviser on energy
12:51 pm
and then his next sentence is he loves ethanol. harold hamm hates ethanol. he hates it. ethanol competes with him and big oil. nobody challenged him from the national media. they don't get it. they never challenged him on the issues. and that's what has people -- us progressives in the upper midwest, i mean, we're fighting a losing fight and the reason we're fighting a losing fight is because it will east coast progressives don't get us and the middle of this country just bought a horse that they can't even ride. he could care less about the working men and women of america. >> joel, what has worked for you when you've been talking about this topic with those in the midwest, those who are working class, this class issue that we're talking about right now? >> connecting. go to the local buffet. sit down. talk with them. there's a reason i'm the number-one rated talk show in the upper midwest but you can't
12:52 pm
do that alone. perfect example, 2009, city of minot floods, 25,000 displaced. for a small state like north dakota that's a lot. north of minot there's an air force base. we couldn't get the president to come to minot. we cldn't get the president to come on radio and talk to people here. there's a disconnect there. the people of the upper plains and the midwest matter. iowa mattered. wisconsin mattered. they've got to understand that or they're not going to win elections anymore. we keep losing state legislatures. we keep losing governorships because, you know what, they're afraid to sit down and talk to a person that didn't go to the same college they went to or didn't go to college and just have a beer and sit down and talk to them. >> always a good beer from the midwest. a great start potentially here of that voice being heard through you, joel, and others, that which came from the election itself too. joel, thank you. >> thanks, rism ard. >> you bet that. still time to make your voice heard on our third pulse question. agree or disagree -- the leaders
12:53 pm
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it's time for you to make the calls, so call your doctor to see if myrbetriq may be right for you. visit to learn more. welcome back. we skld you this question. let's go to cal with the answer. >> three-quarters at home agree -- and when we ask this questions sometimes people digest this as the establishment. is the establishment in touch with working-class voters? 3 out of 4 agree people are out of touch. look at our tug of war by education. folks with no formal education seem to disagree with this idea. the remainder at home really agreeing that folks, especially in the establishment, leaders of the party out of touch with the everyday working-class voter. let's look by political affiliation.
12:57 pm
republicans at home as you can see a little bit more neutral than democrats who seem to strongly agree that the leaders of the political party are out of touch. interesting, independents strongly agreeing the most. our independent here, this is our independent number, independents at home strongly agreeing that folks are out of touch. finally, our scoreboard, it breaks down to pretty much 3 out of 4 agree, 1 out of 4 at home disagree that the leaders of the parties are out of touch. not a huge surprise, especially on the heels of the election. >> but the most together by party of the three questions we've had today in terms of being above midline. >> this is the one you saw that difference maker, right. >> let's take a live look at anti-trump protests continuing in new york city. top of the hour we'll get the latest on that protest from our
12:58 pm
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