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tv   MSNBC Live With Andrea Mitchell  MSNBC  November 14, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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reports," trump's white house. the president-elect sending mixed signals with the first major hires. the ultimate washington insider reince priebus as chief of staff. and the alt-right bomb thrower former breitbart competitive steve bannon as chief strategist and counselor sparking fierce backlash because of his anti-submit tick and anti-mus but defended by his west wing colleague. >> he was a force for good on the campaign at every level that i saw all the time. i have only seen a generous hospitable wise person to work with. >> fear and anger as thousands continue to protest trump's election. when asked, the president-elect sends this message about the rash of racial slurs and threats in his name. >> they are harassing latinos, muslims. >> i am so saddened to hear that. i say stop it if it helps. i will say this and i will say
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it right to the camera. stop it. >> what's next? democrats today taking a hard look at what went wrong and how to remake the party. "saturday night live" hit this final note. >> i'm not giving up and neither should you. >> i'm wishing donald trump luck. i'm going to give him a chance. we, the historically d disenfranchised demand that he give us one, too. thank you very much. [ applause ] good day, everyone. i'm "andrea mitchell reports" in washington where steve bannon, a leading voice for the controversial alt-right movement will have a seat at the most influential table in america. there is concern from both sides of the aisle over president-elect donald trump's decision to make the former head of the fringe conservative website breitbart news and trump campaign ceo his chief
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strategist and senior counselor. this morning incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus tries to separate the bannon he knew from the website bannon ran. >> one paper recently accused president obama of, quote, importing more hating muslims, called bill crystal a renegade jew, advised victims of female harassment to log off and stop screwing up the internet for men. i guess people are wondering if this is the world view steve bannon brings to the white house? can you let them know anything that would be contrary to the website he ran? >> sure. that wasn't his writing. that was articles in breitbart, not him. >> the buck stops with him. >> i know. the guy i know is a guy that isn't any of those things. >> joining me now msnbc's katy tur and kristen welker. first to you. you have covered the whole campaign. you know the relationships here.
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this is a partnership. it seems from the way they announced it that they are coequals, steve bannon and reince priebus. >> the moment they announced reince priebus as chief of staff they announced steve bannon as senior adviser to donald trump. it seems they will be on equal footing which should not be a surprise. frankly, steve bannon has been donald trump's right hand man. the man behind the scenes now for quite some time, organize straiting the end of donald trump's campaign. you can argue that since steve bannon and kellyanne conway joined on donald trump has been much more controlled. of course that's to a relative degree we are talking about donald trump. he still tweeted about alicia machado having a sex tape at 3:00 in the morning while bannon was part of the campaign. but he kept him focused on hillary clinton. steve bannon's past raises a lot
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of questions for a lot of folks out there that includes the anti-defamation league, includes the naacp -- excuse me, the aclu. and a lot of democrats. even some in the republican side of the aisle. steve bannon made a career of breitbart of going after the establishment, going after folks like paul ryan, going after the rnc. he wasn't making friends with them. in private conversations that i have had with folks surrounding donald trump to try to explain to me who they think and they say steve bannon is they have said he's somebody who is apolitical in the sense that all he's trying to do is win. what does win mean going forward? what exactly does it look like? we have to wait and see. nobody really seems to know. winning certainly before this was winning the election. the headlines that came out of breitbart during his time, the statements his ex-wife made about him during divorce proceedings talking about his words toward jewish people
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certainly do cause people concern. bannon denied saying the things she accused him of, not wanting their daughters to go to school with jews basically. there are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding what a donald trump presidency will look like. partially because this campaign didn't expect to win on tuesday night. >> in fact, kelly dst anne conway at donald trump tower reacted to this very thing. >> i think it's a great team. i will continue to work closely with them in some capacity, to be decided. they complement each other. they have the most important thing, the ear of the boss. i worked closely with steve bannon. he's been the general of the campaign and people should look at the full resumé. >> as you know, titles don't mean everything.
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it seems these are partners to appease two different sides and satisfy two different republican constituen constituencies. in fact, outside the party pretty much steve bannon. let's also talk about what donald trump said on policy to leslie staal on "60 minutes." this lot goth-- got a lot of attention on abortion. watch. >> will you appoint, are you looking to appoint a justice who wants to overturn roe v. wade. >> i'm going to -- i'm pro life. the judges will be pro life. >> what about overturning -- >> couple of things. they will be pro life. having to do with abortion, if it ever were overturned it would go back to the states. >> some women won't be able to get an abortion? >> no. it will go back to the states. >> by state --
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>> perhaps they have to go to another state. >> perhaps they will have to go to another state. that was the whole issue in texas with the closures of so many planned parenthood clinics. we'll have a nomination for the seat taken by garland. what he's saying is that despite the fact that row v. wade has been settled law since the '70s he's open to a justice who would be interested in overturning it. >> right. it set off alarm bells for democrats. something that's going to galvanize them. if you see a supreme court pick who actively wants to overturn ro erke v. wade you will see opposition. the president will hold a call with members of the democratic national committee today. secretary clinton will be reaching out to house democrats today. this will be one of the issues
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that they discuss moving forward. they will talk about what went wrong. what's the path forward? we've got to hold firm on key priorities to democrats which include roe v. wade and other issues. bank, immigration reform. all of that will be talked about today. there is a lot of concern. democrats are in their weakest position in eight years. will this put them in a stronger spot for the midterms? >> the choice of a new leader for the democratic national committee. the endorsements from chuck schumer and from harry reid for congressman ellison certainly indicates he's got a leg up. he's going to be saying something later today. >> it certainly does. what's interesting about congressman ellison, he's the first muslim elected to congress. he represents the progressive branch of the party. what you have in this post-mortem the democrats are
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doing is a realization, didn't they pay enough attention to that branch of the party particularly with bernie sanders who did well and was strong. >> and also endorsed ellison. >> he surprised so many people during the primary with his strength and how many backers he got. did the democrats make a mistake by not paying enough attention to that branch of the party headed into the general election? he's a counterpoint to donald trump. no doubt about it. >> we have a presidential news conference at 3:15 before he leaves for his last foreign trip. >> yes. >> thank you. maryland congressman elijah cummings from the house oversight committee joins me now. thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you. >> what do you think of your colleague, ellison as head of the democratic party? >> i think he has been a leader and he's constantly stood up for
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the rights of all americans. i think he'll be a great choice. >> also, what do you think of steve bannon? what concerns, if any, do you have about him playing such a major role, really a coequal as described? >> i think -- yeah. i think president-elect trump had to send a strong message. now it's said mr. bannon would be equal in power to reince priebus says a lot. basically that the same kind of antisemitic efforts by breitbart and the nationalist type things they have been talking about, now he has that person that will be in the white house being paid
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with taxpayer dollars. and basically espousing things that go against our nation's unity and really are divisive. people are concerned. i heard them say people should not be as upset and protesting. the fact is people are hurt, upset. there is something else we have to do. must take a look at what president-elect trump was doing with regard to conflicts of interest. here we have president-elect with his children having worked in the campaign, but now they are the advisers with the transition. keep in mind we have never had a president that had these kinds of extensive worldwide business
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ventures and have been involved in so much. we don't have his tax returns. i have sent a letter to chairman chaffetz asking him to bring in the key people in the transition team to explain to us how they will not be violating the law with regard to conflicts of interest. keep in mind we spent millions upon millions of dollars in partisan investigations. this is one where i think all of us should agree we just want to make sure that we are not going down a road that's filled with conflicts of interest. the american people deserve that. >> well, in fact, according to reince priebus on the "today" show he said jared cushner would be a player. he mentioned him along with steve bannon as part of the troika, if you will, of top advisers. >> that's exactly what i'm talking about. >> do those apply to sons-in-law as well as children?
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>> we need to see exactly what role they are going to play. clearly we need -- they need to come in to our committee and explain to us how they are avoiding conflicts of interest. during the campaign, president-elect trump could put off submitting his tax returns and keep a lot from the american people. as he said yesterday now he realizes that he's an open book. so now we in the government reform committee must do what we have been sworn to do. that's to look at the issues to make sure the american people are satisfied that conflicts are not taking place. that's our duty. >> he also told leslie staal there is an audit. he used the same explanation about not releasing his tax returns. there is no law requiring him to. that's practice, number one. number two, you are in the minority. so you can't vote a subpoena, i don't think, to get people in
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front of the committee. >> no. >> if congressman chaffetz says no, what do you do? >> if he says no, he says no. we have to let the american people understand that he says no. chaffetz and i have a great relationship. he's railed against conflicts of interest. he's had five emergency hearings with regard to hillary clinton before we left to come to break. he had five emergency hearings in two weeks. what i'm saying is as the minority party, we can always ask that we -- our chairman to do the job we have been slated to do. that is to look at these issues. we do it every day. that's what we do. we are the government reform and oversight committee. i have already sent the letter. hopefully he'll respond shortly and we can move forward with this. >> there is a letter circulating as well from some in democratic
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leadership asking democratic leader pelosi, former, to delay because some of your colleagues want another look at other aspects of the party than the hillary clinton part of the party. are you in that group as well? >> i'm not part of that. she will listen to the concerns of my colleagues and come to a decision she thinks will be appropriate. i believe in her as a leader. she's done a good job. >> to close the loop, will keith ellison likely be the next dnc chair? >> i can't predict that. he would be a great chairman and the idea that somebody like
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keith could come and unite our party in this very difficult time, i think, is a good idea. >> it's always great to see you. thank you very much, congressman. >> my pleasure. >> coming up, former president bill clinton's chief of staff about the new white house team joining me here on msnbc. when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. victoza® works with your body to lower blood sugar in three ways: in the stomach, the liver, and the pancreas. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. non-insulin victoza® comes in a pen and is taken once a day. (announcer) victoza® is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and is not for people with type 1 diabetes
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we have had a great partnership. i have gotten to know president-elect trump, steve bannon and the whole team. it has worked. it has been a great partnership and he really wants everyone to understand he wants to be a president for everyone. >> incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus painting a rosy picture of how the team
9:20 am
will work. matt mcclardy served as chief of staff to president clinton. >> delighted to be with you today. >> it's not easy coming from the outside. you came from arkansas. even though bill clinton was a long-term governor and head of the dlc, he was an outsider. >> he was. just like reagan was. >> exactly. >> they had government experience. still, how hard was it for you guys when you came in? >> no question. it's a challenge. you've got high expectations, andrea. so many stakeholders in our case, the republicans that held the white house for 12 years. you had an unexpected election there with governor bill clinton pulling off the upset. i would also say that after 9/11, i think transitions changed. it's now okay to start the transition early. it is expected. in fact, there is federal funding for it. that's a positive here.
9:21 am
>> there was a lot of superstition on the part of both candidates, frankly, didn't want to talk about it. >> measuring the drapes. the press could be critical of that and the american people might take exception. >> donald trump -- now i have been told that they have not yet had his presidential daily briefing. unless something happened in the past couple of hours. he has not had the special all inclusive national security briefing he's entitled to. there is no contact from trump transition to the national security agencies, to the cia, dod and the state department. they are taking their time. these agencies are ready and welcoming to talk to them. they have reached out but haven't heard anything back. >> a seamless transition is essential, particularly now more than ever with security issues. economic issues. i think the transition from the bush 43 administration to the obama administration with the
9:22 am
2008 economic downturn was absolutely crucial in achieving a much better outcome than otherwise would have been the case. it is important from an economic standpoint but more from a security standpoint. president obama has said he's committed to a smooth transition. the trump team needs to take him up on that, if they haven't. >> how hard is it to make a two-hatted white house work? you have two power centers now, reince priebus and steve bannon. >> two formal power centers. to be fair, every white house -- republican or democrat -- has power centers. that's part of politics. it's somewhat of a game of thrones hopefully kept under control in moderation. president reagan had a troika with jim baker and mike deever. that eventually changed. president carter had a trio coming in and that changed over time. a chief of staff needs to have the authority and
9:23 am
responsibility. to be fair, however, reince priebus who was a solid choice, he and steef bannon worked together apparently effectively on the campaign. both established relationships for donald trump. >> let's talk about people you grew up with in arkansas. rural white voters. bill clinton under that in 1992 as did you in that campaign. bill clinton has reportedly been -- we have confirmed this with other people -- been very concerned that there wasn't enough outreach, that luzerne county, for instance. 40% of the margin in pennsylvania came from former democrats who voted for trump in that county alone. you've got milwaukee. she lost wisconsin by 27,000 votes. and underperform ed barack obam in milwaukee by 43,000 votes. that's the margin there.
9:24 am
she never went to wisconsin. did they fail to recognize what was happening in rural and white working class america and -- i mean she went to grand rapids, michigan, on the last day of the campaign but not before that. our analysis is he went to 133 stops in those big battleground states from the general election on. she went to only 88. >> well, that's a strong post-mortem. hindsight is a great substitute for wisdom at the time. i think there were a lot of factors in this campaign. you mentioned one segment of voters. it's a fair point to make for sure. it redrew the electoral map than the one chuck todd and others drew before the election. but at the bottom of this, i think at the heart of it, it was a change election. people finally decided i won't change. i am tired of washington not working well. my life's not getting better.
9:25 am
i want to try something different. donald trump recognized that. to his credit he tapped in to it and was elected president. >> she's blaming james comey. >> the comey intervention was unprecedented and is frankly unsettling when the fbi takes a role like that. it was unprecedented. looking back, it certainly did stop or slow her momentum. i think secretary clinton was on the way to closing the deal. but, to be fair, there were a lot of factors in this campaign including turnout. but the popular vote, hillary clinton won the popular vote. >> it tells a story. thank you very much. >> nice to be with you. coming up, anti-discrimination groups slamming the appointment of steve bannon kcalling him di vi si and not worthy of working in the west wing. y a cutting edge university counts on centurylink
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i'm saying it. don't be afraid. >> okay. >> we are going to bring our country back. certainly don't be afraid. >> they are harassing latinos, muslims. >> i am so saddened to hear that. i say stop it. if it helps. i will say this. i will say it right to the cameras. stop it. >> donald trump condemning hate speech and attacks when asked from some of his alleged supporters even as critics in the southern poverty law center cite an amazing spike in hate crimes since the election. joining me a spokeswoman from the council on american-islamic relations. thank you very much. mark, let's talk about this rash of reports of racist incidents. it's unfair to everyone
9:30 am
connected to the election. some people feel unleashed by it. i don't know how you would phrase it. >> an enormous number of incidents have actually involved the use of trump's name. either in graffiti or people yelling at other people or in some other way referencing the election. you know, we have tried to count the numbers of these things starting last friday. we are already up to about 315 incidents. the majority of them don't rise to actual hate crimes. but there are various incidents. people having hijabs torn off. school children bullied terribly. there are lots of reports of people feeling suicidal. as they contemplate becoming a kind of enemy of this country, some kind of minority. the reality is, yes, we have
9:31 am
seen a rash of these things. >> i misspoke. i'm not suggesting it is not inspired by the election. by a lot of the rhetoric we saw during the campaign. i wonder whether you tie it -- whether you think it is fair to tie it to the president-elect and what do you think he should do or his people should do in speaking out? not just in answer to a question from leslie staal but affirmatively speaking out to try to calm people down and call upon people to desist. >> we feel president trump should put distance between himself and the people who are close to him. it's already been signed by 20,000 people asking that donald trump and his administration reject the extremists becoming part of that administration already.
9:32 am
it's really just an awful pick. a person who has a very long record of defending and promulgating hate speech toward immigrants, muslims, women and others. it really is incumbent upon the president-elect for the good of the american people and for his own presidency to put these people behind him. put some distance between the uglier voices associated with his campaign. >> the council has put out a statement that the appointment of stephen bannon as a top trump administration strategist sends a disturbing message that anti-muslim conspiracy theories will be welcome in the white house. we urge president-elect trump to reconsider if he seeks to unite americans. comment on that. >> that's exactly how we feel. you can't unite a nation by main streaming hate. this is an individual widely known to promote can spir si
9:33 am
theories against muslims, jewish americans, so many groups. refugees, immigrants. now our nation needs uniting. we need a president who can bring the country together. a lot of people are concerned. they are afraid on both sides of the aisle. we need a president-elect who can show true leadership, who can indicate to the american people that he's committed to making sure he represents all americans. by appointing top strategists who have clearly exhibited semitic, homophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-refugee views he's sending the signal to mainstream hate. that's not the way to bring our country together. we need voices to heal our nation. >> the anti-defamation league has joined in, joined your council. let me ask you both. the pushback from people in the trump circle is that it's not fair to blame steve bannon for
9:34 am
what's posted on breitbart, the website. please respond to that. >> if i may say, that's ridiculous. bannon has presided over the last 18 months over the dissent of breitbart news into open ethnic nationalism, attacks on women, attacks on muslims and so on. we have just learned the latest hate crime statistics from the fbi. they show that in 2015, attacks or hate crimes against muslims in the united states went up by a full two-thirds. by 67%. that was the largest number of anti-muslim hate crimes we have seen since 9/11, since 2001. of course that coincides -- those hate crimes -- with six months of donald trump's campaign. let's not forget that a centerpiece of the campaign was
9:35 am
the idea of banning muslims from the country. all of the hate crimes may not be directed to trump or his campaign but a large proportion of them are, in my opinion. >> what are you hearing from your members? >> it's worth noting that mr. bannon repeatedly invited guests to his show who have promoted this kind of sentiment that refugees, immigrants, muslims, various minority groups don't have a place in society. they have per pepetuated the id that america belongs to white people only. white nationalistic ideology won't bring our country together. hate crimes have spiked during this election season. we have seen an unprecedented rash of discrimination, bigotry, hatred against muslim,s, hate crimes targeting not only
9:36 am
individuals but also houses of worship. 2015 we saw unprecedented number of u.s. mosques targeted and vandalized. this is correlated with the anti-islamic or anti-muslim rhetoric we see on the campaign trail. unfortunately even post election we see the rhetoric had a very real effect in shaping public perception of islam and muslims especially amongst mr. trump's supporters. he has an obligation to calm people and let them know, you know, muslims have a place in society. jewish-americans have a place in society. lgbtq members have a place in society. we cannot divide our country this way and think we are going to be able to move forward. we have to have voices that unite and heal our country. >> thank you both so much. coming up, pledge versus policy. trump signalling flexibility on some of his signature campaign promises. you're watching "andrea mitchell
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reports" on msnbc, the place for politics. he gets a lot of compliments.
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obamacare is tough. health care is a tough situation. >> i bet he asked you not to undo it. >> no. he told me, you know, the merits and difficulties. we understand that. >> president-elect donald trump who promised to repeal and replace obamacare during his first hundred days but after meeting with president obama at the white house thursday telling the "wall street journal" and now "60 minutes" he's open to keeping some parts of the health care plan, notably the most popular parts. joining me chris cillizza, founder of the washington post fix blog and monica langley from the "wall street journal" who wrote the story after an exclusive interview doing the first interview after the election with donald trump reporting on his change of heart regarding obamacare. he's talking about the fact that pre-existing conditions, you wouldn't be off your -- and kids
9:41 am
staying on until they are 26. supporters say you pay for it with the mandate. you can't take the popular chunks and get rid of the other stuff. >> he acknowledges that will be costly. he doesn't want to throw everything out. it is a change. especially the last three weeks of the campaign. every speech opened with "we will repeal and replace obamacare" when the government came out and said everyone's premiums will go up a minimum of 26%. this is a change. he's going to start compromising a little bit now that he's in power. >> chris cillizza. in fact what reince priebus said on the "today" show when asked what hillary clinton -- blaming james comey and the comey let r letters reince priebus said, no, it was obamacare. we emphasized obamacare the minute the premium increases came in november. that pushed us in the closing
9:42 am
weeks. >> sure. >> i'm not going to doubt the rnc chair on that. i will say i think it winds up being a series of factors. everybody makes a decision based on one thing. we know it from exit polling. people's decision-making process is complicated. i think hillary clinton had in that penultimate week of the election had a bad week. it started with the premiums announcement and the announcement that 20% of people would have only one insurer to choose from. it went on to james comey, et cetera. i think it was a combination of things that reminded people that the status quo wasn't great. that hillary clinton represented that status quo and donald trump represented radical change they were willing to take a risk which they knew was a risk on.
9:43 am
he said, no, i won. >> exactly. i thought it was interesting. right before that answer he said, i want the country to love each other. he was really trying to be magnanimous showing he didn't want the protesters to continue. he wanted even to put it behind them the way president obama and he had done the day before. i said before you all sat down, did you and the president say, look, we said really harsh things to one another, let's get it over with. he said, it didn't come up. we are ready to move on. when he said, i want everyone to love each other i said didn't you go too far. he said, no. i won. i'm here. he has no second thoughts about how he ran the campaign. >> chris silcillizza, i was toln the meeting in the oval office, and the "wall street journal" confirms this in a story today. that, in fact, the president-elect said to president obama, how many people do i get to replace here in the white house and president obama
9:44 am
said, all of them. >> yep. >> there is a lot that the incoming president and his team don't seem to know about what happens. everyone in the white house other than a couple of security people and the ushers who are the permanent white house staff. everyone goes. >> look, when you elect someone who has never held any office before, this is what you get. this is radical change. there is a lot donald trump doesn't know and a lot he doesn't know what not to know. sometimes it's not about what you don't know but what you don't know you don't know. i would say that's a major hurdle and it is. at the same time, i don't think donald trump promised the american people, at least folks who voted for him, anything than what he is. he ran as someone who essentially said i have never done this before but the people
9:45 am
who have done it are wrong and they are screwing things up. the public may not like what they get by someone who doesn't know a lot of basic things about the government. but that's who they voted for. there was no artifice there. >> thank you very much, both, for your reporting. coming up, supreme stage. as donald trump makes plans for his court appointment a justice makes an unlikely debut. we'll have more of a this. small business saturday is our day to get out and shop small. a day to support our community
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president-elect trump is going to be naming somebody to the supreme court soon. he said it will be an anti-abortion justice. putting a lot of attention on the court's current and future openings and on the oldest justice ruth bader ginsburg as snl took note. >> i think everyone expected you to retire. you're 83. >> you're damn right i was going to retire. clinton was going to win. i was going straight to the
9:49 am
dominican republic. even though last time they thought i was a zika mosquito. not now. now i have to stay alive and healthy, damn it. give me my thing. excuse me. got to take my vitamins. >> oh, my god. >> the real rbg was making her opera debut in the opening night of "daughter of the regiment" at the washington national opera. >> dropping traditions that have worked and are continuing to work is like throwing away your umbrella in a rainstorm because you are not getting wet. we will resume when you, marie, and the birt certificate are all here.
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you said you're going to destroy isis. how? >> i don't tell you that. i'm not like the people going in now fighting mosul and they announced it four months before and everybody now, it's a tough fight because number one the people from the -- the leaders of isis have left. why do i have to tell you that? >> troops on the ground? >> i'm not saying anything. i don't want to tell anybody anything. >> joining me now admiral james of tufts university, former supreme allied commander at nato and the chief international diplomacy analyst. thank you very much for being with us. you have done transitions before. donald trump is still criticizing the military for having talked about the mosul invasion although military experts said there were a lot of reasons to do that.
9:54 am
one is to signal that help is on the way. the other is to get some of the fighters out of there. >> yeah. i think there is a little confusion here on the distinction between tactical surprise which you don't want to give up. don't let an opponent know at this moment we'll start dropping bombs, this is where the s.e.a.l.s. come in, this is where the helicopter wave arrives. don't give up tactical surprise. strategic maneuvers, strategic dialogue to accomplish what you mentioned as well as to make the strategic communication point to the islamic state. we are coming after you. that has a chilling fekt on their recruiting. there is a little bit of a learning curve that needs to occur. >> general michael flynn writing in the hill was praising the leader of turkey erdogan and adopting his stance who has been
9:55 am
blamed for the coup. he jailed 30,000 people since the coup. his crackdown has been horrendous. he's a nato ally. we have a careful balancing act. what about praising him from someone who may be the next national security adviser? >> i think it is a little premature to dole out praise or make comments at all on the cleric. we have a legal process in the united states before we can extradite somebody. a nation requesting extradition has to demonstrate in front of our courts that this is legitimate. we are to follow the process. in terms of turkey the jury is out on how erdogan will react over time. i have seen numbers as high as 70,000 people incarcerated or sacked, including hundreds of admirals and generals. so i think there is a great deal of let's wait and see on
9:56 am
erdogan. >> you said learning curve. as of this morning there was no presidential daily brief delivered to donald trump. they are ready to deliver it. that special intelligence briefing he's now entitled to. there has been no contact between the transition team, homeland, state, d.o.d., cia. is this a normal lag time? when you expect them to gear up? >> i have seen it both ways. i have seen transition teams taking a little bit of time to get organized. i have seen others that hit the ground running. obviously the sooner he starts seeing the intelligence, the better. that's really job one. intelligence isn't a still photo. it is a movie. you have to understand the flow. the sooner the better. >> admiral, thank you very much for being with us. more ahead. we'll be right back.
9:57 am
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that does its for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow the show online and on twitter. president obama's news conference at 3:15. hallie jackson is next and here you are. >> thank you very much. i'm hallie jackson in washington. we have a lot to look ahead to. elected republicans had a tough time defending president-elect trump's pick steve bannon. his team adamant there is nothing to see here. >> people weren't prepared for us to win. so they are reaching around looking for extreme examples. >> democrats with their own difficulties today. both president obama and hillary clinton set to talk in the next few hours about the direction the party should take. all of it, by the way, as bernie


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