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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  November 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage. >> i'm stephanie ruhle. this morning, so much to cover. first, the dating game. donald trump with very public cabinet courtships over the weekend. romney, christie, giuliani. 21 in all. >> really, really talented people. >> now, former texas governor rick perry is swinging by. is he in play for secretary of defense? >> and a trump tantrum. a relentless twitter tirade against the cast of "hamilton." after this icy reception to vice president-elect mike pence in the audience. >> was trump trying to divert attention from something else? now mike pence is speaking out. >> we heard a few boos and we heard some cheers. and i nudged my kids and reminded them that's what freedom sounds like. >> staying put. melania and their youngest son barron not moving to the white house, at least not yet.
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we have the details. >> plus, breaking overnight, police ambushes. you heard me right. ambushes. a texas officer fatally shot while sitting in his car. >> this was nothing short of an assassination of a police officer. >> tragic. and a missouri sergeant shot in a drive-by shooting. one suspect taken down. an all-out manhunt for the other. >> we're going to begin in my home state of new jersey where the revolving door was in full effect in the trump transition. all day saturday and sunday, people coming in and out of trump's golf course in bedminster. some of them adviser, but most potential cabinet nominees. 21 people met with trump over the weekend. how did the meetings go? >> went great. went great. really great. great people. a great man. going to have a great day. great people coming. you'll see. great people. >> word of the day, great. and those meetings continue today at trump tower.
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and we've got a great super fantastic team covering all of it. i want to start with hallie jackson in washington. tell us about the weekend and what we're expecting today because when i looked at that weekend, i don't know, kind of looked like the bachelor. the limos showing up, shaking. just no red roses. >> it was great. you said it. i don't know that there's any other way to categorize it. what we know is this. it was a weekend where there rurally were a series of meetings intending to whittle down who will be part of the administration. courtesy meetings, greetings, get to know you meetings or touch base meetings. others were actual interviews for positions. so, let's talk about some of the biggest names here. my colleague kristen welker and i are reporting that wilber ross is likely the leading contender now for commerce cemetery. a lot of signs pointing to general mattis for potengs secretary of defense. if you read the tea leaves and
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hints dropped. as you look at wilbur ross now. and mattis as well. from people like reince priebus, from the president-elect himself, tweeting and talking about how impressed he has been by mattis. and then there's a couple other names swirling around as well. i'm told that we're likely to get more names before thanksgiving. the rest of the cabinet after thanksgiving, and a lot of it coinciding with the landing teams going into different federal agencies ob, for example, the national security front, the economic front, and then the domestic front as well. so i would categorize it as a busy weekend. we know that former texas governor rick perry is headed to new york today for more meetings with speculation about whether he really will be offered a position in the administration, which one if so, with some discussion about where he could land or whether this is, again, more of a courtesy meeting for somebody who used to be a real sharp critic of donald trump and more recently, a surrogate for him, i think back to different debates i was at, for example, where you could see governor perry and he would talk about the merits of president-elect
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trump. so bottom line, busy weekend. we expect another busy day, and a couple of them prior to thanksgiving, when you'll see a little break and then we'll pick up with more naming of the administration. >> halle, stay with me. i want to bring in katy tur and charlie sykes. katy, i want to stay on that. rick perry and mitt romney. while rick perry may have turned at the end, rick perry and mitt romney are two men who were aggressively outspoken against donald trump. do you believe based on your rrting this was an olive branch or are they seriously being considered? we have heard over and over again from people like kellyanne conway, it's about loyalty to mr. trump. loyalty is currency to him. these are not guys who are loyalty to donald trump. >> donald trump was pretty insulting towards both mitt romney and rick perry. saying rick perry was just trying to look smart by putting glassess on. their are two folks who have had a storied history with trump, but they're also folks that are well regarded in the
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establishment circles. mitt romney continued on with his criticism of trump much longer than rick perry did. the idea that rick perry could be a part of donald trump's administration, it does sound a little more reasonable than mitt romney does. that being said, both men left that meeting, which you're seeing there on the screen, and said that it went quite well. so we're going to find out how serious it was in the coming days, as they make these concrete decisions. obviously, when you're talking about loyalty and whether donald trump is going to reward that, we're going to see. i mean, that's what we keep hearing over and over again. so far, the positions that have been named have been loyalists. but they are bringing a lot of folks to meet with donald trump from different circles. not all of them are ones that campaigned with him. they are trying to make an effort, at least on the surface, to -- you're making a face at me. you're making a face, stephanie. >> i'm not. >> at least on the surface to say that they're making an effort to bring in new folks to
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the fold. but they have a long history. is it going to be serious? i talked to some romney land people over the weekend, and they believe this was really going to be a courtesy call. whether this is changing in these hours since that meeting happened, we'll have to wait and see, but this would be a big deal to put someone like mitt romney in a secretary of state position. that would signal to people that donald trump is serious about leading rather than just rewarding his friends. >> charlie, my memory is short and i have never covered an election. how unusual is this massive transition, the hand shaking, the limos? all of these meetings. coz this happen every time? >> well, no. i mean, this is the ultimate reality tv show, right? i'm going to need a stronger set of seattle belts to deal with this weekend. you're not only having the mixed messages sent out. you have mitt romney, establishment, reassuring. then the possibility of naming a guy named mad dog to be
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secretary of defense. what could be more trumpian than that? >> can i ask, charlie? do we know who pays for all of this? now that he's the president-elect and doing these meetings at trump tower, at his golf course in new jersey, we saw there drinking trump water. we don't know if it's trump catering. who covers this cost, donald trump or the federal government? >> i don't know for sure, but the transition is actually covered by the federal government. it's a specific allocation. there's money allocated for the obama administration to be part of the transition and there's a specific allocation for the transition. and i think that's relatively routine. what of course is not routine is watching what we have seen over the last three days where, again, you have a man who is putting together the government, the federal government, at the same time he's engaging in tweet storms about "hamilton" and about "saturday night live" and he settled a $25 million fraud case. all at the same time, and none of us can figure out what are we supposed to look at at any given moment. the next four years will be like
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that character from the movie, it's a squirrel. what can we focus on? can we focus on this? is this what's most important? donald trump so far has been putting on a heck of a tv show. >> charlie, the american people wanted change. change is what they've got. hallie, i want to get back to you because you have new reporting on the subject of change. donald trump who loves to surprise us all is meeting with a democrat today. >> tulsi gabbard. stephanie. sorry, as i'm looking at my foin, who is obviously a democratic congresswoman from hawaii. she was a big bernie sanders supporter, remember, back during the primaries. she stepped down from her position in the dnc. and interesting choice, to be meeting with donald trump at trump tower today. and so we are expecting or hoping at least to find out more information about why she is there. is she there to be considered as a potential administration position? is she there in order to talk with the president-elect, who as you know for months actually
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touted what bernie sanders did in his campaign as far as the populist mesmg, trying to talk to people who felt disaffected. that's something that president-elect did in the primaries as well. >> what direction do we think donald trump is headed in, if he meets with someone from the sanders camp, and at the same time, a potential commerce secretary in wilbur ross, and steve mnuchimnuchin, a former g partner whose dad was a goldman partner, that has to be the opposite of anyone who comes from sanders' world. that would make them sick. >> until we start to get some of the names confirmed as cabinet positions, it's speculative. the president-elect's team has talked about wanting to bring people in in order to -- i don't want to say even the words team of rivals because i'm not sure that's what we're seeing with the names he has picked so far, in addition to what katy talked about, the idea that he wants loyalists in his cabinet, but i would note what he said back in
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october, in an interview with reuters. if donald trump wins, he wouldn't consider necessarily putting democrats in his cabinet, but he would work with them on legislation. perhaps it is an outreach to tulsi gabbard on issues of different legislation. i think until we get a better sense of what they discuss, it's a little early to talk about it, but it is certainly notable she is heading to trump tower today in new york. >> before we go, how about one of donald trump's true loyal soldiers? rudy giuliani. we haven't mentioned rudy giuliani, chris christie. where are they right now? >> basically, donald trump was turned off by how vocal he was in his lobbying for secretary of state. that he didn't like that rudy giuliani was going around and whispering to reporters and talking at this "wall street journal" dinner and smirking when people were talking about secretary of state. he found that to be a bit of a put off. over the weekend when he was
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talking about giuliani, he was considering him for potentially that position and other positions. we'll find out about that. chris christie did meet with him as well, which is new because chris christie was unceremoniously -- >> if he did invite chris christie over in new jersey. >> the two men are old friends. he also refused to say he was considering him for anything in his cabinet. that is notable as well. they have a lot to overcome with the jared kushner stuff, and despite the fact they're saying it's not a big deal, all the signs i'm hearing from inside the campaign, transition now, say that this is something that is not so easily swept under the rug. >> i get that. all right. kat katy, charlie, hallie, thank you. >> the broadway dust-up involving the cast of "hamilton" and the vice president-elect. >> plus, the latest on whether melania and barron will make the move to washington after january 20th.
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mr. trump, mike pence is here. >> perfect. >> hello, sir. >> heard you went to see "hamilton." how was that? >> it was good. i got a free lecture. >> i heard they booed you. >> absolutely. >> pretty funny. "saturday night live's" take on a fierce feud that has erupted between president-elect donald trump and the hit show hamilton. it started friday night when vice president-elect mike pence appeared in the audience and was booed by some people in the crowd. some people. then at the end of the show, a cast member had unscripted lines aimed directly at mike pence.
6:16 am
>> we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious at your new administration will not protect us. we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> all right, in response, donald trump fired off a barrage of tweets. calling the cast actions, quote, terrible behavior that they had harass eed pence and they shoul apologize. what's more, he ostblasted out a tweet calling "saturday night live" biased and not funny. i want to bring in toure. first of all, by us focusing on this, talking about this, are we falling prey to a donald trump distraction here? on friday, there was a lot of noise about jeff sessions and possible ties to a racist history. donald trump settled a fraud lawsuit, paying over $20 million. and we're talking about "hamilton." >> yeah, and the meeting with
6:17 am
the indian business men, also incredibly inappropriate. this is what thee did during the campaign, to create these distortion fields so we don't pay attention to the things he doesn't want us to. there is something important. you see people of color reasonably saying to him, sir, we are afraid and concerned about your administration because of things you have said and done. and again, he is not mollifying the millions of people who are afraid. he's dismissing their concerns. a very respectful reproach to him by aaron burr, the character, dismissed. this is not the way you should be a president for all of the people. you're supposed to be for everyone, not just the people who voted for you. >> let's say i'm with you on this. idealogically, theoretically, even practically, but a trump enthusiast or someone from inside the trump campaign or possibly stephen bannon would say, toure, in theory, you're right, but donald trump didn't
6:18 am
do that during the election, and guess what he did? win. so what gives you confidence that donald trump will turn the page? >> i have no confidence. i'm not waiting for him to pivot. we in the media have been waiting for him to pivot all along. i have no confidence, but pragmatically, it would be better for his presidency, if he were trying to let everybody at least feel we're for you. and when you hire a bannon, a sessions, some of these -- mike flynn, you're saying to most of us, people of color, muslims, that we're not here for you. so we understand that. and here, again, it just comes in a very direct cultural way, which we can easily understand. so sensitive. so small. he's so indignified. these are not the things that a president-elect should be saying. how is he so thin skinned. >> are you talking about the man who coined the term bigly being small? i want to share what mike pence said, his response. >> we heard a few boos and we heard some cheers, and i nudged
6:19 am
my kids and reminded them that's what freedom sounds like. i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave to others whether that was the appropriate venue to say it. >> mike pence basically had a mike drop moment there, where he said i said to my kids, this is what freedom sounds like. >> right. >> that was in theory the right answer. >> right. >> but does it matter because we're living in a world of donald trump, not mike pence? >> does it matter? i mean, look, i think it's going to matter when we see the president acting like a victim in relation to his citizens, and we have seen this over and over via the tweets. "the new york times" is unfair, the protesters are unfair. everyone is unfair to him. this incredibly rich and powerful person. how is everyone unfair to him? at a certain point, he's going to have to learn, maybe, to be magnanimous, which is something he has no ability to do. >> i ask you, why do you think he's going to learn to do that? again, on friday, he settles a $20 million lawsuit. he meets with indian business
6:20 am
partners. he meets with nigel farage before he has a call with terresheresa may, and we're tal about him nasty tweeting at brandon dixon and "the new york times." >> it's not just about nasty tweeting. it's about not understanding the relationship that a president is supposed to have with his citizens. how can the president be in a twitter bickering war with citizens? this expands. he blocked me on twitter. i cannot follow him through his primary account on twitter. >> how can he? the answer is he can. he is doing it. >> well, i mean, he's not the president yet, but we're going to see this sort of victimhood will have an impact throughout his presidency. you can't be this sensitive and be the president and not get into all sorts of nasty entanglements. can you imagine the president having bickering wars with citizens. that's what we said in the campaign, and now we're seeing it happen. >> and he won the election. >> okay. but he has to change at some
6:21 am
point and be the president for everyone. it will be more pragmatic for him to not have people be afraid of his presidency and in a genuine way -- >> i'm with you. >> -- say to them, look, you can trust me. even if we don't, say it, not in this lame way he said on "60 minutes." stop it. come on, he's supposed to be the president for everyone. >> this is my plea. president-elect donald trump, stop blocking toure, he has great advice for you. thank you. up next, tragedy on the street. this is serious, serious. horrible. a texas police officer was ambushed and a suspect on the loose, and this is jun one. one of the four officer shootings that took place this weekend. the latest on that right after this. zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing,
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he happened to be wearing the wrong colors -- blue. sitting in his vehicle, sitting in his car. writing, and he walked up, ambushed him and assassinated him. >> san antonio police call it an
6:25 am
assassination. now a manhunt is on to find the suspect who killed an officer who was writing a ticket. that san antonio officer was one of four officers shot over the weekend. two were in missouri and one in the state of florida. jacob rascon is live in san antonio. jacob, does san antonio police know who they're looking for right now? >> they have a person of interest, and so far, they put out a couple pictures and described this person as a black male, 20s to 30s, and he's somebody who is 5'7" to 6 foot. a couple tattoos on his left arm. they're also looking for the vehicle they believe this person was driving or at least was seen leaving the scene, and that's a black mitsubishi gallant with custom rims. beyond that, they have the fbi, the texas rangers, the u.s. marshals and others assisting the department. an all-out manhunt looking for this person. the police chief here tells me may haven't had an incident like this in more than ten years. very rare, as you might imagine. this year in the united states,
6:26 am
it's becoming less and less rare. you have 58, i believe, now, police officers killed by gunfire in this country this year. that's compared to 36 similar killings in all of last year. so so far, we had a 61% increase, and again, they're still looking for that person. >> jacob, so let's talk about that shooting that took place in st. louis. the officer shot. he's in the hospital fighting for his life right now. but the police say they killed the suspect. what happened? >> yeah, so there was a shoot-out. they were able to track this person and have a shoot-out with that person. he was killed. the officer, meanwhile, very similar. he was there parked in his patrol car, and it was just a drive-by shooting. he was shot twice in the face. there were two other shootings as well. and in both cases the officers were treated and released. but no motives were assigned in those cases. stephanie. >> thanks, jacob. coming up, closing the doors.
6:27 am
team trump sends signals about barring citizens from certain countries from coming to the united states. is this the muslim ban? >> plus, melania may not be moving to the white house, at least not yet. details straight ahead. mother in-law with a keen sense of smell... glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad.
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welcome back. time now for your morning primer. everything you need to know to get your day started. going to begin in the northeast where this winter's first major snowstorm is blanketing parts of upstate new york with several inches of snow. the storm caused hundreds of crashes and two deaths in minnesota. >> president obama is back home after wrapping up his final overseas trip as president. before leaving the apec summit in peru, he spoke briefly with russian president vladimir putin about the ukraine and syria. >> in afghanistan, a suicide attack inside a crowded shiite mosque has killed at least 27 people. no claim of responsibility yet. >> and violent clashes overnight between police and protesters at the dakota access pipeline.
6:31 am
tear gas and water cannons were used to disperse the crowd of 400 despite below freezing temperatures. police say the water was actually used to put out fires set by the protesters. >> and olympic superstar 19-year-old freshman swimmer katie ledecky smashed two ncaa records over the weekend. the five-time gold medalist broke the 1,650 freestyle record by -- ready for this -- 20 seconds. she also broke her own american record by ten seconds. katie ledecky, no biggy. extraordinary. >> this weekend, we learned that melania and barron trump will not move to the white house, at least not initially. the future first lady plans to move to d.c. once her son finishes out the school year. hallie jackson is in washington. hallie. as a mom, i can totally understand not wanting to pull a child out in the middle of the academic year. but we're not talking ability me and my partner moving to the
6:32 am
suburbs. this is the white house. this is the president. is this unprecedented? >> well, it's not unprecedented. i spoke with a presidential historian michael beschloss who said the last time something like this happened, there were a couple instanced in the mid-1800s. one was president harrison's wife, the other was president pierce's. not unprecedented but certainly not common in modern presidential history, stephanie. here's the thing. melania trump has said from the very beginning of her husband's campaign a year and half ago that staying home with barron, being a full-time mom was her top priority and that's apparently what we're continuing to see as they make the transition into being not just the candidate trump family but the president-elect's family. the next first family basically. here's the deal, melania trump will keep son barron in their manhattan private school until the school year finishes out and then the plan is according to the president-elect, thal wimove to washington full time.
6:33 am
can't emphasize enough aides say there's sensitivity to wanting to keep stability for barron throughout the school year and then paking the move. they add the trumps are very excited about the obligations that come with being the first family. it does raise questions about how often mrs. trump and barron will visit washington. how often the president-elect will leave washington to go back to new york where his family will be living. so interesting, but we should note, no matter what, the entire family gets secret service protection whether they're at the white house, whether president-elect is at the white house, melania trump is in trump tower. secret service protecting and sort of in place at all times. the other question, too, state dinners. meetings with foreign leaders, some of these traditional moments where you see the first lady standing with the president, meeting with some of these overseas dignitaries. that will mean presumably more travel for melania trump, but she said this entire campaign, being a full-time mom is her first priority and they want to
6:34 am
make sure they keep that in place for barron. >> thanks, hallie. >> we're going to turn to a broader trump topic, the trump transition team. suggesting citizens of certain countries will be barred from immigrating to the united states. incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus made the comments over the weekend when asked about trump's so-called muslim ban. listen. >> we don't believe in religious tests. and that we're not blanketly judging an entire religion but we'll try to pinpoint the problems and temporarily suspend those areas from coming into the united states until a better vetting system is in place. >> i want to bring in democratic congressman jim himes from connecticut. obviously, you are a democrat. but this is your -- this is our president. how do you interpret this ban? because what it sounds like to me is it would apparently apply to countries suspected of harboring or training terrorists. for me, could that mean belgium? could it mean france? what's your reaction? >> right, well that's a great
6:35 am
question. and look, this isn't a democrat or a republican issue. you know, the isis an issue about what kind of people are we. and do we do what we have always done, which is to scrutinize individuals? that is to say when somebody applies for a visa, does their background get checked or do we start testing religions, to nationalities, which is a dangerous path to go down. by the way, not a particularly smart path to go down because at the end of the day, as you point out, the trouble that we've had in this country has actually not come from refugees, which people have been freaking out about. it's really not come so much from immigrants, and certainly in europe, the problem has come from french and belgian citizens. it's just like, you know, i draw a little bit of a parallel to last yer's freak out, which was the ebola virus. you know, where all these people had ideas about how we had to shut down all commercial air traffic, which of course, the experts said would have been a disaster, if we vary from
6:36 am
checking out individual potential immigrants' backgrounds and start talking about religions or nationalities, what we're going to do is create a backlash amongst the very people we need to help us when it comes to counterterrorism. >> you know, when you say do as we have always done, it takes me to this conflict of interest subject. many people are basically setting their hair on fire when they look at the long list of conflicts of interest donald trump has. whether it's loans he has tied up with chinese banks or german banks. his hotel, i mean, the list goes on and on. but at the end of the day, when you speak to people from the trump team, they sort of smile and say, president-elect trump is going to adhere to the letter of the law. well, this is an unprecedented situation. for you, who i'm guessing is quite frustrated by these conflicts of interest, what do you do about it? he's not breaking the law. >> it's not unprecedented. we had any number of people in senior positions with lots of wealth and assets, and there's a
6:37 am
fairly well trod path to do things like setting up truly blind trusts. you know, divorcing yourself essentially from any knowledge or awareness of where your assets lie. look, this is not a particularly unprecedented situation. what donald trump, if he insists on not allowing for perfect transparency and doing what all other presidents have done in terms of blind trust, two things will happen. one, you know, something could happen, and remember, a conflict of interest in and of itself is not a problem. it's when there's some action that is taken where it looks like perhaps that action was taken not for the public good but for the individual's private good. that will always be a question, but more to the point, i think donald trump needs to ask himself, does he want this to be the news story for the next couple years? every decision that he makes going to be scrutinized and is the news story going to be he has hotels in india or interested in china. one easy way to take the problem
6:38 am
off the table is to do what every prdz and most senior leaders in the country have done and say i'm completely removing myself from control of my wealth. >> do you actually believe he will do that? he will set up a real blind trust? >> i don't. i don't. look, i see no -- i have seen nothing since the man was elected to suggest that he is changing in tone, which is actually very disappointing to me. right out of the box on his victory speech, he talked about infrastructure. some of us said thang submitst'g we can work with him on. thehe brings steve bannon to the white house, no, i don't have a lot of confidence he's going to do that. >> tell me about one appointment of a man you know, mike pompeo. you sit on the intelligence committee with him. what do you know about him? what's he like. >> i know mike very well, and i consider him a friend. two things about mike pompeo. one, he's a decent guy, a hard-working guy, a smart guy, and he knows the intelligence community. the second thing i will tell you about him is i pretty much
6:39 am
disagree with him on most matters of national security. he's been sort of very open-minded about extreme rendition, about using methods that some people consider torture. he's on one, i would say, somewhat extreme side of the torture debate -- sorry, of the surveillance debate. so you know, i am concerned about some of his stances, but this, of course, is what the confirmation process is for. to sort of bring out where mike is on these things. i will tell you, i know him very well. i consider him a friend. he's a hard-working guy. the senate needs to do its job to make sure that mike is not too far off the reservation with respect to things like surveillance and torture and those sorts of things in the confirmation process. >> all right, congressman hymes, thank you for joining me this morning. >> thank you. >> up next, with friends like these, donald trump meeting with these business partners from india just days after being elected. it's raising new questions about how he's going to separate his business from his governing. we'll stay on this story next.
6:40 am
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more on those conflicts of interest for donald trump. according to "the washington post", at least 111 trump companies have done business with 18 countries and territories on multiple continents. one is india. in fact, three indian executive working on a trump complex in mumbai met with the president-elect last week, after the election, and posted this picture. that is only fueled the questions about how the trump team intends to deal with the issue. i want to bring in steven, an expert on government contracts and procure mpt and a professor at george washington university law school. i want to start with these articles out over the weekend. the first, "the washington post" piece that talked to foreign diplomats that came to trump's new hotel in washington. donald trump's hotel has a director of diplomatic sales. this is common for d.c. hotels. but this hotel is owned by the next president of the united states. and we actually read in the piece that there were depts who
6:44 am
said they're surely going to stay at the trump hotel as a frontally gesture to the president. they don't want to insult him. >> absolutely unacceptable. i mean, it seems to me -- it seems to me that the obvious place to start here is that, i mean, he's got to get out of the lease contract. he's a tenant in a hotel with the united states government. it's unacceptable. >> unacceptable in theory, but legally, is it unacceptable? >> well, there's a couple things to keep in mind. when in doubt, we can always read the contract. the contract specifically says that no elected official of the united states government can share or benefit from the lease. now, it's a 60-year lease with the gsa, but the language is unequivocally clear. must more importantly, any time we talk about ethics and an organization, anyone who understands the field understands an organization's people look up and around for models of behavior. the unequivocal message so far from the trump organization is
6:45 am
ethics, conflicts of interest, focus, and the issues that we generally care about in terms of ethical behavior just don't matter. it seems like self-enrichment is far more important than the issues we have to deal with with governing the nation. >> if you're saying we have to look at the contract, who would revoke the contract? >> gsa should end the contract. no question between the election just over a week ago and the inauguration, the trump organization should sit down with the gsa and work out a way to get out of the contract. if the trump organization is unwilling to do so, and i expect they're not, gsa should terminate the contract. if they get sued, pay the monetary damages. the reality is, the amount of money at stake is far less important than the principles here. >> okay. >> the idea that the president of the united states is going to send a message that the rules don't apply to him and the rules do apply, the idea that self-interest is going to be the
6:46 am
dominant focus or the primary focus of the president of the united states, every decision that the president makes is going to affect a trump organization interest somewhere around the world. and that's going to be a concern indefinitely. >> but does that matter legally? and does it matter to the american people? because i turn to "the new york times" article about three indian business partners. donald trump has said, and we heard donald trump surrogates say, when and if he's elected, he will not care about the trump businesses. it's just the country. now, last week when he was president-elect, focused on making his white house staff and cabinet picks, he met with three indian business partners. so if you say that this is an issue, this is unethical, what's to be done about it? >> well, the constitution does talk about a mall ument. you may talk about the fact he may have an impeachment issue because you have foreign states basically paying money to the trump organization by using their hotels. the point you made earlier is so
6:47 am
important. i want the president of the united states to focus on the nation. i don't want the president of the united states focused on his business interests. and what he's talked about so far with the blind trust, they don't even understand the concept. as long as his family is owning the family-owned business, of which he's the primary share owner and beneficiary, we do not have the necessary separation we need to expect from our chief executive and our commander in chief. >> what gives you any confidence that the things you want will be addressed? >> there's no confidence whatsoever. so we're going to need to see some important actions, difficult choices made by government officials and by congress. i think that it would not be very difficult for gsa to do the right thing and get out of the contract before the inauguration. as for the larger issues, it's going to take congressional action and the private sector is going to have to move through public interest litigation. i don't expect the trump organization to do the right thing. >> all right, then. thanks so much for joining me.
6:48 am
up next, jeff sessions under fire. the president-elect's pick for attorney general has raised concerns with civil rights leaders. we'll speak to the head of the naacp next. eally sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ doctor recommended prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning. 24 hours and zero heartburn, it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10 straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed
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incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus is fearfully defending president-elect trump's pick of jeff sessions as attorney general as accusations grow that sessions made racially insensitive remarks years ago. >> this is something that i think is very political, very unfair. look, he's a good man. he will be confirmed and he deserves it. >> joining me now is the president and ceo of the naacp. cornell william brooks. >> good morning. >> good morning, kornell. >> attorney general, why? his nomination follows an ugly
6:52 am
campaign in which we have seen racism and cynicism normalized, misogyny mainstream, islamophobia deexceptionalized. his nomination is a 30 year record in the senate of failing grades which was back to civil rights as a prosecutor in alabama, african-american attorney as a boy, said that the naacp and aclu were un-american organizations forcing civil rights down the throats of americans and so we have a bad record in the senate and record as a prosecutor following a campaign in which anti-semitism and racism and misogyny became the order of the day. let's be clear about this. where we have seen in recent days 701, at least, hate crimes
6:53 am
as attested to by the southern poverty law center. we have seen parents and teachers afraid for their children and a country divided by race and religion and distrust, in which racial dog whistles are blown so we have really americans at one another in racial or i should say cowering in fear because of the climate in this country. we need an attorney general who will stand up for civil rights. >> no surprise, mike pence and other members of donald trump's transition team defended jeff sessions. i want to share what kelly o'donnell said earlier. >> you're looking at the full record. the united states senator for 20 years, a law enforcement officer before that. he's incredibly qualified. look at the full measure of the man. >> she's saying, look at the full measure of the man, reince priebus said he's fighting for freedom for decades. what do you say to them? >> here's what i would note. note what she said. she referred to the list of time in the senate and the fact that
6:54 am
he was a prosecutor. she did not speak to the record. she didn't speak to the record of racially insensitive comments. she did not speak to the record in the senate of zero support for civil rights. she did not speak to the fact that he has opposed the, i should say, the strengthening of the voting rights act in the midst of voter suppression including the campaign, i should say, in the election of the person who proposed to nominate him as the chief law enforcement officer of the country namely, attorney general. >> cornell? cornell? politico reported that they think jeff sessions' confirmation is basically locked up. it will happen. democrats don't have any leverage and would require republicans to defect. do you have any confidence do you think you could stop this confirmation? >> i have confidence in the naacp and supporters and other civil rights organizations who are going to oppose this nomination. this is not just a matter of
6:55 am
partisan moving in lock step. it's not just a matter of how many democrats and how many republicans. it has something to do with how many americans are opposed to someone occupying chief law enforcement officers, law enforcement position in the country who did not have a deep and heartfelt and record-driven, record-demonstrating commitment to civil rights. when we talk about the numbers in terms of support, let's talk about the millions of people who want to see the the rights of americans protected, particularly when we are in the midst of literally a millennial civil rights movement. think about this. when we have literally hundreds of thousands of people in the streets trying to take strong stands against racial injustice, police misconduct, we need someone leading the civil rights division, the justice department who believes in civil rights. so when you look at the record, the record is not there. or to the extent that it is a record there, it's a record of opposing or not supporting civil
6:56 am
rights. and that is simply intolerable and i believe americans will stand up and speak out against it. >> thank you so much for joining me this morning. cornell williams, naacp. coming up, lining up for trump. who's meeting with president-elect over the weekend and what we know about what role they could play in the new administration. we'll have that and much more ahead. philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get healthier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush and experience an amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare. i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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ask your doctor about opdivo. see for this and other indications. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients, nurses, and physicians involved in opdivo clinical trials. all right. that's going to wrap us up this hour. i'll see you tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. you can find me all day long on twitter but coming up right now, more news as my friend is in the house in new york city, kristen welker. >> great to see you in person, steph. happy monday. this trump tryout. president-elect continuing to meet with prospective cabinet members. he sat down with nearly two dozen over the weekend. among those on the in bedminister, the last presidential nominee, mitt romney. >> i will tell you not only a
7:00 am
cordial meeting, but also was a very substantive meeting and i can say that governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state of the united states. >> this morning, trump back in new york preparing to host former texas governor, primary rival with perry. reports say the one time air force captain under consideration for secretary of defense or the top spot at the v.a. also, conflict of interest during the general election, donald trump railed against the clinton foundation accusing it of paper play but does the same argument apply to trump and his business interest now that he's president-elect? our political team watching the transition here this morning. let's start with hallie jackson live in washington. break it all down. we know he'll be meeting with rick perry and meeting with barden and he met with mitt romney. how seriously is he considering all theseol


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