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tv   MSNBC Live With Andrea Mitchell  MSNBC  November 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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we are following breaking news on the campus of ohio state university after a report of an active shooter. here is what we know now. the columbus fire department said eight people were hurt but there are conflicting reports about what happened here. witnesses report hearing gf. the shelter in place order has been lifted. the university cancelled all classes for the day. along with the team here for the full team coverage here. rahema ellis, pete williams and msnbc law enforcement analyst and former atf specialist jim cavanaugh joining me now with the latest. when we talk about what we know and what we don't know about the situation. >> what we know now is they have reported the suspect was killed. we know eight people have been transported to hospitals. one listed in critical condition.
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seven in stable condition. one of the hospitals has sent out information saying they have four of those seven who were injured, eight who were injured and four of those victims they are not any life-threatening injuries. that's good news. there is a lot we don't know. >> especially when it comes to the weapon used or how these students or people got injured. >> absolutely. there is talk of one witness who said she saw a car plow into a crowd of people. that left one person on the ground seriously injured. the question becomes where did the reports of shots fired originate? >> in a situation like this what can we expect from law enforcement officials at this moment? when might we see another update from them?
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>> we are trying to determine what happened first. the fire alarm, stabbing, police report. that will be a clear picture. >> pete, you have been on the phone working your sources. what do you got? >> i don't have any new reporting but we are still trying to confirm whether or not there was one or two suspects here. it happened at watts hall. the initial report was shots fired. that's why everyone has been assuming the victims were gunshot victims. we have been told by several officials the injuries were people cut by a large knife. we have heard a number of reports of people saying or they saw someone with a machete. or people hit by a car.
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it raises the question of whether this is one person doing it or two. it does appear the fire alarm was set off to get people outside where they were then attached. we have heard reports there was an explosion, a backpack. was that also to get people outside of the building? they are trying to nail this down. we understand the president of the university will make some kind of public statement in about an hour. so perhaps that will help clarify what happened here. it doesn't appear to be a shooting though the initial report was active shooter. >> when it comes to the situation or the incident with the car and perhaps injuries from being hit by a car do we know if that was intentional, accidental? is it too soon to say? >> too soon to say. >> jim cavanaugh back with us here. you talked about timeline, when we might hear from law enforcement. you heard pete talk about the head of the school holding a press conference or a news
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conference in 55 minutes. what are the next steps from a law enforcement perspective now that the situation at least it appears the lockdown has been lifted. classes cancelled. where do they go from here? >> in the instant area they have said it's safe to move about, for students to leave the hall. they have to deal with if you have a dead suspect here is the car boobytrapped, the home, does he have explosives there. are there others involved? did someone drive the car. are there other active participants? that's what they are doing while the chancellor talks to the media. second the events. do they have to get the witnesses who saw the guy. where did he come from? did he have a knife, machete, a
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gun? backpacks, explosives. investigative work as well. then the family center. of course people who were injured, the family can come get the data quickly and accurately and the police will set it up. they have to say we have it under control, give some sense of information. the alerts were great. they sent out multiple alerts. the safety is immeasurable. people think, well, a locked door won't save you. it does because the police response is so quick and formidable. you don't have to be in there just a short time when all the resources get to you. it is so important to be able to get in there, barricade and lock
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the door if you can't get away. >> when you talk about the reaction from students we are getting more information from a junior at ohio state who tells nbc she was in a classroom with a hundred other people who reacted calmly when they got the text message alert. the woman describes blocking the door with backpacks, having people stand by the door trying not to freak out, in her words. they were not allowed to leave the building. i want to share information now as well. the president of ohio state speaking with ohio governor john kasich. communications now happening at the highest state levels. we expect to hear from the head of ohio state coming up within the hour. when you're hearing this, listening to jim and pete talk about the unknowns here. when you are watching this and know somebody at ohio state or there is a concern you may have for student safety, how should viewers that maybe know somebody or worry about this, what should they take away from this? >> i think one thing they should take away is what was mentioned
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already. there is an alert system. universities across the country have a system in place. unfortunately because of the tragedies that happened on campus and in public schools in the past. so there are procedures in place. it does appear as the emergency procedures took effect this time. at 9:56 when the first alert went out, the alert was lifted. >> only one person is dead and that's the suspect in this case. eight people transported, one critical. seven with injuries that don't appear to be life threatening. for the majority of families they can breathe a sigh of relief. this is the third largest university in the country. 45,000 students undergrad students. it is a huge facility. this is a very active place.
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they want to keep as many students safe as they could. >> they are talking about the emotion and how scary it is for them to go through this, be part of a lockdown and stuck in a classroom. one had tears in her eyes as she recounted the story. >> it's hard to imagine what must have been going through the students' minds as they were getting the word to lock in place. lock down in place. you never know what will happen. they didn't know if there was an active shooter in their building or roaming around the campus. where was this person? police, authorities were looking for the person. it is a very frightening time. >> osu, the third largest university in the country. jim, when you look at the law enforcement response, when you are seeing -- we are playing images now on screen of some of what we saw from earlier in the
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day. remember, this incident began just before 10:00 this morning. the lockdown was lifted about 90 minutes or so later. the scene obviously still active. students, families still on campus. when you look at law enforcement and the response is it your sense they have answers about what happened that they are not sharing or do you think there are questions about what may have unfolded, what the weapon was and how this went down? >> you're right. they have a lot more information than we do. they don't have all the information. we don't know if this was a planned attack or a spontaneous rage. when you get to a person with a knife and a vehicle it can be someone who spontaneously goes into a rage, runs over people and starts stabbing people. or was it a planned attack? the person planned to come there that time of day and do this.
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what's interesting is how quickly he was stopped likely by police bullets. interesting to see if that was uniformed patrol, osu or tactical officers from s.w.a.t. they stopped him quickly maybe within an hour or shorter time. interesting to hear how quickly they were able to stop him. whether that occurred, you know, on the street. a report of a man down in the street. we don't know if that's accurate. was he stopped on the street, inside? we don't have those facts yet. excellent response. you need everybody you can get. you just need to have it coordinated, worked. it looked like they did that here. they are always prepared for distributed attacks. they can be in other parts of the city. you need the strong formidable
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response. you don't know what you are dealing with initially. >> we are expecting and hoping for more answers within the hour. we expect to hear from the head of ohio state. meantime we'll take a break. jim cavanaugh, rahema ellis, pete williams in washington. the latest when we come back. stick around. you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop? you should be getting double miles on every purchase! the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just ...(dismissively) airline purchases. seriously... double miles... everywhere. what's in your wallet?
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that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. so right now we are still monitoring the latest news out of columbus and the ohio state university. right now we are going to turn to the other major headlines today. andrea mitchell in cuba. hi. >> reporter: hi, hallie. thank you on a windy, hot day here in havana. thousands of people lining up for their chance to pay public tribute to the controversial leader fidel castro. castro a major issue in american politics. donald trump tweeting today if cuba is unwilling to make a
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better deal for cuban americans, all of the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate the deal. threatening to terminate the opening that president obama negotiated with raul castro, the president of cuba in 2014 which came to another inflection point after the death of fidel castro as scheduled, in fact, the first flights, the first commercial flights flying out of american cities direct to cuba that were not special charter flights. a lot has happened. commercial flights. the postal service, credit can be used instead of cash. more people can come on special arrangements as cultural visitors, not tourists. the trade embargo cannot be lifted without an act of congress. hallie jackson, why not come in to talk about the politics of this because donald trump who when he first launched his presidential campaign was in favor of the obama opening but now is hard lined and the
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contrast could not have been more stark this weekend between obama's statement in tribute to fidel castro and the declaration of the president-elect that he was a brutal dictator. this wrapped up with important decisions. who will be the next secretary of state? that's open warfare. this breaking out all weekend. mitt romney will come in for another job interview tomorrow. this is a signal from donald trump that he's not happy with the declaration on "meet the press" yesterday by kellyanne conway that mitt romney was not an appropriate secretary of state. a big job given his past strong criticism during the campaign that you have covered of donald trump. >> it's almost a grab bag of topics to discuss. we can pick it up there with the issue of kellyanne conway, the president-elect. reports here on msnbc that the president-elect was furious with kellyanne conway, his former campaign manager, now a senior
9:17 am
adviser on the transition team. a top transition source said historically this person had rarely seen kellyanne conway do something without the approval of the boss or at least conferring with the boss first meaning president-elect trump and would be surprised if she was going rogue. that said, it does highlight the internal fighting, internal jockeying for position and the discussion that we saw the entire campaign when donald trump was running for president. this idea he had the factions, would pit them against each other. they would fight it out over who would be, say his campaign manager or vice president. now we are seeing it with the cabinet selection, specifically secretary of state. you have mitt romney, rudy giuliani who my sense is the front runner based on conversations with folks in and around the transition team. general david petraeus is coming to trump tower today. the retired general and former
9:18 am
cia head to meet with the president-elect. into some eyebrow raising choice given his past mishandling of classified information. i am told by a source that what's done is done. he paid for the past. he made it right. he's got talent and commitment to the country. of course the transition team would be looking at him. mitt romney coming in along with bob corker, tennessee senator, who some see as a sleeper pick for secretary of state. i'm told there are concerns over his position on the iranian nuclear deal. >> well, in fact, bob corker as chairman of the foreign relations committee would be in charge of the confirmation process. this was a week ago. but he could come in behind this dispute. let me say a word about david petraeus. he's someone who's been at both nyu and usc and someone now working on wall street for kkr,
9:19 am
traveling the world as a security analyst. he has a great deal of respect in the foreign policy community, certainly the gulf states and the middle east. i have covered him in iraq, afghanistan and elsewhere. of course at the cia. he pleaded guilty. he was involved in mishandling the classified materials. democrats loyal to hillary clinton really rejected the comparison that david petraeus was somehow less guilty than the accusations against her mishandling of classified materials on the private server. a retired general and this president isn't going back to george marshall but certainly colin powell.
9:20 am
you covered donald trump. he likes the generals. by the way, during the campaign said a lot of critical things. but these are the trump favorite generals, not the generals he was anonymously disparaging during the campaign. >> and not all of them. when you talk about mattis or petraeus. we saw mike flynn. they aren't just loyalists coming in, being considered for the positions. petraeus is interesting. it is not just state. that's the leading position he's being looked at for. perhaps director of national intelligence. perhaps another role open in the cabinet or the administration. this will be their first substantial face to face meeting between president-elect trump and general petraeus. >> this would be an ex-implementation of donald trump's frustration and hillary
9:21 am
clinton did get 2 million votes more than he. she has not disputed contrary to some who asked her to get recounts. pennsylvania not so much. 69,000 votes separating trump and hillary clinton. that said, she piggy backed on the recount challenge by jill stein who ironically, the third party candidate garnered enough votes in the states if they had all voted for hillary clinton or most had, hillary clinton would have won the two states. the filing deadline for requesting a recount in pennsylvania closes tonight. that's not an issue. here you have donald trump saying there were more than a million votes of fraud in california, new hampshire. why would he make the accusation of which there is no basis of fact? >> his transition team was asked about that within the last
9:22 am
couple of hours about wls the evidence. we showed that. the president-elect saying millions of people cast ballots illegally and the team pointed to articles and studies. one from the washington post in 2014. one from pew research that have been debunked as evidence to try to back up the president-elect's claims. it leaves us in the same position we started in meaning with questions about where this is coming from. the transition team spokesperson didn't ask them to investigate voter fraud based on the president-elect's tweets. when you talk about the wisconsin recount. we have a producer at the elections commission special meeting. jill stein has to pay tomorrow. pay over the expenses.
9:23 am
the recount begins on thursday in order to start the process here. hundreds of local municipalities. 70-plus county clerks you have to wade through here. the deadline is 8:00 p.m. on december 12. statutorily this recount has to be wrapped up by december 13. they are giving themselves wiggle room. this means from december 1 to 12th you've got to go through and do this recount. clerks have been warned they will be working nights and weekends around the clock until it happens. the last recount in 2011 the number of reverse votes was 300. out of more than a million basically. there was a question on this special commission meeting about how close the number of reverse ballots this time to the figure. they say, listen, if so much oxygen is given to the recount
9:24 am
in wisconsin which has a very slim chance of making a difference then oxygen needs to be given to the allegations of voter fraud. we have much more come up. is it trump versus obama? more with gabe gutierrez coming up. this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. i was working in the yard, my chest started hurting and i thought, well, you need to go to the doctor. i was told that is was cancer,
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welcome back. i am here in havana in revolution square. a windy day but an inflection point in u.s.-cuba relations. the first regularly scheduled commercial air flights from american cities came to havana beginning services. one of many economic changes
9:28 am
that could be rolled back by president-elect donald trump. here in cuba, thousands of residents are paying their respects. these are the hard-core believers. fidel castro, a controversial figure to many in the u.s. and elsewhere in the world. although admired in europe, latin america. in havana today, people lining up whom i spoke to in the midday sun for the first public memorial in the days of mourning are the true believers, young and old. >> fidel was very, very, very important person for the world. >> i think this is a terrible day for the cubans and for the people. >> he lead our revolution, our country, our people to freedom. so we are here because we are very sad. >> fidel castro, of course, died now but left power in 2008. turning it over to raul castro.
9:29 am
preparing for life without the symbolic leader. the long-time leader. someone who was called commandante by his followers. i spoke to him in 2001. have you planned about having a younger generation of leaders to carry on your legacy? >> translator: raul is very healthy. undoubtedly he's the comrade with the most authority after me and has the most experience. therefore i think he has the capacity to succeed. >> all of this very well planned. in fact, there was a third generation. raul castro's son is in line. gabe gutierrez joins me now. he is a military leader in charge of the economic development which is a big piece of the military of the defense ministry. the defense minister used to be raul castro. so there is a future castro line of succession, not something american critics want to see back in the u.s. like donald
9:30 am
trump. we see, of course, a lot of diver jens of view. the older people loyal to fidel castro. the younger people, many thankful for the educational system, the health services, gabe. others are dissidents whom we interviewed yesterday. the ladies in white. we don't see the political change yet. we are seeing economic change. >> you speak with the ladies in white yesterday. they told you this is the first time in 13 years they didn't march after church on a sunday because they said the secret police told them not to come out. the true believers talking about the legacy of fidel castro. as you mentioned he stepped down from power a decade ago. viewed by people as a good grandfather figure. the question now is really what will the administration of donald trump do in the future and tweeting out that hard lined stance this morning. aides have been giving conflicting views on what he'll do. you know, it's a question of
9:31 am
what about the future of cuba. the people in line we have been speaking with wanted to pay homage to fidel castro. iconic leader, controversial. many are signing ledgers pledging their loyalty to the revolution today. >> we are in revolution square. of course the posters of ch che guevara. fidel castro's remains -- he was cremated over the weekend. those are going to progress through all the provinces of cuba. more than 500 miles to santiago, cuba, near the family birthplace, near where the revolution started. an iconic city. >> nine days of official mourning began on his death. we are now seeing these lines today. the big public memorial scheduled for tomorrow evening. then, yes, his remains will be taken to santiago decuba. we are not hearing the opposition much here. obviously on a day like today.
9:32 am
there is a lot of criticism back in south florida and folks here in cuba. he had a controversial legacy viewed as a revolutionary hero by many and also as a dictator by a large amount of people. certainly a complicated legacy he leaves behind. a lot of people here say long live the revolution. this is a day they never thought would come. at 90 years old they are paying respects to their leader fidel castro. >> gabe, thank you very much. my partner here. joining me now is washington post columnist and msnbc political analyst, pulitzer prize winning analyst eugene robinson. the final days of fidel and the start of a new cuban revolution. he wrote it in 2007. he lived longer than many had either hoped or expected. defying 11 presidents and
9:33 am
criticizing the opening that raul negotiated in secret with president obama. if he were still in charge he would have opposed the economic reforms. >> yeah. i certainly believe so. when i was traveling to cuba to research the book which came out it was premature. >> visionary. >> i have a friend who wrote his final hours in 1990. one of the stories i kept hearing is what happened when fidel castro went to modern china for the first time. raul castro was impressed with the chinese model of one party stayed with economic liberalism, capitalism essentially and all the development had gone on.
9:34 am
the inequality of income and the division of society into haves and have nots and the way people are getting rich. he didn't like it one bit. he was a true believer in the antiquated communist system he put in place. as long as he drew breath any attempt to modernize, limits beyond which it was difficult for him to go. >> whether he will roll back a lot of what has been done by president obama by executive order. congress only can lift the embargo. by executive order we have internet service spreading throughout cuba.
9:35 am
banking. we can use a credit card here. before it was cash because of the embargo and a waiver only because we were journalists. this happening not tourism. that's still prohibited but people who come for cultural exchanges and there is a broad definition. do you think donald trump from what we know from "the art of the deal has packed interest here. is he going to unroll these contracts with the airlines, banks and credit card companies and internet services? can it be undone once the cubans tasted it? >> it would run counter to trump's history for him to follow through on that sort of hard lined tweet he put out this morning. if trump were to try to open it to cuba that's one thing that
9:36 am
could keep fidel castro metaphorically and the revolution alive in his system or the impression alive is to turn back. the way the united states approached other communist companies was opening. why wouldn't he want them to have internet, cell phones? let ideas flow in. let americans flow in. it worked in eastern europe. i think it would work in cuba a long time ago. the hard lined policy frankly extended the life of the castro regime beyond its natural sell by date. >> thank you so much. some of these. the travel are even popular in south florida. marco rubio saying we don't want to punish people. we want some changes.
9:37 am
i want to throw it back to hallie jackson with the breaking news on the incident at ohio state university. >> we are getting a statement in now from the university talking about what happened confirming a suspect was shot and reported dead. based on our reporting we can confirm the suspect has died. injuries for the victims include stab wounds according to the university as well as people hurt by a car and other injuries being evaluated. it is a reminder that campus alerts for shelter in place have been lifted. they will hold a news conference when they are able. we were expecting one at the top of the hour in 25 minutes. we'll see if it comes through. i want to go to pete williams in washington. what are you learning? >> according to law enforcement officials getting a little clearer picture here, emphasis on little clearer picture. what happened is at watts hall,
9:38 am
this engineering, mechanical building here on the campus of ohio state university two men in a car drove into a crowd of people around that building. why the people were there, whether they came out of the building because of a fire alarm or later wasn't clear. some were injured when they were hit by the car. some were cut by a large man wielding a large knife. one of the attackers, we are told and the university more or less confirms this, was shot and killed. he's 20 years old. we are not reporting his name. a second person, we believe the other person who we believe was in the car ran into a nearby parking garage and was arrested there. so we believe there were two people involved in this attack. and none of the victims take to area hospitals suffered gunshot wounds. though the initial alert from
9:39 am
the campus was active shooter, it doesn't appear that either of the two people used a gun. we don't know if they had guns with them or not. the obvious question here is you have someone driving a car into a crowd of people. you have someone using a large knife to attack people. these are both me ethods of attk advocated by isis. the question raised is was this a terror attack or something else? it's way too soon to know what the answer to the question is. the police will be searching the two people's residences, looking into who they were in touch with, looking at their social media use, looking at their history of searches on the internet to try to answer that question. we are nowhere near knowing whether this was something to do with the university. some grievance we have seen in the attacks or whether this was a terror attack or a blend of the two.
9:40 am
we are told by several officials both men were somali but columbus has one of the largest, probably the second largest somali population is at the college. >> one question for you. the incident that involved the knife where some of the injuries are stab wounds. do we believe that's connected with the car situation? >> reporter: yes. the two men in the car rammed people, get out. one has a knife and attacks people with the knife. >> and a timeline question here. you raised the question of whether this is linked to terror. it is clear that it is too early to say. do we know when we might get the information from law enforcement officials? any idea? >> no, no. there is no way to say.
9:41 am
we are told the names that have been circulated that as i say we won't report until we are certain were not in a database. they were not familiar to law enforcement. >> pete williams in washington. joining us throughout the afternoon as we get more on this. we are learning new information out of the incident at ohio state university that one of the suspects now confirmed dead. ten injured have been taken to the hospital according to local officials on the ground. we'll continue to follow breaking news out of ohio. stay with us on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc.
9:42 am
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talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ we were all stuck inside a building. we didn't have concrete facts. it was just what we saw and heard from the others. at the time the police weren't keen on divulging what happened. they kind of wanted us to stay safe. like i said, there were one or
9:45 am
two people inside a car. they tried running over people and apparently a man jumped out of the car and started slashing at people with a machete. that's all we saw. i think that's where a couple of people were injured. >> that's a witness to what happened speaking to wcmh in columbus talking about the situation at the ohio state university. we are expecting a briefing or some kind of update from officials at the school in about 15 minutes from now. we will keep monitoring that and bring it as soon as it happens. i'm here with rahema ellis and law enforcement analyst and former atf special agent jim cavanaugh. in the last 15, 20 minutes we have learned a lot. we have a lot of questions answered about where the injuries came from with ten people transported to the hospital. >> indeed we have. the eyewitness there is confirming what pete was reporting moments ago. his sources were telling him two men were in a car. they drove the car into a crowd
9:46 am
of people near that building. watts hall that we are hearing about. some were injured by a car which is very important. we had been getting information from the columbus fire department that ten people were transported to hospitals. nine in stable condition, one critical. none of the injuries life threatening. they never said what the nature of the injuries were. we didn't know if it was gunshot wounds, a knife wound, wounded by a vehicle or what actually did happen. now it appears the information is starting to come in more to clear up exactly what happened. i think there is still more information to come as pete was saying why did this person or the two men in the vehicle decide to direct that car into a crowd of people at that hour of the morning, early in the morning, classes just getting started. back after the thanksgiving day holiday. what precipitated this action. >> and why did the crowd gather in the first place?
9:47 am
was it the normal course of morning activities. was there a fire alarm pulled. >> we have reports that at least two fire alarms were pulled during the morning. did people rush out of the building as a result? that's not clear. we hope some of it will be clarified when university officials hold a news conference in a short while from now. >> jim, let's talk about the use of the vehicle here. the car as weapon. is this something you have seen more of, that law enforcement officials have seen more of? do we expect to see more of that? >> in the terrorist theater and we are not saying this is terrorism. we don't have that information. we have seen it in this with the truck attacks and other places across the world. we have seen isis calling for vehicle attacks at the macy's day parade. what we could be looking at here and we have to keep an open mind
9:48 am
is we could see a road rage incident. if this fire alarm was activated absent the men in the car like there was smoke in the building, a false alarm, the alarm tripped, the crowd spills into the street. policeman is there because there was an eyewitness on tamron hall's show. she witnessed a policeman being run over. so this car smashes into the crowd who may have come out in the street because of a fire alarm. then it could be a road rage incident. he pulls out a machete. launches into the crowd. the shots heard are then uniformed police shooting him. the other guy runs into the parking garage and is apprehended. what's the motive? could it be just road rage? a planned attack? i think it goes back to what rahema said. why did the fire alarm happen?
9:49 am
if it's a planned terrorist attack you didn't just happen on this fire alarm. if it was a planned terrorist attack you could be looking for a crowd to assault. the driver comes around around, gets angry the crowd is there. jumps out with a machete. goes berserk. we may be looking at something like that. >> based on what we have heard so far we know one suspect has been killed. one suspect is dead. there is another person who pete williams said has been taken into custody. what might happen between law enforcement and va individual. >> they are giving him a hard question. what's going on, what are you doing here, why did you come here. why were you in the car.
9:50 am
who's your friend, relative in the car with you. say the guy was a passenger, not driving. he could be innocent. the other person could drive into the crowd. there could be a person who didn't want anything to do with this. we don't know. just ran away. ran back somewhere else. we don't have the answer. we don't have any information that the second person was involved directly in the attack. we don't know if they were wielding a machete either. that has to be cleared up. going back to computers and making sure there is not some other planned motivation here.
9:51 am
you have to keep an open mind on that. there is nothing said that there could be spontaneous rage. it could be road rage, terrorism. it's an open question. >> i want to bring in pete williams with new information. >> to pick up exactly what jim was talking about. mr. cavanaugh. it does appear this was a planned attack based on information about the suspect who was shot and killed on the season. -- scene. a lawful president of the u.s. who lived here as a student. not far from the campus. he was the one who was shot and
9:52 am
kill killed at the scene. a second person in the car with him, we are told by authorities fled and was in a parking garage. i'm sure officials can give us a lot more information about why this happened. we are told the two people drove into the car intentionally. got out of the car. one of them attacked people with a knife. one of them had gunshot wounds. they are searching the social media of the people they believe were involved in the attack. there is no indication they came across the terror database before and they were not under surveillance. they were not anyone law enforcement had been interested in the past.
9:53 am
all indications now are this was a planned attack. >> a couple of questions as we wait reminding the viewers we are waiting for a press conference involving the ohio state university president michael drake. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. when you talk about the idea that law enforcement viewers are saying this appears to be a planned attack. can you talk about what they are basing it on? do you know? >> i do. i won't say at this point. until we can nail it down. they have reason to belief there was a planned attack. perhaps things said before. >> when jim cavanaugh talks about the potential that it could be a road rage incident or something it is your understanding that's less likely. >> correct. >> i know it's too early to begin discussions. do we know anything now about the other person in the car who
9:54 am
was arrested in the parking garage? >> i don't. >> okay. we are looking now at live pictures from columbus, ohio. rahema ellis is still with me here. nine people in stable condition. one person in critical condition. do we know more about the victims, about -- it appears from what we are hearing from what pete and others are reporting it may have been a random type of attack for the victims? that's what we believe could have happened here. still early. information is coming in as we speak. authorities at the hospitals haven't identified the victims. some could be professors. there could be a security person from the ohio state university who might be among those
9:55 am
injured. that information has not been revealed to us yet. it is very curious what pete was saying that they believe it was a student at ohio state university. lived in the area. what the motivation may have been, unclear. why the fire alarm was pulled. did that have to do with the notion that it was a planned attack? interesting questions. we look forward to getting the answers. >> we are hearing from more people but at this moment there is a press conference happening live. >> an officer called out on the radio that shots were fired. he engaged a suspect who had gotten out of the vehicle after hitting pedestrians. the suspect cut multiple individuals. the officer engaged the suspect and shot and killed the suspect. the first buckeye alert went out at 9:55 to alert the campus
9:56 am
community there was an emergency. many officers from various different jurisdictions all over the county and outside the county responded immediately. the shelter in place was lifted and law enforcement continued to investigate multiple other things. there were a few buildings closed. we don't have reports of anything else. we believe the threat was ended when the officer engaged the suspect. fortunate an ospd officer was there and took action. we believe injuries were minimized as a result. we'll have an active crime scene throughout the day and more updates later. we have a few buildings shut down as a precaution as we go through and sweep those. we believe the threat ended when the officer engaged the suspect. >> we'd like to have andy thomas
9:57 am
give information on the condition of the people who were injured. >> thank you. i'm the chief medical officer for the medical center. we received a number of wounded individuals here at ohio state. we also received word from our colleagues at grant and river side that they received wounded individuals. we had great collaboration and coordination between the systems when it comes to events like this. we trained for this. here at ohio state we received five wounded individuals from the scene. two with stab wounds and two with wounds related to being hit by the car. we received a fifth victim who was hiding in place as they had been directed to do by the buckeye alert. who actually just arrived here at the medical center not long ago. there were two individuals with
9:58 am
lacerations taken to grant hospital downtown. i'm told by colleagues there both individuals are doing well, not with life threatening injuries. two motor vehicle accident victims taken to riverside and similarly they are doing well. i don't have more information on those folks. >> one of the people injured was the officer injured? >> not that i'm aware of. >> no. not that i'm aware of. >> the officer was not injured? >> no. >> chief? >> let me start from the top. a male suspect drove a vehicle over the curb west of college avenue and struck pedestrians. he exits the vehicle and used a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians. our officer was on scene in less than a minute and he ended the
9:59 am
situation in less than a minute. he engaged the suspect and eliminated the threat. the suspect is d.o.a. the investigation is ongoing. i want to thank the officers for doing a great job. they did what they were trained to do. we have a lot of agencies assisting us. columbus police and fire. nine people were transported to the hospitals. eight in stable condition. one in critical condition. we have a lot of agencies assisting us here. the state patrol, franklin county sheriff's office, fbi, atf. we are making sure we do what we can to investigate this thoroughly. and not leave any hole unturned. >> did the suspect have other weapons? >> it is an ongoing investigation. we recovered a butcher knife. the suspect is d.o.a. >> is he an osu student? >> we can provide you additional information when we have another press conference later. the investigation is still ongoing.
10:00 am
>> chief, is this a planned thing? did this seem to be planned? any indication this could be a terror attack? >> it's too early to say. based upon common knowledge you can say this was done on purpose. to go over the curb, strike pedestrians and get out and strike them with a knife. that was on purpose. >> did the suspect say anything to the police officers? >> ongoing investigation. [ inaudible ] >> as far as we know there was one suspect. the suspect is d.o.a. there were rumors of a second suspect. we searched the garage and could not find another suspect. we believe there was one suspect. we have that suspect. >> was there a fire alarm pulled before this and that's why some students within oh the sidewalk? >> earlier today there was a gas leak at a building. so columbus fire was on scene checking that. >> which building? >> that


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