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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  November 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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new allegations against the governor in this lawsuit. new questions as to who will replace jeff sessions and the attorney general investigating him in this affair and the use of state property to further that in that state. see trump administration's going to be fun to cover in washington. it's going to be really, really, really fun to cover its ramifications in state houses around the country. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. so we have a new test of friendship, according to what i just heard. >> okay. >> would you go upstairs and break up with her for me? where does that happen? >> number one bad boyfriend move. i'm no expert, but if the breakup is ongoing you interrupt the breakup to do the shoulder rub and okay baby. that's ix-nay. >> you have once again completely thrown me with the
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close of your show. >> now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. good evening. >> hey, rachel, it's great to be back. well, we have breaking news tonight. we have a new selection for the donald trump cabinet. this one actually has experience in the department he's being nominated for, so that's one that might actually make it through confirmation without much trouble. the question tonight, though, is does the united states of america produce enough bananas to be considered a banana republic? >> the integrity of the u.s. lek 00 is suddenly under fire from the losers and the winner. >> donald trump's team is saying there was rampant voter fraud. >> it is an unusual tactic to challenge the results of an election you've won. >> he has not offered proof and neither has his transition team to this point of the massive voter fraud.
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>> it was bad enough when he was a candidate. he has problems with the truth. lies all the time. >> a bunch of crybabies and sore losers about an election they can't turn around. >> david petraeus, his name may be in the make. >> petraeus spent two hours inside trump tower. >> the meeting went very well. very good conversation, we'll see where it goes from here. >> the only person who really knows what's going on is the president-elect. >> welcome to four years of palace intrigue like this. >> we have breaking trump cabinet news tonight. according to a high-level source familiar with the decision-making process, tells nbc news that six-term republican georgia congressman tom price is expected to be the
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donald trump pick to be secretary of health and human services. he has been a severe critic of the affordable care act saying it interferes with the ability of doctors and patients to make medical decisions. he was quoted in a story saying budget committee chairman tom price says he expects lawmakers to push forward with an overhaul within the first six to eight months of president-elect donald trump's administration, overhauling medicare has been a major goal for speaker paul ryan since 2011. congressman price voted for the ryan budget, which would turn medicare into a voucher program, essentially repealing medicare as we know it. joining us now by phone, kelly o'donnell, who covers capitol hill. kelly, here is someone with some actual experience and expertise
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in the cabinet department that he would be nominated for, but he does seem to be in sharp disagreement with donald trump on medicare, who's the only republican who promised not to cut medicare in any way. >> caller: i think what you have here, lawrence is one of the potential picks that until now was flying under the radar a bit. we've been focussed on secretary of state and some of the high-profile departments, but the health and human services will be so essential when it comes to handling obamacare as we now call it. and tom price has that experience as a physician and orthopedic surgeon, and you're right. he has been a sharp critic of how obamacare is structured and wants to move forward with the republican phrase of let's get a different system in there. and i think that where you are also right is that donald trump has not been banging that drum. so why tom price? well, in part, he has the job presently as budget chairman. he's close to mike pence.
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he has a good relationship with jeff sessions, who's the nominee to be attorney general who has also been an integral part of the transition planning and the inner circle of donald trump. when they look at potential candidates for this role, which will be a news-making role in the months to come. if you don't know tom price's name tonight, you will certainly know it over time, presuming he's confirmed, because he has this sort of intersection of medicine, legislative experience, and he's connected to power. so the fact that he has a view that is much more in line with paul ryan than the president-elect is an interesting situation. but we have seen donald trump not always play to the campaigning trump that we knew but to be looking for ways to fill slots with people who in this case has practical and legislative experience. tom price is an interesting choice, of course it's another member of congress being put into the inner circle.
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many trump supporters were looking for people who would be outside of the washington tradition. tom price is not that. but he is well-respected among his colleagues. so confirmation should be relatively simple for him at this point, but it's a very big job with a huge undertaking to try to remake, reshape, undo, change, somehow alter obamacare. the argument from republicans is that the premiums have gone up and the services have not been as predicted, planned and promised. so this will be very big over the weeks to come. >> i think we know the democrats in his confirmation hearing are ready tonight with their questions and they're simply going to be presenting him with quotes from candidate donald trump, saying he would not cut medicare and then asking congressman price if he has now changed his mind and agrees with donald trump that medicare should not be cut in any way. >> caller: i think you're right. that is the smart play for
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democrats, going to the anthology of the quotes is safe territory to try to litigate this. i think you can take about a, tom price will be more focussed on some of the free market parts of the health care law, trying to change access across state lines, trying to adjust how there's more patience choice, but medicare is a big piece of this, and as you know, paul ryan has believed that the price for medicare over time is just too steep for the country and some changes for future retirees need to be made. and that will be a battle line in the days and weeks to come. >> thank you for joining us with this breaking news, appreciate >> caller: thank you. so banana republic. not the stores. usually located in south america, what are they going to call it now that we've become a
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banana republic? should we call it a corn republic? thanks to florida and hawaii we can still call it a banana republic. our banana production is tiny, really tiny but it's enough. we are living in a banana republic. that's what it feels like, where the president-elect fluctuating between the comical and the terrifying. where the candidate who comes in second in the vote wins the office, a banana republic where there are accusations of massive voter fraud, accusations made by the winner of the election, who, it should never be forgotten, became the winner even though he came in second in the vote.
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yesterday the winner who came in second tweeted. in addition to wing the electoral college in a landslide i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. he then tweeted serious voter fraud in virginia, california and new hampshire, so why isn't the media reporting on this? the reason the media is not reporting on voter fraud is that there was none. there is no evidence of millions of people voting illegally or anyone voting illegally, but in a banana republic, who needs evidence for anything? in a banana republic, presidents make stuff up all the time. in a banana republic, most candidates make stuff up all the time. and the winner is usually the one who's best at make being stuff up. when donald trump isn't making stuff up on his own, he often relies on even more dangerous minds than his to make stuff up. >> it is uncontrovertible fact
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that 3 million illegals voted and that tens of millions of people were on the voter rolls who were dead, and at least 4 million of them voted as well. so what's 3 million and 4 million? 7 million people voted that were either not citizens or illegal or were dead. >> donald trump believes that guy. and that is the same guy who believes that the massacre of the teachers and students at sandy hook was a fraud. just staged. alex jones is one of the most vile purveyors in history, and to donald trump he is a reliable source. joining us, rick wilson and, mike, it seems that donald trump tweeting about voter fraud is
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something he is really attached to. he's continued to do it tonight. actually tweeting while watching some tv shows about voter fraud, sufficient he has no evidence for. >> that doesn't matter to him. we learned that long ago. one interesting thing that i spent the day watching, lawrence is how the newspapers and how the media in general covered the fact of that tweet. did they say in their headlines that trump said this falsely? that trump said this with no evidence? did they finally set up and assert that? the washington post did. the "new york times" sort of did. there were many other examples. and most news organizations actually did not really plainly say that trump made this assertion without any evidence. what does it take for the press to stand up and say this and realize that trump is saying these things on the basis of no evidence and tell their readers
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and viewers the same? >> rick, that is the problem that is facing the news media now. they've never dealt with a candidacy like a donald trump candidacy. i don't think the news media ever figured out how to deal with a trump candidacy. now we are embarking on a trump presidency, with a transition unlike anything we've ever seen, no doubt a presidency unlike anything we've ever seen with the least attachment to the truth than we've ever seen. how should the media deal with this? >> i know it's fashionable to care trump to hitler, but more and more, it's like kim jun don. and if you don't follow the exact trump like north korea, you're afraid. they're afraid of this guy cutting him off.
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they've gone so far beyond the point at which they should have said, wait a second, this guy is a pathological liar. if his mouth hole is moving, lies are coming out. as michael said, you saw a variety of papers today covering and a spectrum of responses from he's an outright liar to the processed story, trump says this, democrats react to that. this is a guy who does not speak the truth. he is going to be the most deceitful president in history, bar none, if he continues on the path he's been on so far, and i think the problem with it is, so much of it is wrapped up around his delicate ego and his sense of his own self-regard that we're going to get into some very dangerous waters here very shortly. >> i want to show something that josh earnest said today which will come as a surprise to trump
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>> i can certainly confirm for you that the president did have a telephone conversation with the president-elect on saturday. they spoke for, you know, 45 minutes or so. >> and can you say whether this is the first time since they met in the oval that they conversed by phone? >> i can confirm for you that it's not. >> so mike, this is donald trump who's called president obama stupid, stupid deal maker, all this sort of stuff, and now it seems he's calling him, he's consulting with him, which is an very good sign. donald trump seems to recognize that president obama has something to teach him. >> let's hope he does. yeah, and obama is being very graceful, you know, some people on the left think he's being too graceful and too cordial, but it is the president's job to ensure a smooth transition, so he's taking his responsibility. so we have much bigger problems
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over whether trump is listening to obama and how carefully he is listening to obama. it stunned me over the weekend to sit there and contemplate that we have white house ethics lawyers, including a republican one, george w. bush's lead lawyer for many years saying it is going to be a walking conflict of interest from the moment he takes the oath of office. his business interests and what he decides to do as president of the united states can't possibly be disentangled. and this is the heart of the crisis i think that we face right now. and i don't think anything that barack obama tells him or doesn't tell him can undo that. >> and rick, this is a situation that the founders could not have contemplated. someone with as vast and complex a set of business holdings that could conflict in so many ways with the interests of government.
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>> exactly, lawrence, and i think as michael pointed out, there are ethics lawyers on both sides of the political divide right now who are hooking at this and saying, you know, trump may believe that the president has no inherent conflict of interest, but this is the man who is doing business in countries ha are pivotal in super complex foreign policy problems that we face, and everything all the evidence has shown from this entire campaign that donald trump has two things he cares about more than anything in the world. his personal image and the image of his company and the way it's doing business overseas is something that he has not had a full and open discussion with americans about. we still don't know the extent of his foreign business entanglements and the debt he owes to banks and foreign companies, and this is a guy who's going to enter into, as we've already seen, these initial meetings with diplomats in trump tower with his family members present, this isn't a guy who's going to separate the presidency and his business interests.
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it's a hitocracy in the making. coming up, trump supporters publicly campaigning for jobs in the trump administration, who should get them, who shouldn't get them and tonight we apparent hay have donald trump's pick to head health and human services. that is the republican chairman of the house budget committee that donald trump has chosen for that. a member of the house budget committee, tim ryan will join us with his reaction to that. tim ryan is also challenging nancy pelosi for the leadership of the democrats in the house. tim ryan will join us. ♪ p is for privileges. o is for ordinarily i wouldn't.
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10:22 pm
took time to meet the press and campaign against someone trump is supposedly considering for secretary of state. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney, who went out of his way to question the character and the intellect and integrity of donald trump, our president-elect would be given the most significant cabinet post of all, we don't even know if he voted for drum. he and his consultants were nothing but awful to donald trump in the last year. governor romney, has he been around the globe doing something on behalf of the united states of which we're unaware? in other words, i'm all for party unity, but aim not sure that we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position. >> now people who think they have good sources within trump world say donald trump is furious about what kellyanne conway said yesterday, but that doesn't mean that donald trump
10:23 pm
is furious. it means someone in trump world, including donald trump wants that reporter to think he's serious, think he's furious. donald trump is capable of sending kellyanne conway on meet the press to say exactly those words and then lying to a reporter that he is furious about it. we don't know why, but that's the way at that is in there. here's a picture of donald trump being furious with kellyanne conway, and the tweet saying they are working tonight at trump tower. the value of access journalism now is close to zero. access to trump world doesn't mean you're any closer to what's going on in trump world or the truth of what donald trump is thinking, even if you hear it from donald trump. joining us now, charlie sikes in milwaukee and david corn, the washington bureau chief for
10:24 pm
"mother jones." and it seems to me that access journalism practiced in trump world is about as low value of a journalism as you could ask for. the most people are getting out of it is some prediction that he's going to meet tomorrow with so-and-so, information that if you wait another few hours, you will know one way or the other. but as to what's really going on, what's the real motivation for what kellyanne conway did yesterday, we don't have any way of finding that out. >> and i'm not sure it even matters. when there is no truth in eckis tense, there is no truth to be uncovered. that is a big dilemma for journalists. everything donald trump has said from the very beginning of his campaign is situational. it doesn't matter for anything but the moment. so by the time you report it, the moment has already passed. and so it may no longer be relevant or material, let alone anywhere close to accurate,
10:25 pm
because much of what he said, as we know with his comments about illegal voting is factually wrong, is a lie. so finding out what he's thinking, what he's feeling is immaterial, you know, this whole rush to find out who's in, who's out, what's up, what's down, is irrelevant, because eventually, he will nominate people, and there's so much else going on now, his business deals. some of the crazy positions from people who are in line for big jobs. that's what people should be focusing on. i don't give wit what kellyanne conway says on camera or off camera. >> newt gingrich was once on the theoretical list for secretary of state before he took himself out of consideration, i think realizing he couldn't possibly get through a confirmation hearing. let's listen to what he says about mitt romney.
10:26 pm
>> i think there's nothing mitt romney can say that doesn't sound phony and frankly pathetic. he made his case. he made his case all year. he did all he could to help cause trump to lose utah. he called trump vicious and vile things he described him in language that is not possibly compatible with being together. speaking for most of the trump supporters, while we support president-elect trump in whatever he does, i think we would be enormously disappointed if he brought mitt romney into any position of authority. >> and so charlie sikes, you have a republican audience for your show, you talk to a lot of republicans. enormously disappointed says newt gingrich, and yet mitt romney has another meeting with donald trump tomorrow. >> yes, this apparently is the eighth dimension chess that we've been hearing so much about, this manip haitian. by the way, the way that donald
10:27 pm
trump has been playing the media is extraordinary. anybody who actually thought that kellyanne conway had gone rogue, are they not paying attention? she's a hired gun. obviously, somebody had authorized her to do this. but what i find fascinating is what the end game is here, how much humiliation does mitt romney want to swallow in all this. and the question is, what is he going to swallow if he really wants this job, and does he understand what he's going into? does he understand the palace intrigue, the knives that are going to be out for him. and i agree with david. at some point the media has to understand that all the rules that they have lived by and applied just do not apply to donald trump or this new media ecosystem that he exists in and is enabling him in. >> i want to get to general
10:28 pm
petraeus. in order, apparently, to have another option to mitt romney, they're going to the first guy who would go into a senate confirmation hearing for secretary of state with a criminal record, a misdemeanor, pled down from felonies, about classified information and deliberately, knowingly handing over classified information to someone who wasn't cleared for it, and that's to take the job in which trump world insisted during the campaign hillary clinton in that job should go to jail for. >> yeah. >> operating an e-mail server outside of the rule book in which she never intentionally gave anything to anyone. >> we've gone from "lock her up", to "give him a job." and when james comey testified about the hillary clinton case,
10:29 pm
this incident about petraeus came up. he said that was a much worse case, it should have been prosecuted. in fact i think he wanted it to be prosecuted more than it was. david petraeus handed over notebooks that contained information about covert operations to his mistress. now maybe you can trust your mistress, but as we know, anyone who watches bad tv, the mistress often doesn't end up on your side. anything that trump said, locking her up didn't matter. nothing matters. >> if donald trump goes with david petraeus, what does that say to his supporters about the whole hillary clinton e-mail scandal as seen by trump world? >> that it's hypocritical, doesn't have respect for the law. gentlemen, this is the trump administration. donald trump is the commander in chief. and my guess is what he will say is this is the most respected
10:30 pm
military man of a generation. he's made a mistake, paid the price. >> looks like we lost charlie's feed there. we're going to have to leave it there for tonight. and charlie, i hope you can hear me. thank you for joining us. >> sure thing, lawrence. coming up, elizabeth warren has a very strong message to republicans about pushing policies that clearly most of the country strongly opposes. ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief.
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republicans are taking over congress. they are take being over the white house. but republicans do not have majority support in this country. the majority of voters supported democratic senate candidates over republican ones. and the majority supported a democratic presidential candidate over a republican one. the american people didn't give democrats majority support so we could come back to washington and play dead. they are watching. waiting and hoping. hoping that we will show some spine and start fighting back. >> that was elizabeth warren tonight on the senate floor. we will be joined next by tim ryan, he's a member of the house budget committee. the chairman of that committee, tom rice is reportedly donald trump's choice for secretary of health and human services. we will get congressman ryan's view of what that mean for
10:35 pm
beneficiaries of medicare and the affordable care act. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. (bing)
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we've more on our breaking news tonight. nbc news is reporting that donald trump has picked republican congressman tom price of georgia for his health and human services secretary. he is a surgeon and a strong supporter of paul ryan's plan to turn medicare into a voucher program, dramatically cutting spending on medicare. nancy pelosi recently told the "new york times" that she expects a fight on medicare and that democrats will stand firmly and unified against mr. ryan if he tries to shatter the sacred guarantee that has protected generations of seniors. joining us now, ohio congressman tim ryan. he is on that same budget committee of which tom price is the chairman. is also running against nancy pelosi. what is your reaction to
10:39 pm
chairman price being selected by donald trump for health and human services? >> well, i've sat on that budget committee for the last six years with dr. price, and he is clearly an advocate of repealing the health care bill, privatizing medicare, he has a long record of doing that. we watched him lead the charge and try to repeal it 60-some-plus times. depends on how you're counting, and now he's, i guess going to be the director of the health and human services. and he will have a big fight on his hands. >> you're running for the position of leader of the opposition party in the house, and it really doesn't look like there's any prospect to you being able to do much other than simply oppose the republican agenda in the house of representatives.
10:40 pm
taking this in particular, taking what we know to be the republican house position on medicare, what would your, how would your tactics and opposition to that be any different from nancy pelosi's? >> you're right, everybody knows the procedure is much different in the house than the senate, but we have to continue to frame the debate. there are a lot of people in my congressional district and many, many others who voted for donald trump and did not sign up for they didn't sign up for that. so with republicans in charge of all of the government in washington, d.c. and with them in charge of about two-thirds of state governments around the country, we need to position ourselves to be ready to take the house back in 2018, running on these issues that they privatized health care, threw kids off their health insurance, and the reason i'm running for this seat is i think i'm the
10:41 pm
best, this leadership position is i'm the best person to go out in these congressional districts all across the united states and pick up voters who will feel the backlash of the trump election. >> what is your pitch individually to house members? and you have to get these votes one on one. and i'm sure you've been working it. but what is your pitch when they say i'm fine with nancy, i'm fine with the pelosi leadership? >> you know, with all due respect, i'm not hearing a whole lot of that. i think people know after last tuesday we've been doing something terribly wrong. weave lost -- there's going to be a surprise on wednesday, a lot of people are going to be surprised about what happens on wednesday at our vote, because people want change. and what i've been hearing in the last few days people are hearing from their constituents that it's time for us to make a change.
10:42 pm
and if we want to make a big play in 2018 we've got to change the coach. and as much as it pains me to say it, we need a new coach. when we walk out of that room on wednesday, the american people are either going to say we didn't hear you or we're going to go with tim ryan and make a change. >> two days away from what could be the biggest vote of his career, thank you very much for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> thanks, lawrence. coming up, what we know about terror links to that attacker at ohio state. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler
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28 year old officer alan horujko joined the police and faced the life or death decision to use deadly force, he shot and killed abdul artan after he slashed others with a butcher knife. joining us now, malcolm nance, counter intelligence officer and a msnbc contributor and an author. as of now, we don't have any isis connection to this, but we do have facebook postings that are pretty troubling and pretty transparent, facebook postings saying that he has been led to a boiling point. i can't take it anymore. he says by allah, i am ready to kill a billion infidels in retribution for the killing of a single muslim man. >> what we're looking at here is a classic case of self-radicalization based on
10:47 pm
information that he found on the internet. now he's a somali immigrant who came through an interesting pathway many he actually came through pakistan first and then came to the united states and became a nationalized citizen. but that being said, this is how we are seeing what al qaeda and isis, both elements of which were referenced in his facebook postings can inspire someone into briefing that he has to become a weapons system to affect the change that he wants. his facebook posting was almost a rambling. he was talking about the rohingya being attacked by the government of burma and would talk about the united states carrying out operations against the islamic state, so for him, it was just this leap straight into believing that the entire muslim world is under siege, and we've seen that in many of these
10:48 pm
self-inspired, wanna-be jihadis. >> and as recently as august 25th, he was quoted in the school newspaper there in what seemed like a very sympathetic story and situation, he said this is my first day, i'm new here. i don't even know where to pray. i wanted to pray in the open, but i was kind of scared with everything going on in the media. i'm a muslim. i talks about that. and said he made the decision to just do it. i relied on god, i just went over to the corner and just prayed. >> yeah, it's a relatively fast pathway to radicalization. and we don't know what's the background of where he was getting his information, but there is one thing that we do know. muslims who pray together go to prayer groups in mosques for the most part, don't radicalize like this. they're brought into nominal
10:49 pm
islam, and people who are isolated and alone, they're quickly led to these, this type of radicalization. >> malcolm nance, thank you very much for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> my pleasure. coming up, the thanks that i heard for america on thanksgiving day. keep us warm yet make us look cool. and with a capful of downy infusions with touch activated freshness, you've got a few more tricks up your cozy sleeve. because with every touch, tug, or tender hug you release a bounty of beautiful botanical fragrance. now, our knitted friend, you'll always smell as good as you look. because clothes deserve more.
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how far away do you have to go to avoid conversations about donald trump on thanksgiving? the answer to that is next in tonight's rewrite.
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time for tonight's rewrite. so how was your thanksgiving? hope you avoided dinner table arguments about donald trump. i did. i wasn't with anyone who has heard of donald trump. i was with her. in africa. in malawi and cecelia and alice. they didn't know it was thanksgiving day in the usa. most people in the world have never heard of thanksgiving day, but cecelia and alice were very thankful to have that mango to share. more thankful than americans are for their turkey, because america is the country that has too much food and malawi is the country that doesn't have enough. there's a food shortage in malawi now. not quite a famine, but every mango counts. thanksgiving is supposed to be our national day of thanks, but for most of us, it's day we test just how much we can eat in one sitting.
10:54 pm
that's how it has been for me when i'm at home. for those of you who really did give thanks for the good themes you have in your life, including the people, i have a feel being you didn't give thanks for all of the things you have in your life. in america we take so much for granted. for example electricity. how many of you gave thanks for electricity on thanksgiving day. you would have been in there had been a blackout. and then you'd get used to it again. these guys don't have electricity in their homes or their school. i visited their school on thursday, thanksgiving day, and like all the schools i visit in malawi over the years, it has no electricity. and most of those schools don't have desks. they don't have desks and the kids sit on the floor like that all day. it's more uncomfortable than you'd imagine, and it is very tiring. that's why i created the kind fund, kids in need of desks. and a unique partnership with
10:55 pm
msnbc and unicef, unicef provides all of the on the ground support that we need there to have the desks madena three factories. the kind fund has now raised more than $10 million, all thanks to you, the msnbc audience. the only way we raise money for the kind fund is by telling but it on this program. $8.7 million has been used to lift hundreds of thousands of childrens off the floor. and $1.9 million has been used for scholarships for girls to attend high school in malawi. and tuition that is shockingly low for our standards but much too high for families to pay. when they do scrape up the tuition, they usually use it for one of the boys in the family rather than the girls.
10:56 pm
which is why we've devoted our program to the girls. tomorrow is giving tuesday. and msnbc is running as giving tuesday's signature media partner for the third year in a row, and i urge you all to give tomorrow whatever you can to the kind fund or any deserving cause of your choice. you can contribute to the kind fund at last word but for many of you, thanksgiving day was giving thursday in malawi. you rewrote thanksgiving day with the emphasis on the giving. because in malawi, we changed the lives of 12 girls by giving them scholarships to attend high school.
10:57 pm
each of the girls had been in high school but had been forced to leave when they couldn't make their next tuition payment. which was less than $10. their parents couldn't come up with that to keep them in school. it wouldn't have gotten them through the whole year, but it would have gotten them through the semester. on thanksgiving day, i told the girls and their parents that they wouldn't have to worry about tuition anymore. the head teacher of the school reenrolled them that afternoon and the next day, friday, at 8:20 a.m., all of the girls were back in school, all thanks to you. sanford is a farmer. he's managed pay school fees for three of his children, but his oldest daughter, "my luck", was one of the girls sent home from school for not paying school fees. there's a drought that's hurt a lot of farmers, but it hurt him
10:58 pm
more to see his daughter staying home from school. when i explained to him how we raise the money to pay for his daughter's school fees, this is what he said. >> thank you very much for this program. i can say that, thank you for this program, to do this program. thank you very much. thank you very much. god bless america. >> god bless america. he didn't thank me. he didn't thank unicef or msnbc. he thanked america. and he's right. his daughter is back in school today, thanks to an american spirit of giving. america is still a country filled with people who want to help others in any way they can, whenever they can. wherever they can. and on thanksgiving day, in a
10:59 pm
village in malawi, americans delivered that help in a way that will never be forgotten. msnbc's live coverage continues into "the 11th hour" now, with brian williams. that's next. a planned dinner date for trump and mitt romney tomorrow night. meanwhile, differences over who should take the secretary of state opening spill into the trump tower today with retired general david petraeus. what's with the recount? "the 11th hour" begins now. good evening from our new york headquarters where here in
11:00 pm
new york tonight the vice president-elect of the united states said we should expect big news from the transition of the president-elect tomorrow. >> we'll be back at it first thing in the morning and there will be a number of very important announcements. >> at the base of that now famous escalator, minutes after mike pence said that to the reporters gathered, the president-elect himself was back on twitter yet again tonight. this is not for the faint of heart. attacking journalists, defending his baseless claim that he only lost the popular vote because millions illegally voted for hillary clinton. it's a lot to take in. more on that a little bit later in the broadcast. also several media outlets, including nbc news, are reporting that one of the choices will be gop veteran tom price, an oral surgeon by training, who has been a big critic of obamacare. he will be nom