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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  November 30, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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thanks for watching. hallie jackson is in new york. >> thanks so much. hi, everybody. we are at 30 rock with a busy news day developing. here's what we've got. the charlotte district attorney announcing the police attorney who killed keith scott will not face charges. >> it is our opinion he acted lawfully when he shot mr. scott. >> we'll talk about that and the deadly di delaware instruction after at least five people were
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killed after a string of tornadoes in alabama and tennessee. also in tennessee people dead after wildfires tear through the smoky mountains. nancy pelosi beats back a rare leadership challenge winning re-election to lead democrats for an eighth term. we are looking ahead to a news conference with law enforcement officials for the latest in the investigation into the ohio state university attack. we have a big 60 minutes. we'll start with the breaking news in north carolina. new reaction from lawyers representing keith la mont scott after a prosecutor announced no charges will be filed against the police officer who shot 57bd killed scott last september. >> civil action is still possible. if the facts warrant it, we intend to pursue that. >> within about the last half hour the scott family released a statement as well saying, in part, quote, while we understand many in the charlotte area share our frustration and pain, we ask
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that everyone work together to fix the system that allowed this tragedy to happen in the first place. all our family wanted was justice and for the members of law enforcement to understand what they did was wrong. the state prosecutor said officer vin son acted lay-offully. he shot scott in a parking lot as officers were ready to serve an arrest warrant against someone else. the shooting captured on cell phone video recorded by scott's wife. we have msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber. walk us through what we heard and what stood out t you from a lel perspective. >> the d.a. said it was all about the gun. that's why we had some unusual video above and beyond the video folks may remember, the one we are showing on screen which was the body camera, dash cam and citizen video from his wife of the encounter. they reached back farther and showed him going into a convenience store and what they believe to be visual evidence. this was new today from the d.a.
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of him getting out of the white suv. you see it there in the doorway. he'll get out. they zoomed in on his right leg where they believe it showed the gun hollister. that's important for the d.a. >> the family has maintained he was not armed. police said there was evidence he was. >> what you are seeing now this is the new video today. his right leg, they zoom in and say you can see the outline. that's the d.a. pointing at it. of what was believed to be the hollister and the gun showing. later in the video you are now seeing you have the interaction. you don't see on camera if he's holding or pointing a gun but all of it goes to the idea that there was what's legally necessary to use deadly force. evidence of, demonstration of imminent threat to the officers. that's all about the gun. we know separately, not just taking the d.a.'s word for it you saw the officers appear to deal with evidence or an object
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on the ground that appeared to be the gun and the recovery of a 380 colt on site. that doesn't tell you 100% that there was an imminent threat. it tells you as a legal matter the d.a. concluded the officer was reasonable was fearing imminent use of the gun and firing to defend himself. that's why the officer won't be charged. what's next. do they have recourse here? >> the resource they have is a potential wrongful death or deprivation of civil rights under lawsuit. >> they can still file that? >> they can file that. it's at a different, lower standard than what you need to press criminal charges. the fact they got a negative ruling according to their own statement from the d.a. side doesn't mitigate against that. one more point before i go. this was about whether to press charges criminally. it doesn't speak to whether this was good police work. we interviewed several law
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enforcement ex-experts who said this was a situation where the police escalated, converging on someone alone in a car with marijuana and possibly a gun. someone alone with the weapon isn't necessarily a big threat. this was not like coming on a live action scene or a crime in progress or other scenarios. the officers face a lot of threats. they face a lot of unanswered and open questions when they do the work. the work is difficult. i would conclude by noting just because charters weren't filed doesn't mean what we saw was good police work. >> i want to get into it with retired police department sergeant in new york. joseph, thank you very much for being with us. let me pick up there before i get your reaction to what ari was talking about. whether it was good or bad police work. now that we know the officer won't be charged. what's your take? >>. >> there is no such thing as
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good police shooting. it was justified or not. i see it as an opportunity for a training issue that goes on especially specific when you have a police where they are in, could isolate and contain. try to slow down the system. make sure if you can avoid shooting anybody you try to. that doesn't mean it's a bad shooting. we need to look at the strategies they have and the tactics they use in order to train the officers. we need to look at this also as a nationwide issue about training officers in deadly physical force encounters. >> what's your reaction overall to the decision not to charge officer vin son in the shooting death here? >> i'm not surprised. there was strong evidence he was armed. you don't have to point the gun at the officers in order to shoot somebody. this was something with issues about getting information out by the police department. it spiralled out of control.
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that's another lesson for other police departments to do so. i want to see the public information officers. not the chiefs of police. if you remember the entire story changed by the chief within a day or so. it was no going back from that. this is going to rise to people not happy with the decision. they will point to certain things and say it was a cover up. the 22-page district attorney letter he wrote was laden with evidence to prove to the contrary that la mont scott was armed with a firearm. did pose a threat. unfortunately it had to end this way. that's something we have to look at is the supreme court decision that uses -- looks at all reasonable use of force and that falls directly in line with this. the reasonableness standard which ari mentioned. >> looking at the big picture you saw the statement we read just before the show started
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talking about all they wanted was justice and for the members of law enforcement to understand that what they did was wrong. do you think the family will see that or there will be resolution for them as far as looking back at what could have been improved from a law enforcement perspective. >> unfortunately for the family there is no bringing back their loved ones. that's the first thing. none of the family will be happy with the decision. they would have wanted to see one of the officers charged. we have legal rules and supreme court decisions we are bound by. it's not the 2020 hindsight. we can look to see if we can improve things or how they shouldn't have happened in the first place, but it did. did the officers act reasonable within that moment? >> social media is blowing up on this. the issue that comes down to cooler heads have to prevail. we have to look at the circumstances.
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would another police officer react the same way? it's unfortunate that this event happened. learning from this will be a big step forward for law enforcement. >> it feels like looking forward. >> looking forward and looking at next or best practices seems like an important component at this point. >> absolutely. you learn from every police involved shooting. police departments have to get this down on paper. they have to train officers at the range when they go twice or three times a year, whatever it might be. keep on instilling in their heads to isolate and contain. cover and concealment to give yourself a split second decision to shoot or not. that's something we do here in the nypd. every police department should be doing that. every day at role call even. fine cover. hind behind the police car. they have given themselves a second to see if keith would raise the handgun or not. could have prevented the
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shooting in the first place. that's my only wish going forward for law enforcement agencies. >> thank you for joining us and for that perspective. people in the south dealing with damage after deadly weather. at least five people killed in tennessee and alabama. four others batdly hurt. in northeast alabama a lot of folks were asleep when it hit overnight. so powerful. it obliterated what was a 24-hour day care center. live now to mariana atenzio. i can see the weather looks not terrible where you are. lots of damage left. >> reporter: not terrible. we had storm-like conditions when we drove in this morning. there was a flash flood warning. just the effort of trying to assess the damage and the number of people injured. i want you to look at the damage behind me. that's where the fire chief
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tells me two people died overnight when the deadly twisters just pounded southern tennessee. you can see there is what seems to be up on the trees there. i want to make may way through the area over here. you can see some of the damage with the trees back here. i want to show you the fire station to my right. completely destroyed, obliterated, as you said, from the tornadoes. last night. we were here as firefighters were trying to get the truck out. starting to assess the damage and restoring power. this is a small community in tennessee. 9,000 people estimated to be without power. you know, the rain is tempering off and rescue crews will go out and assess some of the damage. they tell us they are labeling this a disaster area. they won't know until tonight really what happened here.
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>> do we know more about the victims here, the people who were killed, badly hurt? >> there are two confirmed deaths in that group of houses i showed you. according to early reports, those two people may have been struck by lightning. the fire chief is looking into whether that was directly related to the tornadoes. we don't know of any more confirmed deaths. there were two people trapped in a house also in that group of structures that i showed you in the beginning. they were thankfully rescued. i have spoken to the police chief, the fire chief. they keep telling me they can't assess the damage at this point because of the inclement weather. >> mariana atenzio, thank you very much. we'll let you get back to work. we are talking not just about the deadly storms but the thousands of people in tennessee who have lost everything to the devastating wildfires. still burning in the eastern part of the state. you can see it still rising from
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the rubble here. at least four people have been killed. more than a dozen hurt and thousands more are still out of their homes forced to basically run for their lives. kerry, you have been talking to people who have been forced to evacuate. you're walking around, looking at the scene. what's it like? >> reporter: let me take you there to the morgan home which is not only a fire zone but a miserable rain, wet zone. this was the morgan home. they loved this home they had just finished renovating it. as we take you up here to the front step you can see down to what's left in the house which is not much. you get an idea of how powerful and how hot the flames must have been when you see things. there's our brand new refrigerator. you can see the hot water heater. this fire came through. the morgan family was able to get out of here as the fire was approaching. they had only minutes to get in
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the car. that's what they did. there is a car over here just beyond our vehicle that they were unable to get in. they left it behind and you can see the fire destroyed that. when you consider there are four people who have been confirmed killed by the fire but there are at least five people unaccounted for. so there is a sense of chaos they have been unable to account for everybody. the authorities today in gatlinburg and here in pigeon forge, the two main places the fire rushed through are working to try to get a handle on who is accounted for, who is missing and trying to determine if maybe some of the people missing may have left the area to get away. as you pointed out, people had to evacuate. more than 14,000. it's not like there is a registry.
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24 hours ago we were talking to officials saying, we're thankful there was no loss of life. like the scenes behind you. >> reporter: this happened so quickly. at the end of the day the fire could take you back to how the fire was. it was a low fire. in fact, just at the ground level. it was a tiny fire. it was covering a large area but it wasn't much. it was the wind that kicked up. they were hurricane-force winds that drove up the flames. you can see here. when the wind kicked up it exploded. that's what happened. it just caught people off guard. it frankly caught fire departments and forestry officials off guard. nobody knew it would turn that
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quickly. it's a reminder all the the end of the day with mother nature. you cannot predict, as much as we have great forecasting that the winds can turn that quickly. once the winds kick up and the fire goes up it creates its own wind, almost like a firenado, a tornado of fire. that happened here. >> scary stuff. thank you, kerry sanders, from tennessee. today's microsoft pulse question, a prosecutor we told you at the beginning of the show concluded an officer acted lawfully in the shooting of keith scott and will not be prosecuted. do you agree with the decision? head to pulse. we want to know what you think. we have more on politics and frankly a big day on capitol hill. nancy pelosi just re-elected house democratic leader. not a surprise. what is? the vote total and what may happen next. we'll have more on the closed door elections coming up. and is president-elect trump going back on the promise to drain the swamp by loading the
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male vo: comcast. all right. let's talk politics. house minority leader nancy pelosi will remain in the kitchen after she fended off a leadership competition. she fended off tim ryan in the closed door vote prompted by the white house win. >> we know how to win elections. we have done it in the past. we'll do it again. >> that was what pelosi had to say. we want to talk about tim ryan. he got 63 votes. that's more than the person who tried to challenge pelosi last time around. i want to talk about it and other things politics with the team of correspondents. kristen welker in the washington
10:21 am
bureau. kasie hunt on capitol hill. msnbc's cal perry in front of trump tower a few blocks from where we are. i understand you have this really interesting moment that was highlighted. tim ryan challenging nancy pelosi. this doesn't really lay to rest where the democratic party goes from here. talk to me about that. >> the question here and all of the logic behind challenging nancy pelosi is about where does the democratic party to go to get out of the wilderness they found themselves in in the wake of a stunning result. tim ryan's argument was, hey, i can go into a union hall and talk to people there. we need to go off the coast. not just have liberal values where nancy pelosi is from, et cetera. i asked him if he didn't win
10:22 am
today who does he think is the future of the democratic party? take a look at the exchange. >> who is the future of the democratic party? >> i haven't thought about that. >> is it nancy pelosi? >> yeah. to some extent. >> who will lead the party for the next four years? >> we are all going to participate in leading the party. now is the time when everybody has to step up which is part of why i wanted to do it. you see this crew. a lot of young members stepped up. >> reporter: there is no clear answer to this. part of the reason is a lot of democratic leaders at this level have been in place for quite a long time. the challenge will be figuring out how to let oxygen back into the room to figure out how to win over more voters obviously than they did this time around. >> is congressman ryan going to run for governor? >> it certainly sounded that way today. he didn't come out and say that. he basically made -- you know, i have to say a lot of politicians
10:23 am
get practiced. his nonanswer seemed telling to me. he was ask directly if you would run for governor. he said i don't know. he was meeting with his wife and son later today to talk about it. i asked if he would commit to staying in the house. he wouldn't do that either. read into it what you will. we shouldn't be surprised. >> i want to talk republicans with cal perry. you have been stationed up at trump tower. a quiet day as far as comings and goings compared to what we saw last week and earlier this week. notable names are making appearances at the guilded elevator. >> reporter: absolutely. today is the indiana delegation around lunchtime. the meeting started late around 11:00 a.m. we have the former governor of indiana inside meeting with the president-elect. senator cotes also from indiana and linda mcmahonan running worldwide entertainment and business leader.
10:24 am
also meeting with the president-elect and general john kelly, a known quantity for anyone who covered the military. he's the longest serving marine corps general. he lost a son in combat in afghanistan. he ran u.s. operations in western iraq which was a key mission. maybe for a trump cabinet position just maybe his disagreeing with president obama will be key to the president-elect. he disagrees with the shutting down of guantanamo bay. he disagrees with putting women in certain combat roles, especially in the marine corps. after the president-elect met with general mattis he was surprised about comments on torture, specifically waterboarding. everyone is waiting for a possible secretary of state announcement. whether or not john kelly could fill the position. it's important to note he was an adviser to leon panetta. he seems suited for a cabinet position. >> indiana makes sense given the
10:25 am
news that's out today which we'll talk about. the president-elect, talking about keeping close to 1,000 jobs apparently into the state. not moving to mexico. still questions to address but the other reason cabinet selection. all the back and forth. kristen, the big one. secretary of state. we are learning more about the timeline here. not until after the weekend. what else do we know about who's on top, who's in, who's out? >> rudy giuliani was on top for some time. he's also considering mitt romney. you had the two men as well as reince priebus having dinner last night. and the optics were just fascinating. a lot of smiles. mitt romney came out. essentially said to reporters, look. president-elect trump was able to do something i wasn't able to do which is to win the general election. there was a lot of speculation about whether mitt romney would apologize for the scathing comments he made about donald
10:26 am
trump during the campaign. it wasn't an apology. if you read between the lines it was a huge public carrot stick, if you will. essentially being humble about the fact that donald trump has, in fact, wob the general election. donald trump himself saying the chemistry was good. he felt good about the meeting. we know he has other people he's considering. david petraeus and senator corker. there is so much internal infighting about rudy giuliani or mitt romney, people say maybe he'll look more seriously at the third party candidate. i'm told this decision-making process is very much still in play. he narrowed it down to four candidates. the two we mentioned, rudy giuliani and mitt romney and transition officials not saying who the other two candidates are. he was seriously considering david petraeus and senator corker. we'll have to see. this is probably one of the biggest decisions he'll make. as the transition officials have been saying, as you and i know,
10:27 am
the only person who can make the decision is the president-elect. he'll spend the weekend mulling it. >> as we keep being told he wants to make the right decision and will take the time to do it. kristen welker in washington. cal perry in new york. appreciate it. he doesn't take office for another 51 days but president-elect trump is already negotiating to keep manufacturing jobs in the u.s. up next, a deeper look at carrier air conditioning and the plan to keep close to a thousand jobs in the u.s. can other u.s. companies follow suit? and we, expect a news conference for the latest in the investigation into the ohio state university attack. we'll bring it to you live. ♪ ♪ ♪
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i definitely could not do my job without technology. this windows 10 device, the touchscreen allows you to kind of pinpoint what you're talking about. which makes communication much easier and faster than the old mac that i used to use. you can configure it in so many different ways, it just, i don't know, it feels really cool. i feel like i'm in the future. we'll take a live look at the columbus ohio police.
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you can see them at the podium. law enforcement officials talking about the attack at ohio state. let's listen in. >> it would be helpful to hear from the law enforcement agencies that are involved in the various components of the investigation. because we are talking about an investigation and not prosecution, most of the relevant information is going to come from my colleagues in law enforcement. i will yield the podium to them shortly. at i did want to say on behalf of the united states attorney's office and the department of justice is just to give our regards to the victims of the offense and our prayers for their speedy and complete recovery. our thanks to the ohio state police, the columbus police and their response and coordination which is excellent collaboration among law enforcement agencies. my role at the united states
10:32 am
attorney's office and the department of justice is to provide whatever support we can in terms of legal process for the ongoing investigation. because we are talking about an ongoing investigation unfortunately we are not going to be in a position to provide certain details about what's going on. nevertheless it would be helpful for you to hear from the various law enforcement components as to what they are doing. then after they can give you a briefing from each agency's perspective. we can come back and answer any questions you might have. with that i yield the podium to special agent in charge angela byers of the cincinnati field division. >> thank you, ben. good afternoon. i'm angela byers, special agent in charge of the cincinnati fbi office which includes columbus.
10:33 am
first i want to thank the ohio state university and the greater columbus opportunity for their support and aftermath of the attack on campus. our sympathies go out to everyone who is impacted by the tragedy. the men and women of the fbi are part of the great community. we will be with you united as we move forward together. we are all buckeye strong. i want to commend the ohio state university police department, the department of public safety for their swift actions to protect students, faculty in the wake of monday's attack. the steps to end the immediate threat of the university wisely activated the buckeye alert system which helped alert those on campus of the danger. the fbi led joint terrorism task force which includes the columbus division of police, of
10:34 am
fire, the ohio state university police department and the franklin county sheriff's office has been working together to determine as much as possible about the attacker abdul or artan. this includes social media accounts and other materials. the joint terrorism task force and our partners have conducted dozens of interviews with family members, co-workers, neighbors and others. these efforts continue with an immense amount of local and federal resources being devoted to the investigation. at this time we are not aware of anyone else being involved in the planning of the attack and the investigation continues. it appears that artan may have at least been inspired by anwar al-awlaki and the islamic state.
10:35 am
we'll continue to pursue this as part of the investigation. please understand that this investigation is very comprehensive and thorough as we meticulously go through evidence, intelligence and information to determine what may have led to this attack. it will take time. at this point in the investigation we want to ask the ub lick for assistance in one specific area. we ask for anyone with credible information about artan's whereabouts on monday morning prior to the attack at 9:52 a.m. to call 800-call-fbi. again, 800-call-fbi. we know several details about his travels that morning. we want to fill in any time that's not accounted for. we appreciate your support and assistance. i want to again thank all of your warns including the ohio state university police department, the columbus division of police, the columbus
10:36 am
division of fire and our partner agencies on the task force for their work on this continuing investigation. we will provide updates as the investigation permits. thanyou. i next want to introduce columbus division of police deputy chief mike woods. >> just a couple of comments to back up special agent byers. the columbus police, homeland security division. we want to echo the thoughts of the fbi and express sympathies to all those involved in the attack on monday. we are extremely grateful that no innocent lives were lost. we are hopeful all victims will make a full recovery. we want to thank the public safety officials from across greater columbus that responded and assisted in this effort. our training, planning we have done for several years now came into play. we were very happy with the success and the response.
10:37 am
as mentioned, our invest gray guay tors and the counter terrorism unit are working with the jttf to provide information on the background of the attacker. and trying to work that timeline and provide information that we can. from the police perspective this is a two part investigation. the first part is the component we are working with the fbi in relationship to the attacker and any motive he may have had. the second component is the investigation into the police involved shooting. although these are two separate components, the investigators are communicating and sharing all information to make sure we have a clear picture of what took place. deputy chief richard besh will speak about the specifics involved with the police-involved shooting and the aggravated assault on the victims.
10:38 am
>> hello. i'm richard bash, the deputy chief in columbus. the critical response team has been tasked with the criminal investigation into this incident. this investigation will include the assaults committed by the ai say lant and the resulting use of deadly force by the ohio state university police officer. this incident, as with every other police involved shooting we investigate, is a criminal investigation. conducted just as any other criminal investigation would be conducted. this is also an open investigation. some details cannot be shared and will not be shared with the conclusion of all criminal proceedings. these are exhaustive and take time to complete. our focus is on an accurate and complete investigation. no stone will be left unturned.
10:39 am
upon completion of the investigation it will be submitted to the franklin county prosecutor ron o'brien's office. mr. o'brien's longstanding policy is to present each and every police involved shooting that results in death to a grand jury. i don't expect it to be an exception for them to review that for consideration. lastly, i would like to ask anyone who has additional information about this incident and has not yet spoken with a police detective to give us a call at 614-645-4146. that's the number to the homicide section. we would appreciate any information they could give us. thanks for your time. >> all right. so if there are questions, we are willing to try to entertain some of them now. yes? [ inaudible question ]
10:40 am
>> -- he was originally in somalia but wasn't he in pakistan for years? it was mentioned there was a refugee program? >> to repeat the question she was asking how mr. artan arrived in the united states, what program he came into. he was a somali refugee here now. he did come here from pakistan is where he arrived. we can't get into further background of the immigration to the united states. >> is this under the same refugee program -- >> i can't answer questions about the immigration program. that's not what we are involved in. >> at this point, do you have any direct evidence of connections with isis? had he contacted anyone? anyone from isis contacted artan? or is it just that he was inspired? >> as i previously stated, all we know at this point is we believe he may have been
10:41 am
inspired by anwar al-awlaki and isis or isil. our investigation will determine that. it's too soon to draw conclusions. >> because of other findings also in the other devices? >> we are looking at facebook posts and trying to determine the authentication. that's one thing that leads us to believe it is possible he may have been inspired by anwar al-awla al-awlaki. i don't have the information available. i'm sorry. >> was it something he was working on for a while or spur of the moment? we know he bought the knife the morning of the attack. >> do we know if this is premeditated if he had come up with the plan previously or whether he decided that morning. we don't know. that's one thing we are trying to work on. the motive and when he came up with the plan that's why we are asking anybody's assistants that may know his whereabouts that
10:42 am
morning. >> did he drop his siblings off at school? >> that's part of the investigation i can't get into now. >> had they found a direct connection to isis? >> we only believe he may have been inspired by isil. in the past they have claimed responsibility when the assailant has been dead that can't refute that. that makes it easy for them. >> the way this was carried out. a lot of terrorism experts are saying isis put out videos explaining how to kill people with knives, how to use cars. can you go into whether or not this was very similar as to what isis's propaganda is online about inspiring others to carry out attacks like this because there were others where knives and cars were used outside the u.s.
10:43 am
>> this was a long question. if i could maybe try to determine what was isis out there putting this information out there and this is a method. we have seen the methods used already. we don't know whether that's something he's getting from something isis is putting out there or whether he's inspired by other attacks. we are trying to determine the motive. >> we are hearing he did buy the knife on the morning of. we hear it was at a walmart. can you confirm and tell us where in town the pitch was made? >> he purchased a knife that mornin morning at a walmart on the west side of columbus n. we don't know if that was the knife used in the attack. we do know a purchase was made that morning. >> what kind of holes would you say you have in the timeline for monday morning that you're looking for information from the
10:44 am
public? >> there are a lot of holes now. i would say we have some basic information about the purchase of the knife. we know the time of the attack. we know we have footage from osu university. about where the vehicle was. it's the time in between the purchase. we want to fill in. that's why we want the public help to tell us if they saw something, what did they see, what time it was. just help us fill the timeline in. >> what was the gap you have? >> i don't have an exact figure on that. it's a several-hour time from the purchase to the attack. >> do you know if he specifically chose that building? >> that's all part of the investigation. there is no determination as to why ohio state, why that particular building, why that street? that's all the information we are trying to decipher from any electronic signatures he's left behind. why did he go there?
10:45 am
>> did the victims know him? >> we don't know that. we'll have to check with ohio state on that. >> did any of the victims know him? [ inaudible question ] >> -- gas leak. was that a coincidence? >> we believe it was. from ohio state we believe the alarm went off the friday before. it may have been a problem with the alarm. that morning it did go off. we received a 911 call from someone inside the building reporting the alarm. we believe that the alarm related to the fluorine. >> we did receive information from a staff member saying they have the leak and we have contacted that person and interviewed them. >> that was monday morni ingmor >> monday morning. >> was there a person shot in the ankle? that was reported by one media outlet and i never heard it again. >> deputy bash can speak to that
10:46 am
investigation. >> that's correct. we did have a witness or bystander shot in the bottom of the foot. that's correct. >> by one of the police officer bullets? >> that's what we believe. the only gun at the scene we believe was there was that of the police officer. >> osu police officer. how many times he told the suspect to drop his knife before he shot. can you elaborate about what transpired before the shooting happened? >> i really can't elaborate too much. this is an ongoing criminal investigation. we do know from some of the witnesses that he did instruct him to drop the knife more than once. that much we do know. >> did any of the victims know him? did he have a personal relationship with anybody hurt? >> i don't have an indication they do or did. i don't know if anyone up here has any indication that's the case at all. >> toxicology reports been done? anything that you can talk about as to his autopsy and if that reveals anything?
10:47 am
>> that will be part of the autopsy. we have not received the final report yet. i expect that any day now. thank you. >> have there been any previous law enforcement contact on the federal or local level with the suspect or his family? was he known to law enforcement? was he monitored? from that or even a traffic ticket had there been any interaction you were aware of with him or his family in law enforcement. >> not that i'm aware of. >> let me repeat the question since people may not have heard. was there contact or knowledge of the suspect. they had no knowledge with him. he was not the subject of any investigation. >> you talk about the disadvantage you're at when it comes to a lone wolf attack and how difficult it is to try to find the needle in the hay stack. are there indicators? do law enforcement need to do a better job of patrolling social media? that seems to be where if this was a case of radicalization.
10:48 am
>> the question is about the lone wolf and being out there in social media. law enforcement does our best to try to, within the limits of the law, to see what's out there on social media to try to prevent these types of attacks. we can only do so much. some of the people, there is no indication. we believe the post was that morning. if it is authentic by him, that would not have really helped us to be onto him that quickly and prevent that attack. >> the previous facebook posts you have been able to look back on with the devices and the post. was there a little bit of a continuum of increasing frustration or desperation that you could see now in hindsight and perhaps create some kind of motive from that? >> to repeat the question, in reviewing his facebook posts was there anything obvious that might have been picked up on
10:49 am
basically to indicate that he was a potential problem. i really can't comment on where we are on the facebook review right now. i know that's ongoing. that takes a while to get the proper legal processes as well as conduct the reviews of electronic media and social media accounts. >> in talking to neighbors who had contact with him over the last couple of years they all describe this very polite, respectful, pleasant, happy kid. i guess fro your interviews and from your look back at what you have so far, do you find a different version of this person? >> he wanted to know from what's being told in the media, people were saying he was a nice polite young man asking whether or not we have found anything different in our interviews. i can't disclose what we are learning in our interviews that's part of the ongoing investigation.
10:50 am
[ inaudible ] >> -- fear of retaliation -- possible retaliation against that community? does that impact your investigation in getting getting information from perhaps neighbors and family members? >> i really -- i'll let the deputy answer that. >> as far as retaliation would go, we'll tell the somali community or anybody who feels threatened to contact the police and we'll take the appropriate steps. we have not heard that. we are not seeing that. . but if we get those calls, we'll definitely act upon them. >> chief, can you talk about the officers and about how he's doing. >> i have not met with or talked with the police officer personally. from our standpoint, it's
10:51 am
official and we're waiting to do that official interview with him and his shop will take care of that. >> are you calling this terrorism yet? >> the question was about officer h ochl -- horujko and he's doing okay. he's concerned with the victims and i'm impressed with humility. we will focus on taking care of the victim and the officer. >> are you calling this terrorism yet? >> it's too soon to draw any type of conclusion as to whether or not this is terrorism.
10:52 am
we have a long way to go and lots of evidence and a lot of digital media to go through and that could uncover a trove of information for us. we can't draw any conclusions at this point. >> did anybody in the house where he was living have access to the same computers? >> i can't really discuss what we found in the search warrant executed on that residence. we found several electronic media but i can't get into who had access to what. >> how many computers? >> i don't want to get into the numbers, the details of what was found in that search warrant. >> we have time for four more questions. >> how many search warrants have you executed and where? >> well, we executed a search warrant on the house and -- deputy? >> we will execute a search warrant on the vehicle that was used so we can ak ves to everything inside that vehicle and any other search warrants we may need to get into anything we
10:53 am
find inside the car. right now, cpd has executed the one and i think the fbi has executed -- >> the house. >> -- another one at the house. >> was the car his house or a family member's car? >> the vehicle was not registered to him. >> who whom was it registered? >> i believe it was his brother. >> isis claimed responsibility. any clue about the validity of that? >> i believe i've already answered that question. but to repeat that, any validity to isis claiming responsibility. it's too soon to say that. they have been known to take credit for incidents like this when the assailant is deceased and cannot refute that. >> all right. last question. >> can you describe the cooperation or lack of
10:54 am
cooperation from the somalia community? >> so, we've gotten cooperation with the people we have spoken to. we have a great community outreach relationship with the somalia community as does columbus police and we hope they will not see any retaliation and we're here to pursue any type of civil rights investigations should that happen. >> i'd like to close real quick with this is the second incident in columbus, ohio, within the last year. so i'd like to remind everyone, this could happen in new york city, columbus, ohio, any small town in the united states. if you see something that's unusual, let us know about it. call the fbi, the police and we can follow up on that and that's one more step to prevent these attacks in the future.
10:55 am
thank you. you heard law enforcement officials say they are not aware of anyone else involved in that attack and they believe it was isis inspired. and also, interestingly, asking the public for something very specific, for information from anyone might know on the whereabouts of the attacker when this happened. it occurred just before 10:00 in the morning. it's believed, police now say, that at some point that morning he purchased a knife at a local walmart. they don't know if that is in fact the knife used in the attack monday morning. he used his brother car. he jumped the curb, rammed into a group of people on the campus and began slashing people with a butcher knife. he was not known to law enforcement, police say, prior to this attack. so they continue to execute, as you heard, search warrants to try to get more information and,
10:56 am
again, issuing that call to the public for any information on where this attacker was prior to the attack. still looking into that. we'll continue to follow any updates with our reporter on the scene and stephanie gosk who you heard shouting a couple of questions there. we want to make the turn to politics and new information that we are learning about some of the cabinet intrigue happening with president-elect donald trump. and now, a new name under consideration, apparently, for the position as secretary of veterans affairs. sarah palin. a source close to palin confirms to kelly o'donnell that she's under consideration for this position, v.a. secretary. speculation centered around jeff miller, for example, who headed up veterans affairs in congress and scott brown as well. palin, apparently interested in the job and trump's transition
10:57 am
team, sources say, have reached out to her folks and to her specifically to talk about it. we'll continue to monitor the lateness politics. we'll be back after this. the real gift isn't what's inside the box... it's what's inside the person who opens it. give ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can reveal their ethnic origins. order now at and save 10%.
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first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. (bing) test. that does it for this hour of msnbc live. >> breaking news on the attack at ohio state university. we have new information on where the suspect obtained the weapon used in that assault. also, breaking news from h carolina. the district attorney announcing he will not pursue charges in the police-involved shooting of keith lamont scott. plus, severe storms blamed for five deaths in alabama and tennessee. and ceo in chief, donald trump tweets he's leaving his company in total to focus on being president. will his business empire remain a family


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