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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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another and talked about our plans. our plans to make america mo more competitive, to reduce tax and roll back regulations and put american jobs and american workers first again. he made the case for america and carrier decided to bet on a brighter future for the american people and we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts. [ applause ] >> i am humbled to be standing before you today, i truly am. my family and i are deeply moved by the opportunities people of indiana have given us and now the american people have given us to serve. i am especially humbled as the holiday implodes to play some small role in this wonderful news, not only here in indiana but across the country. it is important to give credit
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where credit is due. i want to thank gregg hayes and his team at united technologies and bob mcdonald and the team at carrier. thank you for renewing your commitment to indiana and the people of united states of america. [ applause ] >> i also want to thank the great carrier team here in indianapolis, in the state of indiana. your hard work, your resilience, your work ethic even in disappointing times. i know for a fact gave this company the confidence to double down on the future of this company and the future of the people of this state and so i thank you, the carrier for giving them the confidence to do just that. [ applause ]
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lastly, on behalf of all the people of indiana, allow me to thank the man we would not be here without for his efforts, for picking up the phone and keeping his word. his efforts to bring us to this day of renewed hope and promise. not just here in indiana but really for people to know the strength of this country comes in our ability to make things and grow things. it is a renewed day for manufacturing in america. you know i remember when donald trump was running for president, he said that if he was elected president of the united states, america would start winning again. well, today america won and we have donald trump to thank. [ cheers ] [ applause ]
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and i got a feeling, working besides this extraordinary man, this is just the beginning of a lot more good news all across america. so, without further adieu, my fellow hoosiers, it is my high honor to introduce to you a man of action, a man of his word, and the president-elect of the united states of america. donald trump. [ applause ] [ cheers ] >> thank you, thank you, everybody. thank you very much. >> thank you very much, i love that red hat. thank you everybody, i want to
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thank all the dignitaries that are with us today. we have a whole host, the mayor and governor elect, great people. it is a big victory for the governor governor-elect. mike has been a wise decision for me when people were saying i don't know -- how good is he at decision making if i were to pick mike pence, that's a good decision, everybody loves mike and he's becoming something very special. [ applause ] >> i want to thank gregg hayes of united technologies because when i called him, he was right there, i have wish i could have made the call when they were doing their original decision but it worked out just as well other than i would have liked to have an answer a year and a half ago. we had a tremendous love affair with the state of indiana. because if you remember during
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the primaries this was going to be the firewall. this was whether we are going to stop trump, right? and that did not work out too well. and, it was a firewall for me. it was a firewall. we won by 16 points and the election we just won by 20 points, almost 20 points. and, i was some -- that was some victory. that's pretty great. i love the people. incredible people. so, i got involved because of the love i fair i had. this is been a special state to us. i will never forget about a week ago when i was watching the "nightly news," i won't say which one because i don't want to give them credit because i don't like them much, i will be honest. [ laughs ] >> i don't like them, not even a little bit. they were doing this to carrier, wow, i want to see that.
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and the head of the gentleman worker, great guy, handsome guy, he was on and it was like he did not know that they were leaving. he said to something to the effect that no, we are not leaving because donald trump promised us that we are not leaving. and i never thought i made that promise. not with carrier. i made it for everybody else. i didn't make it really for carrier. i said what's he saying? he was such a believer and such a great guy and he said i have been with donald trump from the beginning and he made this statement that carrier is not going anywhere, they're not leaving. i am saying to myself, man, and then they played my statement and i said -- carrier, will never leave but that was a -- i was talking about carrier elect from other companies.
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he believed that was and i could understand it. i did not make it when they played that. i didn't mean it quite that way. so now, because of him, whoever that guy was, is he in the room by chance? that's your son, stand up, you dade good job. you did a great job, right? that's fantastic, i love your shirt. wow. [ laughs ] put it on, camera, go ahead. well, your son was great and he meant that, didn't he? >> he really meant that. at first i said if he's being sarcastic because this ship has sailed. i said it was 6:30 in the evening and i said -- boy, the first thing i am going to do is go there and do i call ahead carrier who's a great guy, but i have always learned that i got to call the top. i heard about gregg hayes, he's
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a great executive. you know i don't know if you know united technologies is one of the top 50 companies. and one of the top companies anywhere in the world. they make many other things other than air conditioners. their list of companies is incredible. i caughted gregg haylled gregg, but i never heard of i am. he picked up the phone, mr. president-elect trump, i think if i lost and called you, i don't think i would have called. i would try but it would be tou tougher. i called gregg and i said it is really important that we have to do something because you have a lot of people leaving, and you have to understand that we cannot allow this to happen anymore with our countries with so many jobs leaving and going
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to other countries and not just mexico and many, many countries. i wrote down some number that is are incredible. the numbers of manufacturing jobs that are lost and especially -- we are losing companies -- it is unbelievable. one after another, just one after another. i said gregg, you got to help us out here, we got to sit down and do something. i said because -- we just cannot let it happen. anyway, he was incredible. i wish i made this call a year and a half ago would be easier. only because of your son, believe me. our son who ever the hell your son is, these people know him a lot. i just went through, he's out in the factory. i thought they're all going to be in this room, this room is not big enough. i don't know who arranged that one because we just visited a
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thousand people at the factory that's going wild in the plant. i will tell you that, united technology and carrier stepped it up and now they're keeping and the numbers are over 1100 people which is so great. >> i shook hands with a lot of people and you are making so many air-conditioning. he's a ruth less boss. but, that's okay. i did say one thing to the carrier folks and to the united technologies, folks, i said, the goodwill that you have engender by doing this all over the world frankly and within our country, you watch out fast you are going to make it up because so many people are going to be buying carrier air-conditions. bobby knight, nobody here in
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indiana ever heard of bobby knight. we had such incredible support. i will never forget that a friend of mine said during the primaries, you know if you can get coach knight, your coach, called me a year ago. if you ever run, i am supporting you. i said thanks, coach, i don't know if i am going to be doing it. if you can get coach knight, how good was bobby knight as far as we are concerned in indiana. we got 900 wins, three championships and olympic and gold medals. he was unbelievable. he would not stop. he was the greatest guy. we came into the arena and we had 16,000 people inside and outside, i think we had 10,000 outside. and i left three weeks before
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the primary and i said how are we going to lose indiana. we won big. i want to thank all of those folks. united technologies stepped up. they did it in a nice and professional way. they are going to spend so much money on renovating this plant gregg, say that number. $16 million. the minimum number is a lot more than that. well, i rather say the lower number. i rather him say the higher number so i won't say it. it is just difference in philosophy but they are going to spend more than 16, they're going to spend a lot of money in the plant. companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. not going to happen. it is not going to happen.
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[ cheers ] [ applause ] >> i will tell you right now. we are losing our -- we are losing so much. one of the things we'll be doing is lower our business tax from 35% hopefully down to 15% which would take us from the highest tax nation visually in the world, this is terrible for business to one of the lower taxes. the other thing we are doing is regulations. i asked gregg and your folks, you would say regulations maybe worse for you than the high taxes which is the biggest surprise of the whole political experience. i thought taxes would be a number one and regulations are up there some place. these great leaders of industry and small business people who are just being crushed, if they had lower taxes and a major massive cutting of regulations, they would take the regulations. i don't know how you feel about
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t that, gregg, i wrote it down because i heard it since about six years ago. 216 new federal regulations have passed. 53 new regulations massively expensive and none of them amount of anything in terms of safety or of the things you would have regulations for. think of it. 80% of the supply chain from mexico. 80% is located in mexico. and, we are not going to have it anymore. we like mexico and it is wonderful that he was there with the president of mexico. terrific guy. we have to have a fair shape. we are not getting anything. we have nafta which is a total
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and complete disaster. [ applause ] it is a one-lane highway into mexico. nothing's coming our way and everything is going their way. i don't have to mention who signed it anymore. so nice and i don't have to mention who backed it anymore, right? we don't have to mention that anymore, fortunately, it is a one way speed and it is going thomas ho going to be changed. we'll have to bring our jobs back and when they expand, one of the things that made me happy when gregg said over 10,000 jobs they'll produce in the future and now he's looking in the united states instead of outside where almost all of those jobs would have died. one of the reasons i wanted to do this particular conference is that it is so great. so many people other than the big, beautiful plant behind us which will be beautiful in about seven months from now.
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they're so happy, they're going to have a great christmas. that's most important. but, also, i just want to let all the other companies know that we are going to do great things for business. there is no reason for them to leave anymore. your taxes are going to be very low end and your unnecessary regulations are going to be gone. we need regulations of safety and environment of things. most of the regulations are nonsense and becoming a major industry and the writing of regulations. that these companies are not going to be leaving anyway. they're not going to be taking people's hearts out. they're not going to be announcing like they did at carrier and that they are closing up and moving to mexico, over 1100 jobs. that number is going to go up substantially as they expand this area of this plant. so the 1100 is going to be a minimum number. so i just want to thank
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everybody and specifically, i just want to thank the people that i met backstage. incredible people. the spirit and the love, people are crying, i mean they're crying. it is taken us a little while but think of this. i don't think we even announced we are running when this deal was announced. it makes it difficult. it is hard to negotiate when the plant is built. you know the plant is almost built, right? >> gregg, i don't care. it does not make any difference, don't worry about it. what are we going to do with the plant? rent it or sell it or knock it down. i don't care. we are going to do fine with that plant. i don't know if they'll be able to do with an american company but we'll figure it out. [ applause ] >> but, we are starting from a much easier place. it is hard a year and a half ago where they make an announcement and all of that work is done
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which is why i have such respect. great business people and they have flexibilities. we are not going to move flex t flex -- complexiflexibilities. we are going to have a situation where they are going to know, number one, we are going to treat them well and number two, there will be consequences, meaning that they will be taxed heavily and they want to leave and making products in different companies and countries. they'll think they'll sell that product over the border which by the way, will be a strong border, very strong border. believe me. [ applause ] and i think companies, we are going to build a wall. trust me, we are going to build a wall. we'll have doors in that wall but they're going to come
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through illegally. people are going to come through on worker's permits. a lot of people are going to come through but it is done through a legal process. one thing that's not coming through are drugs. it is going to stop. the drugs are going to stop. [ applause ] so, i just want to thank all of the people at united technologies, most particularly you because you are future caan. i want you to tell me how much air-condition energy sold in the last six months from today because i want to say it is going to be a number that even will surprise you because of the tremendous goodwill that you created. i want to thank all of the workers at this plant and all the carrier workers most importantly. [ applause ] i want the thank my great, great vice president-elect.
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one of the really good decision, i want to thank mike and we'll be doing this. if i have to tell you and during speeches, they say it is not presidential to call out these massive leaders of business, i think it is presidential. and if it is not, it is okay. >> because i actually like doing it. we are going to have a lot of great people that can also do it and do it as well as i do it. we are going to have a lot of phone calls made to companies wh when they say they're thinking about leaving this country because they are not leaving this country and workers are keeping their jobs. they can leave from state to state and negotiate with good deals and all of that. leaving the country is going going to be difficult. i want to thank everybody and we love you. i want to thank the people of indiana. we had two massive victories in a short period of time. all of the workers have a great
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christmas and a fantastic new year, thank you very much, everybody. [ cheers ] [ applause ] donald trump wrapping up his first public appearance since his win. we saw the signs behind him and talking to employees bragging about the deal that his in coming administration made to save a thousand jobs. talking also about other company and saying there is no reason for any corporations to leave the united states anymore. companies are not going to leave he said and he also mentioned that there will be consequences for corporations and companies trying to move facilities out of the united states and talking about them being taxed heavily at the border. lets go out to blake mccoy who's out in the room for us. give us the wrap and talking
12:22 pm
about the primaries and going back in history and then this sort of victory lap about the deal he's made. >> reporter: one of the most interesting things kate we heard is how this deal came about. he said when he was speaking about carrier air on the campaign trail for the last six months. you can see he's shaking some hands as he's leaving the room. he said today he was using carrier as an example for broader manufacturing jobs leaving the u.s. he said it was not until after the election, he was watching the "nightly news" one night and saw a story holding him to his campaign promise, oh, i didn't mean carrier literally, i thought those jobs were already gone. he said here today it was not until he saw it on the news after he was elected that he realized that okay, maybe they do expect me to keep these carrier jobs and ended up calling united technologies,
12:23 pm
ceo, negotiating this deal. one thing we heard is how he plans to keep more jobs in the united states and reduce corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%. he said u.s. companies will no longer leave the united states with out consequences. going for wawardforward, that's pick chir is -- picture in this room and many jobs were saved. >> he mentioned the tour he took before he came out and spoke to the audience. we have a little bit of video we could show. he was describing it with great flare saying that people were crying when he walked up to them. have you seen any of that, were you able to talk to the employees? >> reporter: we have not seen that. the press was kept out of that tour. there was a full camera with him where those images were coming from. all the rest of the press were
12:24 pm
kept here in the room. i am unable to confirm those details. people are certainly happy here and they are thrilled to keep their jobs as this comes right before the christmas holiday. we have spoken to people who are ecstatic that their jobs are staying here. one they think we should mention though is that this really is small potatoes when you look at the broader manufacturing jobs that continue to leave the united states. there is another united technologies plant right here in huntington indiana about two hours away, those jobs are still going to mexico. that plant is still closing. that shows you that well, while this is a symbolic victory. >> blake mccoy, it is certainly good news for those people in the room. i want to bring in carly mazer
12:25 pm
is with us today. the carrier plant where you are watching is in your district. it is nice to have you with us, representative, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> you just listened to president-elect trump talking about thousands of jobs. your first reaction when you first heard it. >> keeping good jobs in the community and state of nand was a re was -- indiana of the real win, i was interested to hear of the details. >> we learned and nbc news verified with the state's negotiations with united technology that is the deal gives $7 million in financial incentive to that company over ten years in exchange where the company will invest $16 million into its indiana operations and keeping those thousands of jobs in place. what do you details? >> this is very good news for
12:26 pm
the carrier folks that are going to be keeping their jobs. the $7 million over the ten years for the state of indiana, it is important to be vigilant with taxpayers. i i think it is important to recognize with this great news, of the huntington plant and the good workers out in kokomo that's going to lose their jobs and it is welcome news and i am going to be grateful to thank the taxpayers of the state of indiana who are going to be able to help move this forward. for the rest of the community, there is pause for what's next. >> for people who don't live in indiana, huntington, a carrier plant right down the street, i think we have some video of people standing outside today with signs saying, what about my
12:27 pm
jobs? >> they're moving 700 jobs that's moving to moeexico. they are moving to mexico, are you concerned while he helped at this one facility that it is not sustainable to go by company by company. he says it is. he just said that there will be consequences if any corporations tried to move jobs outside of the u.s. i think it will be difficult to mimic of what's happening here for our carrier workers and families. it is greet fat news for them. it is hard to imagine now that it is going to be able to keep these other yjobs that are important to families, middle class that needs the good paying jobs to think they are all saved is a different call to wrap my mind around. i will be looking forward that we do have and any jobs that we
12:28 pm
can keep in the united states. >> you are a democrat and hin to be talked a lot about jobs, do think if he had won the presidency, those thousands of carrier jobs would not move to mexico? >> you know i cannot say for sure. i would like to think there would have been certainly some work done there but it is difficult to say. >> and let me ask you lastly about bernie sanders, he wrote about this deal it reads in part, in essence, united technology took trump hostage and won. that should send shock waves, he signalled to every corporation in america that they can threaten to offshore jobs in exchange for business-friendly tax benefit and incentives. >> i understand where bernie
12:29 pm
sanders is coming from. i can understand it. i think that we also have to be prepared to find some mid ld ground and again, i understand his points and knowing where he's coming from. i think that there is an opportunity for us to find some middle ground as well. karlee macer, in the area where the carrier plant is low tacalo. thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. >> ohio was a big reason that donald trump won on election night. my colleague, halie jackson, is in cincinnati waiting for the president-elect trump. what is the plan, halie? i was thinking back of all the candidates i have covered and president elects i have covered, i have never seen a victory tour like this? >> i don't think there is one like this. our friends steve cornacki referenced recently to me of the
12:30 pm
bill clinton bus tour he did. he went around a tour thank you tour. this is a unique event for donald trump. let me make one point about that speech. i was listening in the last hour ready to talk to you, it was remarkable to me that it feels a lot like as he makes his transition of being the president of the united states, speech that we just heard, his first remark at a podium felt a lot like some of the speech that is we heard prior to his election. he talked about going back to his primary win in indiana. talking about his victories there and his immigration, for example, and some of these things that we heard again and again during the campaign. this says the same donald trump that we saw during the campaign for 18 months and now as president-elect trump. in addition, to making promises so for example, saying there will be consequences for companies trying to leave the
12:31 pm
u.s. he was clear and firm on this point. the question mark is what kind of consequences are there and how are they enforceable. penalties, for example, certainly. what is he going to do specifically to follow through some of those pledges. that's something that needs to be flushed out. we are ready for a campaign rally. i am listening to that speech in indiana. this feels a lot like you know maybe september or august, lets say, or during the campaign when he we we-- we are covering the president-elect trump. >> he will likely thank some of the ohio folks that have come out and here and supporting zhi and did support him. he will talk about what he plans to do on january 20th and talk a little bit of what he heard and talk about how he got to where he is now going through some of his primary victories perhaps of
12:32 pm
general election victories before making a turn and talking about what he will do in 2017. a thank you tour, a victory lap and a kickoff of the victory lap there as you talked about getting out there and really trying to show that he made some action happened and workers there are happy. the company that he's at to take this victory lap is also moving workers or moving jobs to mexico, not all of them now but still some of them and hundreds of them. is carrier going to be a company that'll face consequences? that's another question to be answered by the president-elect trump. >> it is so interesting to watch all of this. when he was delivering his remarks, it looked to me he did not have his telepromter, he was meandering a little bit. the president-elect trump when
12:33 pm
he met president obama at the white house, he looked so presidential. he had a couple of negative things that he threw in there, is that what the next president looks like? >> you no e tknow the ripping o press, i don't think that changes so much. when you look at the tone that he struck, what we have heard from him and including on election night and some of the l interviews. he's done a couple of interviews and he's talking about the need to bring the country together and heal some of those divides. he has taken the tone that some people would want to see from the next president of the united states which is talking about how to bridge the gap now between democrats and republicans and some of his public remarks. i think that's something that we'll likely and we may tonight
12:34 pm
in cincinnati, again, a question mark. i am not surprised to hear that from the president-elect trump. i am not sure and i think that we saw him towards the latter half of the campaign used telepromter. as president when he gets into office after january 20th. tv in on that. >> halie jackson out in cincinnati. the next stop on donald trump's tour. post election, thank you very much. >> i want to bring in josh barrow and business insider. you got an interesting article out this afternoon. the carrier deal shows what donald trump understands the politics of jobs. i want to go over a couple of points you made. what working americans want.
12:35 pm
this is the massage you right, trump focused much of his economic messaging is on what most people want is comfortably supporting them and their family. he will work hard to make that goal for realities for many americans in colluincluding by bribing and bullying corporations. he's talking about christmas just now and having a job and steady paycheck, that's what people want to hear. >> yeah, i thought that was an interesting combination of themes. part of it is a standard republican speech about how b s businesses are over taxed and he's going to get the barriers out of the ware so they'll be able to create more jobs. basically about how they need to create jobs here in america and he will find ways to punish him
12:36 pm
if he does not do that. he's a pro-business and capital guy. he's talking about business of having a primary purpose of creating good paying jobs. he's trying to do things that cause business to thrive but also to cause that thrive and to flow directory to the benefit of workers. that's where the disconnect was with mitt romney. let me drill down. i want to play some sound. this is a carrier worker who talked to my colleague. >> some people are saying that is christmas miracle here and we get to keep your jobs. the kids will be having a good christmas and we won't have to have that worry that daddy does not have a job. >> it is a big mention and how so is this? >> well, it is exactly that thing where the focus is on not
12:37 pm
just having economic growth that leads to the creation and retention of these jobs. set pieces like this are not new. you may remember barack obama going to the window factory and talking about his job sharing programs and help with lay offs and advance manufacturing. those set piece, they're good tv for the message to connect with voters broadly. there will be actual delivery in terms of employment. so i think this is a great photo opts for him to get his message out there. it is going to make him quite popular and if wage growth is continue to be weak. i don't think this stuff will end up doing him a lot of good. josh barro with business
12:38 pm
insider, great to have you with us. thanks very much. coming up our close look at the site of the plain crash in columbia. our keir simmons just got to that site, it is incredible. we'll go there next. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening. fixodent plus adhesives. just one application gives you superior hold even at the end of the day fixodent. strong more like natural teeth.
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lets go to columbia now. we are getting a first up close look of that crash site where it took the lives of 71 people. our kei kerr simmon is live. >> reporter: kate, you cannot be here without feeling the weight on your chest. we just had a chance. we have been here around two hours now and we had a chance and we'll make our rounds around the wreckage and being careful
12:42 pm
not to get too close. a close-up view of the wreckage and try to explain what we have seen. you can see behind there and it is one of the engines intact. what you cannot see from here is the way the plane has cut the sway of the forest, there are seats right up that hillside, we can see a mass scattered around. you just -- well, you can hear from my description and imagine what it must have been like for the people on board. only six survived, it is incredible that they survived this. the other direction, kate, further down, we have seen the front fuselage, the front wheel of the plane, i am sorry, of the landing gear, that's thrown down
12:43 pm
the mountains that gives you a sense of the force of this impact of what we think is happening was the pilot trying to get over this hill and caught the hill and that's what witnesses say has happened. the plane began to break up and that's what you see now. that pilot was four minutes away from the airport just across there. >> it is devastating and in terms of how it all happened here and i know there were tapes that came out of air traffic control. what do we know about what the pilot was saying of that last moment. >> reporter: yeah, lets carry on and i am giving you a live close-up picture explaining that. the pilot saying i am running out of fuel and trying to get to land. we can see here that's what he was trying to do. that adding to the theory that the plane ran out of fuel and adding to that, that you can see
12:44 pm
it does not appear of an explosion. one local heard a large bang and perhaps some kind of an explosion type sound and did not think it was a plane crash. then learned there was a plane crash and rescuing one survivor from this wreckage and kate, that man tells us that he found a cell phone here and on that cell phone were multiple missed calls. he did not know who that cell phone belonged to. >> kerr minimir simmons. >> look how good he looked. he's evacuated from the south pole. his condition has deteriorated. after the break, we'll talk to someone who had been on rescue missions just like this one.
12:45 pm
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buzz aldrin is looking good after he was evacuated. he was transported by a ski equipped lc 130 to the an arcar coast. doctor john torres is joining us now. >> lets start with the good. he looks great. >> he looks fantastic. >> which is a relief, he needed to be evacuated because of fluid in the lungs. how critical was it to get him out of that environment, did it have anything to do with altitudes? >> he could have had pneumonia on top of that which could make it worse. antarcti
12:49 pm
antarctica, it is above 9,000 feet. >> i had no idea. >> you are a mountain climber once you get there. if you are not ak cle mated, you can have problem there. >> you need to evacuate quickly. that was my job. >> you have done this. it is not impressive enough that you are a doctor and a pilot with the air force and you were based down there for a while. >> my job was to take care of the people at sea level but also to fly the south pole and did that a few times. >> how did it work when you had to get somebody like buzz. >> everything is white and it is hard to see. there is to deptno depth. everything is pointing north. you go in there and you fly in from the south pole, it is very cold. it was minus 35 degrees and you cannot stop the engine because
12:50 pm
everything will freeze. you keep them running and put them on oxygen and take them back. it is important to get them back to sea level. >> buzz aldrin, i met him years. >> he's full of vinegar, he's a lively guy. would you advise people, though, not to go to antarctica if they're a certain age? >> not necessarily, because it depends on your het. he's a very healthy guy. he's had had problems in the past but he looks great, looks healthy. any time anyone goes to antarctica, get there, but also realize if you start having symptoms, know to tell somebody. tell them you need to be evacuated and they can get you out of there. up next we'll get an update from south carolina where jury deliberations are under way over a police shooting that shocked the nation. ♪
12:51 pm
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we could get a result now from a jury. s slager is facing a murder charge in the death of michael scott in a traffic stop in november 2013. i want to bring in gabe gutierrez down in charleston, south carolina. gabe, what is the latest? >> reporter: hi there, kate, good afternoon. in the past few moments, the jury has come back and asked for two things, transcript from the testimony of michael slager earlier this week as well as the testimony from the lead investigator in this case, the lead state investigator. so this case went to the jury yesterday after closing arguments. they deliberated for about an hour yesterday, came back around 10:00 a.m. this morning. they've been going pretty much throughout the day. at this point we could get a verdict at any moment, but kate, as you said, this is the case that drew national attention back in april of 2015 largely because of that bystander's cell
12:55 pm
phone video that showed walter scott apparently being shot in the back multiple times by michael slager. slager has pleaded not guilty. he has maintained that he did it in self-defense, that he had pulled over walter scott for a traffic stop, but that scott bolted from his car, that he chased him, there was a struggle, and slager claimed that scott grabbed his taser, and when he broke away, that's when that cell phone video was taken, according to slager, so the question will be now will the jury either convict him of murder or possibly voluntary manslaughter? that's another option, too, kate. >> gabe gutierrez is following that in south carolina. gabe, thanks so much, and we will be right back.
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
steve? >> i'm steve kornacki live here in new york. 50 days away until the inauguration of donald trump as the 45th president. topping our agenda right now, back on the road. >> i just want to let all of the other companies know that we're going to do great things for business. there is no reason for them to leave anymore. >> donald trump's first speech since the election wrapping up in just the last hour, trump taking credit for keeping some carrier jobs from moving to mexico. but did the self-prescribed master negotiator make a good deal? we'll dive into that. also on the agenda, trump's narrow win in the election just got narrower. >> i do think people are entitled to know that the results are results that they can trust and that they can count on. so if there's a recount, we have to be at the table, and we are. >> we've got new tallies coming in from a key state just this afternoon. you may be surprised at how few votes it would have taken for hillary clinton to catch donald
1:00 pm
trump in the electoral college. we will take you through all of that. and also this hour, we are waiting for the verdict. >> i see this barr, like this big, coming at me. and i knew i was in trouble. >> deliberations are now under way in the trial of michael slager who shot and killed unarmed walter scott five times in the back as he ran from a traffic stop last year in south carolina. we are keeping a close eye on that courtroom. we're going to bring you any update as that jury wraps up another day of deliberating. we begin, though, with our top story, donald trump taking what amounts to a victory tour, his first public appearance, first major public appearance since winning that election more than three weeks ago. just in the last hour he spoke in indiana formally announcing a deal that's been struck with the air conditioner company, carrier. it will keep more than a thousand jobs that were destined for


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