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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 3, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the great north calls >>announout for heroes.waits... train your army and lay waste to your rivals! play vikings-war of clans-for free! daddy! lets play! sorry kids. feeling dead on your feet? i've been on my feet all day. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles have a unique gel wave design for outrageous comfort that helps you feel more energized. dr. scholl's. feel the energy! good saturday morning to you. i am ayman mohyeldin at msnbc world headquarters. we get reaction from the impact and this interview will air tomorrow. >> steve bannon ran breitbart
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news which was notorious for pedaling stories like these, and i am not attacking him but they pedalled stories that are false and not true and reinforced sexist, and anti-semitic notions. >> the biggest piece of fake news is that donald trump can't win, and i think the people went what affects them. >> it's the fallout with the taiwanese white house, and it was not given advance notice about the call which was captured in these pictures released last night, and the president-elect is taking abreak today ahead of tuesday when he resumes his thank you tour across parts of the country, and will travel to north carolina, and he and the vice president elect will visit iowa.
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and then now that former chairman howard dean is taking his hat out of the ring. and u.s. policies towards israel back in a 2010 speech, he is trying to ease concerns over whether he would be able to serve as dnc chair and keep his day job. this is what he said. >> i absolutely will make the dnc my number one commitment. when i started this conversation, i assumed that, you know, debby, tim kaine, governor rendell and other people that had done it, i didn't think it was a problem, but i recognize we are in a new age. i am in the process of deciding this issue of whether i can perform both roles, and you asked if it would be my first priority.
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absolutely. >> hans, what is the white house saying about the president-elect's phone call with the taiwanese and breaking protocol in 40 years. >> they are trying to down play this and say there's no change in crossed state policy and this came from the official last night and they were caught by surprise and were not aware of it. what we are trying to do here, and this is not at the white house but also at the pentagon and state department, they are being very caref not to criticize the trump transition. at the same time, they are free to brief the president-elect and the president-elect's team, and that has not happened yet, but this is a slightly different transition and they are slightly different, and what the white house wants to do, they are careful, and last night it became official that general
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james mattis would be the secretary of defense, and late last night around 6:15 we heard from ash carter praising the pick and says he works forward to working on the transition. >> obviously there are some that are saying it's a break of protocol in 40 years, and it may not change to policy once the president-elect becomes president and in charge of foreign policy and what is the trump transition team saying about the call? >> reporter: they are saying the taiwanese initiated this, and they are saying it was a prearranged phone call, and this is an indication to what extent donald trump is going to upend the notions of traditional diplomacy and how he will steer this ship of state. >> hans nichols, thank you very
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much for that. let's go to beijing to see how this story is playing out in mainland china. some reaction overnight already, and joining us overseas is janice. walk us through the chinese government reaction to the diplomatic faux pas to say the least? >> reporter: this is ringing alarm bells in beijing. they expected there would be a status quo in u.s. china relations and no change in the relationship with washington. also they expected it would be status quo with taiwan. we should not for get in the phone call today, trump congratulated her on her win and that's not such a subtle detail. china long regarded taiwan as a provence, so to have a leader congratulate a so-called leader
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is seen as a tpraufrontier, and there's thinking going on in beijing. >> do you think there's a chance that the chinese government in beijing will write this off as a possible diplomatic faux pas because of the transition in president-elect trump getting his feet underneath him so to speak on the foreign policy or will the explanation about the phone call be enough to calm the tensions? >> reporter: there's going to be increased tensions and explanation from washington that will appease beijing, and this is coming at a time when trump has no clear or stated policy on china, and he called china a currency manipulatomanipulator. there was already a bit of a chill heading into the reality of a trump presidency.
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so the coming days will be interesting. officially the word now is that china does not accept any acknowledgment of taiwan, and this is a tense time for relations between beijing and taipei, and there's a big push toward reunification so we could see impact on regional relations as well. >> thank you very much for joining us from beijing. interesting to see trump warming up to russia and now creating the diplomatic tension with china. joining me now is a reporter from the new york times and an msnbc contributor, and tara, contributor and white house reporter for politico. let's pick up on the president-elect's call with the taiwanese president. some have applauded trump for make that call, and some are critical, and is political
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reaction falling along party lines? >> it is falling along party lines for now and what it comes down to is the behavior or idea that he is going to have calls with all sorts of foreign leaders, if that will transform into policy shifts, and people on the gop side are either vying for jobs, and they are thinking long-term about policy initiatives and they are holding back the criticism for now. >> do you think the white house, you know, obviously president-elect trump has been in touch with president obama and we are seeing the formation of the national security team of president-elect trump and do you get a sense from the obama administration they are alarmed over what happened over the last couple hours and do they feel they are in a position they are going to have to calm chinese leaders on this? >> yes, they are definitely in the damage control mode right now, and they said they wished he could call them in advance so we can talk about basic forms of
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protocol, and these are just standard procedures for being a president. he is in transition, so he can sort of play by his own rules, but in a way whatever he does, the white house is stuck mopping up the mess, as you could say, but obama has how many months left, about two months, so it's not his problem anymore. >> interesting enough, and already in the first month of trump's transition so to speak, there have been question diplomatic engagements, if you will. let me talk to the lingering clash where you had advisers from both sides talking about the campaign and analyzing what happened and didn't happen, and it's a cordial affair usually, but take a look at how it played out this time. >> i can tell your angry, but, wow, ash tag he is your
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president, and will he accept the election results? will you ever accept the results? will you tell your protesters he's their president one? >> if he is going to be my president he needs to show me that white supremacy is not acceptable -- >> now you are just lying. >> some very sharp words there. peopleav seen their events in the past say this was very different. trump's team is denying the appeal to white nationalist groups, and what do you think is the convention wisdom or is this sour grapes? >> i think this is the country's raw emotions playing out now in this proxy war between the two campaign aides. the idea is african-americans voted for donald trump, only 8%, so people felt he was dog whistling the entire campaign and whether or not he was doing
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that is up to the viewers to decide, and i interviewed a lot of white nationalist that said they were excited about donald trump and that was the first time i interviewed them and he said usually we stay at home but we think trump is speaking to them, and whether or not trump meant to speak to the white nationalists is up to you to decide, and bannon, the day donald trump won the presidency at 2:00, i was on the phone with black lives matter protesters and other people that were terrified of his policies, and the idea that he energized this part of the country, this consciousness in the country that is racist to its core, and we have the hate crimes happening in pockets of the country, and i don't think it's made up to say people all around the country are in fear of what the next four years are going to
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be like. >> and this morning politico is reporting that clinton allies are plotting an anti-trump movement, so to speak, a coalition of people to oppose president trump, what will that look like realistically, and what could they do, not only on the ground but in the halls of power? >> what we are going to be hearing from the democrats for the next few years is that they are going to try and hold president-elect trump accountable to all of his campaign promise and they are right to do so, and they are going to be targeting voters and doing grass root movements and they don't want him to be in power for more than four years so the democrats will be extremely aggressive and it's interesting they will take a page out of the playbook of the gop shortly after obama was elected when the republican party became the party of no and congress was in gridlock and
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president obama couldn't do much when he had democrats in the senate and house, and we are going to see a lot of pushback. he's made really big promises that he needs to keep, and if he doesn't, they are going to point that out and say what about those jobs, and what about this and that? that's their job, they are the opposition at the end of the day. >> let me pose this question to both of you, and one thing that made a lot of headlines was the carrier announcement, and they are keeping the 1,100 jobs, and take a listen to the sound bite and i will get your reaction to it afterwards. >> we will have a lot of phone calls when they say they are going to leave the country, and the workers are going to keep their jobs. they can leave from state to state, and they can negotiate good deals with the different states and all of that, but leaving the country is going to be very, very difficult. >> so my first question to you is that sounds like tough talk coming out of there from trump,
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and the devil is in the details, and they offered $7 million of tax breaks to kaept jobs in the state of indiana. is this a good or bad long-term deal for companies? is this setting a bad precedent when he said they are going to call the companies, and does that mean they are going to do back and forth dealings? >> to me it sounds like he is micromanaging a country. this is the kind of thing you would get done at the state level and it's interesting it happened in indiana where governor pence was from and so it was easier to strike the deal. the other thing is this company has huge military contracts with the u.s. government that they did not want to lose. billions and billions of dollars. i would call that leverage for president-elect trump. i wonder if he is going to go through the list and see who we have contracts with and how can
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we make them stay? which they should have been doing that all along. >> what is your take on that statement from donald trump in terms of his approach about keeping those companies operating in the united states? >> my reaction to that is i want to see how takes this, i guess, small number of jobs, about 800 of jobs and multiplies that. a lot of the manufacturing companies, the reason they don't have jobs in the country, a lot are moving to mexico and some already decided to move to mexico before he won, and how are you going to convince people to not get technological advances and have the jobs still stick around and a lot of them are moving overseas and don't exist any more and he is saying i will make these companies stay in the u.s. and it doesn't mean they will have 1,000 jobs in four years when they learned to mechanicalize or automate some of the things they are doing, so in the small term he might win
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the hearts of some of the supporters, and there are 800 people that can stay in one town, but democrats i think will point out and rightly so are going to be pointing out you will spend millions of dollars saving their taxes and somebody is going to be more taxes, and who is that going to be? >> yeah, and tightening up the loopholes on a lot of corporations and not giving them tax breaks and out the gate this carrier company got a $7 million tax break. thank you for joining us this morning. good to have both of you with us. happening now in cuba after days of traveling across the island before thousands of mourners, castro's remains are approaching the final resting place. what is the mood like today in this final leg of his long
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journey? >> reporter: it has been interesting to watch the shift of emotion as the ashes were traveling throughout the island. they started in havana, the western part of the island and now we are in santiago, cuba. in havana, he became more of a polished organized political figure so they feel like they own some piece of his legacy, but here tpin santiago, that's where he's from. you saw the shift in emotion where in havana people were really mourning or celebrating their life, and now they are mourning his death, and we are seeing people coming outside their house and lining the streets as the caravan passed
5:18 am
and people would come out to the streets dressed in their best clothes and the entire town out and they had signs that said [ speaking spanish ] the towns people are with you, and so you are feeling that legacy, and we are expecting to see his ashes land here today and then a public ceremony at 7:00 p.m. tonight and that's the last public ceremony to celebrate his life here on the island. >> good to have you with us. thank you. in a moment, why the fate of a south carolina police officer on trial for murder may now be in the hands of just one juror. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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happening now in south
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carolina a jury told a judge that is deadlocked but wants to keep talking. they are going to be back in court on monday attempting to reach a unanimous verdict. gabe, good to have you with us. we know the deadlock came down to a lone juror. what happened? >> reporter: in a highly unusual move that lone juror wrote a note that he could not in good conscience convict the officer, and asking the judge to go home for the weekend and return monday morning. the deadly police shooting caught on camera stunned the nation. this morning the family of walter scott is clinging to hope that a hold-out juror might change his mind. >> we do believe within our heart that we will see justice for my brother.
5:23 am
>> michael slater -- >> the jury going home for the weekend after a dramatic day in court where 11 whites and one black man was deadlocked. a single juror sending this note to the judge. >> i still cannot without a reasonable doubt convict the defendant. at the same time, my heart does not want to have to tell the scott family that the man that killed their son, brother, and father is innocent, but with the choices i cannot and will not change my mind. >> no mistrial yet. the judge telling jurors to keep trying. >> it's not over. we kept hearing it's over, it's over. >> we will just wait until monday and see what happens on monday. >> former north charleston police officer is charged with murder in scott's death. during the month-long trial he told the juror he shot scott in
5:24 am
self defense. >> i fired until the threat was stopped. that's what i am trained to do. >> he pulled scott over for a broken taillight, and scott grabbed his stun gun during a struggle and as scott broke away, he was in total fear for his life. >> one of the keys of this case is what is not on the camera, and there have been weeks and weeks of testimony about what is not on that camera. >> months after the shooting the city of north charleston approved a $6.5 million civil settlement for scott's family, and slager still faces civil rights charges and could face life in prison if convicted. >> let's bring in a trial attorney and formerprosecutor, debby heinz. i want to get your take on the deadlock juror. is it unusual to have a juror
5:25 am
write a letter to the judge which is read out to the public in which he says i cannot in good conscience consider a guilty verdict and the jury later asked to reconvene on monday. what are the signal these various things at play are telling you? >> it's a problem. jurors cannot be coerced into changing their mind when they have come to a decision, and it's most highly unusual that one juror would be able to write a note and deliver it to the judge and the way it normally works is the foreperson, whether it's the foreman or forewoman, that's the person from whom all their information should come by way of notes, but somehow this juror was or wanted to get a note directly to the judge that he cannot in good conscience change his mind with respect to his not guilty verdict at this particular time. >> so you brought up that point which is a good question, which is if, in fact, a decision comes
5:26 am
out later in the week convicting him, does that mean that single juror was coerced into changing their position? >> you know, the first thing i thought about, it's going to be grounds for appeal if there's a guilty verdict on any of the two charges, because the judge instructs per saoupbt to the allen charge, they say to go back and talk among yourselves and not to feel that you are coerced into making a decision, so if this juror does change his or her mind, what has to be done, i think the judge has to make clear when he is going through the verdict that this jury has not in any way been coerced by the 11 other jurors of the decision he or she comes to. >> why is the defense, do you think, so keen on pushing to receive a mistrial?
5:27 am
how does that benefit the defense? >> that's everything as a criminal defense attorney, and i do handle some criminal defense work, and a mistrial means you get to go home for christmas and be with your newborn baby, and you will be tried again, and that's what the judge indicated, it's not automatic, and the judge indicated he will be retried again, and you get to live to see another day, and if the defense can't get a not guilty then the next best thing is a mistrial. in terms of what will happen on monday, the judge already has given what is called the allen charge where he instructs, please go back and if you don't decide another jury will have to go through the evidence again, and it has to be given twice before they can declare a mistrial. if they come back on monday and say the one juror can't change their mind and this is where we
5:28 am
are, and that's the end of the day and it will have to be declared a mistrial. >> former baltimore prosecutor, always good to have you with us. anger and pain, the raw emotion in the enter interview, the husband of the mysteriously kidnapped home in california coming up next. ♪ ♪
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welcome back, everybody. i am ayman mohyeldin here at msnbc headquarters in new york. the final journey home for the members of the soccer team that died in this week's plane crash in columbia. 100,000 people expected to attend the funeral. the jet running out of fuel just before it crashed. to california, new developments of a young woman tortured and starved for three weeks before being released on the side of a california
5:32 am
highway. gadi schwartz is in redding, california. we are hearing from the husband for the first time and what he is saying? >> the investigators are saying the two people that kidnapped her were two women that brutalized her for three weeks, and her husband is speaking out saying he cannot realize how anybody can be so cruel. for three weeks, her children had no idea where their mother was and the father telling nbc news about the heartbreaking mome moment they learned she was missing, and then on thanksgiving morning, she was released chained up on the side of the road. >> i hugged her. >> the sheriff has not released in the case, but said she was
5:33 am
branded, and one woman who helps the department, she said when she was branded this was a case of trafficking. >> yeah, i have been branded twice by traffickers, and she pointed to the geography, and she was abducted by the emerald triangle, and both of her kidnapping and release happened along a notorious sex route. >> it's a loop, and they will stay in each city for a couple days, following sporting events or conferences, anywhere where you will have a heavy population of males that are potential buyers. >> other experts have their doubts. some would question, why was she released. >> her husband says his wife will need time to heal as they
5:34 am
search for her kidnappers. >> it made me sick that there's people out there that could do something like this. >> a little bit later this morning, the town of red something coming together to prepare a giant christmas present for the family, to show their support. everybody coming is encouraged to wear pink and that's sharon paw paepby's favorite color. >> thank you for that. bernie sanders is worried about trump's carrier deal. he says it is endangering the jobs of workers that were safe, and the view from that from one of his biggest supporters. >> what he's doing now is saying to the corporation, it's okay for half of the jobs to go to mexico with people will be paid 3 bucks an hour, and for the other half, we will give a profitable corporation, and we
5:35 am
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back to politics where donald trump is vowing to keep jobs from going overseas after securing about 1,000 of them at one of the carrier air-conditioning plants in indiana. he tweeted about another plant in indiana moving to mexico and quote, rather viciously firing all of its 300 workers. this is happening all over our country, no more. and then he broke a nearly 40-year precedent over china's history with the island nation. joining me now is nina turner, an msnbc political analyst and former state senator from ohio. always good to have you with us. let me get your reaction to this trump phone call with the president of taiwan. do you attribute this to trump saying it's not business as
5:39 am
usual anymore with china? is this a diplomatic faux pas on his part, he was not aware of what he was doing, or how are you breaking it down this morning? >> i think it's a little both of those, although i doubt that trump is not calculated in what he does, and he needs to do more of the briefings, and he needs to be a student of the game of policy and relationships between the united states and other countries, and so it does call some pause, but again this is mr. trump being mr. trump. >> bernie sanders wrote an opt ed. >> what trump is doing is setting a very dangerous precedent. my guess is today that some
5:40 am
corporation who may not have thought one second about leaving america, now they are going to announce, hey, we are going to mexico, china, hey, mr. trump, what are you going to do for us? >> what do you make of the senator's assessment considering trump's promises to keep jobs from leaving. isn't this what got him elected in the first place? it's something that bernie sanders also campaigned on keeping jobs here in the u.s.? >> it's exactly what got mr. trump elected, although the senator's point is right in terms in the op ed piece, he wrote about corporate patriotism and i think he's spot on, why should corporations that make billions, and we know the parent company of carrier has a $6 billion defense contract, and they made $7 billion worth of profit and now in some ways you have to coerce them or sweeten the pot, if you will, to get them to duty right thing by their employees.
5:41 am
for the 1,000 employees whose jobs were saved, bravo. we can't underestimate for politico gamesmanship, and underestimate to the thousand jobs were saved, and we have corporations that will go to low wage countries and exploit those workers and come back and try to sell those same products in the united states of america on the backs of the very employees that they just displaced, so it's not right. >> let me ask you about this point, where maybe some say trump is sending a positive messages with corporations, and help keep american workers here? >> there's merit to that but the proof is in the pudding. the state of indiana had to give a $7 million tax break to a
5:42 am
company that made a $7 billion profit, that money is coming from the taxpayers, not just being pulled out of thin air and that's $7 million the state of indiana could have used doing something else, and for those workers that's a good thing but whether or not it's good public policy remains to be seen. i don't think that way is sustainable, but the fact is giving a voice in a way that says you will have to answer, and there's going to be a consequence, that's a good thing but he has to hold strong to the consequence. >> this is from trump speaking to supporters at a cincinnati rally. take a listen to this. >> there is such potential in the inner city. we are not using our potential. remember when i would make the speeches, i would say what the hell do you have to loose? the african-american community
5:43 am
was so great to me in this election? >> are you surprised his rhetoric has not changed when it comes to that he will follow-through on this promise to help african-americans regardless of where they live? >> he ran on that, and the things that trump ran on, we all hope he accomplishes the vote, and he got 8% of the african-american vote, and i think he beat romney from that respect, and we know people of color hurt the most and he's speaking to an audience that sometimes the rhetoric will lead to divisiveness, and i hope it's a page-turner in the trump candidacy -- he's not a candidate, but to his administration. i have spoke to americans that
5:44 am
hope he will come and rebuild in the inner cities, and it's not just african-americans live in the inner city, but his point about the struggle of the cities are dead on, and they need investment and that comes by way of all of us collectively making the requisite investments and that means we need money to do that. >> always a pleasure to speak with us. >> thanks. what does sarah palin have in common with bernie sanders when it comes to criticizing donald trump? you might be surprised. and the rare interview with donald trump's son-in-law. what do we know about jared kushner?
5:45 am
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the kkk is planning a march in the state today to celebrate trump's victory. the charlotte observer are reporting a group of activist in charlotte are organizing their own march to counter the one by the kkk, and this will come after trump addressed the backlash from the support of groups from kkk. >> we condemn bigotry, and we are going to come together. we have no choice. we have to. and it's better. >> joining me now from raleigh, north carolina, is congresswoman, the republican from the great state of north carolina, and she's a transition from the team. first, your reaction to the news that the kkk rally is happening
5:49 am
in your state and the president-elect is denouncing bigotry in all of its forms, and does it bother you the kkk and white supremacist groups are celebrating trump's victory? >> well, they have the right to do so as you know. just like the protesters that -- are they finish protesting the donald trump win? we have the right to do that. now, let's hope that those protests or rallies don't turn into riots as we have seen across the country. no, certainly, the kkk has the right to do it and other groups have the right to come out from the kkk. >> does it bother you, though? >> do i want to see kkk out there? absolutely not. i don't think most align with that way of thinking but they have the right to do it and donald trump is coming on tuesday and he's out on his victory tour, and obviously having a great time doing it,
5:50 am
and anybody that wants to come out and have a voice in that is welcome. >> let me ask you about the postmortem discussion that happened, kellyanne conway firing back of a clinton aide said they won -- the trump team won because of white supremacists. do you deny there's an element of white supremacists that supported donald trump in this election? >> i think this is the most ridiculous conversation i have heard of all. you know, if the clinton campaign wants to remain in denial and keep their heads buried in the sand, i will welcome them to do so because as long as they are doing that they are not really performing. so what they need to do is get a real quick check in reality and realize what happened with this election. as long as they are thinking the way they are, the democrats are
5:51 am
going to stay on the same path. look, i have a lot of democrat friends and they are great people, too. they believe in this country and they stand behind their beliefs, but you know what, if we are going to be talking about white supremacy and issues like that, let's remember who we are really talking about. we are not talking about donald trump, we are talking about the american people and as long as the democratic party continues to alienate the american people, this is where they will remain, in the minority. >> let me ask you about your reaction to sarah palin, and she's also been slamming trump's deal with carrier, calling it, quote, crony capitalism. cares to get your thoughts on her reaction to the carrier deal? >> i am very excited about the carrier deal. trump has been talking about the carrier situation since the summer in indiana. my husband is from indiana and i know exactly who those people are and those are great jobs for indiana and i am glad he did what he did. he has not taken office and he
5:52 am
is already creating jobs in the country, or say let's say creating the environment for there to be jobs. let's move forward on a positive note. as far as the crony capitalism, let's stop talking about things like that that don't matter. there are thousands of jobs that are saved in indiana and that's going to turn into thousands and thousands and millions of revenue for indiana and for the federal government. that'sow we can do the infrastructure jobs, and that's how we can turn health care around in this country and that's how we can make america great again and donald trump is already doing it. >> on one hand trump campaigned against giving corporations tax breaks that allowed them to go overseas and getting away with not paying their fair of taxes but it seems in the first deal right out the gate he has given carrier a tax break to keep these jobs in the united states and some say it's political
5:53 am
posturing? >> no, tax reform is right around the corner. that's one of the first issues that the trump administration is going to be taking on. there will be tax reform for all. there will be corporate tax reform and personal and private and individual tax reform as well. so all he has done is given them the heads up on the plan that is coming. that's all that has happened here. >> i want to ask you your comments about donald trump saying he would have won the popular vote if millions had not voted, quote, illegally? do you believe donald trump would have won the popular vote? >> i do. i absolutely do. but let's talk about the real issue here. the real issue here is kellyanne conway -- >> based on what, if you don't mind? based on what do you believe there are more than 2 million illegal votes that should have been casts for donald trump? >> we know here in north carolina in the county of durham we have a situation where there were illegal votes.
5:54 am
are their illegal votes that take place in elections? absolutely. donald trump pointed that out before, and now you have hillary clinton in the greatest amount of hypocrisy involved in a recount with jill stein, amazing, remember, she was horrified by this in the preelection results, and let's move forward and do what is necessary for the american people and let's give kellyanne conway the heads up and the glass ceiling that he broke in helping this election, and yes, donald trump would have gotten the popular vote, but you know what? when you have to win an election you have to be focussed and you have to have a plan, and kellyanne conway gave him that plan and they went where they needed to go to win the electoral college and here we are with donald trump as president of the united states. >> thank you very much for your insights. >> thank you, and good to be with you again. donald trump's pick for the epa plus, and the regulations that could be changed and the
5:55 am
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