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tv   Lockup Santa Rosa - Extended Stay  MSNBC  December 3, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> stay in your cell! >> make sure your lockers are unlocked! >> a massive search for contraband turns up the heat on two inmates. >> i think they think we're getting high. >> a convict prompts an evacuation when he floods his housing unit. >> it was done accidentally when i was cleaning the feces out of the sprinkler. >> a serial bank robber recounts his criminal exploits. >> you've got yourself and somebody tries to stop you,
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you've got these and that's it. >> in prison they tend to prey on the weak. >> a convicted killer's physical handicap makes him especially vulnerable. >> i have to walk around with a chip on my shoulder 24/7. i can't show weakness. >> with the personal cameras we provide them, inmates give us intimate views of their lives in prison. >> it doesn't get any better than this, right? this is my playground. ♪ this is the life that i have chosen for myself. among the many things that i could have been, i could have done it, this is what it is. this is a room, no bigger than some people's bathrooms. >> i try not to let people consume me. i'm here physically, in flesh and body, but in mind, in soul,
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in spirit i ain't here. i ain't here. >> yeah, these poor guys, they finally get to go to canteen. they haven't been able to in several days. and it begins to rain. bad luck, huh? >> sudden tropical gulf storms are nothing unusual at the santa rosa correctional institution, a maximum security prison located on the florida panhandle. >> but today there's a downpour inside c dorm, and it has nothing to do with the weather. >> we had an inmate break the sprinkler head on his cell up in what was 1210, i believe. we'll shut off the water to the cell to minimize the damage. have the inmate submit to restraints, and then we'll deal
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with the issue from there. >> the water is flowing from the cell of inmate troy wagner, who is serving 20 years for aggravated assault and attempted sexual battery. wagner says he broke the sprinkler head by accident. it all stemmed from an incident earlier in the day. >> i was angry and mad and i had slung feces everywhere in the cell. when i get upset and angry, i end up doing things like that. >> like that? you've done that before? >> yes, ma'am. >> really? so, what does that gain you? how does that help? >> it don't. it don't help me at all. it just puts me in more worse and worse and worse spots. >> wagner had spread feces all around his cell, including the sprinkler head, and he says he was only trying to clean it up. >> i ain't got nothing to clean it up with. so i tried to use the hose to
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clean it and i didn't realize when i was digging in there, in the hole, that the fire thing, that it was going to pop like that. >> you have to tamper with it for it to go off. you've got to actually break a piece off for it to activate in that manner. and that's what they do is they manipulate it, break it. he has to try to do it. it doesn't happen on accident. >> we are going to use our staff presence and have the orderlies clean out the cells. there is a lot of water on the top tier. right now we will start evacuating the inmates off the top tier. place them on the rec yard so we can get the water out of their cells and get it cleaned up. it is always a danger when you have a mass movement of inmates. but you know, they'll all be restrained when they come out of the cell. so the way we do it here, it actually minimizes the risk to staff and inmates as well. >> while the inmates are taken to outdoor recreation enclosures, wagner is moved to
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another housing unit, where he will be placed in a special tamper-proof cell. >> the difference between a normal cell and this cell is this cell right here has a reinforced light fixture. we have some inmates that will break the light fixture out, grab a light bulb. this one, they can't do it. this is metal. so they can't go there. and then the sprinkler head is actually protected to where an inmate, like inmate wagner broke the sprinkler head, activating it, this one they can't get to it. >> for now wagner will live under the prison's most restrictive conditions in the close management unit, but staff say even that is no guarantee he's under control. >> troy wagner has a fairly extensive disciplinary history, probably close to 50 charges. sex acts, several counts. destruction of state property, disorderly conduct, disobeying regulations, mail violations,
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disrespect to officials, refusing to work, fighting, telephone violations, tampering with safety devices, participating in disturbances, assault or attempted assault on staff. yes, ma'am, mr. troy wagner has a quite lengthy disciplinary history. >> wagner says his latest outburst was prompted by his desire to be moved to another housing unit. he says other inmates were harassing him because he is a sex offender. >> the best thing is to keep it to yourself and not tell somebody what you're in prison for, because you tell people what you're in prison for, then they go around telling other inmates and other inmates will run after you, they want to fight you. >> like wagner, jeffrey flanders, serving a life sentence for murder, has also felt vulnerable around other inmates, but for a completely different reason. he stands just 4'6" tall. >> prison is a place where they tend to prey on the weak. i carry myself in a way that a person would know, if they came anywhere in my space and was
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trying to take something from me or cause me any type of physical harm, that they'll be dealt with. >> nobody ain't going to come take nothing from me. even if they won the battle, it won't be a battle they just win this day, it will be an ongoing battle. >> flanders' small stature is the result of a disorder called rickets. it stunted his growth and caused his legs to arc outward. on the streets, he was known as bowlegs. >> it's something that was prevalent back in like the '80s, a lot of kids had it. a lack of vitamin c and d to the bone marrow, which caused the legs to be bowed. i have to walk around with a chip on my shoulder 24/7. i've got to walk around with a complex. i can't show no weakness. i exhibit those traits where i
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ain't to be played with, 24/7, all day every day. indeed, a problem with the police because the police see you and they be like, man, you think you're tough, so i take it serious. that's not the person that i am, but being that i'm in the situation i've got to adapt. >> the clue in this crossword puzzle is prison sentence. >> prison sentence. >> four letters. >> oh, man, that's easy. i already know they're talking about life. >> though flanders says he's been involved in numerous prison fights, he knows there's one person with whom he has no choice but to get along. >> only person i have to deal with is my roommate. that's it. everybody else, i can walk away from around, so most of the time, when i'm having a relationship on the friendly level, it's with my roommate. >> that's one thing about being in prison, you've got to learn how to get along, you know, get along with people. you've got so many different personalities. so you've got to learn to adapt to being in a room with somebody. >> but ultimately, flanders says he trusts no one. >> i'm more of a loner.
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i'm not saying that i can't communicate with others, because i can, but i try to stay away from stupidity. and we're surrounded by that. so you can imagine how many friends i've got in here. none. >> coming up. >> it was not a male prostitute or a female prostitute. they was living a double life. >> a bizarre crime that sent jeffrey flanders to prison. >> only people know the truth is me, myself, god and the victim. >> then, santa rosa calls out the dogs to search for contraband. >> anything in your pocket? >> no, sir. >> bullets? >> no, sir.
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just obey and do what they say and not ask questions. >> at the santa rosa correctional institution, a maximum security prison located on the florida panhandle, little is left to chance. there is a rule for seemingly everything inmates do, including the manner in which they walk from one location to another. >> used to we had to walk on the right side of the line, stay on the right side of the line. now they want us to walk on the line. they just want us to line up straight. their rules, you know, the way they do it. >> hey, come here, you. why are you steady talking? come to chow, plus you hung up on the gate, you went back. go to chow, right? isn't that what we do? >> yes, sir. >> so get in line like you're supposed to and don't walk back against the green. you're supposed to go to chow hall. you're eating lunch with somebody special today or you're
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hung up, you're waiting on someone. and i don't know why. give me the pen. i'll give it to you later. we don't bring -- they're not here to write letters. i don't want anybody getting stabbed in the eye, because then they'll leave prison with a patch. he knows not to bring this. i'll talk to him later. all right, go to chow. >> a lot of the rules are just to show you they're running it, you know? some of them, or a majority of them have a reason, but not all of them, but they run the place. it's their prison. we just pass through. >> one of the most striking ways correctional staff maintain order is through surprise, random cell searches for weapons, drugs or other contraband. and today the surprise is considerably bigger. periodically, the prison calls in officers from other agencies for cell inspections that are more intensive than usual. >> want to welcome everybody once again to santa rosa. appreciate you guys coming. i want to recognize that we have over 50 people dedicated for this mission today. it's good to see everybody coming together, working toward a common goal, several
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institutions, okaloosa, walton, century, the i.g.'s canine. what we're doing this morning, mass search. our goal is to identify, locate and remove items of contraband, making santa rosa a safer place for the inmates and the staff. >> today's search will cover two housing units and involve officers from santa rosa, three other state prisons, and the state's inspector general's canine unit. the dogs are trained detect the scents of both drugs and cell phones. >> we've got six different search teams. some things i want to caution y'all. i want everybody to remain professional during the search today. i want to leave the bunks and the areas as close as we can to the way we found them. in the event it becomes necessary to use force, utilize the minimal amount of force necessary for the procedure. >> get in your boxers. shower slides only. unlock your lockers. stay in your cell. >> we're about to roll the door.
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stay in your cell. >> make sure your locker's open. >> let's go! >> what we do is clear out the cell first. we try not to let staff go in and contaminate the cell. we want the dogs to go in. so we get the inmates out for our safety. we put them down in boxers and shower slides only. we do a cursory search, open their mouths, check hands. we're wanding them with the metal detector as they come out of the cell. >> do you have any metal in your body? >> no, sir. >> huh? >> no, sir. >> bullets? >> no, sir. >> then we'll have canine come through and see if they can alert on anything in the cells at that time. >> going through our property, searching all our stuff. >> do they ever find anything when they do this? >> sometimes. we have a lot of restrictions, a lot of shakedowns. it's kind of hard.
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kind of a hard place to do time at. >> while one team continues searching cells, another has moved on to n-dorm, where the inmates live in large, open rooms with more freedom to socialize with others. right now the dorm is completely empty, making for an easier search. >> well, this dormitory houses our inmates that work outside the fence. they have more opportunities to bring in contraband from the community. we'll run the canine, narcotic dogs through, cell phone dogs. any contraband we have this dormitory will have it. >> most of the n-dorm inmates work on a construction crew, building a new low-security housing unit on a plot of land adjacent to santa rosa. the dogs are trained to suddenly sit still when they detect the scent of whatever contraband they're searching for. >> that's a good girl. that's a good girl.
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she's alerting to narkt ixz. narcotics. that's a good girl, yes! that's her reward. she gets the ball. that's a good girl! that's a good girl, penny. >> we had both dogs alert on this particular box, so there is evidence that drugs have been in this facility, right here at this bunk. we have determined that the two inmates that are assigned to this bunk work on the construction work site, so we are pulling them in. they will be drug tested. >> when they show interest or have what we call a change in behavior, we follow it up with a good, thorough search, just to make sure we're not missing any kind of narcotics. that's our main focus. >> want to check this? >> the search turns up some plastic wrap bundles, but they are not drugs. >> some of the times you'll see them take drugs and hide them inside things like garlic powder, trying to mask the smell from the dogs. so a lot of times when you find stuff like that it's an indicator that they're either hiding it or they've had it in here. if they suspect we're coming or know we're here, they can eat small amounts of marijuana or
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hide it in other places. >> not finding any in his property means there's a good chance he probably went ahead and ingested it. the scent of marijuana stays for a long time, especially in a lock box like that, that there's a chance he had already used it. so, we'll have that particular inmate perform a urinalysis. >> the bunk and lock boxes belong to dante francis and his bunkmate, kevin houck. >> i think they think we're getting high. >> what do you think? >> i think we'll find out. >> coming up -- >> write it down on a piece of paper. >> houck and francis are put to the test. >> this is a dip test, testing for four different drugs today, cocaine, amphetamines, thc and barbiturates. >> and later, troy wagner seeks some answers to his problems. >> one of the books i had ordered was called "prayers that rout demons and break curses." ♪
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that's a good girl. that's a good girl, penny. she's alerting to tell us there's narcotics. >> both dogs alert on this particular box, so there is
9:23 pm
evidence that drugs have been in this facility. we have determined that the two inmates that are assigned to this bunk work on the construction work site, so we are pulling them in. they will be drug tested. >> during a search of n-dorm in florida's santa rosa correctional institution, a drug detection dog has picked up the scent of narcotics at the bunk of inmates donte francis and kevin houck. though no drugs were found, both inmates are required to give urine samples. >> they have one hour's time. they get two glasses of water from us at the max. we give them the first glass of water at one particular time. then a half hour from that point, they get another glass of water. right now, we're at that one-hour time limit where they need to give us a sample to test or they go to confinement. >> inmate francis, supply your sample. let's do this. come on out. >> what happens if they test positive for drugs? >> they'll be placed in disciplinary confinement. then we'll do a full investigation to see if they're actually getting it dropped off
9:24 pm
there, if it's coming in on the work site, if it's staff, if it's other inmates, if it's family. >> a positive test for houck could bring even more serious consequences. he's due to be released from prison in 30 days but could lose some of the time he's had deducted from his sentence for good behavior and holding a job. >> inmate houck, are you ready? go ahead and wash your hands, dry them real good. all right, break the seal, we need at least 30 milliliters, halfway or more. once you get it full, put the cap back on, i'm going to have you walk back up, all right? right over there on that piece of paper. this is a dip test, testing for four different drugs today. you submerge it into the sample
9:25 pm
for 15 seconds. as you can see here, we're looking for two different lines in each window. if you look at each one of these windows -- cocaine, amphetamines, thc, barbiturates. the two lines in each window means he's negative. both cases were negative. >> how was your test? >> perfect. studied all night. >> both men pass their tests. but it was drugs that brought houck to prison. he's serving two years for possession of a controlled substance and grand theft. >> hey, let me use your pen. >> now with his release date rapidly approaching, houck's biggest worry is that he just might miss the place. >> you know what i mean, there's no responsibility in here, no bills, no worries or anything. the only thing i worry about is getting toilet paper, make sure i don't wait to get toilet paper. and that's not any big deal.
9:26 pm
i can borrow some. i have a bunch of friends in here. it's like not even being in prison. >> check this out. when i was a kid, i got adhd. adhd, or a.d.d.? i've got one of them. i might even have them both. [ bleep ]. >> he has the best time in prison of anybody i've ever seen. i don't know why he's happy all the time. >> if i need to be serious, i will. i mean, what? if i don't need to, be cool with me, i tell a joke and everybody can laugh with me, it's pretty cool. >> houck's time at santa rosa is made easier not only by his attitude but by his job on the inmate construction crew, where he works with one of his best friends, chris birkett, who he refers to as uncle. >> when i got here, he called me uncle. i dated his aunt for like three years. he lived with us for a while. he's a character, as you can tell. first day i met him, his aunt told me to go to the store, take
9:27 pm
him to the store and get some beer. we pull up to the store and the cashier pissed him off, he took a beer bottle, swung it on the ground, busted it in the parking lot. i said, oh, lord, lord! i thought he was going to have me locked up first day i met him. lord, have mercy. after that we hit it off like brothers or something. >> houck and birkett both have mixed feelings about houck's impending release and whether his temper and impulsive behavior will lead him back to prison. >> hopefully he won't come back. i don't know. sound like one day he says he'll do good, talking about partying, girls. i think he'll be all right. he's still young enough. he'll be all right. >> yeah. i'll be all right. >> coming up -- >> anybody out there listening has ever done what i've done, then they already know the intense rush that this is. >> how one inmate's rush leads
9:28 pm
to a 55-year sentence. and jeffrey flanders gives his side of the controversial murder that grabbed local headlines. >> the media just manipulated everything surrounding the case, tried to make my crime be like a hate crime.
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i'm dara brown with the hour's top stories. nine bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of a warehouse gutted by a fire during a party friday night in oakland, california. but officials say they've already seen more bodies they haven't been able to get to yet. and raul castro urged thousands of cubans to join him in pledging to defend the socialist legacy of his brother fidel in his saturday night memorial. his ashes will be interned tomorrow morning in a ceremony ending nine days of mourning in cuba. now back to lockup. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised.
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here's my alien skull with his brains bashed in. here's miss misery. i've had her for 20 years. it's a cover-up of a girlfriend's name that i had right here. this will show you how old i am. a guns n' roses tattoo. ha! can you believe that [ bleep ]? i still do love guns n' roses. they were bad as [ bleep ]. there's no denying that. there's a lot of roles in prison. different identities. you can be whoever you want to be. >> serving a 20-year sentence for armed robbery hasn't stopped tavares lee from being a future entrepreneur at the santa rosa correctional institution in florida. >> what's in your hand there? let me see. come on.
9:33 pm
>> i call these -- these are going to be on the streets when i get out of prison. okay, i'm going to have them in black, brown, green, red, all tropical colors. you know they're real because of this. you can't get the fake ones. this is a sneak preview. that's enough right there. that was a sneak preview. these gangster nerds, they will be in a store near you. i will be rocking these on the streets. >> let's go, entrepreneur. >> lee even has a name for his cellmate's glasses. >> they called pretty boy swagger. say hi, chris. say hi to the camera. look, he blushing. he blushing. >> what do you want to call those glasses? >> pretty boy swaggers. them pretty boy swaggers there. >> that's what they call them, i guess. >> you know, he turned like a chili pepper. he blushed. >> christopher walker might have a little less swagger now than he did on the streets.
9:34 pm
he's serving 55 years for six bank robberies. >> you know, when you're faced with the type of time that i'm faced with, everybody, i can't speak for everybody, i can speak for myself that your whole perspective toward life changes. when you talk about a bank robbery, i mean, anybody out there that's ever done what i've done, then they already know the intense rush this is. and that became very addicting. >> these days, walker only gets a rush from working out and writing poetry. it's a far cry from his bank robbery days when he says he never used a weapon. >> got yourself and somebody tries to stop you, you've got these and that's it. i went in there, i had a hat pulled down, and i'm talking on the phone, looking at the ground, so the cameras aren't going to get me. when you walk up to the teller,
9:35 pm
nine times out of ten it's a woman. i would sometimes strike up a conversation, how are you doing today, susan, da, da, da. yeah, that hairdo fits you, it looks really nice, whatever. just small talk. it's hot outside, whatever. that kind of like just throws them off guard. okay, what can i help you with today? well, i'm here to make a withdrawal. they check the computer. okay, is that savings or checking? it's coming out of your drawer. just give me the money and i'll leave. are you serious? yes, ma'am, i'm serious. that be all? yes, ma'am. i say you have a wonderful day. you have a wonderful day, too. and i walk calmly, nonchalantly out of the bank, walk about 20, 30 yards and take off running and i'd disappear. nobody knows where i went or what happened to me. >> while this isn't walker's first prison term, it is his longest, bringing special meaning to the five tears he has had tattooed on his face. >> got these like nine, ten
9:36 pm
years ago, about ten years ago. they were for each member of my family that i'll never see in the free world again. my son, my mother, my father, my two sisters. >> walker has been in prison for 10 years and has at least another 20 before he's eligible for parole. troy wagner has been struggling with the 20 years he's serving for aggravated assault and sexual battery. he recently spread his own feces throughout his cell and then flooded his housing unit after breaking the sprinkler head. >> i didn't do it on purpose. it was done accidentally when i was cleaning the feces out of the sprinkler. i had tried to break it a few days before that, but when i did break it, it wasn't on purpose. it was by accident. but i was kind of glad that i did break it because it got me moved. >> wagner says he wanted to be moved because other inmates were harassing him over being a sex offender.
9:37 pm
he is now in a single-person confinement cell and says he's on a search for answers to his problems. >> i ordered these books right here. i've got some clippings right here. one of the books i had ordered was called "prayers that bring healing and activate blessings." another one i had ordered was "prayers that rout demons and break curses." another one is called "the bait of satan." another book i had ordered was "strong man's his name. what's his game?" and then i've got one here called "the bondage breaker." then i have one here, "the wounded heart: hope for adult victims of childhood sexual abuse." i was sexually abused as a child. so i just figured i'd read that, see if it's interesting or not.
9:38 pm
>> what's up with the demons? >> i figured maybe if i've got a demon in me, maybe i'd get this demon up out of me that's causing me to do the things i do, you know, every time, all the time. so if i got this demon in me, i can get this demon up out of me and i can be free of him and i'll be able to go along with my life, you know? >> while wagner hopes for an epiphany from his new books, jeffrey flanders clings to the hope that someday his life sentence for murder will be overturned. >> one of the jurors went to school with me, so that was the error in the courts. she wasn't supposed to be on the jury. she was supposed to be struck from the jury because she could have had a personal vendetta against me. anything. >> flanders also says that what happened the night of the murder is different from what was reported in the media and presented to his jury. >> i was going to a club and the dude seen me, this guy. we exchanged fire with one another, shooting at each other, and an innocent bystander got hit.
9:39 pm
and when the innocent bystander got hit, the media as well as on the detective on the case just manipulated everything surrounding the case and they charged me with robbery and murder. they tried to make my crime be like a hate crime. >> the victim was a transgender prostitute known on the streets as deja. flanders, whose nickname is bowlegs, was convicted of shooting her as he attempted to rob her during a sexual act. according to police, flanders confessed to the crime but later said the victim was shot by accident and was the innocent bystander in a shoot-out between flanders and someone else. >> it was not a male prostitute or a female prostitute. it was -- they was living a double life. >> transgender. >> right. so, they tried to say that i didn't like those type of people and that i showed total disregard for human life, but the only people that know the truth is me, myself, god and the victim. >> coming up --
9:40 pm
>> i've got blueprint smashed on my soul. >> the bank robber turned poet. >> and even though i may smile, this battle has taken its toll. >> and on the eve of his release, kevin houck faces his own demons. >> i think maybe i should have thought about this a long time ago. then maybe it wouldn't all come at you at one time, you know what i mean? >> ah! >> oh! >> yeah. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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doesn't get any better than this, right? this is my playground. i ain't got a life.
9:44 pm
it's very lonely. don't feel good in front of the camera, so, that's all you need because it's all you're gonna get. take care. >> some inmates like to say there's no crying in prison, but with a 55-year sentence for bank robbery, christopher walker will disagree. >> it's not there for decoration. those are permanent tears. used to be because i was frustrated about my freedom. now it's not so much about my freedom anymore, it's about my family. my family's growing older. it's slowly deteriorating before my eyes and i can do nothing to help alleviate their pain or distress. my mother needs help around the house and my father he's pushing 70 years old. he can't do things like that anymore. cry for my son, cry for my family. i get lonely. sometimes i get lonely, man. it's just [ bleep ], it's overwhelming.
9:45 pm
i used to be embarrassed to admit that i cry because i'm a man, i'm not supposed to cry? i'm supposed to be this tough convict kind of person in prison, i'm not supposed to cry. you'd be surprised. some of the biggest, baddest people in here cry. when you step behind these doors for a few years and people tend to forget about you, so yeah, i cry. >> walker also expresses his pain through prison poetry. >> i got bootprints smashed on my soul. and even though i may smile, this battle has taken its toll. sky is the limit which is saying there are no boundaries yet i'm trapped in an 8 by 10 trying to figure out who's real around me. trying to keep up with my sanity is like playing dodgeball, wondering if the devil will come before the gates will fall. so i dream and i hope. and they still slip through my grasp like wisps of smoke. in my head, how much can i take? see my perception of reality has already bent. my mind is ready to break. i've got these [ bleep ]
9:46 pm
bootprints smashed on my soul. and even though i may smile, this battle, this battle has taken its toll. >> take your bottoms off, put them behind you. >> turn around. bend at the waist. cough. bottom of your feet. >> santa rosa takes a toll on most inmates. for some, like those who work on the construction crew, every day involves a strip search prior to returning to the prison. >> every day, buck naked every day, whether you like it or not. >> kevin houck, however, seems to have come through the experience not only unscathed, but having had a pretty good time. he even has fun during strip searches. >> i'm going to take this off, they're going to check here. take my pants off, pull my boxers off. they're going to check it. i'm going to raise my hands so they can look at my armpits. i'm going to do like this, my tongue, lift my sack, lift it up, separate it, uh. want to check that out?
9:47 pm
drop it, boom. turn around. i don't have to -- you don't have to grab your cheeks, you know what i mean? i just do because it says "open wide," and i do this right here. that way, they can see it. then i squat, bam, all right? then i just say, huh! you know what i mean? or sometimes i scare them and go, a-heh, and that's about it. >> while houck can laugh in prison, he has more serious issues to deal with on the streets, and now after nearly two years, this is his last night at santa rosa. >> i haven't had a bad time since i've been here. i've been laughing as much as i possibly can, joking, i mean, whatever i can make the best out of, i do it. i don't think about the outside streets, i don't think about mom, i don't think about my daughter, i don't think about none of that. it's real easy to live in prison, seriously. i don't know. outside, it's real tough out there. >> houck's 5-year-old daughter is currently in the custody of his ex-wife, who is remarried and does not permit visits, but he will see the rest of his
9:48 pm
family in about 12 hours when they pick him up. >> mom, kids, brother, sisters, nieces, nephews. everybody's going to be down here from alabama to pick me up in the parking lot. i mean, i hope they are. >> you look nervous. the last couple days, he's just been different. >> haven't even eaten nothing all day. >> he gave his food away. he never gives his food away. >> i guess i'm feeling a little nervous. >> about what? >> maybe a big change of environment, you know? i don't even know, really. i just -- i don't know, i think maybe i should have thought about this a long time ago, then maybe it wouldn't all come at you at one time. you know what i mean? >> now, his buddies have gathered to give him a santa rosa send-off with a cake made from honey buns, crushed peanut butter cookies mixed with milk and chocolate covered peanuts. it's topped off with a sprinkling of cocoa powder. >> you've got to put the dust on it, the last ingredient right here. santa rosa touch, you know? chain gang secrets right here.
9:49 pm
we had to do it without it, what y'all have on the streets. we just make it happen. right here in santa rosa. come on, j.r., christen it, brother. for the last day, man. he's leaving. >> got his whole life ahead of him. behave out there. because all we're doing in here is getting old. you know what i'm saying? chill out. think before you do stuff. >> and the sad part is, is that he's leaving some good friends behind. but if he gets his butt in trouble again he's going to come back and get that little behind kicked. >> ah! >> oh! >> yeah! >> man! >> tomorrow, i don't really know what's going to happen. i hope i'm sleeping when they call me, you know what i mean? i won't have much to think about at all. just get up and go. only have a cup of coffee in you. i probably won't sleep at all. >> coming up --
9:50 pm
>> are you ready to go? >> yeah. >> i seen him wave. was that him? >> kevin houck takes the walk towards freedom. >> nice little reception going on here. >> yeah. >> and -- jeffrey flanders ponders a life sentence in prison. >> i won't see myself being here that long. if i can't get out the right way, i'll get out the wrong way. they'll have to kill me in here. ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. (bing) ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours.
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9:53 pm
transition book here, as you can see. it's got a bunch of neat little stuff in it where you can work on changing your behaviors and such. here, chapter 2, "change process," trying to change your way of thinking so you don't keep coming back in here like i have. but it only works if you want it to work. >> there's a lot of things about
9:54 pm
me. love for my family, hate for my enemies. it all keeps me going. cage can't hold me forever. cage can't hold me forever. >> everybody deserves a second chance at life. i feel like -- i know -- i don't feel like, i know for a fact i haven't reached my full potential yet, you know. i haven't been shown my loved ones the full potential of judd, that's me. in case y'all didn't know, that's my name, judd. >> jeffrey flanders is facing a life sentence for the murder of a transgender prostitute in miami. but his road at santa rosa could be tougher than many others, due
9:55 pm
primarily to his size. at 4'6", he must always be ready to defend himself against inmates who believe they can take advantage of him. >> even if i knock this dude down, you know, i'm going to always have a problem with him. so if a dude bring a problem to me, i'm not going to handle it in the sense of hand-to-hand combat. i'm going to try to hurt somebody. i'm going to try to physically hurt him because he trying to do me harm. whenever you're going to war with a man and you fight, there's no guarantee i'm going to come out alive. >> flanders says if he's unable to have his sentenced overturned, he doesn't plan on getting out of prison alive. >> if i can't get out the right way, i'll get out the wrong way. they'll have to kill me in here. i won't do the rest of my life in here, and i feel -- that's something that i feel very strongly on. i won't live in here for the rest of my life. i won't. >> in a couple of more hours,
9:56 pm
kevin houck will leave santa rosa the right way. >> i'm getting out today. sometime soon, i hope. yeah, i'm pretty nervous, actually. i thought i'd have a nervous breakdown or something. i feel like i'm leaving one dimension here, going into another. this is like a whole other world right here. it's like i'm going to take off and go to like a regular human world. >> houck's mother has arrived to pick him up. she is joined by three of houck's sisters, two young nieces and his stepbrother. >> we're here because we're picking up kevin. >> we're finally picking kevin
9:57 pm
up after about a year. you know, spend some time together, and you know, just enjoy being around kevin, because when he's in his right mind, he's wonderful. >> i'm glad he's going home, you know? i get kind of depressed when people are going home, still, i mean, just shows us -- incentive for us going home, know what i mean? >> bittersweet. >> oh, yeah, [ bleep ] yeah. as long as he don't come back before i get out, we'll be all right. don't come back. >> no. >> no matter what he does, he's still my child. but i hope this is the end of all this and we can move on. it's time for him to grow up, and you know, he has a little girl he needs to get everything right so he can see her. >> inmate houck? >> yes, ma'am. >> okay, i need to see your i.d. what is your dc number? >> 2223001. >> are you ready to go? >> yes, ma'am. >> have any property? >> just this. >> okay. >> keep yourself out of trouble. >> all right, later. >> i see him wave. is that him? that might be. >> sign your first and last name
9:58 pm
on that top line. this shows today's date, that you're being released. you're going to receive $50 when i get you outside with your family. that's what you're signing for. print your name here and sign your name there. >> he's probably like in there primping, making sure he looks just right, you know? i've got cologne in the car, deodorant, because he wants to smell good and look good. >> i'll take you through, they're going to want to see your i.d. as well at the window. >> all right. >> and after that, you are free. give you your paperwork when you get out in front when we get with your family. >> who's here? >> i don't know. >> wow, you've got a nice little reception going on here, houck. >> yeah. >> thank god. i missed you so much.
9:59 pm
>> i missed you. i'm glad you're out. >> your ears are cold. >> i'm sorry. we've been waiting a long time. what were you, primping? >> thank you! >> this day has been one that i've been looking forward to so much, but i've also been so, so scared because i don't want him to come back. i don't want him to come back, and he always thinks that it won't happen again, but you know, all of us are getting older. we never know how long we have. and i just want him to be around to enjoy all of us and for us to enjoy him, because he's a really good person and has a great heart, but nobody knows it. all they know him is prisoner houck, you know? he's just a prisoner to them, but he's my child and he's a good person. i missed you so much. >> i missed you. >> i see a couple different
10:00 pm
futures. i mean, i see myself back in prison again and i see myself a regular, normal human living a normal life. all inmate deaths in the florida department of corrections are investigated by our inspector general's office. >> one inmate meets an untimely demise. >> prison ain't like it used to be. the extortion game and making them feel threatened, that's kind of out of the window. because they'll snitch on you. you've got to use finesse nowadays. >> a convicted murderer breaks down the ways of prison, while a young, fresh-faced inmate learns about them. >> this is a man's world.


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