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tv   Lockup Santa Rosa - Extended Stay  MSNBC  December 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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keep going now! if you got your hands in your pocket, you're wrong! if you got your hands in your jacket, you're wrong. >> the prison takes on a military-style feel both for the inmates -- >> don't come back in these blues. >> -- and the officers. >> do you know how your structure is set up? >> yeah. >> can you tell me? >> no. >> a gang unit investigation turns up the heat on a pair of cellmates before one turns on the other.
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>> right now i am pissed off. everything changed because of him. >> and with the personal cameras we provide them, inmates share intimate thoughts in the privacy of their cells. >> i look like death warmed over. >> one, two, three, four. one, two, three, four. located on the florida panhandle, pensacola is home to the naval air station, the primary training base for many of america's top military aviators and home to the legendary blue angels. >> aten-hut. right-face. forward march. >> 35 miles away, a military cadence pierces an otherwise
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quiet morning. >> up in the morning at the break of dawn. >> we are veterans standing strong. >> we are veterans standing strong. >> the marchers have all served time in the military, but now they're serving time at the santa rosa correctional institution, one of the toughest maximum security prisons in the state of florida. >> don't come back in these blues. >> don't come back in these blues. >> these inmates are receiving extensive programming specific for veterans that will assist them upon their release from the department of corrections into society. >> you are doing a good job. >> thank you, sir. >> the goal of santa rosa's veterans program is to return a sense of honor and responsibility to former servicemen whose lives have gotten off track. the veterans selected for the program, some of whom date back to vietnam, must have clean disciplinary records and
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upcoming release dates. >> color guard report! >> we represent the color guard for the annex. we are responsible for the flag. >> prepare to raise the flag. >> the flagpole that we have, it doesn't have a string on it, security reasons. the mirror that's behind us, it pretty much sums up what you would see if you actually watch us put the flag up. we take the pole down, hook the flag to it. and when the flag is going back up, it's just at a certain stage that you actually are looking at this. ♪ >> it brings back memories from better days. >> all hands! present, hut! order! forward.
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left, one, two, three, four. left, right, left. >> while these inmates were once warriors, staff here must meet the challenge of managing a very different type of fighting force. >> in the last decade, we've had an increase of gang-related offenses. the florida department of corrections has a comprehensive security threat-group program within each institution, and each institution has a security threat group coordinator assigned, which keeps up with and tracks and monitors our gang activity within a facility that allows us to take proactive measures against those gang members. >> santa rosa security threat group coordinators knight and demerey. >> we're like hound dogs, we get a scent of something and don't want to leave it. it is very critical some of the things we have to go through. >> tower 45. >> when we go down there, inmates may call out our names. knight is here.
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demerey is here. >> you hear the toilets flushing. flushing contraband, marijuana, drugs, razor blades. anything they know that we're coming to find. >> they don't like to see us coming because we're thorough. >> our next target. we're going to ease over to delta dorm. we have a potential blood along with him, his roommate is roca moreno, alfredo iii. we'll get some documentation on him. document him, update him, photographs. >> today's targeted inmates are alfredo roca moreno, serving three life terms for murder, and bobby sandier, serving ten years for robbery with a deadly weapon. the cellmates are held in nearby shower cells while knight and demerey inspect their cell. >> sometimes we've been known to see these guys actually cut out a hole in the wall, cover it
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with toilet paper, toothpaste and a little dirt, make it look just like the side of the wall. and any seam can be a hole. been known to pull out cell phone shanks and marijuana at one time in one hole. >> they are close in the close management or cm unit, a high-security wing for inmates with disciplinary violations. roca moreno has been here for the past three years, due to a total of 15 disciplinary write-ups. >> what are you catching write ups for, the same thing over and over? >> no, no, the last one was for a cell phone. >> you had a cell phone? >> yeah, fighting a little bull [ bleep ] and then. >> what you get on cm for? >> possession of weapons. see them in a couple months now. >> sandier is suspected of being a member of the bloods and some supporting evidence has just been found in his possessions. >> here's what we came looking for right here, five-point star,
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the number five, definite blood nation. 031 is one of the blood codes. stop snitching. we've got a worldwide picture that shows dominance of bloods throughout. >> who are you affiliated with? >> i refuse to answer your question. >> roca moreno is known to be part of the puerto rican prison gang called the niota's. officers knight and demerey would like to find evidence of how active he is or if he has any other affiliations. >> what i'm looking for is to see if the mattress has been altered. inmates are notorious for cutting holes anywhere along the seam or the sides, stuffing it with contraband. then they sew their contraband back up in their mattress. >> here we have a spot. that just shows you right there. let's take this one out. this came off the bottom, right? >> right.
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>> most likely, it's going to be batteries. in this case, it's going to be a cigarette lighter, which is an indication we are probably going to find some tobacco in this guy's room. >> having a lighter is already a rule violation. but with roca-moreno's past history, it could have even more serious consequences. coming up -- >> it's going to be one of them? >> one of what? >> i ask questions, you don't answer? >> no. >> staff interrogate alfredo roca moreno and bobby sandier, and they take their search for contraband to the next level. heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon. every day starts better with a healthy smile. start yours with philips sonicare, the no.1 choice of dentists.
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back to the outside world. i like to look out the window a lot. there is a helicopter school close to here for the coast guard and a lot of really cool helicopters fly over. i like to see that. but this is the most security-conscious place i've ever seen in my life. they do not bull [ bleep ] around on security here. >> housing some of florida's most dangerous inmates, the santa rosa correctional institution operates under strict guidelines, much like the military bases in nearby pensacola. those guidelines even extend to inmate haircuts. >> it has to be one length, cannot touch any portion of the collar or any portion of the ear. you can't cut no kind of designs into your hair or anything like that, any exotic hairstyle or anything like that.
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it has to be all one length. >> the barber shop is staffed by inmates, and one of them is responsible for making sure the clippers always remain sharp. >> i'm the barber maintenance inmate. we maintain and take care of the clippers. ♪ >> i was an iron worker. bridges, commercial buildings, power plants. >> because some barber tools can be turned into weapons, only trusted inmates are allowed to work in the repair shop. >> i go through an interview process and make sure i pick an inmate that's got some trustworthiness to him and mechanical skills. and he knows if he does something wrong, he'll lose a good job. >> but officer barnes' trust only goes so far. >> i maintain a visual on him at all times. we inventory the box on a daily basis, make sure all the screwdrivers, anything that can be used as a tool is there, not altered.
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he has done a good job. probably worked for me for four months now. he's worked out pretty well. >> i believe that will cut now, sir. >> let's see it. >> while john smith might be one of the more trusted inmates at santa rosa, another portion of the population is always on staff's radar. security threat group coordinators knight and demerey gather intelligence on prison gangs. during a cell search of bobby sandier and alfredo roca moreno, they found gang-related material among sandier's possessions. now they will interview him and ask him questions about his involvement with the bloods. >> what does that say? >> blood over bitches. >> okay. you done? >> yep. >> mr. sandier, have a seat. we have already determined
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you're a blood. which set are you? >> no particular set. >> when did you join? >> that's something i can't answer. >> where did you join? >> miami, florida. >> how did you become involved? >> i won't answer that one. >> why did you become involved? >> no answer. >> have you gained anything since you smuggled drugs? >> i won't answer. >> so you're just a blood from miami. >> are you going to answer any of these questions? any of them at all? look, look, let's do this, okay? seeing you don't want to answer no questions. did you draw this? >> yeah. >> you drew this? >> i can't answer. >> you understand, a five star. you know? >> i mean, it's nothing violent or anything like that. >> but you are a blood. >> what are you trying to figure out? >> we are trying to figure out what set you are. >> doesn't really matter what
10:16 pm
set i am. if i'm a blood, i'm a blood. >> i will put you in the right set. this is for classification to know where you are, who you are, so they won't put you with somebody else that will take you out, put you with a bad roommate. >> i guess you can put byrd gang down. >> byrd gang. is that what you are? why didn't you tell us in the first place? >> little bit of cooperation is better than none. >> during the search, knight and demerey also found a lighter hidden in the mattress of sandier's cell mate, alfredo roca moreno. knowing he has a lengthy history, correctional officers now want to take a closer look at the mattress. >> what have we got here?
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>> i need this mattress checked for contraband, please. >> we have to break this whole mattress down. regulations require that security check mattresses when they're brought in like this. lieutenant? this was the area that was concerned, right? >> yes. >> roca moreno is a known member of a puerto rican prison gang called the nietas. he joined during an earlier prison sentence he served in puerto rico, but he insists the nietas are not a gang. but a fellowship of sorts. >> it was a word from the warriors. they used to send it to the gods three times. that's why it means the birth of a new warrior. >> roca moreno says puerto rico inmates simply band together as nietas while they're in prison. >> that's why we fight against abuse. that's what we fight for, like
10:18 pm
health care that's not good. that's why we fight for, the toilets, the hygiene. but they want to label us as a gang. >> that's what i told you earlier, unity is power. >> are you satisfied? all right. >> while no other contraband was found in the mattress, the lighter could still carry a serious consequence for roca moreno, the extension of a visitation suspension. >> why were your visits suspended? >> different violations. i had just been back, but a got caught with a cell phone, so they came and took my visitation back. i've got to calm down, get on cm. i've been on cm for three years, so right now, i ain't seen my family in four years. when i go to sleep at 10:00, 11:00, that's when i think about my family. that's the only thing i've really got, because in the end,
10:19 pm
no friends are going to do anything for you, but your family's the ones that are going to be there. >> it will now be up to administrators to determine if roca moreno will have his visitation restored. in the meantime, officers knight and demerey will update their photos with roca moreno's tattoos and question him about his ties to the nietas. >> on the wall, on the wall. >> just going to take a few pictures. >> what do they call you, roca? >> alfredo. >> alfredo? >> we're not going to call you by your first name. >> come on now. what do the other guys call you around here? >> alfredo. >> no, no, what's your ak, your nickname? it's going to be one of them? >> one of what? >> i ask questions, you don't answer? >> no, all depends on what kind of questions you ask me. >> where all this came from? >> we are the security threat
10:20 pm
group. that's all we do. we do gang investigations, gang interviews. >> all right, but i'm -- >> you were on our list. >> i'm not in a gang. >> you were on the list because of your tattoos. >> i'm not affiliated to nothing. >> give me that other leg, all right? >> it's not the same thing. >> hold it right there. >> we ain't in puerto rico! >> that's what i'm saying. >> and we ain't in santa rosa, california, either. >> come over here and have a seat, if you're through with him. >> i am. >> have a seat. how did you become involved? >> go to prison -- >> why did you become involved? >> ain't got no choice over there. >> you have a choice. you always have a choice. >> got to be something. you've got to be something. >> you've got to be something? what role or rank did you have? is that no answer or you didn't have any?
10:21 pm
>> nobody. >> you were just a soldier? have you recruited or sponsored anybody? >> no. that's against the law. >> how do you prove your loyalty to be accepted? >> i'm just being me. >> i mean how did you come into it, by birth, by being beat in, by what? >> see, that's what you don't understand. it's not a gang. so you don't get beat up to get -- >> okay. >> you know what i'm saying? >> so you're saying anybody can be a member of that gang? >> as long as you're not a snitch or a child molester. >> anybody that's not a puerto rican can be a member of the gang? >> as long as you ain't a snitch, child molester or raper, you are good. >> you just asked me to be put in. that is a new one. who are the leaders of your group? >> it's florida. there ain't no leaders here. the leaders are in puerto rico. >> all right, so who are the leaders of your group? >> i haven't been in communication with them since i left, so i can't tell them. >> do you know how your structure is set up, rank
10:22 pm
structure? >> yep. >> can you tell me? >> no. >> anything else you want to ask, answer, add? thanks for your cooperation. >> coming up -- >> i turned, aimed and fired. he was 6 years old. >> a veteran inmate still suffers from an act of war. and later -- >> you can plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. >> alfredo roca moreno faces authorities over the lighter found in his mattress. ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the
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can help prepare you for growth at at florida's santa rosa correctional institution, there is not only a code of conduct, but considerably higher expectations for the 43 inmates who make up the prison's veterans program. >> what we need to continue to focus on is looking good. and we can't look good if we are fighting against one another. we cannot win the war. okay?
10:26 pm
any questions? because we need to get up and go to what? >> chow! >> chow! >> take it home, sarge. take it home. >> these guys have been a part of the military. so, when it comes to discipline and organization, they're a step ahead of regular general population because they're used to being punctual, being places where they're supposed to be. they go through leadership courses and they go through courses of discipline. so, tao got 47, 1015, 51 dining hall, 4-7. get to steppin'! >> the veterans dorm is pretty quiet. i like that. it kind of helps because a lot of us been through war, shell-shocked. some of us have problems with quick sounds and booms and bangs and yada yada.
10:27 pm
i kind of have, i guess psychological problems, if you will. and i guess the mental stress. so. >> twaun stallworth serving a one year sentence for cocaine possession, is still haunted by a combat experience that occurred 20 years earlier during the battle to free kuwait. he says he once saw a friend blown up by a woman and a child who were concealing explosives. moments later, he saw another child running towards him. >> i didn't know what to do. but i turned, i aimed and i fired. he was 6 years old. i didn't kill him. i did injure him -- his leg. that's one of the things that bothers me because that was somebody's kid. it kind of wasn't -- wasn't trying to hurt me.
10:28 pm
and it unfortunately -- i have unfortunately had a dream that it was my son that i was shooting. >> stallworth presents a great front. you'll see him and he's animated and laughs and talks with you. underlying that, he continues with some anxiety and stress issues three or four times a week. he still continues with nightmares and some flashback type of things going on. so, these are things that we're trying to address with his medications to help him gather coping skills. >> when i'm not on medication, i make bad moves. i have no inhibitions. i don't care. i have a temper anyway. but without the medication, like i say, i would be dr. jekyll and mr. hyde. >> coming up -- >> how do you plead? >> not guilty, sir.
10:29 pm
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>> two. >> left. >> two. >> all right, y'all, hold it down. hey, if you stop talking and get up here, we'll go to chow. we structure everything like the military. and we like to have everybody do the same thing all together and they stay in compliance when they do that. if you've got your hands in your pockets, you're wrong. if you've got your hands in your jacket, you're wrong. >> we make them walk on the line so we do have consistency. and if everybody's walking in a straight line, it makes our job a whole lot easier. y'all take your hands out of your pockets. >> while florida's santa rosa correctional institution can be mistaken for boot camp, it's not only the inmates who march in formation. >> one! two! three! >> every two months, the rapid response teams from santa rosa and three other state prisons come together for training. >> one, two, three, four!
10:34 pm
one, two, three, four! >> your left! >> it's a team comprised of officers to respond to any event that may happen at our correctional facilities for riot control, disturbances or incidents of that nature. >> forward, halt! >> if we had a large-scale incident, we would want to make sure that we had a complement of officers that could address that and we adopted some military mobile field force-type training and we feel that a platoon with munitions and batons and less lethal capabilities would be sufficient enough to handle a large-scale incident, which is why we have a platoon-type formations. >> platoon halt! >> not all problems at santa rosa require a platoon-style response, as one of the inmate workers has just discovered. >> so where are you? >> in confinement. >> why?
10:35 pm
>> got caught with some weed. >> how about your job? >> probably lose my job. it's all part of the game. just because i'm doing time, i'm not going to stop living. so, i hang out every chance i get. that's what convicts do. >> you hang out? what does that mean? >> have as much fun as possible. still live. >> john smith's fun has left his former supervisor short-handed. >> those type inmates are hard to come by, those mechanically inclined, a lot of times, especially for small, tedious work like that. so it puts us in a bind, but you know, that's the reality of prison life right there. alfredo roca moreno's latest troubles were prompted by the discovery of a lighter inside his mattress, and he has had numerous disciplinary problems over the past few years.
10:36 pm
>> 15 of them. disrespect, manufacture of drugs, fighting, another one, possession of narcotics. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> as a result, he has been in confinement and has had his visitation privileges suspended. today, he will face authorities to answer for the lighter and to find out if that suspension will be extended. >> you can plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. how do you plead? >> not guilty, sir. >> officer demerey provided a statement that approximately 11:45 a.m., i was present in cell d-3118 when officer s. knight found a cigarette lighter in the mattress assigned to inmate roca moreno, alfredo. inmate roca moreno admitted to me that the lighter was his. >> roca moreno hopes that a procedural error will help him win his case. >> what do you want to tell the team?
10:37 pm
>> for chapter 33, any contraband taken out of my cell, i should receive a pink slip, just like this one right here, stating which contraband was taken out of my cell. as you see, they took my hygiene that day and everything that was taken from me is noted right there, but it never says nothing about no lighter. so that's a procedural error right there, sir. >> photos were taken of the contraband. >> yes, sir, chapter 33. i didn't make chapter 33, d.o.c. made it. and it states that any contraband taken out of the property of an inmate, they should get a personal property slip for it. you see that everything they took from me is noted right there, sir. there's no lighter right there. >> anything else you want to tell us? >> that's all i got to say, sir. >> okay. step out for a moment. >> officer says he admitted that it was his, so i think we have
10:38 pm
sufficient evidence for finding him guilty. he does have 82 days, any time eligible for forfeiture. i don't think it warrants taking any time, so i think we can go with 15 days dc. we can do that. 15 days, dc. okay. have inmate roca step back in, please. all right, inmate roca, based on the evidence presented to the team, the team did find you guilty. 15 days disciplinary confinement. you have 15 days to appeal the team's decision if you don't agree with our decision. the issue you can raise that in grievance issue. 15 days dc. you will get a copy of the finding later today, okay? we're done. >> so, alfredo, how did it go? >> real [ bleep ]. >> why? >> i didn't make the rules. they made the rules. they can't go by the rules, but they want me to go by their rules. you can't just bend the rules to your advantage.
10:39 pm
you've got to go by the rules. my visits is down the drain. i've been working so hard to get them. that's the worst thing they could do to me right now. >> the ruling against roca moreno also means his visitation ban will continue until he is at least a year freer of write-ups. he will serve his 15 days of disciplinary confinement in solitude. his cellmate, bobby sandier will be moved to another cell. and roca moreno says that's fine with him. >> right now i'm pissed off. everything came because of him, because of his dumb ass. if he wouldn't have gotten caught with his dumb [ bleep ], they would have never came to my house. >> roca was like the best roommate i ever had. so, i hate that he had -- i hate that he had to catch a dr and get time. >> but as officers move him,
10:40 pm
sandier has some concerns about his new cellmate. until they can sort things out, sandier is placed in a holding cell. >> i didn't try to make the job harder, so don't just -- i don't want to put myself in the situation. >> what is the problem with the cell? >> the dude in 116 is a known psychological inmate. >> okay. >> two dudes have moved out of his room because of altercations. so i'm trying to prevent myself from falling into that same category because i know me as an inmate, i'm not trying to set myself up for failure. >> i'll check with your dorm lieutenant. it will be up to your dorm lieutenant, but i'll check with him, see if that's an option, okay? just hang out. >> all right, i appreciate it. >> just hang out for me.
10:41 pm
>> it's hard moving into a room with an inmate that you don't really know and he has a history of, you know, altercations and situations with other roommates, so you know, to avoid that, i just go about it the right way, right procedures, you know. and hopefully, you know, better outcome come out of it. >> sandier's request is acknowledged by staff and he is temporarily moved to a single-man cell until classification can find him another cellmate. >> delta roll, 3102. >> it's better than having to go in a cell with the other person. i'm very appreciative of the officers being able to work with me, you know? you go about things the right way, you know, a positive outcome will come about. >> coming up, alfredo roca moreno has a conflict with staff. >> what did he say? >> i don't know because i was talking over him. i just know he was a bitch. that's what i told him. we let you compare our progressive direct rate... great deals for reals! ...and our competitors' rates side-by-side, so you know you're getting a great deal. saving the moolah.
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savings worth the hype. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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well, i'll tell you what, modern technology's something else. security, security, security. security screws. those are some big ones there, huh? there is some -- here is some other security screws. it's got a screw loose in it. i can't believe that they haven't seen it yet. right there. this place is so secure. i mean, not being sarcastic, this is the most secure place you've ever seen. >> florida's santa rosa correctional institution is a tightly run prison for 2,800
10:46 pm
inmates, many of whom are considered among the state's most problematic. they are supervised by a small number of corrections officers usually armed with little more than pepper spray. >> being a correctional officer takes a special briefed individual. not everybody could do this job. you have to have a lot of courage. you have to have some excellent communication skills. you're supervising many times, 200, 300 inmates at a time by yourself. >> hey! >> and now the prison is losing one of its key staff members. security threat group coordinator james demerey is retiring. >> we're here to recognize officer james demerey today. we want to thank you for your 14 years of dedication. you set an example for all of us to follow as a correctional officer here at santa rosa. it will be a great loss for us losing you. we wish you all the luck in the world. we envy you, being able to retire, and we want to present
10:47 pm
you with this retirement award. it says "retirement award, santa rosa corrections institution congratulates james demerey for 14 years of excellent service for the florida department of corrections. good luck for an enjoyable retirement." >> thank you, sir. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> i would like to say i really appreciate everybody, even officer knight. and i'm going to miss this. >> we have a good bond. we work real well together. we almost have a telepathy. when his replacement comes, i am hoping that -- it's never going to be another officer demerey, but hopefully, we'll get back into the same swing of things, be able to accomplish what officer demerey and i have been doing for the last six years. >> but not everyone at santa
10:48 pm
rosa holds the officers in such esteem. >> see that [ bleep ] raggedy [ [ bleep ] walking right there. hate police. they ain't nothing but a bunch of bitches. abuse their little power, treat them like [ bleep ] dogs. i'd be looking out of this [ bleep ] all day. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> alfredo roca moreno, serving three life sentences for murder and a member of the nietas, a puerto rican prison gang, has been on close management for the past three years. >> i ain't trying to die in here. believe it or not, it's like my worst fear, i die and then they bury me in the back of the prison? no. you going to bury me, bury me outside the gates. i don't want to be buried in prison and be forgotten.
10:49 pm
>> roca moreno says he's already feeling forgotten. his numerous disciplinary problems have resulted in his visitation privileges being suspended for the past three years. [ bleep ] >> now officers recently found a lighter hidden in his mattress, which will prolong his sanctions. >> i got screwed because of that lighter. i'm trying to do good. now a lighter is holding me here. i can't see my people just because of the lighter. [ bleep ] >> roca moreno's frustration has recently caused him even more problems. he has just received another disciplinary report for kicking his door after a dispute with an officer. >> well, i told him to get me out because i was going to rec, i was supposed to go to rec. he said he wasn't going to talk me out. i started kicking the door.
10:50 pm
he started talking [ bleep ]. i started talking [ bleep ] back to him. >> what did he say? >> i don't know because i was talking over him. i just know that he was a bitch. that's what i told him, that he was a bitch [ bleep ]. >> with his recent setbacks, roca moreno faces six more months before leaving close management and having his visits restored. john smith has also been in confinement since being caught with possession of marijuana. >> what's been going on since last time we saw you? >> just sitting here drawing, watching the time go by, thinking about what i'm going to do with the rest of my life. >> smith hopes to someday make a living from his art skills but admits he might have to break a few more prison rules to do so. >> going to be doing a lot of tattooing. i mean, you know, i know it's against the rules in here, but i've got a mandatory sentence, so i'm pretty well looking at this time as like a skin school. i've got all the skin in the world to work with, so my total
10:51 pm
goal is to be a beast in the tattoo world by the time i get out. pretty much have nothing but time in here, so i've cranked out quite a bit of art. i do have something i can give you guys. >> okay. coming up -- >> got a card, too, last night, says "there's an angel watching over you." >> alfredo roca moreno can't win for losing. ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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♪ ♪ >> order! >> one of santa rosa's veterans is now just days away from returning to life on the outside. twuan stallworth has been treated for post-traumatic stress disorder while serving a one-year sentence for cocaine possession. >> i have ten days left, so every day i count down, ten, nine, eight, and by next friday, midnight, hopefully my ride will show up because i'm going to go ahead and get my folks to pick me up. that way i don't have to wait until the next day. i can't wait to get the hell out of here. >> stallworth's first priority is seeing his 3-year-old son.
10:57 pm
>> first thing i'm going to do when i get out is grab my little boy. i sent message that he's there at my grandmother's house where i'm going to stay for a little bit. so first thing i'm going to do, i'm going to say hey to grandma, get some sugar from grandma. then hopefully my son's awake, which he probably shouldn't be, but he probably will be. i'll pick him up and give him some love. >> stallworth is hardly alone when it comes to missing family. alfredo roca moreno hasn't seen his in four years. >> i miss them so bad. i don't want him thinking i've been [ bleep ] all the time. basically, i want to go home. i miss [ bleep ] my family. >> roca moreno had high hopes that his time in the close management confinement unit was
10:58 pm
about to end. he recently appealed the prison's decision to sanction him for having a lighter in his possession due to a procedural error in the report and he won, but the victory came too late. >> you want to know something? after all this [ bleep ] happened, i beat the dr for the lighter, but i'm still stuck for kicking the door. i just found out yesterday. if i hadn't kicked the door, if he would have let me go out that day, i probably could have seen my family with a few more months, but now -- i was thinking about that [ bleep ]
10:59 pm
last night, i was like, damn! but if i did a year clean, i could have tried to ask for permission so they could reinstate my visit, but since i caught those, now all that's out of the window. i got a card, too, last night. i'll show you, see. it says "there's an angel watching over you." but it's in spanish, i'm just going to read. keep you safe, light your way, for you are someone very special who means more than words can say. >> who's that from? >> moms. moms ain't going to fail your kid ever. >> it still will be months before roca moreno sees his mother again, but with a life sentence, it will only be inside the walls of prison. >> think about it, you're going to die in prison. you can't even explain it, you know what i'm saying? and as days go by, your hopes just fade away, too, with them.
11:00 pm
this sunday, after a post truth election, do the president-elect's words matter? donald trump's first campaign manager says, maybe not. >> this is the problem with the media, you guys took everything donald trump said so literally. >> when candidate trump says -- >> we're going to drain the swamp. >> what does he mean? what about repealing obamacare or the conversations with the leaders of taiwan, pakistan and the philippines? this morning, my interview with the vladimir putice-president-e governor mike pence of indiana. post-election bitterness. we're bringing together top campaign figures fromhe


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