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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  December 5, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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honorees. these five recipients recognized for lifetime contributions through the performing arts. air on december 27th on cbs and there's always great performances on that. that will wrap up this hour. i'm chris jansing. tamron hall is uprig right now. >> thank you. i know you're headed out to trump tower. sad news out of oakland, california. firefighters say they, quote, absolutely expect more fatalities in that warehouse fire that started during a party friday night killing now at least 36 people. one person was just 17 years old. people are still missing at this hour. the search though has been suspended because the building is too dangerous to enter. the families are waiting in anguish as we hear from survivors for the first time. >> never experienced anything like that. never had to save a friend from a burning building, not being
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able to fully save them. another developing story this hour. demonstrators celebrating a victory as the army corps of engineers orders the builders to explore alternative routes. we'll have the latest from standing rock and audiocassetta from the black eyed peas. and slamming on trade and currency expansion after the complaint for trump's breach of protocol accepting a phone call from taiwan's president and what it means for the balance of power in asia. good morning, i'm tam tron hall live from our msnbc headquarters in new york. new developments we're reporting on the devastating fire in oakland, california. a couple of hours ago around 9:00 a.m. eastern time and it has halted recovery efforts at the warehouse. the front wall of the building is not stable and conditions
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simply too dangerous. the fire department hopes they will be back in the building within the next few hours. at this hour, we know 36 people confirmed dead and sadly, as we know, officials say that number will rise. >> we're no closer to finding a cause and we absolutely believe that the number of fire fatalities will increase. >> witnesses believe nearly 100 people packed the warehouse known as ghost ship or a party late friday night. there were only seconds to escape. renters say the property had two access points. a main door and emergency exit. matt lauer spoke to two women about friends and neighbors they've lost. >> we've lost one of our own in the fire and we all knew right aw
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away. one of our other members tried to save him and wasn't able to and we all knew and we all knew right away. you know, i think he's still officially listed as missing because they haven't recovered his body yet. so we all watched our home burn and we knew he was inside. >> police identified three more victims this morning but waiting to release those names until all families notified. the warehouse was not zoned for residential living but some 25 people called it home. a criminal investigation team currently at the scene and nbc's steve patterson following all the developments for us. what details are we getting? people were living there. the fire station a block away from there. what are authorities saying how people were allowed to live in
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that building when they weren't supposed to? >> reporter: if i take a few steps to my left, i'd be able to see that fire station. it gives you an idea of how fast moving this fire was. i think the sub text here is one more update horrific than the other, as the death toll climbs, we're past this being a historic event. the last most worst fire was the oakland hills fire that killed 25 people. now up to 36. that's the death toll here on scene with 11 bodies identified. as you mentioned, officials certainly expect that number to increase as they continue moving through the building but speaking of that, as you mentioned, the word stoppage is in place as we speak. that front wall is leaning ever so slightly just enough for officials on scene here to say, no, we're not going to send our crews back in there until structural engineers get on scene, deem that safe. that's going to hamper an
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investigative team. they have at this point essentially identified the origin of the fire and do believe now it is in the back of the warehouse near the back wall that it probably started somewhere in that first floor or the makeshift colony of residences and work spaces were cluttered together in a labyrinth maze-like structure and want to quarantine the area but that work will not happen until they deem this structure safe. that's work going on right now and you mentioned the criminal investigative team. they're on scene here as well working with state and local officials here as this continues. tamron? >> thank you very much and turning now to the developing news out of north dakota. protesters erupted into cheers yesterday after the army corps of engineers turned down a permit to finish the
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controversial dakota access pipeline. the standing rock sioux tribe and supporters have been protesting against the pipeline for months saying it would affect drinking water and disturb sacred tribal sites. the victory could be short-lived as president-elect donald trump has said he supports the pipeline and policy experts believe that he, in fact, could reverse the current decision on the project. according to the 2016 federal disclosure papers, he holds stock in the company set to build the pipeline but trump said his support has nothing to do with his business investments. cal perry standing by at the camp site there. this could be a temporary victory. what's the peeling thefeeling t? >> reporter: yesterday was emotional high but people wake up to news, not only the discussion about donald trump but the energy statement said they'll continue construction. people are waking up to that news and i want to show you
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because we're in the camp now. you can see here there's a breakfast line. people make tea and start to get up, get fed. temperatures are plunging here and only going to get worse. supposed to drop to single digits and now the international media arrived as well. there were two satellite trucks here yesterday and now more than two dozen support vehicles and how do you stay warm here? the group of veterans who built the fire and as you ask folks, are you going to leave? today was supposed on the deadline and they're not going anywhere regardless of the weather, they're here, as they say, to protect the water protectors. they'll put themselves between the authorities and the people protesting the pipeline and yesterday, tamron, we saw the national guard pull back from positions both on the bridge and lines behind me. this morning, they're back with the humvees, up armored trucks and one of the big huge vehicles
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on the bridge. it seems like we've reset where we were a couple of weeks ago, tamron? >> thank you very much. black eyed peas member taboo who stood on the ground and part native american, a decembscende. >> thank you for being there. we needed more media attention and i'm very glad that it's finally here. so my hats off to you guys for being there. >> you were there with the cameras were not, speaking to the pornimportance of it all an want to talk about how this is not covered to the extent that it would. you have some people who even compare this to selma, the stand that's being taken against this pipeline. but right now, this temporary victory, this could change with the new administration. what are you calling on supporters like yourself to do next? >> it's a victory in the battle
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but the war is not over. even though we have a pause on the dakota access pipeline, there's still more work for us to do. it's people like myself, mark ruffa ruffalo, people who have been at standing rock, matt magori, who are making a difference and using their voice and their platform to bring attention and awareness to what's really going on at standing rock. we need all the help we can get. we just put out a video called standing rock, stand up. and it's our way of saying thank you to the water protectors and people standing in solidarity with standing rock. so, you know, we need a lot of help. there's a lot more fight to go. for us, it's important to stay focused, keep our eye on the prize because we still got a lot of fight in us.
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>> you have a video. let's play a little of that, please. >> we've been fighting for freedom since the nina and the santa maria. crazy horse. now they're poisoning waters for sons and daughters so on the frontier. stand up ♪ stand up >> this song, again, is "stand up," standing rock. i want to show you the decision and more than three years now, dakota access pipeline has done nothing but play but the rules. the white house is directed to the corps for further delay is just the latest in a series of overt and transparent political actions by an administration which has abandoned the rule. do you see yourself as part of a narrow and extreme political
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constituency? >> i don't. a person that cares about the well being of mother earth. i stand as not an artist or celebrity but a native myself. i represent the shishoni nation but before that, a father. it's important to know my kids and their kids are going to have clean water and they're preserving mother earth. the pipeline is something that's supposed to cross over areas that have historical and cultural significance. we have to preserve it. when i hear the word protesting, it kind of makes me feel like, they have a misconception about that. it's actually protecting. we're the water protecters. we're protecting sacred land that's been there and if i have a voice, i use my voice to stand
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in solidarity. it's important to be active and involved. i'm not an agitator or a person to cause a ruckus. more of a person who talked about where's the love? my track record speaks for itself. i come from the black eyed peas and always about positivity and having the love presented in the forefront. so that's the same approach i have with standing rock. >> taboo, thank you so much for your time. >> appreciate it. the president-elect makes it official. ben carson will be his, well, is his pick for the new secretary of housing and urban development that after carson says he is not qualified for the job. meanwhile, the short list for secretary of state keeps growing. who's in the running and how a
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fake news story inspired a real shooting over the weekend. >> promoting false and reckless conspiracy theories do come with consequences and i hope that those involved with fanning these flames will actake a mome to contemplate what happened here today. what do you got to offer us today? ♪balance transfer that's my game♪ ♪bank you never heard of, that's my name♪ haa! thank you. uh, next. watch me make your interest rate... disappear.
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male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. we're excited to have dr. carson as our intended nominee for housing and urban development. we are looking to another very productive week in the transition that's setting a historic pace. >> vice president-elect pence is talking about the new nominee this morning. announcing he'll nominate ben
8:17 am
carson to be housing of urban development and it was dr. carson who commented about his qualifications or lack thereof. >> in that room and i think it's something -- >> medical degrees, one of the top neurosurgeons. what do you know about doing this? >> well, i know that i grew up in the inner city. i have spent a lot of time there, and have dealt with a lot of patients from that area, and recognize that we cannot have a strong nation if we have weak inner cities. >> carson's business said he feels he has no government experience but never run a federal agency. the last thing he'd want to do is take a position that could cripple the presidency. anne thompson live from trump tower here in new york. so you have not necessarily from the words of dr. carson on camera but someone close to him
8:18 am
saying he didn't feel he had the classifications for it. paul ryan speaking out about this nomination and why he believes dr. carson would be the right fit. >> reporter: tamron, there's no question that this nomination is controversial. house minority leader nancy pelosi tweeting this morning that dr. ben carson is, quote, disturbingly unqualified to serve as secretary of housing and urban development. but then from the other side of the aisle as you mentioned, speaker paul ryan going to twitter and he tweeted this morning that the real ben carson, his twitter handle, a great choice for hud government or that's the secretary of housing and urban development. a shining example of overcoming poverty. he will focus on dignity rather than dependence but again, this question of what qualifications does dr. ben carson bring to run this agency that is critically
8:19 am
important to the poor in this country and that's something we can expect to hear a lot about in the coming days. now, also, this week, president-elect donald trump is going to go once again back to the drawing board and reconsider the possible nominees for secretary of state. that is considered the most important position in his cabinet. and that list is expanding and here are the people we know on the list at this time. former massachusetts governor mitt romney on the list, along with former new york mayor rudy giuliani who is a long time trump supporter. tennessee senator bob corker, chair of the armed sfervices committee and including john bolton and john huntsman, ambassador to china under president obama. >> thank you very much, anne thompson live at trump tower. the president-elect is risking further provoking china.
8:20 am
he sent out a tweet just recently saying, did china ask us if it was okay to devalue their currency? making it hard for companies to compete, heavily tax our products, going to their country. the u.s. doesn't tax them or to build a massive military complex. i don't think so. china already logged a diplomatic protest after broke decades by accepting a congratulatory phone call from taiwan. vice president-elect mike pence down played it yesterday. >> this was a courtesy call. democratically elected president called to congratulate the president-elect and as a gracious. >> nothing new should be read into it? >> i don't think so. the waters here seem like a bit
8:21 am
of a tempest in a teapot. it's striking that president obama would reach out to a murdering dictator in cuba and be hailed as a hero and president-elect donald trump takes a call from taiwan and something of a thing in the media. i think most americans and frankly most leaders around the world know this for what it was. >> nbc's kristen welker joining me now. there's new reaction coming in this morning from china but i also, because this is a president with no political experience, prides himself ongoing from his gut, do we know if he was unaware of the potential provocation here? >> reporter: that's the central question. let me read you reporting from the "washington post" and then analysis on the other side. according to the post, the call was the product of months of quiet preparations and deliberations among trump
8:22 am
advisors about a new strategy for engaging with taiwan that began before he became the republican presidential nominee. i asked top advisors about that reporting and asked if this signaled a shift in policy. they essentially referred us back to the comments from vice president-elect mike pence but here's what we know, tamron. think about donald trump out on the campaign trail. he was very bullish against china and said if he were to win the white house, he would push them and try to pressure them into doing things like not devaluing their currency and incursions in the south china sea. the reaction from china has been very strong. let me read you a little bit from the people's daily, the communist newspaper which wrote trump and his transition team should realize making trouble for china/u.s. ties is making troubles for themselves. so was this a blunder? a misstep? that remains a question, but the
8:23 am
bottom line is that we know that this is someone who has a candidate, had a lot to say about china and there are questi indications this outreach was under discussion for quite some time, tamron. >> thank you very much. let's bring an expert. the woodrow wilson center at the washington, dc center. a former diplomat in the embassy in beijing. thank you for your time, robert. >> thank you. >> the potential conflicts of interest because he is a businessman with properties and interests around the world, you have this question about business dealings in taiwan. the news media there reporting that trump organization went to explore to building a luxury hotel near the taipei airport but said it was not planning any expansion in taiwan. so the complicated weather, he knew the protocol, how long was
8:24 am
this phone call in the works? and now this. what are your concerns here? >> i would be less concerned about the potential conflict of interest that you just described. we know president-elect trump is advised by a number of foreign policy experts who come from a group of people in washington who really since 1979, since the united states dropped its formal relations with taiwan and recognized the people's republic of china, there's a group dissatisfied with the way the united states has treated taiwan. taiwan is a very important trading partner. this year, 2016, it's our number nine largest trading partner. 18th biggest trading nation in the world. and also a mature democracy that shares a lot of our values and a place that evokes an increasing amount of sympathy and interest in washington. i think this phone call comes from a long standing ideological
8:25 am
and policy driven approach to taiwan and said we've danced too long to beijing's tune and time to indicate that taiwan is important to the united states. >> if that is the case and this is what you seem to be explaining as a forward way of thinking, why haven't we seen leaders in washington take this stand? recent terms. >> because the united states has, since 1979, ascribed to the one china policy and this is the foundation of our relations with the people's republic of china which is our largest trading partner and u.s./china relations are, i think, fairly broadly seen. the world's most important bilateral relationship. taiwan is a core interest of china's. taiwan since the end of the civil war in 1949, both
8:26 am
maintained there was only one china and that taiwan was part of it and china claimed this is a core interest, meaning they're willing to fight if taiwan makes moves towards independence. so our policy, our non-provocation of beijing along these lines has been essential to stability across the taiwan straits that has benefitted the people of taiwan. >> you know better than anyone how this threatens to have an impact on the world, the global economy in addition to these two big economies that we face, ours and china. with that said, military provocations, a number of analysts who noted yesterday with something like this that could potentially escalate, would the united states be prepared to use its military if this goes beyond where it is now which is a form of complaint and is it always a possibility? >> it's a possibility but a great many steps away.
8:27 am
it's somewhat encouraging that beijing has chosen to take a low key response to this. they stated that trump is still the president-elect and this is not an official u.s. action so rather than aiming wrath at washington, it has chosen to aim it at taiwan and its president, by saying this is the fault of tiyiny, they give themselves a little diplomatic breathing space vis-a-vis the u.s. and appear to acclimate trump including previous presidents such as reagan, george w. bush and clinton. >> going back to business dealings in taiwan, this does not concern you at all? >> i would say this is a minor concern. our concern needs to be comprehensive policy for the
8:28 am
asia pacific region including the cross straits relations. not so much that president-elect trump had a call with president-elect sy is that a major change, not in u.s. policy but in u.s. practice should be found in the comprehensive policy review and should take in the risks. what costs might be incurred in taiwan? how does this affect? there has been no policy review. >> thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it. a 28-year-old man is in police custody after firing an assault rifle in the washington, dc pizza restaurant. he claims he was inspired by a fake news story about hillary clinton and her team. we'll have the very latest. and there have been no charges in the shoots of former nfl running back joe mcknight and his family is demanding answers as the man who admitted
8:29 am
shooting mcknight with the stand your ground defense. the man who shot mcknight also involved in another road rage incident in the same area back in 2006. i'll speak with the president of the new orleans branch of the naacp after the break. [engine revving] ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. even if you're trying your best. along with diet and exercise, once-daily toujeo® may help you control your blood sugar.
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a fake news story inspired a man to fire an assault weapon inside a popular pizzeria in washington, dc. no one injured but we learn why he chose that particular location. nbc's hallie jackson has the details. >> reporter: armed with an assault rifle, edgar sent terrified customers scrambling on sunday. he went into comet ping-pong and
8:33 am
fired one shot into the floor. >> people who ran in called and said he had a weapon. >> set up a perimeter. >> reporter: this image taken by a witness shows welch surrounded by police with his hands behind his head. >> his demeanor was bizarre. you ask for a host when you come in, or go to the bar. didn't make eye contact or talk with anybody. >> reporter: the 28-year-old taken into custody. police saying he told them he came to self-investigate pizza gate. a fake online conspiracy theory said it was the center of a child sex slave ring organized by hillary clinton and john podesta. in an effort to crack down, reddit banned pizza gate. >> you think people are brave behind the key board but you
8:34 am
don't actually think someone will do something about it. >> reporter: since the fake story went viral, the owner said he's received hundreds of death threats. >> what happens today demonstrates that promoting false conspiracy theories come with consequences and i hope those involved will contemplate what happened here today and stop right away. >> that was nbc's hallie jackson reporting. edgar madison welch charged with assault with a deadly weapon. let's go to jacob soboroff. he's been following this story for weeks looking into this, the impact of the fake news stories but how this went viral as we like to say and then picked up, we talked about reddit but also picked up by other social media sites. >> all over the place using facebook and instagram and came back around.
8:35 am
in this story in particular where his own was not only used to perpetuate the fake news story but people came back to attack this gentleman on it and taken private since then. i want to talk about this today. i was scheduled to be there tonight at comet ping-pong before any of this has happened. this is truly a phenomenon, this phenomenon of fake news that's stretched from here in southern california to there in washington, dc and all the way to macedonia where people are making a living off fake news and sending it out across the internet, particularly on facebook and buzzfeed did a remarkable analysis after the election. the 19 most fake shared outdid the real news in the run-ups before the election.
8:36 am
when you talk about consequences of fake news, not only do we see a horrific incident like somebody coming into a washington, dc pete izzeria thad absolutely no justification to do so and no reality to any al exacerbati allegations of sex trafficking but may have influenced the election with stories like fbi agents committing murder/suicide over connection to hillary clinton. completely false. >> looking at that owners say there are consequences to this. do we know how that story was created? why that location? any details just how it came out like that? >> reporter: a good question. john podesta had e-mail interactions with mr. james alafontis. he had conversations not for the reasons perpetuated but he was a
8:37 am
hillary clinton supporter and talk of a fundraiser at the pizza restaurant. the fact it's gone from that type of conversation and gone to this crazy false accusations shows how pervasive this fake news is. >> the people within there, armed, this could have been far worse over a fake news story. stay with us, we'll have the latest on the shooting death of joe mcknight and memorials in his owner and the new orleans branch of the naacp who's been advising the family as they demand answers as to why the man who shot him is not in charge. >> just don't go out there and feel like you have to hate about it. just love. he loved everybody. he wanted to make everybody laugh. just remember that. remember that about my brother.
8:38 am
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8:41 am
new details about the road rage incident that left joe mcknight dead. according to the jefferson parish sheriff's office, ronald who admitted to shooting mcknight arrested a decade ago at that same intersection for another road rage incident. the misdemeanor charge in the case was dismissed. in the meantime, family and friends of mr. mcknight along with the frustrated community asked why he was released last week and not charged, at least so far. jefferson parish provided this explanation on friday. >> in this state, there are some relative statutes that provide defenses to certain crimes and we have, for example, officers have that same defenses.
8:42 am
so when we shoot and kill somebody, the question is, it's a homicide. the question is, is it justified or not? >> advising joe mcknight's family, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you for having me, tamron. >> of course. what are you concerns today? >> as someone who's been involved in a criminal justice system from a cop to a prosecutor and then a judge and then also having been in charge of the civil rights division for the department of justice in louisiana, i find the sheriff's statement to be somewhat surprising. there's always been a self-defense statute on the books but look to cases in the past and see what the community traditionally does. this is not the professional fbl pl player killed and a trial as a
8:43 am
result of the mr. will smith. but when we look at the cases in this community and will smith's case, by the way, has been in prison since he shot will smith on a million dollar bond and another case that took place two years ago in jefferson parish where a 75-year-old black grandfather shot a 27-year-old white male and he was arrested immediately after firing his gun once with the white male standing at his side door of the car and placed under half a million dollar bond. it was unprecedented and what's extraordinary by this case is the fact this man has not been charged shooting an unarmed man four times who posed no risk. the test is, does the person coming to your car pose a risk of harm or serious bodily harm
8:44 am
to justify you using dweadly force? he was not an aggressor. >> the question of race, which many asked and posed regarding this. let's play that. >> the easiest thing for me would have, look, dano. right? but the fact of the matter is that in trying to flush out these details as it relates to all of this and not having that rush to judgment and doing this in a very deliberate and appropriate fashion, we chose not to do that. of course, where that leads us at this point in time is that everybody wants to make this about race. this isn't about race. >> the sheriff suggesting it could fall under the stand your
8:45 am
ground law. not asserted any conclusion here but when you look at mr. gasser's background, he was arrested for another road rage incident a decade ago at the same intersection. that's according to the sheriff. the alleged victim told investigato investigators ga investigato investigato investigato investigators gaster reported. and how does that play out in the same location where this played out? >> it doesn't concern me but i know as a judge that the prior incident can be introduced at a trial, notwithstanding the fact that some prosecutor decided not to go forward with the prosecution of mr. gast ert for whatever reason, political,
8:46 am
economic or what have you but the fact he committed, he displayed the type of behavior in 2006 and beat up an older gentleman, that is evidence and that can be introduced at a contemporary trial. >> thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it. we'll see what happens next in this investigation. thank you. thank you. up next on msnbc, donald trump's call to taiwan's president getting a lot of attention, right? he said it's the call to the president of the philippines. that call is what they say we should be watching. what was said or allegedly said in our daily briefing next. i work 'round the clock.
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8:50 am
his campaign against drug users and dealers a campaign that left at least 4500 filipinos dead ca seven-minute phone call with the president-elect on friday. this is the situation. so far the trump transition team has only confirmed the call saying they discussed the long history of friendship and cooperation between the nations. joining me now, mark murray. mark, obviously dutarte doesn't have the best reputation globally. many people described him as unhinged and concerned about his overall leadership on many levels. so his saying the call happened and that the president-elect supports him is in one group. your headline is that the trump transition team has not chosen to clarify it. >> that's correct, tamron. we have confirmation from the trump team that the call happened on friday. we don't have any confirmation
8:51 am
on the substance of it. with the come fir medication coming from the philippines they did talk, the white house invitation was offered to attend next year. and i think the biggest news here at least from the philippines is dutarte and his people said you are handling this the right way in the anti-drug campaign which is big news given the allegations of human rights abuses taking place. the news about the conversation with taiwan's leader got big news throughout the weekend. i think this individual phone call and the substance behind it is just as big of news if not bigger. >> this plan calls for a kill all of suspected drug users and drug dealers. also said things about the united states, threatened repeatedly to sever u.s. ties and hates having foreign soldiers in his country.
8:52 am
donald trump talking about snl and other things on social media. is the team going to say if he said a remark about this plan that has taken the lives of so many people? >> absolutely. on the phone calls with foreign leaders we usually hear from foreign governments or foreign news organizations before getting red oad outs from the tp transition. duterte said things about president obama as well. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> the future of obamacare. a report from kentucky and hearing from patient who is are afraid the new administration will cut off their coverage. [engine revving] ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature?
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or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the
8:55 am
military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. i'm concerned that our patients will go back to the way it was before where they couldn't afford medications, couldn't get preventative care, couldn't get the care they needed. >> since donald trump's election, one of the central
8:56 am
questions that emerged is the future of obamacare and those who benefitted from it. kentucky is a state trump won. it's one of a handful of states that chose to make obamacare available through an expansion of medicaid benefits. dr. john torres traveled to kentucky to talk to professionals and everyday people who are worried. >> i got a snapshot of the state and the people. they overwhelmingly voted for trump but they are a red state that has obamacare as one of the success stories. the concern now, you heard the doctor's sound bite there. the concern is what will happen with people, especially preventative medicine wise. that's where you save money in the long run. the concern with the people themselves, we interviewed a farmer named ben. his concern is i was able to start my farm because i could go on obamacare. you could hear from him how he feels. >> if we have the sound. >> one more big ticket item in the expense column. i think it does pose the risk of
8:57 am
making us have to say, hey, we can't keep up with this. let's leave it behind. go back to working for employers that can provide us with hillary clinton -- with health care. >> what happens with somebody like this guy? >> he employs six people. what happens with them? >> and his children. >> when you go to a farmer market this is the guy you are talking to, a small business owner. their point of view which is the main point, there is a lot of talk about repeal. not much talk about replace. that scares me more than anything else. >> a fascinating look. this is a man who voted for trump but is now worried about the health care. appreciate it. >> you bet. >> we'll be right back. american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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