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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  December 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> thank you both for so many americans are seeing and believing and sharing and what the vice president said the night about running for president. tonight the president-elect trump is back out here at midtown manhattan having dinner with his family not far from
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trump tower. here is a look at the scene as the future family is leaving. >> as for the news of the transition tonight, a former republican primary rival of the president-elect is now his choice to run the department of housing and urban development. here is vice president-elect mike pence sharing that news with reporters today outside trump tower. >> we are excited to have doctor carson as our intended nominee for housing and urban development. we are looking forward to another productive week in the transition that sets this historic phase. >> trump reserved some of his criticisms at the time for doctor ben carson of a particular note. trump's comments at a campaign event in iowa last november.
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>> he said he's got pathological disease, if you are a child molester, there is no cure, they cannot stop you. pathological, there is no cure. he went after his mother with a hammer, he wanted to hit her in the head or he hit her on the head or he wanted to hit her on the head. this is in his book. this is not me. i am just trying to save you a close of a book. he took a knife and he went after a friend and he launched that knife into the stomach of is friends bullough and be hold, it hit the belt. it moves this way. it moves that way. [ laughs ] >> and we are going to put somebody in office who considers
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himself to have pathological disease. read the definition in the dictionary of pathological disease. >> donald trump in iowa a few months ago. carson describes the notion of serving the beaurucrat. >> well, i know that i grew up inner cities and spent a lot of time there and dealt with a lot of patients from the area, recognized that we cannot have a strong nation if we have weak inner cities. we have to get beyond the promises and start doing something. >> meanwhile, the speculation tonight surrounding trump's pick for secretary of state seems to be as murky as ever. jon huntsman's name was on the short list.
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tonight, trump's source tells us his name is not considered. david patraeus and rudy giuliani is not considered for that job. mitt romney is said to be back in the mix as is exxon mobile rex tillerson is due for a visit at trump tower tomorrow. trump is set to meet with the mayor of washington dc bowser and branstad and laura ingraham. former vice president al gore was invited by ivanka trump to talk about the environment. he ended up with a lengthy meeting with the president elect. he said afterwards it was a good meeting. >> the bulk of the time was with the president-elect trump. i found it an extremely interesting conversation.
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and, to be continued. i am going to leave it at that. >> as we say you never know who you are going to run into in trump tower these days. lets talk about all of it. we are joined by kristen welker outside of trump tower dangerously close to traffic on fifth avenue. here on the table with us tonight, professor and frequent contributor, eddie jr. and dennis hastard and john fieri, welcome to you as well. kristen, you get to go first because of news tonight of the mention of bob dowel of the trump transition, exactly, what was that?
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>> reporter: moments ago, i spoke with the trump's transition official who confirmed a report of the wall street controversial that bob dole helped donald trump set up the taiwan call. why dole? the law enforcement he affiliated also does work with the taipei. that's how that link worked out. in terms of what that phone call means, there is been a pretty backlash, controversial because it has broken with decades of u.s. china policies. i have been talking to sources familiar with the president thinking who say that his transition team, president-elect trump, way before he was elected, did not talk to the possibility of having some
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contact with taiwan. really tried to send a strong signal to china. we heard him talk habit that on the campaign trail. he called china a manipulator. it is a foreign policy blender, it is something he stumbled into. part of the narrative is to try to push back against that sharp criticism. look, a lot of foreign experts say it is not about sending a strong signal to china. it is a complicated relationship. it is one that's in term of the the relations. what exactly of the fallout will be in the region in the wake of that phone call and president-elect trump continues to hold meetings here at trump tower. it is a busy day. his transition officials insisting he's going to take his time because it is a decision that's so significant and of
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course, that pick will have a lot to say about his policy towards china. >> kristen, i was going to say no one reputable that i heard on this subject is criticizing the president-elect for taking too long. if you are going to take your time, state department is probably where you want to take your time. additionally there is this other factor that happens with our president-elect trump. they are elected and find that they can meet with the people of their choosing and they'll come to your building and in this case in new york and some of them emerged and changed people. who said al gore? it is an interesting process. names just keeps on getting added to the mix and they go away and they come back. >> reporter: that's right, i have to say al gore here at trump tower was an incredible site. maybe the most interesting cameo that we have seen so far and unexpected indeed.
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the fact they talked about climate change. president-elect trump is someone who called climate change a hoax at one point. one thing that his transition officials have stressed that he's holding a range of meetings as he prepares himself for this challenge of being the president and so he might be looking at any given individual for a whole range of different positions in terms of secretary of state, brian, it does appear that mitt romney is emerging to the front of the pact. he's one of president-elect trump's sharpest critics on the campaign trail. a lot of trump supporters expressed concerns of mitt romney, will he be loyal enough if he's chosen for secretary of state. i would pay attention to bob corkel. >> kristen welker, i am going to ask you that stand with us for a mew more moments. professor, the fun part tonight was watching you off camera reacting to the entire laundry
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list of stories that we have gone through so far this evening. what's number one on your list? >> ben carson, it seems to me strange. carson says one of his qualifications that he grew up in urban vierm and had some experience that allowed him to learn how to run bureaucracy, that particular element of government. at the same time squaring it with the fact that he said he was not fit and just thinking about the whole process, itd seems to me, it has a feel of a reality show. >> the whole thing. >> they are referred to finalists. >> all of it seems to be scripted and staged and there is a kind of gaggle of incompetence even as we try to -- some kind of seriousness.
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it is striking. >> well, about doctor carson. a brain surgeon at most can serve on corporate boards and perhaps can run on given department at a hospital or even for a hospital company. he's expressed his own desire not to run and on wieldy. is it by definition a bad thing. is he by unqualified or disqualified and are there people working who are saying well, it is not brain surgery. this would be in keeping with the kind of drain the swamp get the career politicians out of it. >> it is important for us to understand and in some way he's choosing ben carson to be the face to lead this so-called new deal for black america. that's something we need to be
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concerned about. when you have someone like ben carson that's skeptical of the fair house act of 1968, who was critical of president obama's attempt to address long standing residential segregation in the country and thought of obama's principles of really enforcing equal housing and equitable -- and to actually believe that ben carson will in some way enforce housing or in some way challenge one of the most dimensions of america race and the race problem in this country. it seems to be as far fetch. >> john is listening to all of this in dc. i heard of two different types of republicans over the weekend. those who were horrified that donald trump's cell phone rang
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and he picked it up and it is the president of taiwan. we don't use publicly in our diplomatic traffic with china. those republicans who were horrified to learn that it was a planned telephone conversation. what republican house are you in? >> you know i thought it was great. i think we are seen that donald trump is not a traditional politician and he does not play by traditional rules. i think taiwan is a reality that we always acknowledge. i have been to taiwan and i understand what's on that island. we have to understand that this fantasy that we have been living in needs a little bit of a change. i thought it was great. bob dole is a smart guy and he's still very sharp. he wanted this call to happen. there are a lot of other folks who thought it was as good on the foreign policy side.
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i have no real reservation about it and good to mix it up a little bit. what about the stuff of state craft that says a president elect may not conduct policy for the united states, fine if you want to decide on a policy direction change for the united states but not while you are on the bench waiting to go into the game. we have a state department for that. >> well, i think that's a fair criticism to be honest with you, brian. trump gets a little bit of a break on that because he's not a traditional politician. sending a signal to the chinese. he's going to shake things up a little bit and the relationship he had with china is going to be different. and i think it is going to be more cooperative relationship. they're going to understand that where we are coming from when it comes to business. i think obviously, we have very complicated relationships with the chinese and north korea being an important relationship
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that we got to manage together. i don't think this is going to harm them in any way. the state department has its roles and president-elect trump is trying to select the right person to lead the state department and it is taking some time which you said. he should take time on. i think the other issue here is he's a little bit, you know, going from issue to issue and learning it all and trying to get up to speed. i think it is a breath of fresh air and i was okay with it. >> this calls for a good prediction of your part, what's the next level of department that you think we'll hear about? >> reporter: well, i think that he's eager to name his secretary of state. i would not be surprised if we learn that decision in the coming days brian. i am going to take a bet and say secretary of state. one more point that i want to make about china and follow up
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is does that call with taiwan signal a sift in policy or trying to send a strong message. based on my conversation, it does not signal a shift in policy yet. but, it is a warning shot that the president elect is trying to send to china and will they receive it and how, that's the big question here tonight. >> a little bit of everything on fifth avenue including turning out a horse and carriage. >> kristen welker, thank you for briefing it and professor claude and john feerery thank you for being with us. >> and a man who played a larger role in this election than he could imagine. perhaps you saw or believed his work. an exclusive interview of some of the fake news we have been hearing about, "the 11th hour" continues after this. generosity is its own form of power.
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a north korea man has been arrested at the pizzeria store. police say he walked in a place in washington and armed with a rifle and handgun and started firing. he told officers he was there to investigate a fake news conspiracy that put the pizza restaurant at the center of a child sex abuse ring run by hillary clinton. while the story was fiction, that did not stop it from being sent around the world, largely on facebook and likely there is been a lot of coverage in the
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real news about the growing and booming business of creating fake news. our own jacob soboroff spoke with the creator of one of the most widely shared fake news story leading up to the election day from our bureau tonight. >> hey, after this shooting at dcpizzeria, it is clear that fake news had such consequences. according to buzz feed analysis of the 2016 presidential election, article of fake news from fake sources were shared from a higher rate than real news. on facebook, it was hard to miss fake news articles like this one we are looking now about the pontiff endorsing donald trump or an fbi agent killing himself and his wife because he was suspected in the clinton's e-mail leak. it was created by a 40-year-old
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who lives with his wife. he makes fake news in his own time at his house. >> we did a series of stories on ebola where several residence contacted ebola they got about 6 million pages. >> that's huge. you must get a kick out of that. it is addictive. >> do you feel like you are stopping cold turkey or how do you feel? >> i do. i am good with that and i think it is kind of disappointing that it took president-elect trump for actual news outlets to focus on this sort of phenomenon. >> you said disappointing, did you vote?
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>> of course. >> who did you vote for? >> hillary. >> fbi agent inspected female league found dead, read that one. the murder behind the killing is still investigated and brown is liked in the community. >> is any of that true? >> not a single thing. >> three days before the election, half a million people saw this post and read an article about an fbi agent that killed his wife and himself because of the pressure of the clinton's. how much money did this make? >> around $8,000. >> most of that again goes to the writer. >> 8,000 bucks in your mind, is it worth if 1.6 million people saw this and believed hillary clinton was involved in the murder suicide? >> this is one that i would take back. and even to add to that, we would close all the accounts
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running on the site and even that money is gone. >> do you feel that the work that you did from the computer affected the results from the election in a way. >> i do not. we should have been talking about it years ago. >> the question is now, how to stop it when you look at facebook and google, both are making efforts to pull back these stereotype types of articles from appearing on those platforms. because they are private companies, they don't have to do so and the fact remains, the bottom line is it is a tough task and it is a tall order to get all of this stuff off the internet. >> it is scary and illuminating with your help, jacob. we'll stay on this story, of course, it played a role in what we witnessed, jacob soboroff, from our los angeles bureau. thanks, after a break, vice president biden, that's when "the 11th hour" continues.
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we are back and please join our friends on "morning joe," will be joined by the vice president-elect, mike pence. as for joe biden he was on capitol hill today, he made a little news when the subject of running 2020 coming up. all we had was audio of the conversation. this will be like watching radio
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for about a minute, listen up. >> and because you are going into these final days, does that add to the emotion you feel? >> i had not thought about it in that rational way. but, i guess so. my staff always kids me, every time i come up, i feel invigorated. >> i love this place, this is where i spend my life. >> i am going to run 2020. for what? >> for president. >> so what the hell. >> we are going to run with that anyway. >> that's okay. >> i enjoyed every minute of my time here in the senate, it is a great feeling to come back. i love this place. >> just to be clear, were you kidding about running for president? >> i am not committing not to
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run. i am not committing anything. i learned a long time ago. >> interesting moment, joe biden, thereby 78. that's our broadcast for tonight. good night from new york. a tower treasure with some "hardball". good evening, i am chris mathis. >> those who said the worse about trump when he was a candidate heading up to defeat hoping to get some of that golden patriot as the man passed around. the search to fill that road is winding as i speak with new names added on like a traffic


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