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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  December 6, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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that does it for "andrea mitchell reports." follow the show online, on facebook and on twitter. hallie jackson is next from north carolina. here on msnbc, the second day of the thank you tour. hallie? >> day two of the thank you tour. hi, andrea. i'm hallie jackson back on the road for the show in fayet fayettevil fayetteville. it is the second stop on kind of the victory lap for president-elect donald trump. we are following news. boeing now responding after president-elect trump comments on cancelling a contract for two
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new air force one planes. >> the plane is out of control. we want boeing to make money but not that much money. >> within a half an hour president obama is set to land in tampa for his own road trip making his last big speech on national security. you can see him getting on his plane there in louisiana. a heated news conference as officials explain why now and not earlier did they charge the man who shot and killed an ex-nfl player in an apparent road rage incident. in california, the search back on for victims inside a burned warehouse as the building's manager breaks down in an emotional interview. >> i'm only here to say one thing. i am incredibly sorry. i didn't do anything ever in my life that would lead me to this moment. >> we start in the world of politics. let's get to our team on the ground. my fellow road warriors, kristen welker in manhattan. we have nbc's kasie hunt in
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capitol hill and chris jansing not far from where we are, 15 minutes away at the site of the president-elect's rally here in fayetteville. hans nichols on the phone. kasie, i understand moments ago vice president-elect mike pence made an unexpected appearance on capitol hill. what can you tell us? >> reporter: that's right. just behind, through that doorway behind me, around the corner is the luncheon for senate republicans today where mike pence will make an i a appearance to talk a little bit about the final agenda items here and of course what's coming up in the trump administration. we have already had a couple of issues bubbling to the surface over the course of the last 24 hours or so. obviously the effort to repeal obamacare and whether or not there may be some republicans in the house who are unhappy about how fast it might move on capitol hill. also donald trump's call and his tweets regarding taxing
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companies who take their jobs offshore and want to bring the goods back into the united states. he's proposed essentially a 35% tax on those items. it's causing heartburn among republicans up here on capitol hill. here's how house speaker paul ryan responded to questions about it earlier today. >> we think the real solution here is comprehensive across the board tax reform. >> i think tax reform is the answer to the problem. >> reporter: so right now that's how they are answering questions about it. mike pence has really become the administration's point person. if donald trump is down there in north carolina with you doing what he does best, mike pence is up here in capitol hill doing what seems to be a central role for the vice president-elect in the trump administration. he has been up here, this is the fourth time just since we stopped covering the campaign and moved on to covering this transition. he meets with -- has met with mitch mcconnell, the senate
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leader, speaker ryan on the house side now talking to the entire senate republican conference. really kind of digging into the role as somebody who is both -- you know, working on policy issues but also providing a little bit of predictability and continuity for republicans who just don't know what to expect for donald trump. mike pence is emerging as the soothing force that comes in and tells them, hey, everything will be okay. also, you know, i understand how you do things here and i will help you get through it. hallie? >> so, kasie, we'll keep an eye on the hallway. i want to head to new york and kristen welker at trump tower. another piece of news is the contract issue with boeing, the president-elect tweeting cancel order, exclamation point, as you know. does he have the power to do that? talk about how boeing is responding to this. this could have some legs. >> reporter: it's possible he does, hallie. president obama back in 2009 cancelled an order for marine
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one aircraft. if he wanted to, the president-elect could set the wheels in motion. there is no doubt the company was surprised to hear this news, this opening salvo, it seems like, possibly in a negotiation to try to drive down the price. this is how boeing is responding. in a statement writing we are currently under contract for $170 million to help determine the capabilities of these complex military aircraft that serves the unique requirements of the president of the united states. we look forward to working with the united states on subsequent phases of the program allowing us to deliver the best planes for the president at the best value for the american taxpayer. the question is what is going to happen next? transition officials not answering that question. they did point out the president-elect said he no longer holds stock in the
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company. instead of having them shipped overseas to mexico. is he able to pull off another deal? we'll have to wait and see. there is no doubt this got the attention of boeing. the white house, as well. president obama traveling today. we anticipate josh earnest will get questions about this. to put it into context the reason why they order up new aircraft is they have a life span of about 30 years. right now the planes, there are two of them, they are 20 years old. >> we were just taking a look at air force one as you were speaking there. you mentioned the president-elect sold his stock in boeing. it sounds like he's sold all his stock. the stock that he had held in june. correct? >> reporter: that's absolutely right. that's according to transition officials earlier today on a call. of course what's also interesting is we saw boeing stocks dip a little bit on this
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news. they then recovered quickly. not a significant dip, but a dip nonetheless. it is clear wall street is paying attention to this closely as well. what a surprise to have the president-elect come down from trump tower, talk to reporters. really the first time he's done that since this transition began. upping the ante in his comments saying, yes, he intends to drive down the price. the $4 billion for the new air force ones. >> makes one wonder if this is an art of the deal maneuvering happening with the president-elect. chris jansing is not far from where we are at bubba 33's at a shopping plaza in fayetteville, nice enough to host us today. what do we think we'll hear tonight? there is a lot of talk about the different kinds of defense contracts, different doings. we expect the general mattis announcement around 6:00. how do you think the rally tonight will go? >> reporter: well, i think this is the place to do it. if you're going to bring out the
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nominee for the defense secretary, general james mattis, where else would you do it but in the community that hosts the largest military base in the world. 50,000 people, plus, who work on this military base have been key in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. so this is going to be a big roll out tonight. it will be interesting to see the contrast when he did his first event in ohio. there was a lot of what seemed like the old rallies from the campaign. there were shouts of things like, "lock her up." tonight they think the focus will be more on the military. we'll see a few dozen people who have come out tonight. we have diane and phil. they were out at 7:00 this morning. it's drizzling a little bit. as you know it was raining heavily earlier. then we have a gentleman who said he's been to 41 donald trump rallies over the course of the last year and a half or so. these are the true believers. the president-elect has come
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here twice before to fayetteville, north carolina. very popular. this is stop two. after this he'll be going on thursday to iowa and then on friday to grand rapids, michigan. >> chris jansing. this reminds me of our campaign days with people lining up hours before a donald trump event. >> reporter: feels a lot like it. >> yeah. it might sound like it, too, if cincinnati last week is an indication. very quickly, you have new reporting on the phone call with the leader of taiwan that happened last week that created fallout. what are you hearing? >> reporter: a couple things, hallie. according to sources who are familiar with this issue, we know that the president-elect talked to his advisers about the possibility of opening up communication with taiwan, even before election day. those talks really intensified after election day. we also know former senator, former republican presidential nominee bob dole helped to orchestrate the call.
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his law firm works with a representative here from taiwan. so he has that interest in that region. now the reason for the call, some people call it a foreign policy blunder. transition officials are saying, look, this is not a blunder. they are trying to paint it as accepting a courtesy call. some other foreign policy experts say this is the president-elect's way of trying to send a strong message to china, not necessarily a policy shift, but trying to show that the rules will be different with the president-elect trump and he'll be tougher. you were out on the campaign trail with him. he talked about china, the fact that it devalued the currency. again, trying to strike a strong tone with china off the bat. as you know, the white house rebuking the move and so are some other foreign policy experts. the president-elect set to meet with former secretary of state henry kissinger here at trump tower today. kissinger just back from a trip to china. he'll undoubtedly have insight and comments about that move.
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>> absolutely. kristen welker, holding it down outside trump tower. kasie hunt, warm and dry on capitol hill. thank you very much for being with us. i want to get to today's microsoft pulse question. interesting today. vice president joe biden said he's not going to rule out a run for president but says he's not committing to anything. should he run in 2020? go to pulse. is it a smart step to get to the negotiating table or a recipe for disaster? we'll hash it out in a bit. first, breaking news out of new orleans. the man accused of shooting and killing a former nfl player charged with manslaughter. why he's being arrested now, three days after the shooting. we'll look at that coming up. and we are hearing from the manager of the oakland warehouse
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that went up in flames friday night, killing at least 36 people. his comments and the latest on the investigation when we join you here live from fayetteville, stop two of the big thank you tour from the president-elect. world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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"thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. in the long ago authorities in jefferson parish announced manslaughter charges for the man who shot and killed ex-nfl player joe mcknight last thursday. >> for those who criticized the men and women of the
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organization and the strategy decisions with made relative to that, tough. joining me now is blake mccoy. watching the remarks made by the pa sheriff. talk about the tone before we get to the nuts and bolts of the case. >> there is no doubt the sheriff here was combative, defensive, even angry at times over the second-guessing of his decision not to initially arrest and file charges against ronald gasser last week. he said he simply needed more time to conduct the investigation. he said an arrest is only as good as a prosecution. that's why he was so upset by everything that transpired since then. again, all the second guessing that's gone on. another one of the more colorful moments of the news conference he read aloud some of the messages that elected officials here in jefferson parish have been receiving, some of the
10:17 am
threats. listen. >> i'm sure you see the emotion in me because it is not fair. it's not fair for him to be called you punk [ bleep ] uncle tom [ bleep ]. we saw you sell out to them you rat [ bleep ] punk. that's the tone of what we are calling our elected leaders for standing up and simply saying, let justice prevail. >> we apologize to viewers who may have been watching it live earlier, the unbleeped version. we had to pull out. we were not expecting that sort of language from the sheriff. it does illustrate how angry he's been over the conduct of some of the community over the last several days. you may be asking what changed since last week that they are now charging mr. gasser with manslaughter. they have done 160 witness interviews.
10:18 am
they are now able to build a case for manslaughter against mr. gasser. hallie? >> did the sheriff explain more about the -- i don't want to say delay -- but the lag time between when it happened and today's charge? >> reporter: he said at the time only six witnesses stuck around though they had more than 160 witnesses to track down. he said at least one was giving false witness statements saying mcknight was on the ground when mr. gasser was shooting and the sheriff said that wasn't taking place. and that mr. gasser was ranting about trump. they are dealing with false statements and a lot of witnesses who left the scene. it took time to track everyone down. they had a license plate reader in the area so they could track down the license plates of people at the intersection at the time and track them down this weekend to get witness statements.
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>> thank you very much. bring us any updates when you've got them. for now to oakland where officials do not expect the death toll to climb in the warehouse fire. at least 36 people died. investigators are still trying to figure out what triggered this, what caused the fire. did you catch the interview this morning on the "today" show? the warehouse manager just overcome with emotion denying claims he overlooked safety violations to try to make a profit. >> i'm a proud man. no i'm not going to answer these questions. >> are you -- >> i would rather be on the floor trampled by the parents. i would rather let them tear at my flesh than answer these ridiculous questions. >> steve patterson is live in oakland. talk to us about what we know as far as the investigation into what triggered the fire, what caused it. >> reporter: i want to get to the investigation in a minute. i think the important, most groundbreaking news from overnight is finally we have a news briefing this morning where
10:20 am
the death toll didn't rise. it is sticking now at 36. 26 families now notified that their loved ones have perished in the horrific fire. nine new positive identifications overnight. one body still left on the scene that has to be processed. i want to play for you sound on just how much progress they have made in that warehouse since the investigation started and we'll talk about the investigation on the other side. listen to this. >> at this time, we have been able to search through the building and clear approximately 85% of the building now. we'll be continuing throughout the day. >> so now there is a large focus as we have been mentioning on derick almena, the ghost ship founder and manager. this is the person that's essentially leasing the warehouse from the owner and then charging rent to tenants inside the building as well as hosting events. neither activity he has permits for.
10:21 am
the building itself, by the way, has been known to investigators for some time. over two decades of violations. ten violations over that stretch of time. everything from blight to that illegal structure inside the warehouse. those violations as early as november. now investigators are on the ground doing the work. the atf is behind me working in concert with investigators from the county d.a.'s office. their job is, one, determine if there is any criminal activity here. two, decide who is to blame for the activity. of course there is a lot of focus now on the building manager. hallie? >> steve patterson in oakland. thank you very much. coming up, a turn back to politics and the question that some democrats are asking. was he just "biden" his time, if you will? after sitting out 2016 an invigorated vice president joe biden hinting he'd like to take on president-elect trump in 2020. could this be the boost the
10:22 am
democratic party has been looking for or not? we are live in fayetteville, north carolina. donald trump headed here for the second stop of the so-called thank you tour. the crowd here at bubba 33s. chris jansing just up the road. see you soon. ♪ this holiday, the real gift isn't what's inside the box... it's what's inside the person who opens it. give your loved ones ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can tell them where they came from -by revealing their ethnic mix. you'll save 10%-and they'll have a new story to tell. order now at and save 10%. incr...think it wouldotection in a pwork, but it does.dn't... it's called always discreet for bladder leaks, the super... ...absorbent core turns liquid to gel. i know i'm wearing it but no one else will. always discreet for bladder leaks.
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mr. vice president should we take you seriously about 2020? >> i'm announcing. i'm going to announce right now. vice president joe biden talking more about the possibility of a 2020 presidential run. whether he's joking or not his comments are definitely shaking things up at least a little bit as democrats look for a new way forward. kelly o'donnell was there about 24 hours ago when the vice president first hinted about throwing his hat into the ring. she's joining me now from capitol hill after asking for the clarification today. you were there. you looked him in the eye. do you think he's serious, not serious? 2020 too early?
10:26 am
what's your take? >> reporter: i think he's having fun with us but that doesn't undercut the possibility that from everything we have heard from him, his body language as we measure his comments he wants the door open. last night i was very struck by how seriously he responded to us that he wants to run. we gave him two different opportunities to back off of that. i told him, this is newsmaking, we will run with this. he said that's okay. today after he's seen the headlines and knows it's buzz-worthy, i asked again. are we right to take you seriously? he said, i'm going to announce. that seemed like he was having more fun. i talked to house democrats who were in the meeting with joe biden and that kind of fun atmosphere about him running kept going. there were chants of 2020 in the room. he told them he wants to remain visib visible. he's not going away and that's politically significant. he told us as we were hustling
10:27 am
through the halls to get further clarification at one point he said i don't make decisions this far out. that, again, is not a no. he said, i want to help the party, i want to help the senate. taking that in full my sense is he wants to remain relevant. he wants to remain a voice for democrats. inside the meeting i'm told he spoke to house democrats about some of the concerns of the voters who chose trump in this election. have values the democrats can represent and can bring to washington. it was a real pep talk when lawmakers said there is a lot of angst among democrats and, quote, joe is a fighter and he told them according to a lawmaker he's not going away. so obviously before donald trump is inaugurated he's not launching a campaign. but he wants to be the elder statesman who is still in the game going forward. that's the only thing you can derive by two days of asking these questions. he has not shut the door. he's left it open.
10:28 am
hallie? >> kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. intriguing stuff. thank you very much. we should note, too, as we get ready for the second leg of donald trump's thank you tour back during his campaign days he did take shots notably at the campaign rallies at the vice president. we'll wait and see if he does so again tonight based on this news. sam stein of the huffington post joining me to talk about democrats, joe biden in 2020. no shortage of discussion points. you heard kelly say this is likely a bid by him to try to remain relevant. is running in 2020, if that's his plan or his thought process now, is that the best way to do that? >> first of all, how masochistic are your producers to put together a 2020 discussion? we are barely over 2016. i'm getting ptsd on this one. let's skip to 2024. don't bother with 2020. as for biden -- >> point taken.
10:29 am
this is news from the vice president. >> okay. no, no, it's fine. biden is 74, right? in 2020, he'll be 78. we have never had a president elected at that age. he would be easily the oldest. there is a big push in democratic circles to get a new generation at least into the upper ranks. the house leadership already is fairly old. i'm not ageist. that's a fact. those are the numbers. it is not a unique observation that the bench is thin. the way to get a thicker bench is to develop some of the younger talent. that comes with risk. biden has a national fund raising base, he's a name. he can appeal to people the democrats lost in 2016. but you run the risk of underdeveloping another generation of democrats for another cycle. >> so the vice president said he's not interested in taking over, for example, as the dnc head. >> yeah. >> keith ellisson has been talked about but his star is fading for that spot.
10:30 am
who do you think gets it? who should get it? what's the plan for democrats in the dnc going forward? >> keith ellison, the congressman has two problems now. one is more important than the other. he's taking on a lot of heat for his past associations and positions on the state of israel. he's apologized for that. he's gotten a number of groups and organizations that have come back and said, you know it's in the past. he distanced himself from the past controversial statements, move on. i'm hearing he's a congressman and they want a full-time dnc chair. ellison, as i have been told, is contemplating the idea of stepping down from the seat so he could at least satisfy concerns, maybe alleviate some. that's a big ask to make. there are a lot of democrats, not just those on tv but the committee member who is say look what happened with debbie wasserman schultz. she was divided with her time trying to get re-elected.
10:31 am
we don't want that to happen again. the issue is who will come in if ellison isn't the right person? there are a number of different chairs. south carolina, new hampshire chair. also a name that's been floated is labor secretary tom perez who the people in this house, the white house, do like. the issue is does tom perez want to put eyes on elected office? something perhaps as the governor of maryland, for instance. there is a lot to be sorted out. i think keith ellison is the front-runner, but it's not a sure thing as it seemed a couple of weeks ago. >> sam stein who will likely never again appear on this hour if we make him talk about 2020. >> i'll do it. just reluctantly. take care. >> today we are asking this microsoft pulse question. the vice president said he won't run out a run for president but isn't committing to anything. should he run in 2020? check out your screen. 80% of you think he should. 20% of you say no. that includes matt deering who
10:32 am
tweeted, biden is a great guy, but we need someone different. talking about the need for fresh faces. keep them coming. we are six hours from president-elect donald trump's second stop here in fayetteville on his nationwide thank you tour. his first stop on the tour, by the way, was the backdrop for the surprise announcement. we were there in cincinnati when he named james mattis as secretary of defense. we expect general mattis to appear with him tonight as we get in all the cabinet comings and goings in the next segment with a rumored candidate for secretary of state. we are live in fayetteville. stick around. [engine revving] ♪ ♪
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we are following top stories this hour. the supreme court in a patent
10:36 am
case between apple and sam sung, one of the headlines. the justices threw auto the $399 million judgment against samsung for copying parts of the iphone patent design saying samsung may not be required to pay all the profits earned from 11 phone models because the features are just a small part of the devices. the case goes back now to a lower court to decide what portion of the profits they have to pay. important news there. authorities identified deputy mishihara as a person killed in a sink hole that swallowed two cars. bystanders saw the second car drive in rescued a 60-year-old man from the vehicle. he only had minor injuries. authorities think the hole is 20 feet deep. you can see it looks look it took up the width of the road. now to a story in los angeles. an anonymous quote about an imminent terror attack targeting the metro station has police on
10:37 am
high alert. fbi officials say the tip came from someone using a pay phone overseas. they are looking into how credible the threat is. they boosted security in the area right around universal studios as a precaution. we are live here in fayetteville, north carolina, where president-elect donald trump will keep up his thank you tour tonight. general james mattis, his pick for defense secretary will join the president-elect at the rally. as for the pick for secretary of state, that's the other biggie. right now it looks like the field is wide open. we are joined by congressman dana rohrbacker. thanks for joining us. >> nice to be with you. i hope we can have a little bit more volume in the ear. >> sure. >> okay. >> we'll get that fixed for you. >> i got it now. >> i want to talk a little bit about this secretary of state position. your name is rumored as potentially in the mix. what conversations have you had
10:38 am
with the president-elect about this? >> i'm flattered i have the attention of some of the people in the campaign. we have had discussions. is this coming from the president-elect's administration, something you were more interested in, weight it out for me. >> i am under consideration by the trump transition team and we have had talks. as i say, that's about as far as i can go into it now. the process is obviously confidential for a reason. they want to have a lot of leeway in discussing who the candidates are and the criteria they are using. they have a right to that amount of confidentiality. >> so let me try a little bit of a different tack about the speculation that you and john bolton are kind of a package deal. true? >> well, number one, i really deeply admire john bolton.
10:39 am
we have been friends for a number of years. i'm sure we could work together as a dynamic duo, if that's what the administration decided to choose in terms of handling their foreign policy. so, yeah, there's been talk about that. i just can't get into the details about how much in depth those talks have been on that particular issue. >> okay. so congressman, let's get into detail about something else. that's the tweet and comments from the president-elect about the boeing contract. i'm curious as to your reaction about this. the president-elect wants to cancel the order. you saw boeing's reaction about the $170 million contract. where do you stand? >> think the president is standing up for the taxpayers and he's willing to take on situations that are going to be controversial. we know this is a man who does not shy away from controversy. i think it's great that he's showing such courage and
10:40 am
standing up to -- look, the point is the biggest employer in my district and i have had to say no to them as well. i'm happy the president has this type of courage. i was very happy, for example, when he took the call from taiwan. he was giving a message to the chinese communist leadership. they can't take american presidents for granted anymore, to just roll over for them. this call to boeing tells big business in the united states he's president of the united states and he'll watch out for the american people. >> congressman, specifically on boeing, given that so many constituents are employed by the company, should the president-elect be cancelling this contract? do you support the cancellation of that? >> i have to take a look at the details of this before. this just came up for me. but i do -- i can't accept everything just on face value. i have to read some of the position papers before i can give you a specific answer to
10:41 am
that. i can tell you that the president-elect, the fact that he's willing to take this stand should indicate all of us should be looking seriously at it to see if it's justified. >> so we'll follow up with you, congressman, on that. i want to talk, too, about china. something you brought up as well. that 35% tariff that the president-elect threatened, the tax on businesses and offshore jobs. we have seen a break with some house republican leadership on that topic. what's your position? should there be a 35% tax imposed? >> what should be imposed is what the president of the united states ran on. and went to the american people. i hope some that he noticed that though the media was saying that don trump doesn't have a chance to win, he won the election. thus, this was one of the issues he campaigned on. thus if the american people are going to get behind don trump,
10:42 am
this is -- and this issue of a 35% tariff for companies that maybe frivolously send jobs overseas, this at least will make sure the companies give a lot of consideration to the american people, to their own employees before they commit acts that are harmful to us economically, but beneficial to the company. >> so it sounds like something you would support, congressman? >> well, frankly, i do support it. trump is advocating it. it's an issue i will look at very closely. but in general i think we should be going along with the american people. economic decisions, especially trade decisions should be made on what's best for the american people. that's what trump campaigned on. that's why he was elected. we shouldn't be second-guessing him based on basically a free
10:43 am
enterprise theory of economics basis the idea that the american people voted for this and that's what they should get. >> okay. california congressman dana rohrabacher live from washington. thank you very much for being with us. coming up, a mistrial for a charleston cop charged with killing an unarmed black motorist last year. we'll have more on that case and what a case about that could look like. we are live in fayetteville, north carolina. this is a look inside the kitchen of the restaurant where we are posted up for this show. making some pizza as we get ready to pack up and go to the rally in a little bit. your insurance company won't replace
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10:47 am
president-elect donald trump. there is speculation he might be in the running for an ambassadorship. in the meantime we are turning to charleston, south carolina, where emotions are running high after a judge declared a mistrial in the case of michael slager who is accused of killing an unarmed black man after fleeing a traffic stop. talk to us about the legal steps for the prosecution and the defense. what can we expect? >> reporter: hi there, hallie, good afternoon. a local prosecutor said she'll retry the case. michael slager faces a federal civil rights trial some time next year. i want to get to something that came out a short time ago. the defense attorney for michael slager, andy savage, released a statement saying in part there is little joy in a mistrial. we will be taking the next few weeks to review and analyze the
10:48 am
transcript of the trial and looking for areas where we can improve our presentation. he's admitting they could have done better. the question now is what was the final breakdown of the jury? was it 11-1 as we thought friday or there is some indication yesterday that some of the jurors were conflicted over murder and manslaughter and perhaps that one juror that wanted to acquit. i want to mention something, hallie. i spoke with the eyewitness whose cell phone video sent the story into the national spotlight. let's listen to what his reaction was to the mistrial. listen. do you think michael slager should have been convicted of murder or manslaughter? >> that's the decision of the jurors. i know he's guilty. i know he has to be held accountable for his actions. >> reporter: santana was in the courtroom as the judge declared the mistrial. again, emotions running high here and walter scott's family
10:49 am
said they will find justice. they are calling this just round one, hallie. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez. we know you will be in charleston for any further rounds to come, if you will. the president-elect meanwhile declaring war with american businesses in some ways. are his threats to raise taxes if they send jobs overseas a smart step to try to boost the economy? or is it the american people who will be the ones who suffer? that's up for discussion next. jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be.
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so, within the last couple of minutes we got word from press secretary josh earnest about comments from tampa. these were not on camera, by the way, about the boeing news. we heard kristen welker say we may get a reaction from the white house. earnest calling these
10:53 am
arrangements complicated. he says it's important to note out these department of defense have been doing discussions with boeing to upgrade air force one. calls it an aircraft nearing the end of its projected life and defended the administration saying it's done the important work of ensuring we are head so future presidents can benefit from a modern presidential aircraft in the same way president obama has benefitted from as well. you heard the president-elect talking about boeing in kind of a different way this morning. listen. >> the plane is totally out of control. it's going to be over $4 billion for air force one program. and i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money. >> boeing, of course, responding, talking about its $170 million contract. joining us to break it down is senior adviser and national spokesperson for and republican strategist noel. so, let's talk about this
10:54 am
apparent showdown with boeing, ladies. is this posturing, do you think, or is this part of a strategy to go forward? notic noelle, i'll start with you. >> you have to look at this in a way donald trump is looking at this. if you want to break it down, it's almost like donald trump has acquired or taken over america and he's breaking it down as a business and looking at america not through government but looking at it through a business. and this is what you do when you buy a business. you look and you weed out the excessive expenses and you try to save as many jobs as you can, but you also try to reorganize things to where it's favorable for the american worker and it's favorable for the corporation. and i think that we're kind of experiencing this. when he sees this, you know, boeing contract and he thinks it's a bit excessive, he's telling the american public. and what is very strange is that we're getting what he thinks by his own personal twitter. and i'm wondering if that's
10:55 am
going to change. so, this is -- and you can also look at it as our president, president barack obama, he is flying on this aircraft. it's a safe aircraft. and it's not up to be renewed until 30 years. right now it's 20, so we have about 10 more years left on it. >> i'll get your take on this, too. the idea you have the president-elect now who, for example s ordering the cancellation of a contract at boeing, yet he's talking with people in indiana at carrier to try to save jobs there. it's a little dichotomy. what's your takeaway? >> this is just a distraction. he's using tweets to distract all of us from the important issues at hand, which is the conflict of interest with his businesses and his children. and also his controversial cabinet picks. i mean, we have right -- right now there's a story out there about his national security adviser pick who is playing with fake news and pushing conspiracy
10:56 am
theories to the point there was out of one of those fake news a gunman that went into a pizzeria and shot up the place. i mean, this is, once again, a distraction from donald trump, using twitter. >> noelle, what about critics who say the president-elect is essentially trying to bully corporations into doing what he wants, does that hold water to you? >> you know, you can look at it two different ways. donald trump is something that we have never seen before. i mean, and if you look at -- and i hate to make reference to the reality show, but i guess i have to, so that maybe your viewers would understand. how he, you know, look at the apprentice. look at how he conducted himself on "the apprentice," you're hired, you're fired, and he makes rash decisions. and i think this is a lot of what, you know, people that did not vote for donald trump, i think, this was a lot of their fear, is that he was going to be making these types of decisions. there's one half of the country that is, you know, simply thrilled that he is getting rid and doing this and the other
10:57 am
half that is absolutely fearful, wondering what is next. >> noelle, karen, thanks for being here. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. do you like nuts?
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thanks for watching this hour of "msnbc live," it's time for our lunch break with brad at bubba. katy tur, take it away. >> i want some pizza? are you going to bring it here? next time. next ahead on this hour of "msnbc live," breaking news. an arrest in the shooting death of former football player joe mcknight. the sheriff took on criticism levied over the handles of the case, repeating language aimed at community leaders. >> you rat [ bleep ] punk. that's the tone of what we're calling our elected leaders for standing up and simply saying,


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