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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  December 6, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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the public is concerned. it is a test, not just of the people on capitol hill but the citizenry. this can either be one of the worst moments in american history or one of the best, depending on what we all do. >> david from, thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. msnbc's coverage continues into "the 11th hour with brian williams." that's next. tonight, how the latest stop on the thank you tour went as donald trump tries to stay mostly on script. also the president-elect prepares to take public transportation but objects to the cost. what he did on twitter that threw the aviation world into a tailspin. and in history going to be made the day after inauguration day. what millions nationwide may be planning for a cold day in washington, "the 11th hour" begins now. and good evening once again from our headquarters here in new york. tonight donald trump continued
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his thank you tour with a stop in fayetteville, north carolina. earlier today, trump took to twitter and caused a fortune 500 stock to briefly plummet. he also watched a member of his inner circle come under increasing fire for passing on fake news stories. but first, donald trump tonight in north carolina. he quoted a former president before then seeming to take credit for the obama economy, before thinking better of it, and then returning to his deal to save half of those mexico-bound jobs at carrier. here it is. >> as abraham lincoln said, as our case is new, so much must we think anew and act anew, my plan begins with bold structural reform to create millions of great paying jobs and you've been seeing what's been happening over the last couple
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trump out of nowhere tweeted about boeing's development as the next generation to serve. the visitors included the talk show host laura ingraham. and john mccain offered some great quotes on donald trump today. here they are. basically take the first quote and then repeat it three more times. he then told the reporter i promise on the first of january i will answer all of the stupid idiotic questions. another former general in the trump circle is receiving new attention. his national security adviser's son, flynn, who was fired today
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for passing on fake news story via twitter. but his father has passed on a few himself. here are a few, clinton is involved in child sex trafficking and has secretly waged war on the catholic church. and discussed jihadi and terrorists, fake news played a role in the election and continues to find a wide audience. a buzz feed of donald trump's own tweet where they follow back root stories to their own source found more of them came from breitbart than any other news, and a whopping 77% disapproval rating from people in new jersey, over half believe that
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bridgegate should be investigated further. and 71% believe chris christie knew what his aides had followed out. he will plan to continue his role as governor. and in raleigh, north carolina, halle, having covered your share of trump recaallies, both pre and post-election day, what surprised you about this tour especially after last night in cincinnati? >> reporter: i tell you last week, when you compare it to cincinnati, stop number one, and stop number two, it felt the same. he stayed on prompter, i would say tonight or at least it seemed a bit than when he was in cincinnati. he talked about uniting the country, and then talked about victories in certain states, taking a trip down memory lane,
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we didn't see much of that tonight. he talked about his plan for the first 100 days, talking about the military and the appearance of jim maddis, which by the way, the crowd seemed to love, heavy military community. and then something else happened too, brian, we talked about how during the campaign and even at the last rally in cincinnati, the president hit what he called the dishonest press, and the crowd booed. tonight, the crowd booed. and trump stopped them. and said hopefully they will write the truth. so a little bit different tone for the president, a quick trip, where he arrived back in your neck of the woods at trump tower. >> and the next stop on the thank you tours? >> reporter: we heads to des moines for stop number three, but we learned in the last couple of hours that he will head to ohio state university
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meeting with first responders who went at the -- after the attack at ohio state in columbus last week. >> all right, halle jackson, covering the president-elect in north carolina tonight, thank you. as always, let's bring our panel in, he is out in l.a. tonight, gentlemen, welcome to you both. phil, this is far from the pivot that some predicted from a 70-year-old fully-baked guy who would not become president, i kept saying the viewer's guide, when he is not looking at the te tell-- teleprompter, when he is
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looking out very different. >> it was different than a lot of the campaign rallies, as well. i think the goal has always been for the folks that are trying to keep donald trump as professional and presidential, which it was a struggle towards the end. you remember he was constrained in the twitter use, for example, they have always tried to keep him on the teleprompters, i think tonight it would suggest they did a better job. >> what are the out-lyers and the people he pointed. his choice of general maddis is met with wide approval. general flynn is getting a lot of attention today. >> and a lot of attention he got today stems from what his son had done on twitter and the coming out of the pizzagate.
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these things were known when he was first announced but he was sort of blanketed when they discussed steve bannon, who took a lot of the flak. so a lot of things that were named came out again because of the pizzagate issue. the question is less about what flynn did than what it is about judgment. it is not something that has to go before the senate, but it is donald trump's pick. >> and the closest guy in the area, always, steve we miss you back here in the area. i thought of you today watching the current president and commander in chief, really his last speech on national security and defense and foreign affairs down at mcdill in florida, while not mentioning the president-elect really laying out his world view for all to compare and contrast.
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and in part, diminishing terrorism. diminishing the players in isis. taking the opposite argument, don't make them too grandiose, don't give them too large a role in our thinking because that puts them beyond our ability. what do you make of the contrast as he is leaving to the arriving administration? >> look, i think president obama has throughout the second term has under-sold the threat of radical extremism as a tactical matter, not a strategic threat to the united states. but when we look at isis that he called the jv, we look at the situation in syria and the refugee crisis it triggered and how the refugee crisis has destabilized the european union and a lot of the european institutions that are part of the post-world war ii liberal order i think that he is
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espousing a world view. i think as you see donald trump being more aggressive in taking the fight to the islamic state. i think it is true one thing that happened over the last weeks, the islamic state has lost territory and is clearly losing. i think president obama is accurate saying we're breaking their backs. the isis thing seen as a loser is important in terms of stopping their recruitment. but i think you saw the difference in the world views laid out tonight. >> and steve speaking of world view his, what is going on between your good friend and former boss john mccain and his close personal friend? donald trump? >> well, i think john mccain as a senior senator is focused on defense issues and i think he is a little exhausted about every
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question having to do with donald trump. i think he declared a moratorium today and he can get a little cranky, you saw that tonight. >> it would appear he doesn't want to talk about donald trump. phil, donald trump went there again and started the "drain the swamp" chant, specifically mentioning lobbyists. we talked about it earlier today, what was sadder, the republicans thinking the taiwan cell phone call was an errant cell phone call, but it appeared to be engineered from a great senator statesman from the republican party, bob dole. >> we're certainly not clear what happened here, certainly bob dole has said he was the person that made it happening. the trump campaign declared certain things differently at the front of the week. since donald trump won his
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election last month demonstrated that he is not draining the swamp that i think a lot of supporters would have expected. some of the picks he picked, for example, wall street folks, department of the treasury. the extent to which you can drain the swamp was always a question, but the part of bob dole, a bigger problem in filling that role. >> steve, do i sense in your demeanor that you have seen shall we call it a migration in the tone of donald trump? >> i think it is erratic, today he doubled down on what he said he would do in the campaign and laid down a very robust agenda. i think tweeting, the question of boeing, if you care about government spending and fiscal issues and i do, one of the first places you could start is the pentagon procurement process. but is that what he was
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signaling with his tweet about boeing or was he reacting to statements that the boeing ceo made fairly critical of the president-elect's positions on the liberal international trade order? and so if it's a retaliation, it's very worrying. the attacks on the free media. on the first amendment. the tweeting out information millions of people who voted illegally that did not happen. so i think it's hour to hour, day by day, so you see him being serious at times. you see an excellent appointment with general maddis. and problems that are worrying. you talk about draining the swamp. really the question is why is the national security adviser's designated son, why is he being
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put in for security clearance, one person said that is not draining the swamp, that is adding alligators to it. >> steve, lifetime, republican, thank you for joining us. and for your contributions. what steve did was set up nicely our next discussion, this big hubbub over a big order for several large aircrafts. donald trump's latest adventure on twitter. and just what are the secret ingredients that make air force one so expensive anyway? this is "the 11th hour." ♪ if you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's,
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as we said at the top tonight, the president-elect
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took on a major international corporation in a message on twitter today that sent a ripple through u.s. markets. donald trump wrote boeing is building a brand-new 747 air force one for future presidents but costs are out of control. more than $4 billion, cancel order. he backed it up at trump tower later in the day. >> the plane is totally out of control. it's going to be over $4 billion for the air force one program. i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money. >> as you may know, the aircraft that carries the president is no ordinary aircraft. >> it stands as tall as a ticket story building and almost as long as a football field. more than a plane. air force one is a monument to american know-how and pride. >> underneath the skin and hidden from view, the plane
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carries an array of secret features, antennas, sensors to track attacks from cyber space or heat-seeking missiles. >> so you get the picture. it's not a delta airlines aircraft. joining our conversation, the representative for aviation week and technology, which to us in the aviation geek community is one fine publication that we subscribe to. welcome to you, lara, i'm looking at the headlines today, did donald trump tank boeing stock because he was mad about a news article? we have been able we think to trace his thinking, fox news segment on flag-burning preceded his tweet on flag-burning, do you think you found the source on his anger today? >> yeah, well, i can't take all the credit, somebody else found it. but shortly before his conversation there was a piece that went up on the chicago
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tribune site. one speech last friday, in that speech the ceo said look, without naming any names, obviously political in his own way but basically called out trump's statement about free trade and particularly noted that boeing does a lot of trading with china, the largest manufacturer in the united states. this is something very important to them. shortly after that article went up, donald trump tweeted the comment about boeing and 747 and air force one. there doesn't seem to be any other impetus for that. >> lara, before we get to that, the boeing and the air bus, and we're not going to give the contract to them.
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this has increased fuel capacity and counter measures for air-to-attacks, having said that what factually was right and wrong about what donald trump said and where is the air force one program? >> right, so donald trump's tweet that it was going to cost over $4 billion to buy the presidential aircraft is actually probably not far off. the government accountability office has estimated that it will be $3.2 billion in total to finish the program. and that is including research and development, which is the vast majority of money and procurement to buy two airplanes for fielding in 24 as well. of course boeing right now is only on contract for $170 million as we're in the very early stages of production. >> and there is a long lead time on these, right? the president who usually starts the process and orders them will never get to fly on them. in this case, it's maybe several presidents away.
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>> right, exactly. however as you know this is no ordinary 747. i mean, when people think of air force one they think of president obama landing in a town waving to the crowd. but really, the mission of this plane is the 9/11 scenario. it has to have electronic counter-measures on board for surviveability. it basically has to be a flying white house, mobile command and control center. so you have electronic counter measures such as jamming devices, you have flares that can throw off enemy missiles, and a huge amount of communication. the president needs to be able to talk to the nuclear forces whenever he needs to. so if you're in a scenario where you need to be up in the air indefinitely potentially what you really need is something that can survive, has aerial refuelling, it has a lot of fuel capacity. something that you can stay up in the air indefinitely.
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so while it's a big price tag, it seems like, and many national security efforts have said it's worth the cost. in fact, they're hopeful that trump will maybe turn around his opinion. my sources have told me that boeing leadership reached out to trump earlier in the day, and they had a very constructive conversation. so we'll see what happens. >> and still having been privileged to spend hundreds of hours on these boeing 747s, i can attest it is the boeing white house. and you're up against the same procurement problem and the same foreign versus domestic. sakorsky up in connecticut builds a fine aircraft. so do the europeans. guess where congress would prefer the money to go to, but that program got too big and kind of collapsed on itself. >> that is very true.
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and when we talk about donald trump's on this air force issue yesterday there was a story out in the washington post, said the defense department had sought out and find hundred billion of waste, and then buried the report. so he could have seized upon that report. lifted that as an example of waste, 80 times, or 30 times what this air force one would cost. always an issue as you point out, but not necessarily the best way to address it. >> phil bump, washington post, we thank you both for participating in our conversation tonight. coming up, a preview of a potential history-maker. the day after the inauguration and the history made, this is the 11th hour. seventy-five ye. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so...
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couple of things before we go tonight. an update on the women's march planned after the inauguration, saturday january 21. many have expressed interest in attending, 100 thousand so far announced they will attend. 40 states will conduct their own marches. there are facebook pages in 47 states, designed to help people get to washington for this march. and a reminder about tomorrow's
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date on the calendar, from the always excellent historian, and put this caption, died on the uss west virginia after the pearl harbor attack. the 75th anniversary of pearl harbor, the day that changed the world. that is our broadcast tonight. thank you for joining us. "hardball" is up next, with chris matthews. vintage, trump, it's "hardball"." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington, tonight we look back at donald trump and his highlights with the interviews over the years.


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