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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 9, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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was leaving the white house this week in washington, d.c. that does it for us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. "first look" is up next. donald trump's thank you tour continues in iowa. he showcased some of his latest cabinet picks as we follow new reporting on who he may be eyeing for secretary of state. plus hillary clinton returns to washington with a warning. she cautioned against fake news, calling it an urgent threat to democracy. and a war hero, astronaut, and senator. this morning we're looking back at the extraordinary life of john glenn.
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good morning, everyone. it is friday, december #th, i'm alex witt alongside ali velshi and louis burgdorf. amid adding new cabinet selections, president-elect donald trump went to des moines, iowa, last night where he and vice president-elect pence sell blated their victory. it was the same city as his first campaign event for his official announcement, as well as the state he nearly lost in his first contest. trump defeated hillary clinton in iowa over nine points and a crowd of over 5,000 greeted him in des moines. >> i'm here today for one main reason, to say thank you to the great, great people of iowa. you went out and pounded, i mean pounded the pavement. i also want to take this
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opportunity to thank your great senators. they are tremendous. two tremendous people. they never wavered. we had some people, they would waver, right, waver, and as long as they came back some time prior to the vote, they are all right, but we don't like people that waver, right? those two didn't waver. >> president-elect trump also welcomed to the stage iowa governor terry branstad, who he has chosen to be the new u.s. ambassador to china. branstad has known president xi jinping for years, but last night he told the crowd he planned to change the relationship between the two economies. >> the nation of china is responsible for almost half of america's trade deficit. china is not a market economy. got a lot of help. and that's why we designate them as being a nonmarket economy. big thing.
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they haven't played by the rules, and i know it's time they are going to start. they are going to start. they've got to. you have the massive theft of intellectual property, putting unfair taxes on our companies, not helping with the menace of north korea like they should, and the at will and massive devaluation of their currency and product dumping. other than that, they've been wonderful, right? >> trump's next thank you stop, grand rapids, michigan, later today, louis? now for the latest reporting on the highest nomination in the trump cabinet. sources close to president-elect donald trump and familiar with his thinking tell msnbc's joe scarborough the two names at the top of the short list for secretary of state nomination are 2012 republican nominee mitt romney and rex tillerson, chairman and ceo of exxonmobil. bob corker is also under consideration. romney visited new york city yesterday to deliver a long planned paid speech and did not
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meet with trump, but sources say last week's dinner between the two was a, quote, grand slam, a quote echoed by those close to the massachusetts governor. the exxonmobil ceo, who rarely does interviews, seemed to know more about global affairs and world leaders than some of the politicians trump has discussioned the position with. as for rudy giuliani, believed he is no longer considered for the post. yesterday the president-elect met with a man vetted by hillary clinton's team for vice president. he dived a question whether he's under consideration for secretary of state yesterday. >> when i first heard there was a short list and i thought they were referring to a list of short people, i'd definitely be on that list, but in terms of any job, i'd say why don't you talk to the folks upstairs. president-elect donald trump
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has filled more than half of his cabinet positions, adding his choice for labor secretary yesterday. let me tell you about andy puster, ceo of the fast food company that owns carl's jr. and hardees, which puts him high on my list. he was announced yesterday as labor secretary. however, he's an outspoken advocate against raising the federal minimum wage, suggesting it would lead to layoffs and curtail job opportunities for young people. he's also spoken favorably about replacing some fast food employees with robots in response to rising labor costs, telling business insider in march, they are always polite, always upsell, never take a vacation. resistant to trump's choice is already emerging with incoming senate minority leader chuck schumer saying the labor
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secretary should be someone who wakes up every day thinking about how they can raise american wages and fight for american workers. mr. puzter's career has shown the opposite. breitbart news writing puzder is diametrically opposed to trade and immigration, alleging he prefers foreign labor. last night on the stump in iowa, trump talked about the net worth of some of his appointments. >> some of the people i put on to negotiate, you've been noticing, are some of the most successful people in the world. one newspaper criticized me. why can't they have people of modest means? because i want people that made a fortune, because now they are negotiating with you. okay? no different than a great baseball player or a great golfer. we want the people that are going to bringunes of income in
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make a dollar a year. and they are so proud to do it. >> clearly, you're not successful unless you've made a fortune. please don't tweet me for that one, by the way, it was just a joke. he says he'll take the smallest salary possible. alex? hillary clinton returned to capitol hill yesterday for the first time since losing last month's election. while there, she gave a nod to the relatively low profile she's been keeping recently. >> this is not exactly the speech at the capitol i hoped to be giving after the election, but after a few weeks of taking selfies in the woods, i thought it would be a good idea to come out and i'm very grateful to
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harry for inviting me to be part of this celebration. >> clinton also gave a warning about the spread of fake news, calling an issue that should concern all americans. >> it's now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences. this isn't about politics or partisanship. lives are at risk. it's a danger that must be addressed, and addressed quickly. it's imperative that leaders in both the private sector and the public sector step up to protect our democracy and innocent lives. >> according to nbc news, clinton has spoken with the owners of the d.c. pizzeria where a gunman opened fire after he said he wanted to look into a fake conspiracy story himself. ali? he was a warrior, test pilot, astronaut, businessman, senator, candidate for president, but john glenn was much more than the sum of his biography. the last surviving original member of the mercury 7 died
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yesterday. he was 95 years old. his aviation accomplishments defied belief. he flew 149 combat missions during world war ii and the korean war, and setting the transcontinental speed record as a test pilot, but it was his flight on february the 20th, 1962, that forever married him to history. his mercury atlas rocket made him the first american to orbit earth, and he returned to space 36 years later at the age of 77. the president-elect remembered his legacy yesterday at the airport named for the astronaut in columbus, ohio. >> of course, senator john glenn, the passing, he was really, to me, he was a great american hero. truly great american hero. i met him on two separate occasions. liked him, always liked him. but he was, indeed, an american hero. >> glenn ran for president as a
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democrat in 1984, as a pragmatist and moderate, arguing for fiscal responsibility and cuts to defense spending, but within reason. those positions came in shark contrast to a field that included walter mondale and jesse jackson. >> i see myself as the moderate, only moderate left here. i don't believe in this politics of momentum that seems to be abroad. politics of stampede, whatever you want to call it. george mcgovern a few weeks ago said he didn't want people to throw away their conscience. i say don't throw away your common sense either. your vote next week, and i'll guarantee i'll give you a presidency you can be proud of once again. >> though he lost his first two bids for the senate before winning in 1974, he served four terms in the upper chamber and was there when the first tv cameras were allowed to roll. >> mr. president, this is the first day of television in the united states senate.
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and i voted for that, because i think the people of this country do have a right to know. we've had committee meetings about what the camera angles will be, and how to best keep your head up and look at those cameras, and we have had meetings about how to hold a mike so you don't make some noise such as that. rubbing against my clothing here. and those of us with thinning hairlines or little hair on the head have been advised that you do not lean over like this into the camera. i wish to note that we've had advice on how to do this and how to make certain that we cut that shine on the head. and if necessary, how to do the eye shadow. after we have that done, of course, we may even want to perhaps be certain that everything is done properly for the camera. mr. president, these are just a few of our concerns here in the
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senate, and i'm assured that none of us will do a thing differently in the senate of the united states now that we are on television. >> a hero to all americans, particular hero to some of us bald men. he continued on the campaign trail for years after his retirement, alongside john kerry and hillary clinton. john glenn's body will lie in state at the ohio state house. a public memorial service will be held at ohio state university, and he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. louis? >> truly an american hero, ali. now to the trial against the man accused of gunning down nine people inside a south carolina church last year. his attorney claims in court documents his client's mother suffered a heart attack after listening to the prosecutor's opening statements and said, "i'm sorry," as family members and court security rushed to help her. details of the heart attack were included in a request for a mistrial yesterday. the defendant's attorney's
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arguing that the shooting survivor felicia sanders' testimony was roof was evil and belonged in the pit of hell. the judge denied the request saying he interpreted the testimony as a, quote, religious comment and not as a statement on what the sentencing should be. roof faces the death penalty if convicted. in georgia, police officer jody smith has died from injuries sustained during a confrontation that set off a frantic man hunt for the suspect. smith was providing backup from an officer responding to a domestic disturbance call. both officers were called. one officer died at the scene, police said those two were best friends. >> nick and jody were very close friends, been friends since high school, went to the police academy together, graduated together. when jody heard the call and knew nick was on his way, he heard that call over the radio
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and took it upon himself to respond and back up his friend. >> both men have left behind fiances, and the suspect in the shooting has also died. he was found in a nearby home with what police say appears to be a self inflicted gunshot wound. ali? defense secretary ash carter arrived in afghanistan last night. carter is visiting to thank u.s. troops for their service during the holiday season. he'll also meet with military commanders and receive an update on recent counterterrorism efforts against both al qaeda and isis. carter is also scheduled to meet with afghanistan's president. alex? still ahead, a major pileup in michigan is being blamed on snowy conditions. an arctic blast is hitting across the country. a check of weather next. plus, to the grid iron as the chiefs and raiders battle it out for first place in the afc west. those stories and more when we come right back.
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welcome back, everyone. three people are dead in michigan after an estimated 40-car pileup during the busy morning commute. an additional 11 people were hurt in the accident, which shut down both stretches of i-96 yesterday morning. severe weather and slick roads are being blamed. michigan has been dealing with a blast of cold air and snow, with reports of whiteout conditions on the roads there. wow. >> how's that happen? did you see those pictures? >> and they are so squished together. >> take a boulder to push everyone together like that. >> that's frightening. >> you know there were all those people in those cars, yep, yep. we're all in this together, alex. not many people excluded from this first arctic blast of the season. the wind chill is 30 in houston. that's frigid.
2:19 am
new orleans at 36. now the cold air is filtering to florida. everyone is included. yesterday it was negative 30 in casper. well, it's negative 20. we're slowly heading in the right direction, but it's still bitterly cold, especially up in the dakotas and new england, wind chills are in the 20s and the teens. lake effect snow is pretty epic, as you'd expect, first cold air over the warm water, even reports of thunder snow. literally it's snowing. you hear thunder, the claps of thunder. that's off of mostly lake erie. lake ontario has broken up a bit, but still scattered snow showers across new york state. fluffy half inch to inch in indianapolis last night, so careful driving in those areas and a lot of heavy snow heading down towards south bend. some of the areas around the lakes will pick up two to three feet, those are isolated areas, but in general this is the snowfall over the next three days. still getting the snow in the mountain west, a piece in the plains. we'll get two to four inches of snow saturday night, sunday
2:20 am
morning in chicago. that's this band here. throughout areas of michigan and then that will go sunday night into areas of northern pennsylvania, so again, you know, winter is here, little pieces of snow are going to move across the country. no huge snowstorms in sight. the bigger buzz is next week, unfortunately, we'll have an even bigger cold outbreak coming across the country. >> i felt it. i got a question for you, this is my canadian question of the day. you always refer to that little chunk east of lake ontario as a shelf. what do you call that? >> which one? that's off lake ontario. the plateau. >> never knew that. grew up around there, didn't even know that. thank you, bill. that's my question of the day. now to a story straight out of jurassic park. a piece of a 99 million-year-old dinosaur tail has been found preserved in a piece of amber, consists of bones, soft tissue, and as you can see if you look real close, feathers. it's the first time scientists
2:21 am
are definitively able to connect well preserved feathers to a dinosaur. plant debris are also trapped in the resin. that's pretty cool. >> really cool. i can't believe how preserved that is. still ahead, why the city of cleveland doesn't seem too concerned with the browns' losing streak. plus the bulls hand the spurs their first road loss. louis has those game highlights next in sports.
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having the worst team in the nfl isn't getting the city down, no, cleveland rocks. it was planned for a perfect season parade were moving forward. that's right, if the cleveland browns can manage to lose every single game this season, the city will throw them a parade. it's like the old saying goes, when life gives you lemons, those lemons probably play football better than the cleveland browns. >> i would argue that the jets might be worse. okay, welcome back. time now for sports. thursday night football, kansas city hosting oakland in a battle for first place in the afc west. this one could have been renamed the tyreke hill show. the chiefs' rookie caught a 36-yard touchdown pass from alex smith early in the second quarter, followed that up taking this punt 78 yards to the house. pretty incredible. that gave the chiefs a 21-3 lead. he's the first rookie since back in 1965 to score a td on the
2:25 am
ground, in the air, and on a return in the same game. chiefs win 21-13. kansas city now sits atop the division and are currently second in the playoff picture. oakland drops from number one, all the way down to fifth. from the grid iron to the hardwood court, san antonio visiting chicago and looking to tie the nba record for best road start to a season. the spurs 13-0 coming into the contest. the bulls were dominant most of the game, building an 18-point lead midway through the third quarter, but the spurs cut it to four late in the game, but it was not meant to be, unfortunately, for them. all the bulls starters scored in double digits, led by dwyane wade with 20 points and chicago hands san antonio their first road loss this season 95-91. all right, we're going to go to utah and the golden state warriors overwhelm the jazz early. they went on a 29-1 run in the first quarter en route to a 19-point half-time lead. despite a second half jazz push
2:26 am
that closed the gap to five, the warriors led by kevin durant's driving dunks managed to hold on. they looked almost unstoppable. here's some good news for all you weekend hackers out there, the usga has introduced a new local rule that gets rid of the 1 stroke penalty golfers get if their ball moves accidently, key word accidently, on the green. you may recall dustin johnson was given a penalty after his ball moved slightly during the final round of last year's u.s. open, which he ultimately went on to win. unfortunately, you still can't use the foot wedge like barnacle alex. he does that every time, see him out there kicking the ball a bit. >> he's going to appreciate that. he's going to come after you, just so you know, louis. still ahead, breaking overnight, south korea parliament voted to impeach the country's president. plus, "celebrity apprentice" will return to television soon. donald trump won't be on the show, seems his presence will still linger, though.
2:27 am
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hey there, welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt alongside ali velshi and louis burgdorf. it is the bottom of the hour, so we're going to start you off with the morning's top stories. hillary clinton is warning about the dangers of fake news during a speech on capitol hill yesterday. the democratic presidential nominee called the rise of such stories an epidemic with real life consequences, adding it's not about politics or
2:31 am
partisanship, lives are at risk. in a bill to keep the government running through the new year is now in the hands of the senate. the bill, which passed the house yesterday, included a measure to expedite the confirmation process for president-elect's choice for retired general james mattis. there's now a fight over health benefits, which could delay passage beyond midnight, when current funding expires. ash carter is on an unannounced visit to afghanistan. he arrived early this morning. the pentagon says he'll meet with commanders about the fight against terrorism and thank the troops for their service. ali? president-elect donald trump met with another high ranking military officer yesterday, talking about cyber security with retired four-star admiraad who declined to comment when asked if he was joining the
2:32 am
trump administration. he's been taking criticism for james mattis at defense, john kelly at homeland security, and michael flynn as national security adviser, but as the washington examiner points out, trump is not the first, nor even the most recent example of this. in 2009 president obama's cabinet included three four-star military officers, retired general eric shinseki at veterans affairs, general jim jones as security adviser and dennis blair as director of national intelligence. louis? >> barry mccaffrey has changed his opinion on donald trump's incoming national security adviser after a closer look at his social media use. mccaffrey, an msnbc military analyst, acknowledged while he was initially supportive of retired general michael flynn for the nsa position, his position has changed after reading flynn's controversial tweets that shared various fake news stories, including ones
2:33 am
that said hillary clinton committed felonies. >> i was strong in my adivor endorsement of him, adding he was the best intelligence officer of his generation, but i must admit i'm now extremely uneasy about some of these tweets, which don't sound so much as if they are political skull dugry, but instead border on being demented. it's an extraordinarily important position in government, has tremendous opportunity to shape the course of foreign policy and defense policy. i think we need to aggressively examine what was going on with general flynn and his son dealing with these transparent, nearly demented tweets that were going out. i think it needs closer scrutiny. >> one thing to note, the national security adviser
2:34 am
position does not require confirmation hearings. alex? >> okay, louis. we are following breaking news out of south korea, where the country's parliament has voted to impeach park geun-hye. more than two-thirds of the 300 lawmakers voted in favor of impeaching park. she's been engulfed by a corruption scandal with her public approval rating plummeting to near zero. joining us from london, matt bradley. good day to you. so what's next in the step here with south korea and this ongoing saga? >> thanks, alex. well, the vote starts a countdown, it now has six months to decide if the charges are true and if park should, indeed, be removed. if they agree with parliament, that would make modern south korea's first female president its first ever to be impeached, but park still has a lifeline. the court's decision is far from certain. the last time south korea voted to impeach its president in 2004, the court kept him in.
2:35 am
six of the nine justices need to vote to unseat the president. in fact, park and her fellow conservative predecessor have appointed six of those judges, but in the mean time, prime minister west bank kyo-ahn will take over. whether she stays or goes, park remains deeply unpopular, her approval ratings have hovered in the single digits the past few weeks and the continuing scandal unleashed protests on an unprecedented scale. in the end today, about half of park's own ruling party joined her opponents in voting for her impeachment, so park stands accused of extortion and abuse of power. the scandal centers around one of the president's shadowy friends, the daughter of an infamous cult leader, but there's an important upshot here. the conservative's unpopularity has paved the way for a liberal government that will likely be
2:36 am
friendlier with china and less closely aligned with the united states. alex? >> the high court does not follow the lawmakers, it's a wonder how she'll govern from there. ali? in syria, president bashar al assad is calling a potential victory in the city of aleppo a huge step in the government's bid to end the country's five-year civil war. syrian forces have taken key areas from rebel fighters in recent days. this is some footage from the army, the syrian army, of the recent campaign. despite the gains by the government, assad says in part, "it's true that aleppo will be a win for us, but let's be realistic, it won't mean the end of the war in syria." he also has rejected the opposition's call for a five-day humanitarian cease-fire. the comments by assad come as russian foreign minister sergey lavrov say syria has suspended military activity in eastern aleppo, but rebels and residents dispute that, saying that the
2:37 am
attacks there have continued. louis, aleppo was, before all of this fighting, syria's largest city. ali, officials in georgia are demanding answers from the department of homeland security over what they are describing as an attempt to breach the state's voter registration database from an i.p. address linked to the agency. georgia's secretary of state brian kemp announced yesterday he sent a letter to the dhs secretary jeh johnson. he said a security firm discovered the failed breach, which took place a week after last month's election, tracing the hack back to the dhs, reportedly saying, "at no time has my office agreed or permitted the dhs to conduct penetration testing or security scans of our network." homeland security made a major push to help states secure their systems against possible hacking. alex? louis, joe biden says he was embarrassed by the 2016 battle between donald trump and hillary clinton. speaking in washington, d.c., yesterday, the vice president called the election ugly,
2:38 am
divisive, and dispiriting. he also addressed his party's recent failure to connect with white working class voters. >> michelle, i know i got in trouble at the convention when i spoke, and i talked about why i thought hillary makes such a good president, but i did say, we're not paying enough attention to these people. we're not showing enough respect to these people. and i said and got some criticism from my own staff, because i was indirectly criticizing the campaign, i wasn't, because i know she agreed with me. whl i said we're not showing enough respect to a segment of the population that's scared to death. there's a sort of sense that's grown up in the democratic party that somehow these folks are -- these are good people, man. these aren't racists, these
2:39 am
aren't sexists. there's a sense of some in our party, wait a minute, we have to either tone down our progressive point of view and ramp up what we're going to do for working folks, or somehow talk less about working folks and ramp -- there is no conflict, none, none at all. elections are supposed to be about referenda on ideas, the direction of the country. so that when a president's elected, they can say this is what i told you i was going to do. the majority of you basically agree. this is what i'm going to try to do. but other than make america great again and forward together, what do you know about the last election? >> of course, the vice president made headlines earlier this week after refusing to rule out a possible presidential run in 2020. he has since said he does not intend to run. ali? donald trump faced his first
2:40 am
challenge of comforting americans as president-elect during a meeting with the victims of last week's ohio state attack. trump made the stop in columbus yesterday ahead of his thank you rally in iowa. he spoke privately with the survivors and first responders, including the state police officer who shot and killed the attacker. >> these were really brave people, amazing people. the police and first responders were incredible. the job done in particular by one young gentleman was incredible. i got to meet him and he's very brave. the families have done so well to come through this so well. >> at his rally in iowa, trump told the crowd that the ohio state attack was a tragic reminder of the need to take a harder line on immigration. louis? ali, earlier in the show you shared with us about john glenn's political career. now tom costello looks back at the incredible pioneering spirit of one of america's most famous aviators.
2:41 am
>> five, four, three, two, one. >> john glenn was more than an american hero. for more than half his life, he was a 20th century icon, perhaps best known for what happened on february 20th, 1962. >> three, two, one, zero. >> the first american to orbit the earth and put america back in the space race with the soviet union. >> i feel fine. oh, the view is tremendous. >> the late t.j. o'malley was at the master controls that day. >> range operations go. >> until he died, he kept the button he pushed to send glenn into orbit. >> hit that button, may the good lord ride all the way. >> god speed, john glenn. >> john glenn returned to a
2:42 am
hero's welcome. and invitations to address congress. >> as our knowledge of this universe in which we live increases, may god grant us the wisdom and guidance to use it wisely. >> john glenn's roots were always firmly planted in ohio. he was born in cambridge, went to a local college, and married his childhood sweetheart annie. he flew combat missions in world war ii, then shot down three missions in korea, and in 1987, a record, los angeles to new york in less than three and a half hours. then the early days of the astronaut corps, later immortalized in the movie "the right stuff." >> john glenn. >> glenn was someone who could walk down the street in midtown manhattan and literally have cabbies say, hey, john, how ya doing? >> after a career in business, glenn was elected to the u.s. senate in 1974. and made an unsuccessful run for the presidency in 1984.
2:43 am
then in 1998, nasa came calling again. at the age of 77, john glenn got his wish to return to space aboard the shuttle "discovery." >> booster ignition and liftoff of "discovery." >> astronaut steve robinson was on the same mission. >> he savored the whole thing. he didn't make a poetic deal about it at all. john glenn was the most honest and straight forward and clear thinking individual you can imagine. >> a lifetime of achievement and national service, honored with both the congressional gold medal and the presidential medal of freedom, the country's highest civilian awards. john herschel glenn, pilot, astronaut, businessman, politician, husband, and father, and an american original. >> thanks to tom costello for that remarkable look back. so many tributes pouring in, pulitzer prize winning historian
2:44 am
wrote it seemed john glenn had given americans back their self respect amid the cold war. in a statement president obama said john always had the right stuff. alex? >> that he did. still ahead, john boehner on life after the speakership, and does he still think senator ted cruz was, quote, lucifer in the flesh? also, bill karins with the latest on the snowstorm set to move across the nation this weekend. and the arrival of the so-called siberian express. we're back after this. what's the best way to get two servings of veggies?
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what's the best way to get v8 or a fancy juice store?s? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. john boehner did an interview yesterday in cincinnati about his life after politics. well, look at this. >> it's been more than a year since john boehner resigned as speaker of the house. >> how's life? >> hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. every morning. >> are you enjoying the freedom of being able to say whatever you want? like, for instance, saying that ted cruz was lucifer?
2:48 am
>> you had to be a little tactful. i don't have to be quite as tactful. yeah. because he was lucifer in the flesh. the most miserable person i ever had to work with. >> that was good. remember when john boehner was the most orange politician we had? >> how do you really feel, john boehner, right? anyway, let's get to the weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. that was pretty funny. that's it, the guy's lucifer, that's it. >> we just love brutal honesty, plain and simple. we mentioned the siberian express. we have all these terms for the cold air, but there's origins of where the air forms and where it comes from. usually our cold air comes from canada, but it can come from the arctic or alaska. in this case it's coming from siberia. we call it the siberian express. it's going to make it all the way down into the u.s. this is an example of next week. bismarck, these are the high
2:49 am
temperatures in bismarck. not the wind chills or low temperatures, these are the high temperatures. temperature in chicago near 6 on wednesday, 11 on thursday. that means the actual morning lows will be in the negative numbers. reaches nashville about thursday and new york city thursday into friday. it's still going to be worse in the northern plains and great lakes than in the midatlantic. bismarck, the warmest they'll be in the next seven days, 8 degrees. how do they live like that, it's brutal. today's forecast, it is chilly in the east, but at least it will be partly to mostly sunny during the daytime hours. atlanta warms up, d.c., too, so it's not horribly cold. that's really confined to the dakotas and montana. over the weekend it doesn't get too bad. we will watch a bit of light snow around chicago. saturday night, into sunday, by the time we get to sunday through the northern ohio valley, sunday night, louis, looks like areas from new york city to southern new england when we wake up monday morning, could be a snow day or snow
2:50 am
delays for many areas of the northeast. >> bill, i prefer polar vortex. >> you like that term, huh? >> i also love bismarck, north dakota, but happy i'm not going there. nbc news confirmed donald trump will retain his title as executive producer of "the celebrity apprentice" when it returns with arnold schwarzenegger on january the 2nd. the president-elect will not have a production role in the show. trump's spokesperson told the magazine that he, "has a big stake in the show and conceived it with mark burnett." more will be revealed at his news conference later in december. trump's name will appear second in the credits behind burnett, but before schwarzenegger. "celebrity apprentice" is produced by mgm. ali? >> all right, he's making that announcement about his business deals on december 15th. we'll be covering that closely. still ahead, u.s. markets, the driving force behind a 3.8%
2:51 am
rise in global stocks just since the presidential election. we'll get down to business after this break. world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. ♪ ♪ get up to $2500 customer cash on select 2016 and 2017 models for these terms. see your lexus dealer.
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generosity is its oyou can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix
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in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. hey, welcome back. time now for business. u.s. markets are hovering at new records as the post election rally continued yesterday. the dow is now up 7% since donald trump was elected president a month ago. the s&p 500 a better gauge of most people's stock investments up 5% just in the last month and
2:54 am
up nearly 10% for the year-to-date, but not all stocks are seeing a post-trump election bump. the president-elect promises to roll back regulation, spend on infrastructure, having rewarded -- that's rewarded stocks in fossil fuels, mines, energy, banking, construction-related companies, but on the flip side, health care and pharmaceutical stocks have suffered over the unclear future of obamacare and drug pricing. one interesting losing sector has been the firearms industry, which surged steadily under the the obama administration over that steady drum beat of potential new gun regulations, now with the urgency to stockpile your guns and ammo having lowered, so have those stock prices. for more business headlines we bring in cnbc's carolyn roth live from london. carolyn, the european central bank has been pumping up the european economy by buying bonds and buying bonds. they say they are going to ease up. >> yes, they are, and that was a
2:55 am
bit of a surprise from the ecb in yesterday's trading session, because they said after april of 2017 they are only going to be buying 60 billion euros a month, down from 80 billion a month previously. some would call that tapering and is something that usually spooks the market, but at the same time they also said they are going to extend the duration of the bond buying for nine months and that's a little bit longer than what the market had been anticipating. so on balance, that was pretty good news, pretty dovish news for the markets. we saw european equities rally and the euro sank. time inc., the owner of magazines like "people" and "time" is looking to sell itself. according to "the wall street journal" it's hired two banks to help field takeover partnership interest and shares rallied 8% on the back of the news yesterday. >> real quick, i was talking about drug companies, not that excited about not knowing what's happening under trump, astrazeneca says it's laying off some employees. >> yes, it is. some 700 across the u.s. and 120
2:56 am
jobs will be axed at the headquarters in delaware, and the company says this is down to their flagging sales in the u.s. they want to return to growth, and that is the simple answer. back over to you. >> knocking it out of the park for us in london. we'll be back with a look at the stories happening in the day ahead.
2:57 am
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i can't tell you how glad we are to be back out of this commercial conversation that we were having, so let's get to this before we toss it to "morning joe," the stories you're going to be hearing about in the day ahead, not what we were talking about. >> president-elect trump will head to grand rapids, michigan, for the final stop of his 2016 thank you tour. before that he'll be in louisiana for a get out the vote event. >> meanwhile, a federal judge will hold a hearing for jill stein's recount request in pennsylvania today. stein calls the state's voting system a, quote, national disgrace that uses vulnerable, hackable, antiquated technology. >> okay. don't believe him, you can't believe what he was talking about during the commercial break. >> i'm going to be having a fantastic day today, i hope you do, too. >> yes, that does for all of us
3:00 am
on this friday, i'm alielshi alongside alex witt and louis burgdorf. "morning joe" starts right now. there's a up in the democratic party that somehow these folks are -- these are good people, man. these aren't racists. these aren't sexists. there's a sense in some of this party that, wait a minute, we either have to tone down our progressive point of view and ramp up what we're going to do about working folks or talk less about working folks and ramp -- there's no conflict. none at all. and so i know i got in trouble at the convention when i spoke, and i talked about why i thought hillary would make such a good president. i said we're not paying enough attention to these people. we're not showing enough respect


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