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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  December 9, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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or lung, breathing, or liver problems. a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about opdivo. see for this and other indications. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients, nurses, and physicians involved in opdivo clinical trials. hearty congratulations to savannah guthrie and mike feldman on the arrival of charlie max feldman. nine pounds, eight ounces, a beautiful healthy baby boy and a new member of the family. lots of love to you all. that does it for us. craig melvin joins now. look at uncle matt. >> nine pounds, eight ounces. that kid will be a line man. enjoy your weekend. good friday afternoon. i'm craig melvin in for hallie jackson. developing new this is hour. a live look at baton rouge, louisiana, there it is right there. president-elect donald trump
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scheduled to speak there. later this hour we'll bring it to you live. meanwhile on capitol hill, the clock ticking for congress for the stop gap spending bill to fund the government beyond tonight's midnight deadline. and the jury in charleston, south carolina, being shown never before seen security video of dylan roof walking in, then walking out of mother emmanuel chur church, also listening to his chilling two-hour videotaped confession. we'll go there live. first to politics. our team of correspondents on the ground. chris jansing live in baton rouge. kasie hunt live on capitol hill. kristen welker in grand rapids, michigan, hans nichol at the white house and steve kornacki with me here. what can we expect from the president-elect when he takes the podium there? >> reporter: the message in louisiana has been clear.
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vote for donald trump one last time. john kennedy, the republican who was running for david vitter's seat is retiring and said everything about donald trump, louisiana likes. he did win 58% of the vote here. the best line from his appearances for kennedy have been donald trump says he wants to drain the swamp. well, louisiana knows something about swamps. having said that he won't win without a fight from foster campbell who has been down by double digits in the polls but there is a push by democrats donating to him between october 20 and november 20. he raised for him an astonishing $2.5 million. if he gets it close or pulls a stunning upset and wins, it will be not because anybody on the national level in the dnc has supported him. something he told me just a few hours ago is a real shame. take a listen. >> they pretty much put all
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their ducks in one basket up in four or five states. when they lost, they lost. i don't know what they are doing. they are up under the bed with the covers pulled over their head or something. i don't know, but they need to come to the south and re-establish a democratic politics in the south. we can win down here. >> reporter: but a lot of volunteers who obviously are extremely unhappy with the outcome of the presidential election have come to louisiana according to foster's campaign, 400,000 phone calls have been made in the last period. 350,000 text messages sent. 350,000 door knocks, a record in louisiana. but this crowd and this airport hangar in baton rouge is absolutely full. all the local politicians have been waiting for their chance to get on stage. this is all for donald trump. this is a pure and simple get out the vote rally. if they keep this seat it will be 52-48 for the republicans in the senate.
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you will hear from donald trump that it matters. craig? >> chris jansing in baton rouge. the president-elect expected to take the stage there later this hour. perhaps next hour as well. we are told he got a little bit of a late takeoff. i want to bring in hans nichols now, hans is on duty for us at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. a little bit of a developing story there. president obama just 40 days or so left in office has decided to order this review, if you will. a lot of folks are claiming -- scratch that. some 17 agencies claiming there was hacking that went on before the election. president obama ordering a review. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: the review will attempt to shed clarity and take away doubt that some have been claiming, namely donald trump, the president-elect, that russia didn't have anything to do with the interference in
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election-related activities and the wikileaks hacks. we heard so clearly before -- and this was the 17 intelligence agencies coming together with their assessment. it was likely the hallmark, the fingerprints of russian state actors. it didn't make the direct nexus look for the next review potentially to go a little bit further. remember, politically, craig, this is different. if president obama on his way out of office, he has a fair amount of leeway to say things he couldn't say when he had to worry about tending to other relationships. namely with vladimir putin. this gives a liberated obama an opportunity to have a forceful statement backed by the intelligence agencies that leaves no doubt and will make it more difficult for donald trump to deny that russia played a role, if that is the conclusion of the intelligence agencies. >> to be clear here, we are talking about a full review if there was to be some sort of punishment, consequence, that's something that will likely be
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handled by the next administration. >> or has already happened. right? remember the joe biden interview he had with chuck todd on "meet the press." when he was asked would we find out, or would the american people find out if there was a cyber response to russia for the alleged infiltration, alleged hacking and joe biden said, i hope not. there is always a possibility there's been a hit-back, a counterpunch and we won't know. whether or not donald trump takes the same vow of silence is a question we'll ask when he moves in here later next month. craig? >> hans, thank you. kristen welker. president-elect donald trump with his pick to head the national economic council today. what do we know about gary cohn? >> reporter: a couple of things. he's served as part of the securities division for 25 years. he's on the board of directors
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of the mercantile exchange and from the american university after a slew of picks with ties to wall street including his pick for treasury secretary steve mnuchin and wilbur ross, a billionaire investor. this is raising eyebrows. president-elect donald trump talked about draining the swamp. some critics say, wait a minute. is this actually draining the swamp or is it stocking it full of billionaires? this is what bernie sanders had to say. he said it's called a rigged economy. and this is how it works. some of the picks are going to get fierce pushback from democrats and from critics. but we have been talking to folks who are lining up here at this venue in grand rapids to see president-elect donald trump, this fourth stop on his thank you tour. they say they like what they say see so far. they like the transition process. all of the controversies or little mini controversies
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haven't diminished support for the president-elect. >> kristen welker in a snowy grand rapids. thank you. steef, . steve, here is the thing. a lot of goldman sachs guys. donald trump not only went after hillary clinton for giving speeches at goldman sachs. there were ads. he talked about draining the swamp. now this. it is very curious, no? >> i think there are two ways to look at it. certainly when you look at hillary clinton's ties to wall street, the speeches she gave and the role it played in the campaign it is more than a little bit ironic to turn around and see the president-elect bringing in people who have the connections to wall street like that. that said, one of the themes donald trump was also stressing during the campaign and you heard him talk about it last night was the idea that through his life, through his career he's met people who have been successful in business. he's met some of the best deal makers, sharks in business throughout his career. his idea was he hasn'ted to get
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them together and bring them to an administration to use the skills he would argue to use the skills to fight not for their own fortunes but the fortunes of the country. he wasn't saying i'm bringing goldman sachs in. he was saying during the campaign i will look for people who made money and have been successful and make them a bigger part of the administration than we have seen before. >> the pick for sba, linda mcmahon revealed a short time ago that she gave some 7 million dollars over the course of the campaign to groups that were in existence to get donald trump elected president. the super pacs. pay for play. that was something we also heard him accuse hillary clinton a lot of. here's a guy that hasn't taken office yet. he's coming across a lot of folks as the hypocrite. >> again, think it depends how you look at it.
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from the trump critic standpoint he's given him ammunition. he giving him ammunition all the way. to the trump voter out there that heard drain the swamp during the campaign, there is a lot of different things that could mean. one of them is the idea that the people who have been criticizing donald trump, whether in the political establishment or coming from the media, the drain is swamp promise was their influence will be less. donald trump would say their influence would be less if i am elected. they will be angry at me. they won't like me. i wonder if the people voted like the slogan "din the swamp" see the media, the political establishment calling out donald trump and say that's what drain the swamp feels like. those people don't like this. he buys himself latitude. >> never mind the goldman sachs guys and the generals as well which we'll talk about later. kasie, senate democrats right now threatening perhaps a brief
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government shutdown by missing the deadline for the stop-gap funding bill. you indicated no one had a stomach for drama. is that still the case on the hill? >> reporter: at this point, craig. what's going on this morning is senator joe manchin of west virginia has been calling his colleagues. he's trying to get the democratic senators to hang together and oppose the funding resolution because it only includes about four months of funding for pensions, for coal miners. that's important in the state of west virginia. he has at least one republican on his side, also of west virginia caring about the issue enough to threaten to hold up government funding. but the reality is this is tough sell to get everybody to agree. that's what he needs. he needs blanket support from democrats to have any hope of putting off this government funding bill until tomorrow.
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even then, you know, really the most they can do here is delay things. but the reality is most top democrats don't at this point seem to have the stomach to keep -- to put the government funding at risk to cause a crisis just for this issue. mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader actually has had positive things to say about provisions that would keep the coal miner pensi fund going. of course kentucky, the recipient of the benefit of some of the program. there is hope that they could work on it more extensively in the new year. at the end of the day, my sources seem to believe this is going to be resolved today. we'll see what manchin decides to do in the event it is clear he doesn't have the support he would need to hold this up. >> kasie hunt on capitol hill. before i let you get out of here, i want to ask about this news now that donaltrump, again president-elect, will also now apparently continue to be executive producer of "the
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apprentice." is this one of those situations where we are talking about it in a bubble and it's shocking. but, again, this is something john q. six-pack in michigan or ohio or north carolina, trump supporter, saying this is perhaps much ado about nothing. >> of all the sort of stories out there about potential conflicts of interest with donald trump as president i'm not sure this one meets the test there. here is an example. barack obama eight years ago. he had "dreams of my father" his autobiography. he's collecting royalties on that. it's something he created, president obama did. this is a show donald trump created through his personality. mark burnett said donald trump took a template and made it into something he couldn't even imagine. donald trump created it. he'll have his name on it. we have never had a reality star become president. there is a parallel. you write a book, your name is
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on it, you collect royalties. you create a television show, you get credit if your name is on it even as the president. >> chris and kasie, kristen welker for us in grand rapids. thanks to you all. we are asking you this microsoft pulse question. trump will reportedly keep the executive producer credit on "celebrity apprentice." are you bothered he'll be both president of the united states and executive producer of a reality show? that's the question. we'd love to hear from you. it's pulse. cast your vote. let your voice be heard. more on those questions surrounding president-elect trump's cabinet appointees this week. is a man who opposes big minimum wage hikes and supports the automation of jobs, is that the best choice for labor secretary? we'll hash it out in the daily debate. first, this haunting surveillance video from mother emmanuel church showing dylan roof moments after he shot and
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killed nine worshippers there. we are live in charleston with the very latest on that case as it is being presented to the jury. we are waiting for donald trump to take to the podium there in baton rouge, louisiana. we'll bring it to you when it happens as well.
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we are now in the middle of day three of dylan roof's murder trial. this morning jurors in charleston heard his recorded confession to that shooting at an historic black church that left nine dead. the confession begins, quote, i went to that church in charleston and i did it. nbc's mariana atenzio is live for us now in charleston, south
10:19 am
carolina. what else has been happening inside the courtroom this morning? >> craig, the two-hour videotape confession still hasn't finished playing. the court broke for lunch. the judge urging the defense to just let the video play with minimal interruption. in it, we hear dylan roof in his own words saying, i will quote him. i had to do it. someone had to do it. he added, craig, what i did is still minuscule to what they are doing to white people every day. he called himself a white supremacist. he said he had been researching churches on the internet and that's how he chose mother emmanuel. he also said he would like segregation to be reinstated. he said it was the trayvon martin case that, quote, woke him up. he said he was surprised, in awe when he walked out of the church
10:20 am
after the shooting and saw there were no police officers waiting for him. he said if police had found him inside the church he was prepared to shoot himself. craig? >> any idea what the reaction has been to the tape from the jurors expect? >> reporter: i have only been able to go to the media overflow room where you really can't see. i was able to seedy lan roof yesterday. he's just looked silent, expressionless, looking down at the defense table the whole time. you can see wooden benches where the family members of victims are seated in the first couple of rows. so it's incred ed b krecredibly. you can sense the tension even in the adjacent room. there is a stark contrast
10:21 am
between the dylan roof i saw in the courtroom. again very silent. sort of absent. to the dylan roof we are seeing in the confession video. he seems animated with his hands in this video. he also seems surprised when agents tell him that he actually killed nine people. he said, oh, i thought i shot four or five. then when they ask him if he regretted it he said, i'm going to quote what he said. he said, it just makes me feel bad. yes, i guess i do regret it, craig. >> my goodness. we also understand his defense team tried to submit evidence about his state of mind. what more can you tell us about that? >> yes, they did try to introduce evidence regarding that. the judge simply said that the fact that dylan roof stated that he was willing to kill himself
10:22 am
wasn't really related to the fact that he shot these nine people in this church. that was sort of the judge's way of dismissing that motion. remember, he also had a psychological evaluation before the trial that deemed him mentally competent to stand trial. craig? >> we should note for the viewers at home the video they just saw was of roof being arrested in north carolina. substantial distance from charleston, obviously. that's the video you saw. thank you for theeport and taking us inside the courtroom there in charleston. the man behind the lies. we'll meet one 18-year-old macedonian who made quite a living creating some of the most stunning fake news articles about the american election. once again, donald trump expected this hour at a louisiana state gop event in baton rouge. when it happens we'll bring it to you live.
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hillary clinton made her first appearance on capitol hill thursday since the stunning election loss. she took aim on what some say was a contributing factor to it -- fake news. >> it's now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences. this isn't about politics or partisanship. lives are at risk. it's a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly. >> msnbc's jacob soboroff from los angeles joini me. we have all seen the fake news accounts on social media feeds. not many have seen it where it originates though and you have. what can you tell us about it? >> it's fascinating, craig. i brought to you this week the story of a man creating fake news for thousands a pop in los angeles. this story stretches to eastern
10:27 am
europe to a small town called veles, macedonia where buzzfeed traced a hundred domain names to this small town creating fake news. a young man tells us he's made upwards of $60,000 creating bogus news headlines in a town where the annual income is around $4800. we had a word with him. this is what he told us. >> really, he says, the fake news game is pretty straightforward. >> you see what people like and give them. if they like water you give water. if they like wine, give wine. it's simple. >> reporter: fake news has affected veles. in a country with almost a quarter of the citizens unemployed in a town with the average annual income below $5,000, the impulse to deceive was seemingly irresistible.
10:28 am
so now has the money flows, so, too, does the liquor. this club is cashing in on the success of fake news entrepreneurs. they get paid majestic sums by selling advertising on their sites. >> what happened in our town is a lot of money came. people quit their jobs to put their efforts in this as they saw it as the big ideas, their big chance, the big change in life. >> reporter: one venue plans to host a big event the day google pays out ad revenue. >> it's fascinating to hear. when you look at the headlines dmitri created. just in, obama illegally sent money to campaign. bmo obama refuses to leave white house. he'll stay in power. completely phony. different from the gentleman i met in southern california earlier this week. this guy is still collecting money from google ad revenue.
10:29 am
he told us if anybody else out there wants to see more, go to nbc a great job by our colleagues in the digital division. >> money. how much are we talking here? the guy you talked to this week, another fascinating piece. a guy in macedonia. are we talking a little money or real money? this guy says in six months he made $60,000. when you talk to people in this community like nbc news did they are saying teenagers are putting money down on houses in a town that's the equivalent of our rust belt in macedonia in eastern europe. >> continuing to take us inside the disturbing world of fake news. thank you, sir. i'm joined now by the national reporter for the "new york times." let's talk about this. here you have hillary clinton yesterday on the floor or in the halls of congress giving the speech. not certainly the speech she
10:30 am
thought she would be giving. a number of folks though said she sounded like she might have been trying to make an excuse for why she lost the election. how much do you think the fake news contributed to her loss. >> there were so many things in the election cycle. they say they were going to look at the e-mails again. you think about her calling donald trump's supporters deplorable, the ongoing conversation about her private e-mail server. there are so many things that factored in to why she lost. i can't say if fake news would be a big part of that. i could say most of the people i talked to, even her supporters, the big problem people had was one they didn't trust hillary clinton and they thought this was a change election year and they wanted someone for a fresh face and it wasn't hillary clinton. >> this fake news phenomenon
10:31 am
continues to fascinate me. you see the headlines and you think any person who is reasonable would know that this could not be real. the reality is that's just not the case. it really is bizarre. i want to talk about this other big news of the day or perhaps not as big of news as some make it out to be. donald trump will stay on as the executive producer of "celebrity apprentice" at least in title. is that something that is legit big news or does it depend on who you talk to? >> i think it depends on who you talk to. kellyanne conway today basically said presidents can do what they want in their spare time. she started referring to president obama playing golf and saying donald trump in his spare time will help run a reality show. a lot of donald trump's success, especially after talking to supporters, they recognized him
10:32 am
from "celebrity apprentice," saw him as a good businessman. he framed his character and framed who he was in the election. a lot of that had to do with "thepprentice." he's continuing to be person he was even before he won the election. it's hard to say with his business ventures whether or not this is a conflict of interest that's the most important. >> before i let you out of here, i remember some months ago edward snowden said this would be a choice between donald trump and goldman sachs. i remember him saying that. now you have not one, not two but three goldman sachs executives so far, former goldman sachs executives so far are now part of the trump administration at a high level. is this something that's going to come back to haunt donald trump or is this something that folks just aren't even going to be talking about in a few months? >> i think people will be talking about it depending on what the economic policies are. if the economic policies turn
10:33 am
out to be that goldman sachs and a lot of rich people are making money and the tax breaks go toward helping institutions like goldman sachs and it will be a big deal. the other thing is if the people get together and somehow donald trump supporters feel as though the money they are making and the way they are structuring the economy benefits the working class people that helped donald trump get into office this won't be much of a big deal. obviously there was a lot of talk about hillary clinton's speeches for goldman sachs. but in this case, donald trump's supporters seem to think he's putting in people that have been successful. donald trump has really made -- really doubled down on the fact he wants to have people that are successful surrounding him. >> on goldman sachs, "celebrity apprentice" and fake news in one friday afternoon. no fake news at the times though. good to see you, my friend. >> thanks. let's see what you are seeing about the microsoft pulse question. here is the question.
10:34 am
trump again reportedly keeping his executive producer credit on "celebrity apprentice." are you bothered he'll be both president of the united states and ep of a reality show? 84% of you logged on to say yes. yes, you will be bothered. the pulse still very much live. you can keep voting. pulse. more on president obama's order for u.s. intelligence agencies to deliver a full review of election-related hacking before he leaves office. i will talk to senator richard blumenthal of connecticut on if that means russia is, in fact, behind those attacks. if it's proven, what happens?
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders
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on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. calls for an investigation into possible russian hacking in the presidential election are coming from the top. president obama today ordered a, quote, full review of foreign
10:38 am
hacking activity before he leaves office. 17 u.s. intelligence agencies say they have, quote, high confidence he was behind the hacking of john podesta. senators john mccain and lindsey graham have called for investigations. i am joined now bier senator richard blumen that will. good to see you. thanks for your time. i want to ask you first about the continuing resolution vote happening now. clock is ticking. what's the status? >> we almost certainly will vote before the past.
10:39 am
the news about the you will review of possible russian hacking. without much time left in office, why launch an investigation when it is clear that the next administration doesn't believe russia is at fault? >> there is a real urgency to stop this poisonous, pernicious interference with our democratic process. nobody should be under any illusions. there is no need for anyone to have classified briefings, although i have had them, about the interference by the russians in this last election. i want to thank my colleagues john mccain and richard burr and lindsey graham for leading the investigative effort. i have long called for it as recently as last week in an armed services committee hearing. a number of us urged that there be an investigation by congress. i welcome and commend the president for beginning a penetrating and aggressive
10:40 am
investigation which is what's called for now. there should be no illusions that we are dealing with a kgb thug who will do anything to disrupt and under mine our democratic process. >> even if it is revealed that russia was undeniably behind this, how confident are you that the president-elect and his administration would do anything about it? >> i have no confidence about what donald trump will do in his administration. i know for sure that something must be done. there has to be a countering of other powers that mean to do us harm. the absence of that policy and
10:41 am
strategy is a failing in the foreign and defense policy. we have called for it on a bipartisan basis here in the congress. the strongest advocates of a better policy are the military leaders themselves who privately and publically called on us, congress and on the administration to develop a better policy for deterring and setting lines in the sand for what is an attack. >> before i let you out of here democrats over the past two weeks have been making a lot of noise about the president-ele president-elect's nominees to a number of positions in his cabinet. is there one for which you would go to the mat? i mean is there one that you think you would try to stand in the way of? >> attorney-general pruitt of
10:42 am
oklahoma nominated to be the environmental protection agency head, one of the most recent, one of the most apparently egregious who has opposed every major environmental enforcement effort of the environmental protection agency. he is against environmental protection. what is going to be his role as the environmental protector when he believes that it is contrary to his view of the world? and the world really is at stake. the planet is at risk. i will certainly be opposing his nomination. >> when you say oppose, how far do you think you and some of your colleagues would be willing to go? >> there will be very important hearings. they will be vigorous and vehement questioning. whether he can persuade enough of our colleagues to oppose the nomination to succeed in
10:43 am
blocking it remains a question. that's true of a number of nominees. >> all right. senator richard blumenthal of the nutmeg state, connecticut. thank you. enjoy your weekend, sir. >> thank you. >> a reminder, we are waiting to see president-elect donald trump in louisiana. we'll bring it to you when it happens there. again, keep in mind he ran on the promise of better jobs, wages for average americans, but is donald trump now betraying the working class with some of his cabinet appointees? plus, a hero remembered. saying good-bye to john glenn, the first american to orbit the earth. >> god speed, john glenn. five, four, three, two, one, zero.
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let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it. [engine revving] ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. donald trump's choice for labor secretary appears to conflict with his campaign pledge of being a champion for the working man.
10:47 am
fast food ceo andrew puzder opposes the raising of the minimum wage, once explained benefits for company ifs they replace employees with robots. joined now by msnbc political analyst and former spokesman for the ted cruz presidential campaign rick tyler. good to talk with you. we are talking about the labor secretary choice. if you look at three men with ties to goldman sachs, we are not talking about mail room guys but goldman sachs execs all now top level jobs in the trump administration. do you think he was serious at all about draining the swamp? >> i do, craig. i'm very impressed with the picks and i will tell you why. for getting on six days this is a decisive break. this is the end of progressive economics as we know it. for the new deal to the great society to the war on poverty,
10:48 am
those things didn't work. donald trump has taken this in a different direction. the democrats had the war on women, the war on the environment. donald trump looks to me like he's about creating job. you don't have labor unless you have work. to the labor secretary who understands the impact of a minimum wage is negative on jobs and businesses. to the goldman sachs people and economic advisers. look, the alternative is academ. it got us things like bank. >> crystal ball is the senior fellow at the new leader's council, also a democratic strategist and she joins us now from louisville, kentucky. good to see you again. >> good to see you, craig. how's it going? >> it goes well.
10:49 am
you wrote a piece on andy puzder, trump's nominee for department of labor. you said he should be disqualified. why? >> if you think about what trump ran on in the campaign he railed against companies that would send jobs overseas. he railed against companies that would put the bottom line first and foremost over their own work force. obviously puzder is a fast food ceo. you can't offshore those jobs but you can automate them out of existence. that's what he talked about doing. most people don't aspire to work in the fast food industry. but those are exactly the kinds of jobs our economy are creating now. over 3 million americans work in food service, making an average of $18,000 a year. that's a whole lot better than having no job at all. if you are an american worker, you have to look at the pick and say, this is the worst case scenario. you also see a critique from right wing populists, even
10:50 am
breitbart that puzder prefers foreign workers over american workers. this is in direct contrast to trump's so-called desire to uplt the american working class. >> krystal, to those who would say, as lindsay gram has said famously on a number of occasions, elections have consequences, and this would be the consequence of the election in that these appointments really shouldn't surprise anyone, and if the majority of folks -- scratch that, not the majority of folks, but if the electoral college speaks, this should happen. what would you say to that? >> sure. he has every right to nominate anyone that he wants, but this was a complete betrayal of the very people, the working class people, who put him in office. and this is a man in puzder who makes more in a day than his workers make in a year, and yet he complains that they are
10:51 am
overpaid. so i think when trump's base takes a look at who this guy is, who he's putting in charge of our labor force, it seems to me like he views them more as an expense item than as human beings trying to support their faement families. >> we're going to have to leave it there. krystal ball, thank you. greg, i'm sure we will talk again soon. celebrating the life of an american legend. john glenn's impact on space exploration, on politics, and on the country itself. h like an ap. could be great on the outside, not so great on the inside. her advice? strengthen both. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. it's uniquely formulated to strengthen teeth inside... ...and is better at strengthening the outside... ...than colgate total. my check-up was great. my hygienist told me to try... ...a mouthwash. so i tried crest. it does so much more than give me fresh breath. crest pro-health mouthwash provides all... ...of these benefits to help you get better dental check-ups. go pro with crest pro-health mouthwash.
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
10:54 am
male vo: comcast. we end this week remembering an american hero. john glenn, former senator and the first american to orbit the earth, died yesterday at the age of 95. back in 1998 nbc's matt lauer caught up with glenn before he embarked on that second trip to space at the age of 77. here is part of that conversation.
10:55 am
>> let me just start with as simple a question as i probably have ever asked anybody. why? >> well, i never felt that people should just look at the calendar and decide what they do in a particular stage of life. if you're interested in something and feel like it and have good health to do it, why not do it? >> god speed, john glenn. two, one. >> 36 years after his history-making leap into space, john glenn at age 77 was suiting up again. the mission this time, to test the effects of space flight on an aging body. >> some of the research we may be triggering off here may have an impact on cutting back a lot of the frailty of old age. if i can say you shouldn't be a couch potato and you do what you feel like doing, if that's a benefit, well, so be it. >> but before liftoff his aging body had to go through eight months of grueling physical and mental training. >> that's enough for one day.
10:56 am
>> how strenuous, how difficult, how much compared to what you went through back in the 1960s? >> the strenuous nature of it hasn't changed that much. that's much the same, and one thing nasa has always done, as long as you can pass your physicals, you're all ready to go. that's fine. i'm told by the doctors anyway i have had the most complete physical checks of any astronaut that's ever gone up. >> it took him four years of tough lobbying to convince nasa to let him go. that's nothing compared to the uphill battle he had convincing his wife, annie. they were ten when they met in school. he promised her a lifetime of excitement. >> annie was rather cool to the whole idea. >> we have to admit, your husband is 77 years old. >> but i'm older than he is. >> but you're not going up in the shuttle. >> he asked me if i'd like to and i said no way. >> would you admit to me he's kind of a hero? >> to me he is. he always has been. >> i feel fine.
10:57 am
>> why did you get that adventurous spirit? >> i don't know. i guess i have always been rather curious about things, and i don't think i'm that odd or that different from a lot of americans. >> i wouldn't do what you do. >> well, maybe not, but if you think -- i wouldn't do what you do either. lemonheads/schoolhouse rock) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. ♪balance transferot to othat's my game♪ ♪bank you never heard of, that's my name♪ haa! thank you. uh, next.
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♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. all right. thank you so much for watching this hour of msnbc live. i'll see you tomorrow morning on "today." right now though my colleague, stephanie, is picking things up with more coverage. >> i usually say my friend, craig melvin. did you notice that? >> i think that's understood. >> thank you, craig. nice to see you. all right. this hour on msnbc live, the campaigner in chief. you know who i'm talking about. the president clinton is back on the trail expected at a get out the vote rally in louisiana this hour.


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