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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  December 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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if you're thinking that that office of government ethics is already annoying the incoming president, you think the incoming president might not cotton to folks with that attitude. it's a good and interesting thing to know that the guy who leads that office doesn't leave when obama leaves. he's got a five-year term. trump gets him till 2018. elections have consequences, but they don't change everything, at least they don't change it all at the same time. and in the case of this plucky little agency they put in place after watergate, that dynamic might be about fun to watch. now it's time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." >> hey, rachel, happy friday. now it's time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." >> hey, rachel, happy friday. have a nice weekend. we have a lot of breaking news to deal with. >> this is one of those days when after dinner friday night the news went nuts. >> how dare they. >> we have breaking news,
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including on the new vote count in the presidential election. new york city has just reported its outstanding absentee ballots, which has now expanded. those hundreds of thousands of ballots that were counted. they've now expanded hillary clinton's national vote total. she now has 2.8 million more votes than donald trump. 65.9 million votes total. for hillary clinton. 62.8 million votes for donald trump. that is a 2.1% lead for hillary clinton. remember, the polling prior to the election, indicated that she had about a 3% lead nationally in the polling before the election. but first, we have other breaking news tonight. breaking news about a washington post report that now says the
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cia has concluded that russia was not just meddling in our election process. russia was specifically trying to make donald trump the winner on election night. >> a stinging blow to one of trump's most loyal defenders. >> giuliani is out. >> america! what happened to it! >> i don't need your vote anymore. >> mitt romney still a candidate? >> he is. >> i thought mitt went over the line in the things he said about donald trump. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> these are people who did nothing whatsoever to elect donald trump. >> never trump. i will never vote for trump. >> trump must resist this armada. >> president obama is issuing an investigation into the report that russia used seeker attacks to influence t election.
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>> it could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, okay? >> the fact that there isn't screaming from the rooftops by conservatives. >> yes e. >> it shows you just how other worldly a state the united states is in right now. >> who wants a hat? >> breaking news tonight. the washington post is now reporting that a secret cia report concluded, quote, that russia intervened in the 2016 election to help donald trump win the presidency. rather than just to undermine confidence in the u.s. electoral system. and just moments ago, the trump transition team released this statement about that washington post article. these are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons
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of mass destruction. the election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest electoral college victories in history. it's time to move on now and make america great again. it is not one of the greatest electoral college victories. not even close. joining us, the ah her to of "the plot to hack america." also with us, david corn, the washington bureau chief for "mother jones" and a msnbc political analyst. your reaction to tonight's report? >> well, it's not surprising that we eventually get down to where the u.s. intelligence community drew classified information together and forwarded that information to the president of the united states, and we're just getting word about it. it's probably months old. i did my analysis between april and september and managed to come up with the exact same thing that the national director of intelligence and president released. this is just using real, deep information.
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and i think it's only going to lead to more surprising revelations in the future. >> a couple hours ago the news was that president obama was ordering the cia to do a report of this nature. that now tonight's breaking news is, they already have a report of this nature. it was not supposed to be a blic report. and now it has leaked to the washington post. and now we seeing an analysis of what russia was up to during this election that is much more detailed than anything we knew before. >> first we need to congratulate malcolm for being ahead of the curve on this. there have been lots of calls on capitol hill, but some republicans in the last few days started joining in for an a public inquiry, investigation of what's gone on. it's quite clear that the cia, fbi and nsa have been looking into this for quite some time.
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we just didn't know what they had found. although they did say in october that there were indications russia was behind the hacking. but there were a lot of reports that russia was just messing around to mess around and make things uncertain. i'm not sure if it's a report, it's an assessment that russia was doing this purposefully to put trump in the white house. and almost more explosive, i think this is bigger than watergate now. and just as explosive is the telling of its story, that during the campaign obama went to congress, and he tried to get republicans and democrats to join with him in calling out russia for hacking dnc and messing around to make a difference in this election, and mitch mcconnell and another republican or two said no. we won't do it.
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which makes them useful idiots in old kgb terminology and putin's handmaiden in helping elect donald trump. >> that was the gang of 12 according to the washington post report, and that is the leaders according to the washington post report, and that is the leaders of the senate and the leaders of the intelligence, leaders of the house, the intelligence committees, democrat and republican, all together in a secure room in the capitol where the obama administration, cia made this presentation, and the washington post reports this way, saying in that secret briefing, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell voiced doubts about the veracity of the intelligence. and malcolm, it also says that mitch mcconnell said that if the administration went public with this information he would treat it as a political maneuver by the white house and not a clean intelligence revelation about what the administration had found.
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>> yeah, it's almost disgusting. i mean, this nation was attacked through a cyber warfare operation, ordered by the former director of the fsb/kgb, what used to be the kgb, vladimir putin, and he ordered his intelligence apparatus to go a year in advance and to hack the systems of the dnc and almost every other component of the democratic party and allow them to take whatever information they could find and use it literally as watergate 2.0. they took the information. they applied it, and they applied it to where they could choose one person to be their candidate, and that was donald trump. the question here is not whether there was an intelligence analysis that should have been leaked earlier or not. that's done. the assessment was being done real time. our systems and assets coming
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from other intelligence agencies and our own intelligence collection are going to prove, have already proven this out. we knew that by mid august, that this was clearly the russians. the big question is, what links did russia have to the trump campaign? is this going to turn into a counter intelligence investigation to where american citizens may either have been in collusion, or were they actually just unwitting idiots or unwitting assetes, to use intelligence parlance and became witting athe sets. and i believe by the time donald trump understood and made his call that russia should release hacked e-mails that he understood russia was working in his interest and he became a witting asset to them. but question is, who actually has ties. >> and if i can add to that, a story that i did shortly before the election, wasn't much time before the election, i cited a russian counter intelligence person who had been sending reports to the fbi through the course of all last summer, saying that he had evidence that the russian intelligence
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services had tried over the course of the last five years to co-opt and cultivate donald trump. so that gets to the point that malcolm was raising, not only were they messing around and trying to create external circumstances that aid donald trump's election, but they may have actually been trying to make connections with donald trump or the people around hip to try to sway him in a way that was beneficial to russian interests. >> and in some of the meetings that they had about this, there was a concern raised, especially on the matter of russia's ability to hack election results and hack into certain voting systems. there was a concern raised that any revelations about that might undermine the public's confidence in voting and possibly even their willingness to vote. it could possibly affect
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turnout. and so there was a complexity in the barack obama administration about how to react to this the report indicates that the obama administration was not of one clear view of exactly what they should do publicly about this. >> well, that would be very typical of the obama administration. this is a group of very thoughtful people who listen to opinions of all involved, you have 17, actually 19 different agencies, but 17 who would have some stake in this. but you have to put it in context and put it into an assessment like we're seeing interest the cia. you are talking about the fundamental structures that has operated for 240 years without true interference.
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we're talking about the potential a foreign nation may have put the thumb on the scale and chosen a president through what could only be characterized as the greatest espionage mission in the history of russia, if it turns out to be true. if it does turn out to be true, it's, just makes sense to try to go and find out who's involved. >> and david, in the washington post report, there are indications that some of the democrats in congress who knew about this were disappointed that the obama administration did not do something more specific and more public. >> we have seen, i've talked to democrats in the intelligence committees who would say more needs to come out. they wouldn't tell me. they wouldn't leak it. they kind of plotted and played by the rules. but in the last couple days, you've seen senate intelligence democrats, and we saw adam schiff and diane feinstein, the top democrats in the house and senate intelligence committees
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people dismissed that back in october. so we need not just the investigation that the president has ordered, because that may or may not become public. we need an independent commission oan investigation that is committed to holding public hearings and putting out a public report. there is nothing more fundamental than the security and the sanctity of elections in fundamental than the security and the sanctity of elections in a democracy, and republicans who don't buy this, they are showing that they're not patriots and not even conservatives of they're just opportunists who are willing to ride on the coattails of perhaps a tainted election. >> go ahead, malcolm, quickly before we go. >> just one quick point here. david's absolutely right. but the most important facet that should be remembered by republicans is, they are targets of russian intelligence also. donald trump is probably a collection target for the russians for the first time he stepped foot in ms. universe in 2012. there is a wealth of information that a russian version of nsa
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could have, and they could use it against them too. >> malcolm nance, thank you for that very troubling last word. david, please stick around. coming up, on his victory tour tonight, donald trump told the crowd that he doesn't need them any more. he actually said that, and he see seems to be proving that with his choices for cabinet. t g by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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10:19 pm
rudy giuliani is apparently out of the running for secretary of state. rudy giuliani is one of donald trump's earliest and most rabid supporters and was reportedly trump adviser steve bannon's pick for the job.giuliani, he cl that he has taken himself out of the running for that position. >> it was on november 29th. and i thought that the president-elect who my main interest was getting him elected, not getting a job. saving america. i thought there were enough choices, good ones, for him to pick that i wasn't absolutely necessary. if i felt like i was the only one who could do it, probably, i would have stayed in. >> the wall street journal reports that exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson is now donald trump's top candidate for secretary of state.
10:20 pm
the wall street journal says rex tillerson has strong ties to vladimir putin. he has perhaps the closest ties for russian president vladimir putin, having negotiated a 2012 energy partnership with russia. he bestowed the friendship decoration on tillerson. he plans to name gary kohn as the director of the president's cabinet. he picked steve mnuchin for treasury secretary and steve bannon is a top adviser. during the campaign, donald trump attacked goldman-sachs' political influence over hillary clinton and ted cruz. >> i know the guys at goldman sachs, they have total, total, total control over him just like they have control over hillary clinton. we didn't want the voters to know that he is totally
10:21 pm
controlled by citi bank and goldman sachs. >> today donald trump is getting some resistance over his pick for labor secretary. fast food ceo andy puzder, he wrote that the fact is there are jobs in this country that u.s. citizens for whatever reason are fast food ceo andy puzder, he wrote that the fact is there are jobs in this country that u.s. citizens for whatever reason are reluctant or unwilling to perform. we need realistic and enforceable reform. it's not so much to ask our government to produce an effective and workable immigration system in return. trump ally roger stone said this yesterday about andy puzder. >> there is an armada of retreads from the old republican party, both the congressional wing of the party and the
10:22 pm
>> there is an armada of retreads from the old republican party, both the congressional wing of the party and the romney/mccain/bush burnouts who are trying to board this ship. these are people who did nothing whatsoever to elect donald trump. and they're people who don't share donald trump's values. trump must resist this armada. >> joining us now, mara theresa kumar, and david corn. maria theresa, so swroe -- we have a proposed labor secretary who is in fave of having immigrant labor come in. >> he doesn't believe in a minimum wage. so it's almost putting the american worker at odds.
10:23 pm
that's one of the reasons why you shouldn't be calling him department of labor but department of management. it keeps threading the wheel of donald trump when he is going out in baton rouge saying i don't need your vote for another four years, it's very clear that he is trying to hood wink the american voter saying i came out saying i'm going to be for the little guy, but in fact i'm for the big banks and big corporations above anything else. >> let's take a look at how donald trump himself now completely undermines the whole thrust of his campaign, and let's look at tonight's example with "lock her up." let's watch this. >> that plays great before the election, now we don't care, right? >> david corn, that's pretty much the whole campaign there.
10:24 pm
>> it really is, because he promised. he promised those sucker voters that a lot of them were out there that he would prosecute her and lock her up. and michael flynn said the same thing, chris christie said the same thing, and what, oh, we didn't really mean it. we didn't care. i hate to say these words on tv, lawrence, but to a limited extent, i agree with roger stone. ah! can't believe i said that. but listen, everything that donald trump said, and roger stone got suckered too. it's always situational. it doesn't matter, there are no core principles there. so he attacks hillary clinton for giving speeches, for giving speeches to goldman sachs, and then he puts the goldman sachs guys in who represent the international kabbalah of bankers that he said he was against. i'm waiting for alex jones' mind
10:25 pm
to explode. there is no consistency here, no principle here, and that's what you're stuck with anybody who supported this guy. >> i want to read these words again, that plays great before the election. now we don't care. mara theresa, no politician has ever said that about a position they advocated strongly during a campaign. he seems to be going that way, including alarming his hard core supporters by saying he will figure out something to do with the dreamers. he will figure out some way of allowing them to stay, even though several times he very specifically said they all have to leave this country. >> well, that's right. and i think this is where it becomes very difficult. there are a lot of voters who voted for donald trump saying he really didn't mean it. then there were a core group who said he means everything he says
10:26 pm
that is why i'm sticking with donald trump. he shifts from one position to the next. if his supporters continue being as loyal as they are or if they turn against him. if these supporters are incredibly committed to him but also that there is a hypocrisy that happens in washington, if they say he played us, that is a difficult jeanie to put back into bottle. >> the good news is that rudy giuliani is officially out of the running for secretary of state. he's trying to play it as if it was his decision, which is what people who get passed over frequently try to do. it's like he's attending his own funeral. >> the statement the trump
10:27 pm
transition put out today was unlike other statements i've seen. on november 29th he told donald trump he didn't want to be secretary of state. that was ten days ago, so why didn't we know that then? why didn't giuliani do what's normally done in these circumstances? come out then and say i'm removing myself from consideration. so why are we finding this happened ten days ago while his name continued to be floated by certain people within the trump campaign. none of it makes sense. but here we have the two biggest, i think trump surrogates during the campaign, chris christie, rudy giuliani, they've been dumped, and now the question is, were they also duped? >> thank you both for joining us tonight. appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, a white supremacist confesses to mass murder.
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today the jury in the trial of dylann roof watched a taped interview with the fbi about killing nine people last june. here's what he told fbi agents in that video.
10:32 pm
>> i went to that church in charleston. and i did it. >> you did what? >> we don't want to put any words in your mouth. that's why agent stansbury is asking exactly what it is that you did do. >> well, i killed -- >> and the video dylann roof talks about why he did what he did. he tells the fbi agents that he targeted the church because he knew there would be african-american people in there. and here's what he said when asked if he is a white supremacist. >> would you consider yourself a white supremacist? you know sometimes that's hard -- >> a white nationalist.
10:33 pm
>> what's your definition of the two then? you said you're not a white supremacist, you're white nationalist. >> i do consider myself a white supremacist, sure. white people are superior. >> and here's what he says was the first thing that made him develop those views. >> the first thing that i guess, i would say woke me up, would be the trayvon martin case. that was a while back. >> right. >> what was it, two years ago? you know, i kept hearing about this kid, you know. and i'm like, eventually, i decided to, you know, look his name up, just type him into google know what i'm saying? and i read the wikipedia information about trayvon martin and i couldn't understand what the big deal was.
10:34 pm
and for some reason, after i read that, i typed in, for some reason, it made me type in the words black on white crime. and that was it. ever since then. >> after the break, we'll discuss this with nancy jiles and yanearby alisyn der. she has interviewed white nationalists. that's next.
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in your mind, the white race is the dominant race. >> no, i don't think it is the dominant race, i think it should be. that's the problem. >> joining us, cbs sunday morning's nancy jiles and yamiche alcindor. i find this so poisonous and ugly that i'm not sure i know how to talk about it. yamiche, you've spoken to people, presumably not homicidal
10:38 pm
rampagers like this guy, but who share his views. >> i have spoken with people who share his views of the interviews i have had are with white nationalists excited about donald trump coming into office. i was talking to this man, william johnson, and he feels most of the times whites are losing their grip on america and there aren't many politicians speaking to that. one of the things that he kept saying, he was really pleasant. but one of the things that he kept saying is the founding stock of america is being left behind. and i said what's founding stock? and he said white people. and white people are superior.
10:39 pm
that's what i'm hearing from dylann roof, that white people are the superior race. >> this distinction that some people are going for, i'm not a white supremacist but a white nationalist is a crazy lie. they absolutely believe in superiority. >> absolutely. the thing that was apparently the trigger with dylann roof was these misstatistical, this mystical statistical information that black people are killing white people in huge, huge percentages which is absolutely not true. >> which is something donald trump tweeted, a lie he tweeted. >> it's totally untrue. if you look at the fbi crime stats, crimes happen within groups. more black people unfortunately kill black people than white people. and the same thing is true for white people. so this idea that there's this white genocide going on perpetuated by the black race is just crazy, and also i've just got to say that even talking about this, legitimatizing it even by talking about it makes me really ill.
10:40 pm
it, you almost want to say back in the days of civil rights, would george wallace have gotten equal time with martin luther king? this is just wrong. this is racial superiority at the expense of another race. it's wrong. >> this is a guy who couldn't make it through tenth grade in high school. and there seems to be a mental defective component to this. especially when you listen to this part, which is when they talk to him about how many people he killed. let's listen to this. >> if i told you nine people died last night, how would that make you feel? >> there wasn't even nine people there. >> it was just a little bit over nine.
10:41 pm
>> how do you guys know anything? >> how do you feel? in all honesty? >> it makes me feel bad. >> yamiche, he discovers there, that he killed nine people. his reaction is there weren't even nine people there. there were way more than nine people there. so he wasn't even able to perceive what he was actually doing in that church. and then when he's asked how it makes him feel to discover that it's nine, he says it makes me feel bad. this is one who has some serious clouds in his brain. >> i would say that he has some serious clouds in his brain, and i would kind of think, okay, maybe he didn't understand that there were nine people there,
10:42 pm
except that he sat through bible study for 45 minutes and managed to shoot people. i'm going to leave you here so you can tell people how much i hate black people and went around screaming racial ep threates. and he chose a church that was historic, this was mother emmanuel. so maybe he speaks kind of slowly and might be a little incompetent, at the end of the day, this was a crime that was very well thought-out. i can't buy into the idea that is he confused about the fact that he shot nine people and feels so bad about it. he had so many choices not to do this crime. especially when they read scripture and introduced him to the other members of the church. >> i found it interesting listening to the interrogation. for starters, i thought it was such a civilized interrogation. so calm and kind of inviting and giving him lots of opportunities to maybe show some sort of feeling or some sort of remorse
10:43 pm
or explain away what he was doing, and i totally agree with yamiche to hear this slow talking, where you think maybe this guy is out of his mind. but when you go back and look at the fact that he sat through an entire service and then did what he did, and then, again, to repeat what you said, purposely left people alive so you'll tell the tale. this guy's pretty demonic. >> yeah, demonic and very, very confident of his racism all the way through. that he had no doubt about. nancy jiles and yamiche thank you. >> thank you. up next, we have more on that breaking news report that the cia has now concluded that russia intended specifically to help donald trump win the presidency. o your doctor about your medication... this is humira.
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now more on tonight's breaking news of the washington post is reporting tonight that a secret report, in a secret report, the cia concluded that russia intervened in the 2016 election to help donald trump win the election rather than just undermine confidence. the trump transition team responded to the cia report with siply this. these are the same people who said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. mike pompeo was named as nominee for cia director last month. joining us by phone is kim delany and nbc news national security reporter. ken, how is the intelligence community viewing this development? >> caller: lawrence, thanks for having me, nbc news has not independently confirmed the post story, although it's consistent with the plain facts of the case, the hack that the u.s.
10:48 pm
intelligence community has attributed to russia essentially appeared to hurt the clinton campaign and help the trump campaign. the statement that the trump transition team put out was a statement repudiating the cia was an extraordinary moment in presidential transition history, and i'm not aware of any precedent in history for it, and the u.s. intelligence community will be viewing it with alarm and trepidation. i mean, the cia has one main customer, the president of the united states. and there's supposed to be a relationship of trust there. their job is to provide him the best intelligence. and he's starting out on a footing essentially saying i don't trust what you're saying about a really important development in our history. >> does it, does it leave the intelligence community wondering if they have to find a new dynamic in dealing with this president, this incoming
10:49 pm
president than they have with any other president? >> caller: well, that's not clear, because the man that trump has appointed or named to be the next cia director, mike pompeo, is a guy who understands the agency, he's been over there for briefings, and that appointment was greeted with some joy and jubilation compared to some other names that were out there, and mike pompeo is not a friend of russia, and he's going to explain to trump this is what the intelligence says, so we may see this dynamic change over time, but it's pretty clear that trump views this assessment that russia interfered with the election as impugning the election result and he's not happy with it. >> we have to leave it there. ken delany, thanks for joining us tonight. >> caller: thanks for having me. coming up, this year, my christmas day was the day before thanksgiving. tell you why. what if a company that didn't make cars
10:50 pm
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what bad knee?u'll ask what throbbing head? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. and now for tonight's last word. this year christmas came the day before thanksgiving at one school in africa. >> can tell you that the desks delivered at the school, that's christmas for these kids. christmas comes in december 25th and pretty much nothing happens in their lives. when a desk is delivered to them at the school, that is christmas. you have made their day, you have made their year, they have made their life.
10:54 pm
>> that was victor, a unicef official who helped me deliver desks to a school in malawi on my first trip there. we delivered just 30 desks that first time, enough for one classroom, paid for basically with the cash in my pocket. then when i told the story of that first desk delivery on this program, you got involved, and you created many more christmas days at schools all malawi. the first time you contributed $2.5 million. you have maintained that pace since then and have contributed as of tonight a total of 11,493, 269. the high school graduation rate for boys is twice that of girls. we now have three factories in malawi, making these deskes. you have doubled, doubled the number of these desks in schools in mahaw we, but most schools
10:55 pm
there still do not have desks. you can help us deliver more desks by going to last word you can designate for you can designate for scholarships or desks or as a gift to any one on your gift list and unicef will send them an e-mail acknowledging your gift. about half a million kids in malawi sat at one of these desks in their schools thanks to you. usually three kids slide into
10:56 pm
these desks together. the desks we delivered that first year are still in service. new kids are getting to use them every year. and they never expected to have desks. they'd never seen desks before a truck pulled into their schoolyard and started unloading desks. and when that happens, the kids always want to carry the desks into the classrooms themselves. as they candidate day before thanksgiving at the school in southern malawi. here's what the schools looked like before the desks arrived. this is a first grade class. the room is designed for about 30 students, about the size of an american classroom. but there were 101 kids in attendance in that classroom that morning. that's maureen in the green dress, heading the green bag in her mouth. maureen isn't the only kid i've seen holding onto their things that way. they carry their stuff in
10:57 pm
plastic bags, and there's no good place to put their stuff when they're sitting on the floor. when they have to write they put their paper on the legs or the back of the friend. there's no good place to write when you're sitting on the floor. when the desks arrived, the kids rushed out to greet them. and the teachers cleaned the room, and then when the kids took their seats at their desks, maureen was the first one to start writing. that desk became a serious workplace for maureen. instantly. class partication immediately improved once the kids were at their desks. they were learning english words for fruits. >> lemon, lemon, lemon. lemon.
10:58 pm
>> yamakani said they had no idea the desks were coming that day. he was very happy to be sitting at a desk, because he said when we were sitting down on the floor, we used to suffer ant bites. yamakani doesn't own shoes, so he'll probably still be brushing ants off of his feet. most of the kids at this school don't have shoes. and that's how i measure the wealth of a village in malawi, not by how many cars they have in their driveway, because there are no driveways and no cars. shoes tell the story. when you watch the kids playing and running around without looking at their feet, you can't tell who's wearing shoes and who isn't. the barefoot kids don't think for a second they are limited compared to the kids with shoes. they don't think there's something they can't do because they don't have shoes.
10:59 pm
and the kids with shoes don't act superior to the kids with no shoes. that's not the way these kids r none of them have very much. at best, one change of clothes and maybe a pair of shoes. and then every once in a while, there's the kid with just one shoe. maybe she'll get another shoe some day. maybe she won't. but she has a desk now. thanks to you. you have lifted her off the floor and given her a place to write. a place to learn. and she's going to have a desk as she moves through every grade at the primary school, all 1,052 students at that school have these desks now. and they expressed their gratitude and happiness the way
11:00 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. get me a wheelchair. >> it appears an inmate has a self-inflicted injury to his left arm. >> an inmate takes drastic action and leaves his cell a bloody mess, while another -- >> explain this. why you got a homemade cuff key in your property. >> found with dangerous contraband. >> handcuff key is like mainly for my defense. >> looking at probably one of the biggest screw-ups in the united states sitting right here looking at you.