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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 10, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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i'm betty nguyen in world headquarters in new york. starting the hour with breaking news. sources tell nbc news andrea michel president-elect trump has chosenen exxon/mobil ceo rex tillerson to be secretary of state. as we've learned, things can change and we are awaiting official announcement. tillerson spent his entire career at exxon/mobil and previously had interests in russia when boris yeltsin was in power and during that time developed a close relationship with vladimir putin. trump arrived in baltimore for the army/navy game a short time ago. msnbc has more in baltimore. >> reporter: betty, good afternoon. the army/navy clash going on right now. donald trump is going to spend time with both navy and army. that's traditionally what a president would do here. there's a form's ceremony. he's not going to participate in that, but observing some of those formalities. of course, so much focus today
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on the tillerson selection at secretary of state. his potential ties to russia and, of course, what we've learned about the cia assessment of russian hacking and interference in the united states election. new overnight, a "washington post" report confirmed by nbc that the cia believes that the russians deliberately interfered to help donald trump win the election. trump, of course, responding within minutes with that statement basically slamming the intelligence community. a community that's there to serve the president saying these people, meaning the intelligence community, are the same ones who said that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction in iraq. so, really, something of an unprecedented statement in this kind of a scenario. so we're still waiting to hear from donald trump himself. the focus has been on other stories. trump himself tweeting about his role on the "prehe "apprentice"
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news of tillerson's selection as secretary of state from our own andrea mitchell. unclear if we'll hear directly from donald trump on this topic today, but already indications from democrats, pressure to investigate chuck schumer, the incoming democratic minority leader saying that he wants bipartisan investigations into russia's role in the election. i spoke to senator lindsey graham yesterday. he, of course, a hawkish republican on national security issues. he and senator john mccain plan to push to dig deeper into this. certainly not an issue that's going away anytime soon. betty? >> absolutely not. all right. msnbc's kasie hunt. thank you. and we're joined by ali velshi on the phone. what do you know about rex tillerson at exxon/mobil. >> as you said, he's a lifer.
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many of his positions typical of a major oil company held around the world. so he does actually have a lot of international experience, and it has been the habit of the u.s. government in the last couple of decades where when they've needed to reach out to other governments with which they don't enjoy great relations, they somehow, they end up going to these heads of multi-national corporations. so tillerson on that front is pretty well versed. the interesting thing about him is that he is very pro-russia. russia and exxon/mobil had a deal right before sanctions were imposed upon russia for its incursion into ukraine. had a deal to drill in the arctic. something russia does not have the capability to do without exxon/mobil or an american drill perp of course that deal ended very suddenly. they were within days of beginning that drilling, and rex tillerson is on the record as saying that he does not believe sanctions will work and he doesn't believe typically
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sanctions against russia will work. this is a very, very interesting development in that one of the key u.s. positions has been the pressure on russia. not just on other areas like iran and like syria, but on, on ukraine and the confrontation with nato countries. this is something that rex tillerson does not share with the current administration, and seems to share with donald trump. >> ali, any potential conflicts of interest for tillerson? he owns a significant amount of exxon/mobil stock? >> yes. he'll have to sell it and will get preferential treatment for selling it. you when are an over stocker, you get preferential tax treatment because you have to divest the shares or put your holding into a blind trust nap would mean, blind trust, it couldn't be in exxon/mobil. on one hand he has to sell everything out. he can probably assume after his tenure as secretary of state he can go back to running a big company or beon some sorts of
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boards. so you'd probably guess he would do things that are in the interests of the energy industry, but in terms of actual conflict of interests he'll have to sell his holdings. >> all right. msnbc's ali velshi. thank you. and joining me now, a former bush administration official and senior fellow at the institute for global engagement. and a national political reporter with the "los angeles times" and a democratic strategist and former candidate for congress. thanks for being with us today. with tillerson's exxon dealings in russia and public statements against sanctions against russia, how does he conceivably get through a confirmation hearing? >> something that will raise a lot of eyebrows from both democrats and republicans alike that tillerson is indeed the, if he is the secretary of state pick. his ties to russia parched through by both sides of the aisle and he'll certainly have to go through possibly a difficult confirmation hearing. this possible selection of tillerson, if it's this trend donald trump has been going with
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the last couple of weeks in selecting members of his cabinet, selecting people with deep business backgrounds. the gentleman who oversees hardy's and carl's junior, has the labor secretary pick. he's picking people who have deep business background but little government experience. this will be an interesting confirmation hearing if tillerson is indeed the selection. >> here's kellyanne conway on the so-called putin criteria when it comes to cabinet picks. take a listen. >> is the candidate's position on putin part of the criteria? >> the candidates being tillerson and romney? >> yes. >> i believe it is president-elect trump's position on pooting that will dom international the secretary of state role at foggy bottom and across the board. >> not mincing words. what about approaching these confirmation hearings?
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>> it's something we have to look into. this is an issue of concern. any country that seeks to interfere in u.s. elections will definitely be a subject of inquiry. i think the pick, if it comes to bear fruit with tillerson is a great one. it represents a good pick from out of the box thinking. from private industry, pointed 0 ut by ali velshi, somebody with deep ties to countries around the globe, not just russia, but the middle east, china. has experience negotiating on behalf of an american multi-national and i think those skill sets worky with the professional state department would be something that could be very successful for this administration. >> i want to turn now to the cia's report that russian hacks during the election were designed to boost trump's candidacy. right before the election mitch mcconnell raised doubts about the assessment saying any effort to challenge russia would be seen as an act of party
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politics. how do republicans answer to the fact they stayed quiet on this? >> we have to see if there is real fire beyond the smoke when it comes to meddling in our elections. if there is indeed russian or any other country getting involved, then than something obviously we have to investigate and also have to be careful we don't continue to look back and try to question the legitimacy of our lack election, raising doubts for no reason other than sour grapes over the loss of one candidate over the other. >> jessica, similar question to you. should democrats have done more to get this information out there? >> well, it appears from all of the sources i've talked to and heard from there was actually a huge push and real effort to try to get this information out during the election and for whatever reason, there was pushback or not enough time or information available. certainly now, you know, the confirmation more so even from all of the intelligence
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agencies, and i think that's really where, you know if they had been able to get this report out before the election, then possibly you know, "the washington post" and "new york times" would have done a story on it. one of those things with all due respect to sue hale, the opposite take reince priebus and sean spicer are having in regards to no, this didn't has's that didn't happen. i think, in a way i like to look at it, this is a great place for democrats to start going forward. it means putin and russia look at democrats and what go as the biggest threat there is in this united states to the policies they're trying to implement. and we need to take that as that we're doing the right thing and need to keep going. >> curtis, just 40 days left until president obama leaves office. what do we know about this review of russia's activity and will any be made public? >> the obama administration certainly said they want more investigation into any potential ties russia had to influence the u.s. election, but i think a lot
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of democrats are certainly concerned that the trump administration, as it comes into office, will the trump administration remain on this and continue to investigate any potential ties that russia did have to influence the election. i think democrats are certainly concerned that a trump administration wouldn't do that. >> jessica, quickly, should tillerson be one of the candidates on which democrats focus their opposition? >> absolutely. i think between tillerson, you've got puzder at labor, the amount out there, education, these hearings for senate confirmation are going to be crucial, and really, it's a time now i hope every senate office is doing their leg work and homework to ask the really important questions where even if these people are nominated because of the votes out there, the questions are asked, issues are raised and hopefully there is still some republican whose will share their concerns on the hill. >> thank you all for joining us. we do appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thanks. next, voters in louisiana. they are heading to the polls
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military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. voters in louisiana heading to polls today to elect their next u.s. senator. deciding against kennedy and campbell. the race getting the attention of president-elect trump who stopped in baton rouge yesterday to campaign for kennedy. >> he's a good person, and somebody that i have known over the years and he's somebody that worked hard for you over the years. if you go to the polls he's gone r going to win. if you don't go to the polls he's not going to win. if he doesn't win i've got myself a problem in washington. >> joining us now in baton rouge
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capital reporter for "the advocate." thanks for joining us today. >> thanks for having me. >> so kennedy was the heavy favorite coming into this runoff election. was the president-elect's visit surprising given kennedy is already leading in the polls? >> it really was kind of surprising to a lot of people. especially louisiana being in such an odd election system, having the last senate seat decided since our elections are decided in december typically. there's not usually a whole lot of attention in that month if a race is pretty -- if one of the candidates is so far ahead. yeah. i think it kind of was interesting. there was a lot of enthusiasm of a lot of people out there to see him, though. >> what kind of impact will that visit have by trump on this race? >> you know, i don't know that it was necessarily -- what we know so far, because we had an early voting period, is that
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voter turnout is expected to be really low. the secretary of state's office is projecting maybe 30% to 35%. this was an opportunity to get, you know, the loudest voice of the republicans right now face to face with there were about 5,000 people there and try to get them fired up and tell them what it means for them to get out and vote for kennedy. >> talking about foster campbell a second, because he's the democratic candidate. he criticized the dnc yesterday for not helping him. take a listen to what he said. >> i don't know what they're doing. they were up out of the bed with the covers pupped over their head or something, but they need to come back down to the south and re-establish democratic politics in the south, because we can win down here. there are working people down here. >> if this is the democrats' last hope to pick up a senate seat this year, why not show their support? >> i think one of the things you have to consider is there are
1:17 pm
not a lot of these national democratic figures that are popular in louisiana. you know? even president obama, whose hop latery nationally reached new heights in louisiana he still does not poll very well. i think that there's that fine line of trying to figure out who is the appropriate voice or what are the chances of securing a seat? i think at some point they -- as far as the money goes, they, perhaps, decided that it wasn't worth it, but you know, foster campbell also received -- he had a huge fund-raising bump between the, november 8th and the runoff, and that was driven largely by democrats nationally giving smaller donations. there were a lot of celebrities promoting him. tweeting out links to his donation site and all of that no
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realno -- that really gave him a big boost. so he was able to do a lot more of the get out the vote efforts and be on tv probably a little more than his team expected. >> thanks for joining us toes, elizabeth crisp. >> thanks for having me. and following an explosion in a stadium in turkey killed 13 people. the latest, after the break. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening.
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we are following breaking news out of turkey. 13 people are dead after a pair of explosions near a major soccer stadium in istanbul. a group of police officers were attacked leaving the stadium after patrolling a game and getting into their vehicles. we do not know if they were among the ones killed. we will continue to monitor the story and bring you more information as it becomes available to us. a 14-year-old nevada boy shot by police after he swung two kitchen knives at school has
1:22 pm
apparently suffered a stroke. you might find the following video disturbing. a warning. the teen got into an altercation with another student when he drew the knives. it's not clear what led up to the incident but a lawyer for the family says the boy was bullied and beating by upper classmen. they say he shot the teen after refusing to drop the knives. a lawyer says the boy suffered a major stroke. his condition is not known. his family says the officer could have found another way to resolve the issue. winter weather is marching across the country this weekend. i know many of you are feeling it. millions of people are bracing for the storm system that's already making a mess in the midwest. here's kirklin, ohio. dealing with at least a foot of snow. and chicago, the facing a deep chill next week. coming up, a new series, american icons reveal key people who inspired them.
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>> -- relevant because there are always people who want to look proper, well dressed and he created a world of beauty. >> he exuded his style through the environment. through his stores. >> oh, he was definitely an inspiration. you walk into a ralph lauren store. you walk into "his" world. i took a photographer friend up to my house in maine recently, and my little yacht club. it's a very quaint, 1925 yacht club, and the photographer said, this exists? i thought this only was in ralph lauren photographs! he said, i thought ralph invented this. and i said, no. ralph adopts this. >> i think what ralph lauren and martha stewart have in common is this idea they're both
1:24 pm
aspiration and accessible. >> that's going to go right on top here. >> reporter: both martha stewart and ralph lauren have successfully combined brand and personality to create lasting global appeal. >> ralph lauren has staying power. i think that, you know, that's the same sort of thing that martha speaks to. she's been doing this for 35 years and is still super relevant. that is very, very, very hard to achieve. >> "iconoclift" premieres tonight. don't miss that. and elections over but known at "hamilton" electors keeping it alive. hoping to keep donald trump out of the white house. joining us to discuss efforts taking their fight to federal court. [ cough ]
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welcome back, everyone.
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it i'm betty nguyen in our headquarters in new york for msnbc. andrea mitchell learned rex tillerson is president-elect trump's pick for secretary of state. confirming tillerson met with the president-elect earlier today at trump tower. however no official announcement made until next week at the earliest. the president-elect sat down today for an interview set to air tomorrow on fox news and in it he was asked about what tillerson would bring to the state department. take a listen. >> in his case he's much more than a business executive. i mean, he's a world-class player. he's in charge of, i guess the largest company in the world. he's in charge of an oil company pretty much double the size of his next nearest competitor. it's been a company that's been unbelievably managed, and to me, a great advantage is he knows many of the players, and he
1:29 pm
knows them well. he does massive deals in russia. he does massive deals for the company, not for himself, for the company. >> nbc's hans nichols is following developments from the white house. hans, this tillerson pick comes at time when the president called for an investigation into russia's hacking into the election. what can you tell us than? >> reporter: think of what the white house's policy in russia, in three baskets now. one, the syria issue. don't get into that now. two, the hacking issue. remember, all throughout the fall, there were questions why the u.s. hadn't publicly named, blamed and shamed russia. when the obama administration did that in early october, then the question became, well, what's the response going to be? now that president barack obama, and we kind of have a tip-off that the cia think it's clear russia not only intervened but influenced on behalf of donald trump against hillary clinton. there could be pressure on president obama to have some or the of response, if, indeed, this assessment, the next
1:30 pm
assessment, this other review, comes out and clearly points the finger at russia. another quick point on russia. president obama has been very firm in urging his european allies to continue sanctions on russia. that's a six-month rotating, renewing sanctions every six months. they'll meet in brussel, just did recently. it's triggered another six months. a couple issues to think about when you consider that president-elect trump's new potential, it's not quite final yet, seems lime andrea mitchell nailed it, the new secretary has all of this background, insight and, frankly, a lot of relationships inside russia. >> hans nichols, thank you. one week from monday, all 538 members of the electoral college ganger in state capita s -- capitols to ratify donald trump's win.
1:31 pm
but taking a fight to federal court this monday, organizer of the hamilton electors movement, thanks for being with us today. >> good to be with you. >> hillary clinton won the popular vote nationwide by well over 2.5 million votes. your lawsuit is meant to free up "bound" delegates. hil how is that in the spirit of alexander hamilton? >> he wrote that led to the establishment just for this purpose. the electoral college was set up to guard against someone like mr. trump being elected president. our purpose, our constitutional responsibility, is to assure that we do not have a demagogue or anyone who is influenced by foreign, a foreign power, and in this case, specifically by russia. at the expense of our country. and so we have a moral responsibility to stand up and
1:32 pm
make sure that this person is not elected president. by the way, he is not president-elect until the electoral college meets on december the 19th. and then by our vote we will determine who is the president-elect. >> well, let's look at europe, fast forward. you would need at least 37 republicans to abandon mr. trump. one republican elector says he won't vote for trump. hamilton provide add blueprints for states votes. mr. trump shows again and again he does not meet these standards. how hard to bring other republicans into that line of thinking? >> we're having a marvelous response. i think we're going to do it. what we need to do is, first we want to get 270 electors to vote for an alternative candidate who will unify us. it doesn't matter to me if a democrat, republican or independent. what's important is that we have a candidate that will unify all
1:33 pm
of that, and that it's not a present danger to our country. mr. trump, if he becomes commander in chief, he will, i believe, shehe is a real danger our country, his remarks and revelations just revealed by the cia today regarding russia proves that point. so we have -- >> who are you suggesting people vote for? can anyone take this slot? >> well, they certainly can. you know, we as electors, there are 538 of us. now, certainly, you know, i'm kmi committed to hillary clinton as an elector. rather, i should say my state voted for her and i would love to see 37 republicans support her. i don't think that's going to happen. so i'm willing in the cause of unity and because i love my country, i'm willing to vote for whomever the republican electors would, could agree upon. you know, i think it's time for
1:34 pm
a unity approach. an approach will democrats and republicans come together to select the best person. i'd like to see a republican president, and a democratic vice president as a i not ticket, and that's what i hope happens s. it true you're also hoping to reach out to bill clinton, an elector in new york state? do you really see him joining this movement? >> i haven't talked to president clinton, nor do i expect to. we're reaching out to every single elector in our first challenge, it's to reach out to the republican electors and then if we get 37 republican electors to work with us, then we'll call on all the democrats. to unify behind those electors. >> are you disappointed that hillary clinton and her team are staying pretty quiet about this? >> no. it's not their responsibility. it's our responsibility as electors to make this decision. it's nobody else's. you know, we've got -- we were elected as federal officers to
1:35 pm
the college, to the electoral college, to fulfill our constitutional obligation, and it's our moral responsibility to come forward and do this. it's not the responsibility of anybody else to -- to engage in this in a way that would tell us what to do. >> we will see how it plays out, then. thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. it's good to be on the program. donald trump was in michigan yesterday to thank supporters and celebrate yet another victory. >> we are going to win michigan. i felt it. i said, how does somebody else win it? and we did, and by the way, i heard half an hour ago the courts ruled we totally won it. it's over. >> jill stein's bid for a recount in michigan was shut down by michigan supreme court, and she's pushing for recounts in pennsylvania and wisconsin also. states that trump won by a narrow margin. the recount in michigan started earlier this week. clinton was up by about 100
1:36 pm
votes when a judge ordered a halt to the recount and the state's high court agreed with that decision. in pennsylvania a federal judge says he will rule on monday whether the recount should go ahead. in wisconsin, with 89% of the ballots recounted clinton gained only 49 votes and trump still maintained a 22,000 vote lead. joining me, politics editor for the thanks for joining us today. >> glad to be here. >> what about michigan's quest to recount? >> it's a waste of time. it's to determine if the final results of the election would change. state senators, jumps a governors' race like in north carolina that seemed it would be in the balance, then there is a compelling reason to count the rest of the votes. the clinton campaign isn't strongly behind this. the trump campaign has a 22,000-point lead and jill stein isn't going to change anything.
1:37 pm
she's not going to win the state. for financial reasons it made a lot of sense for the state of michigan to shut it down. >> could this shake the public's faith in the election? >> i don't think so any more than president-elect trump being held by the russians. be honest. at this point in america, recounting the votes is the least thing people are concerned about. i think at the end of the day, if the stein campaign had been able to demonstrate some serious problems. had they didn't able to show like we've seen in books like "blackbox voting" something affected or changed it would make a difference. why a lot of people, to be honest, a lot of people on the left think she's not really interest 234d a sincere recount in this sort of hillary clinton blue wall. she's using it as an excuse to raise money and increase her profile. >> and what about hacking cannot be ruled out, but without solid evidence the system is hacked should the system go through with a recount? >> no. same case, dr. seamus, one of
1:38 pm
the state experts said, yes. the likelihood that hacking affected this election in the state of pennsylvania is about at likely as living androids walking amongst us. right? unless suddenly pennsylvania has become the sort of "westworld." no. nothing has changed. having a recount won't change anything. the stein campaign maybe are sincere on some levels. look at it, she's raised more money for the recount effort than raised as a presidential candidate. i don't think this is really about changing the election or about integrity. i think it's about money and extending 15 minutes of fame. >> "westworld"? okay. errors discovered in the wisconsin recount but it doesn't make much difference in total votes so far. so does stein continue with this fight there? >> she's going to continue as long as there are upset hillary clinton voters. going to continue as long as people continue to give her money and there is is a court somewhere that will give her an opportunity to do so. i will say this --
1:39 pm
look, the idea of recounts isn't inherently bad. the idea of investigating whether or not somebody hacked into our election system isn't inherently bad but not a bad idea to look at voter suppression, voter i.d. laws making it difficult to vote in one place or another. there are a lot of things i think american citizens of all parties can look at after this election. but the recount won't change anything or solve the problems that throwed what eventually happened november 8th. >> jason johnson, thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. the fight against fake news. again, a whole lot of traction during the election and a big moneymaker for some. could anything actually be done to stop it? ♪
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gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon. so what role did fake news play in the 2016 presidential election? it's widely debated and facebook and google try to crack down on
1:43 pm
the stories a look inside the life of a macedonian teen who's earned thousands by publishing lies. >> reporter: he asked we keep his identity hidden, let's call him dmitri. just a guy making a living in a small town in macedonia. >> i wrote want to kill trump. queen of england want to meet trump. trump having a secret meeting in mexico. >> reporter: dmitri is 18 and says in the past six months he's made more than $60,000 write, posting and sharing fake news articles about the american election. his biggest cash cow -- >> make america great again. >> reporter: donald trump. >> trump is a politician like any other. i think nothing can beat trump supporters when it comes to social media engagement and why we stick to trump. >> reporter: in the final three moss of a presidential campaign, the most viral fake news stories
1:44 pm
outperformed the most viral real news stories on facebook. according to a buzz feed analysis. most were pro-trump. and some 150 u.s. fake politics sites have been traced here to dmitri's macedonian hometown. he was willing to lift tveil on his bootstrap operation, garnered 40 million views in the past few months. to drought readers copying the style of more main it stream organizations, including nbc news. >> republicans love veterans. respect them most of anyone. you say obama -- 200 million dollars he took from the veterans. people immediately open it saying, why? >> reporter: for headlines, he build on a format that might also be familiar to consumers of traditional news.
1:45 pm
>> news articles are usually the ones containing the click bait words. as you know, oh, my god. breaking news. wow. you say, oh, my god. a new bunch of e-mails from hillary got released. people like to open that because they want to see more. >> reporter: really, dmitri says, the fake news game is pretty straightforward. >> you see what people like, and you just give them that. if they like water, give water. they like wine, you give wine. it's simple what we have. >> reporter: fake news has affected a country with almost a quarter of its citizens unemp y unemployed and a town with average income below $5,000, the impulse to deceive was seemingly irresistible. so now as the money flows, so, too, does the liquor. this club is cashing in on the success of fake news entrepreneurs. they get paid relatively
1:46 pm
majestic sums by macedonian sites selling on their sites. >> many came and a lot of people quick jobs to put effort in this. saw this as the big chance, their big change in their life. >> reporter: one venue plans to host a club night on the day google pays out of its ad revenue's in response big news may have influenced the election, google and facebook announced new measures to crack down on sites like dmitri's, but his google account is still up. besides, dmitri says, fake news didn't alter the election. and if anyone needs to take responsibility, it's surely not him. >> i know who's the responsible one for the election. the american people. the american people take their politics not as serious as we do. no offense to americans but we don't believe such hoax news. >> interesting insight there.
1:47 pm
all right. what do millennials think about thus any relationship the u.s. has with russia? and what do they hope will come out of it? our millennial panel weighs in after the break. mother in-law with a keen sense of smell... glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. only new alka-seltzer plus justfree of artificial dyes and preservatives liquid gels
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one. biggest political emerging voices, millennial voters. many were not enthusiastic about either choice for president. according to research by tufts university trump one one-third of young voter overerall but only 32% were excited about their candidate. 18% of millennials who voted for hillary clinton expressed enthusiasm for his candidacy. joining me no talk about this, liz is here in studio. jessica trying to make it, the holiday crowd outside of 30 rock are crazy. let you know that. meantime, talk to you a little, liz. 245u thoughts about donald trump's cabinet picks and that rex tillerson could become secretary
1:51 pm
of state. the exxon/mobil ceo. here's trump speaking a little earlier today in an interview talking about, on fox news, in fact. going to be on fox news tomorrow. take a listen to what he has to say. >> in his case he's much more than a business executive. i mean, he's a world-class player. he's in charge of, i guess, the largest company in the world. he's in charge of an oil company that's pretty much double the size of his next nearest competitor. it's been a company that's been unbelievably managed, and to me a great advantage is he knows many of the players, and he knows them well. he does massive deals in russia. he does massive deals for the company, no for himself, for the company. >> talking about tillerson there. can millennials like the idea of tillerson as secretary of state? he's not one of the usual suspects, if you will? >> no. it is incredibly transparent. trump was elected on the
1:52 pm
platform of phony popularism, it's becoming more apparent with every appointment he makes. betsy devos, never actually -- education secretary, never actually served as an educator or appointed to a position as an educator and tillerson, what are his qualifications for secretary of state? ties to russia, as it comes out that russians may have influenced this election with their hacking. i mean i think it is, i think it's very transparent. >> jessica, bring you in. you made it. thanks for being here with us mplg thank you. >> a little nutty out there. >> yeah. >> this comes a day after revealing russia interfeed in the election giving republicans an advantage. >> we don't have concrete evidence of that, but he has relationships with many across the globe. he clearly does have a
1:53 pm
relationship with the president of russia, and that will come out. i have every confidence the trump transition team headed by a bunch of real pros have taken this into consider and that was part of the vetting process. >> liz, many millennials may not remember the cold war in the '80s. are we in a new cold war that could end up in a fon fliconfli? >> we should definitely be aware of that possibility. i mean, i think that i am -- i think many millennials are deeply disturbed by these allegations that russians may have hacked various databases to influence our elections. the fact that -- you know, we're not, this fight is not about nuclear power anymore. it is about digital pow around the power of information and the fact that russians are trying to use that now in order to influence our elections should be deeply disturbing and it is deeply disturbing to millennials, i think.
1:54 pm
>> one candidate had the lion's share and, of course, that's bernie sanders. i mean, he really resonated with millennials. why wasn't that able to be transferred to hillary clinton? >> i think now the most important thing to focus on is that democrats in 2020 need to make sure that they reinvigorate their base. remember who their base is. it is millennials it is minorities. those are the people who they need to make sure they're reaching out to. propose policies that actually impact them and could benefit them. we need to hear democrats talking about college affordability. we need to hear them talking about minimum wage. >> they did talk about those. they did. >> they need to double down. the next four years, we're seeing trump appoint cabinet members who are not at all serving the working class or the democratic -- the labor secretary, he is a total enemy of the fight for 15. one of the most important fights
1:55 pm
across our nation and democrats need to double down and make sure that they are getting out the message that appeals to millennials and to their base. >> jessica, new research shows only half of those born in the 1980s earn more than their parents. only half. compare that to 90% of those born in the '40s. if the american dream is doing better than the generation before you, do you think the dream is dead? >> a big contributor in what led to donald trump winning the election. i completely reject what liz said. the democrats completely failed reaching out to the constituency and under obama's administration the first time americans felt they were not going to have, their children and grandchildren were not going to have the same opportunities they. when you heard that slogan, make america great again, it resonated so strongly. >> i have to disagree. democrats were the only ones to put forward a platform on
1:56 pm
college affordability. >> they lost. >> they didn't get the vote. >> didn't get the electoral college vote. democrats won the popular vote. and -- they were the only ones to put forea platform. >> affordability, retaining the same coalition we all said for the past year, that she would need to win the election. donald trump -- the same -- >> and double down. >> 2012 and if you look at what hillary clinton did with millennials, hugely und underperformed. she had no message for them. >> no. i think that the issue -- again, democrats won the popular vote. didn't win the electoral college vote. not the landslide victory trump is saying all over the airwaves. it was not a landslide and this is an opportunity for democrats in 2020 to say our principles, college affordability, minimum wage and this will appeal to millennials. >> we have to cut it off there.
1:57 pm
good debate. liz and jessica, thank you for joining us. that does it at this hour on msnbc. i'm betty nguyen. stay with us for more news updates throughout the night for any breaking news as it happening. "dateline" extra is next. we hope you have a great day. right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. he was definitely charismatic. he lived every single day. he knew that it was dangerous, but no one ever knew that someone would die over it. >> he was the new kid in town, super popular. all about adventure. >> this kid was like, awesome. >> he just jumped right into the culture. >> kind of liked to show off a little bit to the girls. >> they were neighbors just down the block. a family in fear. >> they had had their vehicles broken into.


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