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tv   IconocLIST  MSNBC  December 11, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PST

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i didn't want my girls to see somebody drown on christmas day. that's what really drove me to try and help them. this is martha stewart, businesswoman, self-made millionaire and media mogul. >> first you'll need a shank. >> that roast has had more than 2 billion impressions. that's almost kardashian like. >> now she's about to choose her favorite entrepreneurs, ones whose work inspires her. business mavericks who have shaped today's world. >> it's a list that will entertain you, that will intrigue you. >> visionaries. >> bill really changed the way we do business. >> disrupters. >> find the void and go for it. >> brand builders. >> meme say that's so martha. >> pinch down at the hem. you'll get to know me and my business icons a whole lot better. >> and find out how martha deals with adversity.
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>> that old saying it will only make you stronger, forget that. >> martha keeps going and martha will always keep going. >> martha stewart turned her name into a global brand, and so did her first choice, este lauder. a brand that now turns over $10 billion a year by selling a dream. >> este lauder didn't just have great taste, she had a work ethic, a drive, an idea. she really continued to build her entire life. >> it's 1945 and world war ii is coming to an end. while the men fought, the women worked in heavy industry. after the war, what women wanted
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was glamour, makeup and perfumes. estee lauder and her husband devised a brilliant strategy to launch a business. >> their breakthrough was in the early '50s which made them a national brand. >> before youth dew, perfume was for special occasions. she originally marketed the product as a bath oil, but tipped off women that they could also use it as a fragrance and sales exploded. during the 1960s, the cosmetics industry grew to $43 billion. estee lauder sold 1 million a year in the 1980s. she reinvented herself as a epitome of glamour to make products that looked and felt european at american products. >> she started selling the
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product that she was using and immediately identified that she was the face, literally of her brand, her face was what represented the este lauder brand. >> este lauder turned the sales of cosmetics into a theater. she invented the makeup counters in department stores. >> i have never met her, i wish i had, would certainly be somebody i would have loved to talk to, loved to have sat down and had a dinner with. >> este lauder became one of the richest self-made women in the planet. she put her name to the brand. she never stopped selling. >> i have lots of good ideas for -- >> while she chose makeup and perfume, martha's calling was showing how to live and how to enterta entertain. and that was martha's great breakthrough. like est erk, her name was her brand. while she was teaching, she was selling. >> welcome to turkey hill farm,
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where we have filmed our new video series, secrets for entertaining. >> i remember saying lifestyle is not being treated in the way that i would treat it. the way i would explain how to plant a tree, how to create a dinner party. it just gets a beautiful golden brown color. keep sauteing that. >> we really developed a real category called lifestyle. i started my business in 1990. >> although their businesses are different, both martha and este have striking similarities. >> well, we're known for our very good taste, we're known for our sense of fine food, fine decoration. when i started the business, i really wanted to reach the widest possible audience. >> martha stewart is an amazing brand builder and she is maybe unique in history in that regard.
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her upbringing was very middle class and yet she built this persona of the patrician, connecticut, matriarch, which is the aspiration of an awful lot of american women. >> martha's gift is her ability to inhabit that personality, as if she was born to it and sells it as a brand. >> nobody beats martha stewart at that. >> becoming a brand is a very difficult and time consuming endeavor. you like to say, that's so martha. they would never be able to say that if i hadn't had a magazine or a television program or products in many different retail venues. >> martha stewart living went public in 1999. in one day, the stock doubled in price, making martha a billionaire and one of the 50 richest women in america. >> martha stewart, you can't help but giggle, can you?
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>> no. >> did it feel any different waking up this morning? >> of course not. the same old thing. we're going to work and we're going to continue to build this company. >> the successful start of martha's media empire owes much to este lauder, who understood that to show and tell is to tell. >> the next person on my list is my next door neighbor in bedford, ralph lauren has take american fashion and made it a mainstay in the way we dress, the way we look, the way we think about dressing our children. >> it was ralph l'wren who said i don't design clothes, i design dreams. >> whether it's the northeastern waspy idea of a preppy vibe or the colorado ranch that feels authentically western and
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american. he's got sort of a brand for everybody. >> ralph lauren stayed relevant because there are always people who want to look proper, well-dressed and he created a world of beauty. >> he exuded his style through the environment. through his stores. >> he was definitely an inspiration. you walk into a ralph lauren store and you walk into his world. i took a photographer friend up to my house in maine recently and my little yacht club is a very quaint, 1925 yacht club. and the photographer said, this exists? i thought this only was in ralph lauren photographs. he said i thought ralph invented this. and i said, no, ralph adopts this. >> i think what ralph lauren and martha stewart have in common is they're both aspirational and accessible.
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>> that's going to go right on top here. >> both martha stewart and ralph lauren have successfully combined brand and personality to create lasting global appeal. >> ralph lauren has staying power, i think that's the same thing that martha speaks to, she's been doing this for 35 years and is still super relevant. that is very, very, very hard to achieve. >> successes like martha stewart and ralph lauren endure because they're based on a solid business strategy. >> it took years to develop, years to promote, years to engender a confidence in the customer that you want that stuff. you want to buy it. >> the way martha does it is kind of a trademark, this is the way martha does it. everywhere you go, you hear a reference, don't martha stewart on me. and it's in the vocabulary.
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>> and sometimes she does it in ways that are completely unexpected. >> 12 ounces. >> 12 ounces. that's different. >> are you sure -- those are 12 ounces. >> we measured it exactly. >> okay, we got some ounces in the building. >> a time we were in a car, and some guy was rolling a joint on the street next to us and she rolled it down and said that's the sloppiest joint i have ever seen. i was like -- >> next the best of times and the worst of times, visionaries who transformed the entire world and the moment martha's world came crashing down. american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next.
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. martha stewart, businesswoman and media mogul is choosing her all-time favorite entrepreneurs. people who have changed her world and ours. >> martha loves people. she has always been a people person. and always been very open to
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trying things, meeting people. >> people of all ages connect with martha and now more than ever, that includes young people. >> i think that hipsters maybe have been ill served by their mother or their grandmother and they forgot to teach them certain things, and i'm teaching them everything. i have got 85 how-to books since 1982. that's a lot of books. >> martha was part of the swinging '60s. in her own hipster years, she paid her way through college with a $50 an hour modeling contract for chanel. in 1976, martha began a catering business, before being asked to write her first cookbook. 1976 was also the year that the name microsoft was registered by its young co-founder bill gates. >> he has one of the most googled personas in the world, ever, ever, ever.
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>> martha could see the technology was going to have a big effect on our lives and wanted to find out more. so who better to go to than bill gates. >> windows '95 makes computing faster, easier and more fun. >> i was invited as an early adopter of the computer age by bill and his cronies because i was. i bought my first computer in 1982. an ibm, little box, it was so funny. and that little box was put in a great big formica table and i took it home and wondered, what the heck am i going to do with this. i had just written my first book, entertaining. and i had this computer, i was running a catering business. so we used it originally just to keep all our business on the computer. but then as word and other fabulous software programs developed, i was able to think, oh, my gosh, this is the best
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thing in the world. so the computer has made big difference in my life as far as its changed the world too. >> over the years, martha and bill gates have become good friends. >> i remember one night, i think it was his birthday, it was either his 40th or 50th birthday. but bill had his birthday at his house and he had elton john as the performer. they loved elton john. and they were in awe of having elton john at the piano in their great big party room. and elton was playing and i was sitting right next to the piano. and all of a sudden, bill gates bolted up from his seat and walked off the dance floor, elton stopped playing and he said, where is he going? doesn't he like my music? doesn't he like my music?
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i said, of course he likes his music, he's just going to get his wife to ask her to dance. >> who would have thought that the world's most famous geek, could surprise one of the world's most famous rock stars. >> bill really changed the way we do business, everybody. it's incredible. >> next on martha's list of entrepreneurs an business mavericks that inspire her is fashion designer diane von furstenberg. like martha, diane von furstenberg was a young new yorker when she burst onto the scene in 1974 with the iconic wrap dress. >> i sat on the cube and i was the model because i couldn't afford the model, and then when i saw the picture, the cube was too big. i thought i should write something in it. i wrote, feel like a woman, wear a dress, without even thinking,
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and it stuck with me forever. >> by 1979, diane's sales had rocketed to $150 million. >> as you know, i started really, really young at 22 and then i sold the company. >> diane said that once she left the brand lost appeal. and dvf became cheap clothing for discount stores. martha stewart interviewed diane on her show. it was clear to martha the dvf label needed diane's flair for business and fashion savvy to succeed. in 1997, von furstenberg won back control of her company. >> i'm so happy that i got it back and that i was able to re-create it almost 40 years later and the one dress that i created is still valid today. >> it's now a global luxury brand, currently estimated to be worth over $500 million.
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diane von furstenberg showed martha that to stay at the top, you need to keep hold of the reins, pay attention to detail, and maintain quality. the next person on martha's list is steve jobs, who like the fashion designer diane von furstenberg, enjoyed initial success before suffering a major setback. in 1984, steve jobs thought he was on the verge of a major success with the launch of the apple mackintosh, but sales disappointed at just 10% of apple's forecast. as relations soured, apple fired jobs. >> i think a stumble in business can sometimes change the course of a business, for the better. and certainly teach the entrepreneur to maybe take another path. >> people assumed jobs had failed and had entered his wilderness years.
3:19 am
instead, he bought pixar and together with animator john lassiter, turned the animation studio into an oscar-winning creative powerhouse. >> it revolutionized movie making. what a brilliant business that is. >> within ten years, pixar was sold to disney for $7.4 billion. without steve jobs, apple was failing. in 1997, the company reported annual losses exceeding $1 billion. meanwhile, jobs was enjoying more success with his company next. and in an amazing twist, apple bought the company, and jobs was back running apple. >> by the way, i'll correct one error that i heard earlier today, according to daily variety, which is the gospel in the entertainment industry, actually the number one selling home video is "toy story."
3:20 am
>> jobs returned to apple, began an unprecedented rise in its annual profits, from 25 million in 1996 to over $53 billion in 2015. >> and how amazing is it to build a brand like apple, like martha stewart, like ralph lauren, like nike, where people from all different classes and cultures say i want to own a piece of that brand. >> it would have been wonderful to see what he would have continued to build without him suffering pancreatic cancer and passing away at a young age. despite whatever the movies are showing, he was a very good person. a friend of mine was dying of pancreatic cancer, i e-mailed steve, i had his personal e-mail. and i said, is there any way that you can help, is he doing
3:21 am
the right protocol for this disease, which i knew he was suffering from, everybody did. he wrote back within ten minutes and gave me a list of things that -- and also told the guy to call. and that is a generous person. >> both steve jobs and diane von furstenberg are masters of the comeback. and coming back is something martha knows all about. >> martha stewart has been found guilty on all four counts. it's a stunning blow to martha stewart. >> in a case that began with the charge of securities fraud, martha stewart was found guilty of obstruction of justice. after nearly two years of legal arguments, martha made a decision. >> my appeal will not be heard until sometime next year. so i have decided to serve my sentence now. and i just have one little joke
3:22 am
because despite what you all might think, i do have a sense of humor and i was walking in front of the general motors building the other day and there were a group of very well dressed businessmen standing outside, and they looked at me, recognized me and said oh, she's out already. well, i hope that my time goes as fast as that. i'll see you next year. >> i stood there and i couldn't believe how strong she was. in getting through that. i think a lot of people have not been able to get through situations like that. and i think martha's strength also provided a strength for a lot of people around here. >> she served five months in prison, plus five months of home confinement. >> hard times are hard times and that old adage that it will only make you stronger. forget that, it just makes you madder, or more ambitious.
3:23 am
>> and with the premier of not one but two tv show this is season, martha stewart is not wasting any time rebuilding her media empire. in fact her rebirth is being compared to the phoenix rising. martha stewart, good morning, welcome back. >> i didn't burn. >> in fact, she rose from the ashes and rebuilt her business. after her release, martha showed her sense of humor was still intact. >> let's get to the reason i'm here tonight, which is to give justin bieber some tips to use when he inevitably ends up in prison. i have been in lockup and you wouldn't last a week. so pay attention. you see, when i did my stretch, all the hood rats on my cell block wanted to break off a piece of martha stewart's ass. >> that roast has had more than 2 billion impressions. that's a lot. that's almost kardashian like. >> martha's back.
3:24 am
what struck me about martha talking about martha was that she is proud of herself, and she's proud of her accomplishments and she's owning that. >> so justin, my final piece of advice is -- homey, or not. next, you couldn't make it up. entrepreneurs whose businesses are more like science fiction than business fact. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet?
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martha likes mavericks. martha likes people with guts. she does like to stand back and watch and say, oh, my god, look at that. >> no one's got more guts than martha's next choice of entrepreneur. >> i love jeff bezos. >> his ambitions are stratospheric. >> he has transformed not only book buying and book selling, but he's transformed retail. people didn't realize other retailers didn't realize what a
3:28 am
disrupter jeff bezos andoom jean could and would be. this is a giant business that has taken away a tremendous amount of the clout of the old traditional retailers in america and made us all think, okay my gosh, where have we been? why didn't we see this coming? that's his strength. >> amazon began in 1994. up until 2015, bezos posted slim profits, always preferring to invest back into his company. his strategy was always to grow fast, and it's a plan that's working. >> he invited me to have a private tour in arizona of one of his distribution centers, which was completely run by robots and total amazing place. it's an incredible story. jeff bezos' story. he's a true visionary.
3:29 am
he's envisioning space travel for the common man. he wants to send people up 100 miles, just so you can get the feeling of being in outer space. boy, is he a genius. >> jeff bezos' dream is to create reusable rockets. he's experimenting with rockets that can one day take off and land vertclael hundreds of times. his hope is in the distant future, rockets could relocate earth's heavy polluting industry into space. leaving our planet clean and green. >> boy, does he believe in his ideas. >> martha's next maverick has created a huge business that has helped china's economic resurgence.
3:30 am
>> very few americans know the next person on my list, jack ma. people think he has just created amazon in china. >> his company, alibaba, began with a classic business plan, cut out the middle man. it put manufacturers directly in touch with buyers. >> i actually went to china to visit with jack ma at his headquarters. a fascinating place. >> martha was on a fact finding mission to see how alley bali b could fit in with her business. >> martha has been an innovator and disrupter, and that's why martha today spends so much time with jack ma. >> really, servicing china's market, 1.4 billion. indonesia with almost 3 billion.
3:31 am
he has done this in a very short period of time and he's now of course spanning worldwide. >> alibaba had the biggest ipo in history. at its launch, it was worth $25 billion. just two years later, it was in profit. >> he made money almost immediately because he doesn't have any of the infrastructure, that an amazon has, no warehouses, no distribution centers. >> what she saw was not a faceless corporation, but a company led by a maverick, who's more rock star than ceo. that's him under the wig. every year, jack ma holds a special sales day, it's like black friday on a scale you wouldn't believe. >> last year, they did $14
3:32 am
billion something in one day. $14 billion in one day. that's a huge market. >> in that one day, jack ma sells more than the annual gdp of over 80 countries. martha's next icon is also a billionaire and visionary. he's one of the founders of paypal, and now with tesla, he's reinventing the automobile. >> i love the idea of the electric car. >> elon musk's company tesla is making electric cars sexy. >> he is one of those people who sees the future in many ways, two, three, four, steps ahead. >> the electric car is not a new idea, but elon musk has updated it for the 21st century. >> last summer, i went to the little tiny car museum in southwest harbor, maine, there's a little electric car there. i think it was 1916.
3:33 am
we drove it with batteries, an e electric car, silent and beautiful. we should all be driving electric cars. i love what he does. >> but elon musk is much more than tesla. he, too, is venturing into space. unlike jeff bezos, his space program is already operational. with rockets that are launching satellites and resupplying the international space station. >> with spaceex, he's redefined space exploration. next, the maverick entrepreneurs who have redefined how to be sociable. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating?
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i'm richard lui with your top stories. in turkey, ten people have been arrest eed in connection to an attack that left ten dead. >> rex tillerson will be donald trump's secretary of state,
3:37 am
while he has made no official announcement, in an interview to air later this morning, trump said he waw more than a business executive, calling him a world-class player. now back to iconiclist. >> martha stewart has set the standard for lifestyle and smart living for over 35 years. she's build a media empire of books, magazines and emmy-award winning tv shows that have made her one of the richest self-made women in america. now she's drawn up a list of the inspirational entrepreneurs that have helped shape her career and changed all of our lives. her next choice is a tech type, who's changed the way we communicate -- mark zuckerberg. >> mark zuckerberg has more than a billion followers. i mean, way more than any religious figure ever had. and it's just crazy but also
3:38 am
understandable. because of the reach of these different platforms. >> technology has turned us from viewers into creators. we share, we like, we update and we post. >> it's typical of martha that if something new is happening, she's already on top of it. it can be exhausting as a friend. >> when the '90s tech boom began, a 12-year-old mark zuckerberg was already writing code, creating an online messaging service for his family. eight years later at harvard, he r helped create the facebook, a social network for students at the university. >> mark zuckerberg is one of those technology geniuses who doesn't get credit for being a business genius too. you can't grow facebook into what it's become without knowing
3:39 am
how business works and how to run an organization and how to motivate people and how to drive ideas down through your organization. >> zuckerberg has grown facebook into the sixth most valuable company in america. it owns photo sharing service instagram, instant messenger what'sapp, and expanded into virtual reality with the $2 billion purchase of oculus rift. >> i think anybody in media is looking to assimilate their business into as many different media platforms as possible. >> social media has changed the way we communicate, texting has become the new talking. >> i used to actually have conversations with people on the telephone, remember that old thing the phone? it's less and less used for that kind of communication. >> some say social media has
3:40 am
stopped real communication, but it can be used for a lot more than just sharing selfies. the arab spring uprising saw young people use social media to help bring down governments. in tunisia from 2008 to the height of the protest in 2011, facebook users rocketed from 30,000 to nearly 2 million. facebook was dubbed the gps of the revolution. of course not everyone on the planet is online. but zuckerberg has a plan for that as well. in july 2016, he began experimenting with solar planes. wider than a 737 and so aerodynamically efficient, they will fly at high altitude for three months at a time, beaming a signal that could connect remote locations to the internet. back on the ground, tech innovation continues. >> hi, everybody, it's martha
3:41 am
stewart and her friends. >> we were the guinea pigs for the facebook live system they're developing, a platform and facebook live is amazing. we're reaching 500,000 to a million people every week on facebook live. >> martha admires and follows a lot of the technology entrepreneurs today who have disrupted industry who have connected directly with the consumer. >> hi, everybody, welcome to facebook live. >> facebook was introduced to the public in 2006, a year later, the iphone was released. today there are around 2 billion smartphone users worldwide. this marriage of technologies provides new ways of communicating, a revolution martha has embraced. >> just for two of us. >> this is just for two.
3:42 am
>> we have some friends over here. we have advertisers. >> yes. >> you're watching it live, audience, but these are live live. >> martha's show on facebook live is made for a tiny proportion of the budget of tv sh shows. >> our facebook live one hour programs that we create and the production quality all filmed on a iphone 6 plus is fantastic. he could be shooting with an iphone on that. >> coming up, they turn traditional business models upside down, the disrupters who inspired martha. know how to covt anything. even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collision. [burke] it happened. december 14th, 2015. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two
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martha stewart is choosing her most inspirational entrepreneurs, people who, like her, can spot a gap in the
3:46 am
market. >> find the void and go for it. and i think that's what very, very best entrepreneurs do. they either found it or realized it or knew it before anybody else and they filled that void. >> few entrepreneurs have done that more successfully than martha's next choice, chad hurley. while working for the pioneering online payment system paypal, hurley and colleagues spotted their own gap in the market. a universal platform for sharing videos online. they called it youtube. chad hurley of youtube, early, early, early on figured out that a video, the handheld whatever kind of camyeah you had, that video would become a popular thing for people to watch.
3:47 am
>> so here we are in front of the elephants. >> and this is the very first video uploaded to the site. >> really, really long -- >> they used footage shot at their local zoo in san diego. within a year, it was showing more than a million video clips per day. at just 29 years old, hurley and his partners sold youtube to google for $1.65 billion in an all stock deal. now 300 hours of footage goes up every minute and almost 5 million videos are watched every day. the next step was for martha to set up her own youtube channel. >> i have some cookies in the oven that are ready to come out. they look great. >> martha stewart is one of the world's great brand builders. >> it has definitely other spices in it. >> for martha stewart, the internet, social media were
3:48 am
obvious platforms for her to use. they're just a way to reach more of her customers in a faster time. >> grab it here on the shoulders. no, here. >> who knew? who knew that the world would want to watch me fold a t-shirt. >> now you take this one and pinch down at the hem. yes. and then just lift up. >> you have got to be kidding. >> i remember meeting chad at a conference and he, with his little group, they were at a table, and he said hey, martha, i saw you fold a t-shirt on your show. here, do it for me. he filmed it right on his iphone and put it up on youtube and millions of views later, my how to fold a t-shirt still exists, people still ask me about it, or how to fold a fitted sheet. >> we still need to get all of our corners. >> this is what can drive you insane. >> oh, my gosh, the conundrum of
3:49 am
conundrums for most homemakers. that's a youtube feature. >> that's why i don't use fitted sheets anymore. it got to be too much. that's why i got divorced. >> youtube got the world watching five-minute show and tell videos, but martha's next icon put tv and movies directly in his cross hairs. >> reed hastings on my list, who is really disrupted the way we watch television. >> reed hastings created a dvd rental company and turned it into an online streaming service, now worth over $41 billion. >> he has accumulated a vast library of films and television programs and documentaries which enables us to watch anything we want to watch, any time, night, day, on vacation, at work, in the car. it's an incredibly powerful tool. >> one of the things i often forget about netflix is it used
3:50 am
to be an entirely different company. it used to be that you ordered dvds and got them in the mail and had to send them back before they sent you a new one. you could binge one, bwatch, bu to a certain extent. >> one day when i was still, i watched an entire series. i couldn't believe i watched an entire series. >> i think what netflix did is they didn't let themselves be boxed in by their business model. they let themselves think outside of that and grow outside of that. that's something you also see with martha in the way that she's developed her business. >> netflix changed viewing habits, coined the term binge watching, and started many of today's shows. >> very enticing and very available. i just watched five hours of the night manager all at once.
3:51 am
that was during the night, so i was maybe a little tired the next day, i didn't get my normal four or five hours of sleep. it's just all there. >> hoteliers who have made millions without owning a single hotel. ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad. with's for every 10 nights you stay, you get one free. which is great for families.
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her greatest maverick entrepreneur. a man who's changing the world for the second time in his life. but next, martha nominates more digital disrupters. mavericks who are upending traditional business models. >> there are two more businesses which i think are extremely disruptive, but also i think very brilliant in their conception. brian chesky and his partners started a company called airbnb, which has become the largest hotel company in the world but they don't own one hotel or one hotel room. >> wherever you go, don't go there. live there.
3:55 am
even if it's just for a night. >> the original concept involved buying three air mattresses and renting their apartment out as air bed and breakfast. >> and the kind of breakthrough moment was one of their customers, a i think fairly famous drummer said i'm going to be gone, out of town. can i rent my apartment when i'm not even there. i won't be able to provide breakfast, which was part of it. they said, yeah, i guess that makes sense, and the entire business was transformed from there. without that inspiration and mini pivot, i don't know if it would be what it is today. >> sometimes i'm tempted to put one of my homes on and see what would happen and then i say, are you crazy? it's for people who have extra space in their homes with people who are traveling and need a place to stay.
3:56 am
that is a brilliant idea. again, disruption, disruption, disruption. competing with the hiltons and the marriotts all over the world. >> in 2016, airbnb was valued at $30 billion. >> it's the largest hotel company in the world in a very short period of time that actually owns nothing. >> next on martha's list is a guy who turned the taxi business upside down, with no previous experience. >> travis polancheck has built with his partners an amazing business in a very short period of time. obviously, basing that business on dissatisfaction with car services and taxis. that's a big, big business, especially in cities. that is a brilliant idea.
3:57 am
>> a lot of people said, this isn't going to scale. just black cars for wealthy people in san francisco. it will never make it out of that city. >> those people misunderstood what uber really is. >> my company, we're scientists, engineers, technologists. >> their goal wasn't to start an online taxi company, it was to revolutionize the way we travel. travis' uber app connects cars to customers. uber is thinking big. it already is testing a fleet of driverless cars with more on the way. >> uber is definitely one of those two disrupters of business that i would put on the list. if you can get a car and a driver within five minutes to your location, what a fantastic opportunity. >> technology has been at the heart of martha's list. it is made up of people who have created our modern world, so it is no surprise that the person
3:58 am
who has influenced her the most is her favorite entrepreneur. >> if i have to pick one from my list, i would pick bill gates, founder of microsoft. he, to me, really corralled the power of computers, and made that available, that power, that potential, to businesses and all people alike. >> martha has chosen bill gates, but not just because of his phenomenal succession with microsoft. >> i admire him so much. he's given up the reins of his company. he is still a visionary. still working very hard to solve a lot of the world's problems with his philanthropic adventures. >> the bill and melinda gates foundation is saving lives, delivering the latest science and medicine to those with the greatest need.
3:59 am
>> martha stewart's list is filled with entrepreneurs who have inspired her over the years. after a lifetime in business, she wants to support and nurture young business men and women at the start of their careers. that's why she's created american made. a program to help the best young entrepreneurs to succeed. american made holds a competition each year to find the next generation of talented entrepreneurs, from farmers to caterers, beauticians to builders. >> we started it five years ago, and what we do every year is look all over america for those entrepreneurs that we think will make a difference. >> while martha is nurturing young entrepreneurs, she's inspiring other young business men and women across the country by being a role model. >> when you have women who are the ones profiting from these
4:00 am
businesses, that sort of generates more women-led business, inspires more women, means there's more women investors to help businesses grow, and martha has been hugely inspiring in that way. i'm chris matthews in new york, and this is "hardball." on thursday, hillary clinton spoke out against what she called the epidemic of fake news. here she is. >> it's now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences. this isn't about politics or partisanship. lives are at risk. it's a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly. it's imperative that leaders in both the private sector and the public sector step up to protect our dem


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