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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  December 13, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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cabinet nominations and unless he names an unexpectedly diverse secretary of agriculture, the line of succession to the presidency is about to be 12 white guys in a row. not that there's anything wrong with that. who says there's been any sort of backlash to the obama administration? what's your data for that. we will see you tomorrow. now it's time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." >> you know what you just said that i don't believe? the "not that there's anything wrong with that" part. that was unconvincing. >> that line is always sincere. it's like someone telling you how humble they are, always true. well, if you want to know all about the kanye west/donald
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trump summit today, you can google it. that's what donald trump wants them to cover. what donald trump doesn't want is reporting on the least-experienced nominee for secretary of state in history. and donald trump certainly doesn't want to hear more about kirk ieichenwald's story. that's why he will join us. and donald trump certainly doesn't want to hear michael moore's plea to the electoral college. michael moore will be doing that tonight on this program. so no kanye, just news. >> donald trump will attend two inaugural balls during his first week in office. one in washington, d.c. and of course the real one in moscow. >> the kremlin couldn't be happier with the way trump's cabinet is shaping up.
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>> an international oil magnate tapped. >> a coziness with vladimir putin is very alarming. >> the good lord didn't put oil in all freedom-loving democracies across the world. >> when he gets a friendship award in the butcher, it needs to be examined. >> the, um. >> the very agency perry very famously forgot. >> stepping before cameras with rapper kanye west. >> i want to take a picture right now. >> with vanilla ice is always number one. anything can happen. anything can happen in confirmation hearing, especially
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when washington least expects it. i organize dozens of confirmation hearings and most of them went smoothly, but you never know. in 1993, we walked into a hearing room to discover that every seat in the hearing room, audience seat, every seat, had been covered with a piece of paper that claimed the cabinet nominee who would testify that day was gay. luckily, washington had evolved to the point where that didn't slow down the confirmation process for that nominee. but that same week there was an explosion in the senate confirmation process, unlike anything we had ever seen, and it changed everything. for every single nominee who has come before the senate since that week. h that is when from out of nowhere, the zoe baird problem
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emerged. that's what it's called, the zoe baird problem. it is named after the nominee who first got in trouble for something that truly thousands of nominees before her were guilty of. not paying social security taxes for domestic help. in this case, a nanny. most americans had no idea you were supposed to pay social security taxes for nannies and people working in your home. zoe baird was a 40-year-old corporate lawyer who bill clinton had nominated, she employed a nanny who was not in the country legally but whom zoe baird said was sponsoring for legal status. she believed that because she was sponsoring the woman for legal status that it was legal to employee her while she was sponsoring her. she was wrong about that. zoe baird also believed that because the woman did not yet
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have legal status, she could not pay social security taxes for the woman, and she was wrong about that. she explained all of this to bill clinton before bill clinton nominated her. no one thought it would be a problem. orrin hatch, the season nior republican on the committee said it seemed like an honest mistake to him. >> i think was clearly a mistake. i choose to accept your explanation that it was an honest mistake, although you knew that it was a violation. >> that was the first day of zoe baird's confirmation hearing. joe biden was the chairman of the committee. joe biden seemed to take the immigration violation more seriously than some republicans did, but he told the "new york times," this is not a deal breaker. this is not anything that should keep her from being attorney general. that's what all the pros believed. smooth sailing, no problem on the confirmation.
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until senators' phones started ringing after that first confirmation hearing and the senate started turning against zoe baird. there were enough democrats in the senate then to get letther the senate without any republican votes. but the southern democrats, and yes, there used to be southern democrats in those days, the southern democrats turned against her first, and soon she had less than 50 supportive senators. then bill clinton nominated another working mother, kemba wood. she ran into a similar problem as zoe baird. kemba wood had employed a nanny who was undocumented. judge wood had paid the social security taxes for that nanny. but bill clinton had to withdraw kemba wood's nomination too, before she even had a hearing then, president clinton turned to the never married and
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childless janet reno as the woman who would become the first woman confirmed as attorney general. rex tillerson is the same age as zoe baird. he has four children and is more than rich enough to have afforded some domestic help when his children were growing up in texas. what are the odds that rex tillerson has a zoe baird problem, what are the odds that he always found nannies and gardeners and domestic help in texas who were american citizens or properly-documented foreign workers? what are the odds that rex tillerson paid social security taxes on workers in his home before zoe baird taught the country that you had to do that? as i said, most people had no idea there was anything wrong with paying domestic workers with just cash. most people had no idea you were supposed to pay social security
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taxes for domestic workers. the senate finance committee went to work immediately to make it easier for people to pay those social security taxes for domestic workers, to create a simpler form to fill out. because prior to that, no one even on the tax-writing committee even realized that there was a problem. what are the odds that rex tillerson realized that. realized that before tax-writing senators realized it, realized that the law in this area needed to be complied with of about the zoe baird problem came to washington. anything can happen in confirmation hearings. the conventional wisdom now is that rex tillerson will probably be confirmed. but he is already facing more resistance than zoe baird faced when her confirmation process began. the fbi background check on rex tillerson may be the most complex background check that the fbi has ever had to conduct
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on any nominee for any government position in history. this is a man who has had multi-billion dollar dealings over decades with many foreign countries, including now most prominently russia. the russian government is notoriously corrupt. business practices there often operate in zones that would be considered illegal in the united states. so rex tillerson as work history has more potential obstacles to confirmation than anyone who has ever been nominated for anything in the american government. and in the confirmation process, anything can happen. joining us now, josh barro, sam stein and clifford krauss, energy correspondent for the "new york times." josh barro, conventional wisdom, smooth sailing, but the complexity of just the background check on this guy could mean anything. >> i'm not sure the conventional
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wisdom is that he's going to have smooth sailing. you've already got senators ot the out there saying they have some reservations, mark rubio, lindsey graham. they should give him a hearing and see what he has to say. but there's a lot of concern among republicans about where he stands on russirussia. there are concerns that donald trump has no foreign policy experience, so maybe he should have a secretary of state that has more forren policy experience. i there are a lot of foreseen things that are likely to be problems. this is the first real test on whether they are going to stand up to trump on nominations. >> bob corker today, and keep in mind when you listen to this, that bob corker was a candidate for secretary of state in the trump administration, and donald trump rejected him, which is always a very dangerous thing to
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do, to reject the chairman of the committee who has to run the confirmation hearing for that particular office. let's listen to this. >> i don't hold it against someone that they have relationships that can in fact in many cases establish a level of trust. do i like what russia did, is doing in the baltics? or what they're doing in crimea or ukraine, i don't. all those things are nefarious from my standpoint. they're not to be tolerated. and the question is, does he share that point of view? and people are going to be asking, and i noknow he'll be prepared for that. >> sam stein, previous presidents have always understood that if the chairman of the committee that runs the confirmation wants that job, you kind of almost have to give it to him. >> yeah, i miean bob corker doe hold a lot of keys here.
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the nomination might not die on the senate floor but in the committee. what strike describes s me abou tellerson nominee, i can't think of someone who had such an unknown world view. and bhi it's not just that we don't know where he stands on geopolitical matters, but there hasn't been a full dive of what he's even said to begin with. judging from how the trump campaign operated with respect to research and data, i'm not sure that they've done their due diligence to look for those statements. so in addition to maybe some nefarious tax dealings that may trip up tillerson, he may have said something in the past at some point in time that may not be just offensive to democrats but to republican nay sayers who will hit those phones like they
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did for zoe baird. >> one of the things with zoe baird, the problems she ran into were completely unimagined at any point prior to that. so i don't know. i'm talking about with tillerson there could be some new thing that is the 21st century version of zoe baird that none of us thought of that suddenly becomes relevant. i want to listen to what john mccain has said about this, because he's going to be an important player on this. let's listen to this. >> i am not making a judgment about mr. tillerson. i will wait and the questions will be asked. that's why we have hearings, advise and consent, and i will withhold judgment, but i think that i have concerns about what kind of business we do with a butcher, a murderer and a thug, which is exactly what vladimir putin is. >> clifford krauss, obviously, that's the way john mccain would pose the question, but luckily for rex tillerson, he's not on
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the foreign relations chi s com, so maybe marco rubio who is, will say what were your dealings with this murderer and thug. what are rex tillerson's answers to that? >> rex tillerson is going to say i had to deal with russia, because my company has had a relationship with russia for 20 years. i think there's a much larger context here that hasn't been mentioned. and that is that there are increasing indications. in fact, according to the cia, that russia was involved in our democracy. mucking it up. and it seems to me that the person who appointed, who's appointing mr. tillerson wants to flip u.s. foreign policy on its head, if not aligning with russia, at least trying to find common ground with russia, to put pressure, leverage against
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china, to come up with solutions in the middle east, and he doesn't seem to be that concerned about the concerns of allies and nato about that. these are questions that are going to come up. and mr. tillerson is going to have to address them. >> does he support the positions of mr. trump on the campaign trail? or does he say, "i know how to be tough with mr. putin. i was tough on mr. putin when it came to sock lynn deals and other deals in russia." it puts him, and i think mr. trump in a very interesting position. they will have to define what this policy will be towards russia. >> and josh barro, as 1967, when "new industrial state" was published, it was all about how the corporate man, as rex tillerson would be the interessential example, is
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really a representative of the corporation. even back then he could see that they had surrendered any real interest in the citizenship of their country, because they needed to operate the way exxon does all over the world. so here's tillerson now, in a, shifting into representing a country, which is a very, very different thing, with completely different objectives from that company. >> yeah, although that part of this, i think, is not unprecedented. you've had lots of business executives go into the cabinet. paul o'neill ran the alcoa aluminum company. you had george schultz who was an executive before he became secretary of state. although he had previously had foreign policy experience before he was in business. so that, i think, is fine. you can say in a confirmation hearing, i worked with russia because it was my job as ceo of exxon mobil to work with russia,
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but now i have a different constituent. a and here's my view of how to represent that interest. so the venue of problems with the tillerson nomination, i don't think that's high on the list. i think that view of exxon, does that bleed into secretary of state. tillerson has pushed against the sanctions against russia. it seems that he and trump have a sim pat coe view. that may be what appealed to trump about him, hand that woul be something that would not appeal to a lot of people in the senate. >> the rick perry nomination for energy secretary. let's listen to what rick perry said about donald trump. >> let no one be mistaken. donald trump's candidacy is a cancer on conservatism, and it must be clearly diagnosed, excised and discarded.
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>> sam stein, that was then. >> yeah. that was then. i mean this is just a long list of people who have criticized trump who have now gone to praise him. tonight paul ryan introduced trump in wisconsin. you remember in october, paul ryan disinvited trump from an event in wisconsin. now that he's president things have changed. the thing that's crazy about the perry nomination, he wanted to eliminate the energy secretary. so d's a nihilistic view to run a department he didn't want to exist. and then there's the whole view of what the department actually does, which is not look for oil in the fields of texas. it's something that the department that oversees our nuclear weapons does a lot of investment and research and stuff. so i'm not sure that rick perry
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is the most logical candidate, but also because he wants to eliminate the very agency he's going to head is just odd all around. >> what would you recommend for committee staff and senators in preparation for the tillerson comfortab confirmation hearing? >> on russia, first of all, his positions on sanctions were consistent with the interests of his company. and that is, they couldn't really function fully under the sanctions. so does he separate himself from that past position or can he defend it as that position as one that's in concert with the u.s. interests, and then there's climate change. the united states is a signaturery of the paris agreement of last december. where does he stand? now he has said that he is for it.
7:20 pm
but a lot of environmentalists will tell you that exxon mobil is a very large hydrocarbon excavating company that really is on the wrong side of history. he's going to have to describe how he thinks the world can move forward on climate change without leaving oil, natural gas and coal in the ground. so those are going to be difficult questions for him to address. >> josh barro, sam stein, clifford krauss, thank you all for joining us tonight. >> thank you. coming up, the trump transition team knew that kurt eichenwald's expose was about to be published when donald trump canceled his news conference about how he planned to dole with li -- deal with his conflicts of interests. and the cabinet made up of
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generals, billionaires and one "dancing with the stars" competitor who, i guess you could call a loser.
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states, and instead of a news conference, which i canceled, we got these two tweets last night. even though i am not mandated by law to do so, i will be leaving my businesses before january 20th so i can focus full time on the presidency. two of my children, don and eric will manage them. no new deals will be done during my terms in office. those are preposterous statements because that does not eliminate the conflict of interests, because the businesses will remain exactly as they are now. that means he will know where they are, what they're doing, and donald trump would be able to take action to help his businesses around the world. kurt eichenwald's story in news week shows that his business interests have already come into play in his doealings with foreign governments, maybe to force the extradition of a
7:26 pm
muslim cleric in the unite wd states, who the turkish authorities blame for a coup in july. a company paying millions of dollars in revenue to donald trump and his children, the turkish government's move puts pressure on donald trump, who will soon have the power to order that cleric extradited back to turkey or not. news week's senior editor kurt eichenwald joins us now. take us through that situation in tur could i akey and exactly conflict comes in. >> did was sort of a shocking situation, because you had, the first time donald trump spoke to the president erdogan of turkey, he said oh, i have, you know, you should, my good friends at, my business partner down that are, send you regards.
7:27 pm
they hold you in high regard. and erdogan is not an idiot. erdogan desperately wants the muslim cleric you were talking about, has been trying to get him from the obama administration, the obama administration says we're not going to extradite until you give us some evidence, so erdogan, hearing about the importance of this business partner do donald truto donald the arrest of the senior officer with that company and says he was also behind the coup. so, you know, and what i have been told by people who are directly connected into erdogan's surrounding staff is that he knows exactly what he is doing, that, you know, the way somebody put it, it was now erdogan has something that trump wants, and trump has something erdogan wants. and so, and what happens here is if erdogan puts pressure on this
7:28 pm
turkish company, puts any more pressure on this turkish company, it fails, donald trump's trump towers of, in t turkey fail, and that means millions of dollars not going do his family. the conflict is there. it cannot be removed. and one of the things that was absurd about this, i'm going to tell you how i'm going to take care of the problem, it is the worst thing in american it isiv decisions of foreign governments on how to deal with the united states for years to come. >> you talked about canceling dom's press conference. do you feel any connection there? >> i now there's a timing
7:29 pm
connection. i was asking them, i actually kept going back, because one of the things the story talks about is how the president of the philippines, duterte, is basically presiding over a mass slaughter of drug users. and trump in his call to him said i really like what you're doing, dealing with your drug problem, and that's been taken as an approval by him, by the president of the philippines of what he's doing, of these death squads. and guess what? trump has a building in the philippines, and the person who is the business partner is now the representative to the united states from the president of the philippines. the guy who is the agent of the philippines is writing donald trump's kids checks. >> kurt eichenwald, thank you
7:30 pm
for your thursday/repoorough re this and for joining us. >> thanks for having me of. coming up, donald trump returned to the midwest tonight. michael moore, a mid wherewestes here to respond. next. ♪ as soon as i became a parent i changed as a person, drastically. ♪ i tried hard to quit smoking. ♪ but when we brought our daughter home that was it. ♪ now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. can you say thanks nicoderm cq?
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we have some amazing things in store. and we're going to work on taxes. we're going to work on obamacare. we're going to work on things,
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and's he's going to lead the w so thank you. and we're going to work on the wall, paul! >> the paul was paul ryan donald trump was talking to there. donald trump returned to wisconsin where they helped him be the first republican presidential candidate since 1984. >> my presidency will be focussed on three important things, jobs, jobs, jobs. >> he used at a rally last week a statement that he didn't repeat tonight. >> i don't need your vote anymore, but i'm telling you, i'm very good at that. good, i don't need your vote, can you imagine that? four years i'll need your vote. >> joining us now, michael moore, academy-award-winning documentary maker.
7:35 pm
his latest film is "trump land." >> wisconsin, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, the four brexit states. the jobs, so far the only job he's created is one for a fellow reality tv star, rick perry. >> yes, yes. >> which he revealed today that the qualification to get a cabinet position is if you can't remember the actual position of the, you know, as he couldn't remember the name of the department he wanted to eliminate. because he's put other people in other cabinet positions who want to either eliminate or stop what they're doing. he puts an anti-labor guy in labor. puts an anti-epa person in epa. of and -- >> and secretary of state who's been opposed to what the secretary of state's been doing as far as russia policies and
7:36 pm
sanctions and all that. >> so if the main qualification is not knowing something, being a fello reality tv person, if trump's watching, i actually, i think it was back in 1995, won the very first prime time reality emmy. for my show tv nation. >> yes, yes, yes. >> they just created it. >> right. >> so i qualify there, number one. check that box. and i was trying to think like a place i didn't know where it was on the globe. like bimini. i can't place bimini or guinea. so donald, i have no idea where those places are, i would love to be the ambassador of either of them. i've met that qualification. i know nothing. >> there you go. >> jobs, jobs, jobs, and his guy who he's appointed for the labor department is a guy from har
7:37 pm
hardee's and carl's jr. did is the worst burger. no burger chef is the worst. it's not burger king. burger chef, all right? bad meat there. but hardee's is a close second to that. that's who's going to be running the jobs, jobs, jobs department. and that is training to be the -- >> look at him today. he ate that stuff. >> oh, my god, no. is he okay thousanow? >> he's fine now. >> his arteries aren't too clogged? >> is fast food jobs what they can expect from the trump administration? >> you know, the thing is, the honesty of donald trump, in all of these appointments, it's really amazing. he's not really trying to
7:38 pm
placate anybody. he's just gone for it, you know? want to destroy the epa? here's the guy. want to destroy labor? here's the guy. let's get the climate denier in, by the way, to take care of, i mean, it's, it's just amazing, this combination of billionaires, multi-millionaires and generals, plus nikki haley. that's who he's decided is going to run the united states of america with him. it's frightening, when you think about it that this man is not going do pull any punches, and it's warning to all of us that they're not going to waste anytime. as soon, if he only becomes president on january 20th. and i only say if, because nothing that's supposed to happen in this election year happened. okay, sure, like that's going to be the first normal thing that's going to happen in this election year? okay, if you say so.
7:39 pm
but if that actually does, if that's the first normal thing, and that happens, again, i'm the not a pundit. i don't know things. but it would seem to me the republicans, the inauguration's on a friday. they're going to call a saturday session, the very flnext day, o the 21st. they're going to start cranking those laws, those bills out. watch them try to do voice votes, send it up, get one of those bike messengers, get did to trump, right? >> let's squeeze a quick break in here, and we're going to be back with more from michael moore. >> and come back. don't be depressed. >> yeah, don't be depressed.
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7:43 pm
demanding a briefing on russia and its role in the 2016 election. today 30 additional members of the electoral college added their names to that letter. with us now, michael moore. the electoral college is facing questions it has not faced before. i think when it happened, in 2000 al gore got more votes, it seemed like this weird, once in a lifetime thing. here we are 16 years later with the same situation. >> hillary's been getting way, way, way more the votes. >> won the vote. by the way, i hate the words "popular vote." in the rest of the world, that's the vote. she doesn't get to be president because of the electoral college. the electoral college has lost its way, the original concept was, make your own way. >> we need to get rid of the electoral college. the electors, i mean, hopefully,
7:44 pm
there is a chapter to be added to john kennedy's "profiles in courage", on monday. there only need to be 37 more right now, the electors. they have to be the republican electors. this man, you just showed a clip of him from october or september, asking the russians to hack in to find hillary clinton's e-mails, to hack into a presidential candidate's server or servers, to find e-mail. at what point, if you or i did that, if we asked a foreign entity, especially one that maybe we're not getting along with very well, to do that, to trump, iranian government, hack into donald trump tonight, i mean, really, i mean, somebody would pay us a visit, i think. this is, the fact that, the electoral college at this point, this is all a moment of conscience right now. and it's a real appeal, and, you know, there's this group that's
7:45 pm
trying to get them, republicans, republican electors to try to find a compromise candidate and to get the democratic electors to say we'll go along with that, if you're willing to not vote for trump but to vote for somebody else, a kasich or romney or whatever, that the democrats wouldn't do anything to block that. it's an interesting concept, but right now you need some people on the right, some republicans, to have a stand-up moment and say i care about this country, this man is not attending to national security briefings, on a daily basis, he should be going to these. i showed in my film, a picture of george w. bush on august 6, 2001. it says bin laden determined to strike in the u.s. with planes, and he goes fishing for the rest of the day and doesn't leave the crawford ranch for the next three or four weeks. bush was asleep at the wheel in the month before 9/11.
7:46 pm
we've got a president-elect who doesn't even want to get behind the whileel. this is actually worse. if something happens in the early months of his administration, and it turns out that he didn't know anything, because he didn't show up, because he didn't read anything, because he just appointed other people to read his mail for him, these are the national security briefings, if that happens, lawrence, and he then uses that event to take away our constitutional rights to do something the patriot act wouldn't even think of doing back then, you and i, me, at least, somebody, this show, hopefully somebody will have the courage to let me or others say, yes, whoever committed this new atrocity, they're the ones responsible for it, the terrorists who did it, but there is a responsibility of the commander in chief, who is derelict in his duty, because he
7:47 pm
didn't do the kmomost important thing a president has to do every day, is get up, talk to his national security people and say who wants to kill us today? and what are we doing about did. >> if he continues to ignore that and we are attacked, we have got do come together and say this man cannot be at the helm of this ship. that has to end right there. and we have to get somebody in there. he has to resign. he has to be impeached, whatever. so let me just say that. does he watch this show? >> he does. >> he wrote you a check for your charity. >> yes, he's tweeted. >> well, donald, show up tomorrow morning, because you see, people like me aren't going to forget that you didn't get behind the wheel. you didn't care about our national security. that's not going, that's not going to sit well with our fellow americans on the day
7:48 pm
after we start to bury our fellow americans, because you refused to do your job. i swear to god, i hope people will take this in the right vein and that we, and the electors, if any of them are watching, you're putting us in danger by putting donald trump into office. you don't have to put hillary in, i realize we're not going to convince any republicans, electors to go for hillary, but don't do this to us, don't do this. doesn don't do this to us. it's too dangerous, and your fellow americans will thank you if you do not appoint him as president this coming monday. we only need 37 of them to have a profile in courage moment. i'm hoping beyond hope, i know it's a hail mary pass, but man, stranger things have happened this year. >> you've made your case. michael moore, thank you very much. >> thank you for rheletting me
7:49 pm
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today governor john kasich
7:55 pm
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breaking news in syria tonight, after four years of bombing, the syrian government has retaken much of the city of aleppo, with the help of russia. nbc's bill nealy has the latest from beirut. >> reporter: good evening, lawrence. it does appear that the battle for aleppo is over. that the airstrikes, the bombardment of the eastern half of that city is finished. the rebels appear to be preparing to leave. the regime forces appear to be in almost complete control of the city. they've been closing in on the final rebel districts for the last now days, and those areas have really fallen like dominoes. it has been extremely fast. and today we've seen the, quite frankly distressing scenes of thousands of civilians troubling out not just in terrible conditions of rain, but the
7:58 pm
conditions they've been living if in for months without food, water, the young, the old, the injured, quite terrible scenes, as they were leaving, russia's ambassador said that the fighting was over. significant that it was he, the russian, who announced that the syrian regime was in almost complete control of aleppo. the rebels appear to agree. there seems to be some kind of a deal, and it would appear that they're preparing possibly to be bussed out as early as tomorrow morning. now we don't know exactly where or how many of them will be granted that privilege, if you like. the u.n. isn't particularly impressed with the events of the last 24 hours, they have been alleging that regime forces are guilty of a massacre. they say 82 civilians, including women and children were shot sum
7:59 pm
a -- summarily. we've been getting terrible messages throughout the day from people saying they're sending their last messages, because they fear they are going to be executed as regime forces have spread out through those rebel districts. if di it's true that aleppo has fallen, it is a major victory for president assad, symbolic and physically. but it's a victory for the russian forces and iranian forces who have helped him. and just because aleppo has fallen does not mean that the war is over. fighting continues to rage in areas outside of aleppo, and you can be sure that those rebel fighters who will leave if this deal is true, will leave aleppo tomorrow morning. they live to fight another day,
8:00 pm
and they surely will. back to you, lawrence >> bill nealy in beirut. thank you for joining us. msnbc's coverage continues now into victory. trump in wisconsin defending today's pick for secretary of state. but is exxon ceo rex tillerson headed for a showdown before congress? we'll ask a member of the foreign relations committee who also chairs the homeland security committee, senator ron johnson. and just how deep is russia's reach into our country? the 11th hour begins now. and good evening, once again, from our new york headquarters. tomorrow puts you just 37 days from inauguration. tonight, president-elect donald trump continued his ever-expanding thank you tour. this time the suburbs of milwaukee. his opening acts included wisconsin governor scott walker, vice president-elect mike