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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 14, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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who says there's been any sort of backlash to the obama administration? what's your data for that. we will see you tomorrow.
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in the senate, majority leader mitch mcconnell said he was backing tillerson's confirmation, but a number of senate republicans raised questions about tillerson's business ties in russia. mccain telling "the arizona republic" mr. tillerson received an award by vladimir putin, i was sanctioned by vladimir putin. so, obviously, he and i have a different relationship with vladimir putin. jeff flake defended tillerson, saying russia is an oil and gas economy, that's where a lot of reserves are, so you can expect a company like exxon to do business in russia. i don't think that should count against him.
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speaking to supporters in wisconsin last night, the president-elect said he viewed tillerson's relationships as an asset. >> you know, rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world that we don't get along with, and some people don't like that. they don't want him to be friendly. that's why i'm dealing with rex. i like what this is all about. we're going to have somebody that's going to be very special. >> yesterday, tillerson won the public endorsement, former secretary of state condoleezza rice and james baker, along with robert gates, and last night jeb bush signalled his approval, calling tillerson a good man and accomplished leader who will serve the country well. louis? >> president-elect went to wisconsin last night. trump the first republican to win wisconsin since ronald reagan in 1984 and his return came a day after a recount increased his victory. he was joined by house speaker
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paul ryan, who presented him with a green bay packers jersey. ryan famously cancelled an invitation with trump earlier this year after the leaked video featuring lewd comments emerged, but last night trump talked about his come from behind win in the recount effort. >> when i started 18 months ago, i told my first crowd in wisconsin that we're going to come back here some day and we are going to say merry christmas again. merry christmas. so merry christmas, everyone. the recount vote has come back. you know, i called it a scam, but we won't do that. i want to be nice. i refuse to say it's a scam tonight.
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that whey they can't report i was said it. and after all of this money was spent by the democrats, believe me, they were behind it, okay? and the green party. wonderful party. all that money, all that time, all that effort, we added 131 votes more than we had before. i think it was worth it. what did they spend, $3.4 million? that's okay. tells you how important every single vote in america is, right? >> president-elect trump last night was also thinking about the future, suggesting a future primary ballot between wisconsin governor scott walker and vice president-elect mike pence. >> governor scott walker, where's scott? oh, man. he's a great person and he's a great governor and i went against him for a while.
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let me tell you, he was tough. now it's going to be your turn very soon. you and pence are going to have to fight it out, i don't know. >> next stop on trump's thank you tour is tomorrow night in hershey, pennsylvania, said to invite some of the biggest leaders from silicon valley to trump tower today, from the sports and entertainment world. expected to be in attendance apple ceo tim cook, facebook coo sheryl sandberg, amazon ceo jeff bezos, tesla's ceo elon musk, and gary schmidt chairman of alphabet. no agenda has been released, but many top silicon valley leaders have had a stormy relationship during the campaign season. the tech companies have expressed concerns about the president-elect's plans on immigration, antitrust enforcement, and government demands for their user data. mr. trump has accused them of sending jobs overseas. ahead of the summit, trump met
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with microsoft cofounder and philanthropist bill gates. >> we had a good conversation about innovation. how it can help in health, education, wide range of conversation about power of innovation. >> gates wasn't the only big name at trump tower yesterday, ray lewis and profootball hall of famer jim brown discussed issues affecting the african-american community, but the visit that turned the most heads yesterday, rapper kanye west. >> mr. trump, kanye, what did you discuss in your meeting today? >> just friends, just friends. good ma doing well. long time. friends for a long time. >> what did you discuss? >> life. >> kanye, you've talked about 2020. >> kanye, are you considering performing at the inauguration
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this year? >> no comment about your meeting with the president-elect. president-elect of the united states, nothing you can say? >> i just want to take a picture right now. >> apparently they discussed life. while he remained tight lipped, west later sent out a series of tweets of what he and trump talked about, i wanted to meet to discuss multicultural issues, including bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculum in chicago and ended the tweet storm with a #2024. >> okay, the fighting has reportedly resumed in aleppo, syria, despite a cease-fire deal reached hours before. according to the associated press, shelling resumed in what remains of the rebel held part of the eastern aleppo area, just shortly after the deal was set to take place. the russian defense ministry says it was the rebels that
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resumed hostilities by trying to break through a government position. meanwhile, said it was iranian leaders who renewed the shell. the syrian government never officially confirmed the cease-fire agreement, which was brokered by russian and turkish officials, and the state department can't confirm or deny reports of the deal. as many as 20 buses were set to head into the city under rebel control to pick up people wanting to leave, but after hours of idling, they have reportedly returned to the depot. russian's u.n. envoy said the buses were meant for rebel fighters, not civilians, adding since the area will soon be under government control, there's no need for the remaining civilians to lead and there are humanitarian arrangements in place, adding nobody is going to harm civilians. the u.n. added 82 civilians were executed, including 11 women and 13 children while attempting to leave their homes in a complete
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meltdown of humanity. speaking yesterday, ambassador samantha power directly addressed president assad and his allies. >> to the assad regime, russia, and iran, three member states behind the conquest of and carnage in aleppo, you bear responsibility for these atrocities. when one day there's a full accounting of the horrors committed in this assault of aleppo, and that day will come sooner or later, you will not be able to say you did not know what was happening. you will not be able to say you were not involved. we all know what was happening, and we all know you were involved. it should shame you. instead, by all appearances, it is emboldening you. are you truly incapable of shame? is there literally nothing that can shame you? is there no act of bar barrism of civilians, no execution of a child that gets under your skin, that creeps you out a little
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bit? is there nothing you will not lie about or justify? >> sobering there. nbc's matt bradley will join us shortly with more on this fascinating story. meantime, a new article is digging into how the fbi handled a cyber attack against the dnc. federal officials first learned about the attempts in december 2015 and when an fbi special agent first alerted the party, the initial call went to a low level tech contractor who didn't follow up on the warning because he thought the warning might have been a crank call. the low key approach of the fbi meant that russian hackers could roam freely through the committee's network for nearly seven months before top dnc officials were alerted to the attack and hired cyber experts to protect their systems. in the meantime, the hackers moved on to targets outside the dnc, including john podesta, whose private e-mail account was hacked months later.
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as time wore on, the special agent who first phoned, left voice mails asking for a call back, but the contractor didn't and security scans reportedly didn't detect hacking, by november the fbi determined the dnc computer was calling home, where home meant russia. some analysts are stunned, noting a half mile separates the dnc and fbi offices. coming up on j"morning joe." john kasich vetoed what would have been the most stringent anti-abortion laws in the nation. once a fetal heart beat is detected, sometimes before a woman even knows she's conceived. the governor did, however, sign into law a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks. the governor cited cases in two other states where similar legislation was declared unconstitutional by the federal courts. he said the measure would ultimately be struck down and the legal cost to fight it would
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be too expensive for his state, alex. it was quite a dramatic day in the case against bill cosby. yesterday's hearing centered on whether 13 of cosby's accusers could testify at the trial. the day was full of outbursts, including from cosby himself, who blurted out the location of a hotel in response to one of the judge's questions to the attorneys. then at one point the d.a. walked over to a projector screen set up by the defense and loudly accused cosby's team of trying to broadcast the names of victims. things got so tense at one point the judge warned the attorneys, you don't want to get involved with the sheriff's office if you can't control yourselves. cosby has denied all allegations of sexual assault. and we now await the judge's decision on whether the 13 accusers can testify. louis? hollywood is mourning the loss of another star, allan thicke, who died yesterday at
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the age of 69. a publicist tells nbc news he died after suffering a heart attack. according to reports, he was playing hockey with his 19-year-old son carter when he started having chest pains. the actor was best known on the hit tv show "growing pains." he was also a composer and created theme songs for "wheel of fortune" and "different strokes." thicke's son robin thicke wrote, "my father passed away today. he was the best man i ever knew, the best friend i ever had. let's all rejoice and celebrate the joy he brought to every room he was in." carter thicke tweeted a photo with the message that read, "today i lost my best friend and idol and the world lost one of its finest. you are a legend and i love you, pops. until next time." sad story. >> everyone says he was always the nicest guy in the room. all right. still ahead, dolly parton is
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giving back after tennessee wildfires left hundreds homeless in the area she grew up. plus, a little boy who made headlines for wearing a lionel messi jersey from a plastic bag, he gets to meet his hero. those stories and a check on weather when we come back. ♪ ♪ i want a hippopotamus for christmas ♪ ♪ only a hippopotamus will do
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad.
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male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. welcome back, everyone. officials in tennessee are putting a massive price tag on the damage done by wild fires that ravaged the eastern part of that state last month. the mayor announced yesterday the blaze did more than $500 million of damage in the foothills of the great smokey mountains. 14 people were killed in the fires. east tennessee native and country music superstar dolly parton held a telethon last
2:18 am
night with a lineup. final figures have not been released, but at least $2.5 million have been raised between on-air and pre-show donations. parton previously pledged to give $1,000 per month to help several families who lost everything until they are on their feet. talk about a great lady. everyone says the nicest things about her. >> that's where her heart is, where the worst of it was. big recovery. >> can i say not nice things about you lately because of the cold? >> i have a little bit of good news. >> what? >> just a little bit. the real bulk of the cold is now not going to head into the u.s., it's going to skirt through southern canada, so only the extreme northern part of the country is going to get a true arctic outbreak. right now 21 million people under wind chill advisories, but again, these aren't wind chill warnings, so that's good. wind chill advisory, advisories mean, you know, don't stay out too long, make sure you bundle
2:19 am
up. if there's warnings, don't stay out long at all. the worst of it, this is behind this front. this is the arctic cold front, the leading edge of that really cold air and the coldest wind chill in the country right now is in langdon, north dakota, with negative 38. they are only under an advisory. but that's the worst of it. not exactly comfortable this morning, but cold in chicago at negative 12. here's the peak of the cold. the good thing is, it's short lived. minneapolis the worst will be tomorrow morning, negative 26. these are all for 6:00 a.m. 6:00 a.m. this morning in green bay, worst thursday morning, chicago the worst thursday morning, detroit thursday morning, too. then it warms up. also because it's mostly in canada and the northern u.s., not too bad kansas city and st. louis. looked a lot worse for you days ago. as far as the new england area, worst will be friday morning. yesterday we were thinking upwards of negative 8, now looks to be about negative 4.
2:20 am
d.c., not too bad at all, the worst, burlington negative 23 and bangor, maine, negative 29. it could be worse. we're going to have another snowstorm, details coming up on that. that's going to be a coast-to-coast snowstorm starting tomorrow. >> okay, you have redeemed yourself, there was good news there. all right, thank you, bill karins. still ahead, a small scuffle breaks out on court as two nba superstars square off. louis has those details next in sports. what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? v8 or a fancy juice store? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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welcome back. time now for sports. a step forward in a new stadium for the raiders in oakland. city and county officials yesterday approved a proposed stadium plan to build a $1.3 billion facility to keep the raiders from moving to las vegas. an investment group led by hall of fame safety ronnie lott will work with offic in negotiating the formal agreement, which includes $350 million in taxpayer money. in college football, wake forest radio announcer tommy elron has been fired after providing opponents with game prep information for three seasons. the investigation began after wake forest staff members found documents left behind by louisville following the demon decons' blowout loss last month. the inquiry included elrod provided or attempted to provide
2:24 am
proprietary game prep information on multiple occasions, beginning in 2013. elrod has been fired and banned from the school's athletic facilities. elrod's attorney has declined to comment. you can add one more team to the list of clubs not staying at trump-branded hotels this season. the lakers in new york city have reportedly decided not to stay at the trump soho in lower manhattan, while other teams have made this decision to protest the president-elect, the lakers' change of plans is reportedly over security concerns. the president-elect's company does not actually manage that hotel, just a note there. to new orleans and action on the nba court last night, the pelicans hosting the warriors. draymond green reported a triple-double. meanwhile, steph curry led all scorers with 30 points in the game. and check this one out, after
2:25 am
sinking a fade away jumper in the third quarter, curry turns to the bench and high fives deron ehrman, who was fired back in 2014. i guess old habits die hard there. that's pretty brutal. now to portland, 114-95 win against oklahoma city last night. russell westbrook was more than ten points off his league leading average. apparently not too happy about it, westbrook gets into it with damian lillard in the third quarter before the two have to be separated by teammates and officials. and perhaps a highlight of the night coming on the college court in dayton. steven davis with a vicious tomahawk jam, no stopping that powerful slam. state wins it by 51 points there 85-34. look at how high he got there. finally this morning, my favorite story, heart warming story for you, might have seen
2:26 am
photos earlier this year of a 5-year-old afghan boy sporting a homemade argentinian soccer jersey of star player messi. after the pictures went viral, the boy was tracked down to afghanistan's eastern gahazi province and given the chance to come face-to-face with his hero. he joined messi and the squad ahead of a friendly against qatar. he even joined the team's photo before reluctantly leaving the field so the match could begin. i absolutely love that, alex. >> oh, my gosh. >> little boy's dream comes true like that, it's just incredible. you see that iconic picture of him, you know, he made that jersey out of a plastic bag. true fan there. >> that is the best story. honestly, almost started tearing up. i don't know why you have to come back to me after that. that's the best story. >> a lot of tear jerkers today. >> all right. anyway, thank you for that. great one. still ahead, a new report
2:27 am
find isis is developing its own arsenal of military-grade weapons. plus, we continue to follow the breaking news out of aleppo, where a cease-fire has fallen apart. we're going to get a live report. world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. ♪ ♪ get up to $2500 customer cash on select 2016 and 2017 models for these terms. see your lexus dealer. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment?
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welcome back, everyone, i'm alex witt alongside louis burgdorf. prosecutors in south carolina are expected to call their final witness in the federal murder trial against the gunman who
2:31 am
confessed to killing nine people inside a charleston church last year. dylann roof's defense team said he would plead guilty if the death penalty were off the table, but prosecutors have been unable to make a deal. yesterday it was revealed the 22-year-old defendant made seven trips in the months leading up to the attack. the man accused of firing gunshots inside a washington, d.c., pizzeria while pursuing the internet rumor known as pizza gate faces a federal charge of violating gun laws. 28-year-old edgar welsh was planning a possibly violent raid of the pizza place for days leading up to that incident. and china is firing back over donald trump's remarks over the weekend that he doesn't feel bound by the one china policy. a beijing spokesman for taiwan affairs says any change in the policy would, quote, seriously damage peace and stability and warns it would undermine u.s.-china relations. the president-elect set off that diplomatic squabble after he
2:32 am
broke a longstanding u.s. policy by taking a phone call from taiwan's president. louis? donald trump took his thank you tour to wisconsin last night, where he was joined on stage by speaker of the house paul ryan, who gave the president-elect a customized packers jersey. with a stormy history among top republicans in washington, on displayed where ryan was booed by the audience and trump issued a very public warning. >> speaker paul ryan, i've really come to -- oh, no, i've come to appreciate him. i'll tell you, he has been terrific. and, you know, honestly, he's like a fine wine. every day goes by, i get to appreciate his genius more and more. if he ever goes against me, i'm not going to say that, okay? we have some amazing things in store, and we're going to work on taxes. we're going to work on obamacare. we're going to work on things, and he's going to lead the way, so thank you.
2:33 am
we're going to work on the wall, paul. >> i'm sure paul ryan appreciated being compared to a fine wine. wisconsin's crowd of die hard trump supporters were fired up last night, interrupting the president-elect twice with chants of "lock her up" about hillary clinton. >> the deals are so bad, so disgraceful, that i actually think they are putting other countries ahead of our own. on trade -- we are now. you people don't stop. so i used to say when i used to hear this chant, let's just win on november 8th, but now we've won. right, we've won. big league. i'll tell you, tough people in wisconsin, fellas. i heard that my opponent -- anybody remember my opponent? they don't remember. they don't remember.
2:34 am
governor, these people are brutal. >> trump shared his perspective on the final month of the campaign, hitting the media and praising the electoral college. >> i'll never forget the guy who was saying for months, there is no path to 270. but there was a path to 306. they couldn't get me to 270, but they got me to 269. they got me to maine. that's the beauty, i'll have to tell you, i went back to maine four times for one. the beauty is, i went to 17 different states, i was going all over. there's a beauty to it, there's a genius there. the other would be easier, just a popular vote would be easier, go to new york, california, go to texas, florida, that's it, it would be easier, but the electoral college is genius. >> president-elect trump's thank you tour continues in
2:35 am
pennsylvania tomorrow, and nbc news has learned president-elect donald trump has tapped montana congressman ryan zinke for secretary of the interior, which manages three-quarters of federal land and natural resources, along with programs related to american-indian affa affairs. he's a strong supporter of coal and oil and gas exploration, but he's also backed increased funding to preserve open spaces and has opposed the transfer for public land to the states. a member of the house natural resources committee, the decorated retired navy s.e.a.l. and former team leader of s.e.a.l. team 6 spoke to "morning joe" about his political future. >> i'm happy about being the only congressman in montana. i get a lot of political pressure to do a lot of things. at the end of the day, i want to help america be great again, and i'm not really hard right, hard
2:36 am
left, i'm red, white, and blue. >> his nomination would have to be confirmed by the senate, alex? from washington to moscow, the reaction has been swift to the nomination of rex tillerson for secretary of state. more on who could gain with the appointment. >> reporter: the kremlin couldn't be happier with the way the trump cabinet is shaking up, especially with rex tillerson as secretary of state. vladimir millof is a former deputy of energy. tillerson is best known here for making a deal with an oil giant. that's its headquarters over there, just over the moscow river from the kremlin. and analysts say the company is like a cash cow for president putin and his inner circle. miguel, an energy analyst, says the dividends earned by rosneft
2:37 am
end up in only one place. >> personal purse or wallet of the russian president. >> reporter: and that wallet could grow significantly, and tillerson is at the center of it. exxonmobil and russia's rosneft have an outstanding oil deal in the arctic, russia valued at $500 billion, a deal so important, after it he was given that russian medal of friendship, but the deal is on hold because of u.s. sanctions. >> obviously, conflict of interest is something that's written on mr. tillerson's forehead. >> reporter: on his forehead? >> yes. >> especially as far as russia is concerned. >> 100%. >> reporter: as secretary of state, tillerson will be able to push for the lifting of the sanctions against russia, something he lobbied for as a ceo. >> our thanks to nbc's richard engel for that report. as we turn to syria, where a cease-fire has reportedly collapsed just hours before it was set to take place. joining us live from london, matt bradley.
2:38 am
okay, so what happened so quickly for this to collapse? >> well, thanks, alec. as you mention, the battle for aleppo is nearly over, but the fate of tens of thousands of civilians still hangs in the balance in syria's largest city. negotiations are evacuated more than 50,000 civilians have stumbled since yesterday and now just this morning the associated press and other agencies are reporting syrian government buses that have been meant to evacuate families have been left empty and returned to their depots, so what's the hold up? a treaty negotiated between russia and turkey faltered after renewed attacks in the eastern part of the city, activists saying russian jets and syrian planes are still bombing eastern parts of the city, which was the rebel stronghold until a couple of weeks ago when the iranian troops really moved into that part of the city. iranian diplomats insisted syrian government troops and allies be evacuated from several
2:39 am
towns in which government aligned civilians are under siege. now it seems the scheduled evacuation will have to wait until tomorrow, but even if delayed, the war in syria still rages. the fall of aleppo will have been more than four years in the making and have cost tens of thousands of lives. when syrian soldiers and allies finally move to retake the entire city, they'll be displacing their enemies from th last major city that they control. and that could shift the balance of the fighting away from this brutal extended urban warfare toward more rural fighting and hit and run tactics. alex? >> it's extraordinary looking at those pictures of those people fleeing, completely decimated parts of the city. what are they fleeing their homes and there's nothing left of them practically. matt bradley, thank you so much. see you again. meantime, a disturbing new report the islamic state, isis, has been manufacturing weapons on an industrial scale, which matches the sophistication of a national military force. that is according to the
2:40 am
london-based group conflict armaments research, which says isis has a robust and reliable supply chain of raw materials between turkey and iraq. the revelation comes after the watch dog visited six facilities. iraq's army is in the heat of a grinding offensive to retake control of the city, which began in mid-october. louis? a reminder of just how dangerous being a police officer can be, two georgia police officers are recovering after being shot during what was expected to be a routine traffic stop. the two officers pulled over a man in the small north georgia town on monday. you're watching one of the officer's body cameras right now. things appear to be transactional when police ask the man if he has anything in his pocket, when the man appears to start shooting. officer jefry marten, army veteran, has a bullet lodged in his right hand. a bullet just missed his vest and hit him under his arm. the suspect was eventually found during a two-hour search.
2:41 am
kyrie gordon was charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, two counts of attempts to commit murder, and others. he was denied bond. six georgia police officers have been shot, two fatally in the last week alone, nine have died in the past year, alex. >> thanks, louis. still ahead, markets brace for the fed's decision on whether to move forward with just the second interest rate hike in a decade. plus, heartbreaking news this morning, new information on the sudden passing of alan thicke, who you may remember as the dad on "growing pains." here comes the bitter cold, the so-called siberian express arriving from canada, bringing wind chills as low as 20 below in some cases. not so much, right? we're back in a moment with bill.
2:42 am
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2:45 am
they are paying me an absolute fortune. >> i'm sure. >> great scene for you, by the way. >> you know? when he wants to, he can actually write. >> well, see you out there on the playing field. break a leg, kid. >> thank you, sir. >> hey! >> ladies and gentlemen, the great alan thicke! >> and action. >> and that's a clip from one of alan thicke's last performances, the golden globe nominated drama "this is us." he guest starred the pilot episode playing himself. the actor best known for his role on the dad on "growing pains" died unexpectedly from a heart attack yesterday in los angeles. the actor's son, robin thicke, confirms his father was experiencing chest pains while playing ho with his 19-year-old son carter. last night carter tweeted, "today i lost my best friend and idol and the world lost one of its finest. you are a legend and i love you, pops. until next time."
2:46 am
alan thicke was just 69 years old. so sad. >> we all know him from "growing pains," but i didn't realize how much of a composer he was. he wrote the theme songs. >> you can see where his son got it from. >> exactly. will be missed. the cold's the story, then a snowstorm after that. we talked about the headlines, the wind chill advisories issued. now we're up to about 30 million people. again, this is the shot of cold air, it is short lived and again, it's not warnings, this is advisory criteria. not quite as bad as we were thinking a couple days ago, but don't tell that to our friends at north dakota at negative 37. chicago feels negative 12. hats, gloves, and scarves. snow has not yet begun in earnest over the great lakes. still snow showers, but the heavier snows come later on today. we have some lake effect warnings in effect with the buffalo area, erie, cleveland, and areas north of syracuse. not as bad off lake michigan.
2:47 am
thinking snowfall totals off lake michigan about one to three inches, the exception the northern portion of michigan. lake erie, south of buffalo, and the area of the plateau north of syracuse. that's where they could measure in feet when all is said and done. again, that's the little isolated great lakes snow. we have a big storm currently moving into california. this one is going to move across the country over the next five days and with the cold air in place, plenty of snow. this is our european forecast model, how much snow is going to fall. the blue is up to six inches, so a good half foot throughout the rockies at least. we bring that three to six inches through south dakota, minneapolis look for snow on friday, areas of wisconsin, chicago, northwards and then it looks like it makes that turn, so new england has spared a huge snowstorm, probably start snow saturday, moving to rain with the warmer flow, but northern new england will be a mess saturday afternoon. little bit of everything out there. the arctic blast and then a
2:48 am
snowstorm going across the coast. louis? >> despite the cold, we're going to start spreading holiday cheer because one boy has single handedly saved christmas. 9-year-old colin who is battling brain cancer was named an honorary police officer earlier this year and yesterday he made his first arrest, nabbing a grinch stealing presents. the 9-year-old attended the arraignment and held his very first news conference, another story that i love, alex. >> today, you're like the good news guy. so good for colin, good for him. still ahead, we mentioned kanye west and ray lewis met with the president-elect. if yesterday was mudsic and sports day, today is tech day. more on the high powered summit hosted by the incoming administration and we're back in a moment. constipated?
2:49 am
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in what may have been the last bill signing of his administration, president obama has approved a massive bipartisan medical research bill. the 21st century cures act, a $6 billion, will increase funding for some of the nation's top health priorities. one section of the bill that allocates to cancer research was named for vice president biden's son beau. the attorney general died from brain cancer in 2014 and his death has inspired what the white house calls its cancer moon shot. during the bill signing ceremony yesterday, the vice president
2:52 am
channelled his grief into hope. >> god willing, this bill will literally, not figuratively, literally save lives, but most of all, what it does just this mere signing today, mr. president, you know better than i do, gives millions of americans hope. every day millions of people are praying, praying for hope, praying for time, praying that somehow something will happen just to extend them. they are not even praying for cures most of the time. those of you doctors in the audience, how many times have you heard a patient say, doc, can you give me just three more weeks so i can walk her down the aisle, or give me another two months, it's my first grand baby, i want to see him or her more. >> sure has a way with words, doesn't he? $1 billion for substance abuse treatments specifically targeting heroin and opioid addiction. louis? the markets and investors
2:53 am
are bracing for a possible rise in interest rates today by the federal reserve. nancy hungerford joins us live from london. this would only be the second rate rise in ten years by the fed. also the president-elect donald trump's tech summit to look at, as well, today. >> that's right, louis, and the big surprise for markets today would be if the fed did not act, because investors are overwhelmingly pricing in the first rate hike this year, about 25 basis points is the expectation, but attention will actually be greater around the press conference. when it comes to any guidance she delivers on how many rate hikes the fed expects to make next year, and it's not just the fed comments investors will be watching. they may watch to see whether president-elect donald trump has any reaction on twitter. it's, of course, no secret that the president-elect is a fan of twitter, but it may surprise you that twitter ceo jack dorsey is one name reportedly left out of the big tech summit that the president-elect donald trump is hosting at trump towers today.
2:54 am
the other big names all coming from silicon valley include apple ceo tim cook, facebook coo sheryl sandberg, and larry page, alphabet ceo. also hearing elon musk will be in attendance, as well, and this meeting is gaining lots of attention because the president-elect did have a bit of a rocky relationship with silicon valley on the campaign trail, trying to mend those ties. they want to talk about improvements to the job, economy, and hiring elsewhere. we know president-elect donald trump has tapped goldman sachs' number two larry kohn to be chief economic adviser and goldman sachs is planning to name david solomon and schwartz as co-replacements. guys, back to you for now. >> big day for the markets. nancy, thanks so much. in the race for dnc chair, democracy for america has endorsed minnesota congressman keith ellison after receiving
2:55 am
87% of votes cast by members over a three-day period. the congressman has also been endorsed by several high profile democrats such as chuck schumer, elizabeth warren, and bernie sanders. at the same time, tom perez will reportedly enter the race for dnc chair. according to "the washington post," perez will announce his candidacy tomorrow, becoming ellison's first serious challenger. last night bernie sanders doubled down on his support for ellison. he offered a postmortem on how democrats lost their foothold with core supporters and look ahead to what the party must do if it is to regain power in the white house, congress, or even at the state level governments. >> voted for obama twice, then voted for donald trump, so these people are not racists, they don't have a racist bone in their body. how did the democratic party lose those people? >> there are a lot of people in this country who are hurting, in a lot of pain tonight. there are people who are 55
2:56 am
years of age who have zero amount of dollars in the bank as they wait retirement. half of the elderly workers in this country have nothing in the bank. there are young people who graduate college $50,000 in debt and making $14,000 a year. and trump tapped that. he said, i hear you, and i'm going to do something about it. well, between you and me, i don't think he was honest, maybe i'm wrong. i don't think he was sincere, but he tapped that pain that people were feeling. and what we have got to do is to stand up for those people, and what we have got to do is get to the causes of those economic problems. >> bernie sanders on seth meyers last night. when we come back, a look at the stories happening in the day ahead. when standard cancer treatment no longer works
2:57 am
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and more hippopotamuses, too. ♪ so whatever your holiday priority, our priority is you. if you only had any idea what was going on right now. we're going to toss it over to you in a moment, unless you want to do this. check on the stories, residents in newtown, connecticut -- >> he's got the bone structure -- >> see what i mean? >> -- of a little bird.
3:00 am
>> i don't know what to say. >> and that's what i've been dealing with. okay, here we go. let's talk about the u.n. secretary. >> u.n. secretary ban ki-moon will be doing a special sendoff in the final genersecretary-gen will get a farewell. >> you would hope it would be antonio gutierrez. >> that's it. can we get out of this now? >> quickly. >> we're going to wrap up this wednesday otherwise you're going to be late for your own show. >> i'm alex. that's louis. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >> donald trump met with conna west today. he does know he's not still hosting "celebrity apprentice" right? what an


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