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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  December 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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all right, that wraps our coverage at this busy hour, kate snow is picking things up. >> good afternoon, a tense afternoon for international diplomacy. in a rare move, president-elect trump is actively calling on president obama to veto a un resolution and it is a delicate situation that could have a long-term effect on the isranian
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conflicts. a setback for equal right advocates in north carolina, lawmakers failed to reach a deal to over turn the so called bathroom bill that requires people to use public restrooms that match the sex on their birth certificates regardless of their gender identity. report from raleigh, north carolina coming up. we start with a new head turning comment from president-elect trump, this time it is about nuclear weapons. my colleague, halie jackson, joining me now here in new york. explain to us what mr. trump said or what you think it maybe. >> what he tweeted. the president-elect trump talking about u.s. capabilities of beefing those up.
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it was an interesting comment. the united states must strengthen and expand its nuclear capability. this is interesting, it is not as though there is some nuclear weapon conversation that's happening currently. you know what i mean in the world of politics, inside the belt way. there are some who pointed out interestingly that russian president, vladimir putin, reportedly today is also talking about strengthening the fortifying his country,capablic. that had folks looking. i wonder if this is a preview of things to come. if you will. donald trump's position of nuclear weapon was talked about often during his campaign. it was a point of attack and as you remember towards the end of the campaign, they ran with democrats believe would be an effective ad looking and as they
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pull fingers on the nuclear button. it was an interesting tweet and one likely to follow. >> caught us off guards to be sure. >> yeah. >> an obvious much serious. this is about ivanka trump. she's on her way to hawaii for family vacation. something is happening on the plane and gotten a lot of attention online. >> there is still unverified reports coming out of this. tmz shows ivanka trump on this plane and a passenger apparently saying something to her negatively about her father and about the president-elect. ivanka was with her children on this flight and jeff is confirming the passenger was taken off this flight and receiving a comment about this. >> neither the trump's team is commenting on the incident and other than to say that if it was
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an unfortunate incident if wyou will. some question marks of what happened. >> but, she's under secret service protection. >> she's under full secret service protection. >> as the daughter of the president, she will continue to be under full protection. the secret service did not say as if it was the one that intervene this. and a couple more staff announcements today of interests. kellyanne conway, this morning we found out and the other that we care a lot about, the media is going to be our interphase with the trump's white house. >> the person at the podium in the briefing room in the west wing and that's sean spicer. he's been the rnc communication for a while now. the news is just coming out in the last couple of hours. he will serve as press secretary for donald trump. you know somebody who's not afraid to mix it up with the
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media and not afraid to talk to the media and opened communication with the media which is not something that you have always seen from president-elect trump himself. the president-elect trump is beefing out his communication team. the director of communication is jason miller who was during the campaign working for ted cruz and ships it over to team trump. right there during the general election and right before that happens. miller will be joining the white house as we'll pick the first spokesperson for donald trump during his campaign, a young woman who'll hold a high profile position, strategic communication. >> and we mentioned kellyanne conway moving to washington to be some where in the west wing as an adviser. >> this is a role that -- she turned down the press secretary job for sean spicer. she was waiting for the right
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position for her, she has four children. conway will be next there to donald trump during his four years. >> he said earlier today, she will have plenty of time, she does not play golf. a quick programming note, rachel maddow sits down one on one. this new role that's going to have tonight. that's right here on msnbc. turning now to what is made for a tense day. we mentioned this of an international diplomacy. it has to do with the un resolution about expanding jew issue settlement. donald trump thinks otherwise. joining me now is cal perry. you were based in jerusalem for years. explain this and what's happen
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s ing today? >> this is a slap on the israeli. there are over 500,000 settlers that live in occupied west bank. the americans usually veto these resolutions. they side with israel. >> resolutions would have passed and it would have been embarrassing. they are given rights to this land. donald trump has come out and said that the u.s. should veto this resolution which is pretty surprising move. >> kind of unusual.
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>> david freeman is his pick. this is someone that -- he's a lawyer and given money to settlements in the past and helped donald trump to raise money for the bait settlement. there is been a lot of discussions about the united stat states. donald trump has said that david freeman will work comfortably out of jerusalem and he's going to move the embassy to jerusalem. the consequences of that can be serious. so that's a reality that president-elect trump is going to have to face as he potentially makes this. his policy seems clear on
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israeli. and seems like a big switch from president obama. >> though he's not the president just yet. cal perry. thank you very much. i want to bring in ambassador nicholas burns for political affairs, it is nice to see you mr. investor, thanks for being with us. >> glad to be with us. >> we were just daukitalking ab this. >> the people that brought up the resolution and under intense of israel. trump tweeting this morning it should be vetoed. what is your analysis of what happens here and what are the implications 28 days when we have president trump? >> kate, i think there are issues here. the substance issue here, it has opposed israeli settlement c construction of the west bank.
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whether the obama administration is going to obtain on this and let it pass. we may never know unless the obama administration says something today or the next few days. the process is quite troubling. we have the tradition of the united states of one president than a time. president obama is our president. to have the president-elect trump to speak out to disagree so strongly with president obama, i think it is a mistake by donald trump. i don't think it is going to help him and he really ought to be getting his government together and letting president obama rule this country. donald trump is going to be in charge the next four years after noon of january 20th and the proper thing is let president obama lead this country and not have two presidential voices out there. >> we had an interview earlier with a spokesperson of david keys of the benjamin netanyahu and she asked him of the possibility of this. i want to play his response to that. >> i hope that president obama does not abandon his eloquent
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words and commitment back in 2011 not to support any antiisra anti-israel resolutions and impose peace but instead will work to bring the parties together so that we can sit together and forge a lasting peace. >> so given donald trump's choice for ambassador and all that you have said and cal perry said a moment ago, what do you think happens come january? is it an easier relationship with israel? >> well, i think that there is every indication that if the ambassador is confirmed by the senate, and if donald trump continues to have the policies that he's been arculatiticulati an easier relationship with benjamin netanyahu. our obligations obviously, to be a good friend of israel. we never supported settlement constructions. israel is building
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up settlements. putting back on the ground makes a final settlement difficult. we need to be creditable and even handedme. palestinian state in the west bank and the capitol of jerusalem. that's american's positions of many president. that should not be changed by donald trump. we'll have to stay tuned to see what he does. >> let me switch subject. this tweet that he puts out a couple of hours ago. we had halie jackson read it a moment ago. the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until time as the worldco comes to its senses. we have no contact. >> twitter is difficult because of 140 characters. this is a big conflict subject. whether or not we modernize
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this, it will be the most important decision that donald trump makes. it is a multi billion dollar project. washington and congress and people of the obama administration have not seen eye to eye on this. i think frankly it is better for him, probably to stay quiet on this and study the issue and get his cabinet iappointed and getting advise from jonah thinks and secretary tillerson if they are both confirmed and look outside the government. look at some of our people who have had extensive experience and negotiation and make a consideration. to put it in twitter, it is hard to know what he was trying to say. i think that is dangerous for him and probably effective as president obama. >> nicholas burns, it is always nice to have you with us. >> thank you. >> how our nation's youth is reacting to donald trump's presidency. what they think their future might look like.
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michael lewis is getting some attention today after spending time with his daughter's school. he writes about the future of r under president trump. michael lewis is with us, the best selling author and his most recent book is "the undoing project." it is good to see you michael. >> good to see you kate. >> the theme will reveal the predicament of the entire class of americans and donald trump. >> what's the larger point you are trying to make? >> the larger point was that i was just colliding with kids who were responding to the trump's
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election and i found myself playing these games with them. one collection of kids trying to imagine what trump could do to get himself impeached and they ran through every absurd possibility like murdering someone in the white house and they came to the collusion that nothing would get him impeached. >> we had a quote, they all agreed that if trump were caught in the camera snorting cocaine, there is a chance he will be impeached but only a slight chance. >> a large part of the country no longer hold political candidate. >> they saw this guy running for president who's been doing things everyday that we get them expelled from school. and who violated his values system such as it was with such alien to them and they did not know what to make of it.
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i was struck by their in ability to imagine what this meant. i thought we are all in this predicament of this guy. there is no telling what he's going to do. i don't think he knows what he's going to do. so we are putting and one of the reasons that the world feels such an unsettled place right n now is that we set deep down that our imagination is not capable of dealing the moment. one of the way to stretch your imagination is creating the games, forcing your imagination and start to think of it differently. >> where all these kids in northern california? >> well, so you are not playing devil's advocate because i never made any claims speaking for the youth of america. it was an odd consequenincidenc. the day after the election, i was volunteering and got 3,500
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kids of all strikes and they were republicans in there, too. a large number of kids waulking out of school and protests. i got there and my job is to answer the phones. the phones are trump support calling to scream at me for letting the kids walking out of school. >> i was an unpaid volunteer, i was trying to say it was not me, it was them. this is where i start thinking of this trump finale was a game. they were so angry. they were angry of these kids and they're trying to construe it of a story how these encouraged the kids to get out. the kids themselves were completely outraged because they see this guy get elected president who's breaking all the rules they have been taught. and any case, i just thought well, here is the first game. clearly, trump supporter, the whole intervienterprise runs on.
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you can do that when you are running for president. you cannot do that as president. so the game is like, where do you point this and how do you generate this anger. it spun in and one thing led into another, i was talking to kids about it and playing games with the trump frphenomenon. in the end, we needed a board game, trump's america. it will incur us to imagine what we need to imagine before it happens. >> i got to ask you, michael, you are the author of "the big short." >> i want to play, well, i don't think we have time to play it. he basically says there is so much regulations on the banks and the people like the jaime diamonds and it is ridiculous to
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say that we should not talk with them. it needs to deregulate. your response? >> i don't recall the old administration not talking to the ceo. the idea that these guys shutting down is nonsense in the first place. the idea and the problem is too much regulation and that's nuts. i mean, the absence of intelligence regulation was a necessary ingredient leading to the financial crisis. if they play with this in stupid enough ways, they'll create a condition of another crisis. >> that's a scary note to end on. >> this is why you need a board game to understand it. >> there you go. >> the article is in "vanity fair," best selling author, thanks so much for being with us. up next, an update on world torn aleppo where the syrian military had complete control of that city.
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we are following the manhunt, anis amri, he was being watched by german authorities. lets turn to matt bradley, the market is opened today. that's a progress, any progress on the manhunt? there is been a lot of nch information today. german prosecutors say they now have fingerprints that placed anis amri in the cab of this truck that ran into this christmas market. the one right booiehind me.
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now this manhunt that you mentioned, sprawled out to include all of europe but it is accompanied by $100,000 bounty on the head of this 24-year-old tunisian national. he served about a 3.5 year prison sentence in italy. he was known as a violent man. there is no sign of radicalization. but, if there was and anis amri, he may have fit the profile. a lot of run with the police and violence and alcohol abuse but nothing recently that would show she's he was an extremist muslim. in orlando and brussels and
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other places that sort of a small time criminal turn jihadi, kind of the last moment. they're caution to say they the jury is still out so to speak on who this man is and drove the truck into the market behind me. >> kate, you mentioned this market and a couple of moments ago, it was in full christmas mode and christmas was just blairing out of this but not quite to the same extent as it was. all the lights are on and tons of tourists here are drinking wine and having pretzel s and all. there was not christmas music. the mood is somber here and even as people are trying to get into the mood as much as they could and get in the spirit. as you can see, you cannot really see behind me, there is still several shrines that go to these twelve victims that were killed 72 hours ago.
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still, people are coming to this market. >> tough situation. matt bradley over in berlin, thank you very much. we have breaking news out of syria. the military has taken control over aleppo. the city was under rebel control over the past four years. government forces now say they can claim victory. nbc's bill neely is joining me now. >> lay out what this means for the civilians? >> good afternoon kate, this is a huge defeat. we knew a week ago where aleppo failed. today was a day when the very
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last rebel left the last rebel held and president bashar al-assad army moved in. there were russian troops patrolling the streets with dogs, never mind, syrian troops. it is a huge victory for president bashar al-assad. almost six years of war and aleppo, it is commercial center has now fallen completely to bashar al-assad's forces. the four biggest city in syria, damascus and aleppo, they're all in his hands as well as the coastal regions. what's been called useful syria is all in the hahnds of the regime.
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what comes next are two things. number one, an assault on roka. that attack will happen next. after that, there will be an assault on in land province. that's a place where all the people evacuated aleppo in the last few days and weeks have gone. so even in the last few days, more than 30,000 people, left aleppo in desperate condition. kate, it was snowing and minus 4 when i left. the conditions were appalling. those people were in a threat full stage. they were hungry and traumatized. in a few months, they'll face from bashar al-assad's forces as he goes out in an attempt to win
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complete victory. today is a big day in the syrian war, kate. >> bill neely, live with us on the phone. thank you very much. now, lets go to mexico where the death toll in tuesday's fire works market, authorities are working to find the dead. crews are searching for the missing and dozens of victims remaining hospitalized and some of them in grave conditions. nbc kerry sanders remaining there. what do we know of the investigation d the cauand the . why did this happen? i am going to step out of the way to give you an idea how devastating these explosions were. it was one that triggered off a chain reactions of six ex ploeng ploenploek ex -- explosion here.
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it was an outdoor flea market when one went off, it caused a chain reaction. >> 59 people were hospitalized. 18 of those people are released and 36 patients are in various hospitals and four are in critical condition. as you know that the death toll risen to 35. there is some help now that actually is bridging the border here. that's with shriner's hospital in galveston, texas, where juan carlos, the teenager was scene from the scene here. he was injured from the explosion and taken to the shriner's hospital in galveston. they have set up for people who have been injured in explosions and they have room there for r 15 patients. juan carlos is the only one they're dealing with now. they are room for more and the shriners are revealing there are plans include ability to accept other patients if they are
12:34 pm
needed in boston and in sacramento as well as galveston. so they can help the victims. the real question here, kate, of course, is that those who were in the hospital and may need that sort of attention, it maybe too procare yoecarious to put t plane right now because their conditions are so grave. >> coming up, north carolina's so called bathroom bill, best known for acquiring transgender people using bathroom that correspondence with the sex on the birth of their certificates. that law is staying in the books, collapsed and the state lost millions in tourism money. how are people responding today?
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. in north carolina of a move
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of the lgbt community, instead, it turned into this. >> those are crowds chanting "shame," after state lawmakers, they failed to reach a deal. the so-called bathroom bill. nbc's gabe gutierrez is joining me now live from raleigh. this was a stunning offset, we. >> reporter: on the show yesterd yesterday. how were people responding? >> reporter: the deal just fell apart and republicans and democrats are blaming each other today. the local branch is asking the national naacp to call for a national boycott of north carolina. the charlotte city council yesterday had repealed of
12:39 pm
non-discrimination ordinance. lawmakers were supposed to look at that and come back here and repealed hb 2 because of the loss of millions of dollars of revenue. in the end, there was a lot of back and forth here and the legislative building and last night, the governor elect roy cooper responded to all of this. take a listen. >> republican legislative leaders have broken their war to me and they have broken their trust with the people of north carolina. >> so certainly, the back and forth continues, republicans are blaming democrats for not accepting a six month moratorium for non discrimination ordinances. so now the question is, will hb
12:40 pm
2 stay in the books? looks like it will for now. but, it does not seem to be any appetizing here to appeal this case. >> joining me now, is sarah mcbride, the largest lgbtq group in the u.s. nice to see you again, first, your reaction, i remember we were sitting here yesterday at the same time thinking it is about to happen. they are not back again until january 11th. first off, thanks for having me on again. the video you all showed from the general assembly sums it up. the shameful actions by the gop leadership and the state legislatures betrayed the public's trust once again.
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the reality -- the lgbt people and transgender people like me in north carolina will be subjected to state, foster states and sanctions and many cases of a state mandate of discrimination. >> you posted a selfie of yourself on instagram while you were in charlotte, i assume you were trying to make a statement there. >> i want to reenforce behind this national conversation around transgender equality are real people to hurt people who are discriminated against. the hateful hb 2 is legislation that both rescinds the municipalities and requires transgender people could not access restrooms consistent of their gender identity.
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it becomes much more difficult to go to school and go to work and participate in public's life. >> i want to ask you another bill. this is the one of ted cruz and senator mike lee. the first amendment defense act. and they're hoping to introduce it and pass it under a trump administration. this is a bill that prohibits the federal government from taken discriminatory action against any businesses and person that discriminates against lgbtq people. a baker could refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple because of religious believes and there would be no way for the federal government to take any actions against that baker. what is your idea if this comes up again? the after math in north carolina should demonstrate whether they are federal elected officials that legislationing the discrimination is bad politics and bad business. businesses want to locate
12:43 pm
companies and in places that are welcoming and inclusive. we are really going to hinder the ability of businesses to attract good quality talent and the first amendment defense act of discrimination in the country. i think the general population does not want to see that and my hope is that congress won't want to take it up after they saw what happens in north carolina. >> sarah mcbride, thank you for joining us today. my conversation with a woman, a freelance journalist from india. >> when you hear her powerful story, you will understand why she got that award.
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when you have a cold, pain from chest congestion can make this... feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol® a few weeks ago, i had the great pleasure of being a presenter at the 2016 courage journalism awards. it is awards given by the
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international women foundation of journalism exhibit great courage. freedom of the press is still severely limited. one of the exceptional women honored this year was wistella paul. she's from india. she talked about her own upbringing there. when we sat down for an interview, i asked her about being born a girl in india and rejected by her own family. when she was ill and young, her father said she should not get any treatments. >> my father picked me up and threw me away when i was 6 months ol. that old. >> i was sick and the family decided that i should just be left to die. but, there is been many other times when i was sick and i was denied treatments. and that's just one of the many,
12:48 pm
many million cases in india. >> talk to me stella, about your experience as a journalist working in india. >> what i tried to do is get the stories of the people who have been most under reported so it is more about gives voice to the women. that particularly perceive in danger where nobody can trace you unless you have come back. what kind of danger and are you talking about life-threatening danger? >> some of them are life-threatening? >> it begins by trailing on social media and e-mails, sending you intimidating e-mails and it is followed up by calls. other times it is physical threats.
12:49 pm
and being literally pulled by your hair and sometimes even more. they actually tried to kill you. that's all of the things that i have faced. >> people have threatened your life. >> not just my life, but the lives of my mother and family members. >> you reported on sexually assaults in india and women who were sex slaves. is there some reasons you do that, what are you motivated by? >> i am motivated by the fact that i began pretty much the way where these women are now from that place where my family was very poor so i grew up in poverty. i was a victim of violence against girls. physical violence and i have faced a lot of sexual abuse as a child.
12:50 pm
and, i also survived a lot of times attempts on my life as a girl child. >> how does that change and how do you see your role in trying to create change? >> one thing that we have noticed is nothing inspires people more than a positive example. so when a woman, where there is a woman leader in journalism or any other part of life, they go there and say, look at me. i was born a girl. any parents raised me. they didn't hope much for me but i am here. and there is no difference between me, a successful woman, and a successful man. it does inspire and it is sending a positive message to the community. >> who inspires you, stella?
12:51 pm
because you're inspiring us. >> women like you. successful women, beautiful women. i am so inspired every day by my successful colleagues, men and women, who believe in gender equality. i am inspired by a lot of organizations. for example, wmf, who go out there and stick their necks out fighting for women every day and saying, we support you. >> it's an international sisterhood, i'll say that. thank you so much for your time, stella. >> thank you. >> best of luck. >> thank you. >> since we spoke, stella has returned to india. she said she arrived to suspicious interrogations. but she said she loves telling people's story. she says as i write them for the world now, my heart is full of gratitude. we'll be right back.
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yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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we've been talking all hour about the international stage, that new year's resolution. donald trump said it should be vetoed by the u.s., going along with the obama administration's view on that issue. just a few minutes ago, state department leader john kirby addressed the consternation the united states is now having. >> did the secretary make any calls to foreign leaders in the last several days or a couple weeks about this matter? >> he has routinely had conversations with foreign leaders about the middle east peace process, and i think certainly that since the egyptians submitted the text, that yes, he has had conversations with foreign leaders about this resolution. >> so do you know when the last time he spoke to israeli prime
12:56 pm
minister netanyahu or anyone else about this? >> he spoke to president netanyahu this morning. >> i should clarify, donald trump said that he wanted it vetoed. the u.s., the obama administration, was considering abstaining from the vote. we had expected to hear from secretary kerry about this today, by the way. he canceled a speech he was set to give. and we'll be right back. owe iliin h .no s
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ifbe ow ony geee ldbemir ch ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. that's going to wrap up this hour for me. i'll see you on nightly news wednesday night and tomorrow afternoon. you can find me on snapchat, twitter, instagram. up next, my colleague katy tur. >> good afternoon, i'm kaf frka in for steve kornacki.
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they're ramping up russia's nuclear program. polilus we'll bring you alle details on president-elect trump's latest picks. we're learning new details about the man accused of killing 12 people in an attack on a berlin christmas market monday, including his possible links to terror organizations. that christmas market reopened as investigation continues. berlin says now is the time for strength. >> everybody is in support of what happened at that moment. >> officials still calling for vigilance today as the europe-wideman hunt for the attacker intensifies. and president obama is shutting down a controversial visitors registry of terror activity since the year 9/11. some would call it a similar


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