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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  December 23, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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that's it for me this hour. for the movies i'm going to tell my bosses. i don't know if they will say yes. >> manchester by the sea. >> oh, good. another one. >> thank you, merry christmas. good day. i'm chris jansing. ahead on nbc live, going nuclear. donald trump tells msnbc, let it be an arms race. the president-elect doubling down on a vow to expand america's arsenal. plus, russia's response. vladimir putin said he knew it was coming. he knew trump would win. he's accusing hillary clinton of being a poor loser. and breaking news. the suspect in germany's christmas market attack killed in italy.
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this hour his dramatic shootout with police. and critical questions today. let's begin with donald trump. can a tweet spark a nuclear arms race. the united states must greatly strengthen and expand nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. commercial break. ing joe" >> the president-elect told you what? >> let it be an arms race. we will outmatch them at every pass. >> russian president vladimir putin took a question at his annual press conference in moscow this morning. from the kremlin, translation saying when someone speeds up or accelerates the arms race, it's not us. >> kristen welker is covering
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the president-elect in palm beach. kristen, this all started with vladimir putin telling his general they were going to fortify the russian nuclear arsenal and then just moments after the conversation between mr. trump and mika, we saw the incoming white house press secretary sean spicer take it arguably a step further. let me play it. >> we are not going to sit back as a country and allow other countries to expand their nuclear capability with the u.s. just sitting idly by. this president will take action. it is a warning. is that all it is is a warning, a restatement of policy, a new policy that flies in the face of what presidents have been saying for decades? what do we know, kristen? >> it's all of the above. it is definitely a warning, there is no doubt about it. the question is though, is it a new policy? you heard sean spicer say their intention is not to start a
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nuclear arms race. he was clear about that. we kw the rhetoric, the words that t president-elect is using is a sharp departure from what we have heard from president obama and the administrations going back to ronald reagan. presidents have tried to draw down the united states' nuclear arsenal. the international community's nuclear arsenal and as you know, chris, you have covered the white house as well, president obama has made this a key priority. when he first got to office he delivered a speech in progress a -- prague and talked about a world without nuclear weapons. four summits have been aimed at getting the international community to secure the nuclear arsenal and draw down. a lot of questions about how this is going to play out in terms of policy and some red flags raised about the fact that he's doing this on twitter. this comes as just moments ago, the president-elect sent out a statement saying i just got this
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letter from russia's president vladimir putin and then he essentially praised the letter he got. let me read you both the letter from vladimir putin that the president-elect says he got reads, i hope that after you assume the position of the president of the united states of america we will be able by acting in a constructive and pragmatic manner to take steps to restore the framework of bilateral cooperation. president-elect trump responded to that, seeming to praise it. he said a very nice letter from vladimir putin. his thoughts are so correct. i hope both sides are able to live up to the thoughts and we do not have to travel down an alternate path. another warning in that, chris. one thing is certain. it seems under president trump the united states' relationship with russia which has been frosty under president obama is going to change, transform in some way, shape or form. what direction will it take remains an open question. >> kristen welker who is down
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with the trumps in florida, thank you. i want to turn to the executive director of the arms contr association darryl kimball. i read your tweet calling the president-elect's comments reckless and irresponsible. you look at the let around the response to the letter. it sounds like they are looking to do a relationship that's both constructive and pragmatic. what's your concern? >> well, first of all, president-elect trump shouldn't be communicating a complex subject such as u.s. nuclear weapons policy through a 140 character tweet. this requires precision. it requires being clear and this has sown a lot of confusion. >> let me stop you there. i wonder, someone like you whose professional life and who has dedicated their life to these issues. >> yep. >> what went through your mind the moment you saw this in a tweet? >> well, most american presidents take weeks, months to
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develop a new policy regarding nuclear weapons when they come into office. this is complex. it appears president-elect trump has gotten a coup of briefings and now thinks he's an expert. when he uses the words "expand nuclear capacity" and talks about a new arms race he's toying with things he doesn't comprehend the implications of. if he wants a better relationship with russia it's not a good idea to start out by saying let there be an arms race. russia and the united states are obliged to stop the arms race by treaty. the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. it's the policy of every american president back to reagan and before to reduce the excessive numbers of nuclear weapons the u.s. and russia have. each of the countries has 1,800 or so strategic nuclear weapons deployed now. hundreds can be fired within
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minutes of an order by either president. this is serious stuff. furthermore, the united states has the world's most capable and deadly arsenal. we are on track to spend $1 trillion to sustain and modernize in some ways upgrade our arsenal over the next 30 years. so if donald trump wants to expand that, he's going to have to find ways to save money or to sacrifice other important defense priorities. we are already spending more than we can afford, more than we need for our nuclear deterrent. >> we have also spent decades in an arms control process that's reduced nuclear weapons by, what, 75, 80%? >> yeah. about 80% since the height of the cold war in the late 1960s. the process began with ronald reagan and mikhail gorbachev with verifiable arms reductions. each country has just under about 5,000 total active nuclear
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weapons in their arsenal. as i said, about 1,800 deployed at any given time. so those numbers far outstrip countries around the world. the french, 300. the north koreans, about a dozen. the solution to stopping proliferation is not to threaten or hint at a new nuclear arms race that would cost more money and that exceeds what the u.s. military says is required. >> thank you so much. we appreciate your time. we want to talk with steve mcmahon and nbc political analyst rick tyler. i want to start with kellyanne conway. she talked to rachel maddow last night. listen. >> he's saying we are going to
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expand our nuclear capabilities. >> he's not necessarily saying that. >> he literally said expand our nuclear capabilities. >> he's saying we need to expand nuclear readiness. he's putting the world on notice that he'll do what he thinks we need to do to keep us safe and secure. >> by expanding our nuclear capability. >> not trying to change a policy through twitter. >> as i'm listening to that, rick, and i would like your interpretation. she said he's not necessarily saying that. he's putting the world on notice that he will do what he thinks he needs to do to keep us safe. do we have any more clarity about what he meant by the tweet and when you are talking about nuclear proliferation, is it dangerous to do it in 140 characters. >> the ambiguity and questions he left with the tweet and kellyanne conway is doing what she does well -- trying to explain what donald trump meant in a tweet. look, we are already under the
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start treaty. barack obama signed it in 2010. as your previous guest said we are about 1800 deployed nuclear weapons. supposed to get it down to 50 by 2018. what does the president mean by expand? rip up the treaty? what is his vision for this? nobody has explained that. >> i'm not being facetious. has he been briefed on the start treaty in. >> i think he got a briefing. looks like the tweet came after a pentagon briefing he received. but, look, again, he should be able to explain these things. much more detail and clarity, particularly talking about nuclear weapons. what's his goal. kellyanne is right. he put boeing on notice, lockheed martin. threatening to move to an f-18 hornet. talking about cancelling air force one. he's telling people i'm paying attention to these things. with this tweet he tends to do, what kellyanne says, is keep
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america safe and step it up where we need to step it up. no country will win an arms race with us. but we don't want an arms race. it seems strange to start the relationship this way. >> you have this other aspect of this relationship, if that's what we -- the word we want to use. you have this letter from vladimir putin. >> yes. >> by the way, nbc news has confirmed the kremlin said it did come from him when he talked about a constructive and pragmatic relationship, a very nice letter is what donald trump called it. what do you make of what seems to be a total about-face on what has been the u.s. and many other western nations' position on russia. let's talk about crimea and the ukraine. and nuclear arms. >> well, it's almost like one of donald trump's biggest contributors and supporters is writing him a letter of congratulations and saying i'm looking forward to working with you. the more we find out about the russian interference in the election, the more we begin to see and understand just how
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nefarious the russian influence was. i'm actually not surprised that putin sent the letter. he does want to reset the relationship with the united states. i think he believes donald trump is his friend and perhaps might even believe donald trump will be his puppet. i hope that's not the case. i think donald trump's tweet might be in some way a response to that positioning on putin's part. but it is concerning for anybody who has watched wt happened for the past 40 years in america, where we have tried to deescalate nuclear tensions around the world. for somebody about to become president of the united states and put a finger on the button to be speculating about expanding and enhancing and making our nuclear arsenal more impactful, more threatening, more menacing to countries around the world. this is not the way traditional american presidents behave. there is a reason for that. i hope donald trump between now and january 20 does sit down and
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take more intelligence briefings. understands the meaning of the start treaty. recognizes what presidents have been doing for 40 years and honors the tradition of the country that we want less -- fewer, i should say, nuclear weapons. less menacing threats to the world. and we want to reduce the likelihood of nuclear holocaust, not enhance it. >> happy holidays. thank you so much. >> thanks, chris. >> breaking news, the suspect in the christmas market attack taken down in italy. how did he escape germany? and the latest on the shootout that led to his death. more breaking news from malta where a tense stand off on a hijacked plane was just resolved. plus, getting to grandma's this weekend. we'll tell you what you need to watch out for. dangerous weather in some places this holiday weekend. >> staff sergeant kyle ware with the ibtd in kosovo. i want to wish my wife rebecca,
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berlin. police named him as a suspect on wednesday.
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how was he able to make it to italy? matt bradley is following reaction from berlin. i want to begin with claudio lavagnna from italy. what do we know about how it ended. >> reporter: it was just a routine check that cannot got him. two young policemen in milan in a small town. it was 3:00 in the morning. they were outside a small train station there. they saw a man hanging around. they thought it was suspicious so got out and stopped him to say, show us your i.d. he pulled out a .22 caliber and shot one of the policemen in the shoulder. the other policeman shot him dead there and then. as you said, while questions are raised over how was he able to travel to italy the authorities want to know whether it was also
9:19 am
a chance that he ended up in a small town outside of milan. he got off a train at 3:00 in the morning. to get there -- i was raised in milan, so i know. you have to get a local train. you can't just end up there. now the authorities want to know if he was waiting to meet someone who maybe could have provided is a safehouse or safe passage. these are questions authorities will have to try to answer in the next few days. >> was he known to italian authorities? >> he was. in 2011 he arrived along with many other migrants after he fled as many others during the arab spring. he was rescued in the mediterranean sea and was taken to a small island. he said back then he was 17. probably he said that because he would get preferential treatment for unaccompanied migrant minors. that was a lie. he was arrested after setting a
9:20 am
fiernd spent time in prison in italy. >> this dragnet was massive. there are questions raised about why he was even still in the country in the first place before this attack took place. then the question becomes how did he manage in spite of the people looking for him to be able to leave germany. >> that's the question on everyone's lips. nobody looks good here. european authorities throughout western europe are being what happened. just today, chancellor merkel announced a comprehensive review of the german anti-terrorism efforts trying to analyze exactly what went wrong. there is a consensus in germany that something went wrong. he was identified and the french authorities haven't commented. if you recall the wire services are saying this man actually had a train ticket from france.
9:21 am
he was able to pass into and out of france into italy, probably by train. this is interesting. since france has been under a state of emergency since attacks in late 2015. they increased border control after this attack here in berlin. how was he able to evade all of the border controls, all of the security? that's the question everybody is asking. now that the man hunt appears to be over. chris? >> thank you, guys. appreciate it. we have breaking news out of malta. a tense stand-off on the tarmac after two hijackers reportedly carrying hand grenades took control of a libyan jet liner and threatened to blow it up. both have now surrendered to police but not until they declared loyalty to muhammed gadhafi. the plain was carrying 111 passengers, seven crew members destined for the libyan capital of tripoli.
9:22 am
cal perry has been monitoring for us. what do we know about the hijackers and why did they decide to surrender? >> they got what they wanted. they got out of libya and were able to land in malta. we heard from the prime minister of malta a short time ago that they were armed. they did have at least one grenade and handguns. that was a question. we knew this was politically motivated. there was some question as to whether or not they were armed or if it was a bluff. they were armed. thankfully it ended peacefully. this was a politically motivated hi jacking. we are talking about a plane that originated from a town that's seen brutal fighting since gadhafi was removed from power in 2011. this town doesn't have good airport security. there really isn't a security apparatus in place. the runway is three miles from where the passenger terminal is. it ease' si to penetrate the airliners. in december, a few airplanes from the same airline were shot
9:23 am
at on the run way. this is defunct at this point. >> thanks for that. up next, travel at home. millions headed to the airport for the holiday rush. what it looks like in the u.s. coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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e eeplate,linune well nda carte d tiefxae,linune ch hard to believe christmas eve and hanukkah a day away. they are battling the holiday crush at the airports and on the news. how is it looking there? >> we have the afternoon push starting here. the tsa lines are filling up again. three checkpoints here at reagan. this is the first one midway down the terminal.
9:27 am
they handled it well. let's check the misery map. there isn't much misery in the country now. we have less than 400 delays. essentially they have run way construction delaying things. we have delays in san francisco because of heavy wind and rain. that's delaying things. you can see denver has red. we have weather in the midwest. not expected to be accumulation. these airports can slow it down slightly. 30,000 flights a day. so this is really a drop in the bucket. atlanta, chicago, alexlax, denvt
9:28 am
the bottom of the list. the tsa opened up the new command center in washington in which they coordinate full time with the airports. this is in response to the disastrous spring when we had people waiting in line for hours. this coordinates with the 30 business yis airports and the airlines. they are forward projecting where they expect problems. making sure they screen everybody and they have staffed up since spring. we have not had significant issues regarding tsa delays since may. it's looking good. >> between that and the weather it's all great for those headed to grandma's house. happy holidays, tom. >> same to you. >> for those of you getting on the roads, 94 million people. be aware of that. meantime coming up, plot foiled. on the heels of the berlin attack and assassination of the
9:29 am
russian ambassador in turkey, five men were arrested in australia. details on that developing story next. plus, donald trump doubling down on his call to let it be an arms race with russia. senator chris kuhns, member of the foreign relations committee next on msnbc. once i heard i was going to be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times.
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hi, everyone. it is the bottom of the hour and here is what we are watching. breaking developments in the terror attack in berlin. the man suspected of mowing down people at a christmas market is dead after an early morning shoot out in italy. he shot a police officer before the officers returned fire. that officer is in stable condition. in malta all 118 people on board the libya bound plane have been released and the hijackers are in custody. this after hours of negotiations with the men who were reportedly carrying hand grenades. in australia, a terror plot to
9:33 am
attack the sea of melbourne with explosives, knives and guns has been thwarted. police detained five men accused of planning bomb attacks in the second largest city there. back to politics. the white house has reiterated the presidential transition is going smoothly and cooperatively. several times this week president-elect trump questioned decisions made by president obama. particularly when it comes to foreign policy. last night rachel maddow had a lengthy discussion with kellyanne conway who will be trump's white house counselor. they talked about the lack of unity. >> the united states has to speak with one voice on foreign policy. in the transition we have seen mr. trump criticize and in some ways under mine the one china policy. we saw him today call on president obama to do a specific thing at the united nations. we have an announcement of what would be a dramatic turn on nuclear weapons. isn't he cashing checks that president obama has to cash? >> no.
9:34 am
look, this is him preparing to be president. he's asked constantly what his position is on xyz. in the case of the nuclear comment i discussed it with him directly. he is making the point that this is about nuclear proliferation in the face of rogue nations and regimes that are stockpiling weapons, it would seep. his first priority is to keep us safe. >> i'm joined by democrat from delaware senator chris kuhns. thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. >> we have had for many administrations and many turnovers that there is one president at a time. we heard this president say it multiple times and often praise president bush for sticking to that tradition between administrations. now you have kellyanne conway saying this isn't about disagreeing with the president. this is him prepare to be president. what do you make of it? >> this is a striking way to
9:35 am
prepare. to tweet, insert himself in developing international challenges and crises. i think president obama has been respectful, supportive, positive in the transition to president-elect trump. i think what president-elect trump should be doing is actually preparing to be president. getting his regular intelligence briefings, meeting with folks who are capable senior advisers who have been parts of previous administrations and meeting with members of the outgoing administration rather than tweeting in the middle of the night about issues from military procurement to nuclear expansion. it's a striking way for him to do this. >> why do you worry? >> i'm worried he's preparing for being president which means he won't listen closely to seasoned nonpartisan advisers from the state department, intelligence community. instead he'll just respond immediately in 140 characters to all sorts of developments around the world from israel to ukraine to russia to issues at home.
9:36 am
that's how he conducted the campaign. i hope that's not how he'll conduct himself as president. >> there is a set of specifics from a letter we have confirmed did come from vladimir putin to donald trump. extending christmas and new year's greetings and saying that he hopes that america will be able by acting in a constructive and pragmatic manner to take real steps to restore the framework of bilateral cooperation to which the president responded, the president-elect responded a very nice letter. his thoughts are so correct. what do you make of this idea of the possibility of a more cooperative relationship with russia? >> chris, i think the idea of a more cooperative relationship with russia isn't a bad one. the idea we would get to that relationship without russia undoing a number of very harmful, aggressive things that happened under vladimir putin strikes me as alarming. on a bipartisan basis president-elect trump is going to learn lessons from the united
9:37 am
states senate. if he thinks we can simply ignore russia's illegal invasion and occupation of the crimea, russia's interference in our own democratic elections, look, the cyber assault on america's last presidential election was an attack on the united states on what defines us as a country, our democracy. to wave it away and say i will will friends with putin i will put people in senior positions who are buddies with putin and ignore the consequences for our values and our place in the world. to wipe away the role that russia played in the massacres, murders in aleppo. it's stunning to me. it suggests that perhaps president-elect trump is moving into a relationship with putin that really doesn't reflect the best of america's values and priorities. >> we heard a lot from vladimir putin. he gave an end of the year press conference. it was about four hours long. he definitely can answer questions. he talked about american politics. he talked about the election. he said, quote, losers always
9:38 am
look to accuse somebody else. then he said this. i think this is simply humiliating for themselves. take a listen. >> translator: i think this is simply humiliating for themselves. one has to know how to lose decently. i would really love to have with the new president-elect and with future leaders of the democratic party business-like, constructive relations to benefit the united states, the russian federation, the peoples of both countries. >> he also had a question for democrats. i will ask you. he said the seats the democrats lost in the senate, was i responsible for that, too? >> i will say this. it's clear russian interference in our election had an impact, had a consequence. in terms of who is elected president, in terms of the
9:39 am
overall confidence in the election. this is part of a broader pattern. i led a bipartisan delegation to eastern europe in august. i was struck by how many other countries across europe have seen russian interference in their elections. this coming year there will be major elections in a number of key allies, not the least of which is germany. in the last couple of years there's been direct overt and covert interruption in elections. i don't think this is democrats being sore losers or democrats ascribing the weakness of some of our candidates to vladimir putin's interference. we need a clear eyed effort to stand up to putin and the ways he has interfered in syria, ukraine, throughout central and western europe and our own democracy. to ignore this and wipe it away would be a tragic mistake by president-elect trump. >> thank you very much for coming in. happy holidays to you and your family. >> thanks. coming up, more on breaking
9:40 am
news from italy where the suspect in the berlin truck attack was killed in a dramatic shootout with police. how did he elude authorities in germany and make it to milan and what do we know about his ties to isis? this is msnbc.
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but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. we are following breaking news out of italy where the suspected attacker in the deadly berlin truck attack was shot and killed by police near milan. 24-year-old anis amri was the sublt of a manhunt since wednesday. for more, pete williams. the isis media arm release d a video and said a man who is amri claims allegiance to isis. we don't know for sure. we don't know this is him. what do we know about him and his movements around europe? >> well, one question is whether he was directed by isis or whether this was something of him communicating with isis, people who were like-minded.
9:44 am
the question on how he came to do this is something that will take weeks and months to answer. whether he was pushed to do it or decided to do it on his own and hooked up with others. as for his movements, the question here of course the how did he get from germany to italy? he had to cross the border from germany to france and then from france to italy. a lot of people are asking, how could he do that? it's not like watching a movie from the 1950s where every time the train gets to the border it stops and guys in uniform come and ask for papers. it doesn't work that way in europe anymore. it hasn't since 1995 under something called the shangan agreement where traveling around europe at least by surface transportation, by rail, by car is very much like traveling around the united states. there really aren't border checks if you buy a train ticket in one country you get on the train and off the train in the next country. you don't show a passport or
9:45 am
travel documents. did he use a credit card? how did he buy the train ticket? those are things that will be looked into. already conservative political figures in europe are saying if you look at this, look at what happened in paris with some of the attackers getting out of the country going to belgian it's time to look at the agreement and whether protocol should be changed. >> thank you for that, pete williams. for more, malcolm nance, terrorism analyst. there is the key question a lot of people are asking. how do you travel more than 600 miles from berlin to milan. what questions do you have this morning? >> it's a lot easier than it might appear. europe is more like the united states with state borders and no one is protecting them.
9:46 am
it goes to when the attacker carried this out. to everyone in the counter terrorism world we thought that time and the day was rather strange. it may appear he carried out the attack with a train ticket. high speed trains from germany. when you go to france you're on the tvg. in eight hours and 28 minutes you are in paris. if he carried out an attack at 8:00 and could be on a train k59 before the germans would know to put the national security ring of steel around the airports and train station. he could be crossing the border to mets and to paris. >> absolutely. it's a quick change to a train. i have taken them from paris east station right to milan.
9:47 am
we'll get to milan by morning. >> okay. just like in the united states. >> it was on the radar of german and italian authorities. he went to prison in italy and was under surveillance in germany at one point. given that are you surprised he could carry out this attack? >> i'm not surprised europe on it rates welcome back its own set of laws. according to that people can be led out on the street even if they are suspect. unless they come up on the radar it is hard to get them. german intelligence as a lot of resources but they don'tave tens of thousanf surveillance when they were with the stasi. you have to understand we are looking for one man. >> malcolm nance, good to get your perspective. thank you. >> my pleasure. still to come, war dogs. donald trump and vladimir putin trading words about nuclear
9:48 am
weapons. what does it mean for 2017? but first -- going rouge. the holiday box office is feeling the force of the latest star wars movie. your preview of that and other flicks out there next. hello, i'm staff sergeant al qaeda bennett from pennsylvania. i would like to say hello and happy holidays to everyone at home and say merry christmas and happy new year's to my wife april and my daughter reagan. i love you. see you soon.
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the force is strong at the box office. "rogue one" remains in the number one spot for the second week in a row. the newest addition to the franchise has some competition. >> i am not singing this. >> what's not tolike? you're a female and you're a teenager. this song was made for you. >> wow. it's like you can see inside my tiny teenage mind. >> i know, right? you've got to add some moves and a little bit of -- ♪ hey, i just
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met you ♪ ♪ and this is crazy ♪ but here's my number ♪ so call me maybe go for it! >> "sing" is projected to be big at the box office. deadline hollywood's pete hammond has a preview on the hot holiday movies. >> how are you? >> let's start with rogue one. how is it doing for the holidays? >> very well. compared to force awakens last year at this time it's down maybe 40%. that's expected. this is the first stand alone "star wars" movie. it's not tied to the story line of the other ones but precedes it. it's doing extremely well by any measure hand any other movie out there. it will probably get to a billion dollars. at least disney hopes. >> for parents and kids looking for fun, the sing along movie of the year is "sing".
9:53 am
>> i loved it. i have seen it twice. it's so much fun. great cast. matthew mcconaughey, reese witherspoon, scarlett johansson. it's "american idol" meets "zoot "zootopia." animals in a singing competition to save a theater a koala owns. 65 different songs. you will go out humming, on a high with everything that's depressing in the world today don't we need something like "sing"? >> yes. >> i loved it. >> you always have the star-studded casts. "passengers" is an example. let's play a clip. >> the whole section is closed off. something's wrong. >> we're looking for wrong. try to open it. >> warning, pressure fault.
9:54 am
secure. >> huge stars. great special effects but the reviews haven't been great. >> yeah. you know, "passengers." i don't know, maybe the critics are gunning for jennifer lawrence. she's been on a high with "the hunger games," winning an oscar. chris pratt was great and the two have good chemistry. it's basically just the two of them like a "twilight zone" meets gravity, that kind of thing. intriguing premise. i don't want to give much away on the movie. i expected an older audience to find it more attractive than the families. >> no oscar buzz but a lot of it for "fences." denzel washington and viola davis. >> this is the adaptation of the tony winning play by august wilson. the first film version of an august wilson play. denzel stars in it and directed it. he did a great job. it is intense. i guarantee you viola davis is
9:55 am
the front-runner for supporting actress. denzel will be up for actor. this is a powerful movie. a great cast for the 2010 revival they did on broadway. >> go see kwo"manchester by the sea" and bring your kleenex. go see sing again. now your viral video of the season. [ singing "silent night" ] >> this is ridiculous. [ continues singing ]
9:56 am
>> i didn't know chewy could sing. we'll be right back.
9:57 am
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eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made eliquis the right treatment for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. hello, everyone. i'm chris jansing, hinting at a nuclear arms race that top aides, are they already contradicting him? >> an arms race -- >> there's not going to be. >> but -- >> he's going to ensure other countries get the message he won't allow it. >> manhunt over. italian police shot and killed the suspect in the berlin terror attack after a four-day search. amri pledged allegiance to thester kor group. and star search. the president-elect said he doesn't care if he gets celebs
10:00 am
to prepare at the inauguration. will top acts commit to play at his big day? let's start with surprising comments by the president-elect and msnbc's mika brzezinski about a dangerous topic, nuclear proliferation. >> the president-elect told you what? >> let it be an arms race. we will outmatch them at every pass. >> and outlast them all. >> it's a back and forth between the president-elect and such and russian president vladimir putin amplified by the trump tweet. the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. kelly o'donnell and nbc national security reporter ken delaney join me now. a holiday letter from the kremlin to president-elect trump about restoring cooperation and then a response from the president-elect saying very nice letter from vladimir putin. i ho