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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  December 29, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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nevertheless a response from donald trump in terms of what president obama has done in the final days of the obama presidency. obviously we are waiting intently to hear what donald trp has to say. that's going to do it for this hour. i'm steve kornackin new york. mtp daily, in for trump starts now. >> we're waiting for donald trump's word on president obama's retaliation on russia. >> i think we need to get on with our lives. i think computers have messed with our lives. >> and the battle in the west as the president works to secure his environmental legacy. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now.
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good evening. i'm peter alexander in washington in tonight for chuck todd. we begin this evening with retaliation from the white house. a major announcement by the obama administration against russia setting up an intensely dramatic priorities from the outgoing president to the incoming one. obama has just swept vladimir putin and russia with sanctions, at nine russian individuals and entities. targeting russian intelligence agencies. he's targeting 35 russian diplomats that do intelligence work. they now have 72 hours to leave the country. and two russian compounds closed. additionally, russian intelligence agencies have just declassified information about
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their investigation into russian hacking as part of the an effort to protect vital u.s. infrastructure. in his announcement, president obama characterized these actions as a response to a, quote, national emergency. additionally, nbc news has learned that two of the russians sanctioned by the white house are also wanted by the fbi for an array of hacking allegations. meanwhile, here's president-elect trump just last night after speaking with president obama. >> what do you think generally about the sanctions against russia? >> i think we ought to get on with our lives. i think the computers have complicated lives greatly. the whole age of computer has made it to where nobody knows exactly what's going on. >> as you saw him say, i think we ought to get on with our lives. but after today's actions, has trump now been boxed in? we're expecting a statement from the transition team sat some
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point this evening. they talked to steve kornacki about the white house's accordance with donald trump ahead of today's announcement. >> what there was was notification earlier today to a senior member of the president-elect's team. but no, no consultation in advance. we've been clear all along, there will be consequences, we will respond at a time and place of our choosing, and that's what you're seeing done today. >> democrats are certainly hoping the white house has forced trump's hand. this afternoon the new top democrat in the senate, chuck schumer, said the following. he said, quote, i hope the incoming trump administration, which has been far too close to russia throughout the campaign in transition, won't think for one second about weakening these new sanctions or our existing regime. but republican speaker of the house paul ryan appeared to give trump some cover by pointing the finger at the outgoing president saying, in part, quote, while today's interaction by the administration is overdue, it's an appropriate way to end eight years of failed policy with
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russia. now the russian response. the foreign ministry there is slamming the white house's actions as bothutile and counterproduive. putin's spokesman says they're considering retaliation measures of their own. that's according to the associated press. we have every angle of this story covered. hans nichols is at the pentagon for us, and my colleague, john harwood, is covering the economic component of the white house's retaliation strategy. ron, let's get you out of the gates if we can. speaking to reporters about this response to russian hacking. what's the latest about what they're hoping to accomplish with this effort. >> they're saying this may not be the end of it, either. they're going to continue to see how russia responds and their actions, probably covert actions you might never hear about in response to i story, escalating
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pattern of behavior, for a period of time. this was not just the electionment overseas for years. that was escalating how there was spying going on in the united states. that's why there were 35 russian diplomats who were expelled, and there were two so-called cyber criminals who were named. this is more than just naming and shaming. there were individuals who are targeted with sanctions, which means that -- and the assets of the united states or the assets america can get ahold of will be frozen and that they cannot do. he may be able to overturn this, but political the, it would be so bill dawes there's so many bart sanship.
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>> hans, to you on the pentagon side. what kind of escalation are russia are they. and shutting down russian intelligence compounds. obviously they have to suspect that vladimir pin is notust going to look the other way. >> you can expect american cia contracto contractor contractors. ment. whatment. we still don't know what the cyber responses going to be, or whether or not they will ever acknowledge that. so for those to say the retaliation did i did not
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happen, they said whoever is targeted on that cyber response, they'll know. i suspect in some ways today, we may only have half the story. rather than we would rather have the full end of the story, remands to be join. i wondered if you could. me ment. . >> in truth, peter, the economic ramifications of the sanction sfarpgz. it's not likely that the individuals in question have a lot of interaction with the financial system now. it's meant to be a deterrent effect, and the expulsion of 35 diplomat, the closing of those two compounds will have an
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effect. i think the forensic. . without being more specific it how fmt. we'll see whether they come up with new med, you can bet that they will. f. there are hacking routines and procedures that the russians used. basically, there are lessons to be learned by this to protect not just the government, but otherrit thement. >> by revealing their methods, here's the proof.
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here's what we found. ment. that's still to be produced by the administration before president obama leaves office. this was not that. so that's still coming. while that may not be accusatory, that may have more information that you can use that essentially helps you protect your computer against the russians, the administration would say, but it also may reveal more of what the united states knows about how the. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your time. joining us now is republican congressman. he is a former veteran and member of the former house and affairs committee. out of the gates, i just want to get your reaction from your sister's retaliatory steps today. >> i think it's a proper steph.
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as we many. ij it's important to send the message we're the the. we're not dealing with the ot r other. the. this idea there could be an equal match between united states and russia is not the case. we ar. both sides have plenty of blame on this. we all swear srmt. we have to defend the integrity of our country and thaet what the president did today. >> on that question, how do you explain donald trump's reluctance to acknowledge u.s. intelligence that's dating back to at least 18? was his motive?
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>> i don't know, and i can't defend it and i won't. what i'll say is they need to be careful. there are some that say donald trump was not legitimately elected president. that is wrong and that is dangerous. moving forward we have a logistically selection going forward. >> how would you counsel smplt. he needs to say, look, i was legitimately elected, but irnld after he was he sfwornl. almost the republican leaders in congress let that the happen?
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sfchlt sfmt. i don't think you'll see a president-elect invite 30 or more spies back into the united states much. pg. we should be able to go to the elections behind us and say, what do we have to do to see that the world's major democracy is not. i swore to defend this twice both on the ground and as an american pilot. >> you're saying they would not allow them to be venerable machine prmt. there is very strong bipartisan support to defend this, to stand against the russians and what they've bunl. ment. >> i guess the bottom line is,
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how do we prevent this from happening again, though, if the new pred, and he basically said, i think we need to move on. >> i agree. we do need to move on wur lives and we have to feg. skpl hopefully the incoming president lpt to do the same thing. again, coming together as republicans and democrats saying, how do we defend the system, what do we need to do? this is a bipartisan issue. partisan ends at the water's edge. some people say this never happened. some people say this made donald trump president or that even have gone so far as to say the russians hacked the vote totals, which isn't true. let's put the kind of anger just from the presidential election aside and let's figure out how to defend the integrity of our system going forward. >> speaking of that, you told
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the washington examiner back in september that the russians have the capability and it's reasonable to think that he hacked into hillary clinton's private server. by that logic, it would seem reasonable to think they tried to dig up dirt on the president-elect as well, huh? >> i don't know. i know what we know which is the potesta rg we need to defend our integrity system, and we need to make it clear that whether it's the rugssians or anybody else that any attack made to our cyber will get us to the results we need to. >> adam ken. we want to bring in michael hamlett, senior and fellow at national brookings.
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he was in "security" and "intelligence." michael, nice to have you with us. was this explicit action by the incoming president. >> i know you've been talking about one interpretation, and it may very well be mr. trump's, which is he may have gotten outmaneuvered or boxed in, or the one who is supposed to leave, as the krng. . these are the kinds of things we could do and intensify and. leet sghoemt semt. it's the right step and it actually does trump a favor. >> it does him a fare becauvor
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it sets the groundwork about what he has to do going forward. what could he walk to? what kind of escalation could we be looking at by the time january 20 rolls around? >> it's a great question. you've been discussing how the administration wanted to be proportionate because they didn't want to invite escalation or make russian response seemed in he havable. they think we were messing with our elections. they also think that we brought about the change of regime in ukraine about 2014. putin is an old wbg guy and i'm think that. where does it end if boat think they're responding to an
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infraction. i think they got this about right. >> what concerns should is raise for americans right now that donald trump, even through the conversation and the comments he made last night, have really be -- until i see the evidence, i just don't believe this stuff. >> i'm a little more lenient with him right now take, for for example, the whole daily intelligence briefing of syrian. basical basically. it's not what presidents do. president-elects historically have the day off and he needs deep dives on the issues more than he got daily briefing. >> even if he only got a limited
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number intensely believed that russia was behind it. >> also, they do not leak the tone of the congressman you juts had on. he's got a lgt bit of a thin skin. it sounded as if the election committee was saying you didn't win this election legitimately, because i said. we have no evidence at all that they changed the out dts come of the nekz t. it was very clear trump was going to bristle at that. i'm not defending his vumd. what should his statement that we're anticipating.
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>> what he should say is president obama did the right thing. president obama did this right, i didn't have to do it, i want to see if we can get along. i know it may not be easy, it may not work. i think obama has made some kind of mistake in that realm but some response is needed. obama about got it right. i'm grateful for that but i still want to start over with mr. putin. that would be the right response. i'm not saying we predicted to hear it. today the political fallout on actions against russia in the white house. ment. >> you're watching "mtp daily." like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive." of course i save people an average of nearly $600, but who's gonna save me? [ voice breaking ] and that's when i realized...
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we'll have more reaction on what the hacking by russia really means. a cease fire was fekeffected in
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syria and it was brokered without the u.s.'s involvement. it was negotiated by russia and turkey who have backed opposing sides in that bloody years-long conflict. russia is a key ally of the assad government while turkey is a main backer of the opposition forces. a spokesman for the syrian rebel said the main opposition groups would abide by the cease fire and that peace talks will follow. the truce, of course, excluded isis and other terror groups. the cease fire comes days after syrian forces retook aleppo that had been the main stronghold of the rebels putting assad in a strong position against the rebels for years. the state deputy department spokesman called the move positive, but noted that the u.s. was not involved in these negotiations. this is not the first time there's been a cease fire like this during the war. several seecease fires, as we'v
2:23 pm
witnessed, have collapsed. we'll be back with more political implications of the cease firanctions on russia.
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welcome back to "mtp daily." the obama administration slashing back for the hacking of the u.s. election. senator mcconnell saying, in part, the russians are not our friends and clearly the obama administration has not yet dissuaded them from attempting to debrief our cyber secury systems or harass our diplomats in moscow. the sanctions against russia are creating new political fault lines, trump versus obama, obama verse trump and seemingly trump versus some parties on capitol
2:25 pm
hill. charlie cook, nbc political analyst. senior adviser to steven tyler, political analyst and spokesperson for ted cruz. charlie, to you right out of the gate. we have a breakdown between the current president and the incoming president on israel, today in effect on russia. i guess the question is what are the real political ramifications of this going forward for our country, for this new administration? >> well, i can understand better what president-elect trump is doing on the israel issue. i can see that. on the russia, i'm not sure i would go quite -- i think i would probably be giving president obama a little bit more benefit of the doubt and let him play the bad cop and then -- i'd probably play that one a little differently if i were the president-elect, but on israel i understand where he's coming from, and that's, you know, if i were him, i would have done the same thing.
2:26 pm
>> it's sort of striking just moments ago we heard from the russian ministry spokesperson, okay? we've talked about it a number of years already that people who resided in the white house for the last eight years, they are not the administration, they are a group of foreign policy losers, angry and narrow minded. so clearly their issue is with the obama administration, but does this stuff just wash away in 22 days? >> it depends. look, you can't escape the fact that obama was going to be the president that was going to get along with everybody, he was going to talk to everybody. that's initially how he began his administration. in one week russia relations and israel relations have sunk to a low. i think we need to get to the bottom of what the russia hacking was, but this isn't really new. the russian hacking was new, the spying was new, but what concerns me is we have 35 expelled diplomats now. they don't appear to be diplomats, they appear to be
2:27 pm
intelligence operatives or spies, and there were two houses they operated out of where they collect intelligence, and yet he's giving them until friday noon to clear out of those houses. why wouldn't we seize those houses immediately if we have spies in this country interfering with elections and beyond? it's difficult for me to understand why we don't secure those immediately. >> we have to anticipate there's going to be retaliation coming back from the russians any time now, and that's probably going to drag into the next administration. >> that's exactly right, but the thing to remember here, especially with what we've been seeing from the president-elect in the days leading up to his inauguration is it should be one president at a time. he needs to follow that tradition. president obama is going to be president until january 20 when that noon clock hour hits. and so i think that's why we're seeing a lot of this ridiculous up and down with the foreign policy, and we are in a dangerous place with that type of -- >> is this as worrisome as some
2:28 pm
suggest? >> it is. the people on david's podcast said, i would have beaten it. really, did you want to do that? i kind of rolled my eyes and said, i don't know if i would have done that if i were him, but this is becoming petty in both directions. >> what is donald trump's end game? what is the end game moving forward? >> in terms of israel -- >> let's focus on russia for the sake of this conversation. >> okay. for russia, i think the president has put president trump in a box because he only has two choices. he can lift the sanctions because they were put in essentially by executive order. he can go to the congressman and ask him to make it permanent. i don't think this contractor will do that. >> if the russians show they were hacking, does this maybe lay the road map for donald trump in a way that he let
2:29 pm
president obama do what had to be done. >> look what he's doing in syria and aleppo. that is the fear that you have with a donald trump, not understanding that, yes, you know what? there was a hacking. our democracy was put into kind of a frizzy because of what russia did and putin led that effort. i think this is why president obama had to do what he did now before he left. >> here's the picture of it. you can see it is a picture of a lame duck that basically mocks president obama for the actions of this day. where does this relationship stand at this moment? is this an easy cleanup under a new administration, or for donald trump has this been a lot of lip service he mayor may not follow up on.
2:30 pm
i think as the president gets his daily briefings, he's going to become a lot smarter. >> some would say you're being optimistic. >> well, the thing is -- >> he's already getting a lot of these briefings, right? >> some. some. take the general mattis. he was all in for waterboarding and he said, that doesn't work. i can get more out of them with torture. and donald trump said, oh, okay. i think you tell him something a couple times, i think it's going to seep through. call me the eternal optimist, but i don't think -- i don't know if things are going to be as bad as a lot of my dear, dear, dear friends and family members believe it's going to
2:31 pm
be. >> charlie, you're such the optimist. >> you're hearing from loved ones on all sides. thank you guys very much. still ahead, we're going to look at trump's first 100 days. how the next president will handle some of these things daily. you're watching "mtp daily." ♪ you know that there are ♪ and if you want to be me, be me ♪ ♪ and if you want to be you, be you ♪ ♪ 'cause there's a million things to do ♪ ♪ you know that there are ♪ anknows how it feelsiabetes to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could... love your numbers?
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he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now, save $600 on our best selling i8 mattress, plus 24 month special financing. learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. more "mtp daily" just ahead. we're going to hear from trump about some hot button issues in
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politics today. but first josh lipton with the cnbc market wrap. >> thanks, peter. stocks fell lower today. the dow went down 14 points, nasdaq closed down six points. the labor department says fewer americans applied for unemployment benefits last week. jobless claims fell by 10,000 to 265,0 265,000, continuing a nearly two-year trend toward a healthier job market. long term rates spiked again. 30-year fixed rate loans ticked up 42% after 39% last week. that's firstnews in cnbc, first business worldwide.
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welcome back. in his first 100 days as president, donald trump will likely have to confront hot button domestic issues such as immigration, health care, entitlemen
2:39 pm
entitlements, too. here's some of what trump told chuck todd about some issues that divide america, including abortion. >> should some form of abortion always be legal? >> well, to me i have exceptions. rape, incest, if the mother is going to die, and ronald reagan had those same exceptions and many republicans have those same exceptions. >> you said life of the mother. what about health of the mother? >> i'm saying if the mother is close to death. i'm talking about death. then you sort of say, well, maybe she's not doing so well. >> what is the constitutional right between the mother and the unborn child? whose constitutional rights matter more? >> my statement on that happens to be if the mother will die and you're going to know that. and the problem with the life, if you say life, what does life mean? you have a cold and you're going to end up having an abortion? >> one big thing that jumps out, you want to get rid of birthright citizenship. >> you have to. they're having a baby and all of
2:40 pm
a sudden nobody knows. you have no choice. >> you believe they can choose about coming here. >> we have a lot of good people. they're illegal. you either have a country or not. we're going out and trying to bring back rapidly the good ones. you know the word expedited? >> i do, yeah. >> what do you do about the daka order now, however you want to refer to it, the executive order of the president -- >> the executive order gets rescinded. >> you'll rescind that one, too? you'll rescind the dream act executive order? >> we have to -- >> you're going to split up families? >> no, we have to keep the families together but they have to go. they have to go. >> what if they have no place to go? >> we'll work with them. chuck, we either have a country
2:41 pm
or we don't have a country. >> let's talk about your tax plan. you said it would be evolutionary and would raise taxes on the wealthy. overall it raises taxes on the wealthy dramatically and it's a big hole in the deficit until we find out what you're cutting. what are you cut sng. >> we're cutting a lot. we're cutting taxes for the middle income more than anybody else. >> everybody's taxes are going down? >> everybody's taxes are going down. i love the idea of having a little fat in the game if we can. the fact is these are people that are doing very poorly. they're making not a lot of money, and we're saving a tremendous amount of administrative costs and other things by not making them pay. i think it's a very dynamic plan. we're going to grow the economy. if we do 6 or 7% under my plan, everybody can benefit. >> we've never done 6 or 7%. >> but we can. >> i'm coming back to the math, especially since you said you
2:42 pm
are taking social security and medicare off the table. you're not doing any cuts there at all. if you take them off the table -- >> it's unfair to take them off the table. people have been paying in for years. >> you wouldn't even raise the age? >> no, i'm not going to do that at all. i'm going to take in so much money from china and other places. look, we have a trade deficit with china of almost $400 billion a year. i had it looked up the other day. i said, i can't believe it. >> in that first speech to congress you're going to lay out your first 100 days' agenda. >> i want to build our military bigger, better and stronger before. i want to take care of our veterans. they're being taken care of horribly. i want to fix our health care system. i want to create borders so we have a country because right now we don't have a country. we have borders where people just walk across and do whatever they want to do and then they have babies and the babies become citizens and we have to take care of them. we're going to do many, many things that will make america great again and that's what i want to do. >> you want some sort of government system on health care. you don't like the system that's in there now, that i understand.
2:43 pm
describe the system that you want. >> first of all, what i do, i have a massive company. i have thousands and thousands of employees and i have them in many different states. you have artificial lines around each state. you know why? because the insurance companies take care of the politicians, so they don't want to get rid of the lines. if you got rid of those lines, you would have great private insurance and most people would be an unbelievable thing. >> but you have to structure a government program to do this. >> no, here's what you do. you'll have a great system. but there will be people left who don't have any money. what i said last night is i don't want people dying in the middle of the street. it's not going to happen if i'm president, okay? this isn't single payer. this is using our hospitals to take care of people, you reimburse the hospital -- >> you expand medicaid? >> you can do it through medicaid, you can do it through some other way, but i'm just saying -- and this has nothing to do with -- this has to do with humanity. this has to do with having a
2:44 pm
heart. >> you said there would be consequences for any company that tried to move a factory. what is the consequence? you bring up carrier a lot. if you were president -- explain the consequence. >> here's the consequence. so carrier comes in, they announce they're moving to mexico, they fire all their people in indiana and they say, hi, here we are, mexico, enjoy your plant, enjoy the rest of your life, and you hire people from mexico, okay? now they make their product and put it into the united states and we don't charge them tax. there will be a tax to be paid. if they're going to fire all their people, move their plant to mexico, build air conditioners, and if they think they're going to sell their air conditioners in the united states, there will be a tax. >> how much will the tax be? >> it could be any amount, i haven't decided yet. we're going to renegotiate or we're going to pull out. these trade deals are a disaster, chuck. >> chuck's conversations with
2:45 pm
donald trump over the course of this campaign, the panel weighs in on what we can expect from trump's first 100 days, even as we await his statement and response to the retaliatory steps by the white house against russia. stay tuned. turns out, they're r. ...different. who knew? i had no idea. so, she said look for... that's shaped like a dental tool with a round... ...brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to... ...gently remove more plaque and... ...oral-b crossaction is clinically proven to... ...remove more plaque than sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b! the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide. oral-b. brush like a pro.
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this hour we're still following big breaking news of sanctions against russia over electoral hacking. we are expecting a reaction from
2:47 pm
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welcome back. time now for our lid. donald trump spent the day in meetings with his transition staff. aides are prepping for everything from his inauguration to the big days ahead. democrats are ready to put all the picks under the microscope. there is still is that vacant seat on the supreme court, and trump is reportedly looking at partial va privatization. plus, what about trump's pledge to repeal obamacare? you've got immigration, we've got a full plate. trump's first 100 days has a bl blueplate for the wall he intends to build. let's go around the horn if we can here very quickly. starting with you, charlie, the first big fights. where do you think he puts his capital in right away. >> he's got a supreme court fight coming up very soon.
2:50 pm
what does he do there? i don't know which way he's going to go, i really don't. because does he really want to get into does he really want to go there like immediately? does he? i think i would want to stay on some of the other things first. go -- just walk through the cabinet stuff. >> rick, where should he go? >> i think it's going to be like drinking out of a fire hydrant. they feel like the democrats are disorganized -- >> they're going to overwhelm -- >> they have to. this is their one opportunity to do it. they're going to have a short window to do it and they've got to show a lot of progress in a short amount of time. and i think the war on women, war on seniors has all run its course, didn't work, is not going to work this time. chuck schumer should be quiet about it and figure out how to work with some of the republicans on some of the things. but they're going to get reconciliation and repeal of obamacare right away, the supreme court, do tax reform, and start with immigration -- i think it's going to all come at them at once. >> so corrine, what are the
2:51 pm
democrats -- as they are admittedly disorganized after a bad campaign season, where do they pick their battles and stake their fights? >> i think the first battle, just looking as what paul ryan wants to do, in particular, is medicare, privatization of medicare. and i think with tom price as the clearly leading candidate for hhs. i think that's going to be something that's big in play. i think the democrats already to fight against in making sure that doesn't happen. pretty much using the map they used back in 2005. >> if i were democrats, i would just give them rope to hang themselves. >> yep. >> just sit back and let 'em. >> where does he -- >> 6, 7% growth. you know, you know, he ought to take 3 1/2 and run like a thief. >> where's the rope to hang himself in this period of time. >> i think it's probably going to be -- it's going to be overreaching. just on thing after thing after
2:52 pm
thing. you've got consumer confidence at 12, 13-year highs. there's unrealistic expectations. >> i think what supporters are going to want to see are jobs. how is he going to create jobs? that's going to be the thing that he really has to take on. and he's going to have a hard time explaining why he has billionaires and extremists in his cabinet. people who are from gx. >> what's the biggest risk? >> that we lose the messaging campaign. because i actually think the cabinet is good. you actually have people who worked in industries who are not academia. obamacare was a theory, to me was a failed theory. now you have people, they should pick a farmer, agriculture, secretary -- >> lacking diversity, is that an issue? he's met with some latino potential candidates for agriculture -- >> a little bit. but i don't think that's going to be the driving force. i think karine is right.
2:53 pm
he does talk about jobs. you know how many employees there are overseas today? zero. there are none. >> because he was double dipping. this was something we already heard. >> but the thing is, democrats don't want to get in the way. they should -- somebody is going to have to take fall for not getting the 6, 7% growth. basically, don't get in the way. don't interfere, let him dig his own hole. >> but all of america doesn't know what 6% feels like. they've got to be -- >> you'll get to see that in some tv ads coming up. >> the cabinet picks, if i can. is there anybody that's vulnerable among these cabinet choices right now? >> they're going to go after rex tillerson. but i think what people are not considering is that trump and tillerson are looking at the world through a completely different lens. they don't look at it through
2:54 pm
the state department lens or the academia lens, they look at it through a business perspective and see the world in a different way. it's going to be different. and we have to kind of get used to it. >> right now at a working dinner, we're told that donald trump will be focusing on the inaugural address to take place barely three weeks from now. transition folks tell us it will be an uplifting speech focused on unity. donald trump has had few opportunities to deliver a speech like this, right? how big of a challenge is this? is it a hurdle he can succeed -- >> well, we haven't seen him jump that hurdle yet. i think it's going to be a must've challenge for him to try to make that happen. but look, it's an opportunity, if he can take it on, it's an opportunity to finally try to stop dividing the country and bring it together. i just don't think he's going to be able to do it. because, also, he says that he wants to write the majority of the speech. >> gosh, that's going to be a doozy if he decides to do that and he doesn't stay on his own message. >> the last week or two before the election, we thought, he can't control himself. >> that's right.
2:55 pm
>> and he did. he did. because he started behaving himself, he stayed on the pro t prompter, and he won an election that none of us -- >> he's shown he's a thin-skinned narcissist these last couple of weeks. he can't get away from twitter. >> what would be compelling is if you were reveling in the spotlight and turned around and saw the establishment, this time the crowd is the establishment. we appreciate you being with us. stay with us, we'll be right back. my business was built with passion...
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so, in case you missed it, there's a war of words out west over something president obama did yesterday. senator orrin hatch called it an attack on an entire way of life. while senator mike lee declared this arrogant act by a lame-duck president will not stand. so what is all the anger over? the president's last-minute environmental measures, including his designation ofwo new national monuments bear's ears in utah and gold butte in nevada, protecting more than 1.6 million acres. the backlash centers on restrictions to animal grazing and gas and oil drilling. in hatch and lee's home state, utah, 64% of the state is already under federal management. presidt obama has designated more federal land than any oth president and there's a push to dial it back, but undoing a national monument is unchartered territory. this battle between conservatives and conservationists and argues of
3:00 pm
executive overreach versus environmentalism will be in the hands of a new president and a new congress in just 22 days. that's all for tonight. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." ayman mohyeldin picks up our coverage right now. >> and breaking news this hour. we are getting reaction tonight. donald trump's first statement and reaction to the white house punishing ssia for interfering with the russ. president obama firing back against russia for meddling in the presidential election. 45 operatives ordered out of the united states and we just heard from the kremlin. and how will donald trump respond? he's expected to release a statement at any moment. we're live at trump headquarters in florida. also, inside donald trump's inaugural address. how ronald reagan is factoring in and what might he say about the future of u.s./russia relations. we start with that breaking news tonight. president obama striking back against russia for interfering with the


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