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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  December 29, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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no matter how far the distance is, we are not shaken. little by little we'll go and reach our destination. little by little we'll go, no matter how bumpy how bad it is, not going to turn back. little by little we'll go and little by little we'll go. no matter how narrow the path is, we are going to force ourselves to pass and little by little we'll go and reach the promised land. don't be shaken. don't turn back. little by little you go and reach your destination. tonight on "all in,". >> you know, whole age of computer has made writ nobody knows exactly what's going on. >> the president-elect says move along as president obama strikes back. the white house announces new sanctions on russia, kicking out diplomats, naming names on
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hacking. tonight, how russia and president-elect trump are responding. then fact checking the new trump job claims and the media's response. and from the change election of 2016 to the record-breaking temperatures caused by man made climate change -- >> louisiana has lost a very large amount of land over the last century. something close to 1,900 square miles worth of land. >> tonight, our special investigation, "all in america," the hottest year when "all in" starts right now. good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes, we got big news today. just a short time ago, response from donald trump. with just 22 days left until trump becomes president, the obama administration taking steps to punish russia for allegedly orchestrating a state-sponsored hacking campaign that both the cia and the fbi say was designed in part to help trump win the election. white house announcing sanctions
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against two russian spy agencies and three companies that allegedly supported the hack. sanctions against four high-ranking intelligence officials and two suspected hackers who will face a travel ban and have their u.s. assets frozen. the ejection of what russia calls 35 intelligence operatives who have been ordered to leave the u.s. within 72 hours. the shutting down of two russian-owned compounds, one in new york and one in maryland, and the release of evidence of russian cyber activity, including the network addresses of computers allegedly used by russians to launch hacking attacks. white house indicated its response could go beyond those announced and include covert operations. in a statement blaming the highest levels of the russian government for from the attack, president obama said "all americans should be alarmed by russia's actions." the state department said the u.s. steps came in response not just to hacks but in response to a pattern of harassment of u.s. diplomats abroad in russia, including arbitrary police stops, physical assault and a broadcast on state tv of
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personal details about our personnel that put them at risk. we have much more on this story including reaction from congressional republicans, the russians and donald trump himself. first we want to get an update on the latest from buz pentagon correspondent hans nichols. hans, why today, why now, why this? >> they've been building towards this for a long time and the answer to the why this is that the white house settled on something they thought the public response was going to be proportional. they wanted to escalate but they didn't want to escalate too far so when you look at the universe of sanctions, it's a suite of sanction sanctions, you mentioned individuals, institutions and persona non grata announcement, the one i find most intriguing are the sanctions on the four individuals, high ranking chief and the three deputies of the gru, which is their intelligence agency.
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we've heard from president obama that he thinks sanctions against russians don't actually modify behavior so that's the one i have the most question about. the other question is what's more to come. as you mentioned, there's a clear hint from the president that we could have more action. it could be covert action and something that the president nor anyone in his administration never acknowledges. chris? >> hans nichols, thanks for that update. appreciate it. part of the russian response involved mockery of the outgoing obama administration. one russian political leader comparing the administration to "political corpses." the russian embassy and the uk tweeting out a picture of a duck with the word lame in all caps written across it. today on msnbc meanwhile, gop congressman trent franks suggested if the russians committed theft and sabotage it was a public service for americans. >> the bottom line, if they succeeded, if russia succeeded in giving the american people information that was accurate
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then they merely did what the media should have done. >> top congressional republicans are signaling support for today's actions while also simultaneously attacking the obama administration. house speaker paul ryan describing today's steps as "overdue" same words by john mccain and lindsey graham who viewed to lead the effort in the new congress to imsuppose strongstrong er sanctions. asked about the sanctions last night during his press availability standing next to don king, trump said this. >> i think we ought to get on with our lives. i think computers have complicated lives very greatly. the whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows what's going on. we have speed and other things but i'm not sure you have to kind of security you need. >> the whole age of computer has made it so nobody know what's going on. that's trump's exact words. trump who has received intelligence briefings on the alleged russian hacking dating back to august followed up with this statement "it's time for
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our country to move on to bigger and better things. nevertheless in the interest of our country and its great people, i will meet with the intelligence community next week in order to updated on the fact t." joining me now, steve forkez, former adviser to the trump campaign. steve, you and the trump folks do accept or don't accept it was russia? you accept the judgment of the intelligence community? >> listen, i'm not an intelligence officer. yes, i would believe they're correct. this is what's important, though, chris. time and again the mainstream media has been reporting today and for weeks for that matter that the election was hacked and that's not the case. the dnc was hacked. >> let me stop you right there. i've never said on this program the election was hacked. in fact, we've been careful about the wording here. we're looking at two things. the dnc was hacked and john podesta, cam pair chair for hillary clinton. criminal intrusion and what appears to be political sabotage with the intended affect of hurting hillary clinton and
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donald trump. that's different from saying it's definitive in the outcome but my question is does the trump world accept that that is what happened? >> listen, that's what's been reported. i don't know, i'm not an intelligence officer. right now i think that's what the facts -- here's what i do -- >> wait, finish that sentence. right now i think that's what the facts -- >> that's what the facts relay. the intelligence agencies of the united states will clearly come, i believe, eventually to the correct conclusions. what is important i think, though is that our election -- and this is what's important. this today was a highly politicized move if for no other reason than just its timing alone. this was a politicized move because what's going on, chris, and i think it's just dishonest to say otherwise, what's going on is there is a move to try to delegitimize to make illegitimate the victory of donald trump electorally. >> sure, but here's the issue. you say the timing is suspect.
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when would the timing not be suspect? because if the president of the united states had done this before the election, you, reince priebus, steve bannon, kellyanne conway, donald trump himself, mike pence and everyone would be screaming bloody murder that the president of the united states in a rank partisan move had messed with the election by announcing this before the election. in fact fellow remembers saying this overdue would probably have been saying the same thing. isn't that true? >> also when you say "fellow republicans" let's be honest about who's saying that. primarily john mccain and lindsey graham who have never been friends of the donald trump campaign. >> paul ryan, too. but answer that question. the timing here is political, the only other option would have been to do it before the election which would have been seen as more political. don't you agree? >> i don't. >> you don't? you don't think the sitting president announcing sanctions on russia and said definitively the intelligence community all agreed they were trying to get donald trump elected that would not be a more political move? >> chris, hold on.
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guessing motive is not what our intelligence agencies do. >> sure it is. >> perhaps they can say that the dnc was hacked. first of all, podesta was not hacked. he gave into a fishing scheme that was as juveniles as the e-mails we receive about a nigerian prince. >> you think it was his fault. >> yes. who falls for that? what kind of a senile grandfather falls for that -- >> you believe john podesta is a seen nile grandfather because he was the victim of a fishing attack? >> yes, but here's the more important point, too. i don't know who did the hacking to the dnc, podesta was not hacked, he fell for a scheme. the dnc was hacked, that is clear. who did it? i don't know. what we do know is what was revealed by the hack and what was revealed was a democratic party that was corrupt to its score, particularly when it involved their primary and bernie sanders. the more the american people learned about the democratic party and hillary clinton, the less they liked and trusted them. and it's one of the reasons we
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won. >> i don't think that's borne out by the data but let's talk for a minute about this idea that this was john podesta's fault. it does appear to have been a fishing link. criminal statutes on hacking include that kind of behavior so if you under false pretenses get someone's account through a fishing link, that's a criminal violation, just to be clear on what the law says hacking is. >> i'm not saying it was the act of a gentleman to steal his e-mails. >> so then the question becomes is there anything -- is there any methodology of obtaining information that you think would invalidate it? if gunmen showed up at trump tower today, took everyone hostage and stole a bunch of documents but the documents were interesting you would be cool with all of us reading them, right? >> i clearly would not. and cyber security in general is a major issue of national security of the united states if russia, from china, from a host of nations and i think we have been feckless in our response to
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that and not just this administration but the previous administration under george w. bush so i'm heartened that we're going to take this seriously. but it's also just as important, i think, in a political season with a president-elect to not try to in any way act as though these revelations make his victory any less legitimate and if anything what was revealed revealed the true nature of the opposition he was running against. >> i think the statement of the president was pretty narrowly tailored. steve cortez, appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you, chris. joining me now, missouri secretary of state and 2016 democrat senate candidate jason candor. your reaction to today's events? >> well it's pretty upsetting when it turns out that the president-elect is either not sure how computers work or is just using some sort of feigned ignorance about computers and claiming he thinks they hack themselves to excuse themselves from having to accept the facts or listen to american intelligence community.
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>> i saw a poll that 50% of hillary clinton's supporters believe russia tampered with the files. that's not true. there is no evidence that that is on the table. is there legitimate concern from the trump folks, from others that democrats are playing this up too much? it's an attempt to delegitimize and they're ramping up the rhetoric to an unhealthy level? >> what really worries me is the trump camp's perception that this is somehow just a part of american partisan politics. we used to have this saying we used all the time in this country which was politics stops at the water's edge and the reason we did that is because we're one american family and we have arguments amongst one another about which direction we should go but it's like if you were arguing with your kid brother or sister and somebody from another house in your neighborhood came in to try to beat them up. you would stand up and protect them and you would protect your house. that's how it really works in
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this country that we have arguments with one another but if somebody tries to come in and go after one of us, we all stand up and we protect this country and that's what i want president trump to do in 22 days is stand up and protect the country. don't just worry about protecting his own insecurities. >> you served in the armed forces kours and have had occasion in that capacity to make use of intelligence that comes from dia or other intelligence offices. are you convinced, satisfied, that this consensus is accurate particularly as one like myself of the generation that came of age in the era of the iraq war, a kind of scarring experience with records to the credibility of intelligence? >> there's no reason to reach any on collusion other than this is exactly what happened. when you have every intelligence agency saying this. it's not really a very similar situation to after 9/11 in the sense that there's not a great deal of pressure, there wasn't this event like 9/11, this
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pressuring the intelligence community to come to a decision but you asked about my experience with it. i actually view it from the perspective of somebody who -- i'm a former army intelligence officer and in '06 i was in afghanistan gathering intelligence, risking my life going into rooms that there were shady characters in and i would on occasion have to wonder whether i was going to get out of that room and there are still people doing that all over the world and so whether it's russian hacking or any other kind of intelligence, when the president-elect communicates the idea he's not interested or doesn't believe in the credibility of that intelligence, i can't imagine how that would have made me feel back when my commander-in-chief at the time, president bush, if he had said that he wasn't interested in that information. it would have affected the way i felt about. >> it good point and to that the statement from the president-elect today is we know he has been briefed but "i'll
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meet with them next week." there's almost a begrudging quality to the statement. >> it's really concerning. these folks are about to work for him in 22 days and what i'm worried about is a president who is only interested in hearing from the intelligence community when they give him information that confirms what he already thought. and i'm not worried about that as a democrat or -- i'm worried about that as somebody who lives in the united states of america and has a family and i'm counting on this next president just like we've counted on this one to protect me and my family. we are all counting on him to do that and when he would rather pretend he thinks computers hack themselves, he has a big leadership test coming up and that is this -- he is about to have to decide whether or not he is going to put himself first or put the safety of the country first and in order to put the safety of the country first he has to trust the u.s.
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intelligence community at least more than he does what he already had in mind himself. >> jason kander, thank you very much, appreciate it. coming up, donald trump claiming victories in his short time as president-elect. how he's already spike it had football twice for a touchdown he had nothing to do with. the detail that was two-minute break. ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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so repeatedly. the press asked for details operating on information we had gotten that those 5,000 jobs were part of a larger deal that had been announced weeks ago. >> reporter: sprint tells us that the 5,000 jobs you announced today were part of the 50,000 that -- >> sprint will give you -- i just spoke with the head person. he said because of me they're doing 5,000 jobs in this country. >> the president-elect suggested the media refer to sprint's statement. in fact, sprint later said a the jobs were part of a previously announced commitment by japan's softbank, which owns a controlling stake of the mobile phone carrier, to invest $50 billion in the u.s. and create 50,000 positions. now to be clear the 5,000 jobs trump claimed credit for was part of a previously announced 50,000 jobs pledge by the parent company and its founder masa son. that's not where this ends. trump took credit for that, too. on december, after meeting with
8:20 pm
masayoshi, he tweeted "mass said he would never do this." so he counted these jobs twice. we have a situation with a story that produces headlines like this. "trump touts new sprint jobs he already touted as softbank jobs." that's not the end. the deal was part of a previously announced vision fund a-100 billion vehicle for investing in technology companies worldwide. that $100 billion global fund -- okay -- was announced on october 13. otherwise known as more than three weeks before the election. now the question is would softbank have pledged half of that $100 billion fund to the u.s. even if donald trump had not been elected president? "washington post" did a deep fact check into thedubious clai softbank's investments into the u.s. basically said we may never know. based on past trends it's possible the same amount would have come to the u.s. regardless
8:21 pm
of who is elected the president of softbank said trump would "do a lot of deregulation." yesterday trump claimed brand new credit for something he already claimed credit for, a deal for which he may or may not deserve partial credit. if that makes sense. joining me now, bob garfield, co-host of wmic on the media, his latest comments are online. bob, part of what happened was a familiar pattern, the president-elect claims a thing. generally when someone in that position says something that utterance itself is news but then it goes unrefuted or unrebutted or unexamined for a long enough period of time, hangs in the ether and you find out maybe it's not true. >> well, you know, the norms have changed a bit. i'm sure you've observed this and get used to this conversation because we'll be having it coast to coast and
8:22 pm
that's because trump is such a liar. the president of the united states, barack obama, lies, hillary clinton lies, clinton l li lies. george w. bush and george h.w. bush lies. all these people lied. but the thing about trump is almost every utterance that spills from his lips is either a lie or built on a lie. and in a case like this you have to get in a six degrees of prevacation to really understand the depth of the dishonesty. and it's dishonest on about four different level which is i'd be happy to run down for you. >> so this is part of the issue. there's a posture that news organizations tend to have which i think of as presumptive authority so you'll see it around police accounts of a police shooting. it will be "police say the suspect had a weapon. "and the reporting isn't it's
8:23 pm
definitively the case but embedded in that is the sense that they're not just outrightlying then sometimes we see in some police shootings that has been the case, they have outright lied about what the suspect had. there's a sort of similar thing happening with trump. how do you report what he said while not lending it presumptive authority. >> well, there are ways and we saw in the the coverage of this particular episode which is how it's framed in headlines. "trump claims 8,000 jobs" and words like that. hits storally what the press would say is trump snags 8,000 jobs. then if it turns out not to be true a scandal erupts based on the falsehood and it gets litigated but now we have to -- you know, the default assume is that trump isn't telling the truth. now in this case, these jobs which he supposedly saved were
8:24 pm
earmarked before he was elected. he has taken credit for them twice 8,000 jobs is a trivial amount, in and of itself nothing. the obama administration depending on how you do the math created 100,000 to 150,000 jobs a month for the duration of its administration and by the way, by the way this softbank is seeking to have a merger here in the states that was turned down by the justice department under the current administration and one way to look at these 8,000 jobs that they could be a bribe, a bribe for some antitrust consideration for when they try to rebuild the merger. i don't know if a political favor like this constitutes a quid pro quo for a crime but it's certainly some nasty politics so if i were trump i'd be keeping my mouth shut. >> so here's that -- you also
8:25 pm
bring up another important point which is in all these interactions he's been having, he's had interactions with boeing about whether the new air force one model was too expensives and interactions with sprint and masa bank. in all of them, these companies -- if a company was going to already have 5,000 jobs here, let's say, it's not in their interest to correct the president-elect, right? it's in their interest to just say "yes, totally, this is totally about --" >> yeah, what the president-elect says, he's probably got it right. >> so you get the situation where the two parties that are party to the conversation each have an interest of creating this contact to fiction. >> but let's talk the reason i'm here. what is the press to do? we are going to be faced with this a lot. many times a week for the next four years and how do you handle it? especially when you know that if you point out the president's dishonesty you will be seen by a
8:26 pm
large part of the electorate as being partisan and untrustworthy and he will blame you not for revealing truth and facts and actual -- what do you call it, reality -- but for doing a hit job, a smear because you're the dishonest press. so you grit your teeth and try to find a way to frame it and you have to be ever vigilant because now we have to truth squad everything in realtime. >> the key to me is yesterday when we saw this and we had the internal discussion, we talked about it and said let's wait until we have more information before we put this on the screen or report it because i want to make sure this is a thing. bob garfield, thanks for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you, chris. coming up, a special "all in" investigation. with 2016 on track to be the hottest year in the history of temperature record-keeping, replacing 2015, which held that distinction last year "all in america" went out and visited places where climate change is here and now and real and
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