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tv   For the Record With Greta  MSNBC  January 27, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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official protests plate. spotted taxation without representation. we're not sure whether president is aware of the plate, d.c. resident are and are happleap - "for the record" with greta starts right now. "for the record," extreme vetting that's what president trump said he was going to do and what he just did. his plan with a stroke of a pen is it religious discriminations. all this amid a few debates over
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russian hacks. taped leaked of gop closed doors at gop retreat. voting fraud investigation and obamacare. and a new interview plasing the media for what he cause deceit and deception. a day of breaking news on national security. moments ago at pentagon attending swearing in for secretary james mattis and signing executive action. >> rebuilding of the armed services united states. definitelying a plan for new planes, ships, resources and new tools for our men and women in uniform. i'm proud to be doing this.
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secondly i'm establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america. we don't want them here. >> the president not giving specifics on the vetting, but he said pure cuted will be giveren priority. >> if you were christian in syria, it was tough to get to into the united states. if you were muslim you could come in. if you were christian it was almost impossible. the reason it was unfair it's because everybody was per cuted they were chopping off the heads of everybody and i thought it was unfair. >> another busy bay for the president beginning with hour long phone call with the president of mexico. and tomorrow by phone with
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vladimir putin. today he theresa may at the white house. check out this moment. >> mr. president, you said before that torture works, you praised russian you said want to ban muslim from coming to america, you suggested punishment for abortion, in many people in britain what do you say to viewers at home and worried about you becoming free world. >> there was your choice of a yeah. there goes that relationship. >> joining us nbc correspondent richard eng l, mcfall and retired army colonial, jack --
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we have a little bit. what's your reaction? >> the syrians themselves are up in arms. they feel they are being scapegoated. they feel victims are being punished that the people leaving syria or seeking asylum are facing more ob stackable which they doesn't deserve. it wasn't a flat condemnation of this new order but called it hasty and harmful. said it would cause delays and hardship for people in the process. the arguments are there already an already extreme vetting process. it can take three years and
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multiple agencies investigating somebody's background for syrian to be giveren giveren asylum in. we doesn't deserve this. refugee organization saying thes going to cause hardship. >> you have seen the situation there for refugees. tell me what is it like? what have you seen with the refugee? >> the war in syria is about to be six year old. 400,000 people have been killed. within the conflict there are 5 million refugee and six million displaced. half have been made homeless because of the war. it has been going on for years. a lot of the refugees are
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hanging out trying to figure out what the status would be. they are here in turkey where 3 million refugees. it's cold. some of thechl are living in parks. others are sleeping in garages and warehouse spaces. the u.s. has only taken in about 18,0 18,000 refugee and has the extreme vetting process at all. the 18,000 who made it have the lucky syrian refugee. that would be a dream because it comes with a resettlement package, once they get here, they get some access to education and health care but not a complete resettlement package. that dream is now being -- if not taken off the table being
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made more difficult. >> i have been there. i have travelled to iraq. what struck me was that the people were stateless. they had no identification, no birth certificate. no pictures. no nothing. they whole identify had been stripped from them as they fled. >> that's the problem they face. one they arrive in a place like turkey and apply for resettlement, they are asked for all sorts of documentation which they don't have because they have to leave home in extreme situation. they were oftentimes running for their lives. it's unsettling. but that said, you have to figure out what the solution for syria and the europeans are
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struggling with this. a million have gone to europe to fry too find a home there. we are seeing this as a worldwide trend. in syrian, you ask what they are feeling, they are feeling hopeless. now u.s. slamming the door shut. europe is trying to do the same. turkey is a holding pattern for the syrians living here. >> stand by, let's bring in former commander. good evening.. what is your thought about the skeletal information we have about this executive order the president signed about extreme vetting? >> we doesn't know exactly what it mean. so nobody wants to bring terrorists into the country so this is good thing in principal. what the matter what the vetting
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process going on right now? what does extreme vetting mean. you have to take that on the one hand and/or the other what's the solution in syria. what are we going to with 11 million people. they need to be resettled in syria. i have favored the idea of safe zones. they have to be protected. united states soo have taken the lead. nato should have been a parts of that process a long time ago to have settled this down and solved this problem. but i do think we do have responsibility to vet these people before they come in. what's wrong with the vetting process. >> general, we had congresswoman who was just in syria, she is in the military, served two terms in iraq. and she met with asad. she is opposed to the safe zone.
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she said they doesn't work. is it too late to do safe zones? >> it may be too late. they have to be protected. they have to be secured. the kids need education. and the people need hope. in you don't deal with that you're creating a terrorist problem and region unmanageable. now is time to take a fresh look and see. i believe that the safe zone were manageable because the united states sported a syrian opposition, that syrian opposition should be there in those safe zone. people should be getting an he had -- education. >> in talking too congressman,
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she of the decision that the sought to support from al qaeda now we're supporting other terrorists, is that right or wrong? >> it depends on the time you're talking about if it you listen to asad he is going to tell you that because that's his strategy all along. the people -- there's a honorable people in there, secular people who want to have normal life in syria and could to have it. we have this discussion going on since 2011 whether cia first started look at these people. had we taken action we would have been over this. is it too late. i don't think it's too late. something has to be done for 11 million peep. this is united states of america. we're the greatest power in the world.
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we're not going to turn our backs on these people. >> general, stand by. tomorrow is the all-important schedule phone call between president trump and vladimir putin. the president owe bomb imposed -- >> as far as the sanctions it's too early to be talking about that. we look to have a great relationship with all countries. as far as putin and russian, i don't say good, bad or indifferent. i hope we have a fantastic relationship. it's possible. it's possible that we won't. >> let's bring in michael mcfall. good evening. the discussion over sanctions as he said he is going to lift them. theresa may said she owes
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possess -- opposed to that. you're thoughts. >> i'm for lifting sanctions. obama administration put a set of sanction on them because they annexed crimea. because they supported separatist in ukraine. if they give back crimea, i'm for it. if they don't do it, i think that send a bad signal to mr. pmr. mr. putin. i have dealt with him. that would be seen as a sign of weakness. >> as we move along, it it gets complicated. do you have thoughts, is there any way to sort of -- can you think of any remedy?
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>> there's a lot of talk about the safe zones, where exactly are though supposed to be inside syria and whose going to run them. there's two possible location. one would be along the turkish border and the other in the south along the jordanian border. let's start with the south. that's's because there's fsa presence there. and it is more or less united. >> let me stop you right there. i was just in jordan about two months ago and they -- the people there, were upset that they had so many syrian refugees. they were under cutting the
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jordanian for wages. the hostility was surprising to me. >> let's say i'm jordan option there. if you want to put safe zone in southern syria. many would welcome that. they would say to the syrian already in the country you have a place across the border where you should go back to and allow others to go back to work who would be less of a burden on society and economy. i think jordan would support having a safe zone inside syria across from the border. i'm hearing the same thing not from people in jordon but also from members of the ruling family. the the other place where the safe zone would be along the turkish border whether you get foo the thorny issue of the curds. if you have safe zone, that means you have giving some sort
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of atom me to kurd, that's red line for them. when you talk about safe zone, who gets to control it. you fleeneed to be specific whos it and for how long. >> -- i'm but at the same time gorbachev has written looks like the world is preparing for war. what do you think? >> first of all, there's a lot the president can do by decree. he cannot do that by decree. we need to know the details about what does he want to use the military power for. i just -- i was part of the transition of the obama white
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house, there's a due process. it's called ipc, d.c. principals economy, i would hope this new team starts to use inder agency process to start to develop their policy. by decree and tweet confuses us we're trying to guess what are behind the presidential decrees it's not great way to make foreign policy. >> we have a secretary defense general james mattis and he has stated publicly that he does not necessarily believe in torture, water boarding, or enhanced -- i
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don't necessarily agree but i would tell you he will override because i'm giving him that power. >> retired jacobson. does that make you feel comfortable on issue of torture or no torture, enhanced interrogation or not interrogation. >> -- it's makes great deal of sense. i have spent plenty of time in combat. i can tell you, i got lots of information by the ju dishous medical care and food. and i think general mattis few is the same thing that the
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inworld nature of torture which maybe used from time to time and extreme circumstance is never justified by the results that you produce. and i think that it makes a great deal of sense for the president for all people in public office to sound like one thing when running for office and something else when responsibility catching up to them defefr to people who know better. >> how do you explain that to americans, how do you they will them we should not do this? >> well dispense with the notion whether or not he playing by the
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rules. if you're going to torture somebody, the likelihood he will tell you what you think you wants to hear so you will stop bothering him. >> general clark, your thoughts on the controversy. the good news is president trump will follow the law and not bypass secretary of defense. it's fish hotly discussed this in nation. >> i think that what he said is right. i agree with what jack jacobs said. you get a lot more by working with them and easing their fears by putting pressure on and torture like that. people say the same thing. there's a misconception and i'm happy to hear we're going to
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obey the law and do what's right. >> senator john mccain said it doesn't work. at the has been tortured. thank you for joining us. still ahead president trump in a in you interview blasting the mainstream media. voting to obamacare. he joins me after the break.
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you are so different. the hard working daughter of a vicar, the brash tv extrovert. have you found anything in common. >> i think we're going to get along very well. i'm a people person.
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>> president trump today at first press conference calling himself a people person. to advance his agenda he has to win over capitalist across the count. head of the republican governor's association. nice to see you governor. >> good to see you. >> districts. you lost this round. >> we lost before. when it came we were in and out of federal court ten times before we previled. we going to prevail whether it gets to the u.s. supreme court. >> you're going forward. >> constitutional. >> not racial which is wrong as well ifrm well. >> if you look at criteria, the courts have looked at in the past, communities of interest,
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protecting minority voter rights, so i think the court will say, as long as it meets those constitutional objectives they will be upheld. >> republican governors would be happy they have a republican president. you don't agree with everything with the president. >> no. i was wasn't my first choice, i was my first choice. there was no comparison. whether on issues like the court or litany of other things. when he put mike pence a fellow governor at the time on, this a sign thises someone ready to goern. he was a key party of that. >> are you saying you are look positive alternative conservatives at time. >> i was. i was looking for an
3:27 pm
alternative. i picked someone else. post convention, i felt it along the campaign, and we help dplifr wisconsin because it of. >> do you feel better now before or about the time? >> all the talk, action speak louder than words. i look at the people they nominated to be on cab flinet. this is topnotch group. when i was overseas, talk to troops across the world, they love people like general mattis. they think it's an excellent pick. i look at betsy devos who i think is a spectacular pick. across the countries.
3:28 pm
>> you won't to do something about welfare in wisconsin. what do you want to do? >> we want to go back to the future. signed into law two decades ago. it was focal point, the president pulled back on it, we want to continue to push welfare reform. >> to do what specifically. >> we want to remove the barriers. it's our state it's simple. we say if you want assistant we'll help you out, we want you to be employed up 80 hours a month or to be enrolled in our programs. with wisconsin works for everyone. >> 2018 you're up for reelection. are you going to run? >> if hillary clinton were
3:29 pm
president i would not have run for reelection. >> why? >> we -- we have washington in understand that constitution of powers too be in the hand of the people. get those reforms make a lot easier to run. >> how many open seats next time around? >> 36 are up. of those 36, republican, 15 electoral rate. learning -- in maryland, charlie baker up in massachusetts we're going to do you'rer what's goit that. >> we grow up down the way. reince was in kin know sha -- i
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said it weigas not the water. it was the beer. >> nice to see you. >> good to see you greta. >> behind closed doors. [phone buzzing] some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. i'm not talking about everybody but a big portion of the media, the deceit and deception makes them certainly partially -- >> said leaders gop retreat this week. "the washington post" obtained audio where mike pence voting roll of fraud. executive order of investigation coming soon. another meeting caught on tape,
3:34 pm
republican lawmaker concerns about how repeal obama care whether they have replacement in time. victoria to you, the president doesn't like us. the gop is not going to like whoever got that leak. >> for those of us in washington, the surprising thing about that tape is that he got leaked at all. it laid bear where we have been getting signals about is that republicans are deep wli constricted and struggling how to make good on the long-standing promises to repeat and replace obamacare. it's harder when you're in power it turns out. >> the thing that's interesting about there is the leak, the rumors republican lawmakers, the leak came from them. someone broke rank.
3:35 pm
>> someone potentially concerned that they doesn't yet have a relacement option. what if they repeal it. what if they can't get eight democrats to join and cannot replacement it. a republican who is concerned about that. >> the politics about it. this would be known as trump care, we will own it if this goes bad. that's problem of the problem. >> the president said that. the statement he made, he said pressure some push back on republicans not do do anything. if he doesn't do anything the obamacare would collapse. >> absolutely. in those leaked audio, we heard that they don't know how to replace it. they don't have a plan yet. that's playing right into democrats hand, that's what they have been arguing all oi long.
3:36 pm
>> speaker ryan toll me they do have a plan. >> according to the tape, there are proposals, very few that have been written down. there's no single plan. and that is what was on display on that tape. that is part of the problem. you need 50 votes in the senate. they need to keep republicans together to do repeal, there's been questions about whether they have those votes. >> a lot going to cost money, build up military today, the republica republicans don't want to raise taxes. taxes going to go come down. i'm not that bad. who is going to pay for this? >> there are several plans, but it seems like they are having difficulty coming up how thas going to work.
3:37 pm
whether or not it's going to include potential medicaid. they have problem with the freedom caucus, the far right and the republican party are not happy. >> they are different factions. some republicans would be happy, but there's plenty who are aware this they would be politically impar relevantl -- >> thank you both. sitting here in the green room. i want to thank him for his service. breaking news, chuck schumer responding to executive order. >> there are tears running down the cheeks of the statute of liberty tonight.
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a lot more ahead. [ piercing sound ]
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nitrites or artificial mesquite preservatives.added nitrates, now it's good for us all. like introverts. extroverts. (cheering) and even bert. man you gotta' try this sandwich. who's just overt. oscar mayer deli fresh. so good! next week, president donald trump will announce supreme court nominee who will uphold god giving liberties instriened in our -- >> ever attend event. thousands came out.
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abortion issue is central over the president's nominee to be announc announced next week. >> i think the person i pick will be -- i think people are going to love it. ev evangelical will love my pick. >> david bow win got that interview with the president. nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> yhe talked about the persecuted christians. >> that's right. the refugee problems aftoversea.
3:43 pm
they would make pilgrimage into the united states ahead of everybody else in the line. >> there's a lot of christian being persecuted in lots of places in north africa. >> that clip is up. absolutely syria is one of the places he talked about. >> did he talk about the supreme court. did he give a hint. he said evangelical. >> that's jen nar rick. -- and i'm hearing may be the guy. >> two days ago, steve banyan called media opposition party. now president trump using those terms. >> i asked about that and the
3:44 pm
comment. he said absolutely the media is opposition party. they are going. the media is kerfuffle over that. >> i wanted to say that over national television. >> you got your chance. >> it's an adrenaline rush. >> what about taxes did he mention that? >> he talked about. i asked 100 days you want to see tax bill on the desk? i'll take fax reform structure. >> where did you do interview? >> it was in the white house oval office. there was butler serving water. first time butler showed up. >> did you talk about the --
3:45 pm
>> it was an awe. he seemed a bit different, kind of not star struck, that's not donald trump but i think he had a different vibe. >> whethn can we see it and whe? >> cbs news sunday night 11:00 p.m. >> a must see. >> thank you. we'll look back on to week number two, that's next. grid e and we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression, including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything.
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love it or hate it. a week ago donald trump sworn in at 45th president. it's about busy week with first and a lot of controversy. >> president-elect about to become 45th president of the united states. >> i wail faithfully execute the
3:49 pm
office of president of the united states. >> we are transferring power and giving it back to you the people. >> hundreds of house of gathered for the women's march. we are expected a lot of people but this unbelievable. >> i have running war with the media. i made a speech and million and half people. this was largest audience to witness inauguration. period. >> our president gave alternative facts. >> they are not facts, they are falsehood. >> move quickly to disman l obama policy. >> does the president believe millions voted illegally in this election. >> the president does believe that. >> i'm begging the president to share the information or stop
3:50 pm
staying this. >> the right thing to do is investigate and find the facts. >> how to pay for it. >> the president of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel our plan meeting. >> i'm not as brash as you think. i'm a people person. >> jamal is a senator, first to you brian. he done everything he said he was going to do. he doing what he said. where are we getting the money for this stuff? >> tax cuts which will make the committ economy better. tax refer pvenue is going to go. who going to radical cut spending. >> that's where people get
3:51 pm
unhappy. >> he has a congress that's going to want to cut but he has a lot of spending on the table. i'm curious to see how the republicans rectify their own believes and go along with this president and does not seem to buy the ideology they have within running on. >> the republicans and the congress are going to say woe, we're the ones doing the legislating -- >> executive orders for last couple of years, now he using the pen. >> he going to -- >> he becoming the promise keeper. he keeping promises about obamacare, about the wall, he has hiring freeze on federal
3:52 pm
employees. >> he said that about tpp. it didn't exist. tpp keeping the unions happy. it was never coming. >> but he put the last nail in the coffin of tpp. that was one of the promises. tpp gone. regoing to renegotiate. >> here the problem with this. we are going to turn asia over and let china have a bigger say by getting out of the tpp. we are -- he is going to embrace ally in russia. >> i talked to union people today, we got invited to the white house. >> that's great for them. >> president obama -- wasn't forgot us. you have -- here you are people
3:53 pm
person. the people person who invited the union to the white house and they are happy. >> he has members -- he had signing ceremony and he was joking around with chuck schumer and president obama was disengaged and president is hand on guy involved if everything. >> the reality we draw down the troops, we did all the things that approximately president obama promised to do. he left the country in peace and prosperity. the president we have today is embracing our opponent in russia and disstanting himself from mexico. >> he spoke with the president of the mexico for an hour, and the president's ratings have
3:54 pm
gone up. i wonder if trump's trying to take credit for that. >> president trump ratings have gone up. >> he is up to 40 now. a lot of conservatives were worried about him. next week he going to appoint justice conservatives. >> when you have news organization willing to call the president of the united states is liar that's not a word we see written in newspaper. we have him and spokesperson coming out on national television saying things that's not true. i have had candidates get mad about what lapped in the media, you have say to hem, thank you sir, that's wonderful. i'm sorry you feel that way. now we're going to -- >> the love affair the media had
3:55 pm
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what a beautiful morning it was today. it reminded me of a beautiful morning in washington. it started september 11, 2001. at 9:43 that morning when heard roar of a plane and a horrible noise. it was coming from a few blocks away at the pentagon. i looked up and saw black smoke coming from the pentagon, it appeared to be glitter, realize the sparkle with the sun catching the plane. that brings me to today. as i made my way into work in morning, noting what a beautiful day in d.c. it was. it owe turd to me, our bruced from recent remarks deserve shout-out. in this dangerous times they
4:00 pm
have kept us safe. i hope they know we do appreciate them. thanks for wanting. have a great weekend. see you monday night. if you cannot watch live, set dvr. follow me on twitter @greta. true or false. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews. it's been a week since president trump held joint press conference with leader theresa may. >> mr. president you said torture work, you want to ban muslim from coming to


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