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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 3, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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heart disease is the number one killer of women. so, women, please, take care of your heart. >> i know you're hanging out for just a minute with us later. we have a busy hour. we're talking about iran. the treasury is set to announce new sanctions we believe this hour against tehran. also happening, by the way, financial freedom as the job market has its best showing in four months. the trump administration is set to roll back rules on big banks, rules, by the way, put in place after the fiscal crisis. the president is meeting this hour with some of the leaders of the most recognizable brands in this country, j.p. morgan, walmart, underarmor, ford. you know who is not there? uber. we'll tell you why. plus, senate showdown. lawmakers moved forward on the final vote now set for betsy devos on tuesday. we have got every angle covered
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for you this morning, kristen welker at the white house, stephanie ruhle and ali velshi will be joining me. i want to start with kristen first. sanctions coming out as early as today against iran. what do we know? >> as early as 10:30. mike flynn came to the briefing room and said the administration was putting iran on notice for recent provocations, including a ballistic missile test, which the administration argues is in defiance of a u.n. resolution. the u.n. hasn't determined that yet. today the administration is set to announce new sanctions as early as 10:30, coming from the
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treasury department, indicating it will likely be economic sanctions. as you know, this president on the campaign trail said he was going to take a tougher stance against iran in the wake of president obama brokering the iran nuclear deal. what we are seeing is he is attempting to follow through with that. i want to be very clear these provocations according to the administration are separate from the iran nuclear deal. don't expect any changes there. again, really laying down a harsh line in terms of this ballistic missile test. >> i want to go over to ali arouzi, who is our tehran bureau chief. i know this is all breaking. any early reaction from the iranian government at this point? >> well, hallie, we had a tweet from the iranian foreign minister who is very invested in the nuclear deal, he said we will never get the same statement from those who are complaining, we will never use this many against anybody unless in self-defense and be sure that
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nobody has the guts again to attack us. so some tough words from him but nonetheless measured. and it's been a tumultuous first two weeks of the president trump administration for iran. the nuclear deal is barely a year old and tensions between iran and america are front and center again. last week alone we saw iran being subject to a u.s. ban, iran reciprocated banning americans from iran, including the u.s. wrestling team due he for the wrestling finals and testing a ballistic missile, probably measuring president trump's response, which was to put out notice and possible sanctions coming up at 10:30, which is not going to go down welfare reform in iran. iranians have not traditionally reacted well to sanctions. the ruling establishment has fired back over the last week
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here, lambasting president trump, promising more missile tests, iran's foreign minister saying it was unmoved by threats and iran is trying to figure out their next chess move. it's uncertain what president trump is going to do next. he's unchartered territory with these guys. with the obama regime, they felt emboldened to push the administration real far without fear of consequences. i'm sure they're feeling different here, with one wrong wo word, it could be different, which is probably why they toned down their words. the president is up for reelection and hardliners see a
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path to the presidency here, which will spell more tension with america. >> thank you, ali, we know you'll be hanging out with us for the hour. republicans in congress like paul ryan also support a tougher line on iran and on these sanctions. i want to go back to kristen welker. there as plenty going on at the white house today. we know that the president is meeting with another business rou roundtable essentially. walk us through what's happening this morning. >> uber is missing this morning. this is a big meeting here at the white house. it's a busy day. the ceo of uber pulling outf the meeting and of this advisory council citing that controversial immigration order. hooves under pressure from his employees and his consumers who are opposed to the order.
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these other ceos of tesla, and elon musk saying he is going to raise concerns about it and is opening other ceos will as well. that could be significant. of course the other topics of conversation, that jobs report which showed robust growth last month as well as two executive -- well, one executive order and one executive memorandum that we anticipate the president is going to sign today effectively trying to get the ball rolling on scaling back obama era regulations. that, ti executive memo is significant because it going to direct the department of laboror to hold on on implementing a fiduciary rule and asking the questions are financial advisers necessary to help people oversee
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their investments in their retirement accounts, for example. opponents would argue they are because they have the added obligation to make sure they're pro vi providing their customers with all the information necessary to make decisions but the other side is that it's overregulation, overburdensome, it's actually taking away choices from the consumer. >> and we're going to talk more about these business regulations. israeli settlements. >> we have seen the administration shift its tone towards israel from the obama administration. the obama administration some would argue took a somewhat tougher tone. this administration has stressed the importance of the relationship with israel. the obama administration did obviously as well. a little bit of a shift in tone,
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amid word that israel is about to or considering expanding its settlements. this was from sean spicer who said we don't believe the exi existence of settlements to peace expansion beyond their current borders may not be the goal. >> i hope you have your running shoes on, kristen. i want to bring in stephanie ruhle and ali velshi. i want to start with the executive order coming down roughly around noon from the white house and it seems to be this symbolic expression of core principles. the signal is they're trying to weaken dodd-frank. what does dodd-frank do and not do? >> so it was named after senator
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chris dodd and congressman ba barney frank in 2010 as a result of the financial crisis. it was a bunch of laws that all got. together in one. it was basically the biggest overhaul of regulation since the great depression. it sort of affects nanything to do with money and banking. it was designed to avoid the too big to fail situation. critics say don't throw the baby out with the bath water. it doesn't appeal it, it directs the treasury to examine it, go to all the agencies and say what can we do to make this better, which a lot of people think means make it more business friendly. >> the administration couldn't roll it back, that's a congressional action anyway. >> we've not seen a congress prepared to stand up against
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donald trump's ideas. it's popular amongst republicans to get rid of dodd-frank. >> wall street is one of the most hated industries out there. during the dodd-frank regulation, you didn't see any wall street insiders involved in creating this mostly because how could they possibly regulate themselves. but here we are, the biggest banks, they're thriving today because of regulatory capture. if you're a bank like jpmorgan, you can clearly afford to tack on an extra thousand employees focused on compliance. but if you're talking about small and mid size financial institutions across the country, they have gotten strangled in the last eight years. the real positive is if there is some working together. if you think about the last administration, antonio weis couldn't get confirmed. that was a president obama nominee to be the treasury
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undersecretary. elizabeth warner shot him down mostly because he was once at lazard. maybe there's a sign we're going to tweak dodd-frank. no rip it up but approve it. bringing back the volcker rule, you don't need banks prop trading anymore, you want to shift that risk to the buy side but if you want to clean it up, that is a good thing. >> you remember elizabeth warner was supposed to head the consumer protection bureau, which she invented and founded and the republican senators prevented her from doing that so her payback was that she became a senator. so there are parts of this that are a little extreme. the concept that there shouldn't be a body to protect consumers after the stuff that happened in 2008/2009, they want to pull that back, too. >> we hate the idea that there's ever payback.
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it's not that there shouldn't be a regulatory body but adding another commission or committee doesn't solve. it's good regulation. >> that's not what republicans are looking for. mitt romney said i want to erase the whole thing, donald trump said it's erasing 75% of regulation. >> ali's right 100%. >> i think he's going to quote you on that. >> once in a decade that could happen. >> let's talk the new jobs numbers. 227,000 new jobs. put this into perspective for us. ali, what do these guys need to see to start hiring in ways that are going to drop that unemployment rate down? >> that's a great number. >> stephanie and i and even before stephanie because she's so much younger than i am. under 5% is considered unemployment. the unemployment rate is not
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bad. the problem is people do not rn as much as they want, some people are part time, some have two jobs. the 227 is an important number. 227,000 jobs were created in january. in all of 2016, we averaged 1 180,000. if we were to see 227 jobs created every month, that's actually really good. i tweeted out it was the first jobs report under trump, everybody said it had nothing to do with president trump, he was only in office for ten days. >> it is a backward looking number but 4.8 is a very good starting point. it's the underemployment that is the issue, those who have left the workforce and can't find work. president trump is meeting with ceos right now. the disparity between ceo pay and worker pay has never been
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greater. it's about those americans who say i need to have two jobs, i can't make my way, i can't pay my bills. it's about giving them the skills for jobs that pay more. that's what has to get addressed now. >> check your e-mails because the irani iaian sanctions have come out. >> can i tell you something about that? >> sure. >> i was speaking to someone in iran this morning and a hardliner who said for 30 years they've been trying to get iran to hate the u.s. and they haven't been able to and now they have in two weeks. with one notable difference...
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just before we hit the commercial break, we got word of the enough sanctions against iran coming up via the treasury department. i'm not sure if we have a graphic of what they are. it appears to be sanctions against individuals and businesses. we're set to get more information from the treasury department within the next 30 minutes. there will be a briefing with reporters. we will be on that phone call, our team will be, and we'll bring you more information as we get a chance to examine what this means. i want to bring in congressman leonard lance, a republican from no new jersey. you just introduced a bill to boost sanctions against iran. tell me about that. >> that's correct. it boosts sanctions against iran, hallie. i've introduced this with several colleagues on the republican side in the house. it targets those individuals who would be helpful to iran in the ballistic missile program.
7:19 am
the ballistic missile program in violation of a u.n. resolution and under no circumstances should iran be engaged in this type of activity. >> have you had a chance, congressman, to look at has to new treasury sanctions against iran? have you been consulted on it by the administration? >> have i not but i presume without having read what's in the text that i would be supportive and i certainly commend the administration for moving forward. obviously i want to read the text but that will be made available at 10:30 by the trsury department. >> have you had consultations with the administratn about your position on iran, about your new bill. i'm trying to get a sense of what the interactions are regarding foreign policy between sort of west wing and capitol hill. >> i think there is coordination and i'm particularly pleased that senator corker has been in the white house on several occasions as chairman of the foreign relations committee and i believe there will be better coordination now that president trump is in office and, as you know, we placed a sangss bill on
7:20 am
president obama's desk in december. that bill became law without the president's signature and i think under president trump we're moving in a direction that is more coordinated. >> congressman, it's interesting, one of my colleagues, i don't know if you were able to listen in but just before the break ali velshi was speaking with a contact in iran who said hardliners have been looking for a reason and foment action against the united states and donald trump has federal court -- effectively done that for them. are you concerned about -- >> on the contrary, i think we have to be as tough as possible against iran because it has violated the u.n. resolution and i think it's in violation of the underlying agreement struck by the obama administration and i do not think our policy should be dependent on what hardliners in iran may think or do.
7:21 am
>> now, the u.n. hasn't said that in fact iran did violate these terms. is the u.s. getting ahead of itself a little bit? are you concerned about that? >> no, not at all. i think we have to be as vigorous as possible. and there is bipartisan support here on the hill and that's why the legislation passed in december by an overwhelming vote. i think there is general agreement here on capitol hill that we have to be vigilant in this regard. >> of course speaker of the house paul ryan coming out in favor of is. else.t to talk about something you are the co-chair of the republican caucus on israel. you want to get your reaction to the statement that has been put out by the white house on settlement. "while we don't believe the existence of settle mens is an impediment to peace, the expansion of new settlements
7:22 am
beyond its border may not be helpful in achieving that goal." do you agree with that? >> i think this will be discussed between the president and prime minister later this month. certainly we have to be cautious in this regard but this is a decision ultimately to be made by israel. i respect the statement put out by the administration and it reflects what historically has been the position of the united states. we all want peace in the middle east, but that requires of course the recognition by the palestinians that israel has a right to exist, a right to exist in peace and freedom and the right to exist as a jewish state. >> and are you comfortable with jared kushner's roll in the discussions of peace with israel, the way that has developed? >> i believe that jared kushner is an extremely able person and i'm pleased he's involved in the administration and i think that he will be a force of reason and
7:23 am
competence in the administration. the kushner family comes from new jersey and i think that it's appropriate for the president to rely on a series of advisers, including jared kushner. >> congressman leonard lance from new jersey, thank you very much for joining us here and for that perspective on what has turned into a pretty busy breaking news morning. i want to talk you back to the white house with kristen welker who has been looking over the new sanctions. can you break this down for us? >> reporter: the treasury department just posted a list of individuals and businesses that aroing to be sanctioned. we're just starting to review this list. we're talking about a dozen individual and business entities and here's what we can say so far. a number of the individual have the designation of the iranian revolutionary guard corps and then in terms of the business t entities, i'll name a few for
7:24 am
you, mirage for engineering and trading, mirage for waste management and environmental services. there are a number of engineering, environmental companies. we have a briefing on this at 10:45 with the treasury department so we'll be digging into this a little more. and then sean spicer briefs brae later on this afternoon. the united nations has not determined that iran is in violation so there are critics that the administration that are going to argue that the u.s. is getting ahead of the u.n. it looks like the strategy here is to put new sanctions on about a dozen individual and business entities. >> looking at my computer and all these e-mails coming out about this and we do expect more
7:25 am
information. in the meantime and i appreciate you sort of standing by for us. i want to go offer to someone who has been standing by, our tehran bureau chief ali arouzi. what can you tell us? >> it's a little early, i'll have to do a little more research. i'm guessing most of the companies have some sort of relation to the revolutionary guard and relation to construction or materials related to the missile indusy and that's why they've been put on this list. it's important to point out that the revolutionary guard are involved in many, many businesses in iran, businesses that you and i may not think that will be involved in them but they may have some relation to the approach ducks of missiles and other things that
7:26 am
the u.s. might find suspicious and that's probably why they've been put on the list. >> there's no doubt about the fact that this administration wants to target the revoluti revolutionary guard because they're so widespread in this country. they're not just a military organization, they're a massive business organization. they have influence from the telecommunications industry to the oil industry to even the food industry. so that's probably why they've been focused on here. i can promise you, hallie, that the reaction from the revolutionary guard will be a hard one. they're not going to take well to people or entities they're working with and i'm sure they're going to respond harshly. so far the michiganieresponses fairly measured. they don't know what to expect
7:27 am
from president trump. one wrong move could mean military action and they're very cognizant of that. >> joining me, jim, what is the practical impact of this, the practical effect of this in your view? >> if by practical effect you mean an impact on iran's missile program, i will say it will have very little impact. analysts, myself included, feel that iran's missile program is largely indigenous. in other words, they already have a missile capability and they don't need anyone else or anyone's help in order to progress with that. and they, from their perspective, hav strong national defense reasons for wanting missiles. you'll remember that saddam hussein attacked iran with missiles during the iran/iraq war. so they're not going to stop
7:28 am
their program regardless of sin sanctions. i would expect hardliners are going to see this as a gift, that this will further weak i don't know -- weaken the moderate, current president ruani. >> we've heard different things from the administration, at first saying it was a violation of the iran deal and then as you were recently discussing, potential violation of the u.n. security council resolution. it is not a violation of the resolution. in u.n. speak, treaty speak, it says we would prefer you not to do something, we're not ordering you not to do something. the u.n. resolution later
7:29 am
provides for a case-by-case basis, doesn't ban it. the u.n. is within its rights to punish iran or sanction, use whatever policy tools it wants to on issues outside of nuclear agreement. but whether that's a good idea or not is a separate policy question. >> jim walsh, thanks. kristen welker is still in the briefing room for us over at the white house. join in the conversation here. >> reporter: hallie, the treasury department putting out a little bit more of an explain a explainer. it says today's action is part of treasury's ongoingfforts to counter irani malign activity
7:30 am
brought that is outside the scope of that u.n. resolution we talked about. we were talking about a dozen individuals who have been sanctioned and about a dozen business entities as well. what does it mean for them and for those who would do business with them. all property and interests in property of thos designated today subject to u.s. jurisdiction are blocked and u.s. persons are prohibited from interacting with them. this administration trying to take a very hard line in wake of what you call provocations. but as you've been discussing with ari arouzi, there may be some backlash on this as well. >> we want to note at this moment in the west wing kristen
7:31 am
have president trump meeting, president trump not taking questions about the sanctions at this time. in the meantime i want to bring you to christopher dickey, an msnbc contributor and world news editor for "the daily beast." what can you tell us about an investigation into anything that's happening here. i know you have some new reporting you'd like to share as well. >> reporter: well, i think the important thing to understand about iran is they don't want to be pushed around. they see this as an attempt by this administration to draw a red line. that's probably not a good idea because if the red line is about launching missiles and iran launches another missile, what does this administration do? these sanctions for all that
7:32 am
we're talking about them right now are pretty small, 13 characters, a few companies, maybe they're tied to the revolutionary guards, maybe they're not. that's not the kind of thing that's a shot across the bow of the hardliners in iran. we'll see how much they push back but i suspect they're going to push back pretty hard because politically it works for them. it undermines the moderates in iran and that's all good as far as they're concerned. >> chris, how do you see this playing out in europe? what could the repercussions be or not be? >> i think one of the questions is going to be actually how much pressure is brought to bare on european countries and or supplys are who have given material to iran or sold material to iran that they have used in producing their missiles. there's a lot of fudging on that. the europeans are not anxious to reimpose sinanctions.
7:33 am
the other big question when we talk about the security council tting volved is russia. maybe we have a great new relationship with russia, maybe we don't but russia is a very, very close ally of iran and it helps it build its armaments. >> do you think we'll see a reaction today from the kremlin, from putin? what's your sense? >> i doubt that we'll see any very major reaction from putin at this point. even though the alliance is close with iran, it not something he's going to want to publicize at this moment. he's got a lot of other things to think about, like the 180-degree reversal on ukraine that seems to have been announced yesterday. >> we saw nikki haley, the new u.n. ambassador for the united states at that meeting. how do you think that appearance of hers went and how do you see it playing out on the international stage? >> reporter: well, i think it played very well on the
7:34 am
international scene. people are not sure exactly what it means. everybody understands it's not the governor of south carolina suddenly striking out on her own. it presumably is policy being made in the white house and in the state department. so there's a sigh of relief because it's a return to what are considered to be the norms of international policy and politics. whether it will remain that way, whether the president will tweet something that contradicts it we're all waiting to see. >> can you delineate the distinction between the sanctions being put in place now with the trump administration and what was put in place under the obama administration? >> reporter: well, the obama administration had already imposed some sanctions. i don't remember the specifics of them, related to missile development. clearly it's something that the united states doesn't want iran to do, but the general feeling and it wasn't just from critics of the obama administration is that it was going out of its way not to roil the waters with iran because it considered that the
7:35 am
biggest question was to keep the nuclear deal in tact. it looks like the trump administration may come to a similar decision but with tougher rhetoric. >> chris dickey live for us there from paris. thanks very much for joining us with your perspective. in about ten seconds we're going to play you what donald trump said at a meeting with business leaders. he took no questions on the iranian sanctions but we do want to listen in. >> this is a really world class group. i want to thank and congratulate steve, you have done, as usual, an amazing job. steve called me up the day after the election, it might have even been the same night, you know steve. took maybe one minute. and he said i'd like to put together a group of world class leaders and that's what he's done. so good job, steve.
7:36 am
a couple things happened this morning. 227,000 jobs, great spirit in the country right now. so we're very happy about that. i think that it's going to continue big league. we're bringing back jobs, we're bringing down your taxes, getting rid of your regulations. i think it's going to be some really exciting times ahead. we're doing it. we're going to be coming up with a tax bill soon, a health care bill even sooner and it's really working out. toby from the cleveland clinic has been helping us a lot from the veterans. we appreciate that. one of the things that i heard this morning on watching the news was that amazingly it's never happened before that politics has become a much bigger subject than the super bowl. this is usually super bowl territory and that is saying that the politics is more interesting to people.
7:37 am
so that's good. i see we have larry here. where is layrry fink? he managed a lot of my money and i have to tell up he got me great returns. and then they go crazy. we'll use very smart people that made money, why don't you get other people to run the economy? i said, no, we have to get the right people and the people that voted for me understand that and that's what they want. so when i campaigned for office, i promised the american people that i'd ask for our country's best and brightest and we have that. wom wilbur is representing us as secretary, you're going to be so great, secretary of commerce, wilbur ross. carl icahn called up "i hear you got wilbur." we're looking forward to cudiscs
7:38 am
all of the things that you think we can do to bring back our jobs, to get taxes even lower than we're going to be cutting them. we have a great plan but i want to have an input on the plan in particular and to do what we have to do in terms of regulation. we have some of the bankers here. nobody better to tell me about dodd-frank than jamie so you're going to tell me about it. we're expecting to cut a lot out of dodd-frank. i have a lot of friends of mine that can't borrow money because the banks went let them borrow because of the terms and regulations of dodd-frank. with that, i want to introduce somebody i've known for a long time who has done a fantastic job. we're thinking about maybe on a monthly basis, it will go to a quarterly basis because all of a sudden monthly basis sounds like a lot but we really want your
7:39 am
input. we have the biggest, the brightest in the world, in this country in this case. weep also ha we also have a manufacturing group which is world wide. but these are t aboutest and theest minds in this country and i really appreciate you being here and i want to thank steve. maybe you'll say a few word. >> i'd like to just start out and thank everybody for being here. the purpose this much group isn't for general discussion, which is okay, but the real purpose is to get things done, to advise the government as to areas where we can do things a lot better as a country, for all americans, and debottle neck some thanksgiving. we have a full agenda, unlike a lot of other meetings that happen of this general time. we're going to cover some of the
7:40 am
immigration things. we're going to cover regulatory relief, we're going to cover tax and trade, women in the workplace, infrastructure and education. each of those areas will get suggestions, ways to make things happen, happen faster, to improve the country. and anybody can say anything else they want. but it's really important that we mobilize the nongovernmental sector and also important that we do it on a bipartisan basis. apparently a first in washington, or a modern washington, and everybody on the group was selected because they're terrific, because they have domain expertise, because they want the country to do better and we have no criteria. as it works out, we have all
7:41 am
kinds of people from different backgrounds and political persuasions. if we can make things work right, that's the way it should work. it's a big sacrifice people who are here to spend their time. everybody's busy. s that america. so to put those things aside, not just for me but there's prep rk that goes into any successful meetin it means these people who have attended, taken their time, care about the country. so that's the spirit in which we are approaching things. i want to thank everybody on the committee, you're terrific. >> thank you. we're going to go around the room but before we do that, i just want to say that so many people have called, friends of mine in big business and they wanted to be on the committee and i'd call steve, can we get so and so? nope. what do you mean no? this is big business, massive
7:42 am
business, public companies. and every once in a while i'd call, steve, how about this one? >> donald, he's a corporate raider. these people do not want to be sitting with -- five raiders wanted to come on. he's been very, very selective. i thought woo might go around the room. mary and i met last week. we had a fantastic meeting last week on the auto industry. we had ford there, we had a lot of companies, some great companies, fiat/chrysler, and i learned a lot about the automobile business. i thought i knew a lot but they are being so stymied, so restricted with regulations, so many other reasons. they're pouring back into the country already. if you'll look, mark was telling us what they're doing with ford and bill ford, too, a lot of jobs are going to be coming back into ohio and michigan and pennsylvania and all of the
7:43 am
places that really have been hurt so badly. maybe we could start so badly, just go around the room real fast so pretty much everybody knows each other but it would be nice to see. >> mary barr, ceo of general matters. doug mcmillan walmart. >> jim mcmurray, the old bowling guy. >> all atkins. >> kevin ward, stanford university. >> tesla. [ inaudible ]. >> dan yurgen. >> jack welch. [ inaudible ]. >> jennie remay, ibm.
7:44 am
>> thank you very much. thank you, for example, thank you, press. >> that is president trump and his business advisory council you saw seated next to him, steven schwartsman and mary bara on the or side of him. mostly we heard from the president the polite introductions. he was asked about iranian sanctions and he did respond to that question. a lot in that room were not big fans of president trump. why do you think they're at the white house now? >> you can see those people in the room, whether you're talking mary barra, larry fink, steve blackstone, what you could hear were cameras click, click, clicking. when does the rubber meet the road? i spoke to people who were in the room, went to the oval
7:45 am
office with him, they never got down to brass tacks. they continued to talk about crowd sizes and general business. but as far as what is going to be the mission here, we heard gary cone just before the meeting step out and speak. and where he said we have the best, most highly capitalized banks in the world, now is the time not to be burden by regulaons so we can be more competitive. can we please break that down. when he says we have the best, most capitalized banks, that manse they have the most amount of money reserved and that's because of regulation. because of regulation. before the crisis, that's when you could trade any security, whether it be an exotic security, could you borrow money end l endlessly, take outside, calculated bets. so you can't be rolling it around taking massive bets. but should you when you're a bank? one of the reason bank stocks have done so well is now that we have a better understanding of the clean business they're
7:46 am
doing, that's within reason to want to own those stocks. look at ubs. look at deutch beeng, they're in much worse shape than a jpmorgan. >> stephanie ruhle, thanks very much. we want to let you know about new reaction coming in from speaker of the house paul ryan on the news of the trump administration's new iranian sanctions, paul ryan applauding those sanctions saying it helps crack down on tehran's dangerous missiles program and support around the globe. when we come back, we have kasie hunt standing by to give as you full report. stick around. tiki barber running a barber shop? yes!!! surprising. yes!!! what's not surprising? how much money david saved
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we are back with that breaking news about new sanctions against iran. speaker of the house paul ryan out with a statement, "iran's
7:50 am
latest ballistic missile test was a flagrant violation of u.n. security council resolutions. this swift and decisive response proves that our new administration is serious about holding the iranian regime accountable for its illicit behavior." kasie, we were speaking with congressman lance and this news started to come out. he said his first blush response is he would support this. it sms as though there is likely to be support on the hill from republicans and maybe any democrats about this. >> reporter: this news is rippling across capitol hill in the last hour or so. we also just have a statement from bob corker, the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee who praises the sanctions and offered word of praise for how the
7:51 am
administration is handling this. he said they have talked to the international community and the communication seems to be much better. that's going to be a critical thing both here and going forward as the administration figures out how to deal with congress. obviously communication around the immigration order was really bad and it's something that people on both sides of the aisle have been willing to openly say over the course of the last week. so i think this tells you that things have been at least adjusted somewhat, that senator corker is praising how they handle it in this case. senator lindsey graham did tell me yesterday he wants new sanctions to come from congress. these appear to be particularly targeted. so far i've heard nothing but words of support here on capitol hill. >> thank you for that. joining me is a fellow at
7:52 am
harvard university's university of economics and typically our panel hashs out the big news of the day but now we have this foreign policy breaking news. sarah, you heard from paul ryan, you heard what kasie said about senator corker's response as well. how do you see this playing out among congressional republicans and even democrats. >> i think it will play out well i think setting red lines and never having the follow through. i think having the follow-through with the sanctions will be seen as a great first step and then we'll see how that works from there. >> chris, what about you? the obama administration imposed sanctions on iran. how do you think democrats will respond? >> i think they'll be somewhat
7:53 am
not skeptical but questioning in terms of what's the rule and what's the purpose here? if the idea is to hold the iranian regime is one this evening, if the idea is to start a path to military options, that i think will make a lot of democrats, especially those on the left very nervous. in general when you look at the administration's saber rattling well before they even got into the white house, i think you're going to see some degrees of serious nervousness. >> and let's just reset for everybody here what these sanctions are, what they do and what they do not do. this is based on new reporting from my colleague andrea mitchell. she says obviously we know today treasury has decided to sanction these 25 individual and entities for allegedly supporting the ballistic missile program and providing support to iran's highly important revolutionary guard that the u.s. says has engaged in terrorism.
7:54 am
the treasury department says iran as continued support of terrorism and development of its ballistic missile program poses a threat to the region, to our partners wiorldwide and to the united states. let's be clear, the trump administration is not saying any of this violates the iran's nuclear deal that president trump called the worst deal ever negotiated. sarah, do you see these sanctions and, chris, i'll pose the same question to, as the opening shot or salvo in trying to roll back or renegotiate the iranian deal? >> iran has over and over again shown that they'rectlly going to make whatever deal they can that's in their interest and then go forward with whatever they want been so while you're right that this specifically was not part of it, it is part of a larger relationship with iran. so you look at our allies who
7:55 am
were so against the iran deal, israel top among them, i think they're going to be watching very closely to see what the trump administration does with the relationship with iran, how they treat sanctions with iran. again, i think you're looking at this hard line being a great first step to resetting that relationship that a lot of our allies felt had gotten soft, had been very willing to let iran continue along whatever lines they wanted to because we were never going to step in and do anything about it. >> chris, how do you see this playing out with our allies? >> i thisnk that some will be generally supportive when you're talking about israel but others will be concerned. you know, in terms of the original question about whether this is kind of an opening salvo to renegotiating the iranian nuclear deal, the answer to that question is absolutely. i mean, this is i think the way that we clearly have seen how donald trump things, come out with either a hard line position or strong position on something and then let's see what the
7:56 am
other side does and reacts and he does this consistently. this is his modus operandi. the question is what are the ripple effects? that is where people become concerned. it fine and appropriate to hold them accountable but if it end up leading us down a dangerous path we need not follow, that is where democrats and a lot of other allies are going to become concerned. >> chris, sarah, thanks for joining us on what has become a very busy morning. we'll take a brief break and will be back with much more on the breaks news. or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next.
7:57 am
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and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. that gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free. and organic. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. . remember at the top of the show we were talking about the trump administration's statement on israeli settlements? during the commercial break we got a response from a spokesperson from the israeli prime minister saying that prime minister netanyahu looks forward to meeting with president trump on february 15th in which they will speak about a wide range of
8:00 am
issues, including this one. mark your calendars. i know my colleague chris jansing has much more on this and all the other breaking news. take it away. >> it has been indeed a very busy morning. breaking receipt now on msnbc, talking tough and shifting gears. the treasury department just announcing new sanctions against iran following the ballistic missile test. the administration is also making that striking about face on israel and issuing a new condemnation of russia, foreign policy issues that echo the obama administration. plus strategy session. the president meeting right now with some of the biggest names in business, companies like walmart, gm as we expect new executive actions against wall street regulators today. >> and breaking overnight. what police say looks like yet another terror attack in paris. good morning, everyone. i'm chris j


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