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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  February 10, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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democrat in washington. >> we have to have a political conversation where we can disagree and not say you are a conservative and an idiot. >> on that ♪ ♪, that does it for us. >> it's very convenient. >> have a great weekend. tomorrow is saturday. >> tomorrow is saturday. >> "morning joe" edition. >> let's hope it's a calm saturday morning. >> stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks so much, mika. joe, you can keep holding. good morning, i'm stephanie ruhle. we have breaking news overnight. see you in court. president trump in an all caps fury after a court rul against his travel ban. the president speaks to nbc news. >> it's a political decision and we are going to see them in court. >> we just saw him in court. he lost. >> is the supreme court next? a ghost writer. listen to this. a new report claims mexico's foreign minister was in the ovl
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office with president trump helping to rewrite this speech about the wall to mexico. >> beginning today, the united states of america gets back control of its borders. under fire. kellyanne conway blasted by republicans and more for plugging ivanka's clothing line from the white house. she speaks out overnight. >> at some point in your life, you ought to have a boss who treated me the way that the president of the united states treated me today. >> of course, you work for the american people. we are going to begin with a court decision denying the government's push to put the travel ban back in place. all eyes are on the white house. the next step would be to appeal this to the supreme court, a move that could come anytime. we are in luck this morning. we have the best team in the business here to break it down. i want to start with pete williams. pete, what does the ruling say? >> it's unanimous, that's one point. it's not a signed opinion. it's for the court.
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what it says is the executive order violates the constitutional rights of people who got visas and came here and want to travel and come back. it's a victory for the states of washington and minnesota. they are the ones who rushed to court claiming the executive order harms their residents, stranding foreign college students and faculty who need to travel, making it hard for high-tech companies to do their jobs and splitting up families. the court said the president's order failed to give those people even the barest advance notice or chance to get a hearing which violated their constitutional rights. as for the government's claim the president's authority is absolute over the borders and can't be second guessed by judges, there's no precedent to support that. it's not how the constitutional system works. the justice department says they are reviewing options. the government is likely to go to the supreme court to get it turned around, hoping, once again, it can begin enforcing
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travel restrictions. it's going to take a while. ipose itould be filed as early asday. >> all right, pete. i want to walk through this more. we expected the white house to have a statement on it. peter alexander is live at the white house. tell me what did the president say? i'm forced to look at tweets. they are too hard for me. >> the bottom line is there are a lot of moving parts. we were getting indication we were going to get a statement on paper from the press secretary, but last night, as reporters were gathered in the west wing, there was an exchange with some of the aides. when they looked behind them, president trump was walking by and made comments. among those kelly o'donnell. here is part of the exchange. take a listen. >> reporter: sir, do you think this is undercut the early days of your presidency? this is such a core issue. >> no, this is just a decision that came down. we are going to win the case. >> reporter: bottom line is he said it was a political
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decision. he was confident the white house, the administration would prevail. here is how he tweeted about it specifically. you noted the tweet in all caps. it got 186,000 retweets where he said we will see you in court, saying they are going to prevail in this case right now. this morning, again, we are hearing from president trump who is expressing frustration about this 29-page decision. he said it was a, quote, disgraceful decision, referring to a legal blog that says in that opinion the court, this three-panel, this three-judge panel basically failed to talk about the very statute at the center of this issue, as in indicated by aides i talked to. there are conversations happening now. the justice department is considering its options. everybody knows how the president feels, which is the case should go forward without tweaks. >> without tweaks or tweets.
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msnbc chief legal correspondent immigration attorney, a contributor to nbc news. i have a full house. former republican attorney general of virginia. i want to start with you because, help me out more about that tweet that peter alexander was talking about. president trump put out remarkably, in the entire opinion, the panel did not bother even to cite this statute, a disgraceful decision. he's talking law fair. what is this? >> a short blog post that discusses these issues which notes at one point, basically, at no point do the judges cite this immigration and nationality act. it gives the president authority to ban classes that are detrimental to the united states. we can note this on whatever
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channel it occurs on, but it did happen on this channel, the excerpt was put up on "morning joe." ten or 15 minutes later, he posted this. that's history of where this may or may not be coming from. >> hold on. that's confusing. what you are saying, i know this happened to you before, the president may have been watching "morning joe" this morning, seen it and reacted to it as he did several weeks ago? >> i am saying that. it's happened before. newspapers flag this as well. just to go to the point that we are not certain that the president, given his position would have cited his article if he read it and understood it states it is correct. that's one more legal experts opinion. people are free to agree or disagree. there is a very broad power, both in the president's constitutional authority, article ii, as well as federal law to deal with immigration.
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this is the best argument the administration has. whether it rises or falls in the appeals or supreme court is a legal question. the type of twitter analysis going on here, the notion of whether or not that section of the law is cited does not carry the day legally. first of all, many explained and pete williams reported it, this was not a conclusion anyway. this is a much narrower proceed ural discussion on whether it will stay paused or not. the president does, i want to be clear, have a legal point on his side, a broad power, but it's not what was an issue. >> i know you want to get in. the fact that the ban is sidelined at this point, why are you concerned or are you? >> well, i agree with the legal commentary we just heard and i also question whether they will press ahead to the supreme court
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imdiaty. one of the biggest problems for the government, before the three-judge panel and occur before the supreme court is all the burdens are now on the government. they have all shifted because of what judge row bart did and the emergency basis they are trying to remedy this. i hope the trump administration substitutes five or six more discreet, more targeted orders for this executive order, most of which would be not only bullet proof legally, but not reviewable because over 99% of the people affected by the order have never been to the united states, have no visa, no current permission to come to the united states and have no family in the united states. they have no one to sue for them and they cannot sue. the president would successfully exclus over 99% of the people he is trying to put through an extreme vetting process and the other discreet portions of american population and the world population that are
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covered by this current order could be addressed one at a time and they would be in a better position to survive the legal onslaught. i do believe, because of the vast authority the president has in this area, both by constitution and statute, as you already heard, he will prevail by large in the end. that's the biggest piece. it's the most amazing piece of what the courts have done. they have not removed the ban on those people who are no constitutional rights at all. even the attorney general of washington, when i was talking with bob ferguson earlier this week, conceded, hey, we are not trying to fight for those people. >> it sounds like the answer to your point is, this needs to be revised and tweaked. pete williams, if it isn't, if president trump puts his pencil down and says let's wait and take it to the supreme court, then what? >> what will happen is the government goes to the court and
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they say, put a stay on the judge's order, enforce the ban. it goes to justice kennedy. he'll refer it to the full court. they will likely invite a response from the states and a reply brief from the government again. this is going to take several days. the question is whether the supreme court will agree with the ninth circuit or go and say look, the president brought authority here. we are going to dissolve the stay. remember, even if that happens, from mr. kuch nelly's state, virginia is another request, today being argued in court, in alexandria, virginia, across the river here, for a preliminary n injunction on the order. because it goes to the supreme court doesn't mean another court can't come along and reimpose a stay. >> yes? >> so, in addition to the virginia case going on today, which, by the way is a huge
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strategic error on the part of the people challenging this ban, there's also a ruling last friday in the district court of massachusetts, the same day judge hobart initiated this injunction, finding for the administration, finding standing existing for two visa holders so they proceeded to the merits and addressing the merits of the case. that judge concluded this is constitutional, which is an interesting conclusion when one of the so-called conclusions that was required on the west coast was that they had to show a likelihood of merits. the only case that has gone to the merits and completed was found in favor of the trump administration, it seems illogical for a judge in the rest of the country to say the other side is likely to succeed on the merits. that opinion, by the way, is the most clear and concise coverage of this whole subject area,
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including of anything submitted by the lawyers so far in the various cases going on around the country. >> just to be clear, i'm not saying who is right or wrong. >> i understand. i'm not critical of your comments. >> okay, i'm saying another stay could come. >> steve, i want to ask you, one thing that donald trump does is creates chaos. he is also a cunning man. is he setting the stage right now, if some sort of attack happens and god i certainly hope something doesn't, he's going to fold his arms, take to all caps on twitter and say, i told you so. all i wanted to do is defend this country? is he setting the stage for that? >> he's setting up a number of things. he's trying to show he's playing king of the hill, he's king of the hill. he's monarch of the day and nobody is going to tell him no. what we are seeing is, he may have a point in some of this. there's no judicial review of what i'm doing. i have complete and unassailable
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power in these issues. that's simply not the way the american system of checks and balances works. we are seeing a civics lesson which we are seeing the courts say, you don't have all that power. there are going to be checks in your power. he's not liking it. it's a higher stakes issue. it has everything to do with hara harassing and high milluating and scaring other parts of the political process and showing the ta nasty he thooz go all the way, in his mind. >> the argument that president trump is trying to make, this is strictly a political decision. couldn't one make the same argument pushing this ban through on a friday, the day before you see rex tillerson sworn in and the general didn't know all the details. couldn't that be argued it's political? this is the moment to make it not political and say what are the seven points we could put through, policy points to make it some sort of order that would
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make sense? they say, i'm going to wait for the supreme court, then it is just political power. >> right. that goes to what i see as the fundamental problems with the way the administration carried out the order, the way they wrote it. we know it was pushed out in a very rushed fashion, very sloppily. read through the opinion. if you read between the lines, it struck me that the justices were saying, they called out the trumps lawyers at several points where the government lawyers cited a case, but omitted another part of the case that didn't support their idea. that is very amateur. that's something you don't do in law school. >> i think what you raise is an important point. there's a style of shell inviting called drunken master. >> that's an amazing term, by the way. >> the fighter appears drunk, but is actually good at fighting. this is three dimensional.
6:15 am
we don't know, we'll watch it play out. in the view of the judges, they pointed out areas where they said this could have been done better. the green card provision was reversed multiple times. in this opinion, the judges said the white house council is not the president. the president has to do it by executive order. there's areas here, where according to the judges, mistakes were made. >> again, those judges gave them a road map, whether they intended to or not, for how to more discreetly attack the problem the president is targeting, using his legitimate authority, but do it in a way that is more survivable and much more subject to winning these cases, even in the ninth circuit, which is a tough circuit, the toughest one of all for the administration. it's going to be for the next four years. yet, if they follow this road map and do discreet orders, i believe they can get over 99% of
6:16 am
what they want. in the president's view, make america safer than it is without this order, and yet respect the concerns that have been raised both by washington, minnesota and the ninth circuit. >> all right. we are going to end on just that. respect. on a year when aretha franklin is going to retire, respect is what we are all looking for. thank you so much. i'm not letting you go anywhere. next, we are going to have much more on the court decision which halted the ban. is our national security at risk? a republican senator joins me. plus, a bizarre twist. did the mexican foreign minister help draft the wall streech? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. you are watching msnbc. we want to take dwrou the latest on the president's national security adviser, mike flynn and a discussion with the russian ambassador back in december. a u.s. intelligence official telling nbc it did include talking about u.s. sanctions, despite numerous denials from the administration. i want to bring back peter alexander from the white house. okay, peter, it was nope, we didn't talk about sanctions, maybe we did. one would guess you would remember if that was in the subject of the call. >> reporter: i think that's exactly right. u.s. officials suggest this is not just inappropriate, but potentially illegal that mike
6:21 am
flynn, the national security adviser, before taking office had the conversations with the russian ambassador to the u.s. indicating, potentially, there could be a reprieve on the sanctions that the obama administration put in place against russia for the findings that russia interfered in the u.s. elections. here is how it played out. a u.s. intelligence official is confirming to nbc news, flynn discussed sanctions with the russian ambassador that goes against the denials of flynn himself, sean spicer and others. an administration official told the post that broke this story, based on nine sources mike pence based his comments on speaking to mike flynn. the official said he was told there was no proquo and no finding that flynn did anything illegal. this official said that he was surprised when flynn initially denied to the post on multiple
6:22 am
occasion that is sanctions even came up in the course of the conversation. the post reports later a spokesperson for michael flynn backed off saying it is possible sanctions was part of the conversation between him and the russian ambassador. this is a story that is rapidly developing and one the white house is going to have to respond to today, perhaps the president, as he is hosting the japanese prime minister with a news conference scheduled at 1:00. >> i want to bring in mississippi republican senator, member of the armed services committee. senator, what do you make of general flynn's contacts with russia? we are 21 days in and it's not the first time we heard inappropriate, possibly illegal. >> i can't imagine what general flynn would talk about with the russians, if it weren't policy. so, i find myself not astonished at all. i'm sure it will be investigated, as i understand
6:23 am
it, the statute is from the 1790s and has never been in force. it's something to look at and i don't think it's going to rank right up there among the major issues of the week. >> if it is illegal, are you comfortable with the fact that general flynn, before the inauguration was talking about the sanctions? >> you know, i'm comfortable with the fact that someone who is going to be an important part of the administration went to talk to some people on the other side of many issues and the fact that issues came up, policy came up. i think it's probably nothing more than that. but, listen, i'll be happy to listen to what the attorneys say and be happy to be persuaded otherwise. i would have been surprised had general flynn not talked about the great policy issues that russia and the united states difr over. >> all right, i want to turn for
6:24 am
a moment to the travel ban. where do you stand on it? >> i think the travel ban was appropriate. of course, it was a temporary time-out, in most of these countries, 90 days. i think the ninth circuit is way out there and this three-judge panel was way off in this case. it should be overturned. frankly, what do judges have -- what do they mean by asking what a campaign statement was? this wasn't about a campaign statement. this was about a policy made in january and february by the president of the united states and for them to be comparing that to some statement made during a political campaign is way outside the per view of this particular case. i think the president can do this. i think the previous president, president obama, had named these
6:25 am
countries as problematic. as you know, most of the muslim countries in the world were not affected at all by this. >> are we less safe today because of the court decision? >> i think we would be safer if th ban enforced. i think it will eventually be enforced. frankly, i think the president has the constitutional authority to do it and it helps, also, that he's authorized to do it by statute. >> i want to talk for a moment, you are going to meet with judge gorsuch later today. what do you need to know from him? there's been a lot of noise the last 24 hours, judge gorsuch expressing he wasn't so comfortable with the way the president has been talking about so-called judges and his words about the judiciary? >> i have a lot of friends that i was in law school with and are now on the bench. i tell you, judges don't like it much when politicians start
6:26 am
talking about the power of the judicial system. i'm not surprised by that. i think the president is still correct that this is an outstanding jurist. i think he will do a great job. i have already made public statements and written in favor of judge gorsuch. i think we'll talk about a few issues today that might give me an idea of where his mind is on a couple themes that might come up in the coming months and years on the court. i think he's an outstanding choice. frankly, the fact that people from not only the right but the great middle ground and also people on the left side of the spectrum are endorsing him. i think it ice instrucktive. >> thank you for joining me this morning. >> thank you. next, did the foreign
6:27 am
minister of mexico, are you listening? help write this speech? the speech the president gave on the wall? >> beginning today, the united states of america gets back control of its borders. >> the new reports that the mexican foreign minister was in the ovl office with the president. befi was active.gia, i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overtive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better.
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welcome back. it is time for your morning primer, everything you need to know to get your day started. last night, a federal appeals court refused to reinstate president trump's travel ban. minutes later, trump tweeted this. see you in court. the security of our nation is at
6:31 am
stake. shinzo abe will meet with president trump at the white house. they are expected to take air force one to mar-a-lago, florida. arrested for planning to carry out a terrorist attack. they were found with explosive materials. it's not known when or where it was to take place. a scary sight at jfk. a flight never got off the ground after an engine burst into flames. the plane was checked out by emergency crews and taken out of service. human rights lawyer amal clooney and her actor husband, george clooney are expecting twins. that's a good one. we have two major stories developing now on the world stage involving president trump. these are the important global
6:32 am
ones. "the washington post" released a new bombshell report about trump's son-in-law, jared kushner and involves the wall along the u.s./mexican border. president trump is changing his tune when it comes to china. he plans to honor the one china policy after earlier suggesting it was open for negotiation. we'll get a team of reporters from around the globe with the latest details. we are live in beijing. what have you learned about this between president trump and the president of china? i feel like there's been saber rattling for months about one china, not so much, then a call and it's a maybe? >> reporter: this is a complete 180 for president trump. it was weeks ago he said the one china policy was open for negotiation. from china's point of view, this had to happen. he had to honor the one china policy. there are few issues more
6:33 am
sensitive to beijing thand taiwan. the call is being well received and she appreciated it. trump recognized the risks of not backing down from a fight he started were simply too high and would stand in the way of real issues like trade, the south china sea and north korea. it's not clear whether china had to give up ground in breaking this deadlock. this was a major concession by president trump. >> i want to take you from beijing to mexico city. we are there. "washington post" has a new report out saying donald trump's son-in-law, jared kushner and the mexican foreign minister with by president trump's side helping with the speech where he pushed the border wall. i want to show a piece to remind people. >> i want to emphasize, we will be working in partnership with our friends in mexico for safety
6:34 am
and economic opportunity on both sides of the border. >> what? mariana, what is this? >> reporter: so, stephanie, two news outlets "the washington post" and cbs are reporting it is president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner pulling the springs with mexico because of the close relationship he forged with the mexican foreign minister. "the washington post" goes as far as to explain in great detail it was the three of them in the ovl office when trump was writing that speech on the wall before signing that executive order. then they convinced president trump to soften his tone with mexico, include phrases like a strong mexico is in the best interest of the united states. i spoke to people after this report came out. stephanie, they are denying the whole thing. in fact, the mexican foreign minister took to twitter to deny the story, saying i never
6:35 am
thought i would use this phrase, but i am using it today and then in caps, he wrote, fake news. stephanie, as you can imagine, he's catching a lot of flak for this in mexico. many mexicans accusing him of adopting the trump-style gompbing. that's a, not telling the truth and b, taking to twitter. >> my goodness, the drama never ends. thank you. steve, i'm going to start with you. you were in tokyo last week. what did you make of this? were going back to the one china and the call the president just had. >> i think japan is one of the most important allies in the region. donald trump has been worried about north korea. he had a fumble and abe saw donald trump slap around the prime minister of australia the other day. japan is wondering, what's our relationship going to be. they feel under potential siege
6:36 am
and abe doesn't know what's going on. on the one china policy thing, this is a remarkable shift for trump. better minds around him are saying, i heard this from the people a few weeks ago, they have a lot of patience for trump. he has to work out how he's going to govern. the one thing they have zero patient for is the one china policy. we can negotiate on everything else, but not that. it's a sign of rationality. >> it should be considered a net positive that he's backing down or does it say to china, he's tough talking, but you can push him around? >> it means it's erratic. china is arguably the most important nation in the world today, next to the united states. they didn't speak for a long time. he's flirting a lot with russia. that shows you something is amiss in trump's calculation of how to deal with power. he seems to be focused on taking china on. the japanese are freaked out about it.
6:37 am
not only did it come to policy, by maybe you don't need our base. maybe you should nuclearize and defend yourself. getting a really good fix on what the nuts and bolts of the real u.s./japan relationship is high priority. >> mexicans are freaking out too, thinking their foreign minister is taking a page from trump. >> they look at the relationship with the united states. they say, who is jared kushner in this world? he is not a, you know, a shadow, secretary of state. he's not someone who is somehow elevated to be in charge of relations with the country. they wonder how can he have such a prominent role? kushner is a diplomatic novice. he's a real estate executive that married into the family. in mexico, it's reported that people are already saying, well, are there potential financial conflicts of interest here that
6:38 am
may be going back into past business dealings, which again, leads us back to the trump taxes. we don't know what the holdings are. it's diffilt to unravel these relationships. it's a spot that the mexican president put himself in. his approval rating right now is 11%. he's less popular than trump. he was the genius who invited trump down there for the border meeting. he was fired because the mexican public turned on him, they are so upset. they brought him back hoping to work something out with trump. this is a very bizarre relationship. people in mexico do not understand why their country is sort of in the hands of a novice diplomat. >> my goodness. remember jared kushner, as the president said, charged with, peace in the middle east. he's got a lot to do in four years. next, fallout over kellyanne
6:39 am
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the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. kellyanne has been counseled. that's all we are going to go with. >> that, of course, was white
6:43 am
house press secretary, sean spicer talking about kellyanne conway, telling viewers to, quote, buy ivanka's stuff. members of congress aren't buying into it. in a bipartisan letter, jason chaffetz and elijah cummings urged them to review the statement for possible ethics violations. heres what she had to say about it on f. >> where is that letter? we are reviewing it internally. i'm happy i spent a lot of time with the president of the united states this afternoon and that he supports me 100%. >> okiedoke. norm. talk me through kellyanne conway's role. yes, she's there to serve the president. if she committed an ethics violation, is it president trump's decision to move
6:44 am
forward? who makes the decision here? >> stephanie, good morning. the review of this is going to move on multiple fronts. normally, if a government official slips, it's not as blatant as this. this is ethics 101. never use your government property where she was standing, paid on government salary, the image of the white house behind her to promote a private company. it was extraordinary that the condemnation came from all the places where the discipline is going to come from. the white house said she was counseled. you have the congress, which has oversight authority because appropriated funds were being used. it's not just an ethics issue, it's a question of the money and the government of ethics getting invo involved. here is what's troubling,
6:45 am
stephanie. instead of kellyanne conway coming on fox news, did she look contrite to you? she doubled down. the president is 100% behind me, conflicting with what spicer said. even jason chaffetz is calling for a bipartisan review of this. there could be serious consequences. >> let's back this up. we are focused on kellyanne conway, acting as a human shield again and again. what she's doing is defending president trump's tweet from the day before. let's review this. ivanka trump made no statement. part of her clothing line was removed from next seasons collection at nordstrom over a week ago. nordstrom said nothing against ivanka trump. the president of the united states took to the official twitter account about this company, this publicly traded company, founded in america, that employs 85,000 americans,
6:46 am
attacking his daughter. is the issue not an ethical issue about the president, not kellyanne conway who could have her job or not, but the president certainly does. >> stephanie, that's exactly right. the trumps have seen the run for the presidency, the transition of the presidency itself as a giant money making opportunity. kellyanne conway is just following the tone deafness that is set at the top by the president on this. but, the reason it's important is because it's part of that complex of issues. saying at the end, the president is 100% behind me. that -- you can't violate these ethics violations blatantly in that fashion. we need to look at her in the context of the president. my goodness, he's violating the constitution, not just the muslim ban, stephanie. he's violating the constitution by taking foreign public payments and benefits. he's been doing it since day
6:47 am
one, since he took the oath. we have to look at that full picture, but that's why his aides actions are so serious because they are furthering his plan to get rich or richer. >> all right. norm, thank you so much. we want to clear up, to be sure, the first daughter, ivanka trump had not been attacked. had she been, we would want to cover that. she has not been attacked by anyone and her brand, her company, has not been attacked in anyway. norm, thanks, again. happening now, japanese prime minister, shinzo abe is at arlington national cemetery before he heads to the white house to meet with president trump. we are going to talk about the uproar in utah. citizens pack a town hall in utah and give the chairman of the house oversight committee an earful. taking a page from the tea party. can members of congress expect the same when they go home? tsel?
6:48 am
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i did... n't. hat? hey, come look what lisa made. wow. you grilled that chicken? yup! i did... n't. smartmade frozen meals. real ingredients, grilled and roasted. it's like you made it. and you did... n't. congressman jason chaffetz got quite an earful in his home state of utah. many in the crowd made sure they were heard on a most of issues, from fears over appealing obamacare to the supreme court nominee. >> so president trump
6:52 am
nominated -- [ crowd boos ] >> tough crowd. about 1,500 people waited or protested outside. what do you think, gentlemen? >> this is happening in utah, reddest of the red state. this is a place because of the church, people are very civil. this should be very worrisome for republican congressmen elsewhere. and it shows that this whole movement on the indivisible program is working. these are people who turned out. they had sharp questions. they came in with a plan to put pressure on their representative, which does more than attending marches or going to these rallies. they have a plan. this is just -- >> this is from the tea party. >> now we see cases, there's a north carolina congressman who cancelled one of his town halls
6:53 am
because it was oversubscribed and so full. >> if you're oversubscribed, that full, if the people of your state want to see you, is that not the ultimate message, i'm just scared, i don't know what to do, i can't handle a backlash from the white house or my state? the opposite of what state legislators should do? >> it's the opposite of leadership. i'm not even going to hear you out. one thing i will give jason chaffetz credit for. he stepp out on that stage to boos and very negative reactions. they are not holding them and restricting them to online. at least he had the guts to come out and take the heat. i'll give him that. >> you think these kind of town halls will make a difference? >> yes. >> look at the last few weeks we've had, the protest, the drama, everyone calling their congressmen about these cabinet
6:54 am
picks and guess what, they're sailing on through. >> i know of people in the white house that were cheering that those protests were going on around the country. >> why? >> because they were able to go to their constituents in kansas and say, see, we are the wrecking ball. we're showing we're making an impact, this is the evidence of an impact we're having because all these liberals are in the airport. when you take the anger and frustration into the town hall it, can have a very decisive and different kind of political impact. >> and these are town halls with congressmen. that's not the same as calling into the senators who have a much longer time frame before they go back before the voters. this is much more immediate pressure and i think people in the house are thinking about this right now. >> president trump's inauguration street, he said this is the time, the day, this is the power being given back to the people.
6:55 am
it appeared they started to take it in utah. >> hundreds of thousands of iranians mark the 30th anniversary of the revolution. >> and you don't want to miss the town hall addressing the surging violence in the city, don't miss "chicago in the crosshairs." at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2!
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6:59 am
that wraps us up for the hour. many thanks to my panel today. i'm going to leave you with a little bit of a namesta. my friend, hallie jackson, is in washington with more. >> it's always a lot. we are here looking at a possible do-over? the white house is looking to rewrite the plan on immigration. >> it's a political decision. i will see him in court. i look forward to doing it. >> we've seen him in court twice. we're 2 for 2. >> the security of our country is at stake.
7:00 am
>> he did not present evidence that there is a security threat. >> and tom price overnight getting the position of health secretary. and we have breaking news, confirming that national security adviser michael flynn did talk with russia about u.s. sanctions and he did it, by the way, before president trump took office. no joke on this friday. a ton to get to. peter alexander at the white house, ken delaney in dnch .c. pete williams, when will we see the next move and what will it be? >> the court ruling is in place now, meaning the government can't enforce the executive order and the government has to decide whether to go to the supreme court, which seems very likely. if that happens, hallie, it


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