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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 11, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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that's already been delayed four times. so, like the senate, get some rest this weekend. you're going to need it. that's it for us tonight. see you monday. msnbc live is next. good morning. it's 7:00 a.m. in the east. here is what is happening, court decision to fight immigration order. >> we have other option including filing brand-new order on monday. we'll examine what it looks like and legal fall-out. snow dan back to u.s. and why he reacting already. constituents on a wide range
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of issues slated for today. protests in iran, new answers on why demonstration against u.s. took on a different tone that usual. a live report ahead. we begin with politics and president trump for travel ban. re what he told reports on his way home last night. >> in honor of the decision we will perhaps do that, we'll see. monday or tuesday. >> that separate for -- >> we have strong vetting, i call it extreme vetting and we're going to have strong security in our country. we're going to have people who come into our country and want to be here for good reasons. >> he fold up on comments this
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morning. >> we will not allow our system to be turned against us as a tool against us. we must take firm steps today to ensure that we are safe tomorrow. >> also new this morning, officials from immigration enforcement are pushing back on claims by activists say it was -- criminal aliens, illegal immigrants and we're in the planning stages before the executive order were rolled out. >> meanwhile, new reaction from newly betsy devos after protesters blocked her entrance to a school. >> it was really wonderful to visit the school and i look forward to many visits of many
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great public schools both in d.c. and across the country. thanks very much. >> what do you think of the school? >> the school is awesome. >> secretary devos release statement says i respect peaceful protests. also new today, nbc news ruia future of edward snowden. russian officials are discussing fugitive over the u.s. he was granted refuge. cynthia mcfad den has more. >> reporter: as a gift to president trump this according
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to senior official who was analyzed series of reports. a second source in the intelligence community confirms the intelligence and notes it has been received since the inauguration. the sources say russian have been curry favor with the trump campaign. he made it clear what he wanted to see what happens. >> i think he total trader. >> reporter: he has been charged under espionage act and faces 30 years. as they did during the election. >> one of the things that putin or the russian may see is that they can appear to be offering a gift, at the end of day it
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creates complications for the new administration. >> reporter: complication that may arise during the trial. good for the russians. last year mike pompeo, now cia director says prison was not enough for snowden. >> the proper outcome would be he would be given the death sentence. >> reporter: steve snowden has no knew reason for concern. in december mr. snowden said he wasn't worried. >> there's some kind of evil where trump says look, give this guy to me, as some kind of present. am i worried about it? not really. i know i did the right thing. >> this is one of those rare case where the stakes are high and deep that anything can happen. i think at end of the day moscow
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holds the cards here. >> that was nbc cynthia mcfadden reporting. finally, no country trades away spice as the rest would fear they are next. joining me next, thanks for being here. let's talk about snowden thing. does the white house want to take this on? >> they need to be careful about looking for russian trojan horse, we saw that interview if we was president they would give him to me, i don't think he realize there may be bigger complications here. what happens in trial what president going to kind of
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intelligence that snowden exposed. there's a lot of moving parts here. we know that someone like trump is eager to have things that president obama couldn't get. it's about that winning brand for trump. i think you're going to see him eager to get this. what it means, time with tell. >> it's interesting how you say that's a trojan horse. trump vexed by challenges, scale of government. the first line reads being president it's harder than donald trump thought. what are the frustration. >> when you run a family business your rule is the rule of law. and people follows your dictate. government purposely doesn't work that way. and trump is learning that when he gives an order he realizes
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judges can block it, there's constitution you have to follow and when we faces the ob stabl, he realize he cannot operate in the way he did in the campaign. there are -- he is learning he cannot operate the way he used to. >> the checks and balances are in place. >> you need to have a legislative branch and judicial branch and there are ways to check each level of government. >> the most likely scenario is they rewrite a ban that's defensible in a court of law. i think you're going to see trump have a hard time backing away intere
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away from what he did. he doesn't want it to seem like it's a learning curve for him in office. this first office he has ever held outside of private business. he is going to need to do something else. i don't think you will see this upheld in court. you see this is a good signal they are not going to see when you see trump tweeting as much as he does, all of that could be brought in as evidence. >> republicans are facing tough questions at town halls. take a listen. >> he is a coward. he knows that cincinnatians are mad. >> there's so much going on. >> i have done more in three
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weeks since the inauguration than i have done in 72 years. >> is this a movement or organic movement. >> it seems organic. they have a challenge of get williing in front of the crowd. midterm elections are coming up, democrats are thinking how can we take the losses and turn them around to be productive. there are people showing to airport to protest travel ban. people want to get engaged that we didn't see before. democrats have to figure out how to channel that. >> jason chaffetz faced a
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similar crowd. >> you know i ka not tell you how important it is to follow this particular person in the house. his roll, he is someone who would vote for trump and then he wouldn't, then 19 days later he said he would. he is someone who is got a lot of people back home who are angry. democrats are going to be there, how angry weave to keep an eye on. if the constituents say we're not going to vote for you, they are going to be mad, do your job was one of the signs we saw. we'll see. >> kellyanne conway this comment of her with ivanka. tell me about this. >> she endorsed a product and
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>> that was president trump over travel ban. let's bring in nbc kelly o'donnell. she is in west palm beach. kelly good morning to you. what's on the president's agenda today. >> good morning. we will see president trump do something common for business executive to take someone who important part of new relationship out for a round of golf. that would be japan's president shinz ashinz ab and ms. trump i her first roll as first lady westbound taking ms. abe on
4:17 am
lunch. >> reporter: trump style diplomacy. a world leader and ms. abe. official white house dinner, but held on the patio at the president's mar-a-lago club. this included a trip on air force one. during the flight, the trump's stopped to talk to reporter. he may avoid travel ban. >> we'll win that battle. we have a lot of other options including fili a brand-new order on monday. >> reporter: remains open. the president told reporters he was unaware of renewed controversy around michael
4:18 am
flynn. >> what report is that. i'll look at that. >> reporter: he denied he spoke to russian ambassador before he took office about sanctions imposed before he took office. they say flynn did discuss sanctions. administration officials say he is not certain if he discussed sanctions. a serious problem after vice president vouched for flynn. >> united states decision to expel diplomats or impose sanctions against russia. >> reporter: entirely on what flynn told him. as we said today the president will have a golf outing and official dinner with prime minister and his wife. we will see international
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scale. new zealand farewell tip attract this tragedy and scientists are not clear why. the whales lose their way. >> reporter: today a tragedy in new zealand, husband of whales stranded on the beech. more than 400 washed ashore. hundreds jumped into action. >> first thing this morning and it was small group of us and we went out and saw one of the biggest standed i have ever seen. >> reporter: the whales are still coming, they are drowned calls of stranded friends. but this morning, fresh strategy a new pod of 240 whales they may
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have to be put down, 20 have already been put down. >> i never experienced death like this before. this is such a majestic animal. >> reporter: it's natural event on a unusual scale. >> this a very large one, it's a massive undertaking. >> reporter: for the whales it's been a fight for life. for a human helpers a painful trial. for some all that's left is to comfort the dying. they are hoping some of the chance of hails can be saved. when dawn breaks in a few hours volunteers will return and they will with have to work fast to get the whales off but to
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welcome back. i'm dara brown. here is what we're monitoring. more snow is on the way for parts of new england. people in boston are still digging out. another system has potential to drop another foot over the weekend. kelly, good morning. how is it looking out there? >> we have a little bit of snow happening across new england.
4:29 am
still, 1 to 3 inches expected there. even across the west coast, los angeles, san diego seeing rain this morning. we are forecasting 90 degrees this afternoon. oklahoma city is dry. a fire ban in oklahoma. meanwhi meanwhile blizzard watches for main. another system comes through tomorrow that bring more snow across the interior sections across the northeast. rain drops for you. boston to portland we could see snow on monday. back to you.
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>> thanks, kelly. here what he told reporters on his way to florida home after thousands gathered for the national holiday. >> what was response to iran resident who told people that any day that threaten the nation of iran is going to -- >> you better be careful. irans president did not mention president trumpy name it will strongly warmongering policy. they carried anti-trump signs, was toned down this year. joining me now is ally, nbc bureau chief. ally, how should we expect leaders to respond to this comment by president trump? >> well, dar ra, the leadership doesn't respond to threat and
4:31 am
tough talk from the u.s. president trump unknown quantity to them. to try to ignore him not to pay too much attention or importance on what he has to say. as such won't respond himself, to the president's comment, if he does it won't be anything controversial. i think that in iran, they will respond in other ways to pressure from the united states. i think you'll hear criticism from the supreme leaders, the most powerful man in the country, they will continue to conduct military exercises. dar ra. >> you said you did to the see burning of the u.s. flags. how unusual was the tone this year and what do you think is
4:32 am
behind this? >> that's right. it's a time honored tradition since the beginning of the revolution to burn u.s. flag at events like this. it was absent this year. i heard one or two were burned. i didn't see any. at past rally, you couldn't avoid it. every ten, 15 yards would be a flag burning. this could have been in part due to iranians taking to social media before the event, using the #urge beyond flag. in the united states other people have plaque cards saying americans are welcome in iran. so a much more toned down event
4:33 am
this year as opposed to the ones i have seen over the last decade. back too you. >> thank you, ally. for analysis let's bring in diky f d chris. i want to start with your reaction from the comments from president ump. what giving advise on iran? >> one of the people is giuliani, he was close to a group which a cult-like organization it used to be branded terrorist organization. i saw him in paris in 2013 in which he was vowing to crush iran. so he is very hawkish.
4:34 am
if trump is listening to them he getting advice about how to take tough noise against iran. >> where is u.s. heading? >> i think the irany is playing, the correspondent was talking about is one to reach out to the american people. i don't think they know what trump is about. they are being caution. they want to reach out to americans who don't support the ban on the ban on the seven countries. they are saying you respect us, we'll respect you, and we'll figure out what the president is all about. >> is this another positive
4:35 am
reaction part to avoid tensions between iran and the u.s.? >> anniversary is not going to the source of the tension of the the sources of the tension are really. the deployment is syria there are exploitation of the situation in iraq, the launch of the missile that could carry war head, all of that, those are kind of things that the obama administration worried about and trump administration is obsessed with. >> when secretary of state met with wash washington, d.c., what
4:36 am
are you getting about the future of this deal? >> millions of time during the campaign, trump talk about what a terrible deal this was. once he look as the detail and once tillerson and his people look at details you cannot make a better deal. what they did was postpone the potential for iran to make a nuclear weapon by ten years or more. if the deal falls apart iran would go back to thrholdo a year before he could make nuclr weapon. do you go to war with iran. that's not a war that's going to be won in the war and it would have to be done on the ground. iran has a strategic -- general mattis had to plan for it, i think he going to understand that's not something anybody wants to do. i think all of that is to say i
4:37 am
think the deal is going to stay in place. >> what are chance of that happening, having a ground war? >> well, i think it depends. things could go wrong badly. both iran and the trump administration love to push and product their adversaries but they don't give ground if they are pushed back. what do you do? that's how you get into serious problem. you do have a lot of hawks like giuliani and steve bannon who is trying to drive policy and they may not see the dangers of a war. you have netanyahu to visit washington and see trump and he has been militating for a long time to get military action against iran. but there's no way that israel can attack iran, they won't
4:38 am
start a war america is force today try to win. >> thank you for your input. tension building at town hall across the country. why constituents are lashing out at members of congress. >> working hard to protest, to stand up to fight for freedoms and immigrants, neighbors, our laws, democracy, when we wl keep fighting and fighting and fighting. a look at what's behind the frustration next.
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my administration is committed to your security which is why we will continue to fight to take all necessary and legal action to keep terrorists,
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radical, extremist from ever entering our country. we will not allow our system to be turned against us at a tool for terrorism and truly bad people. we must take firms steps today to ensure that we are safe tomorrow. >> that's president trump's latest weekly address released hours after they said they would be vising the executive order. let's bring in political analysts. welcome to all of you. >> good morning. >> let's start with you, what would new immigration order look like? >> well, you have the issue of
4:43 am
discriminations. he made comments during the campaign saying he was going to ban all muslims from coming to the country and recently he said christians could be given prior to. he has to rewrite an order that doesn't hint at as you of discrimination. that's one of the challenges going forward. >> attracted so much criticism. >> part of why it attracted criticism because it was not executed very well. the green card holders were caught up on flights on their way over. that was a big problem. my guess is if this remains in the ninth circuit court he not going to win the case. if the seattle judge holds his
4:44 am
decision. he may lose with a 4-4 tie. it would be better to write the order that would pass legal mustard. >> does that give democrats an opportunity here? >> i think democrats have an opportunity to show strength and resist and point to the courts to say you are not the king, check with the lawyers to make sure you are not banning an entire religion. if you are doing this to ban people because of who they are, then that's wrong. so that's i think an opportunity for democrats to say it's not about what religion you practice there are other mechanisms to use instead of banning out right
4:45 am
everyone. >> you said chaffetz showed up and booed. >> by far donald trump was better choice. [ chanting ] >> that's just latest in a series of confrontation between lawmaker and their constituents in recent weeks. many see the similarities after president obama took office. >> it's distinct from the tea party because you did not have president obama losing the popular vote.
4:46 am
you have reasonable gripes. the muslim ban is the first example, taking away obamacare, is another example. we don't want government health care baa keep your hands over my medicare there was a lieutenaot confuse and it's different than what you are seeing today. >> utah won the majority of the votes. >> the tea party was the successful, i can name five senators, ted cruz, mike lee, these are people elected about the tea party. they were successful because they organized, get involved, and got candidates elected, in this group can do the same, that remains to be seen. >> do they break from the
4:47 am
president? >> if you get elected to congress you have to remember who brought you to washington. you can never forget the people who elected you. you my have an opinion, you may be support of the president. you have to reach out. the country is polarized. >> stay with me. next we'll have insight just how intense it is behind the scenes at the white house. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and an unusual taste sensation. do not touch the container tip to your eye or any surface. remove contacts before using xiidra and wait for at least 15 minutes before reinserting them.
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built for business. do you think these protests are going to have any impact, though, on republicans, who will will of course control thissing repeal and replace? >> do i think? i think it has already had a huge impact. it was just month or two ago, republicans said we're going to refeel affordable care act, throw millions off of health insurance.
4:51 am
guess what? you're not hearing that so much anymore. i don't think you're going to see them going forward with the repeal of the aca. >> that's vermont senator bernie sanders explaining last night why he thinks president trump may not be able to follow through on a key campaign promise. let's bring back in our political panel. zerlina, is there already an impact from these protests? >> absolutely. you're already seeing president trump not being able to control himself when it comes to twitter. actually, if you look at the time, he'll be tweeting in a few moments. it's usually around 8:00 a.m. on saturdays. i think the protests are putting pressure on the president to temper some of his movements and decisions because the people are not for them. i think when you sign an executive order for a muslim ban and people take to the streets, that definitely is going to send a message to the white house and also republicans in the house, for example, have to run every two years so they're very
4:52 am
concerned, especially in swing districts, about the opposition and the resistance to the trump agenda. >> rick, do you agree? are the protests enough to derail this effort? >> we'll see. i think there's still a lot of support for repeal obamacare. it's been very up affordable, high deductibles. people did lose their insurance, their doctors. they would like to see a better system of health care. that has driven elections for the last three or four cycles. that's put the republicans in charm of the congress and is part of the reason donald trump is in office. we'll see. it all depends on whether this movement, and it is like the tea party -- the tea party's mark was also resistance. if they can organize and have a compelling miessage, perhaps thy will have an impact. i don't know. >> joe, do you think the protests over immigration and health care are getting through to plump himself and do you think he cares? >> i think he cares, and i think
4:53 am
he certain hi hears them. what makes the country great is you have to right to protest and be heard, especially if you don't agree. that's why you see so many americans taking to the streets and voicing their opinion on a regular basis. it will hopefully make the country a better place because everybody needs to be heard. but clearly how it impacts you depends on who you are. if you're a member of congress and hoping to be re-elected from your district, you better pay attention to the people in your district and what they're saying. >> politico reports said president trump is quote frustrated with the challenge of running the massive federal bureaucracy and that, quote, president is harolder than he thought. your thoughts. >> welcome to the big show. the federal government is enormously complicated. presidents can only focus on very narrow things. donald trump wanted to focus on immigration, trade, building the wa wall, making america great again
4:54 am
and he'll be lucky if he gets two out of three things. when presidents try to focus on too much, they end up getting very little done. >> zerlina, how unusual is it to see this just three weeks in a presidential term? the white house arguing he's not being given a fair opportunity. is there anything to that argument? >> i think they want to try to make the case the people in the streets aren't giving him a fair shot, but i think he has to demonstrate that he is the president for everyone and banning people from one religion and preferencing people from christianity because you're me comfortable with that is wrong d people are saying we don't agree with that. i think donald trump learned the hard way he didn't run to be king. he ran to be president of the united states and that we have three co-equal branchs of government and the judiciary may come in and check his executive authority from time to time. that is something that presidents have to deal with so he better get with the program. >> joe, has donald trump invited some of this and did president
4:55 am
obama get the same harsh treatment? did he invite any? >> president obama had a very different style, a much less confrontational style. donald trump's style so far as president is not too dissimilar from his style as a leading business man. he's not at all slow to be confrontational, to let people know exactly what he thinks and how he thinks. being the president of the united states is a hard job, a really hard job. having worked in the white house, i know how tough it is for every single president there. he's still learning and has a way to go. donald trump is learning. >> do you think he can actually draw that line between ceo and president? >> oh, he's going to have to. i mean, you're not the king as president of the united states. you've got to work with congress. you've got to work with all the branches of government as well as listen to the american people to get things done. it's a hard job, but it's one that can be navigated successfully. >> and politico describes the white house as a powder keg of a workplace where jobs and duties
4:56 am
are unclear and morale amongst some is low, faction nallism is rampant and exhaustion is running high. rick, is this as bad as it sounds for the president? >> i think it's pretty bad and it will probably get worse. part of the problem is donald trump doesn't sleep a lot. he's about to tweet again and his staff is reacting, you know, all the time. and it will just exhaust your staff. and when there are mistakes made like the initial way that this executive order on immigration was rolled out, it puts the staff into finger-pointing mode, and the president is not happy. and so, yeah, there's going to be a lot of pressure. i think the president realizes that it just has to get better and will only get better if there's a clear chain of command and there really isn't one in the white house right now. >> rick, you brought that up last week with steve bannon having a little fighting so we'll see what happens next week. rick, joe, is zerlina, thanks
4:57 am
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youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. good morning. the esident vowing to fight opposition to his immigration battle. >> we have other options including just filing a brand-new order. >> we'll examine the legal fight, what it will look like and the potential political and human fallout of it. and an nbc exclusive. russia considers sending edward snowden back to the u.s.


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