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tv   Pulse of America  MSNBC  February 12, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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♪ ♪ good afternoon, everyone. we're live at the brokaw news senter in los angeles. welcome to "the pulse of america" here on msnbc where you're voice can be heard in real time. and here are the stories we want your pulse on today. one of first foreign policy tests of the trump administration as north korea fires a ballistic missile into the sea. is north korea a bigger threat to the united states than iran? on immigration, the president tweeting this morning that crackdown on illegal criminals is merely keeping of my campaign promise.
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gang members, drug dealers and others are being removed. among those others in arizona mother of two will trump's order on immigration greatly increase the number of people considered criminals worthy of deportations? and more stores getting rid of trump branded products after nordstrom faced the president's wrath of dropping ivanka trump's clothing line. was this a misuse of public office? and, of course, it is grammy night. the speeches could get very, very political. but the celebrities are talking politics hurt their brand to voice your opinions on our pulse question today, grab your phone, grab your laptop, log on to pulse.msnbc do the come/america where you can participate by selecting your response. we want to hear from you. reminder, can you vote as often as you like throughout the show. it's not like going to the ballot box on election day. and now to our top story this hour. north korea is launching what u.s. officials have identified
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as an interimmediate range missile launch much it's fist test since president trump took office. officials saying the missile did not pose a threat to the north american couldn't nent. it came the say day president trump was hosting japanese prime minister shinzo abe at his florida home prompting this statement last night. >> i just want everybody to understand and fully know that the united states of america stands behind japan, its great ally, 100%. thank you. >> and that, of course, brings us to our first pulse question of the day. do you agree or degree, north korea is a bigger threat to the united states than iran? go right now, log on to we want to hear from you. kelly o'donnell is in west palm beach, florida. besides north korea, of course, the president and other officials are commenting on another huge story today,
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immigration. what can you tell us? >> well, the president has a few hours left in his work and play mix weekend. and part of that is getting back to washington with some big expectations. the president has said that this week it is likely that his administration would have a new plan with respect to the travel ban affecting the seven countries that's gob to the courts. the ongss are challenging it in court, snag that process, but the president says that is time consuming. and he could do something sooner. and that other option could be a new executive order which ch would sort of reset the clock. it would address the concerns that have come out with the court challenges and would allow the trump administration to try to put this extreme vetting of the president calls it back in force. today one of the top policy advisors to president trump, stephen miller, very much involved in the planning and the execution of this travel ban and the early stages, he was on a series of morning shows today and he spoke out in frustration
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that the courts in his view have stopped the president from keeping this campaign promise. >> we've heard a lot of talk about how all the branches of government are equal. that's the point. they are equal. will is no such thing as judicial supremacy. what the judges did both in the ninth and district level is take power for themselves that belong squarely in the hands of the president of the united states. >> the bottom line is that a district judge, a district judge in seattle cannot make immigration law for the united states. cannot give foreign nationals and foreign countries rights they do not have and cannot prevent the president of the united states from suspending the admission of refugees from syria. >> and so you get a sensest frustration from inside the trump white house about how all of this has rolled out. and their view that they have the authority, the president would, to set bound riz and to set limits on noncitizens coming into the u.s. so the next steps could unfold in the next few days. they have not given us a specific rollout.
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the president said there is an urgency so get something done. in the remaining hours here today, i can tell you that president is meeting with -- has a plan to meet with his expected treasury secretary who will likely be confirmed and that confirmation up for a vote in the next few days. they're meeting at the president's florida home along with steve win, the new finance chair for the republican national committee. and the president meeting with some law enforcement officers as well. in a few hours, it's expected he'll make the trip back to d.c., getting down to another work week. i believe it's the fourth in his still new administration. jacob? >> nbc's kelly o'donnell with the presidentst united states in west palm beach, florida. thank you. now back to north korea. you may remember that in june north korea launched two similar ballistic missile tests both crashing into the sea of japan and then september the country is believed to have conducted the fifth nuclear device test sparking international condemnation including then
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president obama. joining me now is jordan chang, author of "nuclear showdown: north korea takes on the world." thank you. you praised donald trump's meeting with president abe. given that phrase, what do you think? >> this is important because people really didn't know whether trump would actually stand behind japan and south korea. during the campaign, candidate trump in march said that maybe japan and south korea should develop their own nuclear weapons and do it divorce from the u.s. so standing behind abe and his phone call a week ago with the south korean acting president, that was a very good thing. the united states is going to need friends. normally when an american president says we're going to work with our allies, that is no big deal. but when trump said that, that really was a signal that he was moving away from his campaign which a lot -- which scared a lot of people including america's best friends in the region. >> you mentioned the president standing behind japan.
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i'm curious what you thought of the nature of his comments last night. i think it was about 134 characters shorter than a tweet by my count. he didn't directly condemn north korea. denlt mention the united nations which shinzo abe did. what did you think about what the president had to say, the little that president had to say last night? >> i think he doesn't know what to say. largely we're seeing administration officials saying that the response will be calibrated which means that they haven't quite figured it out. and the important thing here is that the north koreans tested what they call a ballistic missile. now iran on january 29th also tested a ballistic missile. the question that administration needs to ask is what's going on here? what is the relationship between iran and north korea? we know that north korea sells about $2.5 billion of weapons a year to the iranians. they had a joint missile program for probably two decades now. maybe a little bit longer. and so the united states needs to deal with this issue.
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it's not just iran versus north korea. it's really the two of them together challenging the united states. >> if the president isn't sure what to say as you have said, what will he discover about the policy tools that he has and his administration has to use against north korea? >> well, they're pretty limited. his predecessors tried every policy with regard to north korea. and we know that they've been spectacularly ensuccessful. they've been able to develop nuclear weapons and long range missiles. they got three launchers that can reach the lower 48 states. they can't put a nuke on them yet. that is only maybe three to five years down the road. fwha but that is only a matter of time. he needs to figure out something very quick. the only thing that american presidents haven't done is try toim pose big costs on china for the support of north korea. that, of course, is a risky strat strategy. that is one thing that may work. >> during the transition,
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president obama told president-elect trump at the time and his whole team that north korea should be the new administration's top foreign policy priority. is that something you agree with, gordon? >> yes, i do. but we got to remember that it's not just north korea. north korea has been working pretty closely with the chinese and also with the iranians. and so, therefore, it is a challenge which is broad based. you put it all together though, i think that that is the number one foreign policy goal right now -- threat right now for the united states to deal with. it's the one threat that we've not been able to deal with over the course of centuries. so, you know, whatever we're doing is wrong. we need a new approach. which is not to say that trump is going to find it. but nonetheless, we do need to look at things in a very different light because accepted foreign policy -- policies that we've had have just failed. >> gordan, thank you so much for your insights. greatly appreciate it. and this test for the new administration, of course, comes as national security adviser
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michael flynn is under fire for discussing sanctions with the russian ambassador before mr. trump took office. something that vice president and other top officials repeatedly denied. joining me now is a media reporter for "politico," a political analyst and columnist for "time" magazine and sirius/xm analyst and reporter for the hillary clinton campaign. with this north korean missile test, did the trump administration pass any sort of foreign policy test here? >> he showed stability over the weekend in his dealings with prime minister abe. i do give him points for that for, yes, it was, you know, a productive meeting. i still think that there are so many variables at play. and the totality of the instability of donald trump's foreign policy of him, you know, lashing out at allies, not being well informed about what the major policies are at stake, you know, when he's on the calls,
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there just so much still left to be seen when it comes to donald trump forming a cohesive foreign policy and a world view. you know, what really is the world view? >> let me turn to you. i want to talk about michael flynn's future. here is what stephen miller said earlier today. take a look. >> the white house did not give you anything to say other than -- >> they did not give me anything to say. it's not for me to tell you what is in the president's mind. that's a question for the president. that's a question for the chief of staff. >> if you were caught misleading the vice president of the united states, would that be considered a fireable offense in the trump white house? >> it's not for me to answer hypotheticals. it wouldn't be responsible. it's a sensitive matter. >> somewhat awkward as far as i'm concerned. what is your reaction? >> that whole exchange was awkward. stephen miller looking off to the side in the camera almost checking in with someone just to make sure what he is saying is fine. i think what is happening with flynn right now is very serious.
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there are still open questions about what involvement russia had in our election. i think there needs to be a bipartisan commission and a real investigation into what happened and the impact that russian hack hg on the results of the election. i think that the fact that president hasn't tweeted anything about flynn since this news broke is somewhat alarming to me. he tweets about literally everything else. and -- >> he sure z the thing that keeps me up at night really is donald trump's lack of self discipline. so i'm really afraid he's going to tweet something that starts a conflict abroad and i think that a lot of people share that concern. >> let me get new here. i follow his stuff and what folks say on the sell vision very closely. stephen miller saying the white house did not give him anything to say on the topic. what is a pretty unusual response, no? >> it is. i thinkly piqued a lot
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of interests from people watching this. i was going through the morning news letters. a lot of people were noting that specific response about general flynn. there is no sort of push back, support from the president, the president stands behind him. we saw a different reaction when kellyanne conway was counselled for promoting the line. there was a different reaction from the white house than what we're seeing from general flynn they're starting to trickle out reports that he may be in trouble. he might start to be a political liability. >> you're buy graphical information comes in handy here. you served for a time as the communications direct for for the national security council when george w. bush was president. should misleading the vice president be a fireable offense? >> well, i absolutely think that the vice president needs to have confidence in his subordinates that they're telling the truth. it's a pretty basic fundamental job requirement, i think. and so, yes, i certainly think it's a fireable offense. i think it's going to come down to whether vice president pence is comfortable with general
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flynn serving the president. and that's really going -- this is -- you know, going to be a pretty big battle for donald trump to decide whether he's going choose his vice president or stick with general flynn. >> one manufacture battles. we got to talk about israel. we'll for sure be talking about is thinks week. the president is going to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu later this week and president trump walked back his support for settsettl settlements. will we see the same friction that we saw with netanyahu and president obama? >> i don't think we'll see the same amount of friction. when you talk about the broader conversation, there is still a lot of questions in terms of what president trump will do. he's very short on the details, you know, generally when it comes to a lot of foreign policy decisions. but i think that you're not going to see the same amount of tension. he said very positive things about benjamin netanyahu to this point. i think that the personal
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relationship certainly will be a different dynamic than we saw with president obama. that doesn't mean that he's going to have more success in coming to a resolution or an adequate solution to that problem that we've all lived with for many presidents now. >> there is another personal relationship that will come into play. hadas, jarrod kushner is going to be a huge presence throughout netanyahu's visit. the president said that if jarrod kushner cannot achieve peace, nobody can. is this a chance for him to actually assert his influence in the west wing and in a public way? >> absolutely. and this is a cause near and dear to jarrod's heart. he's from an orthodox jewish family. he actually has a personal relationship with benjamin netanyahu. the family has known netanyahu for very long time. so that will likely come into play. i do think it's really interesting the statement that's have come out recently and interview that benjamin netanyahu made with an israeli
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newspaper where he walked back when he said previously about moving the embassy to jerusalem and settlements. there is going to cause friction with benjamin netanyahu when he comes. prior to the inauguration, trump was touting himself as the biggest support of israel and he would most embassy right away. this is a change. jarrod will have a very important role to play. interesting for somebody who has absolutely no experience in foreigncy cc ccy -- foreign dip. >> it will be quite a week. i think we've said that every week. thank you so much. i hope you have a good sunday. for our first pulse question today, we have been asking you all at home, agree or degree, north korea is a bigger threat to the united states than iran? first, the overall tug of war breaking it down by political party, 16% degree,isagree, 84% .
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when you look at it by gender, men and women both agree. women slightly more so than men. the final scoreboard right now. 87% agree. 22% disagree. the question, of course, is north korea a bigger threat to the united states than iran? if you miss this one, there will be lots more chances to weigh in throughout the course of the hour. coming up next, mexicans march today demanding their government defend their rights and respect in mexico and beyond. that as president trump talks tough on immigration. we're asking you, agree or disagree, president trump's order on immigration will greatly increase the number of people considered criminals worthy of deportations? go right now and log on to thank you! imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go.
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a respect for mevenl he could ds-- mexico march is underway right now. they're urging mexicans that live in the united states to take precautions and stay informed about immigration issues. those are their words. that brings us to our second pulse question of date. do you agree or disagree, president trump's order on immigration will greatly increase the number of people considered criminals worthy of deportations. log on and tell us what you think right now. joining me right now as well as msnbc's reporter who is live in mexico city at the march, looks busy out there. what is the mood like out there?
12:22 pm
>> this is the big first anti-trump rally since he took office. 1100 people have marched through here to get to the iconic angel of independence. behind me you see people with signs. we have seen at least one trump pinata burned to the ground today. there is also a lot of families here today who are angry and disappointed and scared of the deportations they're seeing in the u.s. a lot of families suffered separations like this family right here. you were deported. why you are here today? >> because my mom got deported. >> so why are you marching?
12:23 pm
>> trump. >> i want to walk you through march a little here. what is your name? >> my flame is marco. >> why are you here? >> i'm here becausest devisive politics of trum thap have already taken place. defor stations starting. although we don't have a government that cares for us that shows enough support for the mexican people, mexican people are coming together to fight against politics. >> thank you so much. so this is a march. it's to have mexicans unite against donald trump. donald trump has been able to unite mexicans who have been very divided in the past years like no other politician has before. i want to keep walking through this rally. this rally is like this one, they're happening in 17 other cities.
12:24 pm
>> thank you so much for that report. stay safe out. there thank you very much. >> all right. >> from here in los angeles to the other side of the country in new york, i will inauguration and customs enforcement carried out enforcement raids. i'm sure you saw them in news. they're targeting six states, arresting 1 60 undocumented immigrants in california alone. a spokeswoman says these raids were routine immigration enforcement actions while this morning president trump's tweet seemed to contradict this. he said the crackdown on illegal criminals is merely the key thing of my campaign promise. gang members, drug dealers, and others are being removed. joining me now is caesar vargas. welcome to the program. as i read this is in direct
12:25 pm
contrast to what you tweeted this morning. he said they're crackdowns. they called it routine. which is it? >> regardless whether they were ordered before or happening now, the reality is that the fact that president donald trump is creating that type of fear around the country is despicable. we're putting children, we're putting families who are scared to walk outside. and, you know, individual agents are just enforcing the law. but the reality is that we're enforcing a broken immigration system. they're not just going after criminals. we're also deporting veterans who have a tend ency to go and use drugs because of ptsd. and, you know, this are people that government should be taking care of.
12:26 pm
we are talking about people that don't have a record. donald trump and republicans and democrats have played with the issue of immigration at the detriment of the immigrant families. >> i met some of these people, they speak english better than spanish because they lived the majority of their lives in the united states. but that's why the difference between whether it's a crackdown or routine i believe is so important. president obama deported three million people, more than any other president. but he also prioritize who had he deported. president trump doesn't seem to have any of the same classifications and unauthorized immigrant convicted of a crime can be deported, any of them, even perhaps if you're just suspected of committing a chargeable "fence. what do you make of the difference? >> the difference is this. exactly that. democrats have much at fault in what is occurring now.
12:27 pm
the reality is president obama laid out this blue print for donald trump to truly execute and donald trump actually said in the campaign trail that he is just going to follow president obama's footsteps. the reality is that we have two parties who are equally at fault here for creating an i will inauguration system that is breaking families apart. and the most important thing we're doing is letting people know their rights. regardless of whether they're caught up in a rape or not, this individuals have rights. we need to understand the difference between those when they say criminals or not. we talking about a family like in arizona where a woman was arrest affidavit living here 20 years only for being convicted of using a fake social security just for working. so let's not have a double standard on morality of who is a criminal and who who is not.
12:28 pm
now we have a white house official who is breaking the law. these immigrants are not breaking the law. they're living here in the u.s. seeking a better opportunity. so we need to ensure that we are fixing our broken immigration system. >> i know viewers are familiar with the story of the woman. we've been following that story closely. we'll continue to follow it. it is a very important story. her face is one we'll see quite a bit. first openly undocumented attorney in the state of new york, we're grateful you joined us this afternoon. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> we're asking you all at home, agree or disagree? president trump's order on immigration the greatly increase the number of people considered criminals worthy of deportation? log on and vote. later if, the grammy winners get political tonight, what do you think? they run the risk of hurting their brand?
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welcome back to "pulse of america" in los angeles. we have been asking you this hour, agree or disagree, president trump's order on immigration will greatly increase the number of people considered criminals worthy of deportatio deportations. first, the overall tug of war. here's what we're looking at. 10% agree disagree, 90% agree overall. all education levels agree by political party as well. democrats, independents, and republicans all agree. independents especially. so it is looking like in the final scoreboard as we bring it up, 85% agree that president trump's order on immigration will greatly increase the number of people considered criminals worthy of deportations. president trump again coming to
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the defense of his daughter yesterday in other news after nordstrom dropped her clothing line saying i'm so proud of my daughter. to be abused and treat se treaty by the media but to hold her head high is wonderful. agree or disagree this was a misuse of public office? log on to the website and let us know what you think. tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. mom: oh no... tech: this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there, so she didn't miss a single shot. i replaced her windshield giving her more time for what matters most. tech: how'd ya do? player: we won! tech: nice!
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the president stood up for a member his family and the counsellor made a comment that nobody would interpret as being what has been cast as right now by you in the media and others. i think that everybody has taken this to a degree and to a level it does not merit.
12:37 pm
>> that gentlemen ja is senior policy adviser stephen miller, defending president trump and kellyanne conway's comments vounlding ivanka trump's brand at nordstrom this morning. this raurzises an ethical quest for most. a scathing bipartisan letter to the white house and ethics office demanding answers which brings us to our third pulse question of the day. agree or disagree, president trump's tweets against nordstrom were a misuse of public office? log on to my dad is voting. you have to outvote my father. right now msnbc's reporter joins me from 30 rock in new york. savannah, what is the deal? did this hurt or help nordstrom? >> jacob, it actually helped them which means that they have broken the trump twitter curse. the department store is the first company to actually experience a surge in their
12:38 pm
stock after being mentioned in a tweet by the president. after the store pulled the clothing line citing poor sales, said she was treat sod unfairly by nordstrom. the stock was up 4%, a striking difference to the companies toyota has taken after a trump tweet mention. very different than what we've seen before. >> that is very different. what happened with these other companies like you said, boeing, lockheed, they all took this big dive. what are we supposed to read into nordstrom actually getting a bump out of all of this? >> right. it is interesting. it means are the tides changing? are people no longer looking to him to sort of sway the market one way or the other? so lockheed martin, they took a big dive. boeing took a dive but then stabilized by the end of the day. this is the first time that we've seen him tweet about something negatively and then actually see the company do well from it. we've actually also seen that kmart and sears are joining companies that are no longer
12:39 pm
going to be carrying trump branded merchandise. we'll see what happens. >> what's the deal with uber? we heard big backlash from uber, so many people across the country fans of this company. what is the future hold for uber? >> absolutely. on the other end of the spectrum, nordstrom stock surging, uber is receiving on going backlash. and now the company's ceo has actually left the advisory board. he was on there with a bunch of other tech ceos in an attempt to distance himself from the president. that campaign began after uber found themselves in the cross hairs of a taxi strike at j.f.k. airport following the immigration ban. 200,000 people, jacob, deleted the app in one week, turning to other ride sharing services like lyft. other ceos are actually still on that advisory board but their businesses have not taken any noticeable hits quite yet. >> savannah sellers, the one and
12:40 pm
only with an interesting look at companies and the wrath of president trump during the first couple weeks. >> crazy time. >> yeah. thank you. >> thank you. good to see you. >> as savannah mentioned, nordstrom bucking the trend of companies suffering when president trump launches a tweet attack. do they still need to worry about damage to their brands if they're crossing the president of united states? joining me is the ceo of a copy partners and howard bragman, vice chairman of and chairman of 15 minutes public relations. because i know howard personally, bruce, i'm starting with you. we saw what happened with nordstrom. that was sears and kmart and discontinuing the online sales of trump home items. what do you expect in do you expect more companies to follow here? >> the expectation is that dmpz a companies are going to think carefully about who the customer is and who their brand appeals to whether or not it's going to be subject to a tweet by
12:41 pm
president trump. ultimately, whether you tend to react and how you react is going to be thought out based on your customer base. i think for nordstrom what they did made sense. we'll see what happens if you're sears. what we tend to do with our clients is help them understand who their clients are, who the shareholders are, who the overall -- overall stake holders are before they kind of take any action here. >> howard, let me turn to you, my friend. does the surge in nordstrom sfok signal some sort of change nlt way that americans are reacting to the president's tweets on particular companies? or do people just really love nordstrom? >> i think people respect nordstrom. i think if you look at trump's base and you look at nordstrom's base, there's not a lot of crossover, quite frankly. i think nordstrom is based in the positive civacific northwesa blue state area. they're around the country now.
12:42 pm
they tend to be more upscale. they tend not to support the president. but i think people also looked at them and took nordstrom at their word. nordstrom said we dropped the line because it wasn't performing. and nordstrom people are very, very smart retailers. and very good merchants. they're not going to keep -- they're not going to use ali align me alignments making money. >> i was just in the pacific northwest and boeing is located there outside of seattle. >> of course. it's more than that. and it also depends on the president's bully pulpit has a lot of effect when you're boeing. okay? a huge international multibillion dollar business. possibly less effect when you're a company like nordstrom that really at the retail level. so i think that's another factor that enters into it. >> bruce, let me come back to you. do you believe the company needs to change the way they're doing business under the trump presidency? >> well, there are companies who
12:43 pm
need to evaluate how a trump presidency is going to impact their business from a regulatory point of view, from the point of view of what his administration does about tax and anti-trust issues. but in terms of consumer outreach, a company needs to know their investors. i think that's going to be trump neutral. >> howard, you know, the president promised jobs on the campaign trail. he said he was going to keep companies here. did anybody expect him to go after companies in this way? >> i think we're a little -- i think we're frankly quite surprised. and i think he let some of his personal feelings get in the way of the job of being president. and, you know, the narrative that's going on here with nordstrom is the first one is unfair and the second is the media is being unfair, i think it's a narrative he created by not being transparent by attacking hillary's conflict of interest and that his own -- his
12:44 pm
on conflict of interests are rather brazen right now. i think he brought this on himself. and as much as he wants to control the dialogue of the media, he controls a lot right now. he doesn't get decide what people talk about and what people think. >> howard bragman, bruce goldfarve, thank you. still time for all of you at home to make your voice heard on our pulse question. president trump's tweets against nordstrom were a misuse of public office. go and vote on ♪
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hey, everybody. welcome back. this hour we've been asking you all, do you agree or disagree, president trump's tweets against nordstrom were a misuse of public office? first the overall tug of war, take a look at where things stand right now. whoa.
12:48 pm
95% of you agree. only 5 he% disagree. both men and women are strongly agreeing. women it looks like right now even more so. and now let's go to political party. during our discussion, republicans agreed that president trump's tweets against nordstrom were a misuse of public office. republicans, very interesting. all other political parties also strongly agree. and the final scoreboard here, drum roll, please. whoa. 96% agree. 4% disagree. finally, something we can all find common cause on. the music business tonight, of course, ladies and gentlemen, honors the brightest. can you expect the speeches and maybe performances to get just a tad political. we're asking you all at home, do you agree or disagree celebrities who talk politics hurt their brand? go right now and log on to we'll be right back. i thought i married an italian.
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it was that moment when the person asking to sitn the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he out ranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. it -- it kind of broke my heart. >> a very powerful, i guess controversial, moment for actress meryl streep at the golden globes earlier this year, depending how you look at it, taking a stand against then president-elect donald trump. he fired back on twitter memorably, calling her an overrated actress and a hillary flunky. streep spoke out again last night at an event hosted by the human rights campaign for lgbtq rights. she responded to trump saying, quote, yes, i am the most
12:53 pm
overrated, overdecorated and currently overberated actress of my generation, referring to the backlash she received after the golden globes speech. it's not the first time that an awards ceremony has been used for political backdrop. pharrell and backup dancers were wearing hoodies making the hands up "don't shoot" gesture. at the grammy awards, it could be a stage for unexpected drama which brings us to our last pulse question of the hour. celebrity who talk politics, do they hurt their brand, agree or disagree? joining me now, steve patterson in los angeles. steve, my friend, there's a report that the grammy producer is actually encouraging people going up on that stage to make political statements. >> you're referring to ken ehrlich, who has been producing the grammys for 30 years this
12:54 pm
will be his 37th time. he said the quote was, bring it on. basically these are artists who have political messages, things they want to say and should be free to do and say that. so, he's basically welcoming them to do that. we do expect some political messages. i don't think it will be out of the realm of possibility to hear a few politically charged things coming up tonight. but even before you look at who is going on stage, who is going to say what, i think some story lines coming into the grammys are already politically rationally infused and charged. adele versus beyonce, head-to-head, big battle. adele has won 10 grammys. beyonce has won 20. but beyonce hasn't won for those big categories and has a politically racially charged album versus adele's album which is more traditional, beautiful, well produced. a lot of people are looking at
12:55 pm
that, political versus nonpolitical, black and white racial issues. then you look at the people who are not coming to this thing. bieber said he doesn't want to come. kanye west -- >> he can't decide who he support, trump or does he not? >> right. but both have said they're not coming. frank ocean, the biggest one, arguably the best album this year. he did not decide to submit his album because he's boycotting in what he calls his colin kaepernick moment, talking about the grammys don't represent where he comes from and artists may come from a more urban background. there's already politically charged activism before gu into the grammys. >> those are the presenters, the nominees. remember after the pulse nightclub in orlando, making quite a statement. do we expect anything from cordon tonight? >> not out of the realm of
12:56 pm
possibility. the guy producing it is telling people to get up there and speak your mind. this host, not afraid to do that, obviously. this could be a situation in which we see a monologue where he talks about this presidency and this political climate. >> my question is, steve, does this play right into the hands of the republicans? after the golden globes and actress meryl streep's remarks, megan mccain, friend of mine, and billy iger got into it over her characterization over meryl streep's markets. >> it was an epic twitter battle, wasn't it? >> it was. >> bad back and forth. yeah. look, if you look at artists who have done something similar over the years, dixie chicks in 2003 admonished george w. bush, the lead singer saying she was ashamed to come from the same state as the president. people burned their album. radio stations wouldn't play
12:57 pm
their songs. it goes back and forth. >> steve patterson, thank you. >> yep. agree or disagree, celebrities who talk politics hurt their brand. final scoreboard on that. let's take a quick look. 16% agree. 84% disagree. celebrities do not hurt their brand by talking politics. ladies and gentlemen, that is it for me this hour. "pulse of america." i am jacob soboroff. twitter, snap chat, instagram. my colleague, frances rivera picks things up at the top of the hour. have a great sunday. hey, searching for a great used car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at
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good to be with you. i'm frances rivera. new concerns over north korea's ballisticis


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