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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  February 13, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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we are live from the region. and within the hour president trump will welcome canadian prime minister justin trudeau, just landing in the u.s. and heading straight to the oval office. we've got our team of reporters here, christian welker at the white house, keir simmons in seoul. >> what do we know about michael flynn? >> reporter: we know he is on thin ice, hallie. a number of aides are calling for his ouster. the revelation he did discussion sanctions with the russian ambassador before president trump was sworn into office and then apparently misled the vice president about it. everyone remembers last week the vice president went out and vouched for mike flynn and said he had not spoken to russian about sanctions. now it appears that is not the
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case. over the weekend the president's senior policy adviser, steven miller, was pressed on this over whether or not the president still has faith in general flynn and he essentially said that's a question for the president. so a very tepid response, not exactly a robust endorsement of michael flynn. having said that, michael flynn was at mar-a-lago with the president over the weekend and the japanese prime minister. the sense is no decision is imminent, that the president is still weighing his options. all of this raises the question is there not some level of disarray within the national security team given what's happening at the top. >> i want to quickly touch on this visit from canadian prime minister trudeau, interesting given after the administration's executive order was put in place by trump, justin trudeau kind of trolled him on line. today is their first meeting. they are two very different people, two very different kinds
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of leaders, right? >> reporter: they couldn't be more different, hallie. you're right, canadian prime minister posted on twitter that canada welcomes refugees. they have accepted 40,000 refugees. this is a real point of contention between these two. the question is how hard will he press president trump on this issue? because remember, the other key issue for prime minister trudeau is the issue of trade and nafta. president trump said he wants to renegotiate nafta. canada has 75% of its exports going to the united states. this relationship is significant and the prime minister will want to defend canada in any new trade deal that gets negotiated. meanwhile they'll start their day talking about women in the workforce, expected to launch a joint task force for women in the workforce.
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they'll try to find common ground before getting to thornier issues. >> thank you very much. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is also on his way to the united states right now, set to hold formal bilateral talks with president trump wednesday and just within the last hour said this before taking off. >> the alliance between israel and america has always been extremely strong. it's about to get even stronger. president trump and i see eye to eye on the dangers emanating from the reasons but also on the opportunities. >> so that meeting set for later this week. it is another foreign leader fighting for attention right now after that north korean missile launch this weekend. keir simmons is in the south korean capital of seoul. north korea says this missile test was a, quote, show of force to the new administration here in the u.s., right? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. kim jong un, the leader of north korea, is looking for attention
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and has managed to unite the world against him, and i guess in a sense he won't care about that because what he is trying to do here is to wave a flag. this is a drum beat that north korea goes through regularly, to wave a flag to the new administration to say pay attention to us. under the same time of course there is the military aspect. they are developing these missiles. they say, north korea, that this is a more advanced missile than they fired before. they say a medium to long range. it traveled around 310 miles towards japan dropping into the sea before it reached japanese waters. but the timing -- the timing, just as the prime minister of japan was meeting with president trump, you couldn't really miss that, hallie. >> keir simmons live from seoul for us. thank you very much. i want to get to news back home on capitol hill. we're talking about the domestic
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cabinet. steven mnuchin for treasury and david shulkin. lee ann, do you think it will get more heated later on? do we expect a lot of opposition to these votes or is it as much of a done deal as can you expect? >> reporter: good morning. monday mornings are no indication of what happens on capitol hill during the rest of the week. later tonight we're expecting two votes on trump's cabinet secretary. the first is veterans affair secretary david shulkin. that's not supposed to be controversial at all, expected to slide through. the other is steven mnuchin. he was trump's finance director during the campaign and before that was head of the one west bank, which is embroiled in the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008. and democrats are expected to
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paint mnuchin as someone who is a friend of wall street, not a friend of the american worker and it's expected to be definitely a partisan vote tonight, hallie. >> i know you'll be watching that for us here. another late night on the hill. thank you very. i want to bring in somebody who knows the hill very well. congressman, thank you for joining us here. i want to start with calls from democrats for a congressional investigation into the national security adviser, looking into this phone call he held with the russian ambassador during the transition. where do you stand? should michael flynn be investigated? >> i don't know that it rises to the level of full congressional investigation, but i think through the intelligence, the apparatus of this country, through a variety of more inside and quieter circles, it needs to be more thoroughly vetted. >> what does that mean to you, to be more thoroughly vetted?
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has the president failed in that mission? >> well, i mean, there's a big discrepancy out there that has rightfully democrats upset saying, wait a minute, he says this and now it's this over here. which one is it? if you're going to look at national security issues, they're neither republican or democrat, it's about national security. we don't want a national security adviser whose word we question. full scale investigations could be a circus. the administration, it's up to them. if they want to have credibility with the american public so they can give a reporting of this is what happened and why it happened. i don't think people at a gut level are comfortable with what they've seen come out here over the last ten days or so. >> congressman, if i may, reading between the lines, by your tone you don't seem particularly comfortable with michael flynn as national security adviser. is that a fair characterization of where you stand?
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>> no. i feel in this country we're innocent until proven guilty. this is not a criminal bar or threshold. i would say at the start of any new administration, it's my bias to give people the benefit of the doubt. >> you talked about national security, how it's not a political issue. you have north korea, iran, immigration executive order, russia, all of this piling up. how confident are you that president trump has his a team in place to handle all this stuff? >> you know, it's been obviously a point of criticism, the fact he doesn't have foreign policy experience but he's obviously a shrewd negotiators. that's been proven over the course of his career and i think he's assembled some strong people on that front. i think general mattis is incredibly important in that equation. and i think tillerson has very strong international experience.
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i think there a whole host of resources within the state department. i say the weak link would be steve bannon. i think it's somewhere weird he was placed where he was in terms of national security. it's certainly unconventional but we'll see how it unfolds. >> if you're in steve bannon's position, if you're advising the president, what do you tell him to do? do you tell him fire mike flynn right now? >> that's way beyond my pay grade. i'm not going to presume to tell him what he ought to do. >> let's talk about north korea. the president was informed about this missile launch. the japanese prime minister was at mar-a-lago when all of this went do you understand and appare -- went down and apparently the president stayed there and the japanese prime minister stayed there and talked about it with their spouses.
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do you have a problem with them talking in public like that? >> i don't know that you need to run off to a secure room. the fact is mar-a-lago is going to be something of a winter white house for the president. i think that from a protocol standpoint, they may want to look at changing some things. i would say this, i think what's been interesting with donald trump in his reaction with what's happening with north korea, it's been unusually muted. i'd like to see that more often. normally he overreacts and muted is good. >> you said you wanted the president to get off twitter, right? >> i did. >> has he been doing that to your satisfaction? >> again, i don't think you can shame a company into staying in the united states. we want to attract capital and
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attract jobs and companies to stay here by virtue of our regulatory environment and tax and what he's going to do is going to be his business. it's important he didn't overreact here. i suspect at senior levels they're forming a plan as to what they do next. i think it's more of a donald trump that we would like to see, not the overreaction, not the bombastic stuff, but something says in 23 words or whatever it was i stand by japan. >> on that topic for you, congressman. interesting you say how muted he was. there have been critics who say why didn't he come out on saturday night and condemn the missile launch and send a message to kim jong un? do you think he should have come out more fiery? >> again, in that state you can't get it right.
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for donald trump who has been overreactionary in tone was underreactiona underreactionary, i think that's good. >> i want to talk on the i.c.e. raids happening in half a dozen states, including in your state in south carolina. do you agree with how the administration is going about this when it comes to immigration enforcement as it currently stands? >> he's doing what he said he was going to do. people can argue about technique but the idea of saying, look, if you have overstayed your visa, if you have, you know, a criminal record, if you have done a variety of different things that don't fit with what would be described as being a good, upstanding american, then you're outta here. i think people were ready for that. the fact that he's beginning to see that enforced at an i.c.e.
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level is part of his campaign promise. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> up next, michael flynn, is he in danger of losing not just support but the trust of his colleagues. we'll have more on that coming up in just a bit after the break. made it through many market swings. sure we could travel, take it easy... but we've never been the type to just sit back... not when we've got so much more to give when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise (sfx: rain and thunder) says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do?
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if mike flynn genuinely lied and there's lots of evidence
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about this, and if i were president, i would dismiss the national security adviser who had lied to the vice president and who was on record as having lied to me. >> tough talk from senate foreign relations chairman. flynn under fire this morning, no longer denying he may have spoken to the russian ambassador about sanctions against moscow before president trump took office. i want to bring in someone who knows the palace very well, white house bureau chief phil rucker. i don't know where to start. you wrote over the weekend about mike flynn. our guidance is he's going to survive the day, but is he going to survive the week? what are you hearing? >> i think it's a giant question at this point. we've seen for four days the white house has not defended flynn publicly and that's in
7:18 am
part because people don't actually know what president trump thinks, if he wants to keep flynn or get rid of flynn. it's a big question mark right now. the issue seems to be less that he had that conversations with the russians and much more that he lied to vice president pence about it and to other administration officials and there's a feeling from people i talk to inside the white house that he just can't be trusted right now. >> this is a discussion we hear echoed as well because vice president pence defended mike flynn based on what appears to be inaccurate information. if it comes down between pence and flynn, there's no question who the president would sort of back, right? >> i would think so. one of the reasons that flynn had so much currency during the campaign is he was one of the decorated generals who was willing to go out on the campaign and attack hillary clinton.
7:19 am
>> he seemed to be a real power broke in the beginning of the transition. i question whether he has the kind of loyalty that the president has -- as has someone like kellyanne conway. >> there's a sense and my colleagues at the "new york times" had a great piece of this today, just the sense of disorder and fear and suspicion within that staff. that can't be good if you're in charge of running it. >> you had a piece where you talked about christopher ruddy, ceo of newsmax. he said "reince is the problem. i think it's pretty clear the guy is in way over his head." i've heard from sources that it's likely overblown that priebus is on the rocks in that
7:20 am
chief of staff position. what do you think prompted the very public ruddy remarks? >> i talked to him at length yesterday. this is what ruddy believes. he doesn't speak for the president, he speaks for himself, but he did have a meeting, a private discussion with the president over the weekend at mar-a-lago and he feels very strongly that things are disorderly and that reince priebus has gotten off to a bad start. he and priebus patched it up a little bit yesterday evening and i think ruddy is trying to give priebus a chance here. i don't think priebus is going to get booted any time soon but there are people within trump's orbit that he's not been performing well. >> put this into context for me. all administrations have chaos in the beginning. nobody comes into the white house and it's picture perfect, smooth as silk but from your perspective that it's been nearly four weeks and we've been seeing issue after issue,
7:21 am
shake-up after shake-up potentially, what does it say to you about where this administration is right now? >> it's not in a good place. there's a lot of drama swirling around all the time. it's gotten in the way of progress in some of the agencies. we don't know who most of the deputy secretaries are going to be, who are most of the ambassadors going to be? there a lot of empty line because the white house is consumed with putting out these brush fires. the president is making a lot of orders, taking a lot of action but he's not governing in a complete, sophisticated way at this point. >> philip rucker, pleasure to have you on. >> thank you, hallie. >> coming up, we're heading out west where there's this potential wall of water to get unleashed in a town of california. nearly 200,000 people evacuated after big time erosion on the
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spillway on the nation's largest dam. and in this hour, canadian president justin trudeau will be arriving and a press conference that promises some fireworks. back in a minute. i'm all the techy stuff you got crammed into your brand-new car. i'm so sexy, you can't keep your hands off me. do it again. there you go... i can do whatever you want. except keep your eyes on the road. now would be a good time to have new car replacement. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, like me. it's good to be in good hands.
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a deadly explosion in pakistan. police say at least ten were killed and 60 hurt when a bomb went off at a protest in lahore. officials say a man drove into a
7:26 am
crowd, a pharmacist. a united nations security council meeting with look at north korea's latest missile loss. those closed consultations on north korea will happen this afternoon. the u.s., japan, south korea, all of them calling for urgent diplomatic talks after the launch over the weekend. >> and thousands of people took the streets in 18 cities across mexico sunday to protest, well, president trump and his policies. the biggest gathering here in mexico city burning a pinatia that is shaped like president trump. among their complaints, the border wall with mexico and his promise to dismantle nafta. >> turning to news out of california. nearly 200,000 people are being forced out of their homes today. that's because a hole has developed in the spillway of the
7:27 am
dam oroville. >> reporter: there's a big hole in the primary span, 250 feet wide, 40 feet deep. that gave way earlier this week. the one a caused so much concern on sunday was this emergency spillway. engineers found erosion damage in that. so the evacuation order was given very farantically, very quickly. people had to throw their things
7:28 am
in bags, load their bags in cars and try and get away from the low land situation. that led to a huge jam-up, bumper-to-bumper traffic for house in a very frantic, panic situation. how we got here, we've been saying for years this drought has caused so much problem for years and years and years. california was not getting enough rainfall. now it seems like in the mountains, there's too much rainfall. all the rain had to go somewhere and it came to this lake system. this oroville lake was getting overwhelmed. we spoke to folks trying to flee hearing about this 30-foot wall of water that could have hit at
7:29 am
any point. i want you to listen to this. >> i was trying to get into the gas station, then i was trying to get out of the gas station. i had people almost hitting me, running me over. it was insane. >> i'm concerned about getting out. we've been sitting here for about an hour. >> we thought we were okay and then all of a sudden, bam, you need to leave. >> reporter: incredibly scary situation for folks who live in these communities. the next step is engineering getting back on scene. now that we have first light, they're going to check out the damage to whatever has been caused on those causeways to see if they can shore those up in time for this next weather to hit, which should be about mid week. that could be another major storm that could spell disaster for people. >> steve, thank you. bill karins, talk us through this. for years the story in california no water, no water,
7:30 am
no water. now too much of it. >> they can't control how much water is going to be flowing into this lake as we go throughout the next week or two. right now thankfully the water did drop three feet overnight. this is the spillway where all the erosion took place. now all water is going down the main spillway. so they don't need a lot of rain. they have two days of pretty much clear skies, nice weather conditions out there, no problems. there is some snow melt going on so it's not like no water is coming into the lake. so about double is going out than is coming in. but here comes the next storm system as we go into wednesday. we get two storms in the next seven days. this red coloring in the mountains is four inches of rain, the pink is five inches and the bulls eye is right in the area for oroville.
7:31 am
they need to get it patched up because there's a chance that the water coming in will seek what they can get out. that's their fear. that's what they're trying to prevent, that if they have to use that emergency spillway, it will be more shored up. and the winds in the east were howling earlier. we have 37 mile-per-hour wind gusts from d.c. to new york. but the airport delay map only is calling for major delaying in new york city. laguardia and newark has two to three hour delays, philly and d.c. has nothing. i have no idea why new york is bad in wind like this. boston goes through a major
7:32 am
storm and they have no delays at all. >> bill karins, go research that. appreciate it, pal. still to come, we're talking about all options on the table with the white house considering its response to the ninth circuit's refusal to issue the travel ban. we'll talk about it after the break. when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can.
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so the white house says all options are on the table when it comes to the next move after courts block the president's travel ban. i want to bring in justice correspondent pete williams. talk us through if a new order would do a better job to stand up to legal challenges. >> the ninth circuit court of appeals basically upheld a stay, has ordered both parties to submit briefs on whether the full court should rehear the case. as long as that is going on, there's no point in the supreme court taking the case. if the administration does issue a revised executive order, it could try to get around what the ninth circuit said was the problem was the fact that the executive order applied to green card holders and others who had already come to the u.s. with
7:37 am
visas. a revised order could say it's only going to apply to those who have never come to the country. and then what becomes of the order that stops the president from using the executive order. we've got a few days to try to work through this stuff. there's going to be clearly more court action. you can be sure that even if a new executive order is released by the president and the old one is rescinded, there will still be lawsuits because there will still be people who claim it's religious discrimination. >> still protests likely i'm sure. and speaking of protests. they're intensifying today, these immigration battles happening all across the
7:38 am
country. in wisconsin othousands of peope are expected to strike and march. organizers say it's because the milwaukee county sheriff is trying to put his staff to deputize sheriffs. the march is going to happen in just a few hours from now, right, ron? >> reporter: yes. in about 90 minutes or so they're expected to get this rally and march under way. they have their signs ready to go and they'll march about a mile, mile and a half to the county courthouse. it's not just a protest against share clark and his plans to deputize federal law but also protesting in many ways the president and his executive orders with respect to immigration, which included that controversial travel ban. christine newman-ortiz, you're an organizer. this happened in ten days' time. how come you're taking this action today?
7:39 am
>> because the 287g program, which is a very controversial program, which has been shown by the federal courts to be unconstitutional and violate people's civil rights, legalizing racial profiling and creating fear of law enforcement is something that can be set up really quickly. it's really become a national call to action. we know if it starts here in the most diverse county in wisconsin, it will grow to other areas. so it's really taking a strong stand and using our economic power to really reject the lie that trump and clark are trying to put out there by showing immigrants are vital to our economy, our community. they pay taxes, they make our society run, whether it's in agriculture or in factories and that we're here to defend our families and our community. >> let me ask you about the climate in the community. you mentioned there's fear, i guess, that is growing around the country. talk about the climate here in milwaukee county with respect to
7:40 am
immigrants and refugees who are here, latinos, la tetinas. what is the climate today? >> i think it is one not of fear. it's one of empowerment. it's empowerment because people know that their contributions make a difference, that when you have 150 businesses closing, and we know that number is grow, that they pay taxes, they create jobs. we know that workers are, you know, if they -- when they withhold their power, their contributions, we know that the dairy industry would completely shut down in wisconsin. so that's an example of what we know is true nationally and people know that and they're using that to take a stand. and we know that this has become or will become national on may 1st and in general through national networks using this power as we did in 2006 to reject these efforts by the
7:41 am
federal government to criminalize immigrants, break up families and to force local government to be an arm of immigration and to legalize racial profiling. we stand against all of that and we know we don't stand alone. >> reporter: this is expected to be a pretty spirited rally. as you mentioned, hallie, thousands are expected perhaps as far away from chicago and maybe greater distances than that. >> thank you much. as president trump gets ready to meet with canadian prime minister justin trudeau, we are doing deep dive with our canadian counterparts on health care, sending msnbc's jacob soboroff to take a look. internet dial up sound hi, i'm the internet.
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may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. >> let's take a quickly look at the white house where any minute we should see prime minister of canada justin trudeau rolling up to the doors. president trump walking out to greet him. folks ready for the grand entrance set to happen in the next five minutes or so. in the meantime we're talking about the long-time alliance between the u.s. and canada. it is not always eye to eye on, for example, health care. you see real disagreements between people from both companies. this is the hottest top ic righ now with republicans looking to
7:46 am
repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: in the united states if you get sick or injured, you're going to want to show up at a place like this, sometimes by helicopter. this is seattle's harborview medical center where can you get some of the best care in the world. so what kind of patients come through the emergency department? >> we see everything. >> reporter: you're saying no matter what happens to you, we'll be able to give you treatment? >> absolutely. >> reporter: we spend more than any other economies. can i ask you what happened? >> i got hit on my bike going to work. i came in with lacerated ribs, and they did surgery on me yesterday. >> reporter: i'm told if something major like this that happened to you, this is the place to go.
7:47 am
>> absolutely. >> reporter: and insurance and payment on that is working for you, too? >> we're just figuring that out. >> we're just trying to get him better. >> reporter: so this is your c.t. scanner? >> yes. >> reporter: how much does something like this cost? >> the scanner, the room, the infrastructure, probably over $1.5 million. >> reporter: in an emergency department, is it normal to invest $1.5 million in a c.t. scanner? >> absolutely. >> it's part of the reason americans spend offer $10,000 a year on health care as opposed to $6,000 for canadians. so we headed north to vancouver, canada, to find out what they think we're doing wrong.
7:48 am
when i heard i was coming to a doctors's office, i didn't anticipating feeling like i was going to the gym. dr. kahn run as program for prevention. >> we try to get the message out on how important it is to control blood pressure and we work with doctors for aggressive treatment. >> reporter: before you end up in the c.t. machine. >> that's right. the united states spends more than canada on medical technology and health care than social services, like a stress test. >> this is going to be really itchy. >> reporter: this is my 40-year-old virgin moment. are you telling me this is a way to figure out if i need some kind of preventive treatment to
7:49 am
help me if i don't need a stroke or heart attack. >> absolutely. >> reporter: in the u.s., we don't do this. >> this is more of a preventive basis. >> reporter: in seattle, i saw a c.t. machine that cost over a million dollars. >> wow. so that really escalated quickly. >> that is our own jacob soboroff, for whom things do escalate quickly. he was supposed to be with us live. he is actually truly out sick today. he would note if he were here, while comparing single payer health care and our market system it's apples and oranges. >> and a warning that the
7:50 am
president has absolute power to protect the country. >> and did you miss this? james cordon bringing himself signature segment to the grammys. republican, democrat, you've got to agree it was a great moment. watch. ♪ i can't begin to know it, but then i know it's growing strong ♪ ♪ was in the spring, and spring became the summer ♪ ♪ who'd have believed you'd come along ♪ >> john legend, come on, big on this. ♪ hands, touching hands, reaching out ♪ ew job,
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our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned. >> will not be questioned, he says. definitely defiant from white house senior adviser steven miller. his language is not sitting so well here on capitol hill. >> those statements yesterday were absolutely breathtaking. the thing that really bothers me and think you had this comment
7:55 am
earlier, what you're seeing is appears to be a somewhat systemic effort to delegitimize any opposition. >> that is a simply stunning statement, the idea that a senior adviser to the president would go on camera and say the president's authority will not be questioned. >> let's talk it over with roland martin and joined by republicans strategist matt keelan. matt, since you're out of the pocket area, we'll start with you. does the president, white house need to walk back this comment from steven miller? what do you think? >> i don't think so, hallie. i think what he was trying to say, just like when president obama was president and the many same senators and the liberal media came to his defense when he was trying to get his agenda passed, this president is going to push forward with his agenda. we had an election on november 8th and the president won the
7:56 am
election and the left still can't get over that fact. right now the white house is continuing to try to push the agenda he got elected to do. >> matt, i think you forgot something. that's the executive branch. there's a thing called the congressional arm. matt, matt, matt, one second. the issue people are taking on capitol hill, it's not just democrats. republicans are also offended by this. you have senator bob corker who was trying to make it perfectly clear, look, you might be the president but when it comes to foreign relations, you're going to have to deal with congress as well. it looked like an snl skit for a minute there. he has to be very careful about overstepping the boundaries because congress has a role here. >> unfortunately for the left, snl has become your parallel universe. >> i don't want to get into snl. the idea of checks and balances.
7:57 am
senator coons said the statement could make it harder for somebody like judge gorsuch to get confirmed. i want to get your idea of whether you think the executive branch has a good grip on checks and balances. >> i don't think steven miller was talking about the legislative branch. i think he was talking about the president is probably going to have another executive order on immigration and that the courts had their say but so does the president and he will continue to push his agenda. nowhere in his statement do i see steven miller is questioning the legislative branch's debate. >> our reporting has indicated white house aides is encouraging president trump to fire michael flynn. while we do that, i want to take a look at president trump. this is a live look, greeting now, happening now, canadian prime minister justin trudeau at
7:58 am
the door of the west wing. the two of them shaking hands, a shoulder clasp, if you will. looks as though they're waiting for others to join them. nope. there they are heading in for their bilateral meeting. we expect a press conference later on this afternoon with prime minister trudeau and president trump. a lot of action happening at the white house, including, as we're talking about, maybe a shake-up when it comes to his national security council with director mike flynn. should flynn stay or go? >> flynn has to go. you cannot lie to your bosses. you cannot lie to the white house. he embarrassed the vice president of the united states. plus the intelligence community has to trust the national security adviser. so this is a fundamental problem and donald trump has to send him packing and republicans on capitol hill should be holding hearings to assure the american people that he was not cutting a deal with the russians. >> matt, last word?
7:59 am
>> i think president trump and vice president pence will have an investigation of their own and make a determination whether or not they can still trust this man. if they can't, i think we will have a change and i think the country will continue to move forward. >> roland martin, matt keelan, thank you both for joining us here on the 10:00 hour. i'm getting ready to head to the white house for that state visit with canadian prime minister trudeau. the press conference where we're expecting the president to be asked about michael flynn, about russia, about his immigration executive order as well. stay tuned here for more. in the meantime, social media, get at me, man, talking about the grammys and other things as well. now more breaking news with chris jansing. >> it's always breaking news. right now on msnbc, trump team in turmoil. new reports that the top aides are calling on the president to
8:00 am
fire michael flynn believing he lied about conversations with russia. democrats demanding an investigation, even though as other key representatives are on shaky ground. >> and a missile test on a week that foreign policy is the topic at the white house. >> i want to thank agent orange and -- >> that's rapper busta rhymes with what's considered the most political statement last night at the grammys. and we'll have more on music's biggest night. i'm chris jansing coming to you live from new york. the two


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