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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 13, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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you're just a bunch of kids in ohio but it was a sweet story in a nice way to start the night off. >> it was a great show. james corden is as far as i'm concerned should host everything from now on because i love him so much but that's me. jesse, thanks so much for coming. next one is oscars. >> next one. >> see you for the oscars. thank you for watching this hour of "msnbc live." i'm chris jansing. right now on msnbc, "andrea mitchell reports." >> and right now on "andrea mitchell reports," borderline right now at the white house. the canadian prime minister meeting with president trump, while the official topic is trade and women in business being empowered, the flash point is immigration. justin trudeau putting out the welcome mat for refugees in canada as president trump cracks down on undocumented immigrants at home and wages a legal battle over his immigration ban, sparking massive protests in mexico sunday. the author of the travel ban throws fuel on the fire. >> we've heard a lot of talk
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about how all the branches of government are equal. that's the point, they are equal. there is aknow such thing as judicial supremacy. what the jundges did at the ninh and district level was to take power for themselves that belonged squarely in the hands of the president of the united states. >> all the presidents men, power struggles just three weeks into the new administration. will donald trump fire his national security adviser michael flynn as calls grow for an investigation into flynn's contacts with russia. and why flynn misled the vice president of the united states. >> general flynn has served our country admirable, a three-star general, head of the defense intelligence agency and i look forward to having more discussions about this in the future. >> so the white house did not give you anything to say other than that? >> they did not give me anything to say. >> so you cannot say -- >> chuck, asked and answered, chuck. >> and testing trump, north korea fires off an intermediate
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range ballistic missile, the first major challenge to this new white house. president trump on saturday with the japanese prime minister. >> i just want everybody to understand and fully know that the united states of america stands behind japan, its great ally, 100 first. ally, 100%, thank you. >> good day everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington where president trump's meeting with canada's prime minister justin trudeau this hour could be a welcome distraction from the chaos on the national security staff amidst reports mike flynn's job is on the line. joining me nbc white house correspondent kristen welker and "new york times" chief white house correspondent peter baker who coauthored today's articles in "the times" on the turmoil.
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kristen, to you, why is no one coming to flynn's defense? >> reporter: according to multiple sources there are aides within the white house who are encouraging the president to fire his national security adviser michael flynn, after nbc news and other news organizations confirmed that he did, in fact, speak with the russian ambassador prior to president trump's inauguration about sanctions, which the obama administration was enforcing. so that has created waves here at the white house, and again, a number of aides saying that it's time for him to go, and one of the broader problems, andrea, is the sense that he may have misled the vice president about all of this. it is my understanding based on my conversations here that a decision is not imminent. of course, this is someone who has been loyal to president trump for quite some time and that matters to the president, but of course this comes as he's dealing with a number of different national security issues, everything from recent
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provocations by iran and now north korea. so this couldn't be coming at a worse time and of course coming so early on in his administration, and based on my conversations, there's some real concerns about letting his national security adviser go within the first month of taking office, but again, the pressure is mounting amid revelations that he had that conversation with the russian ambassador, andrea. >> and peter baker, you and your colleagues at the "new york times" reports in-depth about the turmoil at the national security council. tell us what you think are the top lines here, is it the vacancies, the fact that people are leaving, the fact that there's an uncertain chain of command? >> it's all of these things. it's a real toxic environment right now. what many of your viewers might not understand the national security council staff is made up of career professionals detailed from the defense department or other places. these are not political aides and they want to make every
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white house successful and what you find is that they find themselves cut out of meetings, they don't know whether they're briefing papers or getting to the president, they don't get information back on the president's meetings or phone calls with their leaders from areas of specialization and a great deal of paranoia, suspicion, a sense their own phone calls and emails might be monitored, a sense of nobody knowing who is in charge because there's a fight between mike flynn and steve bannon over who is most in charge. it's an atmosphere of suspicion and not really coherent at this point. >> and in fact, the cabinet secretaries in the national security team not happy with all of this. they felt blind-sided by the original executive order, details of it both the homeland security and the pentagon chief mattis and also rex tillerson, who is not confirmed and sworn in at the time. peter, just to follow up on this, there was one particular director who didn't get the top
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security compartmented clearance, we don't know why, but they've had slow progress on filling the directors jobs as well. >> these are important jobs not filled, that are responsible for advising the president on areas of the world, on russia, mexico, asia, and one of the choices that flynn had one of the jobs was rejected by the agencies. some people wonder is this the revenge of the intelligence agencies which have had a testy relationship with the trump team particularly over russia's influence in the election. intelligence agencies are saying they have to respond professionally in this person's background but we don't know the details. certainly it's a tense moment and underscores the suspicions that people have at this point of one another. >> and kristen, you also have questions being raised because
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of questions about the chief of staff, the press secretary, the snl" continuing podies that are so painful and are so disliked by the president of the united states, where do we stand on that? reince priebus trying to gain control over the paper flow, trying to make sure that they don't have another executive order that is released so precipitously. at the same time his own authority being questioned. >> that's right, and over the weekend, there was buzz about that, that the president was growing increasingly frustrated because of the rocky rollout of some of these executive orders including and especially his immigration order of course which has now been blocked in the courts, based on my conversations here, reince priebus' position is still safe. however, you do have some factions within this white house but there is a sense that steve bannon is kind of the top ideas guy while reince priebus is the person who puts those ideas into action and so that there is a
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division of labor, but you're right, the ongoing "snl" skits which have been rather biting, not everyone is laughing at the white house and it contributed to the sense the president is taking a hard look at everyone from the press secretary to his chief of staff but i am told that as of right now those positions are safe, andrea. >> and peter, we have not seen a flurry of tweets today, interestingly on a monday morning, on any morning starting around 6:00 a.m. but so far, just two routine tweets that didn't seem to have his special touch about the visit of trud u trudeau. he seems to be certainly involved in something big. we have north korea, of course, having tested the president on saturday night, and one of the really interesting things to me watching it in real time is when he and his japanese guest when prime minister abe and the president came out initially, they did not seem to know about the north korean missile launch. they came out, routinely about golf, took a question and then
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ignored a question about the north korean thing, then later, two and a half hours later came out to make a statement, at least prime minister abe did. it did seem with mike flynn, in florida, on this trip, he didn't seem to have real time information initially for a couple of hours. >> well, and of course look, it's hard to judge these north korea missile launches at first. you're basing your information on often sketchy details at the very beginning, and sometimes takes a few hours to get a sense of what kind of missile we're talking about, was it an intercontinental ballistic missile what north korea threatened to test. turned out to be only went 300 miles, intermediate range missile, still important, still a potential threat to american allies and forces in the region. you want to wait to make sure you understand what you're saying first. what was interesting how restrained the president was. he gave a 23-ward statement
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didn't mention north korea and didn't include the bellicose language in the past, much more different than the iranian test just a while earlier. >> didn't mention south korea. he mentioned of course his japanese ally, 100% behind japan who is standing next to him but it did seem as though it was much more restrained than anything we have come to expect from him and we do know that in their very first meeting this is what president obama put on the table with him, that your most threatening part of the world is north korea, they are nuclear, unlike iran, already nuclear. they have 8 to 12 bombs, they have missile capacity, developing missile capacity, we'll talk a bit later in the program about the unique characteristics of this missile launch, and you have this completely isolated, untested leader, unlike iran, which has economic relationships with
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europe and other parts of the world. well, peter baker we have to leave it there. thank you for your reporting and thank you, kristen welker. adam schiff is the top democrat on white house intelligence committee and joins me now. what concerns you most about mike flynn? >> what concerns me is that if the allegations are true he's misled the country about something as serious as secret communications with the russian ambassador designed to undermine u.s. policy. that's about as sear serious as gets. our intelligence community concluded russian intervened to help elect donald trump. when president obama imposed the sanctions to punish russia, you have this secret communication which the white house reported was just a christmas greeting, now we find out they discussed sanctions, that might explain why putin had such a restrained reaction to the imposition of american sanctions but misleading the country on a
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subject this serious f those allegations are true, he has got to go. >> let me play devil's advocate. he routinely talked to ambassadors from other countries, a whole getting to know you process before they take office so what would be wrong about him talking to the russian ambassador? is it wrong because he may have lied about it to the vice president or wrong initially on its face? >> it may be both. i is. >> there's a suggestion of collusion with the election. >> that's already under investigation. >> that's under investigation in the house and senate intelligence committees, something that's within our charter to do a thorough investigation of. but beyond that, even if it was as innocuous as he aid or if it
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was a first communication in december, the fact they would mislead about the nature of that communication. te would say it was a christmas greeting when they were discussing sanctions imposed that day, misleading the country and the vice president that's serious business. how can you rely on a national security adviser supposed to bring all of the national inf infrastructure and make policy if that adviser is going to be untruthful to people. >> the routine surveillance interception of a russian ambassador's communications? >> that we don't know. i think this is probably why flynn is in such trouble. the white house has shown every willingness to anything they disavow as fake news. they haven't done that here. they know there are transcripts and recordings that may be able
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to proof the allegations against flynn. not something the administration can ignore. this may be consuming all the oxygen in the white house and maybe why they had such an uncoordinated nonresponse to this north korean test, they may simply be so fully occupied figuring out what to do with flynn. >> the president on the air force one down to florida on friday said he was unaware of the reports. this is the president who consumes everything, it was all over the media all day friday and on the front page of "the washington post" from the night before. >> that doesn't seem to me the least bit credible and the other thing we need to keep in mind looking at the dysfunction on the nsc, at the end of the day it's all a reflection on the president and this is a president who is erratic, who is inexperienced, may be very well in over his head, who starts the day generally by tweeting things that his national security team has to chase after and make sense out of, so you got to lay responsibility i think at the feet of the man at the top.
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and this dysfunction is his responsibility. awhat about the fact the secretary of state did not get to choose his deputy? was on track to being hired and then was not hired, it was retracted because of the column he had written in "the weekly standard" last may. >> again, i guess not that surprising. this is a president with a thin skin and if this candidate had said some harsh things about him and apparently did, that was probably more than the president could stomach, but i'm glad his secretary of state is trying to fill these positions with people who at least have experience, if it's not the experience they want them to have but rather than filled with political yes man, steve bannon clearly the secretary of state wants his own position. >> and after his choice was overruled by the president? >> the signal is you're not
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going to get anyone who is that critical of me because i don't have the self-confidence to put up with that. >> congressman, thank you very much. thanks for being with us. at the white house this hour, president trump is meeting with canada's prime minister justin trudeau. the latest on that. did you make that? i did... n't. hey, come look what lisa made. wow. you grilled that chicken? yup! i did... n't. mhm, lisa. you roasted this?
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so is president trump's patience running out with michael flynn. flynn is no longer denying he
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may have spoken to the russian ambassador about sanctions before president trump took office and those reports that flynn has a tendency to talk too much at a lunch with prime minister theresa may offending the president by reportedly revealing russia's president putin had been trying to get in touch with the president, something that would not normally be discussed in front of the uk prime minister. joining me is jeremy bash, former chief of staff at the cia and department of defense and msnbc national security analyst. let's talk first of all about flynn. how sustainable is it for the national security adviser to have very few if any allies in the cabinet. >> andrea, this is one of the toughest jobs in government on the best day. when you've got foreign leaders two of them this week a poor job moving the president's agenda forward. you have crises come at you like missile launches, counterterrorism operations and triply hard if your own
9:21 am
credibility is questioned. >> and his credibility coming in was already questioned i was talking to career military retired who were offended what he did in the campaign shouting "lock her up" that even a retired officer should not speak that way politically. >> he got this job because he stood by trump's side. president-elect trump and now president trump has successfully brought to his administration several decorated military officers, so now there are some others but flynn really got that job because he was there throughout the campaign. >> let's talk about flynn and what the vulnerabilities are here. do you think he has, i mean you're a lawyer, do you think he has any legal vulnerability? >> no, i don't. i will say, talking to a russian ambassador during the transition, i think that's typical. i think people coming into office in a new administration
9:22 am
will reach out to foreign governments and you might even say hey, we're going to take u.s. policy in a different direction. i don't think that violates the logan act of 1799 or anything like that. however, however, two things. one is the underlying policy of waving sanctions against russia, in my view, is disastrous. it's foolish, so the policy is embarrassing to have it out and be known. second, and really more critically, if he misled the vice president and caused the vice president to mislead the american people, that's really the nub of the issue. andrea, the one guy in president trump's inner circle who has got credibility on national security and been blof the russia related investigations is of course mike pence the vice president. this makes him witness number one in the fbi-led investigation and in the senate and house of representatives investigations into the russian matter. >> into the whole russian hacking matter and relationships
9:23 am
between anybody in trump world and russia, and we should point out mike flynn had a relationship in the past, that he went to this gala in moscow back in 2015 for r.t., the propaganda arm of the russian government and was a guest sitting next to vladimir putin. >> it seemed odd to see him in black tie sitting next to the russian premier. he gave a speech, odd tofs a former decorated military general need to vladimir putin told you that he was already planning and thinking about how to warm up relations with russia, and again that's been trump's consistent theme. i personally think and a lot more importantly than me a lot of republican senators, senator mccain, senator corker, senator graham, senator portman, senator rubio, they think this is a disaster for american foreign policy so the president is going to lose his own party on this issue, the national security credible voices on his own party if he pursue this is. >> let me ask you about north
9:24 am
korea. the reporting out of north korea , out of south korean defense reports their agency reports what missile this was. >> saturday this was a medium range ballistic missile that had two important new features from the analyst. it was cold canister launched, it was solid fuel, it can be launched much more quickly than liquid fuel so they can maintain the element of surprise. they transported on a tel, tr s transporter electric launcher, troubling developments for the program. >> they don't have the range and we don't know what lift they have in terms of putting a haarhead on it but what we do know is could certainly reach japan. we do know that they are building in elements of surprise. >> seoul, the capital of south korea, our allies, just 40 kilometers from that dms, demilitarized zone with north
9:25 am
korea, they can threaten the tens of millions of people who live in and around seoul. don't forget we have 28,500 u.s. troops on the peninsula, they are in a tough stance. they are in a three-point stance ready to fight tonight, ready to go at it if north korea moves on them. this is a tinder box. when north korea destabilizes it can cause a crisis very fast. >> we have a million man conventional army that can overwhelm our troops and south koreans at first blush. >> the big development for north korea if they can mate their nuclear weapons capability which they are designing and creating onto an icbm that could hit san francisco, seattle, the entirety of the western part of the united states, that would be a game changer. i think that would require a lot of first strike options by the united states to be developed and possibly deployed. >> jeremy bash troubling reports out of south korea, thank you very much. and coming up, demanding answers, leaders of the
9:26 am
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wreaking in milwaukee big crowds against president trump's immigration policy, a day without latinos, imfwrants and refugees rally. in six states, new york, north carolina and georgia and california immigration and customs enforcement officers arrested hundreds of undocumented imdwrants over the past week.
9:30 am
i.c.e. says the operations were "routine" and they were targeting criminals. leaders of the condwregsal hispanic caucus want a meeting with the acting director scheduled for tomorrow to discuss people were deported because they came illegally in the first instance or because they commit aid violent crime. joining me is the chair of the congressional hispanic office, and antonio villaraigosa, former mayor of l.a. welcome to you both. you have a meeting tomorrow. >> correct. >> you've been calling all weekend trying to get abexplanation for what is happening in real time to real constituents. >> basically we were told write a letter to homeland security and see if you can get further than calling us. i spoke on thursday evening to the region i.c.e. director in the l.a. area who gave me completely inconsistent information, not part of a national operation, first inconsistency. two, we're targeting six serious offenders, but he said they picked up 40 people so who are
9:31 am
the other 34? it was hundreds of people in the l.a. area, and so we couldn't get straight answers, and it's clear to me 11 states that we know of that they have been impacted and we're hearing from advocacy groups it's higher than that and there may even be issues in my own home state of new mexico and we're not clear about that. tomorrow, we want all the facts. you show us person by person who was pikt picked up and exactly what their criminal offense was. >> i apologize to you and the mayor, there has been a pool photo spray we know what that amounts to and apparently it is ready to roll right now. president trump in a round table discussion with canada's prime minister justin trudeau in a cabinet room at the white house discussing the advancement of women entrepreneurs and business leaders. in the video the president's daughter, ivanka trump is very much involved in this initiative, as the president goes around the cabinet table, he'll be sitting down, this is
9:32 am
an unusual meeting, because this is clearly not the typical top of mind with a foreign visiting leader, so that's see. >> strong chairs for strong people. strong women are definitely here, no question about it. thank you all very much. it is a great honor, very nice, i have recognized some of you, great success, it's so important. i'm honored to be here with prime minister trudeau, whose father i knew and respected greatly, and he gave me a picture of myself and your
9:33 am
father and what a great picture. i'll keep that in a special place at the waldorf astoria together, we'll launch the united states council for advancement of women entrepreneurs of which we have some of the great ones in this room, and business leaders, and we have so many great women leaders around the table today and we'll go through your names and exactly because many of you i know, some of you i don't. i want to find out all about you. women as you know and i can say that from my past life, i had so many women executives they were phenomenal, phenomenal, and really helped me and it was really fantastic. they play a tremendously important role, women in our economy. women are the primary source of income in 40% of american households and households with children under the age of 18. in order to create economic growth and lots of very good
9:34 am
well-paying jobs, we must ensure that our economy is a place where women can work and thrive, and i think that's happening in the united states, much more so, and ivanka is very much involved in this and i appreciate you being involved in it, and i know justin, in canada, it's happening big league and that's very important. we need policies that help to keep women in the workforce, and to address the unique barriers faced by female entrepreneurs, and they are unique. we need to make it easier for women to manage the demands of having both a job and a family. we also need to make it easier for women entrepreneurs to get access to capital, and i guess pretty much all entrepreneurs we have to help them out because the system is not working so well for entrepreneurs getting capital, but it's in particular difficult for women, so we're going to get access to markets and access to networks, and i look forward to hearing your
9:35 am
advice, we're going to go around the table and i want to really learn something today, and again, it's a great honor to be with you, and justin, i can say on behalf of our country it's an honor to be with you. >> thank you. thank you, donald, for welcoming us. you i'm excite about launching this, sitting around the table with a number of successful executives who just happen to be women. one of the things that i've been lucky enough to do over the past year in new york and beijing and across canada is sit down with women ceos, women executives, to talk about both their successes and the challenges they're facing that are particular, but also how of course we create more paths to success for women across our community and across our society. whenever i sit down with a woman executive, i know that she has had to overcome significant
9:36 am
barriers that exist, and therefore is likely to have greater insight into helping up others but also the formidable contributor to the success of the business and her economy so i think for me, it's not just about doing the right thing, it's about understanding that women in leadership positions is a very powerful leverage for success for business, for communities and for our entire economy. [ speaking in french ] it's a great pleasure to to sit from you now and hear from your extraordinary leadership. >> thank you. how about we start with ivanka and go around the room. you might want to say a couple of words. >> welcome, and i'm honored to
9:37 am
be here. i'm really looking forward to hearing from each of you, who serve as tremendous role models for me and so many other business leaders. of course both of our countries can lend some tremendously value perspective as we think about the unique challenges that entrepreneurs, women in the workforce, female small business owners are confronted with each and every day and as we think about how we level the playing field for this generation, and for the next. so thank you for being here and i look forward to hearing from each of you >> thank you. >> thank you, i'm dawn farrell and i'm -- >> as you heard that was ivanka trump sitting next to prime minister justin trudeau and the president talking about empowering women in business, women in the workplace, and their challenges. i'm still here with the chair of the congressional hispanic caucus, congresswoman amichel luhan. on this subject, congresswoman,
9:38 am
when the president swore in his 30 top officials his white house assistants to the president it was notable in that image in the east room that day that you were looking at 30 people, maybe three of them were women, and justin trudeau comes here with half of his cabinet are women so there's a notable imbalance here between what have president trump has done so far at least. >> what he's saying and tried to demonstrate today and what he's actually doing inside his cabinet in terms of making sure that we're doing gender leadership that's balanced and effective. i agree. >> let me bring in mayorvil villaraigo villaraigosa. what are you hearing from l.a. snt congresswoman referred to the i.c.e. regional director in california which covers new mexico as well presumably misled her either knowingly or unknowingly what was happening this weekend. what are you hearing? >> we're hearing the same thing. i've spoken to attorneys
9:39 am
representing the rapid response network working to represent these deportees, upwards of 600 people across the country, many in los angeles and on the west coast. good portion of them not -- without a criminal record. this notion all of these people are felons who committed violent crimes just isn't bearing out in the facts according to these attorneys so there's a great deal of concern. there's a feeling like this, they're targeting these communities with the purpose of creating troer error in these communities and there's a great deal of concern about this. >> congresswoman, have you gotten any explanation as to what criminal background is the threshold, because deportations, i think there were 65,000 deportations at one point under president obama, so they were
9:40 am
deporting a lot of people also. >> right. and the majority of those deportations, and this isn't a defense of the obama administration but largely at the border. we're talking about i.c.e. deportations where they do these raids, these are internal, the interior, going into the neighborhoods and communities. that's a very different thing and what they're saying is, which is i find troubling, so we've known about these serious offenders, offenders that were drug trafficking, human trafficking, sexual predators so if you've known about those individuals, why are you waiting? if you've got six, you've got ten individuals that pose a serious threat, whether they are an undocumented individual, or not, you ought to be doing your police work to make our community safe. here's the difference. obama had very specific priorities, serious felons, national security, and that's now been removed, tucked into the border, the wall across the border, executive order was,
9:41 am
look, we're going to go back to broad discretion, basically if you've got any reason to believe an individual may have committed a crime, you can pick that individual up, so you have collateral apprehensions, you go to a house, looking for a felon, if elon is not there. you say let me see your papers, cause hysteria and panic, i worry about kids left in the home, none of it makes sense and they need to rebut our presumption that based on the facts as we know them right now, this looks like a mass deportation effort and it looks like it was coordinated across several states. >> congresswoman, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> of course mayor antonio villaraigosa good to see you. michael flynn is not the only white house official facing criticism. days after a private
9:42 am
conversation that reince priebus had with president trump he went straight to the source "reince just briefed me on new white house plans. impressive." christopher ruddy, thank you very much. can you clear up what you think the president's thinking is about his staff? we have all of this controversy over mike flynn. what about the chief of staff, too? >> andrea, thank you, for having me on. i've been a media commentator for a long time before donald trump became president. i was offering my own view on cnn yesterday, i was not representing the president. i don't make a pretense of doing that. if donald trump wants people to know how he feels about reince priebus, he doesn't need to go through me. he'll go through directly on twitter or through the press. i gave some criticisms. i did not ask for reince to be fired. some people are implying that. reince, to his credit, quickly called me and said look, here are the things i'm doing, we're making changes, we're going to be doing, you'll see in the next 30 to 60 days some dramatic
9:43 am
improvements. i think everybody agrees there's been some real problems here, but i personally think the biggest problem is the media attacks on the president just in the past 20 minutes listening to this show on msnbc, we get the feeling the president is not appointing women, which is not true. two major cabinet appointments. ivanka herself ran the trump business, so you know, the idea that somehow he doesn't like women running things, and then the mass deportation, he's not doing mass deportation. he is removing criminal aliens, which i think everybody in this country thinks should be done. so many good things he's done are not getting out to the american public, and that was my beef and i this i that reince is, if he can improve that messaging i think we'll make a major improvement here. >> i think the communication on the deportations, i was pointing out president obama did these deportations. the congresswoman was presenting her complaint that she's not getting real information from i.c.e. and asking for a briefing
9:44 am
and they do represent the congressional hispanic caucus so their states are involved and the question here has been what is the threshold for criminal. is it just that they are criminal because they came in illegally, some of them 20 years ago, or is it criminal because they are violent criminals, and that is the distinction we're simply trying to ascertain. they have not been briefed on it. in terms of reince priebus -- >> i think everything the president has done is pretty sensible. i don't think he's done anything crazy and the press keeps trying to -- even the so-called muslim ban. it was a 90-day review period on immigration policies and proper vetting. i think we all should agree that's a good idea. maybe there is, again, a communications issue, and that's what my problems with reince was. he says they're taking steps to fix it, and i'm keeping an open mind but i'm willing to criticize like you are when there is room for -- we will never have a president like this that is so much accessible,
9:45 am
interested in information from the public and who will act and react to improve things as he goes along. >> i take your point there, just on friday night or thursday night he was talking to two of our correspondents just having run into them in the hallway. we love that kind of access to get his point of view, but the fact that he is tweeting that he has himself repeatedly called it a muslim ban in the last week, ten days reinforces that, so you know, a lot of the -- >> it's a temporary ban. >> -- comes from the tweets of the president of the united states. we've never had a president who uses twitter this way. >> i think he's gone from campaign mode to governing mode. this is a transition for him. let's give him a little slack. he's the first nonpolitician ever president in the history of the united states. he followed his career, 30 years of age he goes to the top of the new york real estate market. he goes into tv, has a hit show for 15 years. two years ago decides he's going to run for president, actually wins in a very difficult hostile
9:46 am
environment so this is a guy that does know how to run organizations. he does know how to deal with people. he loves information and feedback contrary to what you guys all imply and i think he will adjust course. my job as a media person, even though i'm friends with him and known him for a long time is to keep doing the job i do as a media person in giving criticism when i think it's constructive and fair. >> let me ask you this. reince priebus took steps, important steps to gain control over the executive orders that were being released and has gotten a lot of praise for that. what about mike flynn? do you think if he misled the vice president of the united states as we have been reporting based on very good information, if he misled the vice president and sean spicer, is that a firable offense? >> well, i'm not a lawyer. i'm not a national security policy person. >> in political context. >> i know donald trump and if he thinks he did something wrong or
9:47 am
inappropriate, this is a guy -- all his businesses i've had a lot of interaction with them through the years, every one of them runs almost flawlessly, he's always asking for feedback about those businesses, and when he hears there's a problem, he's like white on rice trying to fix it and changing it, so i think you're going to see that, and he's new to a lot of these people because he wasn't in the political world. he's getting known, he's realizing who the really strong persons are. his cabinet, everybody agrees i think is an a-plus team. you might disagree with their politics, a-plus team, just settling into office. the media has to back off and give him a little bit of slack, let him do the job. i was critical of reince but i told reince i'm going to give you slack and see how you do. my job is not to call for you to be fired or call mike flynn to be fired and you're doing your job and i've always respected you, andrea, i think you're a tough reporter, you ask good questions but i think there's other people in media, i was on a network they spent half the day of accusing the president of
9:48 am
being a pathological liar and mentally ill. you've known donald trump for a long time, i think you agree neither one of those things are true. >> the other point is what he thinks about mike flynn, does he have confidence in his national security adviser if the national security adviser misled the press spokesman and obviously the vice president? >> donald trump is all about result. ignore what things he says on twitter, there's a little bit of a show biz thing going on there. if he sees results or he finds facts that are bad for him and the administration, he will act, and he's not the type of guy that delays. he moves very strongly, very quickly, and he acts, so i think if there is a problem there, and i'm not privy to all the sensitive information. i've heard some of the things you've heard that you've reported. there are some deep concerns i think going on about flynn but the president's going to make a decision and it will be i'm sure a smart one.
9:49 am
>> and he has not yet come to flynn's defense nor have any of the spokespeople come to flynn's defense. that's interesting. >> i think he's gathering a lot of facts and information. again he's relatively new to the post, just got mattis and kelly and he has super respect for mattis, he told me that a couple of times and i think he's getting information and making adjustments and will act on it. he's not going to do anything that covers anything up or hides or if he thinks something bad was done, i'm sure this president will act, but i think he's in a fact gathering mode rather than in an impact mode. >> christopher ruddy, thank you so much. it's a pleasure to have you on. >> thank you, andrea, always great to be on with you. >> we'll be right back. ♪ nah. what else? what if we hire more sales reps? ♪ nah. what else? what if we digitize the whole supply chain? so people can customize their bike before they buy it.
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hei don't want one that's hadch a bunch of ownersd car? just say, show me cars with only one owner find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing it's perfect. start your used car search at canada has put out the welcome mat for refugees and now seeing a record number of refugees crossing the border from the u.s. joining me is the executive director of the manitoba interfaith immigration council, one of the groups assisting refugees in manitoba, canada. thank you for being with us. tell me what the situation is with refugees. do you have any understanding as to why they're coming? coming miainly from minnesota, are they somali and other muslim groups? >> they are crossing the emerson/manitoba border. again, a variety of countries that they're coming from, certainly a big bun would be
9:54 am
somalia, ghana, djibouti, bu burundi. others in the u.s. for some time and others who recently landed, they're telling us they're making the trek because they are fearful of their safety in their countries of origin as well as what they're observing happening in the u.s. >> so it is the context of the new trump executive orders and they either have their own immigration -- >> i can't specifically say that, because what i can say is that this is the kinds of stories that people are telling us. we really do focus on the service delivery which is to welcome them and to help them navigate the social and legal system in order to get their claim heard. however when we speak to them and do the interviews, many will tell us that they really are afraid of what's happening in the u.s., and they're concerned for their lives, for their
9:55 am
safety. many of them are, you know, schedule aisled for deportation, many of them have had their claims rejected, so there's a whole variety of reasons why people are making this trek. the concern that we have is they're making it and risking their lives and the lives of their children, because we are starting to now see children, just this past weekend, we have 21 people crossing the border, and there was a family and i held a 6 month old baby and a 2-year-old, and a 4-year-old, and these children have made the trek for six, seven hours on frozen ground, just to get to freedom. >> thank you for reminding us -- >> those are big concerns for us. >> it's happening on the northern border as well, rita, thank you. joining me is april ryan, white house correspondent for american urban neighborhoods and author of "at mama's knee." i know you have to run in to the
9:56 am
question to the news conference as well. >> reporter: yes. >> we're seeing a white house with all these challenges, immigration, north korea, iran and a national security adviser under fire. >> yes, it's a lot, and then on top of that, andrea, the manic movement within the white house, the president who was tweeting a couple, last couple of weeks and changing the dynamic of issues that we had never known before, the way that he's tweeting them. it's a very crazy time. they're trying to find their way. they are behind the curve because this is a new administration that has not really dealt with governance before and they are learning the hard way. >> we're going to have to leave it there for now. we'll be right back and talk to you soon, april. thank you. >> okay, thank you. back in a moment. if you have medicare
9:57 am
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and that does it for us. follow us @mitchellreports and ali velshi is up next. >> have a great day. good afternoon, i'm ali velshi in nor craig melvin. we're keeping an eye on the white house president trump and canadian prime minister justin trudeau are currently meeting. they'll be holding a joint press conference in an hour. we'll bring that to you live. plus flynn under fire calls getting louder for president trump to fire national security adviser michael flynn over questions of conversations we it w a russian ambassador. and immigration outcry thousands take to the streets in milwaukee to oppose the