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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  February 14, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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and the u.s. election, it's a significant issue. we know they were messing around with it. we don't think it had any impact on the outcome. obviously we're not going to ignore something like that. >> you can catch it all tomorrow "morning joe." mtp daily starts right now. if it's tuesday, trust, turmoil, and president trump. tonight, new questions about who knew what and when. about now former national security advisor mike flynn and his talks with the russians. democrats calling for an investigation. >> this is not a democratic issue. this is not a republican issue. it's not an independent issue. this is an american issue. for the soul of our democracy. >> republicans are in no rush. >> it's not something the oversight committee can actually look at. trust troubles, the white house says the issue is flynn lying to the vice president, but
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the real issue runs much deeper, trust in the administration and competence that they can get the job done. >> the whole eironment is one of dysfunction in the trump administration. as far as national security is concerned. >> you cannot have a national security advisor misleading the vice president and others. >> the cover-up could be far worse than what they actually did. >> this is mtp daily and it starts right now. good evening, chuck todd here in washington and welcome to mtp daily. day one of what is arguably the biggest presidential scandal involving a foreign government take a breath, hyperbole aside, folks, hunker down, this is a class five political hurricane that's hitting washington. all this hour, we're going to dive into every angle as the white house scrambles. today sean spicer told reporters
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that president trump knew for weeks that his national security advisor michael flynn misled the vice president and apparently white house chief of staff reince priebus among other white house officials about discussions he had with russia at the obama administration sanctioned them at the end of calendar year 2016 for interfering in the election. the warning that flynn misled the white house first came from the department of justice and the white house says that it quickly escalated from there. >> immediately after the department of justice notified the white house council of the situation, the white house council briefed the president and a small group of the senior advisors. the white house counselor reviewed and determined that there is no an illegal issue, but rather a trust issue. >> spicer said that mr. trump was briefed on january 26th, what's unclear is if the vice president was part of that small group of advisors. or was he kept in the dark all the way up until friday? that's something we don't know.
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did flynn go rogue, by the way, when he spoke to russia? well, here's more from today's white house briefing. >> did the president instruct him to talk about sanctions? >> no, absolutely not. the president had no problem with the fact that he acted within accorden ot his job was. >> painting mistrust between the president and flynn and not the matter of legal misconduct. it doesn't answer a lot of additional questions, for instance, we're not sure exactly what flynn told the russians. he spoke the same day that the obama administration was expelling 35 russian diplomats for punishment for election hacking. putin's response surprised the obama administration because he didn't respond at all. it's actually what prompted apparently some investigating into phone calls and things like this, and so the next day, mr. trump ended up praising putin on twitter for being smart for not retaliating. here are some more questions, why did the president ask for
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flynn's resignation hours after white house counselor kellyanne conway had full confidence in flynn. >> i'm not going to get into the specifics of what the president's thinking was, i will just say as i noted it was an evolving and eroding process. >> then there's the decidedly mixed reaction from republicans with some sounding the alarm and others dousing the flames. mitch mcconnell still does not want to have a select committee to investigate what happened. senator lindsey graham wants answers, house oversight chairman jason chaffetz says it will work itself out and senator john mccain is slamming the entire administration as a dysfunctional mess. so where do things stand right now? reporting team is covering the three big angles of this story, hallie jackson, kasie hunt on capitol hill and pete williams covering the latest inside the justice departnt and the fbi. let's begin a the white house, with hallie jackson, hallie, look, it seems to me -- at least
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short term the biggest thing to clear up is what did vice president pence know and when did he know it? and at this point, when did he know it? >> reporter: we have new reporting, just in the last couple of minutes, i can share with you, this has been a question that nbc has confirmed via two sources here that vice president pence learned about this warning from the justice department, learned that mike flynn had been inconsistent or inaccurate with him thursday night. just before the media reports about this began to emerge. i am told that vice president then began making inquiries into what happened. obviously you know thousand unfolded over the next 72 hours. this leads to another question, of course, which is why was the vice president who was frankly the public face of this, right, going on a television, defending mike flynn very publicly, why wasn't he informed 11 days prior when president trump knew? particularly given how central the vice president has been to not just the administration, but
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the administration's outreach to places like capitol hill and elsewhere? >> now that does seem to be that is the explanation as to why they decided to fire flynn then. i guess the question is, did flynn get fired because we in the media found out what happened? >> reporter: so you saw in the -- there's an interesting moments, a lot of interesting moments in the press briefing today from press secretary sean spicer, when spicer got fired up about the idea of leaks. he was asked a couple o times. it reflected what you heard from president trump earlier in the day when he tweeted that the real story was actually the illegal leaks, and so there seemed to be real concern from sean spicer that these leaks were happening. the follow-up question that never got asked was, the kbe that you just asked, which is if they hadn't happened and nobody found out about this, would mike flynn still be the national advisor right now? >> and i think that that is a question that still has a lot of people scratching their heads, hallie, i'll leave it there. let's go across pennsylvania avenue, i want to check in on capitol hill. earlier today, senate majority
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leader mitch mcconnell sat down with msnbc's joe scarborough in an interview that will air in full tomorrow on "morning joe." here's what mcconnell said when asked about calls for a special select independent investigation into this episode. >> as far as an investigation goes in the senate, obviously a lot of people are talking about a need for investigations or roy blunt came out and said there needed to be a strong, vigorous investigation. >> yeah, that's happening. that's happening. >> and you still don't think there needs to be a select committee? >> i don't think there need to be a select committee. we know how to do our work. we have an intelligence committee, lindsey graham has a subcommittee that's going to look at it. i don't think we need to go through setting up a special committee. we are going to look at russia involvement and the u.s. election. it's a significant issue. we know they were messing around with it, we don't think they had impact on the outcome, but obviously we're notoing to ignore something lying that. >> let me go to kasie hunt,
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mcconnell despite calls, it's from a minority of senate republicans and almost all of the senate democrats. mitch mcconnell's holding strong on this issue, believing that richard byrd can handle this and he mentioned the lindsey graham subcommittee hearing, what kind of patience do senate republicans have for this? >> reporter: well, i have to tell you, chuck, yes, it's true that he is resisting calls for the independent committee. and that is something that you know ian today, you heard different language from chuck schumer on this, he was more focussed on sessions and the investigation there. mitch mcconnell did give up a little bit of ground though on the scope of that senate intelligence committee investigation. he later on in a telling reporters today that mike flynn would be a part of that broad investigation and blunt saying that it's likely flynn will come up and testify, of course, it's going to be behind closed doors in the senate intelligence committee, but that this would
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expand to include that. he did not give the white house a lot of cover on what has happened over the last 24 hours. now what i will tell you he maintained, and you having covered mitch mcconnell understand he is somebody who is very strategic, he is very private until he wants to be, he wants control over the situation. keeping this investigation in the senate intelligence committee means that he will have a say and the senate will have a say over what pieces of this investigation eventually become public. and i think that is the real key here. what democrats are asking for is for this process and investigation to be done more out in the open. we know that regardless of the findings right now, they will have the power to keep that behind closed doors if they so choose. so i think that, that is like the key point here for mcconnell. >> and i think that's going to be the sticking point for a lot of people, including the john mccains and lindsey grahams of the world who politically would not like to see this behind closed doors.
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kasie hunt, thanks very much. let me bring in our justice correspondent, pete williams, so pete, first i want to get to the fbi investigation. we thousand have learned that mike flynn was investigated -- was interviewed by the fbi. >> correct. >> we don't know -- is he currently under investigation? there's a lot of sources that it could be and it wouldn't be a surprise if he were considering that he was among the people that supposedly had a relationship with one part of the russian government. what do you know? >> what they tell us is that the fbi shortly after mike flynn took office as the national security advisor did interview him about his conversation with the russian ambassador. they say that he was not under investigation, the russians were. that this is part of the fbi's very big, very sprawling investigation of the russian meling in the election, including the hacking and other tempts by russia to influence the voting here including whatever contact the russians might have had with people in america to get americans to helm them in this effort.
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that's why they interviewed him. them theed to know about his conversation with the russian ambassador, and they say that as a result of this interview that they don't believe he faces -- i mean, i'm told by a couple of sources they don't believe he faces any legal jeopardy. in other words, one possible problem for him would be if he lied to fbi agents, the people i talked to say they don't get the impression that that is a problem. >> you used a description on the fbi's russian investigation that i've never heard before, it's very big and very sprawling. >> yes. >> that to me seems -- should be a blaring headline. i mean, that's surprising to me because james comey doesn't even confirm that there is an investigation in public. >> to the russian -- of the russian elections? i don't know whether that's the case or not. >> he's very careful and what he confirms, doesn't give off a hint on this. >> it's looking at the russian hacking, which they publicly disclosed. >> we know they're doing that s a pekt.
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>> and this is something that, you know, the russians have been doing this for at least what, three or four general elections, presidential elections. so it's trying to figure out who in russia is involved with this, part of this is the fbi does this with the russians every day. there's, you know, people have to keep track in their heads that the russians -- that the fbi has two separate things. they do crinal investigations, yes, but they have a long running function, keeping their eyes on the russians in terms of looking at spying. there's a whole counterintelligence arm of the fbi that is going after the russians every day on this. >> and that's a regular thing, that's almost like, you know, work that's continuously done. it's not just open ended. >> goes back to the soviet union. >> but you may use that in order to find information about the specific probe. >> without question. yeah. that's what's going on here. >> well, let me ask you one quick question before i let you go, chuck shoou smer calling for jeff sessions to recuse himself. what would the role of the justice department be in
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anything right now having to do -- or is this all in the fbi? >> well, if at some point the fbi needed to seek the attorney general's permission to do something, i can't think it right off the top of my head what that would be, if they ever decided to file charges against someone, then that would go to the justice department and presumably that would be why the attorney general might be asked to recuse himself, but it does seem to me that that's way ahead of things at this point. >> anything that would somehow get to his desk, we're a long way away. >> without a question. >> pete williams. thank you very much. as kasie hunt just mentioned, republicans were forced to answer the same question. should mike flynn's communication with russia, itself, be investigated? here's a sampling of answers. >> thi there are signicant dysfunction in the national security apparatus of the trump administration. when you see that you don't know who's in charge, this flynn
2:14 pm
situation, the whole environment is one of dysfunction in the trump administration as far as national security was concerned. >> should there be a broader independent investigation into the administration's ties to russia. >> i think that situation is taken care of itself. >> i think it's like lay it general flynn would be at some point asked to come and talk to the committee about both post-election activities and any other activities. >> there were unanswered questions that need to be answered. >> i'd like to know, did he just do this as a rogue general flynn? that he decided to call the russians up one day and say you know, we're going to have a different view on sanctions, don't worry about it or somebody else in the white house? >> let's bring in the panel. cornell is a democratic pollster and strategist.
2:15 pm
>> not quite like this. >> full damage control, how are they doing? >> well, i think you have sean spicer's briefing today to answer that question. he was swatting flies as fast as he could swat until he could shut the thing down, interrupted only by his skype questions, most of which were friendly or off the topic that he didn't want to talk about. and he repeatedly said a couple things that i think are going to be the subject of further inquiry and investigation including there's no legal problem whatsoever. the problem flynn ran into was one of trust and not of law. i think that very much remains to be seen. >> michael, that seems to be obviously that's what the white house wants. they don't to want open up the russia can of worms.
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today this just did that. lindsey graham, john mccain, people chomping at the bit on this topic now feel as if -- okay, you know what, no more mr. nice guy. >> the senate is where republican resistance to donald trump, their own president from their own party was going to originate. this probably happened a lot quicker than mitch mcconnell and the republican senators thought it would. look, the fact of the matter is that concerns about russia, concerns about trump and his administrations closeness with vladimir putin, their softer views on russia, they are different from where the republican party is particularly in the senate. so this is where you're going to see it conflict. i don't think they're relishing getting into this, but this is an issue where unlike say other issues where -- trade, immigration, where trump deviates. this is one place where senate republicans to want have this fight. >> and cornell, i think the white house's problem is t mike pence situation. it looks like tha he was deliberately kept in the dark.
2:17 pm
and he is the security blanket for all those congressional republicans. like, all those congressional republicans got comfortable with donald trump, not because of anything donald trump did, but because of mike pence. >> and the political fallout of this, you guys are reporters, i'm a political hack, but the political fallout is this, now you have republicans having to carry this, right? and having to carry this water. tremendously -- already unpopular president. his trust numbers looking now, his trust numbers are going down, and further more, when you have republicans like blunt, i mean, graham is one thing, but blunt coming out from saying investigate. the russian things make a lot of republicans and particularly base republicans uncomfortable. republican parties, historical parties protecting us from the big scary bear in the woods. right. and reagan reference, but now we have a white house that's cozying up with this. the other part is trust, i think chuck that's interesting me is the president knew about this for what, almost two weeks. his national security advisor is having back door -- is having
2:18 pm
conversations with russians and lying to the public and lying to the vice president about him, did you imagine if this happened under obama and obama didn't immediately fire him. the house republicans would lose their minds. >> i wonder, do house republicans have a credibility issue they need to have their own investigation almost as a hedge? >> to clear their own names. >> their own name here or at least have this up there if everything goes south o them. >> i certainly imagine it's a conversation they'll be having. i mean,ou know, wouldn't you all rather have something that clears the air here? i mean, i think certainly the white house is working and you see them -- you see the public part of this, but they're working behind the scenes to try to make sure that this goes away as fast as they can make it go away. >> they want to make the leak part a big issue, and if you're looking at the advocacy media, you're seeing that some of it is folks. and the leaked stuff isn't insignificant. and i think it's a worthy of a separate discussion, but you don't have leaks if people think
2:19 pm
things are going well. i mean, so the leak is a -- is certainly problematic, but it's not the main problem. >> but it's complex. and look, you can sort of see this viewpoint in the house, rather than the senate, from intelligence chairman devin nunez who really came out with a statement last night praising general flynn. which i think reflects a viewpoint, it's in the administration as well, it's not shared by mike pence, that the intelligence community was out to get flynn. and so, you are going to see i think pushback from republicans on that issue. >> by the way, i think that's the -- it's a very true statement. there were a lot of people trying to get flynn. in the administration as well. like, in the west wing, i mean, he was a target, which then makes -- it gets to the whole judgment. >> right, it does get back to the judgment. at some point, you're going to see republicans drink i think alating from the white use, white house on this because they have to fe the voters in the midterm. >> you guys are sticking around.
2:20 pm
we're staying on this topic. different angles. developments on this story continue to come in quickly. we learned that the senate intelligence committee will investigate conversations between mike flynn and the russian ambassador. what will that look like? i'll talk to the top democrat on the senate intel committee. keep it here. hey, searching for a great used yeah! you got it. just say show me millions of used cars for sale at the all new i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported
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welcome back. the republican chairman of the house oversight committee says his committee isn't the one who should be investigating mike flynn's conversations with the russian ambassador, but he does want answers about whether the president discussed secret national security matters in public. congressman jason chaffetz sent a letter to the white house, chief of staff, reince priebus today, seeking formal explanation for photos that emerged on social media over the weekend. around the same time that north korea fired a ballistic missile into the sea of japan. photos appear to show mr. trump and the japanese prime minister at mar-a-lago reviewing papers with members of the public or at least members of mar-a-lago nearby.
2:23 pm
nbc news has not independently verified the timing of the photos. congressman chaffetz wants to know whether classified documents were reviewed in common areas and what the vetting process is for anyone who was allowed on the grounds of mar-a-lago. now the white house insists all the rules were followed. >> apparently there was a photo taken which everyone jumped to nefarious conclusions about what was discussed. there was simply a discuss about press logistics. there is a skiff there. it was utilized on two occasions that evening. >> talked to a republican member of the house oversight committee right after this break. more mtp daily is coming up. that ride share? you actually rode here on the cloud. did not feel like a cloud... that driverless car? i have seen it all. intel's driving...the future! traffic lights, street lamps. business runs on the cloud... and the cloud runs on intel. ♪
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joining me now is here. welcome to the show, sir. >> thank you. >> let me ask you this, in general, what do you believe the jurisdiction of the house oversight committee should be and is in your opinion? >> well, we have oversight and have since 1815 over every aspect of government. but when it comes to sources and methods that will tend to fall under the intelligence committee for obvious reasons. >> is there a point that you believe this russia, number one, it is more public. and that there is a part of this that i think -- that it's important for the public to know and see you guys investigating. but it fits better there than in the intel. >> national security. one of the things that we see as
2:26 pm
i travel extensively with members from the other side of the aisle, i served with steve lynch on the national security subcommittee. he and i traveled a lot. we're very much united on foreign policy when we leave our shores, it's about defending the country. so before we would get into anything like that, we would have to make sure that what is it we're investigating, what damage would it cause to our national interests that we all share? >> what is -- let me ask you this, what made benghazi something that belonged at the oversight committee that say this russia investigation does not? >> well, in that case, i think you had to have a special committee that went into the investigation because you had completely different narratives. you had a fake report about some type of a video that had caused many of these things and it just went south from there. as the evidence began to mount, then the special committee was formed. in this case, you have conversations that occurred with
2:27 pm
mr. flynn, that will come out at some point, that will probably be done through some sources and means, discussion that would be classified as the evidence comes out. then we'll see what the evidence says. >> we're 25 days in, what do you tell your constituents back home? this was big trump country, oklahoma, we know that. what do you tell your constituents back ho of what's happening so far? >> well, you're watching government at work. you're watching every administration as it comes into office getting settled. look, you know, wishing for the demise of a particular administration is like wishing that the pilots on an airplane would fail that we're riding in. this is our country. and so while we see general flynn has made some errors by his own admission and he has resigned and then, you know, accounting two himself for that, at the same time, most americans need to be asking the question, hey, how are we going to get a new national security advisor and how do we get them confirmed
2:28 pm
as quickly as possible so we all may feel safe from acts of terror or threats emerging. >> you heard senator mccain, worried about the national security advisor. there's a general in charge of the special ops forces. >> how concerned are you? this is not easy if you're dealing with a special ops mission right now and we know there may be some that are happening right now, it looks a little unsteady over here. >> well, it may to the politician -- i would beg to differ that view as being held by the warrior. just like people in the foreign service or people in uniform that have served for decades public they serve from an administration to administration under dedicated to defending the constitution and protecting the republic. >> what would be one thing you'd like to see president trump do quickly to give to restore some confidence in the wt wing
2:29 pm
right now? >> he can pick whoever he wants. >> my bad. that is true. i think it's important he would move quickly so we would have the full cabinet available for national security. >> all right. steve russell, congressman from oklahoma, on the oversight committee. thanks for coming on and sharing your views. >> my pleasure. we're going to hear more on this from both congressional leaders tomorrow. "morning joe" special interviews with house speaker paul ryan and senator majority leader mitch mcconnell. that's tomorrow morning starting at 6:00 a.m. just ahead, vice chair of the senate intelligence committee mark warner about their plans to investigate the conversations between mike flynn and the russian ambassador, stay tuned. ♪
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welcome back. the office of government ethics is asking the white house to consider disciplinary action against the president's senior counselor, kellyanne conway in a letter to the white house legal council. the director of the office of government ethics said the following, there are strong reason to believe that miss conway disciplinary action is warranted. what that is, we don't know. this all stems, of course, from comments made on fox news in the wake of nordstrom dropping
2:34 pm
ivanka trump's clothing line. she was defending the president on what he did on nordstroms and she went ian further. the office says conway unquestionably appeared in a official capacity where she said quote, go buy ivanka's stuff. sean spicer said that conway had been counciled on that matter. but the office says they haven't received notification of any disciplinary action and that the white house needs to investigate conway's conduct. more mtp daily just ahead. first here's kate rogers with today's cnbc market wrap. >> thanks chuck. for the fourth day in a row, stocks finish in record territory. the dow rose 92 points, the s&p closed up nine points while the nasdaq ended up 18 points. bond yields got a boost following janet yellen. apple closed at another all-time high with shares rising nearly 11%. warren buffett quadrupled it's stake in apple in lastyear's fourth quarter to about 57.4
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welcome back. fallout from the resignation of national security advisor michael flynn barely on the job for three weeks. senate intelligence committee will investigate the conversations between flynn and the russian ambassador to the united states. committee chairman richard byrd says the committee is going to aggressively continue it's oversight responsibilities. but what is the scope of this investigation? joining me now is senator mark warner, he's the ranking democrat on the senate intel committee, the way it works, it truly is a -- this is not a hierarc hierarchy, correct me if i'm wrong, in the tradition of basically co-chairs, fair to say? >> it is. he's the chair, i'm the vice-chair. this is really one of the few committees that still works in a bipartisan way. maybe because a lot of it's behind closed doors, but we actually go after something in an organized fashion. >> well, let's talk about the scope of the investigation. >> sure. >> what is is it?
2:39 pm
okay. what is it beyond mike flynn and the phone calls? >> let me go through it. it's three -- at least three discreet areas. first, it's looking into the amount of russian interference in the election, particularly focussing on the amount of disinformation, the false news, i don't think most americans realize that were literally 1,000 russian internet trolls working in a single location in russia trying to interfere, pug oufake news that a lot of times if you googled something, you'd end u wit not msnbc or even fox news, you'd end up with russian fake news. we got to show the extent of that. second, we've got to look at the amount of hacking that was done into both the podesta e-mails, the dnc e-mails, the selective leaking of those e-mails, again, i don't think most realize the that the first time the podesta e-mails were leaked to the
2:40 pm
public was literally two hours after so the-called access hollywood tape came out. clearly they were trying to influence against clinton for trump. and then third, the area that includes mr. flynn, what are the cases of contacts between either campaign and we're focussing now on the trump campaign, trump campaign and russian officials before the election, and now even in the aftermath, after the election. >> so what are you investigating? are you investigating the investigators? is this pure oversight or do you have your own team here that might do some of it's own investigative work out in the field? >> we're looking at the raw intelligence that ended up creating the report that president obama put together that was released late in his term. we're also looking and going to be interviewing a number of individuals who may have been involved in either gathering some of that information or reaching some of those conclusions. and it's -- as richard byrd said, this is going to be far
2:41 pm
reaching. and what's most important is we're going to go wherever the intelligence and the facts lead. that could be very troubling, that could be very concerning, and we're already seeing in the case of general flynn, circumstance where while we haven't seen the underlying transcripts, obviously you've got an iividual that was quite close to the esident, he had one story, then he changed his story. that led to a resignation. that raises a whole series of other questions about who he talk to do and when i did did they know. we have to get a copy of what was exactly said between general flynn and the russian ambassador. >> speaking of that, obviously the white house has made a big deal about the leaks. president trump has made a big deal out of the leaks. are you troubled by the amount of leaking that has been going on and, you know, perhaps people are leaking because they feel like whistle blowers, but there seems to be a lot here when it comes to some national security. >> well, as somebody who sits on
2:42 pm
the intel community and realizes the intel community has to be protected in term was sources and methods, of course i'm concerned about leaks. i don't think we make our country safer that way, but what we've seen in the case, for example, of general flynn, we've seen one set of facts, we've seen the general change his story, and now we've seen his resignation. obviously having that information out, having -- not knowing for example when the vice president knew or didn't know, was he in effect left out to dry by general flynn, you know, it's really important for national security means as well that we'd get to the bottom of this and we get the facts out. >> i assume you're competent to do this investigation and you're confident in the intel committee's abity do this investigation, but should it be broader? should there be a senate select? are you there? should there be multiple committees looking into other aspects of the russian interference? >> what i've said is -- i think the intelligence community and
2:43 pm
committee is the right venue. we've got long time ties with the intelligence community, part of this is built on trust, and i think part of that trust means a number of these figures are coming forward. and sharing the appropriate information. what i've also said though, if there's ever any evidence that there's an attempt to squash this information or not allow the information to go where the truth leads us, then i and i believe the other members of the intelligence committee at least on the democratic side will say timeout, look at something else. >> there's a concern that it's too easy on intel to essentially say, oh, turn the cameras off, get rid of the reporters, do it all behind -- and frankly it there's no sunshine at all. >> chuck, at the end of the day, this is so important, this goes to our very basic democratic process, i can give you one promise, we're going to make sure as much of this as possible, while protects sources and methods can be released.
2:44 pm
the american public deserves to find out and deserves to know what happened in terms of russian interference. and quite honestly, if i would think the administration with all the clouds hanging over the administration on this subject, they'd want that information out as well. >> are y worried that they're going to cite executive privilege to present mike flynn from testifying. >> listen, i am -- we're a couple weeks into this administration and nothing wouldn't surprise me. but i think there is so much pressure -- and i've heard from other republican members from the committee, they also believe if this proves to be the case, what the reports have made, then mr. flynn needs to testify, we need to get these facts. we have to first of all find out what actually transpired and all we've got so far are press reports. >> when should we expect to see you guys impanelled on this investigation? >> well chuck, we've already put out calls for information from all the intelligence agencies. i personally made it very clear to each of these agencies, we
2:45 pm
expect full corporation. we've already got a team looking in that information, looking at that raw intelligence. and i think this needs to be cleared up as quickly as possible. we've got to do it thoroughly, but it's got to be cleared up as quickly as possible because quite honestly, this leaves a cloud over the whole administration. >> i think i hear you there. senator mark warner, vice chair, the intel committee. we'll be watching. as much as you'll allow to be public. keep that in mind. >> senator warner, thanks very much. i'll be right back with what i'm obsessed with today. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™.
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♪ welcome back. tonight i'm obsessed with a sad story thatppeared in the "wall street journal" today. at can happen to people in washington when they fly too close to the sun or in this case too close to power and money. and we hope a lot of people read this story that are in washington that are close to power. it's a story of a smart, creative, ambitious young man. by the time he was 27, he was a top lobbyist for one of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies. morris was a game changer, figured out better ways to get members of congress to give them what they wanted. company made billions and morris got rich too. as brodie who wrote this story and reporteden to detail noted today, he traded in his mazda for a porsche. morris indulged himself with 2,000 dlargs bottle of wine. brought a $3 million vacation
2:48 pm
home and a $300,000 moe hogny. he had one more thing, a big secret. he was secretly embezzling much of the money that paid for his lifestyle for the golf memberships, fancy si gaerns more. and the company's chief compliance officer flew across the country to confront him. he left early, wife was worried and when he didn't return his calls. he texted his wife with contact information for his accountant, financial planner, and life insurance provider. you can probably guess what happened next. evan morris took his own life at the age of 38. a brain if little known who fell prey to the twin temptations of washington. power and money. it's a story i hope plenty of people are reading today so they don't make the same mistakes. we'll be right back. can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the cital one venture card, you t double miles on everything you buy, nost ane purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy.
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♪ king arthur: ready! washington: charge! empress wu: charge! (in chinese) king arthur: charge! ♪ let your reign begin. evony, the mobile game. download now. bp engineers use underwater robots, so they can keep watch over operations below the sea, even from thousands of feet above. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. time now for the lid pan is back. one of the things that's going to happen in this administration
2:51 pm
is a national security adviser. we heard some names that have been out there. we have someone close to jim mattis. david petraeus, we know his philosophy. what's interesting to me we have not talked about is, correct me if i'm wrong, they don't share the same philosophy on foreign as president trump and michael flynn. >> it would be a shift no matter who is chosen by president trump. my sources in the white house there would be huge reaction if petraeus were picked. bob harwits can a cipher. he worked on the bush administration he would be greeted more friendly. >> it's interesting, the white house is saying they were
2:52 pm
intersuing him last week in anticipation of this. okay, take them at their word on this. i think they probably knew they had to have a backup, considering how much fires there was. what do we know about him? >> interesting thing about all three, they are all former senior military as is flynn. petraeus was flynn's boss. but as you indicated, they do have more of the mattis and kelly and tillerson mainstream republican foreign policy approach. or main streen non-foreign approach. tough on russia, tough on china, but not on for punch them in the face that flynn was advancing. >> if the president doesn't have a connection with the national
2:53 pm
security adviser. this is different than secretary of defense. you're with this person all the time. it seems to me all three, neither one of them seem to have a personal relationship with him yet. >> here is the thing, he came in saying he is going to make up safer, he going to take care of the bad guys and make us safer. this is an important part of his brand. for the last week or so, they have pretty much screwed this up. americans over next week are not going to feel safer because of what's happening here. he needs to pick someone straight ahead, no nonsense republican from the bush era, he has to get this fixed because it's cornerstone of his brand. >> here is another thing, there's chatter on the weekend
2:54 pm
that reince priebus was in trouble. whoever want to interview he, i'm here to say bad things about reince priebus, you're in the middle of the crisis on flynn, in your going to do more, do it now. i done know if they are going to. >> i don't know. this changes every day. apparently he was involved in pushing out michael flynn. >> he was mislead, too. >> mike pence was vouching for flynn and mike was on my show vouching for flynn. >> reince is trying to do this, he trying to bring control to what's going on here and maybe that's why he was going to stick around a little longer. >> maybe mike pence is more
2:55 pm
powerless than people thought. mike pce handling half of the cabinet, maybe not. >> one thing we can conclude after this crazy few days, there's one person whose opinion matters, that's trump. if you're done on his list, then your down. if you're up, you're up. he will tolerate, a fair amount, of side way shooting among the very people advising him. >> he has a high tolerance for political pain. >> republicans would be astonish that -- he is not the adult in the room, he is supposed to be the adult in the room. >> they heed need to reestablish it. thank you, guys. after the break, can trump
2:56 pm
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odds for president trump -- to win a second term. you can have duane, the rock available, 100 to one. because flynn is irish. that's it for the tonight. "for the record" with greta starts now. there's breaking news tonights, he got fired the trump white house undersiege. the white house today confirming that the president have known for weeks about the phone call. there's independent investigation and there's more.


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