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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 15, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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conservative, pro-trump news organization, owned by rupert murdoch or sinclair called upon. >> since the mike flynn scandal, we have not had a chance to ask president trump about his former national security advisor. there is only an acting national security advisor to discuss middle east policy. michael flynn is not out among the questions we would like to ask the president today. 15 days have passed since the president was told, and then acting attorney general sally yates said that flynn was vulnerable to russian blackmail. why did he wait to tell mike pence. and why was mike pence included in all of the foreign policy making, including being the
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person is not out to iran, to be put on notice, given the that there were concerns. >> as are you talking, let me interrupt. we are seeing the car pulled up. melania and donald trump awaiting to greet sara netanyahu, on the other side, of course, the prime minister. it looks like a state visit. given the pomp and ceremony to the prime minister of israel and his wife usually accorded to a state visit. this is the first time we are seeing melania trump in this role. sara netanyahu doesn't usually travel with the prime minister on working visits to and from washington. this is quite a bit of fanfare, the marine guard. the south portico. in the state visit, hundreds of
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people, diplomatic corp, the marine band and others, now, it is just the four of them standing there with the marine guard. it is a bit of a potamkin village feel to this. now, the picture of the four of them standing there. melania trump, sara netanyahu. it support to point out, there is a legal investigation, he has been investigated by legal authorities there. allegations of corruption. there are some clouds shadowing him on this visit. as peter, you were talking, as we watch them walk in to the south entrance, there are different emphasis here. you have the trump white house wanting to negotiate middle east peace without a separate palestinian state. and the prime minister's
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concerns are all about iran, iran, iran. >> he wants to discuss the iran deal, and the fact that president trump may reconsider it. there has been no bigger opponent of that deal than benjamin netanyahu. as you say, melania trump is here alongside her husband. the fact that even as they arrive, very limited opportunity to visit together before they come out to the news conference. flipping the deal a bit. normally, they have those conversations as president trump did last week. today, a lot of the news that will be made it will made in real time. which is to say, it is not clear how much of these conversations happened behind the scenes in preparation for their public remarks here today. >> a question replay, now, they are going inside, they are
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downstairs at the white house. they have to go through to the formal rooms upstairs to the east room news conference, that will precede the formal talks. with us now, is stephen hadley, former national security advisor. there is so much going on. no national security advisor, general kellogg, interim at best. and the secretary of state left the -- at nato, defense secretary said i have to warn you that it political situation at home is, that if you don't increase your share of contributions to nato, we will have to alter our involvement. that is not so setul warning. they want the contribution to
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nato. this is sort of an ultimatum, is it not? >> the secretary of state, president says for two decades have been telling them they need to do more. it hasn't seemed to work. what president trump is saying, maybe we need to put more bite in this. if you do more, we will do more. if you don't do more, maybe we will do less. i think this is part of the negotiation. this is afterall, a deal maker, he is trying to turn up the pressure on the nato allies, one to do more, and re-look at nato, to make sure it adapted to the threats we face. >> we see ron durmer, effective on benjamin netanyahu's part, ambassador from israel. he helped to negotiate the benjamin netanyahu speech to the joint meeting of congress, that offended the obama white house,
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that the invitation happened, that would normally go through the white house. meeting benjamin netanyahu without a national security advisor, not discussing having a two-state, and having his son in law as the negotiate. because of the flynn resig nag, they have, as you would expect with an insurgent administration without outsiders coming in, they have been slow to get their cabinet officials confirmed, slow to they are under staffed at this point. the world keeps turning, affairs need to go on. they are making due. i think there has been a lot of conversations in preparation for this summit. the fact that they are having the press conference is an indication that they are comfortable at this point, they
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know what the basic framework for it relationship is going to be. inserge insergent, he is doing business differently. >> the new secretary of state was told he could choose his deliberate. chose elliott abrams, an experienced foreign policy expert, critical, not a signer of the no-trump never trump foreign policy. he did write a column last may. after being told he was being hired, he was vetoed by the president. a slap in the face to the new secretary of state that now does not have a deputy. >> the cabinet secretaries have been told, unless there is a real problem, you will get them. obviously, president trump thought there was a problem with the statement that is he made. which is unfortunate. i think elliott would have
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served the new president loyally and l it is unfortunate. >> a candidate for replacement for the national security advisor, general flynn, any circumstance that you would take the job? a lot of people say will perfect person would be steve hadly. >> not for president trump. he ran against the establishment and two decades of foreign policy. if you look at his cabinet appointments, it is people who have not been part of the establishment for the last two decades. he is not looking for someone like me. >> a weapon fired by iran, a weapon test by north korea, a failed yemen raid. the russians now, violating a 1987 ronald reagan/gorbachev
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agreement. the process, the national security -- >> i am sure there has been informal meetings and consultations, they are only three weeks in, they don't have most of their people in place. in 2001, i was deputy national security advisor, i convined a couple of meetings, there was no point, i didn't have any confirmed deputies to invite to the meeting until april or may of that first year. it takes time to get an administration staffed. particularly, if it is a kind of insurgent administration like this one. three weeks into the term. >> the president, not to tell the vice president that the national security advisor had mislead him? >> that is an issue, their internal processes within the administration they will be talking about.
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>> and national correspondent, peter alexander is in the east room. >> they are almost home alone. talk about jared and his unique role here. >> donald trump himself said, on the first day of his presidency, in one of the inaugural balls, he said, if anyone can find peace in the middle east, create peace in the middle east, it is my son in law. that is something they will be discussing. david freeman, the ambassador to israel, have had strong positions in support of the development, further development of settlements, president trump changed the tables, saying he no longer supported the view of expansion, he thought they could be an obstacle for advancement.
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as you noted, nobody yet from the american delegation, as they have a small window to meet behind closed doors privately, before they mark their remarks publicly to the world. the noticeable absence of mike flynn today. one reason it is significant. flynn was one of the biggest advocates, one of the voices closest to president trump in support of a hardline position toward iran. one of benjamin netanyahu's biggest assets in this administration. he is now gone. which creates a bit of a void, given the relevance of iran, between the two countries. >> peter, as you know, it was national security -- former national security advisor flynn who came in to the room and said we are putting iran on notice. without explaining what it
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meant. were they threatening? all options on the table, sanctions, and a question as to how tough the sankszs were. they are sticking with the iran nuclear deal, article one on the checklist of what benjamin netanyahu does not want. already, you have seen president trump disagreeing with candidate trump, where donald trump said he would get rid of the iran nuclear deal, the worst deal negotiated. he said he would move the embassy, all american candidates promised to do, no american president has been willing to do, because of the threat of violence, what it would mean in the arab world. >> the acting national security advisor entered the room. and the deputy national security
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advisor. there was question as to whether or not she would stay on after the departure of michael flynn. as evidenced by her seated, we are confident she will be. and the cia director, and sources say that it were brought in in the last two weeks to be engaged in the presidential dale i briefy, so mike flynn's voice wasn't the only one on the voice of national security, speaking to the president. as i understand, he was able to do that when he was in town, and keith kellogg was able to join in the process as well. sglm the cia director was in the west bank meeting with the palestinians last night, to brief them on this. it was, as we understand it, the first time they were told that administration is abandoning the two state solution. you can see melania trump and sara netanyahu entering.
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i want to reduce chris matthews, with me here, the host of "hardball." and david cone, former director of the cia, analyst as well. >> jared obviously, you see ivanka trump, a kiss from jared to sara netanyahu. this is an unusual moment. some described it as home alone, aside from friends and family. >> what you expect to have in the national security apparatus in the white house, essentially not there. the national security advisor not in the job. steve bannon has important alliances, and connections with
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nationalist right wing groups that perliveerating across europe. >> it appears that the force in foreign policy, in the white house is steve bannon and jared kushner. nationalist groups in europe, jared kushner has come up in the real estate business in new york. not someone with a great deal of experience. and you have this meeting with the prime minister of israel without the secretary of state or secretary of defense present. >> here we have the announcement. they are coming in. this is a moment this. is giving benjamin netanyahu the kind of platform he has not had under the barack obama. >> not exactly the equal
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treatment. >> thank you. the today, i have is the honor of welcoming my friend, prime minister benjamin netanyahu to the white house. the unbreakable bond with our cherished ally, israel. the partnership between our two countries, built on our shared valus has advanced the cause of human freedom, dignity and peace. these are the building blocks of democracy. the state of israel is a symbol to the world of resilience. i can think of no other state that has gone through what they
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have, and genocide. we will never forget what jewish people have endured. your pers verence, democracy in the face of violence, and defense in the face of tall arts is truly inspirational. the security challenges faced by israel are enormous. including the threat of iran's nuclear ambitions which i have talked a lot about. one of the worst deals i have ever seen is the iran deal. my administration has already imposed new sanctions on iran. i will do more to prevent iran from ever, i mean ever, a nuclear weapon. the security assistance to israel is currently at an all-time high, ensuring that israel has the ability to defend
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itself from threats, of which there are, unfortunately, many. both countries will continue and grow. we have a long history of cooperation against terrorism. america and israel are two countries that value all human life. this is one more reason why i reject unfair one-sided actions against israel at the united nations, who has treated israel in my opinion, very, very unfairly. or other international forums, as well as boycotts that target israel. our administration is committed to working with israel, and our common allies, in the region toward greater security and stability. that includes working toward a
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peace agreement between israel and the palestinians. the united states will encourage a peace and really a great peace deal. we will be working on it very diligently. very important to me, also. something we want to do. it is the parties themselves who must directly negotiate such an agreement. we will be beside them, working with them it as with any successful negotiation both sides will have to make compromises. you know that right? i want the israel people to know that the united states stands with israel in the struggle against terrorism. as you know, mr. prime minister, our two nations will always
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condemn terrorist acts. peace requires nations to uphold the dignity of human life, and to be a voice for all of those who are endangered and forgotten. those are the ideals to which we all and will always aspire and commit. this will be the first of many productive meetings and again, mr. prime minister, thank you very much for being with us today. mr. prime minister, thank you. >> president trump, thank you for the truly warm hospitality you and melania has shown me, my wife, sara, to me, to the state
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of israel, so clearly evident in the words you spoke. israel has no better ally than the united states. and i want to assure you that the united states has no better ally than israel. our alliance has been remarkably strong. under your leadership, i am confident that it will get even stronger. i look forward to working with you to dramatically upgrade our alliance in every field. security, and technology, and cyber and trade. i certainly welcome your forthright call to ensure that israel is treated fairly in international forums, and the slander and boycotts of israel are resisted mightily by the power and moral position by the
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united states of america. as you said, our alliance is based on a deep bond of common valus and common interests. increasingly, those valus and interests are under attack by one force, radical islamic terror. mr. president, you have shown great clarity and courage in confronting this challenge head on. you call for confronting iran's terrorist regime. preventing iran from realizing this terrible deal into a nuclear arsenal. and you said that the united states is committed to keeping iran from getting nuclear weapons you call for a defeat of isis. under your leadership, i believe we can stem the tide.
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israel stands with you, and i stand with you. mr. president, in will aring back militant islam, we can seize a historic opportunity. for the first time in my lifetime, and for the first time in the life of my country, arab countries in the region do not see israel as an enemy, but increasingly as an ally. i believe under your leadership, this change in our region creates an unprecedented opportunity to strengthen security and advance peace. let us seize this moment together. let us bolster security. let us seek new avenues of peace, and bring the remarkable alliance between israel and the united states to even greater
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heights. thank you, thank you mr. president. >> again, thank you. >> we will take a couple of questions. david. christian broadcasting. david. >> thank, both of you have criticized the iran nuclear deal, at times called for repeal. i am wondering if you are concerned at all, as it relates to not just the national security advisor, michael flynn, recently no longer here, some of those events going on with communication with russia, if that will hamper this deal and whether or not it will hamper iran from becoming a nuclear state? are you on the same page? how do you term that as it relates to a settlement issue. >> general flynn is a wonderful man. i think he has been treated very
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unfairly by the media. as i call trk the fake media in many cases. i think it is a bad thing he was treated so badly. in addition to that, from intelligence, papers are being leaked, things are leaked. it is criminal act. it has been going on for a long time. before me. now, it is really going on. people are trying to cover up for a terrible loss that the democrats had under hillary clinton. i think that it is very, very unfair what happened to general flynn, the way he was treated and the documents and papers that were illegally, i stress that that, illegally leaked. as far as settlement, i would like to see you hold back on settlements for a bit. we work something out.
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i think a deal will be made. i know every president, most of them did not start until late. they never thought it was possible. and it wasn't possible, because they didn't do it. bibi and i have known each other for a long time it a great negotiator. we will make a deal. it may be a bigger deal than people in this room understand. so let's see what we do. >> it is a start. >> doesn't sound too optimistic. >> that is the art of the deal. >> i also want to thank sara, could you stand up. you are lovely, and so nice to melania, i appreciate it very much. >> your turn.
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>> please, go ahead. >> mr. president. in your vision for the new middle east peace, are you ready to give up the notion of a two-state solution, adapted by previous administration? would you be willing to hear different ideas from the prime ministers, some of the partners are asking to do, annexation of parts of the west bank, and unrestricted settlement constructions? and are you going to fulfill your promise to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. >> i am looking at the two state, and one state, i like the one that both parties like. i can live with either one. i thought for a while that the two-state looked like it may be the easier of the two.
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hone honestly, if bibi, and the palestinians, and israel and the palestinans are happy, i am happy with the one they like the best. as far as the embassy moving, i would love to see it happen. we are looking at it very, very strongly. we are looking at it with great care, great care, believe me. we will see what happens. okay. >> thank you. i read yesterday that an american official said that if you ask five people what two states would look like, you would get eight different answers. mr. president, if you ask five israels you get 12 different answers. rather than deal with labels, i want to deal with substance. and it is something i hope to do for years in a world that is fixated on labels and not on substance. here is the substance.
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there are two prerequisites for peace i laid out years ago. they haven't changed. first, the palestinians must recognize the jewish state. they have to stop calling for israel's destruction. they have to stop educating their people for israel's destruction. second, in any peace agreement, israel must retain the overriding security control over the entire area west of the jordan river, if we don't, we know what will happen. otherwise, we will get another radical islamic terrorist state, and the palestinian areas, exploding the peace and the middle east. unfortunately, the palestinians vehemmetly oppose this it they inside the schools and the textbooks, you have to read it to believe it. they even deny, mr. prkts our
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historical connection to our homeland. i suppose you have to ask yourself, why are jews called jews? well, the chinese are called chinese, because they come from china. the jap these are called japanese because they come from japan. jews are called jews because they come from judiah. they not only poison the past, they poison the president. they name squared of those who murdered israelis and also murdered americans, they pay monthly families to the families of murderers, like the group who killed a young american stabbed to death visiting israel. this is the source of the conflict. the persistent palestinian
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refusial to recognize israel. i want it to change. they have become more important because of the rising tide of fanaticism. i want this to change. i want those two prerequisites of peace, substance, not labels, i want them reinstated. if anyone believes that tias prime minister of israel, is responsible for the security of my country, blindly walk into a terrorist state, they are gravely mistaken. recognition of of the jewish state, and israel's security needs west of the jordan. they remain pertinent. we have to look for new ways,
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new ideas, on how to reinstate them and move peace forward. i believe that the great opportunity for peace comes from a regional approach from involving our new found arab partners in the pursuit of a broader peace and peace with the palestinians, i greatly look forward to discussing this in detail with you mr. president. i think that if we work together, we have a shot. >> we have been discussing that, and it is something that is very different. hasn't been discussed before. it is actually a much bigger deal. much more important deal in a sense. it would take it many, many countries, and cover a very large territory. i department know you were going to be mentioning that, now that you can, i think it is a
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terrific thing. we have cooperation from people in the past that never would have thought of doing this. we will see how it works out. katie from town hall. >> thank you, you said in your earlier remarks other both sides have to make compromising. a halt on settlements, can you lay out more compromises that you have in mind both for the israelis and the palestinians, and mr. prime minister, what expectations do you have from the new administration how to amend the iran nuclear agreement or dismantle it altogether? how to overall work with the new administration to combat iran's aggression, not only in the past couple of months, but the past years as well. >> interesting question. i think that the israeli are going to have to show flexibility. it is hard. hard to do.
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they will have to show the fact that they really want to make a deal. i think that our new concept we have been discussing, for a while is something that allows them to show more flexibility than they have in the past. you have a lot bigger canvas to play with. i think they will do that. i think they would want to do that i wouldn't be happy and i wouldn't be here, and i wouldn't be as optimistic as i am. i can tell you, from the standpoint of being from the standpoint of israel, i believe they want to make hey deal and see the big deal. i think the palestinians have to get rid of the hate that they are taught from a young age. they are taught tremendous hate. i have seen what they are taught. you can talk about flexibility there, too. it starts as a very young age, and it starts in the school room. they have to acknowledge israel.
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they have to do that there is no way a deal with be made if they are not ready to acknowledge a very, very great and important country. i think that they will be willing to do that also. i also believe that we will have other players at a high level, and i think it might make it easier on both the palestinians and israel to get something done. okay. thank you. very interesting question, thank you. >> you asked about iran. one thing is preventing iran from getting nuclear weapons, something that president trump and i, i think, are deeply committed to do. we are obviously going to discuss that beyond that, president trump has lead a very important effort in the past few weeks. just coming into the presidency. he pointed out there are
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violations, iranian violations on ballistic missiles, by the way they are inscribed in israel "israel must be destroyed." the foreign minister said our ballistic missiles are not intended against any country. they write in hebrew on the missile, israel must be destroyed. challenging iran on the violations of ballistic missiles, impossessing sanctions on hezbollah, and the terrorism throughout the middle east and well beyond. a change that is clearly evident since president trump took office, i welcome that. i think it is long overdue, if we work together, and not just the united states and israel. so many others.
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in the region, that see eye to eye on the great magnitude and danger of the iranian threat, i think that we can roll back iran's aggression and danger. that is something that is important for israel, the arab states, i think it is important for america. they are developing icbms, they want to get to a nuclear arsenal, not a bomb, a hundred bombs, they want the ability to launch them everywhere on earth, including and especially, eventually, the united states. so, this is something that is important for all of us. i welcome the change, i intend to work with president trump closely, to thwart the danger. >> you have somebody? >> mr. president, since your election campaign even after your victory, we have seen a sharp rise in antisemettic
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incidents across the united states. i wonder what you say among the jewish communities, who believe and feel that your administration is playing with racist tones. mr. prime minister, do you agree for the need north israel to restrain or stop cement activity in the west bank. simple question. do you back off from your vision of the end of the two-state solution, as you layed out in the speech or do you still support it? >> well, i want to say that we are very learned by the victory that we had. 306 electoral college votes, they said there is no way to 270. there is tremendous enthusiasm out there. i will say that we are going to
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have peace. in this country. we are going to stop crime fin this country. we are going to do everything within our power to stop long-simmering racist, a lot of bad things have been taking place over a long period of time. i think one of the reasons we won the election, we have a very divided nation. hopefully, i will be able to do something about that. something that was very important to me. as far as people, jewish people, so many friends, a daughter who happens to be here right now, a son-in-law, and three beautiful grandchildren, i think that you are going to see a lot different united states of america over
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the next eight years, i think a lot of good things are happening. you will see a lot of love. thank you. >> i believe that the issue of the settlements is not the core of the conflict. nors n nor, does it drive the conflict. we will speak about it. the president and i to arrive in an understanding, so we don't keep bumping into each other on this issue and discuss this. on the question, you just came back with your question to the problem that i said. it is the label. what is two states, what does it mean? a state that basically is open for attack against israel.
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what are we talking about? costa rica or another iran? it means different things, i told you what i believe are the concerns necessary for an agreement. recognition of a jewish state and israel's security control of the entire area, otherwise, we are just fantasizing, otherwise, we will get another failed state. another terrorist islammist dictatorship that works to destroy us, and any hope for a peaceful future for our people. i have been clear about those conditions, they haven't changed. if you read what i said eight years ago, it is exactly that. i repeated it again and again. if you want to deal with labels, deal with liables, i will deal with substance. and if i can respond to something i know from experience. i have known president trump for
9:42 am
many years to allude to him or his team some of whom i have known for many years, too, can i reveal, jared, how long we have known you? well, he was never small. he was always big, always tall. viknown the president, and i have known his family and his team for a long time. there is no greater support of the jewish people and the jewish state than president donald trump. i think we should put that to rest. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that very much. >> thank you. >> are you going to answer any questions about your associate's contact with the russians -- >> with a shouted question, mr. president, are you going to answer any questions about the
9:43 am
connections of your associates with russians? i think that that is what was said. we couldn't hear if he responded because of the quick applause from his aides and staff, again with the u.s. questioners only coming from conservative news organizations. the new its here, and i am joined by chris matthews and david cone. the news here is first of all, the defense of michael flynn. saying that his national security advisor was treated badly and blamed on fake new fist, it was the president of the united states who asked for his resignation. >> he fired him. >> yes, thank you. he doesn't care if it is a one state solution or two-state solution, but they will come up with a deal, suggesting as benjamin netanyahu has that there is awe nigh situation on the ground. that arab states are so
9:44 am
concerned. if concern about iran, that they have an alliance with israel and can make a peace. david cone, first to you, most recently, deputy cia director. there is alliances that have long expected. muchly advantageous for defense. for them to abandon calls for peace with the palestinians, and link up with israel against the palestinians is a bridge too far? >> i think that is right. the arab, muslim world does have a natural ally in israel with respect to the concern about iran, and the issues in iran. they are concerned about the rise of extremists, in the count counter terrorism. there is the possibility for a unit of interest between the arab world and israel.
9:45 am
abandoning a two-state solution. >> a pal tinnian state. >> i think it is very much a difficult thing. it is probably a bridge too far for the potential allies. >> chris matthews, the other big headline, the ad-lib from president trump, you and you are going to hold back on settlements? the u.s. failed to veto. >> are you the expect. i don't of course any of this adds up. you say you are going to move the embassy, which is a flash point. >> i think they will study that to death. >> that would be good. keeping it alive, however. imagine the headlines in europe in tomorrow morning's papers, the death of the two-state solution. we have a president that is pro
9:46 am
netanyahu, the western world will clash, from australia to norway, they happening the two-state solution is the only solution. then if it isn't a two-state solution it is a one state solution. bringing in territories, largely populated by israelis, jewish people. what do you do with the people who are growing in numbers, their families are growing, it has always been israel's challenge, to reconcile its belief in open democracy and zionism. how do you have a jewish state with the largest demographic is nonjewish people. rattle the cage. talking about moving the embassy. and the promise to the palestinian people, that they
9:47 am
would have their own country. human beings living in a larger area. by the way, there are more meds than beds in jordan right now. the idea that jordan monarchy can somehow support the end of any chance for the palestinians is insane. >> peter alexander is in the room. the shout-out to jared kushner. the president saying he is the deal maker, and netanyahu feeding him the line, the art of the deal. and the shout out to jared kushner. spending some of his college years there, saying, as i recall, president obama started immediately with the appointment of george mitchell as a special envoy to negotiate peace. >> what was striking to me, when
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president trump looked over to netanyahu, asking him to hold back on settlements, the u.s. ambassador to israel, that is one notable back and forth. >> to say who is jared kushner's father. how many consecutive news conferences we have had since this story line scandal broke without any drilling down on this issue. donald trump today, complained about leaks he called criminal acts, this being an excuse to avoid talking about the terrible loss by hillary clinton. he blamed the fake news as he would like to describe it it was president trump who demanded the resignation of mike flynn. were that the case, where the news fake, why he would do such
9:49 am
a thing. the window of time, before mike pence was alerted to it. ultimately why mike flynn was in the national security policy making decisions, over the course of three weeks, that have passed without action being taken. >> while you have been in the east room there is a report from rou reuters, he has been offered the job and he is considering it. a congressman, you were watching, listening as well. first of all, a new national security advisor, if he does accept. the criticism the president that it is quote fake news unfair to mike flynn, no explaination in the gap of time, when mike flynn was reported to the white house
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council and the president. and the vice president in the dark until february 9th, your conclusions to all of this? >> it makes you scratch your head and wonder what is he talking about? somehow, the media is responsible for treating him unfair, but the president is the one who fired him. what i found most disturbing, maybe this is what brothers the president. he was okay with flynn being dishonest. he was okay with the vice president misrepresenting the truth to the country. he wasn't going to kreblth the record for the public, until it was leaked to the "washington post." him being forced to act. that is hardly an ethical view of the matter. he would essentially try to rise toll flynn's defense, and say he was wrongly treated. the only way to make sense of that unless flynn was acting in the president's behest, and he
9:51 am
is taking a fall for what he and others in the white house were asking flynn to do. >> something that was told our senator producer, not sure if it was on camera or not. it comes from frank. mccain asking, who is making the decision in the white house? is is it the 31 year-old, mr. bannon, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff? i don't know. >> perfect fair question. it has been a dysfunctional white house overall. part of the challenge, i am sure for these cabinet secretaries, they spend a lot of time chasing down errant tweets by the commander in chief. and rationalize them. explain changes in policy, previewed by tweet. that was a hugely disruptives force in the white house. this is a white house that play
9:52 am
wide in-fighting. i hope whoever the president chooses as a new national security advisor will bring experience in dealing with various agencies, national security experience, and bring the sober judgment, calm demeaner that will help a president that is prone to fly off at the handle. >> thank you so much. joining me now from tel aviv. richard angle. you are at the center of it a storm, really. israel and the united states examine this new relationship. new policy, lead by jared kushner, his son-in-law. the secretary of state, on the first trip to europe, and the secretary in brussels. >> many in the israel teright wing are very comfortable with president trump and his team
9:53 am
that is around him. they think that this administration will allow israel to build more settlements, to impose what palestinians call facts on the ground. they think they will have a truer hand to operate under president obama. what is interesting from the press conference you are seeing, president trump, and netanyahu reframing the debate about the peace process. as long as i have been covering the middle east, the focus was there would be a two-state negotiation. the size, the shape, the capital. that at the end of the day, the palestinians would get a kind of state. that would be called a state. if you listen to prime minister netanyahu, he said that is never going to happen. israel will maintain security control over the territory,
9:54 am
extending to the jordan river. that is the west bank, that is where the palestinians want to make their state. instead, they would get autonomy. something less than statehood. minimal self rule, the deal would not be announcemented it would be an arab deal. it is a framing of the israeli/palestinian peace process. >> to be continued. right now, senator tom warren, joining me from capitol hill. you are watching the attack on the media, blaming them for mike flynn. your response to that? >> andrea, you can't make this stuff up. we are in uncharted territory. we have in the case of general
9:55 am
flynn someone who relayed one set of information he got caught up. we haven't seen the transcript of that conversation. clearly, it made him change his story. we don't know when the president knew, what he knew. we don't know what happened with the vice president. whether in effect, general flynn threw the vice president under the proverbial bus, allowing him to go out and defend his character, when clearly, the comments were not as a first recounted. we will get to the bottom of this. we will get that transcript. we will find out what happened. this is one of the reasons why the investigation that senate has taken on, look at russian ur interference, and the number of
9:56 am
contacts between trump officials and russian officials, pre-election and post-election. i heard one of the recounts on one of the press stories yesterday, the list gets longer and longer every day. >> senator warner. thank you very much. chris, your fake-awtake-aways h. >> it is not only that mike flynn was fired by the president. he was fired for a lack of trust. he said, i don't trust the guy. in other words, if you want to know what the president is, president of the united states, read "washington post." and see what is reported. david is probably the best reporter of what is going on in the espionnage community, told the vice president in his
9:57 am
article, that this thing was going on. it is astounding there was a flynn conversation with the russians, in other words, the president is want be as privy to facts that he should be. he has to read the paper. now, trashing the newspaper for telling him what he should do in terms of facts. when he finds out the truth, it is public that flynn was engaged in conversations, he fires him for a lack of trust, not telling the press secretary about it. then blames the press for telling him the truth. it is how could a trumpite? >> how is this affecting the work force? >> look, i think that the president has a penchant for attacking and making accusations about leaks, coming from the
9:58 am
intelligence community. i don't think there is any evidence to support the notion that it leaks are coming from the intelligence community. there are people in the white house privy to this information, this is a white house with warring factions, if i were the president, i would be looking in the white house for the source of the information. >> chris, he is headed into a situation where he has to built up a national security team. he has to have deputies, toville meetings to give advice. in the arab world, the s son-in-law, this is family means a lot with trump. it is like the romanof it s. why is the family there? why is ivanka there?
9:59 am
melania there at a state press conference. lording over this regal manner this guy. it is unusual for our form of government, i don't think it has been done before. >> family he trusts. >> he should have a largest network. a network. >> we will have to leave it there. david cone, chris matthews, that does it for us. thanks for chris matthews for joining us this hour. tune in to "hardball". craig is up next. >> good to have hardball in the middle of the day, too, as well. good afternoon to you. msnbc in noeshlg. the israeli prime minister is at the white house. any moment now, we are expecting to see them again, president trump, benjamin netanyahu, we are expecting to see them in the
10:00 am
oval office. when that happens, we will take you there live. moments ago, they wrapped up the joint press knchsz, the president suggested ending a two-state solution. it would seem to many, the two state solution is dead. and defending mike flynn, forced out after 24 days on the job. president trump, blaming the media for what happened toep general flynn it reporters at the white house, capitol hill, washington, in tel aviv as well. 1,600 pennsylvania, start with the two-state solution. this is what the president said a few moments ago. >> i am looking at two state and one state. and i like the one that both parties like. i am very happy with