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tv   Joy Reid  MSNBC  February 19, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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giving her more time for what matters most. tech: how'd ya do? player: we won! tech: nice! that's another safelite advantage. mom: thank you so much! (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. don't be so overly dramatic about it, chuck. you're saying it's a falsehood and they're giving sean spicer gave alternative facts. two iraqis came here, were radicalized and were the masterminds behind the bowling green massacre but it didn't get covered. >> it's a wonderful line. i own 134 of it, i'm going to give a free commercial here. go buy it today. >> that makes no sense. last month the justice department warned the white house that general 234riflynn h
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misled them and he was vulnerable to blackmail and that the moment he still had the complete trust of the president? >> matt, i'm telling you what the president has said which is that he's accepted general fl flynn's resignation and we're moving on. >> after a month of watching kellyanne conway ride the struggle bus through the series of interviews with the political press, some in the media have finally decided to just let her off. on wednesday, msnbc's own mika brzezinski declared that "morning joe" was a kellyanne free zone. >> question know she tries to book herself on this show and i won't do it because i don't believe in fake news or information that is not true and that is every time i've ever seen her on television, is inco. >> and they are among the first in the media to give a decisive
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answer to how to handle the spokespeople for donald trump who seem to share his tense tendency to not tell the truth. so which of the trump mou mouthpieces will be the for example cross the line?o not te. so which of the trump mouthpieces will be the for example cross the line? shy welco you have this thing happening where kellyanne conway not only says things that aren't true, but that are often contradicted by donald trump.wh says things that aren't true, but that are often contradicted by donald trump. so does she not know what donald trump is thinking? >> i think she's been hung out to dry. we had several instances in the last couple weeks where she said something, general flynn has his full confidence and an hour later spicer says we're examining it. so it does seem like she's
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losing the faction al war. and so therefore she is a less reliable mouthpiece or source. and yet reince priebus lies all the time. mike pence lies, too. so i do think that there is an element of sexism right now. i hate to say it, but she's really being savaged and she's being depicted as crazy in a way that i don't think is entirely fair. >> that happened on "saturday night live." she was lampooned as an insane person. whatever is said from the podium that sean spicer has said, you also have to take with a huge grain of salt because within hours that might turn out not to be true. >> the press secretary of the white house is the press secretary of the united states of america. he's speaking to the world. i cannot imagine being in the
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position working for somebody that you cannot say to the public the president misspoke or this was a mistake and he regrets it. ever. that puts them in a terrible position. that's why there will be so much turnover in this administration. >> and so what you have here, let's go through some of the patterns and the way that the white house deals with the media. one of them is just to declare every news media outlet that doesn't give them positive and sort of suck-up type coverage just to be fake. donald trump tweeted this week the fakes, nbc, abc, cbs, cnn is not my enemy, it's the enemy of the american people. that is not funny. that is actually kind of chilling. >> that's exactly right. look, joy, every bully needs an enemy. and donald trump let's be clear, he is the bully in chief. but with what you just read, it is beyond the pale. it is unamerican what he just
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did, by tweeting that. but the other thing, too, i really want to flag here, i think a lot of this is a smoke screen. because he doesn't want to talk about the real issues. which is russia, which is his relationship with russia, which is people who work for him, their relationship with slaush. so i don't want to get caught up too much about this even though he's stepping over the line, but that we zero in, continue to zero in on russia and the relationship that he has and his people have with russia. >> and i think it's important that we not take our eye off the main story, but at the same time, while it's a distraction, it's also a tactic to get his supporters to focus on hating us and hating the media in a way 245 is at the moment benign, but eventually could be threatening. you had the pizza gate situation where somebody showed up with a
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gun to try to enforce a conspiracy theory. i want to play donald trump using the media as a rallying cry. >> i also want to speak for you without the pilfer of the fake news. the dishonest media which has published one false story after another with no sources even though they pretend they have them, they make them up in many cases. thomas jefferson, andrew jackson and abraham lincoln, many of our greatest presidents fought with the media and called them out oftentimes on their lies. >> so i don't know who told him that. he must have gotten that maybe if he had a briefing with steve bannon to come up with this idea that jefferson, jackson and lincoln were doing what he's doing, but that a particular performance designed to whip up a kroufd againcrowd against the.
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>> and chris wallace confronted reince priebus and priebus will not back down and chris wallace shoots back president obama whined about us, be ut he never called us the enemy. every bully needs an enemy and he doesn't have hillary clinton anymore. he -- >> he has her at his rally. >> well, but he really got away with so much during the campaign because the media would go one his stories for a couple days and then there would be e-mail or she was mean for us or shall i fainted. and then his story would be like on page six.i fainted. and then his story would be like on page six. so he now has to crate this the creative this narrative. >> and you do see a pattern that a lot of people are noticing. a lot of people have written about this. and business insider focused on
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it about this manner that emerged and the way that the white house actually handles its real plans. the things that it says it will do. and this was because of the a.p. story that said that there was an 11 page draft memo that said they were going to use the national guard to round up undocumented immigrants. and the pattern is wait for a draft memo to be leaked, refuse to comment, and then wait for the disputed story -- wait to dispute the stoir's beingry's ad then accuse the press. >> and not responding to e-mails. they don't reply to i mails. if i text, they respond instantly. but if i e-mail about policy matters, they don't reply. one "new york times" reporter said that she rarely gets replies to her e-mails. i thought is it just me? but, no, this is the way that
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they handle the media is they just donrespond. >> is that a way of getting a story out there in order to test the response from the media, is it a way of floating a policy city to see how the public reactses? or is it just a way to set the press up to once again be bashed as fake news? >> i feel like is the latter. it's the narrative of fake news and the funny thing is they're the ones putting out the fake news and fake stories as we saw with the voting fraud and so many other things. but back to the policy for a second. there was a story about the national security council staffer who didn't know what policies the president really wants do. so the staffer reads the president's tweets and tries to figure out what is the policy that the president wants around national security. it's just chaotic.
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we have seen a white house that has not only been chaotic, but incompetent, disastrous white house that we have seen in american politics. >> and we talk about this a lot, a shares with a lot of authoritarian governments this misk mix of incompetent ternce and m its supporter eers more and mo belief. and john mccain said to chuck todd on "meet the press" -- >> we need a free press, we must have it, it's vital. if you want to preserve democracy as we know it, you have to have a free and many times adversarial press. and without it, i'm afraid that we would lose so much of our individual liberties over time.
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that's how dictators get started. >> and one of the ways that gdos operate is telling you that what you see is not real. don't believe the fake news media, the white house is running very well. i inherited a mess and i'm in the process of fixing it. your eyes tell you it's not, but the regime tells you it is. >> and text messages from his staffers, sorry, mr. president, your own staff is ratting out on you all the time. and the fact of the smamatter i not only is he calling the press the enemy, he's doing a wholesale in-2k50i6789s tdictme press. he's talking about reporters that are embedded with troops. reporters that are in mosul right now. he's talking about reporters that are in north korea.
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that's the sin to me. because those people are covering events, putting their lives at risk and he's throne th thrown thrown them in the track of the rest of the media. >> and bringing the guy tweets for trump, someone now in the white house briefing room, and he's saying this person and you are the same job. >> i mooean, i'm all for broadening the number of voices in the press galley, but they are seating it with people who support them. when sean spicer goes to a local reporter, every once in a while there has been a good question. but then sometimes it's just you came to cleveland for the convention, not pick on the cleveland reporter, but it can be very parochial. a way that he can almost guarantee a way to stop getting questions about russia and go to something that is completely unrelated. i love diversity, i love more
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voices, but they're using them in particular ways. >> and you had donald trump say in his press conference i'm looking for a friendly reporter. >> yeah. i mean he did. and he would comment on whichever reporter he would pick if they were good or bad. this is completely insane. and to what the panelists were saying, a lot of the first couple reporters he picked with your conservative reporters. so it is all about his own like how he feels. he's so thin skinned, he's such a narcissist that he can't take any critique. he can't take any comments. and most presidents in the past couple of presidents have all complained about the press. but they do not disrespect them the way that donald trump has and calls them the enemies. or the opposition. it's just unbelievable. >> and no president likes the
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press. none of them. because the press is not there to be their stenographer or their public relations department. but they don't call the press the enemy. all right. thank you guys. up next, trump continues to claim that there is massive voter fraud while his friends in the gop continue to push stroeter suppression efforts. ♪ ♪ jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master.
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why should americans trust you when you accuse the information they receive of being fake? >> no, i was given that information. actually i've seen that information around. >> one of donald trump's false claims about the election was exposed at his thursday press conference just days after his policy adviser doubled down on yet another one of those false
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claims about widespread voter fraud. we're still waiting to see what comes out of trump's proposed federal investigation into the so-called voter fraud. but that hasn't stopped states with from taking their own action. as of february 1, 21 states have introduced at least 46 bills to restrict access to voting. joining me now, ari berman and the sherry from the legal defense found. ari, can you go through with us, what are the lieaws being passe? >> we saw this year already as you mentioned, there are 46 bills in 21 states to make it harder to vote. so things like strict voter i.d. law, getting rid of same day registration, cutting back on early voting, eliminating the number of polling places. and is this this is on top of t
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where the first election in 50 years without the full protection of the voting rights act and 14 states already had new restrictions in place. so we're putting restrictions on top of restrictions here. >> and steven miller who has emerged as one of the policy leaders in the white house, a 30 something-year-old person known in high school for having claimed that announcements were in spanish and who is on record as being opposed to unlawful migration, here's what he had to say to george stephanopoulos last zusunday. >> you've provided no evidence. >> the white house provided enormous evidence tworwith resp to vote earth fraud and people being registered in more than one state, nonzints being registered to vote. it is a fact that there are massive numbers of noncitizens in this country who are registered to vote. that is a scandal.
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>> i'm here holding the report on noncitizens. that's not true. but that kind of an argument is what is being used to justify these restrictions. >> in your earlier segment, you talked about the president asking people to ignore what they see. in the context of voter fraud, this is where the president and his advisers are saying even though you don't see it, it exists. you just heard a senior policy adviser to the president of the united states say something patently untrue, that the white house has produced enormous evidence of voter fraud. you and i know that the white house has produced no evidence of voter fraud and that's because the evidence of vote are fraud is infinite tes mal and studied over and over again who have demonstrated that there is no such thing as widespread voter fraud. what there is a voter suppression that has been found by federal courts, not liberal federal courts, but by federal courts who have found in the case of the fourth circuit court
2:21 pm
of appeals that north carolina deliberately crated voter suppression laws designed to discriminate against african-american and la teeny kn latino voters. in texas, the law believed to disenfranchise 600 eligible voters that that law violates the voting rights act. so you have the president, sean spicer, you have steven miller all advancing a patent untruth, a lie, that there is widespread voter fraud that 3 million to 5 million illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election. not true. and at the same time, entirely ignoring the reality of voter suppression which is a real threat to our democracy. the deliberate effort to disenfranchise african-american and la ttino voters. and the fact that the administration is ignoring that has allowed the states to double down and begin to think about become increased voter suppression efforts on top of
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the efforts we were already challenging and actually prevailing over in federal courts. the good news, i do want to say this, it's important, that there are many more efforts in states to actually expand voting rights. so you see that there are in 11 states bills to restore voting to ex-offenders and other states efforts to expand early voting and to provide automatic registration. is this this is a battle in the states. but the president is overlaying it with this lie about voter fraud and this investigation that he has threatened is something we need to be watching. i take him at his word that he will launch such an investigation. >> and i'm sure you as a writer and in the civil rights struggle accustomed to having the attorney general on the side of voting rights. >> that is what is so dangerous. president obama's administration
2:23 pm
challenge e ed things like vote i.d. laws and now it looks like the justice department will switch sides. we have an attorney general in jeff sessions that has a history of wrongfully prosecuting civil rights workers for voter fraud who chired the gutting of the voting rights act. when jeff sessions did 3 million to 5 million people voted illegally, he said i don't know how many people. so he is voting the door. jeff sessions alone is opening the door to more voter suppression. >> and i was going to say, you know have alexander acosta has a history of suppressing the right to vote. >> so al lerks exander acosta wr the bush administration when there were many efforts to make it harder to vote. the ohio gop in 2004 tried to purge 35,000 minority voters from the rolls and justice department backed that effort.
2:24 pm
there were deputies in the justice department who said they wanted to gerrymander all of the liberals out of the administration, that happened under alexander acosta. yet another person in the administration who has a bad record on voting rights about. >> and ken blackwell secretary of state in ohio at the time is now somebody who i believe is advising trump on things like hbcus. just to give the viewer one more example, you had donald trump on february 10th tell boston magazine that massachusetts sabotaged kelly and i yot in new hampshire. hundreds of lawyer, polling watchers, no buses from massachusetts rolled in.
2:25 pm
state attorney general says allegations of voter fraud in new hampshire are baseless. it's shameful to spread these fantasies. and former new hampshire republican says i will pay $1,000 to the first person proving even one out of state person took a bus from new hampshire. so when you have even republicans in the states now saying that this did not happen, is there a possibility that even though we have republicans running essentially the entire government, state and federal that you might actually see republican secretaries of state actually stand up to this? >> this is the bait and switch. you have the national association of secretaries of state that issued a statement saying that there is no voter fraud. we found they said no evidence. there is no evidence of voter fraud. you have 25 individual statements from secretaries of states around the country, most of them republican, denouncing the idea that the president advanced that there was massive voter fraud in 2016. you have all the statements that you read from new hampshire.
2:26 pm
so you have republican leadership saying no federal funds should go toward this voter fraud investigation. lindsey graham saying knock it off, mr. president. all of them saying this. what would be great is if those same republicans turned to the states that they are from and said and for that reason, we need to stop creating barriers to people being annual to vote. we need to stop this march towards more and more restrictive voter i.d., we need to advance early voting, we need same day renlg strarks we need automatic registration. rather than simply denounce mr. trump's lie and i'm glad they're doing it, it would be great if they also turned to their states and denounced voter suppression efforts in their states. they're getting voter suppression efforts in their states and they get to call out the president's lie about massive voter fraud. i'd like to see consistency there. >> and isn't that really the problem here, for republicans
2:27 pm
you have two different plilolitl incentiv incentives. they want to defend their own election and president trump's lakes, but at the same time, voter suppression helps them. >> and we're seeing the impact of trump's lies will voter fraud. they claim all these people are illegally busing to new hampshire from massachusetts. there is no evidence of this. but right now there are 40 bills in new hampshire that would make it hard to -- 40 bills in one state alone trying to get rid of same day registration, trying to make it that you have to pledge that up live in the state for the indefinite future to vote there, you have to register your car to get register to vote. this is crazy what they're doing. >> and when you as a journal aist interview republicans about these just massive attempts to e he restrict the right and it's always minorities and students, dhou they justify it? >> it is always the unfounded
2:28 pm
claims of voter fraud. the guy who ran for governor of new hampshire was making that claim. it's funny, he won. so you have a situation where republicans won the governor's office, they took back the in which in that legislature, so did voter fraud if it happened then benefit them? kind of raises the question. but you have the lies or the predicate for the policy that follows. and that's why we can't dismiss what trump is doing. because once you lie about voter fraud, you can point to those lies. >> and if voter sfraud fraud is rampant, then the government won across the board by republicans, why aren't they questioning the legitimacy of that? >> we are coming on the anniversary of bloody sunday next month when we will all head town to selma. we just passed the anniversary of the killing of jimmy lee jack selma. we just passed the anniversary of the killing of jimmy lee jack soon.
2:29 pm
down in marion, alabama, the same place where jeff sessions prosecuted our clients in 1985 for voter fraud. so we're really in this moment where we should be looking at the way in which these kinds of claims, this kind of insistence on the idea of voter fraud and the effort to suppression minorities from participating fully in the political process really threatens our democracy. goes to the core of who we with are. this is an existential moment and i think it's incumbent upon republicans and democrats, but mostly average people to recognize and to wake up and realize this is not ceremonial. it's not about crossing the bridge and laying a wreath. this is about continuing to fight for the democracy and continuing to fight for the rights of african-american and latinos to be full citizens. that's what is at threat when this kind of 125stalking horse put throughout. and if the executive order calls for a nationwide voter investigation, people need to be aware of what this will unleash
2:30 pm
on the country. >> absolutely. as shameful as it is to have to talk about this in 2017 in the united states of america and a democracy, there are no people two that he would rather talk to about this than the two of you. thank you so much for what you do. and up next, why the handmade tale is particularly relevant especially if you live in oklahoma. hi, i'm the internet. you've got mail! what did you think i'd look like? i'm wire-y. uh, i love stuff. give me more stuff. (singing) we're no strangers to love i love that! hey, i know a bunch of people who'd like that. who's that? the internet loves what you're doing. so build a site in under an hour at godaddy. ♪ around and desert you
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require a woman to get written consent from her male partner in order to obtain an abortion. the bill sponsor described pregnant women with as mere hosts for the fetuses and adding men being left out of the decision has led todown of society. the abortion rights organization says that the house bill 1441 paints a picture of america where women are merely vessels for child birth and men have veto power over all of lf's decisions. except this isn't a fictional future, it's happening right now in trump's america. and up next, conflicts of interest in the supreme court. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain.
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amid the whirlwind of donald trump's first weeks in office,
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the wife of a sitting supreme court justice was eager to jump into the fray. virgin virginia thomas is justice clarence thomas. ginni thomas recently sent an e-mail asking for advice on how to organize support to trump's policies using mass text messages. she said she wanted to, quote, push back ghebs the left's resistance efforts who are trying to make america ungovernable. her husband may soon find himself ruling on some of trump's policies. trump's travel ban which is being challenged in federal court would reach the high court. so is there any chance clarence thomas would recuse himself from that case? ari melber, thank you for being here. so let's talk about this idea of recusal. i see a lot of people sayings virginia thomas is back out doing politics again, her husband should recuse himself from any case involving the
2:39 pm
things that she is active in. is that required, could he be made to recuse himself? >> it's a great question. if he were a lower court judge, there might be a real way to push it because there are mechanisms where lawyers and others can ask for that, there is it a process that it could be reviewed. on the supreme court like so many other things, they do what they want to do when any want to do it. so we have seen situations where justice scalia had serious questions raised for a private hunting trip with dick cheney, all of that. any normal lower court judge would have to recuse. he said let me think about it, no. >> they make their own decisions. but we haven't seen and i'm glad that you brought up scalia and his friendship with dick cheney. we haven't seen a situation where a supreme court justice's spouse has been as politically active as virginia thomas. i mean, she was very active in anti-affordable care act politi politics, she was very active in
2:40 pm
the tea party. and yet clarence thomas felt free to rule on the affordable care act. are there ethics rules? >> i think there is a legitimate tension here because this came up a lot when people talked about hillary clinton he'll career versus bill clinton's career. on the one hand, often it's a female spouse because of the history that we have, who has had less opportunity or power and then as the life or career goes to gets to have more of a platform and people say are you responsible for everything your husband between adid and the anf course not. on the flip side, judges are not politicians. the lines are wayi didn't kno w starkly. so the question is whether something creates the paerngsape of a conflict. the courts look at that shrvery
2:41 pm
narrow narrowly. living with someone putting on the tea party had and you're saying i'm totally neutral about this. and i say this about justice thomas, i say this respectfully. he's not a routine typical justice. he is very clear about what he believes and he has written many opinions unlike say scalia who had a very clear set of outcomes, but wrote very carefully, angry at times, but legally carefully. justice thomas will say i know the law says this, but i don't like it, so it should go a different way. more admitting that he has a view, whether a political view, a moral view, that is very debatable. he has strong beliefs. so there is not any indication that he is someone who is at least concerned about the way politics might mingle in or at least politics as beliefs. >> that was very carefully said. that's why you're a lawyer and i'm not.
2:42 pm
so let's talk about donald trump's weird connection to the judiciary. he has been known to attack a judge here or there. and now he's talked an entire circuit. let's listen to him talking about the ninth circuit which ruled against him in the issue of his travel ban. >> i think that circuit is in chaos and that circuit is frankly in turmoil. but we are appealing that and we are going further. we're issuing a new executive action next week that will comprehensively protect our country. >> should we be worried about the ninth circuit? >> they are not in any days on or it turmoil in any measurable way. we've seen this pattern with the president. it's more important now that he's dealing with the third branch. the ninth circuit because it does have more democratic appointees differ with the supreme court and at one point the president was saying they get reversed a lot. the truth is that all the circuits have nine out of ten cases never even reach the
2:43 pm
supreme court. so if you only reach the ones that go up there, it's not statistically surprising that more republican oriented supreme court has some disagreements with a democratic apibts forred cou appointed court. but the vast cases are not overturned. and if you ever see a guy trying to get in a fight who doesn't really want to be in a fight and he'll say i wish you would, hold me back, my friends have too get in between me, and are you trying to get in this fight or not? that is donald trump with these judges. he attacked the judge in inappropriate and racist ways. he said i never settle. and as soon as the election was over, he wrote a $25 million check which even for donald trump is a lot of money and we're seeing inthat again. and what is happening? a new executive order trying to backtrack away from those negative rulings. so a lot of tough talk, but at the end, see you in court and at the end it's but hold me back. >> so hold my ear rings and hold
2:44 pm
me back. i'm very excited, at 6:00 we'll have what i like to call the ari melber experience. everyone will get to sigee. >> yes, 6:00 p.m. we have two hours. there is a saying in hip hop in the street like sesame. we will be in the street. there are a lot of protests going on. there is a lot of resistance in the country. we're covering that ander would also talking to roger stone to get a republican perspective. >> are you taking his suggestions on twitter as to what to ask him? >> we have a segment where i answer e-mails and tweets and also a new segment called normal or not where we break down what is going on and is it normal or not. >> i have a feeling that there will be a lot of not. >> i don't want to pre-judge. i would say watch. >> we'll just watch. ari melber, and you can always count on hip hop references
2:45 pm
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. it's february 1968. the vietnam war, racial tensions erupting in major cities, johnny carson hosts belafonte -- >> i'm more concerned about the quality of my life than the quantity. in other words, i'm more concerned about doing a good job, doing something for mumty and what i consid-- humanity. the important thing is how well
2:53 pm
you live. >> joan walsh joins me. joan, my friend, this is extraordinary. how did it come out he wound up hosting the show? johnny carson asked him a couple of times and he said no and he felt that johnny had this particular world view in the sense of the mosaic and they couldn't fill the chair, but because of the time it was it was really this time of upheaval of the civil rights movement which brought the nation together suddenly coming part around issues of violence, separatism, so nbc saw it as an important project so he was convinced to take it on. he got two concessions. he would not do a monologue. he got to sing, though none of
2:54 pm
it exist public servis. he got his guest list but had to get approval. somebody said it's great you got dr. king but he's not going to talk about the civil rights stuff right? and mr. elafonte said no, he was going to talk about opera. there was a lot of criticism. news week described it as elafonte and his opposition to the war, so he brought high and low, pop culture, we had a po yet ye on "the tonight show."
2:55 pm
politics was woven in. >> this idea that the way you create racism the idea he talked to king two months before he died, he also spoke with rfk, also assassinated four months later. let's listen in. >> though there's this great wealth that i talked about and yet there's this great poverty. there are speeches to talk about everybody treated equally yet we don't treat everybody equally. there are pronouncements made and laws written that everybody is going to have an opportunity to have a job and yet people who live in new york and this city live in dilapidated and run down housing. >> who martyrs to the cause of
2:56 pm
justice both in months who would be assassinated. what would the country have been like if he had become president do you think? >> he was seen as somebody to bring together the multiracial coalition and still had a segment of working class whites. people were optimistic. the interesting thing about this is when i read about it and i read about it in mr. elafonte's beautiful memoir, i had no memory of it, i didn't stay up that late. henry lewis greats is one of the few people, bobby rivers but i had this sense that it was this magical week and we had such high hopes and could have taken a different road. and it showed me that we were then grappling with the country
2:57 pm
unraffling and it wasn't like we had a magic secret. >> what an extraordinary piece. thank you so much. that is our show for today. keep it right here on msnbc. thank you. that's amazing.
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
3:00 pm
. here is the reality tonight. it's hard to get good help. president trump conducting interviews today for a new national security adviser complicated by several heavyweights who said they don't want the job. >> what we have been through the last ten days has been unbelievable. the leaks, fake stories, that stuff is bad. >> we also have a reality check on another false terror attack claimed by the trump administration. >> you look at what's happening in germany, you look at what'


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