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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  February 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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morning. ali velshi picks up for us. >> i'm in for stephanie ruhle. protests at the white house after the trump administration rescinds transjend students. >> shame on trump! shame on trump! >> sound and fury. the biggest night yet for ruckus town halls. >> do your job! do your job! >> thousands packing in to take on this arkansas senator. >> while you are supporting the policies of a man who wanlts to grab women by the [ bleep ]. >> the big question this morning, who brought the la mas? plus, feeding the base? the c-pac summit begins now.
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kellyanne conway, devos and the president speaking today. we start with the outbreak of transgender rights. we have a great team. i want to start with peter alexander who is live at the white house. peter, good morning to you. explain the administration's decision on transgender protections and the effect it actually has. >> reporter: the bottom line here is, the white house has dropped the obama era directive that basically told public schools to allow transgender individuals, transgender children to use the bathroom that matched their gender identity. this is a state's rights issue. there's fierce opposition to this move as well. we heard from the human rights campaign among others who said it was a cruel attack on young children. the white house says the federal law, title ix that bans
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discrimination on sex does not apply to gender identity. there is a difference between gender identity and sex here. also, today, we are hearing from betsy devos, the new secretary of education that put out a statement saying this is an issue best solved at the state and local levels. schools, communities and families can find and in many cases have found solutions to protect all students. this is the new rollback of the directives pushed forward under president obama. >> we'll come back to you in a bit. peter alexander at the white house. mike and susan are here. we are going to get to vaughn hilliard, covering the town halls in a moment. susan, donald trump was clear, he supports lgbt rights. why the turn around? >> first of all, like peter alexander was saying, this is a directive. no rights are being stripped
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away from anybody at this point in time because they weren't being implemented. several states, three or four states are suing over this directive. now, i think what we saw in donald trump's administration was betsy devos having a back and forth with the president on this issue. he was listening to different voices. but, at the end of the day, he's got, in light of going to c-pac this week, we wants to give back to the conservative movement. this is making it a state's right issue. he doesn't have to do much legislatively or through executive action. >> susan just talking about betsy devos. "the new york times" had an article about education secretary resisted signing off and told mr. trump she was uncomfortable because of the potential harm that rescinding it could cause transgender students. she lost that battle. jeff sessions on the other side of that battle. >> don't surprise me.
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also sessions, a politician, her power has been her purse. she's the billionaire you couldn't ignore. that dynamic is gone now. there's someone close to her that is leaking that she's pro-gay rights, that's fine. why is it so important for her to emphasize this? it could be to take on face value, political reasons, could be vir which you signaling. she lost the battle. she didn't resign. transgender kids are going to have a tougher time. >> not resigning and living to fight another day if she has these beliefs? >> leak to "the new york times" i was not in favor of the president. >> it wasn't a leak. her record within the lgbt community is on the record and she's donated to causes. >> they are on the record. there's a pushback that she's
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donated to are anti-gay. it was a leak. it was an unnamed source. >> somebody gave it. somebody gave it to them. let's turn to the other big story overnight. angry frustrated republican town halls across the country. last night was the biggest one yet. that was from an event hosted by arkansas republican senator tom cotton. thousands of people lined up for hours to get in. his, one of four town halls that had a share of heated moments. >> without the coverage for pre-existing conditions, i will die. >> make sure that our president is not a product of vladimir putin. >> the people that support you. that's why you are worried about
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it. >> do your job! do your job! do your job! do your job! >> there's likely to be more of that outrage later when at least five more republican town halls are scheduled from iowa to north dakota to arizona. republicans are bracing themselves. >> you work for us. [ cheers and applause ] >> nbc's vaughn hilliard is in arkansas where senator cotton held his town hall. that one was hot. the senators have been hit with with a lot of tough questions. amid a lot of screaming, what is the response, generally, from them? >> reporter: first of all, senator tom cotton, he welcomed the event. he teamed up with the northwest indy visible group, a group across the country. 3,000 are signed up on facebook. they reached out to cotton's
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office. they picked this high school theater. 2200 of them fit in this place. he took the questions. much was a referendum op donald trump, tax returns, to supporting investigations in russia's interference in last year's election. tom cotton was punished by the crowd, touting do your job, shame. you are going to talk to a young woman, a 25-year-old who is going to be on your show later this hour. they went back and forth 15 minutes. she challenged him, you have a repeal plan. you are guaranteeing you are going to repeal the affordable care act, but what can you guarantee. she has early on set arthritis. i need this. she turns 26 on sunday. are there going to be protections for lifetime caps? protections for people with pre-existing conditions? tom cotton, republicans in congress sent members back with not much of an agenda, not a
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clear item to come back to their constituents and say this is a plan we have for it and this is what we can guarantee is going to happen. ali? >> we'll be back in a minute. let's go back to peter at the white house. peter, the white house says the protests are being organized by democrats. what evidence do we have of that? >> reporter: they didn't offer evidence. the point they are making is there are elements within the protests that are, basically, pushed forward by professional protesters. tom cotton, yesterday, one woman basically said, i am not a paid protester. the crowd erupted and cotton said hey, i don't care who is paid or isn't paid. you are all in arkansas, you are my constituents and i'm here to listen. that may be a message to other republicans on a way to better handle the anger in the rooms going forward. the big issue here, what we are witnessing now. there are similarities,
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familiarities as we look back at 2009. the tea party, way back then of anger, then it was republicans against republicans. right now, the real question is how much of this is just an isolated moment and how much is the start of a movement. how do they capitalize the energy and harness it in a way that can help them at the ballot box. >> i'm going to take peter's question and give it to susan. how much is a movement? how much is isolated? what happened? >> depends if it's sustainable. if the groups are going to keep coming on every break the legislatures are backing in the state, are they going to keep the protests up? only time will tell. another interesting fact against the members, especially in the house, 75% of members in congress never served under a republican government. i'm against obamacare. i'm against something. >> this is complex for them. they are going to get it from both sides. >> they were rallying against
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the incumbent. >> that is a problem. the issue is not just that you have made promises you have to keep, but to vaughn's point, they didn't come back with an agenda. my view is it's early yet. maybe the next recess they should have an agenda. >> it's true whether or not there are town halls. some have 200 people, very self-selecting. i think the town halls are great, a great expression and important the representatives and people get together. you, as a consultant, take tom cotton, you can pack the hall not with paid protesters, but passional protesters that are going to unseat you in 2020. take it and probably don't change your agenda. >> not necessarily. i think it's important to govern and do what you need to do. we talk about a lot of republicans having town halls and say they deserve credit. guess what? it's their job. >> i get that a lot on twitter. every time we talk, we interview
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them. i often say to people i appreciate members of congress doing this. i get backlash. they don't appreciate it. >> right. >> that's what they do. it's what they are supposed to do. >> again, as a republican, i am frustrated. how many votes did we see to repeal obamacare during ten years? >> 50 or something. >> i believe it's 58. >> yeah. >> they should be able to go back and say this is what we wanted to do the last how ever many years they wanted to get in. it's early under this president. >> you mentioned, mike, tom cotton and giving him credit for this. this was really heated. there was a moment where somebody said everybody who is affected by health care, stand-up. they stood up. do we have sound to that? i'm going to ask the control room? okay. we'll get -- peter alexander was referencing 2009, the tea party
6:12 am
rallies. let's see what that felt like compared to what we just had. >> hey, guys, i want to get the last word in. >> contention that is anger some members of congress are experiencing at meetings over health care reform is manufacture? >> i think some of it is, yes. >> some people are clearly upset. there is a bit of professional protester manufacturered base in there. >> similar to the conversations in 2009. >> when the march job figures come in and they are up, trump will say it's paid protesters. that's a ridiculous argument. >> the democrats made it, too. >> not 100 times. >> the tea party folks were rallying against republicans. they were in the same party. now you are seeing what's really a function of today's society,
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we are massively divid. it's one side. it's democrats and republican that is are divided on the issues. >> thanks to both of you. stick around. we have much more on the story. up next, leonard lance at a town hall meeting last night. the crowd came out. >> all of us feel betrayed because you have flip-flopped on your position on the environment. what is your position? make a decision. >> he talks about the experience. kellyanne conway speaking amid reports she's taking a less visible role in the administration. a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation, in case i decide to go from kid-friendly to kid-free. now i can start relaxing even before the vacation begins. your vacation is very important. that's why makes finding the right hotel for the right price easy. visit now to find out why we're booking.yeah
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do you support impeachment? [ applause ] >> now is the time to put country before party. [ applause ] >> i feel betrayed. all of us feel betrayed because you have flip-flopped on your position on the environment. what is your position. pick a position. >> that was a taste of what it was like for republican congress member to return home for recess to a district who voted for hillary clinton for president. it's the seventh district of new jersey. that is congressman leonard lance last night at a town hall. 900 people filled a theater where he received questions about donald trump, russia and the future of obamacare. 400 more people were in an overflow room. outside, protesters, and my favorite, sign carrying llamas.
6:18 am
good to see you, sir. thank you for coming here and thank you for holding those meetings. i am thanking congress for doing it. it is your job. how would you describe last night? what was the tone? people are saying they are rangry, ruckus and fantastic. >> it was vigorous. i was pleased to listen to my constituents. this was my 41st in person. i will be holding one saturday morning and i think it's a tradition that i believe is helpful to me and i hope it's helpful to constituents. >> let's run through the issues people asked you about. first of all, the question about you flip-flopped on the environment. what is your position. this refers to climate change
6:19 am
and scott pruitt at the e.p.a. who is not that into the e.p.a. >> i believe climate change exists. i believe human beings are, in part, responsible for it. i voted two weeks ago about a matter that came before the house sponsored by representative cheney, one of four republicans to vote on the other side. i believe i strongly support the environment and continue to do so. >> very good. do you believe donald trump should release his tax returns? >> i believe he should. >> do you plan to be more outspoken in the idea of more formal investigations into the trump campaign and this administrations relationship to russia? >> yes. what i have said is i think the intelligence committees are beginning that process. i'm particularly impressed with what's occurring on the senate on that. the intelligence committees can be bipartisan. >> there's talk about a 9/11-style commission.
6:20 am
do you have a deal on that? >> i don't think we should go there yet. i don't exclude it as a possibility. i want to give the intelligence community the first opportunity to investigate this and it should be investigated fully. >> you heard us talking about the lifting of the obama administration guidelines on transgender students. what is your sense of whether that was a good thing to do? >> i voted last year to make sure that there could be no discrimination in federal contracts, education tends to be a state matter. certainly, i believe all children should be protected and no one should be bullied. >> we were talking ability your history with these town halls. 2009, people were showing up, republicans. i don't know how you describe yourself, but a moderate republican? >> mainstream. >> mainstream republican. >> it represents the views of the overwhelming constituents i serve. >> you are getting it on both
6:21 am
sides. >> that may be an accurate analysis. >> donald trump is going to get a lot of support from some people in your constituency and get a lot of them mad. >> i think my constituents believe in fiscally responsible government. certainly they believe in a free press, unfettered. incidentally those at my town hall meeting last night and i'm sure it will be true on saturday morning, were not paid. they were constituents there. >> it doesn't matter one way or the other if they are paid? >> per happened not, but i think it's unfair to say most at the town hall meetings are paid. i do not think that is true. it certainly was not true at my town hall meeting last night. >> people are chanting do your job and do more. what more can you do in response to people who come out there and say you are not doing more? it's a tough accusation. you may think you are doing lots. >> i think we have to reform the health care act, repair it. i do not favor a repeal without
6:22 am
a replacement. i made that clear last night. i think we have to make sure the public recognizes we are not going to overturn the rules on pre-existing conditions. a lot of this is informational. i enjoy hearing from my constituents based upon their views. i want to make sure they understand my views. >> it would be helpful if there was a plan for them to look at. you have mixed messages. >> absolutely, ali. we are taking our time and working on this step by step. i do not want to be in a situation where we have to pass the bill to know what is in the bill. i think, rather, we should do it in a judicious fashion. president trump, himself, said this might take a year or even into 2018. i think that we should be very cautious, recognizing we need to repair it because the exchanges are failing and so many of my constituents have seen premiums rise and deductibles. >> the premiums are rising
6:23 am
enough in congress that they have been rising the whole time. >> the president promises president obama, that the average family would see a reduction of $2500. that's clearly not happened. >> representative lance, thank you for participating in these. congressman from new jersey, the seventh district. coming up, day one of c-pac. it might as well be trump pac. a number of people in president trump's inner circle prepare to take the stage. later, george takei joins me to talk about president trump rolling back transgender protections in schools. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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welcome back. i'm in for stephanie ruhle. time for the morning primer. everything you need to know to start the day. rex tillerson meets with mexico os president. the goal is to ease tensions and discuss border security. vice president mike pence made an unscheduled visit to the st. louis area jewish cemetery that was vandalized over the weekend. pence spoke to community members saying there is no place in america for hatred or acts of prejudice. earlier on cnbc, steve mnuchin says he wants to see significant tax reform before the august congressional recess. he addressed the so-called border adjustment tax saying the administration is looking at it but, quote, there are some concerns. protesters in california marched and blocked streets after video surfaced showing an off duty lapd officer firing a gun in a scuffle with teens after they walked on his lawn.
6:28 am
it catches a portion of the incident. a 13-year-old threatened to shoot the officer. no one was hurt. someone in indiana is $400 million richer. they confirmed the winning power ball ticket, the sole winning ticket was sold in lafayette, indiana. the winner hasn't come forward, yet. fierce reaction to the trump administration's rule to rollback protections for transgender students. joining me is actor george takei and idol of mine. great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> you are a very vocal activist and advocate for the lgbt community. i think i know what your reaction is to this. as you had a chance to think about it, why do you think it's happening and why do you think it happens now? >> at the root of this is a man who has a long and fierce history of fighting civil rights in every form.
6:29 am
>> you are talking jeff sessions? >> in alabama. integration, he's fought voting rights and now this issue here, transgender rights. transgender rights is a fundamental human right and hees saying it's a state's right. no it isn't. human rights cross borders. i'm an american citizen. my rights don't end when i cross in alabama, north carolina or texas. this is something that is a federal law. >> knowing the difficulty that america has had coming to terms with gay rights, what is the -- what has to happen to overcome this concern? what has to happen to make progress? for a long time, some americans never moved on gay rights. clearly, we see that changing rapidly. >> first of all, on suicide rates, it's gone down since
6:30 am
marriage equality. >> especially among teenagers. a new study shows in the last 16 years, which correlates with the gay marriage, state that is saw legalize zed same-sex marriage, they saw an immediate decline in suicide attempts by lgbt high school students. >> that's right. now, that's going to go up amongst transgenter young people. imagine a young person who looks like a girl, who dresses like a girl, who behaves like a girl, going into the boy's bathroom. you can tell what's going to happen. she's going to be insulted, vilified, mocked, bullied and maybe attacked. that's what's going to happen. >> when you say imagine, that's what the problem is, i think it may be the problem with people prejudice amongst muslim, jews,
6:31 am
blacks and people who are gay and in the case of your predecessors, japanese in america. american citizens. >> they categorize us as enemy aids. >> it's a lack of empathy. the inability to imagine it. when you say imagine a boy who looks like a girl, dresses like a girl, wants to use the girl's bathroom, most americans cannot imagine it. >> they cannot imagine what's going to happen. i can tell you, that young girl is going to be insulted, pushed around, beaten up and it's going to be a situation where there can be enormous damage. this is a made up issue. if that young girl was able to go to the little girl's room, then there would be no issue. there would be no issue at all. now, politicians, like jeff
6:32 am
sessions, who has -- it is not humanity, it's animus, plain hate. he's creating an issue that doesn't have to exist. with title ix it would not have existed. they are trying to make, you know, legally, gay people were criminals. it was a crime to be gay when i was young in the 50s and 60s. if you were in a gay bar, the police raided it -- >> which was a contributor to the higher suicide rates. you couldn't deal with it, you might take a different way out. >> they arrested you, fingerprinted you, photographed you and put your name on a list because, what? we were enjoying a bottle of beer with friends. we were made criminal. when that was eliminated, society changed. here we are, all moving around
6:33 am
in normal society. >> there doesn't seem to be -- this is a push and a pull back and forth. what helps this movement go forward? do people have to know somebody? with gay marriage, it ended with people saying my kid is gay or my friends are gay. is that the case with transgender kids? we are going to have to meet them before we understand it's okay to use the bathroom they want to use? >> humanity. when you know that it's a member of your family, for example, senator portman, his son is gay. he changed his position. you may not have a transgender person in your family, but as a decent human being, place yourself as a parent or a sibling of someone like that. then it changes the picture. then, your understanding is different. jeff session is purely animated by animus on every civil rights issue. we know his history.
6:34 am
we can't let a man like that set policy for us to criminalize people. this has got to end. it had ended with title ix. that's the interesting thing, it went backwards. >> it went backwards. >> george, good to see you. thanks for the hard work you continue to do. maybe one day you will be representing a group that isn't marginalize zed. >> americans. >> and great actors. >> thank you. >> george takei, actor and advocate. kellyanne conway is speaking live at a very big convention of conservatives selling president trump as kind, generous and compassionate. plus, the white house branded the town hall protesters as paid protesters. did he respond to her question? what if technology gave us the power to turn this enemy into an ally? microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture
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[ rumbling ]
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a major influential group of conservatives meeting right now as c-pac kicks off outside washington, d.c. president trump's counselor, kellyanne conway just finished speaking at the annual gathering. let's go live to casey hunt, who is live at that meeting. casey, tell me what's going on. kellyanne's finished speaking, have people left the room or what's going on? it doesn't look that full behind
6:39 am
you. >> reporter: we are down on a level, so you are looking at empty chairs that creates a misperception. most of the room is still full. there is movement back and forth. kelley ann conway, a marquise speaker got up and joked by tomorrow, this would be t-pac for trump pac. this is a switch for the gathering. donald trump did not show up here at c-pac for fear of protests. he had primary rivals, ted cruz among them taking the stage and taking shots against him. this has been historically a place where conservative ideas gather to talk about the latest. there's a straw poll at the end. senator rand paul, other libertarians often won that. it's a place where kind of conservative ideas have been the foundation. there's been a lot of grappling. this is a public way of showing
6:40 am
that schism and the forces of the republican party grappling with the new populous, national wave represented by breitbart and others. so far, we have heard a defense of donald trump from kellyanne conway earlier. take a look. >> donald trump is someone who is not fully understood for how compassionate and what a great boss he is to women. i find him to be kind and generous, a great sense of humor. >> reporter: so, of course, we'll see how the attendees react to the people who are going to be speaking on stage. i think the most an tigs pags today is for reince priebus and steve bannon, who are going to have a conversation on stage. if there were ever two people that represented the wings of conservatism of the republican party, it's those two, reince priebus coming from the wing and
6:41 am
steve bannon, the takeover we have seen with president trump. >> it looks like a fun meeting. i hope you are enjoying. >> reporter: i have been here ever year for several years. >> enjoy. hope there's good food. >> thanks. >> casey hunt at c-pac. that's always my thought, i hope there's good food. casey talked about two wings. in my mind, for the help of viewers, i think there are four wings at c-pac. the libertarian strand, as casey said. rand paul is going to win the straw poll. reince priebe us, the conservatives don't like and then t-pac, the trump group, particularly those like donald trump himself who many mainstream conservatives don't think is that conservative. >> it's the populous. that's what you are looking at. if you look at someone like vice
6:42 am
president pence or kellyanne conway, they are all actually real conservatives. conservative if you will. that does represent what trump did not do last year when he didn't go. he was viewed to moderate, a democrat that became a republican. the populous point of view, which was different than conservatives have. this is an interesting time for c-pac. they are in there and going with a winner. they now have a president. the last eight years they have gone in and it's been a fight against something. it will be interesting to see what points they can rally behind. you have folks that don't want to run up the debt. we have people that say we need to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure. it's an interesting time for the party. >> if someone say what is were you doing at 9:00 this morning and you say on cnn talking
6:43 am
c-pack. >> given ideas we can understand, good or bad and what the trump presidency represents, the chaos, lashing out, often contradictory and incompetence, i prefer the ideology. what c-pac is doing is trying to infuse the trump presidency. they have a great opportunity. go with it. trying to infuse that with coherence. >> road map, perhaps. very interesting. great to talk to you. thank you for being here. coming up, a woman who confronted tom cotton in a town hall. if he repeals obamacare, she says she'll die. lp you take on , or fill a big order
6:44 am
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emotions were running high at senator tom cotton's town hall last night. listen to one of the more passionate moments. >> before i get into it, i would like everyone who is affected by the affordable care act and affected by health care to stand-up. >> yeah! >> without the coverage for pre-existing conditions, i will die. that is not hyperbole, i will die. will you commit to replacements in the same way that you
6:48 am
committed to the repeal? >> thank you, katie. let's take a couple more comments or questions about health care. >> i'm joined by the woman who you saw asking that question and by ben, the washington director for helping progressives at the town halls. katie, there was a lot more to the discussion, including your description of why you need the affordable care ability. you have a condition called eds. the crowd didn't like what he said. thank you, katie, let's take more questions. they wanted him to answer your question. did you get a satisfactory answer? >> unfortunately, i didn't. he just seemed to repeat my own question back at me. he kept saying, if you lose your coverage today, you can still have it. he made no promises as to what would happen in the future, once
6:49 am
he votes for the repeal he keeps promising. >> talk to me about the mood. there's only so much a camera can capture when it comes to moods like this, inside and outside. was it angry or hopeful? were you in a moment where you thought, wow, this is happening. you might sway a senator and fellow lawmakers across the country. >> a bit of both, honestly. there were moments of anger, of course, because you do just get angry and you get passionate when talking about life and death for yourself. for me, the overall emotion was incandescent hope. just people being able to exercise their rights to democratic process, being able to have their voices heard. i think that inspires hope in everyone. >> what happened? why did grow? you saw the election result. republicans voted 58 times to repeal obamacare. what did you, personally, hope to achieve?
6:50 am
>> i just thought, you know, if they are going to do this, if it's going to possibly kill me in the next couple years without health care, i have to get my couple years without health care, i have to get my story and my face out when i can, maybe if i put a human face on if, give them something they can really recognize like their daughter or their niece, then maybe it would change their hearts. >> katie, are you otherwise politically active? have you done something like this before? >> i voted in every election since i was able to. that's about it. >> that's what you were called upon to do. that's quite satisfactory. katie hang on a minute. ben, right now with the recess happening, it's a lot easier for constituents to get right in front of their representatives and ask them tough questions. first of all, i want to discuss the fact that president trump has said that these are
6:51 am
democratic organizers who are getting these protesters out there. tell me to what degree you are organizing these people. >> sure. democratic, republican, independent constituents are looking for ways that they can express their outrage and raise their concerns to their elected representatives. so move put out a list o where people are protesting at, we've had more than a million page views since we put it up last week. these are groups trying to serve the hunger that are out there at the grass roots. there's enough energy to burst of hoover dam to oppose what this administration is trying to do to health care and so many other issues. >> i want to dig a little deeper.
6:52 am
yesterday sean spicer said these crowds are not representative of the members of each districts. donald trump tweeted these protests are being planned by liberal groups and he said that's sad exclamation point. it sounds a little bit like there's truth to that. >> there's planning in the sense of putting it on your calendar, figuring out when the town hall is going to take place, calling friends who is going to drive to the demonstration, maybe that's more planning than going into executive orders in the white house. want to thank katie for having the bravery to tell her story. people are facing life or death. they are facing grave consequences for themselves and their families. that can't be manufactured. >> and when i asked you that question, katie made a face as if to say i'm not part of any planned effort, right, katie?
6:53 am
>> the only planning i did was look up tom cotton as voting record and line to get into the town hall. >> and do you feel that this stays alive? i mean, you really have become a bit of a face of this thing because there are a lot of these town halls, they are raucous, they are loud but people are able to hone into a story like yours. there's nothing more powerful than seeing a face and saying i could die if i do this. does this stay alive? >> i honestly couldn't tell you this. i'm just one person and one person who told her story. it's up to everyone else to find that echo within themselves of my story and keep it alive. it's not up to me. by i have faith that people can. >> has anyone but the media reached out about nyour story?
6:54 am
has anyone from the senator's office reached out? >> unfortunately, not the senator's office. i've gotten more donations in 12 hours than i have in three months. just the community itself has been enormously supportive. i honestly didn't expect much support from the senator but to have that from my community is worth every senator in congress supporting me. >> no kidding. that was a lot of letters there. say that one more time. >> yes, for medical bills have i a raising it doesn't cover everything. >> that's the point you were making last night, you cannot afford the care for the eds that you suffer from. >> no, i can't.
6:55 am
>> thanks for sharing your story and making it relatable and understandable for people who n't have that familiari with what you're dealing with. >> we are still keeping an eye as the conservative convention gets under way. coming up next, hallie jackson speaks with another pro tester at tom cotton's town hall who called for an investigation into donald trump's russia connections. you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too? great! geico can help insure our mountain chalet! how long have we been sawing this log? um, one hundred and fourteen years. man i thought my arm would be a lot more jacked by now. i'm not even sure this is real wood. there's no butter in this churn. do my tris look okay? take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more.
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i have asked for permission to do another hour but hallie jackson has said no so i have to say good-bye and thank my fantastic panel. i'm ali velshi. coming up right now, more news with hallie jackson. i did suggest to you yesterday that you should take the hour that i was doing after you because you're fantastic. >> thank you. but listen, you have had your 60 minutes. by god, man, give it up. >> see you. >> we have a lot to talk about, starting with this boiling point. red hot anger against republicans at town halls all across the country. you have been watching it on this network all week long, talking about health care, immigration, all of them flash points in what's become this kind of national referendum on the president. >> you work for us! >> and i'm in the a paid protester. >> do your job!
7:00 am
do your job! >> still, a lot of folks who still want to ask questions. >> before they ask theirs, i would appreciate it if you actually answered mine. >> we're following fallout of the controversial reversal of transgender -- >> and the a-listers have taken over cpac, as as they put it here, t-pac. and two tom advisers take their bromance on the road. kristen welker is at the white house, pete williams in washington and kasie hunt as well. we're talking about another round of these rowdy town halls. lawmakers toughing out the tough questions and in some cases


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