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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  February 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> it's similar in their addictive description. when you look at constant checkers and texters. look at the definition for addiction, they overlap tremendously. >> no doubt about it. dr. dave campbell, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> that does it for mudcat in the morning. i'm joe scarborough. >> we made it through another show. >> we did. >> we are still alive. >>barely. thank you for being patient this week. i know it required more patience. >> it's friday. >> it's friday. people are very patient. i was having a bad day yesterday. >> i thought they were patient. >> incredible. we started with week with all due respect "morning joe." stephanie ruhle is patient. she's always patient. we thank you for your patience. >> we thank you for your great content, joe scarborough. have a great weekend. good morning. i'm stephanie ruhle.
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we have breaking news over here. damage control. the white house pushing back hard against new reporting that reince priebus, you heard me right, reince priebus asked the fbi to knock down stories about the russia investigation. brand-new reporting breaking right now. while center stage, president trump with a big speech this morning in front of a giant conservative conference after this rare appearance by steve bannon. >> if you think they are going to give you your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken. >> an arms race. the president in a new interview vows to build up america's nuclear arsenal. >> if countries are going to have nukes, we are going to be at the top of the pack. >> put your seatbelt on. we have a lot to cover starting with that brand-new reporting about conversations between the president's chief of staff and fbi officials regarding reports
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about russian contacts in the trump campaign. we have the best team in the business to break it down. let's start with kristen welker live at the white house. help me. you just got out of a briefing on this, what did you hear? >> reporter: it was a 40-minute briefing with top officials here at the white house. they are pushing back vigorously on reports that the chief of staff, reince priebus tried to pressure the fbi to knock down a new york times report that said that trump campaign officials had frequent contact with russian officials. let me tell you the white house's version of events according to top officials in the briefing that wrapped up moments ago. the fbi was here on a separate matter, then in a pull aside, after that meeting wrapped up, between reince priebus and the deputy director of the fbi, mccabe, mccabe said the report
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in the new york times is inaccurate. we don't have evidence to suggest trump campaign officials had contact with russian officials. reince priebus said, okay, what can we do to fix the situation, to clean it up? mccabe went back, talked to other officials at the fbi and ultimately, it was determined nothing could be done. the fbi making the point they didn't want to be in the business of calling balls and strikes and into a pr discussion. now, the question becomes, was it inappropriate to have that conversation at all? we pressed top officials here on that very point. they pushed back saying it's insane to suggest there was anything inappropriate about that conversation. that is a direct quote. the reason, according to the white house, they believe there was never a discussion of any investigation. instead, the discussion, the very brief discussion between reince priebus and the deputy
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director of the fbi focused on that new york times report, nothing else. this is a story that got a lot of traction overnight. at this hour, the white house saying nothing to see here, no surprise there. the bottom line argument, we never discuss the details of an investigation and therefore nothing inappropriate happened. steph? >> i have to break this down. i have a great panel with me. wayne depree and here in the studio, tim o'brien and harry, senior political writer at 538. tim, i'm going to start with you. white house's response, never happened, nothing to see here. >> they have to back that up, then. we have learned, i think, with this white house, we can't take them at their word, often. a number of spokes people that dissembled. i think we have to back that up rather than ask people to take them at their word. what we know here, however, there's a long history of donald
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trump soliciting vladimir putin during the election, a willingness on his part to drop kick decades of diplomacy with the united states and russia. he's been in business with people with ties to russia. the idea that at face value we shouldn't put credibility in these reports between his team and russia doesn't hold water. >> wayne, i want to bring you in. i'm guessing steve bannon is somewhere saying this is merely the media out to get us. take the media out of it for a moment. reince priebus appearing to go head-to-head with the fbi if this information is coming from the fbi. is that the right thing for the white house to do? president trump, himself, questioning an agency massively important to us. >> you know, actually this information, i'm just learning about standing up here so i
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really am -- the way i can speak to this issue is i just heard the individuals on the panel saying it is up to the white house to say this isn't true. it's also on the person throwing it out to say, ok, this is what we have, this is what it looks like, show some proof instead of throwing the allegations and everything up against a wall. throw that up there, then say, okay, now, contradict this. what you have, you have allegations right now. you want somebody to say, okay, these allegations are false. prove the allegations are false. >> let's talk about who does what. reince priebus has never been part of the government, he's from rnc. president trump ran a public company, but he's always run a private company. he's able to be commander and chief of trump universe. could they not actually
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understand? this is our house, call the fbi, tell them to quiet this down. do they understand how it works? i guess mattis, kelly, tillerson understand these things. >> we don't know because they have never been part of government. it turns out, governing is hard. you can't just be a businessman. maybe that's not the case. we are learning that over the past few weeks where this is not the first misstep of the white house if the reports are true and it's becoming a pattern. that is troubling going forward. >> kristen, president trump and the white house complain about the leaks coming from intelligence agencies. the amount of people who know this information, it's not just within the fbi, you have the cia. you have senior gop leadership who sit on the intel committee. they know a lot of information. while the president and the white house are pointing the finger at the intelligence agencies, couldn't it be a lot of other people sharing this
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information? >> reporter: it's a great point, steph. we have learned this morning lawmakers on capitol hill were briefed by the fbi about this information and how it unfolded and according to the white house, that new york times story was overblown. so, you are absolutely right. these leaks could be coming from a number of places. as you know, there's this ongoing back and forth tension between the president and intelligence community infuriated about the leaks and was tweing about it again today, taking aim at the fbi for this story when we asked officials here if this was in direct relation to everything we are talking ability, the indication was yes, but they were tweets sent on his own. >> a tweet from david axelrod writes if barack obama's chief of staff called the fbi to knock down a story on the ongoing probe of the president's allies, congress would have raised hell. no surprise he would say this.
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what could it mean for reince priebus? i speak to people inside the white house who say it is not smooth sailing in there. could this be a real problem for reince priebus specifically? >> it is a problem for reince priebus specifically, compounded by the fact this morning, minutes ago, the president of the united states took to twitter and also personally slammed the fbi. shutdown the leaks, stop causing me headaches. this is unexpected and unprecedented behavior. none of it is good. >> the idea, stop causing me headaches. checking the president is what other organizations, including the free press are supposed to do. barack obama learned that. george bush learned that. this ain't a dictatorship. >> that's part of the thing, donald trump, i'm going to come in here and clean up the swamp. there's a reason there's a swamp
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there. other presidents tried to come in and clean it up. the problem is, there's such a beaurocracy in place. donald trump is learn thag lesson very, very quickly. at's taking place on twitter is a lot of this happens in the subtext. he's making the subtext text and seeing it play out. >> strong generals around him now. they have been elevated, i'm not sure if they are going to take it. i want to go back to cpac. we talked about it in maryland where president trump is expected to speak in an hour or so. we have casey hunt. casey, you have been there the last days. you have interesting conversations yesterday, but today, the headliner is none other than president trump. what's on tap? >> reporter: that's right, steph. kellyanne conway opened her talk saying by the end of the conference it will be t-pac instead of cpac. that's what we are looking for here today. there's still questions, quite frankly, from attendees here
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about whether donald trump is a conservative or not. to a certain extent, they have supported ideological conservatives. this is the home for a lot of groups focused on christian issues, for example. there are a lot of ways donald trump never fit this gathering. he skipped last year. he appeared a couple years before that and got a good reception. he will be the first republican president to make a speech since ronald reagan in his first year of presidency. they want to include him. at the same time, the tone has been combative. you heard steve bannon laying down the gauntlet saying we are going to fight every single day. reince priebus talking a lot about judge gorsuch, the supreme court nominee, a litmus test for conservative voters who show up to this conference. the lines outside the ballroom
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here packed. still lines outside for security. clearly a lot of excitement here to at least get a chance of what president trump has to say. steph? >> the thought president trump hasn't always been a conservative. last year, he didn't speak at a time there were so many never trumpers. do you think it's going to be contentious or is he going to get on stage and to kellyanne conway's point, become tpac? republicans are running the show. >> i don't know that donald trump -- >> not to be confused with tu pack. >> he's not with us. >> i don't think so. >> he's never been an authentic conservative most of his life. he's antiinstitutional. he's populous even though he doesn't live a populous lifestyle but he's always been in it for attention. that's a motivating factor.
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>> does it matter what got him there? if you are one of those people living through barack obama the last eight years and they do not like barack obama, couldn't they say i don't care how he got here or why, we have it. >> many people are not reprenting the base at all. rand paul won how many years running, then can't get a vote in the iowa caucus. they are people that are there for their own business purposes, young people coming to try to sell their stuff and make a connection. i'm sure he'll get a great applause, but it doesn't make him a conservative at all. >> i like harry's voice. it's good. rand paul couldn't get a vote. i like that. >> thank you. we have a lot to cover. we are going back to president trump. he's going to speak in the next hour. what is he going to talk about? i have a feeling he's going to mention hillary clinton. next, the former speaker of the house, john boehner, a republican, he is now weighing
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you are watching msnbc. i'm stephanie ruhle. you know we are going to stay focused on that breaking news, the white house this morning, pushing back hard after sources revealed to nbc news that white house chief of staff, reince priebus, he asked a top fbi
6:18 am
official to pour cold water on media reports about trump campaign advisers being in touch with russians, including some linked to the kremlin during the election. the white house said they did nothing wrong and the investigation was never discussed. i want to bring in someone who i'm sure has a view on this, democratic congressman from new york, joe crowley. first, what is your reaction to this? >> well, you know, given everything that's gone on so far in these first four weeks, nothing surprises me anymore. it is disturbing, the notion or idea that decades of precedent -- i won't say unprecedented, but it's been decades we have seen this intrusion by the white house into the workings of the fbi to say don't look here, everything is fine, look somewhere else. don't look at russia. that's very disturbing. >> it could be disturbing and unprecedented, but what can you
6:19 am
do about it? when you look at the last four weeks, gop leaders could shut down doing an investigation into the russia situation. from your seat, what can you do besides be shocked, amazed, distraught. >> i think it's a good question. what are the resources? what can be done? i tnk that what we have seen happen is a bit of an awakening, the republican caucus, newness, for instance, indicated the flynn affair that has a connection to the russia issue as well. we know senator mccain continued to say he's going to continue to further the investigation in the senate. so, i do think that this is the responsibility of the check and balance that the branch has in terms of investigating what's happening in the white house. it is more than disturbing. the notion or idea that these
6:20 am
are pre-existing links going back to the campaign with the russian government to undermine the election process and to certainly to undermine the president obama and now we know to possibly pull back on the sanctions. you know, it's not the way i think my republican colleagues want to see this presidency moving. >> are you spending time with the republican colleagues trying to get them to care more about this and raise this? >> i think that we have had conversations, you know, off the back of the chamber. people shrug their shoulders and, you know, i think they find themselves in a bit of a bind. one tweet away from an incredible primary. i think that's how they feel about this. but, at the same time, i think the more people begin to speak out, the more outrageous the behavior of the white house and of this president, the more it lends toward i think more people
6:21 am
speaking. very good people, some patriots. many patriots within the republican caucus have to find their voice. >> there's other people speaking up and speaking up at town halls across the country. former congresswoman, gabby giffords survived an assassination attempt. she's urging them holding town halls after one brought up the shooting as a reason to only hold telephone town halls. wh do you make of the republicans saying it's not a safeime to hold town halls? >> it's coming home to roost. many tactics that we used during the debate period on the affordable care act when members were going back to their districts and i felt it in my own district in terms of a
6:22 am
turnout and those who were disruptive at the town halls out door similar to gabby giffords. v violence and threatening is not welcome anywhere. what you are seeing is a reaction to what they are attempting to do, that is unwind the affordable care act without replacing it. they want to repeal it without replacing it. what they are hearing is how difficult that is and the impact it's going to have on people's lives. that's why they are having this reaction. it's organic. democratic parties are good at putting together marches. we can't take credit for the march in 1960 or the women's march or immigration rallies. they are organic. the same with the town halls, they are organic and that's why they are uncomfortable. >> on the affordable care act, john boehner weighed in.
6:23 am
i want to share what he had to say. >> i saw these missing child posters all over town. are you going to host a town hall? i'm glad you are okay. are you going to host a town hall? there's a town hall today. we need to hear from you, senator. pardon me, that was a wrong clip. that was around marco rubio, i want to share what john boehner said. >> they will fix obamacare. i shouldn't call it repeal and replace. they are going to fix the flaws and put a more conservative box around it. >> all right. so, congressman, if that is essentially what's going to happen, just tweak it and put a new box around it, that's a really reasonable idea. what does that mean for democrats? you spent so much time and effort putting together obamacare. if they just improve it, repackage it and put trump care on the cover, are you okay with
6:24 am
that? president obama said i don't care what you call it as long as people get covered. >> it's interesting coming from the guy that wanlts to repeal it, coming to the realization of how difficult it is. we have known for a while they have been uncomfortable doing away with the goodies, all the sweets that are in the affordable care act, staying on until 26 years of age, lifetime caps removed, pre-existing conditions, all the things they are very uncomfortable at removing. they are trying to tweak it and change it to what is more uncomfortable. the issue is the mandate. you can't have the sweets without paying for them. that's what they are trying to do. you know, how i can comment on what they are going to do when i don't know at this point. look, we have always said, if they maintain the quality insurance and the cost, keeping it affordable and it's a good product for constituents, yes,
6:25 am
we will support something like that. we don't care what you call it, like the president said. the devil is in the details and we don't know what the details are. >> thank you for joining me, i appreciate it. >> thank you, steph. >> we are five minutes away from what i'm guessing is going to be another green day. this stock market, tenth record high in a row. this market is feeling this administration. we are going to find out why and for how long. plus, i want to talk about a name you might not know, but you are going to hear more about. who could lead the opposition to president trump? democrats electing their party leader over the weekend. pete joins me. [car engine failing to start]
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. it is time for your morning primer, everything you need to know to start your day. any minute now, president trump will depart the white house for a giant conservative conference in maryland. he is scheduled to speak after 10:00 a.m. eastern. we will bring it to you live. police in malaysian say lab tests reveal a vx nerve agent was used to kill the half brother of kim jong-un. at least 42 people are dead after an isis sue said attacker drove a vehicle into a rebel security post in syria. the number dead is expected to rise due to many having serious injuries. details into a confrontation of teenagers and lapd officer protest. the officer fired a round into the ground after heelt he was
6:30 am
in danger. he's placed on administrative leave. the two teens were arrested and released. after a long journey, bao bao made an appearance in china. there are some challenges. breeders say she doesn't understand chinese commands and adjusting to the taste of local bamboo. we have to talk markets. it is 9:30 and the winning streak rocks on. stock market kicking off today after a record high close thursday making it the tenth trading day in a row to close at an all-time high. in fact, this is the first ten-day winning streak in four years and the dow is closing on a new milestone, 21,000. joining me now, my friend, ali velshi. ali, let's start with you. trump rally rocking on. >> can we talk about the panda, again? >> i know. >> i don't know what it is. i read all sorts of arguments of
6:31 am
why this rally is justified, that between the removing of regulation, the lowering of tax cuts, the infrastructure plan, pipelines going ahead, everybody is going to be so profitable, it is going to be nuts. >> we need to put into perspective, ali, the market can change on a moment. yesterday, after that manufacturers meeting, the infrastructure plan might be pushed to 2018. you saw company that is benefit from that immediately go down. >> it was just a report. let me give you an example of stock that is went down because of that. caterpillar, which had been going up since the election, down 2.6%. fluor engineering down 2.2%. u.s. steel was in there with the president having this conversation. that stock was down 7.8% after donald trump said we are going to make pipelines with american
6:32 am
made steel. the bottom line is the idea the infrastructure thing, we never had meat on the bones to start with is now not going to happen until 2008. investors can jump the gun and get into something before the evidence is clear. that's what makes warren buffett successful because he sees something coming down the road and gets in. that's what a lot of investors have done in this market. they see something coming down the road, don't know what it is. as they see it disappear, they get out. the danger for our viewers is get stuck holding the bag. >> the markets are highly liquid market. you can trade on them. they aren't ceos saying i am building a 100,000 square foot plant and hiring 10,000 people. >> right. >> carl icahn can sell out in 30 seconds. when you look at this, does it say these promises are being
6:33 am
made, de-regulation, tax cuts. >> there are no promises, there's talk. i highly doubt the gop congress is going to get behind a $1 trillion infrastructure spending plan. i can see deregulation coming. i think you will see deregulation in financial services and a tax cut. those probably will be good for the bottom line of a lot of corporations. the math is still there. valuations are stretched in the equities and it's topee right now. >> the bottom line to financial services companies, energy companies, that doesn't necessarily translate into wage increase, which is what president trump supporters are looking for. there isn't a big manufacturing industry here. if the w, consumers told us they want to buy cheap products quickly. >> the maker of these things, iphones, the company that assembles them is laying off
6:34 am
workers in favor of implementing robots. when chinese find labor expensive, it's not likely we are going to bring them back to high wage america. that is the problem. we have productivity. that means we all do more with less time and for less money or the same money. we are not going to see that change. the fundamental issue is not that companies will not be more profitable because of donald trump, they will. that's what you are seeing in the stock market. if you want to connect it to jobs, that's an unsquarable circle. >> why do we believe people are out there spending more and more money? those who thrived are those who are wealthy enough to own stocks and bonds. if you are an asset holder, it went well. if you couldn't afford to own them, you are missing out. you are missing out on this rally. >> there's a disconnection. the deregulation. these working class white voters help put trump over the top in wisconsin and michigan. they don't own stock.
6:35 am
they don't know what's going on. they want jobs. this panel is saying there's a big disconnect between the stock market going higher and jobs coming back. next, the man many are calling the dark horse favorite to become the head of the dnc. pete joins me next. it's your tv, take it with you. with directv and at&t, stream live tv anywhere data-free. join directv today starting at $35 a month. no extra monthly fees.
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and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, talk with your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. tomorrow, the future direction of the democratic party is up for a vote. that's when democrats will elect the new chair to lead the
6:39 am
opposition. the race appears to be split between two names, minnesota congressman, and tom perez. there is a dark horse candidate making waves, the mayor of south bend, indiana, pete buttigieg. he joins me now. mayor pete, we had the chance to spend time together last week. you are starting quite a wave of support. last night, i saw batman, michael keaton towing his support behind y. there's a lot of enthusiasm. when we get down to numbers, ellison and perez have enough commitments from dnc members to split the vote, but not enough for you to fit in. what are you going to do here? >> the way this thing works and very happy to have the batman vote, i just wish he was a member of the dnc. the way this works, even though it's a national campaign, there's fewer voters than most
6:40 am
class president races, 437 voters, the members of the dnc. to win, you have to have a majority. it's not enough to have just enough votes. the two other candidates, neither one have been able to get that majority. we are offering an alternative. everybody running is a good democrat and good leader. the message of my campaign is i'm living what all of us candidates are saying we are going to deliver. if we really want to see the dnc change, if we want to have a fresh start, new leadership, reaching out to a new generation, competing in the red states, working up and down the ticket. why not put in somebody from the millennial and the mayor whose bread and butter is state and local organizing. we believe we have a path to win, especially if nobody is able to secure victory on the first ballot. that's what creates the opportunity for a candidacy like
6:41 am
ours to offer a different leadership. >> mayor pete, if you don't win, what is your game plan? you have this passionate support. you have done great things, but to your point, indiana is a bright red state. >> we have made it clear, in the event i win, i will step down as mayor because this is a full-time job. so is mayor. it's a compelling job and good work. all of us are finding ways to support the democratic party and support democratic candidates and most importantly of all, support democratic values. what you are going to see, what you have to see coming out of atlanta is every one of us committing to coming together and do whatever it takes to make sure our values, candidates and policies have the upper hand. we are on the back foot as a party. if we won the white house, we would be in trouble. if you do the math and look houses, the statewide offices and congress. with redistricting not that far
6:42 am
away, we have to make sure we are aligned around a stat gi that makes sense for the future. that's why i'm in this. everybody that cares about the future of the democratic party, no matter our job title, has to be on the same page. >> what do you believe the core democratic values are? when you look at the passion and enthusiasm that the progressives, the bernie sanders wing has lifted up and created, it's extraordinary, but it's narrow, very narrow and disconnected from other sections of the party. >> well, i think the disconnect has more to do with the organizational level than the values. i think the values are broadly shared. not only are they shared among democrats and progressives, they win among americans. when you saw specific issues on the ballot, things like minimum wage, they are passing. they are commanding majority support. to me, the value that is bring us together, there's four of them, freedom, fairness, families and taking care of the
6:43 am
future. we have to be a party that's more comfortable talking about freedom, especially when you look at the athortarian tendencies of those in charge right now. we are for freedom from medical debt, freedom from student debt, the freedom to marry. that's brought to you by the democratic party. we are the party of fairness. we have always been the party trying to make sure there's equal pay for equal work and people are treated fairly regardless of whether they are part of the group that's been discriminated against. we are the true party of families. we are the party trying to give families a raise and because, you know, there are specific families that are at risk of being torn apart whether it's immigrant or lgbt policies. from climate change to national security, we are the party with the best plans for the future. they are the values that hold us together. as democrats and also americans. we have to rally around the
6:44 am
americans rather than around the republicans. >> mayor pete. rebranding the "f" words. that's a good idea. thanks for coming on. pete butte check from the state of indiana. president trump is going t speak at the conservative conferencec. he's the big headliner. we are going to bring it to you live. caitlin genre calling out the president over transgender rights. remember, she was at the inauguration and now speaking out, telling the president, listen up, protect us. we'll find out more.
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ask your doctor about lyrica. finally i have a message for president trump from, one republican to another. this is a disaster. you can still fix it. you made a promise to protect the lgbtq community. call me. >> the woman who needs no introduction, caitlin jenner, in a video posted to twitter scrapping the bathroom protections. i want to talk about this and more with tim o'brien and harry. caitlin jenner has gotten a lot of criticism. she was at the inauguration. the lgbtq community didn't want her there. she is a voice and pushing back to trump. do you think he's going to respond? >> maybe. i look at who trump surrounds
6:49 am
himself around. he picked a vice president that doesn't have a good record on lgbtq rights. jeff sessions, again, doesn't have a good record. so, i'm not surprised by this. >> tim, a couple weeks ago, when there was an executive order that could have come out, there was a lot of press saying it was ivanka and jared saving or protecting this community from that conservative right. i don't hear that now. >> that shows how much leverage they have on this issue. i don't think anybody in the white house this morning is wringing their hands saying, oh, my god, we lost the caitlin jenner vote. i don't think it's causing them stress no matter how much they made it an issue. >> ivanka made sefrg things an issue, women and girls. she's focused on the advancement of them. though she doesn't have an official role in the white house, she is in a lot of meetings. she was front and center next to justy trudeau yesterday in the
6:50 am
white house focused on manufacturing and talk of human trafficking and how workers are treated. ivanka is in that room. remember, she's been part of this. at the treated. at the ceo meeting, she then had many of those ceos to her house for dinner. what lane is ivanka in here? >> she's swimming through multiple lanes and she's wearing conflicts of interest on her sleeve like her jewelry. people are getting used to. there's been a steady erosion of outrage about the fact that they're very comfortable turning the white house into walmart and transacting in their own interests. ivanka does not have a formal senior role in the white house. she's not formally shown
6:51 am
anywhere publicly that she's actually divested from her own businesses and the trump family businesses and yet she shows up in these meetings. >> and is this a conflict of interest or is it something that people who don't like donald trump find offensive? >> i don't know if it's by law a conflict of interest but i would say what is what would happen if it was a democrat in office? >> do you think it actually going to affect anything, though? in reality, many people have said that donald trump needs to have some sound voices near him and many have pointed to ivanka and jared as those voices. >> there are decades of practices that are people making policy in the interest of the public and not their own
6:52 am
wallets. >> when you talk about decades and precedent, yesterday bannon says it's not republicans versus democrats, it's establishment versus anti-establishment. steve bannon was saying let's tear it down, change the rules. this is what the white house wants to do, we got elected, take it, this is who we are. >> saying washington go screw yourself, that's one thing but this to me is classic washington, classic conflict of interest. >> it's a swamp. it's swimming in the swamp, not changing it. >> thi is just another turn of the wheel, what we've come to pect from washington. >> someone who didn't like the swamp, didn't want to swim in it, john kasich, maybe hoping i bygones will be bygones, what do you think is about to go down here?
6:53 am
i want to share a bit of sound before we get into it. >> kasich is a nice guy but very week on illegal immigration. and he's stuffing his face. he ate a piece of pizza that was four or five inches along and he couldn't get it in his mouth. >> this guy takes a pancake and she's shoving it in his mouth. it's disgusting. do you want that for your president? i don't think so. >> i'm going to go with serenity now on glass houses talking who's eating what when? come on now, mr. president. listen, you could throw that montage up president trump versus anyone. he's had that whether we're talking paul ryan or john mccain or here you go, john kasich. so should we be that surprised? >> no, this is vintage trump. it's what happens next. is there a peace accord?
6:54 am
do we put this aside andove forward? trump doesn't usually put anything aside so we'll see. kasich habs not only been thumped on these visuals been trump, he's been trumped by practice in gop machinations themselves. b >> i would point out the kasich voter, the moderate, well-educated voter, trump needs them if they want to keep control of the house. so this could be key for the party at large. >> is any of this chaos that we're seeing part of what trump would call the magic of the art of the deal? whether it's trump and his massive tough talking here and then his generals are out there around the world, whether it's in europe or rex tillerson calming people in mexico, is
6:55 am
this how he works, throwing bombs, having his partners calm things and find a middle ground? >> yes. i've said it before -- >> that's a winning strategy. >> it's an election strategy, it's not a governing strategy. there's a difference in throwing fire balls and sitting down and managing a process like a mature,s d s didisciplined indi. >> a mature, disciplined individual right to my left. >> trump is headed to marand to the cpacconference. he's going to give his grand speech. we'll bring that to you live. ♪ announcer: get on your feet for the nastiest bull in the state of texas. ♪
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that wraps us up this hour, this week. i'm stephanie ruhle. thank you for watching. i'll see you all weekend long on twitter but right now my colleague is taking the reins, hallie jackson in washington, d.c. >> president trump set to speak any minute. a year after skipping the cpac conference, he's now speaking. and the fbi refused to knock
7:00 am
down reports between the trump administration and russia. we have the heated pushback from the white house. kristen welker at the white house, kasie hunt at cpac in maryland and our political panel who showed up a little earlier and we're going to take to you the president's speech as soon as it happens, we think within the next 15, 20 minutes here. the fbi, russia, kristen welker has been following all of this. i know a senior administration official very fiercely, very heatedly pushed back against some of this reporting. walk us through what we know and how the white house is responding. >> reporter: you're right, hallie. it was fierce, strong, robust pushback at times, senior administration officials becoming straight agitated. here's the story and here's the pushback. this relates to a cnn report that the white house tried to pressure the fbi to knock down a


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