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tv   Dateline Extra  MSNBC  February 25, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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gop representedtive darryl issa. >> we'll ask them to investigate within special areas that they oversee. >> an independent prosecutor? >> you're right that you cannot have somebody, a friend of mine, jeff sessions, who was on the campaign and who was an appointee. you'll need to use the special prosecutor's statute and office. now, we have to work with them. we don't have to trust them. we need to investigate their activities, and we need to do it because they are bad people. >> that call for a special prosecutor comes as a new report rattles washington d.c. the washington post saying officials in the west wing sauts to enlist senior members of the intelligence community in an effort to counter news stories about trump associates ties to russia. the washington post reporting the calls were orchestrated by the white house, and even included senators richard burr and congressman devin nunez, the chairman of the senate and house intelligence committees.
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the very same chairman charged with investigating russia's involvement in the election and what, if any, ties the trump campaign had along the way. >> do we know why the white house is being at least at this point trying to get the russia connection question out of the headlines? >> that's right, richard. they are certainly making a big effort and push. we have seen them calling different types of briefings and meetings with reporters to try to clarify what they call incorrect reporting. we learned that reince priebus went ahead and discussed the matter with the deputy director of the fbi and asked the deputy director to please go out and correct the record because the white house believes that some
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of the contact between the trump campaign officials and the reports of the election is incorrect, and we now know that the fbi declined to do that, but it's important to note that in nbc's own reporting, we have learned that the u.s. government has not identified this contact to be between trump campaign aides and intelligence officials, and i think that's an important distinction there. it's also important to note that the fbi doesn't believe that reince priebus did anything that overstepped a line and so democrats, of course, are seizing on this, and that can be a big easy target for them to pursue as they continue to call for an independent investigation. >> president trump said from his twitter account, "i will not be attending the white house correspondents association dinner this year.
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please wish everyone well and have a great evening!" this on the heels of what happened in the last 24 hours where there's very clear words about his view about certain news organizations or news in total and how he dislikes them. >> absolutely. the president here is not mincing any words. we know -- we heard it all along throughout the campaign, and now as he is the commander in chief that he has very specific views on the media and what he calls fake news. it actually shouldn't come as a huge surprise that the president now saying that he won't attend this dinner. you'll remember this is a dinner where president obama famously roasted him when he was in attendance. many said that public embarrassment led him to want to seek office. this is the latest in the president's fight against the media. of course, chief strategist, you
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know, steve bannon has called the media the opposition party repeatedly, whether jokingly or not. >> that happened on thursday, right? >> yes. >> that's right. >> he has made that joke. this is just the latest of the media battle that i'm sure will continue. >> president trump tweeting this out saying he is not going to attend the correspond ebts dinner, which is normally in april. this is a tradition. this is a tropical depression that goes back to john f. kennedy, and every single president has attended this gathering where they can, if you will, let down your hair and have a good time with each other. >> that's right. it's usually a light-hearted event. being, roasting is a big part of it. it's also a tradition for the
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press association to give scholarships to promising and up and coming journalists. there's awe lot of fanfare. there's always a comedian. >> right. >> there has been a lot of controversy already this year about some journalists saying they were going to boycott the dinner because of the way that the president has made his views on the press so clear and so aggressively. i think this is something that could still change. that's the other thing with president trump. we have seen, you know, april is far enough away for a lot of different developments and we'll see what will happen. >> that is light years as of lately when we're talking about months, certainly, monica, in terms of this administration, and it was certainly a highlight over the last two administrations each and every year. both for actors and those big name and import. they would be there. monica giving us the latest on what is happening there. thank you so much. just in, there is a new chair and a new deputy chair of
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the democratic national committee. 890 minutes ago in atlanta former labor secretary tom perez emerged as the winner there. perez barely defeating congressman keith ellison. you see him on the right-hand side of this picture. that vote even went to a second ballot. >> as i have said and as keith has said, we're at this moment in our nation's history. someday they're going to study this era in american history, and they're going to study it along are side the know nothing movement, and they're going to ask the question of all of us. where were you in 2017 when we had the worst president in the history of the united states, and we will all be able to say whether you are sitting here, outside, or looking out across america, we will all be able to say the united democratic party led the resistance insuring this president was a one-term
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president and elected democrats across this country from the school board to the senate to the state treasurers to the state attorneys general, to state secretaries of state and senators and governors. >> former president obama congratulated perez in a statement that reads in part, "what unionitis our party is a belief, an opportunity, the idea of however you started out, whatever you look like, whom ever you love, the united states is a place where you can make it if you try. over the past eight years our party continued its track record of delivering on that promise, growing the economy, creating new jobs, keeping our people safe with a tough, smart foreign policy, and expanding the rights of our founding to every american. including the right to quality, affordable health insurance. it's a legacy the democratic party will always carry forward. hillary clinton tweeted a few moments ago as well saying congrats to dnc chair tom perez and deputy keith ellison. excited for strong unified party standing for best of our country
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into the future. and justin as we were talking, another tweet from president trump, saying congratulations to thomas perez who has just been named chairman of the dnc. i could not be happier for him or for the republican party. tongue-in-cheek there. msnbc political reporter alex sykes wall is live in atlanta. you heard all of that. are they together now? was that the sense on the floor that they had made that it's okay keith ellison didn't win, tom perez is the winner now? >>. >> certainly all the efforts to show that tom perez and his new deputy dnc chairman keith ellison held a joint press conference right after this vote, and they switched campaign buttons, so tom perez is wearing a keith ellison button and keith
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ellison is wearing a tom perez button. this is a question of whether that can deliver on healing divisions inside this paert. it's not just the division between ellison and perez, folks, but between the insiders and outsiders. the people behind me at the front of the room, the dnc members, they were quick, they were ready to unite. they embraced this move to put perez as a deputy chairman, but the people in the back of the room, the members of the public, they chanted and booed and drowned out the program at time, and those are going to be much more difficult people for them to reach out to. we're seeing the huge back lash to president trump in the streets, and he said he was the best guy to reach out to that. perez has a lot of work cut out for him. >> the white house reporter and the politico's daniel strauss. before we get to what happened there, daniel, we'll start with
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you. let's get a quick reaction on president trump making a clear distinction mere. i really don't like the white house correspondents crew. i don't like them, and i'm not going to go to the dinner now. what's your thought? >> it's shocking on the one hand because this is a big chance for trump to appear in front of an audience that he tussles with a lot. last week we saw him ban a number of outlets, including politico and the cnn and the "new york times." he has been critical of the press corps often. you can understand why he wouldn't wanted to go to this if he wants to keep combatting with the press. >> we didn't bar anybody is what his statements were coming from that. john, i said it earlier. when i was talking there with monica. this is a long-standing tradition, where air time when presidents will make fun of themselves and others along the way, but this goes back to
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j.f.k. autodespi au >> i think -- the relationship with the press is in his best interest. >> is it much talked about in the white house briefing room that this was going to possibly happen? as you were waiting for various things to happen there? is this something that you talked about since you're a white house reporter that that's in the white house press corps that you would talk about? he may not come to our dinner? >> i think there's been a lot of suspicion for a number of weeks that he wouldn't show up. you know, it's been awkward on the other side of the ledger as
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well for reporters who are constantly being berated as fake news and worse. there's an attrition of toasting the president at this dinner. it becomes a little disingenuous. >> reporting coming out of the -- as we shift gears back to what was happening in the last 90 minutes in atlanta where the democrats now have a new leader, if you will, in terms of the dnc. john, from your publication here, reporting the washington post, the trump administration enlisting senior intelligence officials to call posts like yours to knock down media reports on trump ties to russia. this was a major report that came out in the last 24 hours. whatsoever background can you give to us in the reporting on this, john? >> i think this goes beyond what had previously been reported that not only were white house officials reaching out to the
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fbi, but there were others in the intelligence community, as well as those on capitol hill who are playing a role in the investigation of the relationship between the trump campaign and russia. it tons a storyline for the trump administration that i don't think is going away any time soon where russian meddling in the election that was apparently intended to help trump. >> your thoughts here? bigger questions to this? here we see the white house going through great lengths according to this report to not report on a potential investigation or an investigation that's ongoing. >> look, i mean, it's -- it adds to the suspicion about the ties between russia and the trump administration when there are reports out that the trump administration is asking people in law enforcement to strike down those reports. why are they doing that? i think it will only expand questions about the entire storyline. >> and the storyline as part of
2:17 pm
this is when we see the president coming after the press, is that the diversion to this real headline. >> the outlets that were banned did aggressive reporting on these russian ties to trump associates and possibly trump campaign officials. suddenly they're banned. there might be a correlation, and it seems to be that way. >> and we're also looking at, of course, says two individuals that were asked according to this report to reach out to the press to try to quash some of the discussion of the russian connection for the question, and that is senator richard burr as well as congressman devin nunez who lead, in this case, the intel -- their respective intel committees. to you, john, on this, now -- >> it certainly will turn up the pressure, and democrats will make that argument, but, yes, these are two individuals who are tasked with leading some of the multiple investigations in congress into what happened during the election.
2:18 pm
you know, they have said they were doing something relatively innocuous and just trying to add, you know -- add to the record for reporters. others are seeing conflict here. >> listen, the more republicans that call for a special prosecutor on the one hand that does sort of suggest that the republican party does want to have a full investigation or they want to be as transparent as possible about this and not suggest any kind of wrong doing. that falls along party lines. >> all right. another busy saturday. thank you so much, daniel, for stopping by. you too, john. appreciate brooth your perspectives. >> the battle for abortion rights. the draft proposal to repeal and replace obama care includes cutting funding for planned parenthood. supporters of planned parenthood are holding a rally in wisconsin to say don't do it. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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>> it's going to create chaos. >> this comes after a republican draft proposal to repeal and replace obama carobed by nbc news. it indicates plans to cut funding to planned parenthood. beth joins us now from milwaukee. beth, what's been their main message that you have heard so far today for speaker ryan? >> yeah. hey there, richard. the big message from a very large crowd here in this hotel ballroom in milwaukee was our doors will stay open. these people were ready for a fight. they were ready to tell speaker ryan that he could not close the doors on planned parenthood, that too many people right in his home state of wisconsin, and, indeed, right in his district, that first district in wisconsin and southern
2:23 pm
wisconsin, depend on planned parenthood for their care. most of them, including cecil richards, said the issue of abortion is separate. millions and millions of women across the country receive primary care screenings of all sorts at planned parenthood. no taxpayer dollars go to fund abortion at planned parenthood, and so it's really a red herring that paul ryan wants to use to shut it down completely. that was really the message. i want to bring in a speaker, tanya. she's a former planned parenthood patient and somebody now who is dealing with these issues as a lawmaker. tell me about your experience? >> i became a patient of planned parenthood at the age of 14, and my grandmother took me there. i was brought to milwaukee on a notarized letter so, i wasn't eligible for insurance on my grandfather's insurance, and, you know, just being a patient of planned parenthood up to the
2:24 pm
time that i became an elected official was so very important for me. as someone who couldn't afford health care insurance, it played a major role just to make sure that i received some form of medical help. >> what about speaker ryan's point that perhaps some of the services that you describe could be handled elsewhere in a different kind of clinic rather than at planned parenthood where the provision of abortion does create pause and opposition for some people? planned parenthood does so much more than their abortion services. as a patient of planned parenthood, had when you walk through that lobby, you see so many different individuals from so many walks of life. planned parenthood offers same day appointments and for busy individuals that are out in the work force, that's imperative because you might not be able to wait several weeks for an appointment. planned parenthood provides southwest services regardless of your ability to pay, and for so many individuals, that's also important that you can go there and you can pay one flat pea, and you won't receive a bill in
2:25 pm
the mail. it's really important to understand how planned parenthood affects communities like mine. in wisconsin our teenage pregnancy rate is starting to decrea decrease, and at one point in time it was significantly high. places like planned parenthood played a significant role in that because it allows teenagers and individuals to go and get that necessary reproductive health screening without hesitation. >> i have to interrupt you because we have to go. it's great to have you, senator johnson. former planned parent patient and now lawmaker. >> beth, thank you so much for that report and interview. appreciate it. the white house expected to are out a new executive order next week on immigration. meanwhile, the department of homeland security starts new operations this week to target who gets deported. an attorney who has been helping immigrants wade through the travel ban joins us. red lobster's lobsterfest is back with 9 irresistible lobster dishes.
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thanks for staying with us. next week a new travel ban executive order is expected. this week the department of homeland security released new immigration memos along the way, and in those memos some new
2:29 pm
rules and some new practices for undocumented immigrants. in addition to deporting those convicted of crimes, these are who the new memos are targeting according to the l.a. times. first off, people charged with crimes not yet ruled on. also targeted? those believed to have committed acts that constitute a chargeable criminal offense. that includes six million people believed to have entered without passing through an official border crossing. also included, people who received an improper welfare benefit, and also targeted, those who committed minor infractions such as driving without a license. >> it's a military operation because what has been allowed to come into our country, when you see gang violence that you have read about like never before, and all of the things, much of that is people that are here illegally. >> well, it's not a military operation as has been said. it's actually civilian. despite claims of success, data
2:30 pm
to support or refute the president's success claim will not be available for at least several weeks ahead of us. now, as it strands, january deportations trended down by 22% from december, but that was before this week's new dhs memos and procedures. at the edge of the travel ban executive order, that was stopped by a federal judge. >> systems and border patrol are here, but they're not allowing us to speak to the clients, and we have no access to them. similarly, the family members don't know what's going on. >> that was from january, the end of the month, when immigration lawyer fiona mcginty who was at one of the airports when over 300 people were detained or processed because of the original travel ban has has since been stopped and joining us now is fiona mcginty. thanks for being with us. tell us about what is now happening in what has been about a month. >> hi, richard. so during the past week, we got
2:31 pm
to see a couple of memos that were issued by secretary kelly, and as you mentioned, essentially it is a shift in enforcement priorities. essentially makes anybody who is here undocumented a priority for deportation. >> i think -- i believe it'sup wards of -- it could be even 11 million undocumented immigrants, and as an immigration attorney who works with people, i think it's important that we are aware that behind all these statistics and numbers are families. these numbers represent mothers and children and, you know, hard-working people. >> these new procedures that have come into effect, how is that affecting your clients there in chicago in the midwest? >> i mean, to be honest, the affects are being felt all throughout the states.
2:32 pm
there is now -- those people are petrified. this is really not the type of it fair deeds for the most part. now we're talking about the people who have done nothing wrong that have been undocumented. we're not talking about hardened criminals here, and these people are just -- you know, it actually makes the whole community accident streamly unsafe. people are afraid to report crimes. they're afraid to come forward as witnesses to crimes. i mean, that's really not an america that we should be wanting, striving for and wanting to be living in. >> you saw that piece that i played when you and i were talking about a month ago, and you had run down to the airport to volunteer.
2:33 pm
>> tb halted by a federal court decision at that point. why did that still happen, do you know? is. >> the initial reports, they believe the white house was claiming was 109 people were impacted. >> that is just not true. we didn't have access to the full statistics, but we knew that was absolutely not accurate. >> planes were still abroad because the airlines were not issuing boarding passes to these people. i don't know if those numbers even really portrait the full extent of the problem relating to the executive order and travel ban. >> we're getting a lot of these numbers very much later after the fact. immigration lawyer fiona mcginty, thank you for stopping by. appreciates your update. >> thank you. no problem. now that the democrats have elected their new leader, the question is how will the party, the democratic party, move forward under tom perez's
2:34 pm
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welcome back. i'm richard lui in new york. here's what we're following right now this hour for you. just a short time ago the dnc elected tom perez to lead the democratic party. perez defeated minnesota congressman keith ellison 235-200 votes. >> we need to make house called. we need to listen to people. we need to get back to basics. we need to move forward because i am confident, my friends, it i am confident, that when we lead with our values and lead with our actions, we succeed. that is what the democratic party has always been about. >> and also atypical here. congressman ellison, who did not win the chair, was voted in as deputy dnc chair. for more on the democrats' path
2:38 pm
forward ahead, joined by christine pelosi, chair of the california democratic party women's caucus, and christine quinn, vice chair of the new york state democratic party. okay. christine pelosi is on the right, by the way. christine quinn is on the left side of the screen for those who are up awaying at home. let's start with you then, christine quinn. >> secretary perez ran a very dignified thoughtful campaign. we went to a second ballot on this vote so people really had the opportunity to be heard. i was so impressed with how secretary perez immediately moved to make congressman ellison the deputy chair and congress member ellison was to gracious in accepting it, and i really think that sends a message that we are united and going to bring all voices in, and we are going to make sure this party is united and ready
2:39 pm
to win in 2018 and beyond. >> do you feel comfortable with what he stands for? he being from the obama administration and seeing, if you lrk as the establishment democratic part of the party, and then you had keith ellison who represented something that was the new energy, the bernie sanders energy, if you will. >> i was thrilled to nominate sally boyton brown, the -- i was so excited that sally stepped forward to run, frankly, i wish that we had more of an opportunity for sally and jim to get more media attention. i was thrilled to have a new group of women leaders. we're going to need a lot of sally's running in rural america if we're going to win. i'm happy with the choice that the voters made. i think it's brilliant to have tom perez and keith ellison working together. in fact, while christine and i
2:40 pm
were talking to you behind us, we're having the vote for a vice chair, a voter engagement. it's a position created when jackson ran gents mayor -- in 2001, and there was a compromise to establish a new voting member at the dnc, vice chair of the dnc. we've done this before, and we request do it again. i think bringing people together will be very, very critical as we move forward. to protect our progress on the obama administration and to fight donald trump. >> christine quinn, the question is when the vote was come down and being announced by donna brazil, there was the ceta group in front and ellison supporters in the back of the hall, and they were still hoping for ellison to win here. now it's been a couple of hours. is your sense that everybody really is together, or there's still some work to be done here? >> look, only a really stupid county gives up hope before the last vote is counted, and after the first ballot it was, you
2:41 pm
know, really pretty close, and so you got to hope until the very end. congress person ellison gave a powerful speech before the dnc where he really urge reasonable doubt all of his supporters, myself included, to come together, to unite, and make sure that we win in 2018, and also that we realize the crisis and attacks we've suffered in 30 days of this ridiculous presidency. . he made clear we don't have fight within ourselves. we don't have time to squabble or have hurt feelings or be disappointed children. we need to move on together. i have no doubt we're moving together. >> did the bernie sanders energy -- did they hear tom perez and will they follow in the same sort of energetic way
2:42 pm
that they did during the presidential election? >> i think what we fear is donald trump. we're dealing right now with people who are tremendously scared. we have -- my daughter goes to public school in san francisco. we've already gotten notices from the school district that they won't turnover the immigration status of any of their children or their families without a court order. we were at the women's march. we were at the airports. we have people who are rising up to resist trump. i think that energy is to create something positive, to lead with our value system and to never forget to put people first as keith ellison said. the real fear is the damage that can be done by the trump administration and the encouragement we all have to unite fighting that and promoting our vision of opportunity to the american people. >> tom perez is a smart -- >> we have to leave it there, and i want to ask you a quick
2:43 pm
question. just a yes or no answer to this. do you want an autopsy report of the 2016 election similar to what the rnc had done before? just a yes or no. christine quinn, you first. >> i want an investigation into russian hacking by an independent authority. that's what matters to me. >> do you want an autopsy report on the election from 2016? >> i apt i cleep slate going forward with open source bidding for the contracts and the staff positions that will happen at the dnc. i think the best thing we can do is move forward. >> all right. you both did not answers my question, but i still like to talk with you. christine pelosi and christine quinn. >> see, we're united. >> have a good afternoon there in atlanta, georgia. >> thank you. >> thanks, richard. >> you bet. next, president trump took another victory lap at this year's conservative political action conference energizing the crowd along the way. we'll break down and fact check his speech.
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welcome back. many analysts say president trif trump has completed his takeover of the conservative movement, and he sealed that deal at cpac, the conservative political action conference, this week. conservatives of all ages embraced trump with little discomfort of his nonconservative roots. his chief strategist and chief of staff warmed the crowd with the new trump doctrine discussion. the event organizer believes president trump will be one of the greatest presidents of all time. the speech was the first for a first-year president since railroad. a comparison made frequently at the conference, but the president's speech didn't get it all right. a "new york times" fact check found this. >> we've defended other nations'
2:48 pm
borders while leaving ours wide open. anybody can come in. >> the new york times fact check found that false. border patrol apprehended over 4,000 people. in fact, the last fiscal year. then there's this. >> obama care covers very few people, and, remember, deduct from the number all of the people that had great health care that they loved that was taken away from them. >> also false. facts shows 20 million more americans now have insurance after aca, or obama care. on how immigration and refugees are bad, listen to this. >> take a look at what happened in sweden. >> well, false. the swedish national council for crime prevention found no significant increase in overall crime from 2015 to 2016. just some of the snippets there. for more on those, i'm joined by
2:49 pm
indicat caden dawson here. really good if you are president trump. you're going after solidifying the base. you are trying to show, as i was mentioning earlier, my two key folks here getting along and really getting out the trump doctrine. >> can you hear me? >> audio. i can now. >> all right. great. i thought it was one of those freeze situations where -- not enough coffee in the morning. the question is here. it looked like it was really good here for president trump and his administration because you basically had his dwo top folks, his two tenants coming out in front and really articulately laying out the trump doctrine. everybody liking it, it seems. >> one former head of the republican national committee
2:50 pm
reince priebus. i tell you what you are going to see now is a center right republican party. i have been to cpac before. mostly mostly young people. very excited. i think my excitement is i think we're going to end up in a spot where we can govern. and i know that seems like a really big stretch, but that's what i think's happening right now. >> one of the things said in the conference by speakers that were there, the economic nationalists are coming together here. but is it too early to say that? i want to play devil's advocate for a second. six months ago folks were saying the republican party, they're running it like cats and dogs away from each other here. >> richard, i remember a year ago we were talking about what's the republican party going to-looking look like, is there going to be one after this
2:51 pm
election. who is our party, how many fractions going to be involved, whether it's the tea party, libertarian bleed in, ultra conservatives and the center right. right now we have a chance to get a pretty good sized tent and bring some people in. donald trump brought a lot of new voters to the process. i think we'll be able to measure that success in the 25 democratic senate seats that are up and see what success we've had not just the first 36 days. >> do you think he brought along the young cpaccers here during this conference? do you think that was con jeeld? >> no. that's a hard audience to get in your pocket. they'll love you one day and the next day they'll cut you up the minute you hit the stachlkt i can't judge by cpac. i'll judgety the success we have in the local parties.
2:52 pm
the democratic national convention made some mistakes today. you're going to watch apparatus move. we can spend a lot of time, richard, that will be exciting for myself to watch the mechanics. >> they're not going to cut you up and leave you on the stage. my friend there in south carolina. appreciate it. >> thank you, richard. next, the trump administration, details on new deportations. what the long term cost could be to the u.s.
2:53 pm
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a new analysis of new zporgsz guidelines. it suggests aggressive endorsement could put a strain on the u.s. economy. removing all undocumented immigrants woo cost the economy as much as $5 trillion over ten years. that study's coauthor says
2:56 pm
that's the equivalent of chopping off the state of massachusetts from the u.s. economy. one economist tells bloom berg for every one fewer workers in the economy, domestic product would fall half a percentage point. there are 8 million undocumented immigrants looking working or looking for work in the united states. industries that could be hit, leisure, hospitality, to name a few. cocorrector of the dream action coalition. when you hear about the importance of immigrants here to the economy, and especially this focus on undocumented immigrants, your organization, how do you deal with that dynamic? >> well, now we have as you can see donald trump bringing that rhetoric, that the undocumented community he says are criminals,
2:57 pm
rapists, and that is not true. the undocumented skmunt less likely to commit crime. studies have shown. and they contribute taxes to this economy. and you have seen many people who are contributing so much to this country by working and also many of them have purchased homes and vehicles. they have contributed so much to this country. >> when this discussion starts to focus on what if we lose all these workers and the industries that will be affected, we mentioned construction and leisure and hospitality. is that consistent with those that you talked to that you deal with in the community? >> yes. the undocumented community, we contribute in construction, and we contribute in offices. there are so many recipients who are also involved right now in
2:58 pm
this millionaire system, being involved in political campaigns, being involved in the economy by working in companies, by providing resources to this country. >> we were watching some of the protesters and marchs. what are you hearing in terms of how this idea might be combated, how those that might express they don't like the wall and may try to stop it the president says he's already starting on this. >> we have donald trump as you can see, the new dhs memos that came out. one, we have donald trump creating his deportation force by trying to hire 15,000 ice and border patrol agents, two, by sfangd expanding word crimin"cr"
2:59 pm
not only those who have violent criminal records but attacking people who have minor records such as driving without a license. and three, by increasing deportation and deporting people faster by expedited removal. by them not appearing in front of a judge or not being able to obtain a hearing. but what he's saying is because we need to build this wall to keep these undocumented criminals out, as i mentioned, studies have shown people who are undocumented are less likely to commit crime, that they contribute so much to this country by providing taxes. so this rhetoric like let's build this wall, people are not agreeing with it. and because it makes no sense. >> yethank you for a your perspective. that wraps up this hour here for us at msnbc, i'm richard
3:00 pm
lui. you can catch me on social media at these various places throughout the night and any breaking news, we will have that for you here on msnbc. caught on came"on camera" is ne. > they put pedal to the medal. and some smashup hard. when are you out on the road -- >> oh! >> danger lurks around every curve. a pileup that makes your blood run cold. the happy hour from hell. >> all of a sudden, the whole bar exploded. i went flying in the air. >> and a race car that takes a terrifying turn off the side of a mountain. >> i'm thinking, oh, my god, this is it. there's not going to be anything left. >> when weather and wheels clash -- >> it just looked like total carnage at the bottom of that hill. >> and drivers have a need


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