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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  February 27, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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one while republicans stand and clap, they look like they don't jobs for american. the games go on a bit like the baseball diamond. see you back tomorrow night. good night for new york. eastern promises. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews tonight with fbi led -- there's strong signs that president trump ordered preemptive strikes. we learned last week that reince priebus asked fbi to knock down stories about the communication between trump aides when figures
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in russia. the white house enlisted pike pompeo as well as republican chairs of the intelligence community. to candor and discredit those stories with reporters. in press conference today nunes says he sees no connection between trump campaign and russia. >> we have not seen evidence of anyone from trump campaign that's communicated with the russian government. we have no evidence of them talking to russia. the inquiries i have made to the appropriate agencies i done have evidence. i don't have evidence that would of any phone call. what i have been told is by many folks is that there's nothing there. we don't have evidence right now. the way it sounds like it's been
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looked into and there's no evidence of anything there. there's no evidence that i have been presented of contact. if you have americans that were talking to russian agents, if you want to bring the names i would be interested in having them. >> here how the ranking committee responded in dualing press conference today. >> the committee reached no conclusion whether or not campaign colluded with russia or russian contacts. we have obtained no documents on any counter intelligence investigation and we have yet to receive testimony from the fbi on the investigation of potentially links between the trump campaign and russia. so we're not in a position to reach any conclusion about that. >> there comes after the former
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republican chair on friday called for special prosecutor to lead an independent investigation. >> you cannot have somebody a friend of mine, jeff sessions, who on campaign and appointee. you need to use special prosecut prosecutor statute -- >> are you -- thank you. >> i have called russia in ten years. >> i didn't hear the response. >> i'm joined by mexico.
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yesterday called for subpoena of president's tax returns. how did they chairs of these intelligence community says there's nothing there they haven't investigated it yet. your thoughts, senator. >> you're exactly right. we have to do an investigation and the american people are expected us to do that. when you step back it's the fact that russia had their thumb on the scales of american election. that's something we should never accept. i don't think they do this to help the republicans or democrats, they do it to help the russians. and we should get to the bottom of it. >> the president saying he being
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audited, as long as he keeps saying i can mott release my returns, how do you get them? >> if we were to subpoena them they would not be open to the public. this is way to follow the money to see if there are issues here that are broader than we know. until we do the work of instigating we're not going to know what the answer is. >> he says defense is really broad or specific, the president. he says, you know, i didn't talk to intelligence officials per se, muslim don't call themselves intelligence officials. secondly he will say he hasn't had dealings in russia. he has sweeping denials, what do
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you think of that? >> you hear words like infrequent or inconsequenceal. words mean things. the fact they use words like that, makes me want to get to the bottom of this. >> why do you think reince priebus asking them to call the press and tell them how there's nothing to it. why do you make of it? and where are they doing something like that? >> the american people expect our intelligence community to conducted fair and impartial investigation. as soon as you have collusion between the chair and the white house leak information i think that's a problem. >> what do you think about the
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white house the way they have been doing this. he out there telling people i want to see you're phones, i asking the people to let him examine the phones to see if they are leaking anything. then we immediately read about the fact he collected all the phones. this is gang that can't shoot straight even when it comes to cover up or elevations. what do y -- investigations. >> what do you think of it. >> there's a lot of blaming the fair alarm instead of dealing with the fire. the intelligence committee on the senate side need to get the fact, establish what they are, and declassify them and share
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them -- >> you're one of the best senators, you do not do that but answer the questions. >> it's about being engineer instead of a attorney. >> thank you. in his briefing sean spicer, he asked the need for special prosecutor. here he is. >> should there be a special prosecutor if there's calls for special prosecutor to look into this. >> the question becomes if there's nothing no further investigate what are you asking people to investigate. chairman nunes spoke clearly when asked he has said there's
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nothing there. >> joining me, greg miller, simon marks. i want to go to -- what do you think of officials to squash the story before it starts. what do you make of it? there are no secrets. we know he trying to shutdown interest in russian relations such as they were. >> it's a message to the media and congress. nunes is out in front defending the administration. the biggest question is what are the senator republicans are going to do who are moving forward with an investigation on
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russia. the view of the white house has not stopped the investigation from moving forward. >> let go to greg, where is it going? >> as robert eluded to, what happens now with the investigation. the appearance that the chairman are operating with the white house to some degree makes harder to keep that contained and fend off that to make it more bipartisan. >> they are supposed to be non-partisan, right. >> yes, by tradition. it's become partisan over past ten years or so. >> explain that, one of the bids of news we picked up, russia had
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thumb on the scale against hillary. they wanted hillary. >> you cannot say there's nothing there if you have not asked three basic questions. why did you keep michael flynn in place two half weeks after you said he was a risk. why have you inside pages where he went and when he went there. thirdly, if you don't turn over the tax returns it would be impossible to know whether donald trump benefitted from the 19.5% oil company disappeared. >> do have evidence of that ? >> it's a question. >> what make you think -- >> 19.5% of rosnet was sold to a
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recipient. there's questions about that that has to be answered about that. >> politico reports sean spicer held emergency meeting staffers were told to dumb the phones be a table for phone check to prove they had nothing no hide. well, that didn't work. we're talking about it. robert, trump is going whacky because there is not the press hnl handled him in new york. now he has people in the white house staff he doesn't trust, or press office, the fbi, or anybody it seems. how does trump adjust to this? >> it's impossible task for sean spicer. they don't recognize is this
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town washington, especially those in capitol hill republicans and democrats are talking 24 hours a day it seems to the press, background, on the record, everybody talking about what's going inside of this white house. you may have a meeting where you put phone on the table and try to plug the leak, but this bigger ship than that. >> behind that public displace of lack of trust is a boss. everybody things politics is complicated. you have a boss to please. the boss is one guy elected, when you are worried about him. what's going on? >> who is leaking? spicer, get in here, is it somebody in your shop? now we know it is. this president getting much more
4:14 pm
than nix zonian here. >> here when you're boss of the federal government, you have entities like cia and fbi that are part of your branch, they have a certain degree of autonomy. >> the problem he has is with da dare. >> what do you make of pro first amendment argument. >> and saying where there's smoke there should be an investigation. the problem they have is there
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are some republicans digging. >> we're going to start seeing the president, it's teasing us. i'm going to hold off on that one. thank you. greg, great reporting. and simon. coming up, tomorrow perez united to defeat trump. why did warren beaty get handed the wrong envelope. president trump made media enemy. finally let finish with trump -- by the way msnbc will have
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it is my great honor -- it is my honor -- it is my honor now to present the gra val of the democratic committee mr. tom
4:21 pm
per ez. congratulations. >> that's outgoing chair, donna. the contest turned into proxy war. in times contentious dnc member was repeatedly threaten by supporters of ellison if he backed anyone else. former president barack obama called dnc members himself to push my former labor secretary. in sign of unity, perez named ellison his deputy. >> if you came here supporting me, if you're wearing a t-shirt orr
4:22 pm
orren ay t-shirt. i'm asking you to give everything you have to support perez. >> will be able to say we all be able to say the united democratic party lead resistance insurd this president was elected democrats across this country from the school board -- >> the results opportunity to microsoft party to the left. they have been dealt another blow. what will they do next. former governor, chair of dnc and political analysis. i find him a fascinating guy.
4:23 pm
i didn't endorse him, but i did mind him interesting. have youth lost out, just to get that out? >> youth hasn't lost out. the democrats party lost out. perez is great. he is a progressive. i would have supported him because i think we need change. here is the problem with the democratic party, was in the airports across america and in the town meetings. the dnc is divorced from all that. you cannot do 50 state any more. you have to do 50 year strategy. they are not democrats. they vote presidential, they don't vote down ballot or --
4:24 pm
>> let ask you, where is the big -- if you have to slice the pie, the outsiders or the youth, what is are their issues. let's talk about foreign policy. are people young outsiders are skeptical. give me some areas? >> i think we are making too much of the ideological rift. >> i agree. >> you mean i'm wrong to ask the question? >> yes. there's not wrong 15% from --
4:25 pm
perez is. the ideological puritity test, we are missing the picture here. they are missing the bigger picture. as we talk, jeff sessions is pulling the u.s. attorneys office out of the -- we have communities under siege right now. >> either you care about voter rights or you don't. >> allison going to talk -- governor dean was most successful chairman in modern shift but it wasn't about -- >> you said it was a bad war, all of the establishments
4:26 pm
worried about -- all backed a war. you stood out and said it was a bad war when you ran. the other persons issue right to vote. it's your right to vote. anything that stops you is wrong. these are passionate issue. thos two, i think they do matter. is it -- they support wars and don't get angry about stealing of rights and other people. >> when they are 35 years old or 35 years old. they don't see this as right, or left thing. this old top down stuff versus grass roots --
4:27 pm
>> how could ideology -- they voted. these kids are not as left as the hardcore bernie because he telling the truth. what i'm trying say is this generation is not like our generation. it's not poll larizing. we think they are left because they brief in social justice and fairness. they want to are build society in their image not our image. >> i want to rebuild the country. i do want to rebuild. country and that's unifying thing for the democrats. >> it's a big unifying value. the party must come more val
4:28 pm
value-based. i think democrats have be less -- >> the president was up and tweeting over the weekend about the dnc race saying the race was not totally rigged, bernie never had a chance. clinton demanded perez. >> we got a good kick about that. donald trump up in the morning tweeting about us. frankly what we need to be looking at is whether election was rigged by donald trump and his buddy vladimir putin, having
4:29 pm
jeff sessions oversee such an investigation is unfair to any foxes across america to say that's the fox guarding the hen house. we need independent investigation that is a serious, serious issue. >> sometimes i think the democratic party is anti-trump. he going to be around for four years. cornell, thank you. governor, thank you. new dnc chair will be our guest tomorrow. senate voted to confirm wilbur ross. ross will be sworn in tomorrow. up next, how did it happen. something that's embarrassment
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last night's unprecedented mistake at academy award felt surreal. like we were being told hillary clinton was winner instead it was donald trump. let's see what happened last night when la la was named best picture of the year. >> the academy award -- for best picture -- >> la la land. >> bluff. you kicked it off. we lost by the way. i'm sorry. no, there's mistake. moonlight, you guys won best picture. this is not a joke.
4:35 pm
>> i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. >> this is not a joke "moonlight" has won the best picture. >> this is very unfortunate what happened. personally, i blame steve harvey for this. why can't we give out a bunch of them. >> i'm going to be glad to hand this to my friends. >> i opened the envelope and it said emma stone, "la la land." that's why i took a long look at faye and at you, i wasn't trying to be funny. >> thank you. to the academy -- i don't know what to say. i'm not sure this is real.
4:36 pm
thank you to the academy. >> director of "moonlight" had hard time adjusting. connecticut senator tweeted, what happened on oscar happened on election night. sorry for the confusion, the president himself blamed the -- i think they were focused so much politics together it took away from the glam mar away from the oscar. the process what happened last night, matthew, first of all, i'm a fan of warren beatty.
4:37 pm
it was not his fault. how did that happen? do we know? >> the accounting firm in charge of oscar calculations, pricewaterhousecoopers was given the wrong envelope. just for safety reasons. when emma stone received best actress winner. there was a second winner for best actress. somehow that envelope was given to warren beatty. >> first of all, i want to ask about the oscar. have been critic of some of the guys, i thought -- jimmy kim mel was fantastic. it shows talent and finesse.
4:38 pm
i like the people, the regular people, but the regular people was interesting idea. i thought the music was fantastic, the "la la land" especially. i thought it was a great night. >> up until that ending, no one is going to remember athing about that except for the ending >> let ask you about mistake, do we have systemic way to fix this? how can they be sure, do they have to be say please look at outside of the envelope. what's a guy supposed to do? >> when you go on stage at oscar you have a reasonable expectation of being given the correct envelope.
4:39 pm
pricewaterhousecoopers say they are investigating. >> how long does it take to investigate? how can you have best picture in your pile. >> once they found this out, why did they allow two half speeches to go on before they shut it down and told us the real story. but this is 80-year relationship between academy and pri pricewaterhousecoopers, i would not be surprise if relationship ended because of it. >> he looked unhappy last night, didn't he? >> he thought he was going to win. a lot he was going to win for "fences." casey
4:40 pm
casey affleck ended up winning. >> i have seen him in so many movies. >> he already has two oscars. thank you. "moonlight" was amazing. it was -- somebody said last night we're only -- >> that was great speech by viola davis. >> had they not had this giant fiasco in the end. >> america we can respond to
4:41 pm
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welcome back to "hardball." over the weekend, president trump announced he would skip the annual white house correspondent dinner. please wish everyone well and have a great evening. on sunday secretary told everyone why.
4:45 pm
>> it's noo-- i think this is similar scenario. >> this is another situation where they continued the attack on the press. sean spicer barred news outlet from briefing in his office. the president spent ten minut minutes -- >> we are fighting the fake news. phony, fake. >> the "new york times" reports president trump challenged to manage, the president's mood
4:46 pm
turned darker he executed mr. bannon and spicer stained white house sustain news media since nixon's second term. tonight increasingly unsettled. joining me is panel. thank you all. i wonder where trump is going with this. i think he must have a plan. how long is this going on? >> i think the plan is -- >> nix on did it get down the drain. it's no career builder. >> this is biggest attack on the media that the white house press corps has seen since nixon.
4:47 pm
the studies we have seen show republicans have -- shows that right now 61% of americans are displeased with how president trump has casted media as the enemy and 53% says they believe president trump. >> this is travis in taxy driver. let's watch. i have an attitude about this. >> you talking about me? you talking to me? you talking to me? who the hell are you talking to? i'm the only one here.
4:48 pm
>> who is going to accept the fact he is talking them? he is not talking me. isn't he attacking everybody sitting here now, trump? >> that's right. >> who takes it personally, professionally? >> who writing about what chaos inside of that administration. we're all under attack. >> he is going after lefty, center lefty, he goes after people producing news, hard worki worki worki worki working enterprise, haven't you noticed. >> there's an element of -- >> why would anybody believe
4:49 pm
trump when he says -- why would they believe he has new truth coming out of him. except he loves to say president owe boom snuck into country. >> you cannot go around saying they should not be unanimous sources when trump himself hid behind unanimous source claiming birther -- he didn't say who the source was. >> we're getting -- by the way, collecting the phone. i want to -- >> i think he is watched minute
4:50 pm
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and today can save your life. ♪ ♪ i mentioned this before, in the middle of president trump's fight with the media, george w. bush to the rescue. the typically reclusive 43rd president was asked on the "today" show what he thought of the media. here's what w. had to say. >> i considered the media to be indispensable to democracy.
4:52 pm
that we need an independent media to hold people like me to account. i mean, power can be very addictive and it can be corrosive and it's important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power, whether it be here or elsewhere. >> put that up there with the pataki trpatriots comeback. we'll be rht bk. we'll be right back. patriots co. we'll be right back. everyone deserves attention, whether you've saved a lot or just a little. at pnc investments, we believe you're more than just a number. so we provide personal financial advice for every retirement investor. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back.
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4:55 pm
the state department cafeteria is busier now than it ever has been in the nine years i've been in washington because nobody knows what they are supposed to be doing. there's no one steering the ship. they are all down in the cast because -- >> and similar, the president talked about pipelines and how he added a line to rebuild the united states, there's not enough american made pipeline. >> thank you, philip, zere and zeek miller. you're watching "hardball." runs on intel?
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trump watch, february 27th, 2017. tomorrow night we're going to see president trump in full. he has the congress, the supreme court, his cabinet and his country watching and listening. and more important, he's got the people out there who voted for him and those who didn't and very clearly those who voted against him. when everyone else stops to pay attention. it would be good for the country if this event gets him to think about the country, the whole country and nothing but. talking at rallies is different than talking to the country and the world. applause lines are good to get people excited to vote for you. it's time for something more, something about what he wants to do and how he's going to get it done, how he's going to build and inspire this country as an american president. in any case, we'll have a live late-night edition with a lot of reaction. with me is bill maher, kathy
5:00 pm
griffin and nancy jowls. it's a big trump night. i expect the people in that group will have lots to stay. that's why we'll be there at midnight eastern. get a good night sleep tonight and stay up for our "hardball" late night special. lots of attitude in that hour. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> mr. trump, do you support a special prosecutor on russia? >> the white house tries to kill investigations before they start. >> i guess my question would be, a special prosecutor for what? >> tonight, congressman adam schiff and dick durbin on the growing bipartisan push. >> i think we all need answers. plus, as the investigators work with the white house -- >> what i've been told is by many folks is that there's nothing ther