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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 5, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. good morning, everybody. i'm thomas roberts here in new york at msnbc world headquarters. 9:00 a.m. in the east, 6:00 a.m. out west, day 45 of the trump administration. and with no new statements at this hour from the white house, we still have lots of reaction to that twitter flurry from the president about the obama administration and claims of wiretapping. >> they did spend time listening to conversations between then senator jeff sessions and the ambassador to russia. >> more accusations flying from one of the president's former campaign managers. you'll hear exactly what he had to say. meanwhile, a report out today.
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one of president trump's senior advisers changed plans, traveling to mar-a-lago after that tweet storm. and then the so-called winter white house. how the president's weekend trips to his private resort are causing problems for businesses in that area, and now the city wants payback. but we want to begin with president trump taking a fresh jab at president obama this morning in tweets, saying "who was it that secretly said to tell the russian president, "tell vladimir that after the election i'll have more flexibility"? president trump is referring to president obama's hot mike moment with the then outgoing russian president, dmitry medvedev. meanwhile, his former campaign manager, cory coreylewandowski. >> what we've seen from the previous administration is they did spend time listening to conversations between then senator jeff sessions and the
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ambassador to russia while he was in his u.s. senate office. if that were to take place, which supposedly did take place, what other conversations have they listened in on from the american public? >> whoa, whoa, whoa, you're saying they were listening to conversations between then senator sessions and the russian ambassador kislyak or mike flynn and kislyak? >> no, i'm talking about jeff sessions. >> there is corey lewandowski, trump's first campaign manager, like trump, providing claims but no evidence to back up the claim. now the white house is calling for an investigation into president trump's claims. so, we want to go to west palm beach, florida, and nbc's kasie hunt is standing by for us there. you've been covering this over the last 26 hours, but what's the latest reaction to the president's claims? >> reporter: well, thomas, you're right, the president already up and tweeting here in west palm beach, focusing on russia and the dnc hacks, but we are still looking at those tweets yesterday that president trump put out, accusing the
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president, the former president, of wiretapping trump tower, all without any evidence. this morning, more fallout over those explosive allegations from president trump, without offering any evidence. the president claims president barack obama tapped his phones last fall as the government investigated trump campaign contacts with russians during the election. >> this is what democracy looks like! >> reporter: in a series of early-morning tweets saturday, he first compared president obama to nixon and watergate, then taking a moment to lash out at "celebrity apprentice" host arnold schwarzenegger over the show's ratings before hitting the links at trump international. a senior official told nbc news president trump didn't ask officials who would know about such wiretaps before sending the tweets. and president obama's spokesman released a statement saying, "neither president obama nor any white house official ever ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen. any suggestion otherwise is simply false." >> what president obama's statement doesn't say is that
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there wasn't any surveillance in trump tower. we don't know that. no one has confirmed or doe inside that. >> reporter: the drama unfolding after attorney general jeff sessions recused himself from any investigations of the trump campaign. late last week, tense meetings in the oval office and mounting pressure on capitol hill. >> the obama administration went way out of line or if some judge somewhere said there's something to the idea of the trump/russia ties. either way, either those two is pretty incredible. >> reporter: at some protests across the country, actual fighting. americans as divided as ever over donald trump. >> well, i think donald trump is trying to distract america's attention away from the fact that trump and putin have some kind of collusion going on. >> i'm here to support president trump and to show him that he has our support. >> reporter: now, thomas, we have been waiting since those tweets came out yesterday morning for any kind of official
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response from the white house about what the president meant, where this came from, and we've just minutes ago gotten this in from sean spicer, the white house press secretary, who puts out a statement, saying, "reports concerning potentially politically motivated investigations immediately ahead of the 2016 election are very troubling. president trump is requesting that as part of their investigation into russian activity, the congressional intelligence committees exercise their oversight authority to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016." neither the white house nor the president will comment further until such oversight is concluded." now, a couple things about this statement here, thomas. fit, they cite reports concerni potentially politically motivated investigations. from what we know, we know that there was a report on breitbart summarizing a conservative radio show that's been circulated among white house aides and that that may be the source of where the president got the information that led to his tweets.
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again, no evidence and no reporting from nbc news that these wiretaps ever occurred. now, second, they ask about the investigations into russian activity that the congressional intelligence committees are currently conducting. if, in fact, they were to be able to get any information about these wiretaps, they'd likely need more information from the fbi. and democrats have been very concerned about what they say is stone-walling from fbi director jim comey over the information that he may have available to him in the context of the fbi's investigation into contacts between the russians and the trump campaign. and on that point, i just want to make sure we clarify, nbc news has reported that investigation is going on. from what we can tell, though, it's unclear if the fbi director has actually told congress that this investigation is going on. and i do think that the fbi director is going to come under increasing pressure from both democrats and republicans. there's going to be yet another congressional inquiry opening up here in a couple of weeks.
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senator lindsey graham and his subcommittee on the judiciary committee want to investigate this as well. and the last line of this statement, "neither the white house nor the president will comment further." there's been some reporting by the "washington post" and "the new york times" that white house lawyers were trying to get evidence of these wiretaps, and that had raised concerns among some experts that the white house was potentially interfering directly in an investigation, which would be a breach of protocol. so, not having anything else to say could potentially insolate them from potential challenges in that area. thomas. >> all right, kasie hunt reporting for us in west palm beach. thanks very much. and just to a point about from the trump administration to the obama administration. yesterday, about 1:00 in the afternoon, kevin lewis, a spokesperson for former president barack obama put out a statement saying "a cardinal rule of the obama administration was that no white house official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the department of justice. as part of that practice, neither president obama nor any white house official ever
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ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen. any suggestion otherwise is simply false." so, for analysis, i want to bring in tom dupree. he was a deputy assistant attorney general during the tail end of george w. bush's administration. tom, let's get to this right now and sean spicer's tweets, if we can put them back up, especially in correlation with this statement we had from president obama, saying that reports concerning potentially politically motivated investigations immediately ahead of the 2016 election are very troubling and then go on to say president trump requesting that as part of their investigation into russian activity, the intelligence committee's exercised their oversight authority of the executive branch. how much interference is going on here from t white house to any potential open doj or fbi investigation by discussing this so publicly? >> well, i don't see a whole lot of interference here, thomas. i mean, the way i see it, there obviously has been a lot of discussion about the contacts and the alleged contacts between
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trump campaign officials and the russians. and i think what we're seeing now is an effort by the administration to say, well, wait a minute, as long as we're investigating these contacts, let's also look at the fbi's surveillance activities or the investigations that were going on during the campaign, just to ensure that there was a reasonable, nonpolitically motivated basis for conducting the surveillance in the first place. >> so, ben sass had put out a statement yesterday about this, saying that this was basically a civilization-warping time between truth and power and what's taking place from the white house now. he is a republican from nebraska, not really been a trump supporter. but in putting this out there, he's basically saying, either it didn't happen or it did happen with a fisa warrant. and from your experience in our justice system and working with the attorney general, how important is it that if this was done, that it was done legally,
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and that any construct of a fisa warrant was achieved through the means at which we understand it going through these courts? >> well, first, thomas, i will say, we are living in unusual times. i think no one can dispute that. and as far as following the process, it's critically important. the way this process works is pretty much any sort of surveillance you do, whether it's based on a traditional domestic wiretapping warrant or whether it's a fisa warrant, which captures communications involving foreign agents -- either way, you're typically inevitably going to need an order from a federal judge approving it. that's the process. the justice department, the fbi can't simply go out and wiretap. they have to go into a federal court and put their evidence on the table, saying here's what we think the evidentiary basis is for capturing these communications. so, the process requires the approval of a federal judge at some point in the process. >> okay. in your experience for getting that type of credentialed warrant, what is examples of
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evidence that would be used? >> the examples of evidence would be that we have information that, for example, there is someone who is a foreign agent, an agent of a foreign power, who is conducting espionage activities in the united states. that could be based on documentary evidence. it could be based on testimony from another witness who can implikt this person. and you take that, you often will have it in the form of an affidavit from an fbi official or another law enforcement officer, and you bring that package to the federal judge. you say, here's the evidence, here's the phone account that we want to wiretap. the judge lks a it all. sometimes the judge will say, you need to rein it in a little bit, this is too broad. there will be a negotiation process. but at the end of the day, you need that judicial approval in order to proceed. >> all right, so, is there any way that president trump is referring to a different type of warrant that was issued in reference to a wiretapping? >> it's hard to know. his tweets are not exactly models of specificity, but it appears that he's either
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referring to a traditional, domestic warrant, which would require probable cause to believe that a u.s. citizen was engaged in a crime or that the fruits of the wiretap could lead to evidence of a crime, or it could be the fisa warrant. those are the warrants that we've heard talked a lot about recently. those are the ones that capture information concerning foreign agents. i don't think we can tell from the president's tweets exactly what he has in mind, so it could really be either one. >> all right. so, i want to turn your attention to this report from "the new york times," and it talks about the senior white house official telling reporters, don mcgahn, who is the president's chief counsel, is working to secure access to what mr. mcgahn believed to be this order issued by the fisa court regarding surveillance of mr. trump and his fizz. the official offered no easy evidence to suggest such an order exists. this is really confusing, tom to understand who is an honest blo broker in all of this when we
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know there is interest in getting to a conclusion of whether or not there were potential contacts with russia who our intelligence agencies have all come together to say that they interfered to disrupt our election. so, based on what you're seeing, and as someone who is a former deputy attorney general, is there enough evidence that the onus really is on the trump administration at this point to rid themselves of any specter of impropriety? >> i'll tell you, thomas, i think the administration is in a difficult position, because on one hand, there are all these allegations swirling around about improper contacts with the russians and that sort of thing, but number one, we obviously have a presumption of innocence in this country. >> right. >> and number two, the evidence that they would need to exculpate themselves is classified. we've seen and everyone knows from "the new york times" and elsewhere that the materials, these fisa warrants, the underlying evidence that gave rise to the warrants, is all
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classified. it's all under seal. and so, even if the administration could access it, there's an open question as to whether they would be within their rights to simply publicly disclose it, or could the fbi publicly disclose it. so, it's a difficult situation in that they're kind of shooting at shadows here and that we're getting a lot of unauthorized leaks with all these incendiary allegations, but the actual underlying evidence that would be needed to either inculpate or exculpate is kept under seal. >> i know you said that the tweets and certain things the president says lacks specificity, but does this cross the line? >> the tweets themselves cross the line? >> yeah. >> in my opinion, what the president is doing is he is getting information -- we're not sure of the source -- but he's getting information that says, look, a lot of these media stories are either overblown, they're not giving the reason how this information was gathered in the first place, and what he's done through his tweets is inject this issue into the public debate, not only about what were the contacts between the russians and the administration, but how did we
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come to be in a place in the first instance of gathering and collecting this information? so, in that sense, i think what he's done is he's broadened the spotlight to include not just the communications between the campaign and the russians but also what was the evidentiary basis for going out and collecting this information in the first place? >> tom dupree, great to have you on. thank you for helping us get through the legal weeds on all of this. it's a story we'll continue to follow. much appreciated. >> thank you. so, is there anything behind a report that the white house chief strategist made an unexpected trip to mar-a-lago? plus, the reaction at rallies for and against the president. protesters weigh in on this wiretapping claim and reports connecting russia with the new administration. >> it's a smoke screen. he's just trying to distract from the unbelievable amount of problems his administration is having. >> i don't think there's anything wrong, to be perfectly honest, but i'll wait and see what happens, because everything -- the truth always comes out. >> and i want it to come out. >> and we want it to come out. and if he did something, hey,
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the president of the united states cannot and does not order wiretaps. wiretaps are received from the fisa court because typically someone in the fbi has evidence, probable cause, that in the case of the fisa court there is some sort of foreign actor, some sort of foreign agent, some sort of threat of espionage. >> so, there we have democratic congressman jim himes, a member of the house intelligence committee, pushing back against president trump's tweets this weekend that accuse former president obama of ordering wiretaps on trump tower during last year's election. joining me now, "washington post" white house correspondent jenna johnson, and "usa today" washington correspondent paul singer. great to have you both with me. again, just to point out that a
6:20 am
spokesperson for president obama has addressed this, saying that "no white house official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the doj. as part of that practice, neither president obama nor any white house official ever ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen. any suggestion otherwise is simply false." jenna, we heard from the congressman there saying it would be the fbi ordering a fisa request. so, is it at all plausible that any of these claims could be traced back to president obama? >> well, we just don't know. i mean, i guess there is a scenario where, you know, perhaps the president has some evidence that many other people don't have, and it is very telling that the white house in putting out its statement today is basically saying, we're not going to talk about this anymore. they have yet to provide any evidence of what exactly the president is talking about, and this seems at this point to just be another example of the president hearing something and
6:21 am
believing it and very quickly spreading it without taking the time to think through what's going to happen as a result of that. >> well, and paul, one thing that he could do as president is declassify any information that would be deemed classified to help support had i claim, correct? >> i guess so. i mean, this is where you get into the sort of mcser quality of what donald trump does. where it starts over here with donald trump tweeting that i was being wiretapped by obama, but then it moves to this, oh, well, how did you know that and where did it come from and which agency was involved and how do we find out? and if you follow that staircase around in a circle, you drive yourself crazy. ultimately, we have no reason to believe that donald trump was acting on this tweet on any inside information that he actually knew what it was, and if he did, he might have illegally declassified it himself in a tweet. so, i think jenna's right. some of this is just the stream of consciousness presidency of
6:22 am
donald trump. >> and does that really work, jenna, to maybe undermine, as we expect, you know, this new submitted testimony by jeff sessions tomorrow -- we have corey lewandowski going out there asaying they were listenig on jeff sessions' meeting with the ambassador, making these claims without evidence, but almost in an effort to try to undermine any case or reason that jeff sessions needs to prove innocence by claiming almost entrapment? >> well, i mean, he's definitely added a lot of confusion and added a lot of chaos, but at the end of the day, we're still talking about russia and possible ties between russia and trump's campaign. i think the white house would have loved to still be talking about the president's address to the joint session of ngress, which was just earlier this week. they had hoped f a quiet weekend, a weekend to plan ahead, to really focus on
6:23 am
promoting the president's dreams for the country and things like that. and yet again, here we are trying to decipher what the president meant in a tweet. >> a quiet weekend, as you point out, as the president is at his florida resort. and we know that the "washington post" reported yesterday steve bannon was expected to fly down from d.c. to that resort on saturday afternoon to have dinner with the president along with jeff sessions and others, and then there was word that that changed, he was taken off the manifest. but jenna, do we know, did he make it to florida? >> i believe he has made it to florida. he planned to meet and have dinner with the president last night. we were getting reports that on friday, the president was just so very angry, angry about what was happening with jeff sessions, angry about the news coverage, and stormed off to florida. and it seems that last night there were plans to circle around with him over dinner, perhaps try to calm him down,
6:24 am
refocus and make a plan for next week. >> and you know, that plan may include an updated executive order about the immigration policy of this white house. but paul, how serious is it for the president to put this out there, not drawing attention away from russia, but almost tripling up the attention that is going to russia? >> right. well, i mean, it's very clear from sean spicer's comment this morning, they would like this to be put back in the box right now. we're not going to talk about it anymore. we want the intelligence committees to continue with their investigations. we don't want anything -- we don't want to talk about it at all until those investigations are over, which who knows when that might be, and let's get back on topic. now, obviously, if they get an executive order out tomorrow on the immigration policy and the travel ban, that gives them a new opportunity to restart the coverage and the dialogue that they want to have about we are protecting the united states from dangerous immigrants.
6:25 am
that's the conversation they want to be having. the challenge is keeping the president's twitter fingers in the box so that they can stay on message. we'll see how long it can last. >> it can also be a head fake to get people -- >> could be. >> -- advancing and anticipating that type of coverage for something that doesn't happen, because that has happened to us before, where we've gotten a little ahead of ourselves based on what we believed to be credible information from this white house, for them not to deliver on that information. but with sean spicer putting out these tweets about executive abuses taking place within the executive level and investigation into that, paul, what does that look like, do you know? >> well, again, you know, this goes back to the way the trump campaign has operated throughout the campaign season and now the beginning of his presidency, is that there's always an opportunity to find somebody else at fault for something going wrong or some way to deflect the attention to the opponents. now, of course, in politics, that's always the answer. it's never my fault. it's always somebody else who did someing wrong. so i don't sort of draw any paicular conclusions about
6:26 am
president trump that are different than any other president, that it's always somebody else's fault or some opponent was trying to undermine me. the problem here is that normally we get that from surrogates and from staff. you're getting it right now directly from the president himself. >> and jenna, real quickly, chris coons was on the air with andrea mitchell talking about his belief that transcripts do exist between certain members of the trump campaign and those within russia. how helpful would it be -- he hasn't seen them, but he says he believes that they exist -- how helpful would that be to get those out to the public to clear up what the heck is going on? >> i think it would be very helpful. i've actually asked the white house to declassify those transcripts and release them. let the american people see what happened in these conversations. let them judge if this was collusion or not or if anything improper happened or not. so far, the white house has not taken us up on that, does not seem to have any interest in doing that.
6:27 am
there could be a national security reasons for that, but that hasn't happened yet. >> jenna johnson, paul singer, great to see you. happy sunday to both of you. thank you for your time. >> thank you. 52 years after the infamous bloody sunday in selma, alabama, why this year's remembrance protests holds similar significance. we have a live report.
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i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. hi, everybody. welcome back. i'm thomas roberts at msnbc world headquarters in new york. and at the half hour, here's what we're watching for you. and we begin with new reaction just moments ago from two members of the senate intelligence committee following president trump's brand-new call for a congressional investigation into his claim the obama administration wiretapped trump tower during the election. so, here is what republican senators tom cotton and marco rubio in two separate interviews said moments ago. >> we've already begun an inquiry on the intelligence committee into russia's efforts to undermine confidence in our political system last year and
6:31 am
our interests all around the world. that inquiry is going to be thorough and we're going to follow the facts wherever they lead us, and i'm sure that this matter will be a part of that inquiry. i've seen no evidence of the allegations we've seen in the media, chris, whether that's a potential fisa court application or a denial of that application or a resubmsion of an application or surveillance, for that matter. that doesn't mean tt none of these things happened. it simply means i haven't seen that yet. >> let me bring in nbc news and national -- wait. >> so, we have to understand exactly what they're talking about. suffice it to say, i don't have any basis -- i've never heard that allegation made before by anybody. i've never seen anything about that anywhere before. but again, the president put that out there and now the white house will have to answer as to exactly what he was referring to. >> all right, that's exactly what i wanted to wait for, so we bring in nbc news intelligence and national security reporter ken delaney. ken, good morning to you. based off of what we're hearing from cotton and rubio there,
6:32 am
they are taking this slowly in terms of what they understand this to be, but what have you uncovered about these claims from president trump referring back to the obama administration? >> hey, thomas. well, 24 hours after that remarkable tweet storm by the president of the united states, we still don't have clarity on whether he was simply repeating unsubstantiated reports in the conservative media or whether he was actually briefed on something that led him to believe there was secret surveillance in trump tower. and if the latter is true, just to remind folks, it wouldn't be as trump described it, that president obama order a wiretap. it would be that a federal judge found probable cause that somebody in trump tower was acting as an agent of a foreign power. so, that would be remarkable. it would be a scandal. it would also be remarkable if the president of the united states made that allegation without any evidence, lent the weight of his office to that allegation based on unsubstantiated reports in the conservative media. and i want to remind people, the
6:33 am
president is the ultimate declassification authority. he can take any piece of secret information in the government and decide to declassify it and read it on television. so, if he would like to show us evidence of a warrant for surveillance or transcripts or anything like that, he could clear that up today. now, t white house looks like it's going the other direction with this statement this morning and saying they're not going to comment on it, which some people will read as evidence that, no, in fact, trump was just talking about media reports. i wouldn't completely rule out, though, that there's something here, some kind of surveillance or attempt at surveillance. we just don't know at this point, thomas. >> and as you point out about the declassification, yes, he could take a picture of it and tweet it from his phone if he wanted to back up information about this claim. and ken, that's important, too, to point out the fact that not only could this prove damning to the trump adadministration, thi could also prove helpful to clear up this kind of behind-the-scenes whisper
6:34 am
campaign against the trump administration and the campaign officials that have these links and connective tissue to the russian ambassador. couldn't it be helpful in terms of suspicions for them to clear this up? >> well, according to donald trump, it could, because in the tweets yesterday he said that nothing was found. so, you're absolutely right. if nothing was found, let's see the transcripts. please, mr. president, declassify them, declassify the fisa order. although, you know, look, there's another element of this here. a lot of people say that donald trump has a habit of doing this kind of thing on twitter to create a distraction, right? there's been a series of bad stories about jeff sessions. if that was his intent here, though it may have backfired, because it puts more focus on the ultimate question here, which is did members of the trump campaign collude with russia while russia was mounting a covert operation to interfere in the election to hurt hillary clinton and help donald trump? that's what the fbi is investigating. that's what congressional intelligence committees are
6:35 am
investigating. and that is the ultimate question here that we all need to know the answer to, thomas. >> all right, ken. great to see you this morning. thank you. we'll let you get back to work, ken delaney. it's an anniversary of a tragic event in the struggle for the right to vote. we take you to selma, alabama, next. to folks everywhere whose diabetic... ...nerve pain shoots and burns its way into your day... ...i hear you. when that pain makes simple errands simply unbearable... ...i hear you. i hear you because my dad struggled with this pain. make sure your doctor hears you too. so folks, don't wait. step on up. and talk to your doctor. because you have places to go... ...and people who can't wait for you to get there. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands... step on up and talk to your doctor today.
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it's been 52 years to the day since the infamous bloody sunday in selma, alabama. that is where police turned violent on a crowd of civil rights protesters, including now congressman john lewis. msnbc's jermaine lee is in selma today. and explain why this year, the 52-year anniversary is particularly significant. >> reporter: i'll tell you what, thomas, if you talk to folks here in selma and across the country, they'll say every year holds significance, right? but this year, this time around, there is a special significance because in 2013, the supreme court gutted the section 5 of the civil rights -- the voting rights act -- which maintains some protections for those folks who vote in communities like this and also if there are any
6:39 am
laws that need to be changed, they need to run it through the federal government. with attorney general jeff sessions, who supported the kind of overturning, gutting of section 5, many folks feel they're fighting the same fight that they fought 52 years ago, again. right behind me at brown chapel, much of the planning and preparations for that march from selma to montgomery happened right here. many of the early architects and foot soldiers who marched across the bridge that day, who were met by state troopers, who shed their blood fighting for voting rights, it all started right here. but again, now that things have changed, so much has changed, but so much has remained the same, people are as excited to get back out there and fight those same fights, thomas. so, as much as has changed, so much remains the same. >> and what is on the planner for today and the people that are expected to be there to commemorate what this day means? >> reporter: so, right now there's an interfaith congregation, an interfaith group having breakfast right behind us. they're preparing to listen to jesse jackson, who will give the
6:40 am
keynote speech today. but per usual, every year it's the same thing, hundreds, if not thousands of people, gather here at brown chapel. they march about half a mile to the edmund pettus bridge and they commemorate and recreate that march. again, when you see it on tv and remember the dramatic scenes from bloody sunday, it seems very big, but it's really intimate, and you can feel that. it's hoallowed ground. you go there and people remember what happened that day and all of the hard-fought victories and bloodshed, from children to some of the elders. when people arrive here at brown church, though, especially those foot soldiers who took part in that initial march, they recall the bad old days but also the sense of hope mixed in with some hopelessness 50 years later as they continue to fight those same fights. but again, there's a breakfast going on right now. other leaders will come. and again, they'll commemorate that march later this afternoon. >> all right. it looks like a lovely day in sea,alabama, for everybody to come together for this. thank you very much. good to see you, sir. appreciate it.
6:41 am
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...and supercomputers run on intel. you are super smart. and super busy. ♪ ooh! ufo! false alarm, eyelash! so, president trump is spending the day at his private resort in florida. this is his fourth trip there since taking office at the end of january, and nbc's gabe gutierrez has more on why the president's routine presence at mar-a-lago is getting mixed reviews. >> reporter: he used to be flying high. not anymore. >> we're basically going broke. [ sirens ] >> reporter: with president trump at his mar-a-lago resort, the company southern helicopters is once again grounded. >> we were not expecting him to come down almost every weekend. >> reporter: the secret service restricting flights at the entire airport. >> on a typical weekend that president trump is in town, all
6:45 am
this will be shut down? >> correct. >> reporter: jonathan miller says the cost per weekend is $30,000 in lost business. >> and i don't know that my business can sustain heavy losses like that. >> reporter: local taxpayers are also getting hit. palm beach county paying $1.7 million so far for extra security. >> we've written a letter to the federal government asking for the reimbursement for the overtime for the sheriff and the impacts, but as of today we haven't heard back. >> reporter: as a candidate, mr. trump said he'd rarely leave the white house and blasted president obama for vacations costing taxpayers millions. but since his inauguration, president trump will have spent four of the last five weekends at mar-a-lago. of course, travel's not unusual for the commander in chief. at this point in his first term, president obama was taking his third weekend getaway, one to chicago, two to camp david. while the trump administration won't disclose the exact price tag, a conservative, non-partisan budget watchdog estimates it's almost $3 million
6:46 am
so far in secret service and air force one costs alone. >> he should either change his travel habits, or perhaps find other ways to save money for the taxpayer and white house operations. >> reporter: but on glitzy wurth avenue with its luxury shops and upscale customers, marley herring says the visits are good for business. >> i think there's a lot more people interested in coming to the avenue. >> reporter: the white house calls them working weekends. >> there's not rest at the southern white house. it's all work. >> reporter: but they're leaving some here without much work to do. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, palm beach, florida. >> it's a good reminder about camp david. we haven't heard about that in a while. so, we'll take a look coming up at why president trump and his allies are going after president obama now and the response from the president, the former president, after this. everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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6:49 am
this previous administration has said that they were aware of the conversation on two different occasions where then
6:50 am
senator jeff sessions met with the ambassador, one time during the republican national convention, but more importantly, the second time that he met with was in the united states senate office in a federal and they were monitoring what a united states senator was having a private conversation with is what i understand. if that is the case, that's very concerning. >> so there we have former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski suggesting that the obama administration listened in on meetings between the now attorney general and russia's ambassador to the u.s. now, lewandowski's statement came just hours after his former boss accused president obama of wire tapping trump tower before the november election. i want to bring in chris tal ball. we have that allegation coming from corey lewandowski but we have the fresh reaction from
6:51 am
press secretary sean spicer within the hour saying the white house wants this investigation into what it calls executive oversight abuse by president obama. someone was tweeting this morning saying this is basically trump's birtherism 2.0. do you have a reaction to how they're trying to push this back on some type of obama oversight abuses? >> i mean it's clear what's going on here. trump was very unhappy with how last week unfolded and did not like the fact that sessions ended up having to recuse himself after he lied under oath during his confirmation hearing, so he did what he always does in these circumstances and put another rabbit out there for all of us to chase rather than fix 8ing on the fact that the attorney general lied under oath. so no, i don't put any stock in these claims. now sean spicer is saying we should have an investigation. noes normally you have the investigation before the president launches into making
6:52 am
baseless accusations. this is -- it's insane. what sean spicer has done with his tweets is now admit that the president didn't have any real justification for what he put out there. it's a complete distraction and i think that we should move on to the russia ties that the president is clearly so eager to distract us from. >> the end sentence of that statement from spicer says neither the white house or the president will comment further until such oversight is conducted. but unless the twitter password on that phone gets changed, i'm sure we'll hear from the president again about this. i'm not so sure sean can be so definitive that they will not comment. it was a very bad week for jeff sessions. "saturday night live" opened up with their skit, putting him akin to forrest gump in alabama on the bench at the bus stop there. vladimir putin shows up all of a sudden. do you think that as we expect
6:53 am
this testimony, fresh testimony from -- for the record from the attorney general tomorrow that he can do himself any favors by clearing up that september meeting with the russian ambassador? >> yes, he can do himself a lot of favors and that obviously is to be completely transparent, to tell the truth, and to be contrite, assuming that he is in this disposition. but also to speak very declaratively about what he said allegedly to the russian ambassador regardless of where it was, whether it was in cleveland, at the republican convention or in a senate office or at a russian embassy. it doesn't matter. just be very transparent, overly transparent and very clear with his former colleagues to clear the air. if i can go back for a second, thomas, i think this is very important. as i understand the statute, i just read it about five minutes ago, one, president obama or any president does not have the authority to wire tap anyone. that is the department of justice, that is the fbi that has to do that.
6:54 am
if in fact the president wants an investigation, fine, get it all out there. it goes back to being transparent here. this is a very, very serious charge that the president just kind of lobbed out there yesterday. and we have to step back and just take that into consideration that when you say something like that, you really have to back this up. >> right. >> let's also be very clear about something. vladimir putin is not our friend. he has deliberately tried to destabilize the west. he is deliberately trying to destabilize nato and the eu from an economic standpoint. this is real stuff here. and what vladimir putin is doing, successfully i might add, is disrupting the west in a way that quite frankly mick ail goesh shauf wasn't able to do. >> we have a president who is disrupting this country and our footing on the world stage
6:55 am
beyond epic -- you know, epic proportions. we're day 45. day 45. >> oh, i don't disagree with you. let me be very clear. what appears to be appearing here is, i don't know about the president, but at least his senior aides, as well as vladimir putin, are playing footies underneath the table here. let me go back to my original point. this is really, really serious. this is not funny. this is our lives and our economic and our military might on jeopardy here, so again, let's be very transparent here. and i'm sorry that i'm so animated here on a sunday morning, but this really pushes my button because this is really serious stuff. it's not funny. >> you can be as animated as you want. robert, you have free range to be as animated as you want. i know you want to pick up on his point about consequences here because there are serious nsequences that go along with this especially since "the new york times" has a story saying the senior white house counsel
6:56 am
tried to get information about this fisa request and was unable to do so and that is the white house interfering with the potential credibility of an open investigation. >> and an open investigation that touches the white house itself and many of their associates. so the real here is very troubling on many levels. i just want to say it was amazing for me to listen to robert's animation and i loved hearing it because it is very sad to see the number of republicans who don't have the courage to say the things that robert trainem is saying this morning. we do have a few patriots out there, the lindsey grahams, the john mccains, the ben sasses of the world who are willing to be forth coming and put their country first but the silence on that side is deafening. i'm just wondering when are these people going to get sick of defending president trump and his conspiracy theories and his baseless allegations and the fact that he is, as robert is
6:57 am
point out, this is not a game. this is undermining public trust in our government and it's essentially colluding and being an enemy of your own state. that's how much he is undermining our process here. i applaud robert and can't wait to hear more republicans stand up and speak out too. >> we always applaud robert, but it's about picking a side and it's not political sides, it's truth versus fiction. >> about your country. >> thank you both very much. appreciate it. somebody said this is not like seinfeld. this is not a show about nothing, this is a show about something. this is going to wrap up this hour. next up, "a.m. joy." why trump is proposing spending more on defense when it's already the world's most powerful military. ♪
6:58 am
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i just want to ask this question first of the panel.