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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 5, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> very good sunday to you. i'm richard lui. congressional probes needed. unprecedented presidential abuses of power, those are the words from the white house to describe the unsubstantiated accusations from president trump that former president obama wiretapped trump tower. >> at this point, you can't confirm or deny whether that exists? >> i can deny it. >> and if that hasn't changed the subject surrounding questions surround iquestio questions regarding
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conversations with the russians of the trump team. plus, selma, alabama, 52 years after bloody sunday. today a re-enactment symbolic for the fight of voting rights in the 1960s and again today. the white house is now asking congress to widen its probe into russian interference in the 2016 election. their logic? they want to include the potential abuse of executive branch powers. the move comes after president trump accused former president obama of wiretapping trump tower in the week before the election. spokesperson for former president obama denied obama or any white house official ever ordered surveillance on a u.s. citizen. former director of national intelligence, james clapper, also refutes the president's -- president trump's claims here. in an exclusive interview on nbc's "meet the press." take a listen here.
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>> for the part of the national security apparatus that i oversaw as dni, there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president-elect at the time, as a candidate or against his campaign. >> if the fbi, for instance, had a court order, that would be information you would know or not know? >> yes. >> you would be told this? >> i would know that. >> at this point you can't confirm or deny it exists? >> i can deny it. >> there's no court order? >> not to my knowledge. >> of anything at trump tower? >> no. >> hulto have congress expand tr probe. >> if they're going to negotiate russia ties let's include this as part of it. that's why we're asking. >> why is the president saying it did happen? >> he is going off information that he has seen that has led him to believe that this is a very real potential.
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>> then later in the day, house committee chairman did say his committee will inquire about surveillance. the committee will make inquiries into whether the government was conducting surveillance activities on any political party's campaign officials or surrogates and we will continue to investigate this issue if the evidence warrants it. beth fuohey joins us now. they include an investigation of this alleged wiretapping from former president obama and trump tower. why? >> well, you could maybe see the logic of this, if there is logic to be had. if congress is going to probe russian interference in the election. if you change the focus of the probe and say, wait a minute, look what president obama might have done. okay. then you have willing
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republicans say okay we'll make that part of the investigation. the end result is you're beefing up the scope of an investigation you don't even want to have to begin w why would you do that? it's one thing to get people who might oppose president obama to get upset about the fact that the administration -- that administration might have been conducting a probe. we do believe that the fbi is looking into these allegations. not something directed rsonal by obama but trump has thrown this in there. nonetheless by asking congress to take all of this on, you're not addressing health care reform, immigration reform. you're not addressing tax reform. all the things that trump has said repeatedly that he wants to get into the business of. this will cloud everything. it continues to be the story that won't go away. he threw this bomb into it, perhaps deflecting from the concern about what his people will end up showing in this investigation. but by making it bigger, it clouds everything else that he's trying to do. >> apples and oranges here then,
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as he tries to bring in this accusation of wiretapping related to the investigation about russian connections, or is he admitting, therefore, that there is potentially some link that may have, in his accusation, brought the former president to say, hey, we need to listen what's happening in trump tower. >> who knows. the point is, though, that he just tweeted about it without offering that kind of evidence. either the evidence exists and as president of the united states, not just a random real estate mogul who used to like to tweet a lot, he should present the evidence or don't tweet about it until you're certain it's out there. we know from reporting, not really talking to people within the government to reach these conclusions. if he has the evidence to support what he's saying, then say it, present it. otherwise, don't tweet about it. >> the sole individual that can declassify all levels of information, uniquely, whether it's top secret or otherwise.
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>> he has the opportunity to do that. it's noteworthy, though, that almost nobody from the white house was available to discuss this either today or yesterday, just sarah sanders on that one show. sean spicer said there will be no further discussion of this until the investigation is opened. >> beth fouhy, thank you so much. you've kicked us off with a lot to chew on. president trump is expected, though, to sign his revised executive immigration order. that's tomorrow, we hear. obtained exclusively by the rachel maddow show shows a lack of danger of those coming into this country, details related to the original ban. title of the report that refutes this part of the original ban says this. most foreign-born u.s.-based violent extremists radicalized after entering homeland. the key finding says we assess that most foreign-born
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u.s.-based violent extremists likely radicalized after their entry into the united states. that taken from the report. the presser is now on for monday's revised order because of that report, which was exclusively obtained by rachel maddow but also after the courts halted the first immigration ban. it's been rough going on this timeline. president and senior adviser steven miller says having a ban could not wait. let's bring in msnbc's chief legal correspondent and host of "the point" here on msnbc after this show. ari melber. what are you hearing about what will be in this revised ban? >> the big question is, do they want to change things that judges have had a problem with, at least in those first round cases at the procedural level? big point of confusion, whether you -- the administration said
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it no longer does. we would look to see whether the travel ban officializes that, by putting that in the text rather than just public statements. the other big question is whether they change the wording on religion, making the ban more susceptible to court challenges. some people perceived it as targeting certain religions and in the setup, richard, those seven countries, how are they picked? is there evidence to support them as real threats for exporting immigrant terrorism? if not do we see any of the seven countries change? administration sources have said that would be unlikely or maybe only one country would change. >> if those seven countries are still in the revised order, it flies in the face of the two dhs reports that have been leaked. and how might they bring those two opposites together here in making sense for america? >> that's a great question and that's a question we'll hear from some of the judges who will
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continue to oversee challenges to this case. what's changed on the ground is that there have been these leaks and reports and these are not just from critics or folks who don't like the policy. these are from the that could hurt the president's case and we would expect that to be debated over. on the flip side, if we can narrow the biggest legal holes, what people can remember, the chaos at the airports, confusion over green cards, if we can narrow some of that and come out with a ban that may not make a lot of sense, but still narrower, it's still big immigration power the president has, whether you agree with it or not. >> you and i were talking live over that weekend when the original order first came down. you were out there, breaking it down for us as well as at the courthouse there in brooklyn, where the judge -- one of the
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federal judges said hey, hang on a second. then, of course, we had seattle thereafter. do you think they've had enough time to button that up so whatever they do do, they won't have a replay of all these snafus? >> that's an open-ended question. originally it was such an urgent priority. we have to get it out fast. better fast than precise. then it was oh, we're going to wait to let a speech get better press attention and move it several times. it doesn't only obviously makes them look b but in court if the argument is this is really important national security. oops, oh, maybe it's not. to your question, if they rush this out in a way that has open, unclear guidance to the authorities, we could see some version -- i don't think it would be quite to the degree we saw at the airports. if it was cleaner and clearer,
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that would be better for them in court. they might say we made some mistakes, took our lump bus are trying to do this better. >> your show is starting in about 15 minutes "the point." how are you covering this story? >> we're going to be building on it, not just looking at trump's accusations over the wiretaps but what does it mean in the big story of the russian investigation? we're taking a deeper look at the anniversary of selma and voting rights issues, jeff sessions story that got somewhat buried this week and stand-up comics at the end of the second hour on "the point" to talk about comedy in the age of trump. >> comedy in the age of trump. we would only say they're doing well. >> right. >> that start at 5:00 pm here on
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msnbc. thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets in selma, alabama, tracing the same steps taken by african-americans seeking the right to vote in 1965. peaceful civil rights demonstrations turned violent. police beat down protesters trying to cross the bridge. for today's memorial march, voting rights is certainly one of the ones that came out of the 1960s. >> reporter: richard, here on martin luther king street outside brown chapel, so many folks i spoke to said this is, indeed, hallowed ground. you heard it time and again. 52 years ago here on martin luther king street folks gathered to plan this march that they hoped would kick off a campaign pushing for voter rights. they got about half a mile from here where they were met by police and state troopers who, quite frankly, brutalized them. also amongst this crowd, they
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also came to commemorate some of the bloody struggles that began here in selma. also many others said it's time not to stop the fight, but kick up the fight and pass the mantle on to a new generation. especially in alabama and states across the south where new voter i.d.s are making it tougher for people to vote rather than making it easier. many moral mondays protests held, here is what he had to say. >> what's at stake is our democracy. you cannot have a democracy where voter suppression is normalized where people will politely let people say what they're doing in their face, in their church and it's okay. we've been fighting. it took us three years.
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it's not just about voters i.d. they tried to roll back same-day registration, early voting and put in the strictest form of voter i.d. >> reporter: there was a moment when the secretary of state john merrill stood in the church here and promoted voter i.d. they were surrounded by others who came to celebrate and called it hypocrisy. 1,000 or so protesters, marchers and celebrators gathered here and marched to that bridge. quite frankly, for many of those folks, the fight is not over. >> thank you for that reporting. appreciate it. white house crisis management, how president trump uses twitter to try to change the subject. stick around. tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. mom: oh no... tech: this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at
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we did not include any evidence in our report -- when i say our, that's nsa, fbi, cia with my office, director of national intelligence, that had anything -- that had any reflection of collusion between members of the trump campaign and the russians. there was no evidence of that included in our report. >> i understand that, but does it exist? >> not to my knowledge. >> there on "meet the press," chuck todd meeting with former director of national intelligence, james clapper. he has seen no evidence between the trump campaign and russian officials. yet, he still believes that the russians interfered in the election to help donald trump.
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there are investigations that are open. the fbi, house and senate intelligence committees, subcommittee and house oversight committee. all of those investigations ongoing. how will this new request affect those ongoing probes? joining me now, laura bassett, senior reporter for the huffington post and shannon pettipi pettipi pettipice. two issues are being brought together. accusations coming from the president and the ongoing probes, looking into connections of the trump team with russia. >> yeah. and if people thought and maybe was the case that these tweets yesterday were supposed to be a diversion from jeff sessions, that certainly isn't the case. now it is, like you're saying, just adding to the story that continues going on, that the white house and trump do not want everyone talking about,
1:20 pm
which is ties to russia. potential russian interference. they want to get off this subject. the president, saturday, walked rye back into it, getting everyone talking once again about russia, the campaign and the trump administration. >> when we look at saturday -- today is sunday at the moment, lawyera but just from the very beginning when the 45th president took his residency in the white house, each saturday we have seen one, two, three, six, 12 tweets that have brought him back into the news. and now on this -- as you're intimating, shannon, he is bringing russia back into the narrative when he may have been trying not to do that, laura. >> clearly tweeting saturday in order to control what the narrative will be on sunday talk shows. it's clear he's trying to do that. as shannon said it's not a smart move. he's elevating the story in the
1:21 pm
public consciousness. either he read a breitbart story about this potential wiretapping and believed it and had no other evidence and simply tweeted this conspiracy theory out into the universe without giving the public any explanation of how he came to that conclusion, in which case the public should seriously question the president's judgment or there is something to this and the fbi did receive a warrant to investigate trump's campaign's ties to russia. if that's true there's a lot of evidence to suggest that trump did do something illegal, in which case the public should question his judgment. i'm wondering, what was his motivation behind tweeting those things yesterday? >> despite all those tweets that we're showing folks on screen every saturday since he took office, let's stay on target. let's look at monday. let's look at jeff sessions, resubmitting much of his testimony, in answering questions that came from u.s. senators regarding his answers
1:22 pm
before during confirmation of his ties with russia, his contact with russia. and here is senator chuck schumer. regarding his confidence in the senate intelligence committee and its exploration into these potential ties. let's listen to that first. >> the faith i have in the intelligence communit they've said they'll look for another alternative if chairman bird doesn't fully pursue this. >> shannon, do you think that's going to happen? >> no. because the republicans still control congress. and, you know, i think at this point the republicans have the opportunity to do this investigation, do it right if the democrats, you know, will certainly be there to watch and raise issues if this goes along and maybe at some point down the road get into a special prosecutor, special committee investigating this. at this point it's probably going to stay, led by the republicans in congress. >> there are some major conservative voices saying we
1:23 pm
need a special prosecutor. we need to look at these steps undertake undertaken. >> we'll see where the drum beat goes on this. we were about five weeks into this administration and i feel like i've seen this story before, the situation with michael flynn. i don't know where this one is going to go. with flynn it was initially, oh, it was just a phone call, just a merry christmas text, and then drip, drip, drip, the story started to evolve and more elements came out. the possibility is that there will be more to this story that comes out and that will change the way it needs to be addressed. i don't know at this point. i could see by friday of this coming week this being a much different story than it was last friday, as i've seen the way things have evolved the past few weeks with this white house.
1:24 pm
>> chuck grassley saying no, i am not going to ask the attorney general jeff sessions to come back in personally to ask more questions. you're going to go back to the narrative it's controlled by republicans, they're not going to do this? >> it is controlled by republicans still. right now as you pointed out, the republican party is rather fractured. they're not really marching in lockstep like, you know, i think people were hoping in the republican party they would be in november. so, we'll see where those fault lines go and a lot of fracturing, big issues coming up with tax reform and health care that will influence how they deal with this issue. >> laura, is that where they break? if they're not going to break on this very issue right now, and there's a lot of questions around it, will it be the tax plan? >> sorry what's the question? >> is that where the republicans break? the tax plan?
1:25 pm
because right now they're standing in line when it considers russia. >> it remains to be seen where the republican party breaks. i'm interested to see what they do with obamacare. it seems to be an issue with them. some say it's obamacare light. i'm seeing the republican party having trouble standing behind trump and having trouble kind of coming together and creating a unified front on some of these issues. we'll see a fractured party. >> you and shannon have a lot to watch in the coming week, as you do every week. thank you so much for stopping by on a sunday. >> thanks for having me. celebrity presidents. donald trump, could oprah or some other big name do it next? you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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after spepdi ispending another in florida. mar-a-lago has been dubbed the winter white house. this, marking the four out of five weekends he has spent there. these trips come with a bit of a price tag. gabe gutierrez has more. >> he used to be flying high. not anymore. >> we're basically going broke. >> with president trump at his mar-a-lago resort, southern helicopters is once again grounded. >> we were not expecting him to come down almost every weekend. >> the secret service. >> all this will be shut down? >> correct. >> the cost per weekend is $30,000 in lost business. >> and i don't know that my business can sustain heavy losses like that. >> local taxpayers are also getting hit. palm beach county paying $1.7 million so far for extra
1:30 pm
security. >> we've written a letter to the federal government, asking for the reimbursement for the overtime for the sheriff and impacts but as of today we haven't heard back. >> as a candidate, mr. trump said he would rarely leave the white house and blasted president obama for vacations costing taxpayers millions. but since his inauguration, president trump will have spent four of the last five weekends at mar-a-lago. travel is not unusual for the commander in chief. president obama was taking his third weekend getway, one to chicago, two to camp david. while the trump administration won't disclose the exact price tag, conservative nonpartisan budget watchdog estimates it's almost $3 million so far in secret service in air force one costs alone. >> he should either change his travel habits or perhaps find other ways to save money for the taxpayer in white house operation. >> with its upscale shops and
1:31 pm
customers, president trump's visits are good for business, this woman says. >> there's a lot more people interested in coming to the avenue. >> reporter: the white house calls them working weekends. >> not rest at the southern white house. it's all work. >> reporter: but they're leaving some here without much work to do. gabe gutierrez, palm beach, florida. >> thanks for that. up next, republican governors in blue states and the tough calls they're going to have to make on obamacare. can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be tter. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet?
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thanks for staying with us. it's an uphill struggle for republican governors in red states. particularly when it comes to medicaid expansion. coverage has been extended to 11 million low-income adults in 31 states and 16 of those states are run by republicans. as you see on this map.
1:35 pm
in january, massachusetts governor, for instance here, charlie baker, wrote a nine-page letter to house majority leader kevin mccarthy, defending parts of obamacare, calling for more flexibility for states. another gop governor in the hot seat is governor john casic, who also wrote a letter in january, recommending medicaid expansion in obamacare not to be repealed. repealing obama care would end the medicaid expansion for about 660,000 in john casic's state of ohio. in total 964,000 ohioans could lose their health coverage. former white house deputy staff secretary under president clinton, david goodfriend and elise jordan, political analyst. thanks for being here. let's start with ohio. elise, how is -- it seems like john casic, who has been very critical of donald trump in the past, that he doesn't have a thing really to lose here.
1:36 pm
and he is trying to split the difference. >> governor casic has really navigated an interesting vantage point in the republican party when it comes to opposing donald trump. now i think he's speaking honestly about the concerns that he has for his constituents who will be very angry if their health care is ripped out from under them abruptly without a reasonable replacement. that's what all these governors are dealing with, and senators and congressmen and women who have to ultimately answer to their constituents, who have serious concerns now that there might be an abrupt obamacare repeal. >> abrupt obamacare repeal in these democratic states, blue states led by conservative governors, who stands to lose here? as i was saying in the introduction here, many of them are still trying to keep those middle of the road democratic voters in their camp. >> i think what we're seeing is a more nuanced view of the republican party. they have the majority in congress. they have the white house.
1:37 pm
they have the majority of governorships. and we are seeing differences of opinion that are leading to some paralysis in how to address obamacare. some people like senator rand paul, who i believe my colleague used to work for or with. he believes we ought to do repeal right away out of congress and then address how to replace it. of course, you have other republicans like governor casic, who want a solution in place before the repeal happens. meantime, nothing happens and the republican base gets more and more agitated which i think fuels a lot of negative feelings about the president within the republican congress. they'll project that frustration on him. when you look at what obamacare did, if it increased coverage for 20 million or so people, 50% of that came from medicaid expansion. 50%. medicaid, which is administered at the state level by governors, is extremely important to the increased coverage that came from obamacare and even conservatives like chris ruddy,
1:38 pm
editor and ceo of news max have said publicly obama won the debate on coverage. we should be focusing on how to achieve it. if we don't like this way, we should like another way. meantime, this is a political hot button for the governor and others up for re-election in 2018. >> elise, as was said here by david, you used to work for rand paul there was an alleged reported draft of the plan here to repeal and/or replace obamacare at the moment. he was not part of that. he said why can't i be part of this? and i'm sure many of these republican governors want to know what's going on. >> senator paul is arguing for transparency that's necessary in a public debate that will change the way our government is administering health care, trying to make the role of
1:39 pm
government less in health care so someone like senator paul is taking a stand against what he calls obamacare light. and house republicans should be forthcoming on those details. >> which republican governor is doing a good job of splitting the difference? >> governor hogan in maryland and governor charlie baker are doing a good job of being pretty tempered in their criticism and not risking donald trump getting upset at them, withholding federal funds but at the same time not alienating their states and cross over voters they brought in. >> and approval ratings on hogan, 68%. you're watching that, too, david. >> yep. >> who would be that governor that is understanding this is not left or right this is about
1:40 pm
my constituents. >> i agreeith the comment that governor hogan has doneell and walked the line. he happens to be, perhaps, the most popular governor in america right now. you can't argue with that. on the other hand, the democrats are going to lash trump to hogan in any way they can. are you for it or against it? you can only be one or the other. what's it going to be? that will put governor hogan and a lot of moderate republicans in democratic states in a tough position. there is a connection between this and your prior discussions about tweets and the discussion about russia. it may sound very farfetched but hear me out about this. >> okay. >> more and more frustrated that republicans get with the inability to do something politically popular on obamacare, the more they'll be
1:41 pm
looking for a scapegoat. republicans have the goods on donald trump, in my opinion, and can turn on him at any moment. they have the gavels in congress. if it turns out that obamacare becomes a political liability they will turn on donald trump. i believe that's going to happen. >> sort of the last straw that broke the camel's back theory? >> i honestly think for these governors in these blue states, the best thing they can do is govern and focus on their constituents. tired of the political discourse that has been simply about nonsense. sometimes it's about substance and sometimes it's about nonsense. if they can focus on governing, that's the best thing they can do. >> you have seen town halls on
1:42 pm
both sides of the aisle. just do stuff at this moment. >> right. >> thank you both. good conversation. >> thank you. >> you both have a good sunday. >> you, too. next, how the transgender community is fighting back against a texas bathroom bill that they say discriminates against them. russian former chess champion here to discuss the controversy.
1:43 pm
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some good news on this sunday, milestone in chicago. for the first time in five years, the city has gone without a fatal shooting for one week. the newspaper has been tracking every shooting death since 2013. despite this highlight, almost a
1:46 pm
dozen victims were listed in critical condition. so far this year, more than 100 homicides in chicago and the mantle of them died. last week, a male student won the girls did he title in texas, as the state is considering legislation that would require students to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender. tomorrow transgender texas, their families and supporters are calling for a day of action. heading to the state capital to lobby lawmakers to block the bill. state senate hearing is scheduled for tuesday. recent poll shows most texans do not think passing a bathroom legislation is an important issue but it's not clear of opposition. take a listen. >> how does it make you feel to know that a boy could be sharing a bathroom with you? >> it makes me feel very, very uncomfortable. >> this is why we support the
1:47 pm
texas privacy act to protect the privacy, safety and dignity of all children in the state of texas. >> joining us now, katrina stewart of transgender texas. thanks for joining us today. katrina, you heard that reaction in that ad. uncomfortable. your reaction? >> very, um -- you know, it's uncomfortable for transgender people as well. on one hand, referring to this person as a boy when they're using the woman's restroom. this person is a girl. they know inside they're a girl. they're a girl. it's trying to make us something as other when we're texans, neighbors, people in the state, been around since the beginning of time and we're still here.
1:48 pm
there haven't been problems. it targets children, as that ad points out nrkts wrong way. transgender texans that are children, when our state lawmakers make policy that singles them out and makes them other, we have behaviors that are self destructive. >> suicide rates. >> yeah. >> to the numbers in the poll, it looks really close. as you look at this number, 51%, not important. what do you think in texas specifically will it be talked about that will swing this view one side to the other?
1:49 pm
>> being able to tell their story and share with legislators how this affects them and their family, to be able to say the real effects. there haven't been reports of tra transgender people do what these ads suggest. we do what everyone else does in the bathroom does and take care of business and then leave. >> do you see lawmakers, democrats, republicans, come out to help you or the other side? >> i think we'll see both. we have great allies that are on
1:50 pm
our side and we have business on our side. >> professional leagues, do you think that will be part of it, too? sorry to interrupt, by the way. >> no, thank you. that's a great point. one of the biggest tourist destinations around and there have already been statements about this is going to cost a ton of money, like $3 million from conferences saying we are not going to come to texas and also in san antonio, you know, spurs basketball. and the sport leagues are saying they don't want to be in a place that is unwelcoming as well. >> pits a lot of interests, particularly when your talking about professional sports in the
1:51 pm
state of texas. you don't touch that in a lot of places and this is an issue -- >> no, you don't. in texas, you don't. exactly. you don't touch our football in texas. unfortunately, this legislation is trying to. >> all right. katrina stewart, thank you for your time in helping us understand the story there. >> thank you. >> you bet. next, does the trump presidency open the door for other celebrities to become commander in chief? a look at a few who just might jump.
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45 days into the trump presidency, people are already looking at potential 2020 candidates, ceo and president of walt disney, michael eisner, david zuckerberg, sheryl
1:55 pm
sandberg and oprah winfrey. >> opening the door for others recognizing maybe you don't need political experience to run for president. disney's bob iger, been out quoted as saying a lot of people have urged me to seek political office. he reportedly is telling friends that he is considering that run as a democrat. also exciting this week, oprah has vehemently said before that she will not run for president. however we heard some sound that is hopeful. >> i was thinking, i don't have the experience, i don't know enough and now i'm thinking oh. >> she has said before she's not interested. this week was a change in tone. facebook's mark zuckerberg has mentioned that take a leave and
1:56 pm
still keep control of the company. also, interestingly, he went soft on his aetheism and actually answered a question on facebook. one of his fans was commenting on a holiday post. and he said he wasn't exactly an atheist, grew up jewish and religion is important to everyone. interesting in the realm of running for politics. dwayne "the rock" i don't knowson said to "vanity fair" he wouldn't rule out running for president. he has been out on the political circuit since that under armour controversy where kevin plank, ceo, went in favor of trump and then he came out not in favor and said he does not stand with the ceo of under armour. richard? >> we'll see what the rock does and watch his instagram, always fun. >> that's right. he came out against under armour. >> that does it for us this hour on msnbc. i'm richard lui.
1:57 pm
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tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. mom: oh no... tech: this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there, so she didn't miss a single shot. i replaced her windshield
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giving her more time for what matters most. tech: how'd ya do? player: we won! tech: nice! that's another safelite advantage. mom: thank you so much! (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. hello, everyone. i'm ari melber. welcome to "the point," our special coverage of the first 100 days of the trump administration. accusations against obama and what's really important about the russia investigation. >> i never heard that before and i have no evidence or no one has ever presented anything to me. >> i've seen no evidence of the allegations we've seen in the media. >> at this point, i've seen no evidence of what he has alleged. >> republicans not backing up those trump accusations that president obama personally wiretapped trump tower. today, the white house backtracking on the charge, even as it calls, oddly, for a