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tv   Lockup Sacramento Extended Stay  MSNBC  March 5, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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/s >> deputies respond to a possible gang beating inside a cell, but outside the view of surveillance cameras. >> it appears there's a physical ar ter indication transpiring at this time. you can see the bodies jerking back and forth. >> the inmates say it was nothing. >> i was just rough housing, that's all. >> that's for children. you're in an adult facility. >> one sergeant isn't so sure. >> question know that these individuals are gang members. this may have been a new recruit
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to this gang getting jumped in. >> i wounded warrior now faces a whole new battle. >> they said i stabbed one guy ten times. >> stop at that red line here, turn and face the wall. >> arrested with him is his girlfriend, but will jail tear them apart? >> it feels like his lawyers are trying to put it on me. >> just one mile from the state capital building in sacramento, california, it could be mistaken for just another office. but instead of open cubicles,
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you'll only find locked cells inside the main branch of the sacramento county jail system. of the 2000 men and women incarcerated here, about 60% are only charged with crimes and are awaiting trial and the resolution of their cases. the downtown branch is one of two jails run by the sacramento county sheriff's office. it's also the primary booking facility where officers from 13 different law enforcement agencies bring new arrestees. >> turn right, face the wall. >> every day between anywhere from 100 to 200 bodies coming through here a day. >> three times, keep your hands by your sides. >> i prefer working in the booking area. it's unpredictable. >> come in, face the wall. >> we have every walk of life come through here every day. >> the two newest arrivals are ryan sobel and his girlfriend r ariel potter. the arrest the dispute they say
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was with potter's ex-boyfriend following an exchange of angry text messages. sobel says he and potter arranged to meet the ex-boyfriend in person to work it out, but were attacked by him and four of his friends. >> i ended up grabbing a knife that the guy had and they were all jumping on me and in self-defense i started swinging both of my arms and i had the knife in my hand. >> there's so much going on. i don't even know when this knife thing even happened. but there's blood all over the place. >> turn right here. take a seat on the bench. >> they said i stabbed one guy ten times, and it was just such chaos. it was like a four-minute brawl and then we got out of there. >> he has a big black eye and his pinky was cut down to the bone twice. they called the cops saying that my boyfriend was the one that
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brought the knife when it was actually them that brought the knife. >> sobel and potter admit to fleeing the scene after the fight, but the others immediately called police. none of them was placed under arrest, and according to police reports, two of them suffered stab wounds and were transported to the hospital. >> you guys ever call the cops after this incident? r >> no. >> why not? >> i don't know. i think he was scared that this was going to happen. i think he was scared that we were going to get arrested so he didn't call. >> stand right here. face the computer. keep your left hand by your side. your right hand first. >> police searched the area and arrested the couple a few hours later. they have yet to receive their official charges from the arresting officers. >> sometimes when people get booked in jail there is an investigation that goes on beforehand. throughout the investigation if the officers aren't sure exactly what they're going to charge them for, they're not going to tell them that they're going to charge them for one thing because sometimes things change through the course of the
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investigation. >> can you tell me what the charges are? >> potter once pept a night in jail on a conviction for writing bad checks, but this is sobel's first time in. >> what's wrong -- >> my pinky. >> what's wrong with it? >> it's all the way down to the bone. >> what's that? >> there's two knife cuts all the way to the bone. >> okay. >> he's been a perfect citizen. this is the first time he's ever been here. he's actually a veteran. >> sobel is not only a veteran. he is a purple heart recipient. he was in the army for 2 1/2 years when he was nearly killed by a road side bomb in afghanistan. >> they rebuilt my entire mouth and everything. it's all fake and i'm still getting surgeries. i'm 100% disabled with the military, so, from the road side bombing. i am now retired. >> now sobel has a new trauma to deal with. his charges have just come through and they're serious.
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>> these new charges? looking at attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy, okay. because of the charges you don't have a bail release, okay. so, you're going to stay here for two days and you're going to see a judge for arraignment. he'll tell you if you can bail out or be held over for trial, okay? understand? >> attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy. what happens, what did i do? i don't even know what i'd do. i'm not this person. attempted murder? [ bleep ] are you kidding me? i just don't get it. am i allowed to know what
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ariel's charges are? are they going to be the same as mine because she was will? >> she hasn't been fully booked yo yet, so we'll find out shortly. >> am i allowed to know that? >> no. >> here's your paperwork. come on over here, first open door on your right. >> attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon or instrument, and conspiracy. >> when you get arrested, the detectives or the investigators, whoever is working that case, determine whether or not there's probable cause that a crime was committed. they have obviously determined that because that's why you're here. now all that information and the facts they collected goes over to the d.a.'s office and now the d.a.'s office decides whether or not they're going to formally press charges against you for these charges. if they do, then you'll be a rained before a judge. if they decide there is not enough evidence in the case, they may drop the charges. >> what's my next step? >> so now, now that you've been
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booked, you're going to be dressed in, they're going to take all your clothes, give you the jail clothes, take you up to the seventh floor where you'll be classified, and you'll stay up there and they'll give you a cell, they'll give you a bed and you'll see a judge and you'll be possibly formally a rained within the next 48 to 72 hours. >> right here. all the way to the window on the right. take off all your clothes, put everything in the brown back, shoes, socks, everything, please. >> get complete naked, every in the bag. >> take one hand, lift your balls, put your right foot so i can see the bottom of it. spread your feet wide apart, bend over, pull your butt cheeks apart, cough hard. turn around. go ahead and get dressed.
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>> bend forward at the waist. reach behind you. cough hard three times. [ coughing ] >> what's it like wearing this uniform? >> it's horrible. it's the worst thing i've ever worn on my body. feels like everybody is staring at me in the window [ bleep ] like they want to kick my ass or something. like the mexicans over there. >> i can tell you're on like a football and put both hands in the waistband in front. >> go all the way down to the yellow line, face the wall for me. >> stop at that time that red line, turn and face the wall. >> now you're standing in the position of safety. hands buried deep in the waist bands of your paints. >> if a fight breaks out, what you're going to do accordingly like this. >> if you're walking by and my partner and i think you want to fight us, we'll deal with you accordingly. turn to your left. >> follow the yellow line all
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the way down. all the way to the back of the elevator, stay facing the back wall. correct. stay facing the back wall. >> do you want to eat dinner? >> here you go, here's your trey. facing that wall. >> straight down the hallway here. grab two blankets. yeah, two blankets, that's fine. >> you're in 12. >> you're in the 200 pod, in cell 8. go ahead and step in there.
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classification will come and talk to you in a few minutes. >> few minutes? >> yep. >> the inmates are given a temporary housing location until they talk to classification officers. through the classification process is, you know, how we find out if people need to be separated from the general population, if they have any gang issues, if they have any enemies or if they have any psychiatric issues. and then they house them appropriately after that. for inmate sobel and inmate potter, since it doesn't seem like they have any housing restrictions, doesn't seem like they have anything that's going to keep them separated from the general population, chances are they'll be housed by tomorrow morning. >> coming up. >> apparently i wasn't as clean as i thought i was. >> ryan sobel is assigned a cell and a cell mate. >> his little cell is his domain and something doesn't go his way, he doesn't appreciate that. >> the possible gang related brawl leaves investigators with questions. >> your eye is a little bit red.
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the downtown branch of the sacramento county jail system has its own gang investigation unit. it exists to keep pace with the ever growing network of gang affiliated networks. deputy is assigned to the unit. >> we do have quite a few gang members in the sacramento county jail. a lot has to do with the hood you're from or the area you're from. it's not always as easy to identify who is on the same team or who gets along. obviously we kind of have to try to keep our finger on the pulse as much as we can. >> officers have just responded to a ruckus between four known gang members. since it occurred inside a cell, the surveillance footage only tells part of the story. >> it appeared that a fight was going on. we don't have cameras in the
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cells. we have the cameras inside the housing units to ensure what's going on. but inside the cells they have an emergency button that they can press if they're under duress and we'll assist in any capacity needed. in some cases all you hear is the yelling because no one can push that button so we have to respond as well. >> the four inmates involved are restrained and separated. it is now up to the sergeant and other deputies to determine what happened. >> explain what happened, if anybody hurt -- >> it was no real fight or none of that. it wasn't no fighting going on. >> that was just rough housing, that's all it was. >> we were playing, that's it. >> you look a little red and scuffed up to be horse playing. did this turn into more of a wrestling match? >> no. >> what was happening that the officer from the tower would have thought that a fight was going on? would it have just been hooding? >> black males with dreads all
8:17 pm
together, a fight. >> your eye is a little bit red. are you okay, did you get poked in the eye or anything? >> i just got out the shower. my hair is wet. you see it's wet? >> you have one eye that's red. >> that's not nothing. >> just making sure you didn't get scratched in the eye. >> you're in jail. so, rough housing, that's for children. you're in an adult facility, okay? >> i'm sorry about that. as a man from another man. >> we'll get back to you in a minute. >> all right. >> close up your door. >> it sounds like at least the two from different cells went into another cell. and you can see why that's a rule. i mean obviously, when you're going into another man's dwelling, problems happen. and sometimes it's under the ruse of being a friend that they go into these cells and obviously that's a bad recipe. bad things can happen. >> jonathan darling and dade john houston are the two men who ran into the cell. but they say it wasn't to harm anyone.
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>> everything is all good. just a little police brutality today. >> just playing, you know? a little rough housing, you feel me? just a little workout. for real. >> over in another housing unit, ryan sobel is struggling to adjust to his new living situation. it's been 48 hours since he and his girlfriend ariel potter were arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy. both have since been arraigned and have pled not guilty to all charges. potter has declined any further interviews. sobel has been assigned to a two-man cell in the general population housing unit. if found guilty, the charges carry the possibility of a life sentence. >> i haven't slept for two days, just really difficult for me to understand, you know, i just broke down really quickly and, you know, it's a scary time of my life.
8:19 pm
phone calls are actually $4 a call. it's pretty crazy. i've had a very comfortable sealy posture pedic at home waiting for me. this is by far not close to it. i think my dog has a better bed than this. >> sobel shares a cell with jerry who agreed to appear on camera, but declined to speak. but sobel says he had plenty to say to him off camera. >> his little cell is his domain and if something doesn't go his way, you know, he doesn't appreciate that. apparently i wasn't as clean as i thought i was. just the type of ways that he makes you do things, flushing the toilet every time you leave the bathroom, for the smell, and after every time you press for
8:20 pm
water, wipe it down with a rag. it's kind of weird things like that, you know? rules of the room. man, it's hoeary. >> does it scare you? >> absolutely it does. i'm here by myself. i'm not this type of person. >> coming up. >> talibans kick as s. it purses me off because i have seen the worst of these people. >> ryan sobel finds more to dislike about jail. and. >> hears comes another one that's going to go into the cell. >> sergeant turns to the video in order to find answers. ♪ announcer: get on your feet for the nastiest bull in the state of texas. ♪ ♪
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what, i'm helping her save money! shh! men are talking. that's it, i'm out. taking the meatballs. the grounds of the capital building in sacramento, california is a purple heart memorial honoring members of the military who were killed or wounded in battle. just a mile away, another purple heart recipient is attempting to adjust to life inside the sacramento county jail. ryan sobel has been moved into a
8:24 pm
new cell because he was having problems with his first cellie. he finds old graffiti in his new cell. adds insult to injury. >> talibans kick as. it purses me off because i have seen the worst and been through the worst, you know, myself. and -- by these people. >> sobel says his unit was attacked by taliban fighters on their way back to base from a nearby village. >> at the time we had three hum-vs, i happened to be in the lead hum-v for that mission i was driving and ended up hitting the road side bomb at the bridge. about half of the vehicle disintegrated. we were pinned down for about three, 3 1/2 hours, i want to say, and we had black hawk helicopter end up medivacing me out. i had retinal detachment, ear drums were blown.
8:25 pm
both my clavicles were snapped. i had traumatic brain injury. i was in a hospital bed at that time and i was hilly scarred. i was given the purple heart. i've seen the picture of my colonel putting it on my chest. >> sobel was honorably discharged due to his many injuries, but now he faces charges of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy. according to police, he allegedly stabbed two men in a brawl involving his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. >> like lima beans, the pumpkin pudding. >> a bit of good news for sobel is that he's getting along with his new cell mate spencer asher. >> my new cell mate, i have got him to want to join the military when he gets out. he wants to change himself and i told him that's a perfect place to start, you know? recruiters will work with you to expunge certain things on your record and get you to be a
8:26 pm
squared away citizen of the united states. >> can't wait to get up out of here and join the army. the army will do me good. getting tired of coming back here. it sucks. >> asher has given sobel advice as well. she he's shown him a way to skirt jail rules to communicate with his girlfriend and co-defendant ariel potter >> came up with a briefcase type situation here to -- actual grocery bag cut in half. we filed down a tooth paste tube and tied a piece of string on the other side of it, and then on the other side is the screw which fastened in and tightens down the string. it's basically, you know, like your regular manila envelope. i made her a card and drew the cover for me and i put in her favorite candy and tomorrow our court date is -- i'm going to try to give it to one of the deputies down there saying that she forgot it in the courtroom
8:27 pm
and hopefully it gets into her hands, you know. if not, it is what it is. >> coming up. >> when i first got in here, i was having extreme panic attacks and anxiety attacks and couldn't breathe. >> ariel potter decides to speak again. and jonathan darling sheds light on what really happened in that cell. ♪ experience amazing.
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i'm dara brown with the hour's top stories. north korea has fired four missiles into the sea. the japanese prime minister condimming the action. three missiles went down in waters governed by japan. this is the second time in three weeks the north korea military has conducted missile tests. one day after president trump accused president obama of wiretapping, fbi director james comey has asked the department of justice to publicly reject his claim. so far no response from white house officials. now back to "lockup."
8:31 pm
sacramento county's downtown jail is also known as the main jail. 20 miles to the south, in the heart of one of the most agriculturally productive regions in the world, is another jail. the rio cosumnes correctional center is considered sacramento county's second or branch jail. unlike other jails where the majority of inmates are only charged with crimes and are awaiting trial, the majority of the 1900 men and women here are already convicted and serving sentences. >> this is not a place to beat you. not a place, right here. >> this is due in part to a california law passed in 2011 designed to give relief to the state's once dangerously
8:32 pm
overcrowded prison system. now thousands of inmates who would normally have gone to prison are diverted to county jails like rio cosumnes. >> how many points you got? >> at the center of this 140-acre facility is a 50-foot tall security and control tower. >> tower supervises the entire facility. you have a 360 degree view of the entire fenced land surrounding our facility. we have one deputy up there at a time. it's staffed 24/7. >> our job is to sit up here with the binoculars and check the fences, make sure nobody is trying to escape. if somebody is near the fence -- because we have a lot of programs that they're out there cutting the grass or whatever -- make sure that they're within the perimeter. we're monitoring the cameras 24/7. at the same time you're hearing the beeps of the gates that need to be opened so you need to go to the control board, open the gates, and then throughout the day we have yards that are open. so, that's hundreds of inmates
8:33 pm
out and about. and i'm the only one that can see where they're at. so, i have to be looking around. and then they'll call me on the radio, the courts come in, buses going, so there's a lot of stuff going on. >> rio cosumnes also houses overflow inmates from the main jail downtown, and a bus carrying a group of transfers has just entered the gates. >> turn right. go in between the car and the bus. in between the car skand the bu. >> among the new arrivals is ryan sobel. >> everything was going fantastic. i got my first visit from my parents on saturday. i got a commissary bag and loving life as much as i could be. and 3:45 a.m. got called in to pack my stuff, you know, i'm going to the branch here, and kind of a shock. didn't know what to do really. >> housing at the main jail, they're usually at capacity almost all the time. so, after arraignments they'll oftentimes send large bus loads of inmates that are still
8:34 pm
pretrial down here. >> sobel, along with his girlfriend and co-defendant, ariel potter, had recently appeared in court for a bail hearing on their charges which include attempted murder, and carry the possibility of a life sentence if found guilty. bail was denied to both of them. but sobel was able to execute his plan to send an envelope containing a homemade card and candy to potter. >> prior to me going into the room, i acted like she dropped it and then i gave it to one of the deputies and the next thing i knew, the deputy that i gave it to didn't have it any more. either he threw it away or he gave it to her. >> he says his attorney will appeal the bail decision, but for now sobel is placed in a maximum security housing unit because of the violent nature of his charges. back at the main jail downtown, sergeant huffert has reviewed
8:35 pm
the surveillance footage of a gang related brawl. he must determine if this was rough housing or something more sinister. tea if we notice in the middle of the screen the gentleman in the white t-shirt, you see him kind of looking back and forth, three inmates just entered that cell, appeared to shove another one into the cell. here comes another one that's going to go into the cell. it appears that there's a physical altercation that's transpiring at this time. you can see the bodies jerking back and forth. obviously there's something going on that brings the attention of everybody in that housing unit. all the parties involved say they're just playing. we didn't have any physical evidence of any injuries. we didn't have anybody willing to complain that they were assaulted. so, truly we have to have a victim in order to act on their behalf. in this particular case, none of the parties involved were willing to do that. so, we do have in-house facility rules. these inmates were subsequently charged with horse playing, rough housing, and entering a
8:36 pm
cell that they're not assigned to. >> the four inmates involved have received three days of sanctions, including more time in their cells and suspension of visitation and commissary privileges. but sergeant huff ert says deputies will keep a close eye on them. >> we know that these individuals are gang members. part of the problem with being in a correctional facility is it can be a breeding ground for finding new recruits and in this particular case it appears that this may have been a new recruit to this gang getting jumped in. they're trying to inform us that, no, they're just friends, we're just playing. you know, it's all a joke. obviously it's not a joke to us if somebody gets hurt. recruiting other gang members, these are all valid concerns for the safety of everyone in this facility and the integrity of the jail itself. >> are you affiliated with any gangs? >> affiliated i'm affiliated with starz allegedly.
8:37 pm
>> jonathan darling one of the inmates who entered the cell now says there was more than a situation of horseplay, but it wasn't gang related. >> if you're in your room -- you don't want to be labelled a bench, you have to defend your name. >> what were they saying? >> i came out with my shirt off. they said i was small [ bleep ]. i said, i can show you small. >> that's what made you go in there? >> that's what made me go in there. i mean, they were probably joking around, but i don't take that [ bleep ] too kindly. >> darling has been incarcerated for the past 3 1/2 years. at age 15 he was charged with assault on a person with a semiautomatic firearm and discharging a firearm at an inhabited dwelling. darling pled not guilty and began fighting his case from juvenile hall and was transferred to the adult jail on
8:38 pm
turning 18. he says the reason the case was taking so long is because he refuses to accept the plea deal from prosecutors. >> right now my deal that's on the table, it's 11 years, eight months. >> you wouldn't be interested in taking an 11-year deal? >> hill no. >> darling says he played high school basketball at the time of his arrest and dreamt of going much further. >> what position? >> point guard. i got kicked off, though. they found weed in my locker. >> how did that workout for you? >> it didn't work out pretty good. >> you ended your basketball career quickly. >> i didn't make it to one game. >> stay with it. >> all right. see you later, sergeant. >> while most young men who aspire to be professional athletes lack the talent, darling shows he may have actually had the skill. >> he's ready for that. >> you can't do it.
8:39 pm
>> ooh! that was a little luck. >> is there a future possible for you to play basketball? >> no, no, no future possible. i mean, i got a serious felony on my record. you can't be no basketball star and be in the streets at the same time. that's not going to work out. >> coming up. ryan sobel runs into more trouble. >> last night some black guy from upstairs attacked me and took my dinner trey right in front of me. to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation, in case i decide to go from kid-friendly to kid-free. now i can start relaxing even before the vacation begins. your vacation is very important.
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at the rio cosumnes branch at the sacramento county jail system, it has been less than 48 hours since ryan sobel was transferred to one of the maximum security housing units here. he will soon be on the move again. >> at 7:30 in the morning i walk in there, they started asking questions and i had to show them paperwork, which is your charges and one of the guys came in, threatened me, and last night some black guy from upstairs turned around and grabbed me and took my dinner tray right in front of me. i just don't want any -- >> when we got there this morning, i felt a lot of tension with the individuals that were out and about. i could tell things obviously weren't right. y he definitely won't be returning to that pod where he's not going to have the same issues.
8:44 pm
>> as sobel waits in a housing for a new assignment, he and the deputy discover something in common, combat in afghanistan and the possibility they could have crossed paths when sobel was badly injured in a road side bomb. >> we were going about 35 miles an hour. back half of the hum-v, we were going right over a bridge and -- >> you had a platoon that was medivac'd out. we picked guys up at jbab and got flown over. it was in july of '08. it was probably my unit. >> that's crazy. that is so crazy. such a small world. >> it's always interesting to talk to somebody who was in the same area at the same time, especially someone who suffered injuries because that's primarily what i was doing when i was there, crewing med i vaked
8:45 pm
helicopters. guys for that that have been for a lot, you have a spot for. try to help them out as best i can. >> a short time later, classification officers have found a new housing assignment for sobel. and deputy de cano will take him there. >> we have a tank that's been designated for individuals that don't necessarily need protective custody, but they might not have as much experience with criminals and the criminal life-style. so, based on what he said, the research that we've done, i think he'd be a good fit for that spot. >> grab all your stuff. gonna take 17. only has two other partners. >> perfect. thank you. >> i thought it was going to be a little bid wider, but it is
8:46 pm
what it is. how are you doing, man? brian. >> brian? nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you, man. >> a.j. >> the new cell is designed for 12 men but now is only occupied by sobel, a.j. and one other inmate currently outside for rec. >> if you need anything, just ask. >> i appreciate it. >> [ bleep ]. >> thank you, man. >> we just want calm, peaceful calm environment. if you want the tv off early, we'll come to an agreement and we'll make it so it fits everybody's schedule and criteria. you have to be respectful in here otherwise you'll get in trouble. >> in case there is any forgetting, sobel's new cell mates have their rules taped to the wall with special emphasis on the last one. 20 miles away at sacramento county's downtown jail, inmates make their way to and from the
8:47 pm
adjoining courthouse. a few days earlier, sobel was here for a bail hearing with his co-defendant and girlfriend ariel potter. he attempted to get an envelope to her by pretending she dropped it, and then handing it to a deputy to give to her. >> i'm going to try to give it to one of the deputies down there saying she forget it in the courtroom and hopefully it gets into her hands. >> but not only did the deputy apparently leave it behind, it's just been discovered by another. >> i think this is a female's property item. it's a paper bag. she wrote down her name, her location, report number, the docket number. but turns out to be some kind of card, no legal work obviously. i don't know if she's trying to pass it off maybe to her boyfriend or her husband or whatever. this is from last week and she hasn't come down so i don't know if she's out of custody. it's a very good possibility. she came down, she wanted it we'll give it back to her. once it stays too long, it ends
8:48 pm
up in the trash can. >> soon after we met her, potter declined to speak any further on camera as she tried to adjust to her new surroundings. now several weeks later, she has changed her mind. >> when i first got in here, i was having extreme panic attacks and anxiety attacks and couldn't breathe. it was scary. i was in shock for a while. i cried all the time. i thought i was going to be out in a couple weeks. i still am kind of confused about a lot of things and it sucks being in the dark and not knowing what's going to happen, waiting for court date to court date, just living on that week to week. it's difficult, it really is. >> [ inaudible ]. >> ryan, honestly, i think about him a lot and i think about what i could have done differently that night. >> what could you have done differently that night? >> we just shouldn't have gone. we should have been the bigger
8:49 pm
people and just ignored it and just didn't go. >> potter and sobel were arrested several hours following a violent confrontation with her ex-boyfriend and some others. two of the people they fought with suffered stab wounds, allegedly inflicted by sobel. now the couple only sees each other from a distance during court hearings. >> have you tried to pass any messages -- >> i am not trying to get in trouble. i mean, it's pretty simple, self-explanatory. you do this and you don't do that. all in all, we get to really do is say i love you through the cell holding doors and that's it. >> i love you, ariel. >> i love you. >> coming up. >> they gave me five days in the hole with everything taken from me, which was a definite experience. >> ryan sobel's week starts badly. then it gets worse. you have access to the right information
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at sacramento's county correctional center, a new cell with friendlier inmates seem like a ray of sunshine for purple heart recipient. it has been all downhill from there. >> they gave me five days in the hole with everything taken from me. that was a definite experience. brought me back to the movie, cool hand luke. >> he was given five days of segregation, locked in a single man cell 23 hours a day with loss of privileges for attempting to send a letter to his girlfriend. >> the letter was written to her grandparents. i put hay note saying can you reroute this to her address. i thought that was okay. the letter i had written telling her to stay strong and i loved her said that i will see her at
8:54 pm
the next court date. >> unless an inmate is given authorization, they are not allowed to write other inmates in this facility. in looking into the inmate mail, they are looking at anything that causes safety concerns. they may be talking to a codefendant about their case or coming up with an alibi. >> the violation cost him his place in the housing unit where he was assigned for safety. he is now back in maximum security. >> i was back where i originally had issues. i still see the people i had issues with. >> he no longer has access to the phone or television. he shares a cell with kevin stern who has been in and out of both jail and prison for the past nine years. >> how far did you get into your book? >> like 40 pages. >> 40?
8:55 pm
that's like three weeks. >> you are a slow reader. >> from the way he walked to the way he talked to everybody coming in here. people asking him are you here for? this goes out to anybody and talk about what you are here for and talk about the case. we go through that every day. i'm like don't say that. >> stern played the role preparing him for the possibility of spending years in a level four maximum security state prison. >> that's what i am concentrating on. there is something new that is going to develop. someone has a different screw loose in their head that has a different opinion dealing with animals and they all make the wrong decisions in life and have had. that's why kevin and i are on
8:56 pm
the same level in terms of politics. he is there to remind me and baby-sit me and teach me. i don't feel confident yet going to that next level. with my case if convicted, i am automatically a level four inmate. it scares me. >> he can use a mentor in jail. it is unlikely he will be leaving soon. the good news, bail was granted. the bad news was the amount. >> i believe it was $500,000 and assault with a deadly weapon combined with experience is another 500,000. i was given a $1 million bail. >> he hoped being a wounded veteran and purple heart recipient would serve in his favor.
8:57 pm
>> the d.a. thanked me for my service and said i am a menace and a threat to society. a possible flight risk because of the higher up training that i have. i wanted to tell him that that has nothing to do with anything that's going on. five days a week and watching david letterman at night. he should be thankful for that and for him to try to incriminate me because of that, i don't know. it was disheartening. >> he was defended by a private attorney and at least eligible for bail. ariel potter who is represented by a public defender is yet to be granted any bail amount. >> i am confused. it feels like his lawyers are trying to put it on me. it's scarey that this will come on me and, i mean, i want ryan out. i do.
8:58 pm
if me being in here has to happen, i would rather have him out. i don't know. i love him and i don't want to see him in jail. >> soebl places at least some blame on potter. >> i'm 100% disabled with the military. whether we are guilty or not guilty, her and myself put myself in harm's way. it could have been very easily made my health worse. she should have been there as my care giver, caretaker to help and support me. make the right decisions that night. >> i still feel as strong towards him as i ever have. i don't feel like it will hurt our relationship. i know that he still loves me as much as i love him. >> i had a lot of things that i liked.
8:59 pm
five bedroom house to a brand-new car to a brand-new boat to a loving girlfriend and dogs. i guess you can say that's the american dream. it got washed away in a matter of a month. i lost my house and my dog. everything. >> it's not just looking out the window and seeing the train station, i wish they were going somewhere else.
9:00 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. ♪ two inmates fight for their lives. >> i think the three strikes law is fair? no. >> a lot of his charges have to do with death and violence. that seems to be his claim to fame. >> one contends with the law that could put him away forever. >> the judge, he basically deemed me unfit for society. told me i was a career criminal. >> and the other --


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