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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  March 14, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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of america. you ask a -- there's an answer. you may not like the answer, but there's an answer. it's true. that's not the case. >> not getting anything. congressman, thank you very much. casey hunt, thank you very much. that does it for us this morning. we'll baa back tomorrow. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> hi there, mika. i'm stephanie ruhle live in rockefeller plaza with the storm of 2017. it is at maximum strength right now. more than 70 million americans caught in the cross hairs as this monster storm moves up the northeast as much as two feet expected in parts. >> this is not your typical winter event. >> thousands of flights canceled. travelers stranded. the federal government shuts down for hours. it's not letting up, yet. >> states of emergency declared in new york, new jersey,
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connecticut and pennsylvania. school closings galore. >> plus, a big blow to the republican health care bill. the official congressional scorekeeper says 24 million americans will lose coverage, but it will cost the government less. >> i'm encouraged by . it exceeded my expectations. >> hi there. i'm stephanie ruhle live in rockefeller plaza where right now, this megastorm of the year is hitting. let's put it in perspective. we are about four inches deep here in the city. just walk around rockefeller plaza. this is a place that is normally crowded. there's tourists. there's people getting to and from work, but not today. it is calm and quiet. governor andrew cuomo called it a state of emergency. schools are closed in this state, new york, new jersey and connecticut. he said do not go to work. don't be on the roads. i was up and down fifth avenue.
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it is quiet, quiet, quiet. it's not just here in new york city. we have reporters around the northeast covering this for you. i want to take you up and down the coast right now. i'm going to take you first to blake mccoy. blake, what is it like out there? >> reporter: we are further inland. we are getting socked with snow. this is ridgewood, new jersey about an hour, 40 minutes rather, north of new york city. look how heavy the snow is coming down. i have been out here since 4:00 a.m. earlier, it was blowing, drifting snow. it's turned to wet, heavy snow, still blowing at us. believe it or not, these are road that is have been plowed. hasn't done much good but we have seen plows come through about every hour or so to keep the roads clear. thankfully, people are heeding the warnings to stay home. sometimes in the snowstorms we see kids out throwing snowballs and with sleds. not with this storm.
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people are staying inside. about the only activity we have seen in ridgewood, new jersey has been new jersey transit trains. they are running on a limited schedule. they are going to keep going as long as they can. stephanie? >> blake, if you get cold o there, my sister lives in ridgewood. you can head inside. the snow is letting up a bit. coming down, almost feeling like hail. this is a day when people shouldn't be at work. they should be inside. our colleague, ingra peters is on the highway in new jersey. what are the roads like? >> stephanie, it has been a very difficult morning. we have been on the roads before sunrise. early on in new york city we were getting the heavy snowfall. we continue to drive on interstate 95. we have gone north and south. throughout the periods of time, you can go a mile north or south in any direction, really, and you are seeing that shift. you continuely go from snow then
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a mile down the road icy conditions. out of nowhere, you get the big, thick, heavy snow flakes which you see along the transition line. it's been dangerous. we pulled along the highway several times. we pulled off the highway to knock the ice off the wipers. it's difficult to see with the cloud cover out here. we have seen snowplows, which is a good thing, except a few times they have come backwards toward us. one time was around a blind curve. around rush hour, we saw cars on the highway, some zipping through fast. you can see from behind how they hit the block of ice and shift around. not the thing to be doing on the runway, roadway, i should say. hard to believe i have to tell somebody that, right? either way, it is dangerous all day long. we are going to continue to see the transition all day. don't look where you are if you think that is going to be the conditions. it is switching all over the
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place. stephanie. >> it is amazing. look at the snow. we are in the middle of march. it it's pi day. we had our winter clothe pked away. my kids were cheering to bring them out. morgan is live in philly with more. what's it like in your town? >> reporter: stephanie, you can see the snow and the sleet is really coming down hard right now. if you look at the ground, we have about four inches here of snow in philly but we have seen up to a foot of snow in the poconos. i want to show you what people are nervous about this morning. look at these roads, we are on the famous rocky steps in philadelphia. the sleet is sticking to the roads. temperatures are at freezing or below. you have to be careful because the wind gusts are so hard and the ice is so strong. when it kicks up the snow, it reduces visibility. schools are out.
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people have been stocking up on food and supplies. authorities are warning people to stay inside to make sure they don't go out unless it's an emergency. stephanie? >> i mean, look at this for a minute. boom. this is new york city in the middle of march. if you don't think this is enough, 170 miles north to worcester, mass where miguel is standing by. 18-24 inches, that's a big day in boston. >> reporter: absolutely. they are bracing for a record day in boston. light snowfall in the area. the bad news, they are certainly bracing for steady snowfall, up to two to four inches an hour as we get into the peak of the storm, which is expected to hit over the next few hours and coming down all day and all night. again, up to 24 inches in parts of boston. 16 in worcester. 12 inches over in boston. we are expecting this storm to whip through the area.
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they are concerned about what the governor called killer cold, a front system that could bring heavy snow and bring down power lines. it could leave hundreds of thousands of people. the governor warned everyone to please stay off the road. only emergency personnel should be outdoors going through the conditions. they are expecting a treacherous day here. we are at the start of the storm system. we expect this light snow to become incredibly heavy and gusty winds upwards of 60 miles an hour. stephanie? >> all right. let's look at this for a moment. middle of march. i'm sitting across from a fancy fifth avenue boutique that is showing spring and summer dresses. there's only one man to ask about this weather. it is bill karins. bill karins is inside with the forecast. people are ready for spring break and summer dressing. i have ski goggles on, sitting in a bed of snow. >> ridgewood, 20 miles away from
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where you are. there have been changes with the forecast. the storm is closer to the ast. we didn't get as much snow as expected in philadelphia or washington, d.c. and in new york city the snowfall is reduced. heavier snow is expected away from the coast. 68 million people will be impacted during the day today and tonight. we dropped the blizzard warning by half. new york city was dropped from the blizzard warning because of the sleet mixing in. to get a blizzard, you need three hours in a row of less than a quarter mile visibility. you don't get that with the sleet. the blizzard warning goes from burlington to allentown and interior sections of new york and new england. here is the radar. the battleground is the pink. that's where the sleep is mixing in. it's been a sleet storm in brooklyn and long island. those areas have underachieved. we have seen the heavy snowfall
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totals outside philadelphia and the northern portions. additional snowfall an inch or snow baltimore and d.c. you are just about done. on the backside, 2-4 in philadelphia. the snow total in new york city, so far, 4-5 inches. we'll end up 6-10. two inches of that may likely be sleet. you see the poconos, up to two feet of snow. newburgh, poughkeepsie up to two foot of snow. i have a lower snowfall total in province. you get a heavy burst, then change to sleet and rain. not everyone on i-95 got crushed as we were thinking a day or two ago. the people inland are getting it worse. >> 4-5 inches in new york city doesn't sound like a lot, but i'm going to take you to laguardia airport where thousands of flights have been canceled. tom, how many flights, are any going to get out today?
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>> reporter: nothing. nothing is moving at laguardia or jfk. we have a cool vantage point for you here. we are looking on the ramp between the "c" and "d" concourse. you can see the effort to clear the ramp of snow. normally, you would see planes at the gates. there isn't a single plane here. even if they had all this cleared, there aren't planes to go anywhere. it is a complete ghost town at laguardia. i want to show you the concourse here. when is the last time you stau nation's busiest sitting airport look like this? there isn't anybody here at all except for reporters and airport staff as they get ready to run for when they reopen. look at the status boards here. everything is canceled. all departures and arrivals. we saw two flights depart out of here this morning. keep backing up. two flights out of here this morning.
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delta airlines, one to minneapolis and one to detroit. we don't know if anybody was on e flights. that's it. they took off at 8:00 this morning, that's it. here is what the check-in counter area looks like for american airlines. we are not picking on american. they have been hospitable to us. the truth is, every airline is in the same boat. nobody is flying right now. southwest, delta, american, everybody is essentially at a not moving at all status. not only laguardia, but jfk and newark. boston, also not moving today. american, i just got off the phone with. they hope to start up operations into the new york city airports and boston tomorrow by noon. maybe washington today, midday. that's yet to be determined. if you are flying in here, you are out of luck for today. stephanie, back to you. >> thanks so much, everyone. we are looking at the storm up and down the coast. behind me, rockefeller center, i
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am hearing the zamboni ma sooch on the ice. they want to get out there and skate. we're going to take a break. when we come back, we are going to talk about the other big story of the morning, breaking down the republican health care score and the cbo score telling us 24 million americans will go without coverage. not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it.
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i just like to point out, welcome back, i'm stephanie ruhle. that's right, here, live. i just ran in from outside. i was getting ready get may skate on and i realized i needed to talk cbo. the numbers are out and they are a doozy this morning. they say tens of millions of people, they are going to lose their health care coverage, if the republicans bill to repeal and replace obamacare is enacted. i'm in luck. ali velshi is here to break down the numbers. >> that was great. >> that was tear away. >> good. let me tell cow about this, the congressional budge elt office. here are the numbers. according to the cbo, 14 million more additional uninsured people versus what there would have been under aca, obamacare. it will reach 21 million people and 2026, 24 million more people uninsured. if you can't keep track of the
6:17 am
numbers, let me do it this way. under the affordable care act by 2026, 28 million uninsured americans. under this new plan, they say 52 million more unemployed -- uninsured americans. that's the way to look at that. >> walk me through premiums. that's an issue for so many of us. what do i have to pay? >> premiums are part of what you pay for medical care, then out of pocket costs, co-pays and things like that. those are expected to go higher. let's talk premiums on their own. 2018-2019 premiums 15% to 20% higher than they would have been under the affordable care act. by 2026, premiums will be 10% lower than they would have been under the affordable care act. this is really important. i need people to understand this. premiums will not be 10% lower than today, premiums through
6:18 am
history go up. they were going up before affordable care act. they went up less during affordable care but they went up. they are not 10% less than they are today, they are going to be 10% lower than they would have been under the affordable care act. that's the thing you have to remember. >> we have to talk seniors, medicaid so important to americans. >> i wish i could do that. my board got stuck here. medicaid, you will see $880 billion less going into medicaid. in 2020, they are going to shift into giving block grants to the states. the states, at that point -- thank you for doing that. somebody in the control room helped me out. $880 billion less go to the states. it will change the qualifications to get medicaid. the estimate is by 2026, 14 million fewer people will be enrolled in medicare.
6:19 am
deficit. you can't really calculate it as a savings on its own. >> it's a big number. >> fewer people will be insured and there will be tax breaks coming in. if your argument is justut the deficit, yes, this getsthe deficit lower. if you offed no health insurance at all, you would have far less of a deficit or no medicaid, a less deficit. >> play politics. there are myths associated with this. bust 'em. >> let me look at the myths. one is you and i are capitalists, we like markets and
6:20 am
get free markets. one thing we understand is insurance companies are in it for the profit. if you are not a government or single payer system, they don't want to ensure sick people. they will not willingly insure them. that's not a free market. if you force somebody to do it, it is not free market. if you are a free marketer, you have to accept they won't insure sick people. here is the other one. no federal restrictions on selling insurance across state lines. everyone says this will allow them to sell across states. there are two reasons insurance companies don't sell across states. one is statesman date. they restrict insurance. that's why. >> currently, come do. >> but, it's really hard. insurance systems are based on networks and providers. that's difficult to establish when you are farther from your home base. everybody says the federal government is taking away
6:21 am
restrictions. under obamacare, there are none, zero, no restrictions on selling insurance across state lines. when you hear this on our air and anybody els, it's a fallacy. there's no such thing. >> health care is not just important to paul ryan and not just important to americans, it's important to the white house. repeal and replace obamacare is what we saw with president trump. i want to take you live to the white house where peter alexander is standing by. how are republicans reacting to the cbo numbers? there's been a lot of response. >> reporter: what's striking is a rift between the way the white house views this and the congressional republicans including the house speaker, paul ryan do. we have heard from a series of administration members going at the heart of this nonpartisan scorekeeper, the congressional budget office saying in the words of tom price, it defies logic. their numbers are not
6:22 am
believable. from the hill, we are saying, in the words of paul ryan, it exceeded his expectations. freedom doesn't mean forcing people to buy coverage, you have access to it. here is part of paul ryan's response to the cbo's report. >> now that we have this encouraging score from the cbo, this gives us more room to work on to make good, fine tuning, finishing touches on the bill as it moves to the committee process. >> reporter: it's worth noting, today, donald trump has no public events, and with the weather the way it is, it is unclear if we will hear from sean spicer, the president is going to have a series of phone calls where he was supposed to speak to paul ryan and another leader of the house, kevin mccarthy. >> i am not saying the president is distancing himself from the bill, but tell me about the controversy surrounding newly released audio of house speaker paul ryan in breitbart, of all
6:23 am
places where steven bannon is most notely an alumni. walk us through what we learned? >> reporter: this is notable. it is the first time we are hearing from the house speaker, paul ryan. nbc news is not independently verified this audio, but this was part of paul ryan's comments, his conversation with members of the caucus, with republicans, after the release of that "access hollywood" tape that you heard donald trump's voices on where he talked about grabbing women. paul ryan said he wouldn't defend then candidate trump. take a listen. >> there are two things i want to make really clear. i am not going to defend donald trump, not now, not in the future. you know i have concerns about the nominee. >> reporter: at the time, donald trump called paul ryan a weak and ineffective leader. we reached out to the house speakers office as well and they
6:24 am
gave a statement saying the world is aware of this history and obviously a lot happened since then. the reason, stephanie, more broadly this is relevant and important is this underscores what we were talking about a second ago, that rift, that divide that exists between donald trump and paul ryan and between trumpism and ryanism, in a way. >> the divide between paul ryan and members of the party. somebody h t ha taped that conversation. one group that is watching th and eating popcorn, democrats. they haven't had to step up to the plate. we are going to take a break. when we come back, we go back to the blizzard pounding the northeast. i was jut out in rockefeller center experiencing it. we are going to albany, new york, getting up to two feet.
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. you are watching msnbc. we have breaking news in this region. a huge winter storm pounding much of the northeast. heavy snow creating whiteout conditions in areas. others, the worst is yet to come. the storm is being felt across
6:29 am
the entire country with 8,000 flights canceled since sunday. train service suspended in places and 100,000 people are without power. several school districts are closed and the government is opening three hours late for the office of personnel management. all this with spring less than one week away. cherry blossom festival. >> snowing. this is what we get in the northeast. if you grow up here, it's what you are used to. >> it's what we get. we have the best team of correspondents stuck out there in the thick of it. blake mccoy is in ridgewood, new jersey 20 miles west of the city expecting 12-18 inches. hometown of blake mccoy. let's take you there now. blake? >> reporter: the snow is really coming down. bill karins said it could be worse, you could be in ridgewood, new jersey. that's where i am now. i had somebody throw me a water bottle. i don't have a ruler, but i have a water bottle and we could see
6:30 am
how deep it is. it's water bottle deep snow there. i'd estimate about eight inches of snow so far. we have a long way to go in new jersey. the wind is really blowing as well. kids are home from school. the only cars we see out right now are blous on the roads. there have been at least 80 crash that is new jersey state police have responded to so far. when i was driving in this morning, i saw a jackknifed semitruck. people are going slow on the highways. the problem is once you get going, it is hard to slow down. you are going to slide all over the place. they are advising people to stay home. we have not seen kids out who have snow days today. everyone is staying inside drinking hot chocolate, watching netflix. people are staying home. >> blake, i'm going to send you to my sister's house for hot cocoa. i want to go to cal perry outside central park.
6:31 am
cal, what is it like out there? my kids must have their sleds nearby. >> reporter: my kids are super psyched to be out of school. sorry for all the parents. it's a sleety rain that is painful against the side of your face. people are out here taking advantage of work. the plows are in full force. this is what you are going to hear from mayor de blasio. stay off the streets. we have 6300 miles of roads to plow. that's how much they have work to do here in new york city. add to that, this is the only thing the fire department is telling us in philadelphia, new york, boston, baltimore, d.c., shovel around your fire high dranlt. people are worried about that. stephanie, you were happy to be outside. i think you need to be outside. i have never seen you that happy. >> i'm not going to lie. i was psyched to be out there. once i get out, i get cold quickly. i want to talk about where we
6:32 am
are at this moment. i want to go to nbc meteorologist bill karins, he is tracking the storm. bill, what's ahead for us? >> you are see whag is going to happen in boston and providence. we have learned our lessons throughout the night. washington, d.c., quick birs of snow, over to sleet. philadelphia, quick burst of know, other to sleet. now it's a sleet storm in new york city. that's the case that's going to happen in southern new england and why new york city was dropped from the blizzard warning. you don't get the low visibility with the sleet. the storm is moving quickly. this is the center of the storm along the south jersey shore. it's heading more north and was supposed to be in long island and nantucket. that was yesterday's forecast. overnight, it shifted further inland. that's why i-95 is not seeing the blockbuster snow amounts. see this white band in here? this is extremely heavy snow,
6:33 am
that went through northern new jersey, now southern new york. we are still going to get the foot to two feet interior sections of new england. we have to deal with the winds with this storm. again, it's still a nor'easter and cranking out there. it's a blizzard in interior sections. 10:00 a.m., winds in the 20-30-mile-an-hour range. winds on cape cod 50-60 miles per hour. areas like new york city on the backside, it will turn from sleet to snow, then windy, too. we are not completely done in areas from new york city southward. this evening, good luck up here in portland. almost 60 miles per hour winds. it will snow hard, one to two feet. some areas, it happens like this with the big storms. some areas make out bigger, the storm underachieves. this time it is underachieving in the big cities.
6:34 am
not hearing a lot of complaints. it is mid march. >> when grow from snow to sleet. sleet hurts. >> it's not fun to walk in. there's nothing fun about sleet. the kids don't like it either. >> the misery of weather. we are going take a turn and share the morning primer with you. all the news ewe neez to know. the department of justice asked for more time to turn over any evidence from the claim trump tower was wiretapped during the 2016 presidential race. the house intelligence committee set a deadline for yesterday. they have pushed it back to march 20th. congressman gutierrez was briefly handcuffed by i.c.e. officials after refusing to leave a meeting. they held a sit-in after discussing residents that could be deported. he was not arrested. two penn state administrators pled guilty to charges stemming from the jerry
6:35 am
sandusky child abuse case. they pleaded guilty to misdemeanor child endangerment. intel has agreed to acquire israeli smart car tech firm noble eye in a deal valued at 15$15.3billion. they are one of the key producers of the on board vision system to guide cars. if you didn't think driveless was in the future, 15.3 billion. ncaa tournament kicking off tonight. two games starting with the new orleans privateers facing st. marys. you know, march madness. people love that thing. next, we are going to talk to senator ang es king on the new health care plan. kevin, meet your father.
6:36 am
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the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life. yes, you talk about coverage. coverage is not the end. people don't get better with coverage, they get better with care. that is the conversation we are trying to have. >> despite the best efforts of officials like president trump's director, mick mulvaney. they face an uncertain future. i want to bring in senator angus
6:40 am
king, a member of the budget committee. you are lucky to be in d.c., maine is going to get hit with a lot of snow today. you have a lot of work to do in d.c. i want to talk about the health care bill. it seems it is going to save $330 billion. is that a step in the right direction? >> no. i'll tell you why, stephanie. that number is produced by shifting $880 billion from the medicaid program from the federal government to the states. so, you know, i could save a lot of money, too, if the states take over the air force or the marine corps. it's shifting. the technical term is shift and shaft. sift it from the federal government to the states and the people in the states. yeah, they show saving, but by stiffing the states. i don't think that's really honest budgeting. the numbers are still there. the needs are still there. the people's use of the medical system is still there. so, i understand them trying to
6:41 am
tout that, but it's really not a victory if all you are doing is shifting the cost to somebody else. >> i want to share what the bill's defender in chief, paul ryan had to say about it last night on fox. >> i'm encouraged. cbo says we stabilize the market, lower premiums, saves money. more importantly, of course they are going to say, if we force people to stop buying something, they are going to buy it. >> the idea that people aren't forced to buy something is obviously a selling point for republicans. can health insurance work without a mandate? >> well, not if you are going to have the pre-existing condition provision. you can't really have both. they like the pre-existing condition that you can't deny health insurance because of pre-existing conditions. everybody likes that. it's popular, so they are retaining it. if you think about that for a minute, if you have that requirement, but no requirement
6:42 am
that you buy insurance at the front end, nobody would buy insurance until they are in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. the two are really logically linked. the other thing i want to touch on that speaker ryan said, it stabilizes the insurance market. actually, what the cbo report says, the insurance market is stable either way. a lot of talk is about the affordable care act, obamacare being in a death spiral. cbo report says neither obamacare nor the new plan are in a death spiral. both are stable. the obamacare market is now stable. so, that's really not true. this, again, this idea of saving, that it saves the federal budget, yes, it does, but shifts the cost to the states. that's phony savings in my book. >> senator, you are an independent. your heart and mind is open. paul ryan said this is part one of a three-part effort. should democrats sit back here
6:43 am
and wait and see how the other parts look or is this so bad to you, it's a nonstarter? >> it's so bad, it's a nonstarter. 24 million people losing health insurance is a disaster. they are talking about a market. yes, there's a kind of market in health insurance, you can buy different policies, but their bill makes it harder. it takes out a provision that allows people to determine the value of the two policies. makes it harder to shop. the underlying point is health care is not a market. when grow in to buy a car, you can compare cars, know what the price is and know wla the quality is. you can test drive. when you go into a hospital, they tell you you need a stint, you don't have market power. you don't have the ability to negotiate or go to another hospital or say i'm going to test drive this. the idea that health care is some kind of market is just not true. what they are saying is, yeah,
6:44 am
people can have choices. well, i have a choice to buy a maserati, but that doesn't mean i have the ability to buy one. in many cases, particularly for seniors, their plan drastically increases cost. so, yeah, you might have a choice to buy health care, but it would take more than half of your annual income. that's not really a real choice atll. so, this -- what we really ought to do is take a deep breath, drop this proposal that's, i think a disaster on virtually all fronts and start all over again. let's work together to solve the problems and i agree there are problems with the affordable care act, and repair it so it works for the american people. but, the bottom line is, what they are doing is cutting taxes for wealthy people. that's a big part of this bill. and cutting subsidies, particularly to people over 50 years old and people with lower
6:45 am
incomes. these are working people. they are not people on welfare. they are working people that are going to lose their ability to buy health insurance. >> coming together and working together is precisely what president trump said about this bill. i want to share that. >> we are negotiating with everybody. it's a big, fat, beautiful, negotiation. hopefully we'll come up with something that is going to be really terrific. >> we are working together. we are going to come up with something terrific. that sounds great. are democrats part of the negotiations? >> not that i know of. in the house, they basically have two long committee sessions. they didn't have hearings on the bill. the bill was under lock and key until monday night. they had the mark-up sessions on wednesday. there were no negotiations that i know of. i know of -- maybe there are negotiations and i'm not included. i know of no serious
6:46 am
negotiations. it's basically they are trying to move this bill through as fast as possible. i understand that because it's so terrible. the more people learn about it, the worse it is. the other thing that bothers me is the attack on the cbo. the cbo is, in fact, nonpartisan, but it's led by a republican, the guy who is the head of the cbo was hired by paul ryan and mitch mcconnell two or three years ago and a republican and worked in the bush administration as an economist. they are straight shooters. they may not like the numbers they came up with, but they are as good an estimate as we are going to get from an unbiased source. i don't know of any negotiations. if they would just back off and talking about repeal and talk about, you know, how can we fix the problems, but still keep people insured. the affordable care act cut the uninsured rate in half in this country, almost in half.
6:47 am
this bill will put it back up where it was before and almost double the uninsured rate. i don't know how it's good for anybody. it's not good for the country or people that need that support. >> we are hearing the cbo talked down. tom price was an indivial who chos theead of the cbo a coupleears ago. thanks so much for joining me. to your friends, neighbors and family in maine, i hope they stay warm and safe as the storm hits. >> we know how to deal with storms in maine. i'm sure they are going to do just fine. >> thanks, again. next, we are going back to the incredible blizzard. parts of the northeast are getting up to two feet. we are going to take you to the bul bullseye, albany, new york, next. yeah, i just saved a whole lot of money by to geico. we should take a closer look at geico...
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6:51 am
welcome back. you are watching msnbc. we are covering that nasty nor'easter. you are looking at live picture from across the region. several of the largest school districts closed. here in new york city scores of flights at three major airports cancelled and the ripple effect is being felt across the country with 8,000 total flights
6:52 am
cancelled since sunday. all of this as upstate new yorkers brace for the heaviest hit. they're getting up to two feet of snow. join by the mayor of albany, mayor shaheen. albany knows how to handle a storm but talk me through what the situation looks like right now. >> we have a lot of snow. we can handle it. we're used to handling this type of storm. we haven't had one in quite a while, though. the biggest thing for us is keeping people off the roads. we're out there pushing the snow and clearing the streets as best we can. until it stops snowing, there are still going to be dangerous conditions. >> do you normally get storms like this in mid march? >> it's not unprecedented. the last big one we had was back in 1993. we do get snowfall well into march but this is an awfully big one. >> talk me through the power
6:53 am
outages. you know how to clear the streets and prepare but power is a big deal. >> that's right. we have a command center set up in albany county and the utility is there to respond to power outages. we are really concerned about that. that's really one of the biggest concerns. we're going to get a lot of snow. it's difficult to keep the power on when we have this much snow building up. we had some wind, a lot of wind that was happening last week. so we've got crews that are in place. but that's something that we really work together to coordinate to make sure that we get that power back on as quickly as possible. >> is loss of power your biggest concern? >> well, it's that and it's really again keeping people off the road. we've got to be able to clear the streets and keep the streets open to emergency vehicles. we have three major hospitals in the city of albany. keeps the roadways to those hospitals because we are a regional center for health care,
6:54 am
clear is a top priority. >> for those residents in albany, what is your vice to them today, stay home, stay warm? >> that's right. stay home, stay warm. we have a lot of businesses that are closed, schools are closed. we're doing to work as quickly as we can to get the snow moved we have 670 records, 520 lane miles and it's a lot of work and it going to snow all day. this is not an vant that's going to be over quickly. we're going to be working really through the night and into tomorrow. >> thank you so much and good luck to you. >> next the governor of the state of connecticut will be here to give us an update as this storm makes its way up the east coast. it's pretty serious out there. calcu... shall we initiate the restart sequence?
6:55 am
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6:58 am
march is women's history month. and today is pie day. i'm not talking chocolate cream i'm talking 3.1459. today's one great woman is the iranian mathematician, who is rocking the normally male dominated field. this woman won the fields montana al. she was the first woman to do so in the medal's 80-year history. she is now a professor at stanford university. you might not be the one great woman today but you might be
6:59 am
tomorrow. send me a nomination who you believe a great woman who deserves a shoutout. extraordinary. if you think about this month, we've only got within month. the amount of wmen whose names are pouring in every day, i think we should take this one all year long. that's going to wrap me up for the hour. i'm stephanie ruhle. i'm going to seasoned you now to d.c. with my friend, also a great woman, hallie jackson. >> thank you very much, miss stephanie. appreciate it. from a wintry washington, d.c., we're posted up inside today. but we are in the middle of this monster blizzard. trying to travel? good luck. thousands of flights cancelled. governors declaring states of emergency. we're going to have live reports on this late-season storm and the latest forecast. plus our other big headline, over on capitol hill, a blizzard of criticism. new fallout today after that budget office report puts a price tag on the gop health care bill and the cost to americans
7:00 am
24 million people estimated to end up without insurance in the next decade. that's not the part of the report that paul ryan's focusing on, though. >> i'm pretty encouraged by it and it exceeded my expectations. >> i hope that they would pull the bill. it's really the only decent thing to do. >> and in just moments any minute now we're expected to hear more from the minorities leaders in the house and the senate who will probably have lots to say about that republican health care bill. take a look the that set of boxes on your screen. that is what we are waking up to now, the nor'easter making a myself all the way up to boston. several state seeing blizzard conditions. the storm is just now getting started. we're looking at states of emergency in new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, virginia, maryland. we have a team of reporter in all of those states giving us the latest look at what's going on. we're starring in 20 miles outside new york city in ridgewood, new jer


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