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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  March 22, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it was tough, and you talk about the market and it was doing nothing, and it resumed its way up. housing is strong, and the job market, there are more job openings than anytime in 15 years. unless something derails that, we should be okay. >> sorry we ran out of time to talk about the impact of the massage industry. >> that's an extra. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. good morning, i am stephanie ruhle, and look where i am, live in washington, d.c. overlooking the white house. no better place to be as the president faces his biggest test yet. it's crunch time for him. president trump making a direct plea to republicans to pass the health care bill, and that vote is just one day away. >> it really is a crucial vote for the republican party and for the people of our country. >> as of right now they do not
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have those votes and at the same time high court drama going down, the grilling of neil gorsuch starting again this hour after being pressed about the president's criticism of judges. >> when somebody criticizes the hone hone honesty or integrity of a j. i find that disheartening. >> somebody said i should not criticize judges. okay, i will criticize judges. >> trump's former chairman, working for a russian billionaire and his job was to promote vladimir putin. okay. here's where things stand right now. republicans have 237 members, and they need 216 of them to vote yes, and that means they can afford to have up to 21 republicans oppose it but not a
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single more. right now nbc news has counted at least 27 republicans who said they would vote no or at least leaning that way, so the white house and republican leadership have 24 hours to turn at least six of those nos into a yes. can they do it? we have the best team in the business to break it down for me this morning. let's take you to kristin welker. first, i have seen kristin back since getting married. congratulations. take me to the white house. i know we have seen situations like this before, and votes shift at the last minute, and how does this play out. >> reporter: thank you for the welcome back, and it's all hands on deck behind the scenes and the president working the phones, and yesterday we saw him make that hard sell during that party dinner last night, and he went to capitol hill during the day, and his message, this is why we got elected, this is what voters expect from us, they want
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us to repeal and replace obamacare, and if we don't do it we are going to pay at the polls. effectively saying, hey, look, you could be pry married if you vote no on the legislation. he called out one lawmaker by name, mark meadows, stand up, you oppose this bill, this is not the right way to go and you could wind up losing your job. and sean spicer was asked about this yesterday and take a listen. >> yeah, i think there will be a price to be paid but it will be with their own voters and they will have to go back and explain to them why they made a commitment to them and then didn't follow-through. >> reporter: so the question is, will the president be able to close this biggest deal he has ever tried to get done, steph. that's what we will be watching for. i spoke to top officials here, and they are not surprisingly expressing confidence and saying we are going to get it done in the house.
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then i said to one top official here, what happens if you do get it through the house you still don't have the votes in the senate, and the thinking here inside the white house, first they will focus on the house and worry about the senate later. >> i want to take you to nbc's capitol hill correspondent, kasie hunt. kasie, if the leadership can pull it off, where will the votes come from? >> that's the question of the day, steph. it's not clear that they are there. the problem is the push pull and then t tension between them, and this is obamacare-lite and they don't say it's going to do what it will say it will do, and right now the conservative freedom caucus is not getting onboard. i talked to mark meadows, the conservative congressman and leader of the group from north carolina about it yesterday after he stepped out of a meeting with the vice president who is trying to personally convince him to get onboard and
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mark meadows is not there yet. take a look. >> the president has the bully pulpit, and he's the mast kwrer negotiator. >> and the aides will say the president is not well versed in a lot of the policy details and it doesn't necessarily matter to him either way, so when you are trying to cut a deal that, you know, ropes 216 people in, changing one thing over here can have unforeseen consequences, and maybe that's a basic way of putting it, but that's kind of where they find themselves. if they say, fine, we will do what mark meadows wants just because we want to get a deal done, they will potentially lose a handful of republicans who, quite frankly, are feeling an entirely different set of pressures than the
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conservatives. >> i want to bring in my panel to break it down. matt shrap, and matt i want to start with you. more than two dozen republicans, true conservatives like yourself have said i can't back this thing. >> right. >> is it the right move to stay behind your principles or the right move to get behind the president? >> it's not just conservatives who are opposed and moderate republicans are worried about the numbers that came out of the cbo that showed maybe more americans would not have health insurance if this bill passes. all legislation is imperfect. they have to ask themselves, do i stick to my guns on this or in the end is it too big of a failure for donald trump if it doesn't pass? remember, this is a personal thing for the president. on his very first legislative
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attempts he stumbles on a replacement to obamacare, and that's why i think they will work hard to get it passed and they have the potential to get there. >> if you look at the markets yesterday, he is losing the confidence of those saying i am backing his policies. is he using his bully pulpit, which has worked for him in the past, and is that the right move right now to get out and say to other conservatives, guess what, you don't back me, watch out for 2018, i won't back you? >> first of all stephanie, it better to have a loss for the president than for the country where people lose their medicaid coverage and medicare trust fund put in jeopardy because of the tax cuts the president wants to put in place, and i don't understand why you walk into a meeting with republicans and go and say i am going to run against you? those are fighting words. if anybody has any sort of
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manhood or womanhood left inside of them you would think they would stand up to the president and say bring it on and come to my district and let's have it out. >> i want to show what mo brooks said last night on msnbc. >> i see it as a test vote of who is conservative in the house of representatives and in the republican conference and who is a liberal who runs as a conservative during campaign season and governor yearns as a liberal, so we will find out. >> it doesn't seem like there's a math for somebody like mo to get behind trump, but when you look at what is inside this b l bill, is president trump in a tough spot between what conse e conservatives want and what others want is a big difference. >> let's get to a detail here. what the hang up is with conservatives in the house is the budget vehicle called reconciliation which allows this bill to pass with a simple
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majority in the senate. it doesn't need the 60 votes but just 51. in order to get on the reconciliation vehicle you can't put all the changes on it. only some will past the test and what conservatives in the administration and paul ryan are fighting about is what will pass the test of the parliamentarian. it's one of those little details that is annoying to people. >> here is the thing, matt, you have had seven or eight years to figure it out. what is going to happen in the next seven or eight hours different than what happened in the last seven or eight years? >> i think that's a fair charge. republicans have been criticizing obamacare for years and this is the time to put up or shut up, and that's a fair charge. it's day three of the confirmation hearing for neil gorsuch with testimony to resume in a few minutes from now. i want to take to you capitol
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hill where chris jansing is standing by. what can we expect? >> fireworks, because yesterday by general consensus as hard as some of the democrats tried there was no real body blows that handed to neil gorsuch. he was often disciplined, and using words like golly and gosh, and he was given a lot of softballs by the republicans, but the democrats feel they have gotten some fodder to follow-up today. each of the members of the committee will get 20 minutes for their follow-up and expect the democrats to hit him hard on things like abortion and campaign finance and gun rights. the white house tells me they are feeling confident about this, and they like the way it went yesterday, and some democrats will privately tell you they think there are democrats that would support him but nobody is completely taking the possibility of filibuster off the table, although there are certainly democrats that believe they should save that for the next supreme court nomination that this one would
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essentially be replacing a republican, a conservative with a conservative, and so i think that right now things are looking good for neil gorsuch, but the democrats are going to make a hard case today. >> i want to bring my panel in. jamal over the weekend, mike bloomberg put out an op ed saying democrats don't make the same mistake republicans did, put country before party and i understand the hurt feelings out there but you could do a lot worse than neil gorsuch. >> i would say to mike bloomberg and everybody else, and absolutely democrats should put country before the party. everybody talks about donald trump being elected by the country. he was elect ld by the minority and they were in key places. more than 50% of the people -- even 50% of trump voters are in favor of planned parenthood, and
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gorsuch made a decision to block that in one state. and those people should not be for neil gorsuch, and democrats have a right to stand up for that. >> neil gorsuch seemed more like a mitch mcconnell guy more than donald trump's chosen one. is there an argument to be made that things should be pushed off and give it more time here? >> absolutely not. bill clinton was elected twice to the presidency without getting a majority of americans, and george w. bush was not elected with the majority -- >> you know it was 3 million votes? >> yeah, whatever, california. >> californians are not americans. >> let's get to the question about whether or not neil
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gorsuch should go forward, and not only should it go forward, he will get confirmed. he is going to get the votes. if the democrats want to filibuster him, which will be the first time in modern history they go after a supreme court nominee, and what will happen is the threshold for the supreme court nominees will get dropped to 50, and there's one or two other openings coming up within a year, and if they want to be partisan, they would be unwise but they don't listen to me. >> matt brings up a good point. is that the right move for democrats and then you change the game and the person to get nominated next could be far scarier. you have to play the long game here. >> here's the thing about that, mitch mcconnell can do that anytime he wants to, and if that's what he wants to do it he will do it, and what democratic voters want, and the millions of people out in the streets and the women's march, what they want from democrats two things, they want courage and vision.
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they want the courage of our convictions and the vision for it to take this country and include everybody in the prosperity that the people at the top of the ladder are receiving. >> i love it. this man answered the questions and they are impressed. >> there's an argument where we want to see democrats stand up and respect yourself and the state you represent and a lot of people are looking at republicans saying are you going to get behind president trump day in and day out after the tweets and insults and that has to work republicans that go home to some of their states. >> 54% -- >> you did a good job with your answer. there is no question every moment of the president trump presidency is not bliss, but he fights for the principles they care about and one of the principles they care about is making sure the supreme court looks at the law just like on the temporary travel ban, they want the judges to look at the law. on the planned parenthood case,
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all neil gorsuch did was look at the law. i don't know what his position is on planned parenthood personally, and it doesn't matter, what matters is the law. we will talk about the wiretapping when we come back. we have a breaking new report that trump's former campaign chairman once worked to advance russian interests. we are live. i don't need to tell you where we are, look at the set. the white house behind us. i am guessing president trump is watching. good morning, donald. higher! higher! parents aren't perfect, but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again.
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welcome back. i am stephanie ruhle live in washington, d.c. you better turn up the volume for this breaking news this morning. trump campaign ties to russia, paul manafort once secretly worked for a russian billionaire to advance russian interests. peter alexander is at the white house to tell us more about this. what do we know? >> reporter: the associated press reporting from 2006 to 2009 paul manafort, as you noted, the trump campaign's former chairman secretly worked for a russian billionaire to try and advance the interest of vladimir putin, and we tried to undermine anti-russian
6:20 am
opposition across former soviet republics, and the ap has a 2005 memo where manafort writes to deripaska, and he signed a contract in 2006, and he told da deripaska in 2005, we are now of the belief this model can greatly benefit the putin government if employed at the correct levels with the appropriate commitment to success. the ap says that manafort did not disclose details about his foreign lobbying work to the justice department during the period in that contract, when that contract was in place. stephanie? >> what is manafort saying this, or the white house?
6:21 am
>> reporter: we just spoke to the white house a short time ago, and sean spicer told me, and i will use his words as they came out, quote, it would be inappropriate to comment on a person that is not on a white house employee. they did describe manafort as playing a limited role in the campaign, and he was the chairman, and in a statement to nbc news, manafort confirmed that work with deripaska, but said it did not involve representing russian interests. >> i have to bring in my panel. for sean spicer to say we are not going to comment on somebody not employed by the white house. which is it? yesterday sean spicer did comment on paul manafort and
6:22 am
characterized his role in the campaign incorrectly saying he had a limited role. in terms of transparency, what is the white house doing? they are losing a lot of credibility this week? >> i have been watching these hearings with the intelligence committee and fbi direct comey, and he said it was clear there's an investigation going on about russia's actions in our election and also about wrong doing with members of the trump campaign. when there's an investigation going on, the white house has no business commenting on any of it. what i would advise this white house to say is you will not comment on people that are caught up in the investigation, and don't comment, because it would be inappropriate. we all want to know what the facts are and we want to know what the fbi said happened and did not happen and same thing with the intelligence committees in congress. >> comey also refuted president trump's claims on wiretapping, and i know you were saying give
6:23 am
it time and let's hear what they have to say? >> the wiretap something a 1950s dragnet term. what happens in the 20th century, it's surveillance. it happens through our phones -- >> don't you microwave smith me, and trump says i just heard obama wiretapped me. >> the government can listen to us on our phones, and they did that and they unmasked one person looked at in this investigation, and what i will do is make you a promise, after the fbi comes out with their findings and these intelligence committees, and congress comes out to them, and if there is no truth of any evidence of surveillance, i will stand by what they said. >> and "the wall street journal"
6:24 am
says the president clings to its wiretap assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle. they continue to say russia is a rouse. you look at the markets finaling starting to respond saying maybe trump -- >> first thing, they need to stop lying. that would be helpful in terms of the having the credibility to govern the country. if they are not guilty, stop acting like it. i think you have mike flynn and paul manafort that said they did not meet with the russians, and barack obama wiretapped his phones, and the fbi director had to come out -- >> that is not true. at the center of this, get through all the other stuff that is there, and i will use a nice
6:25 am
term, it's about whether or not there was inappropriate contact between the trump campaign and russia, and vladimir putin. i think that is going to be found to be complete garbage. >> hold on a second. i know we have to go to commercial. why, over and over does the story continue to change from the trump campaign? >> i don't think the story changes at all. >> are you kidding? >> you don't think the story changes at all? >> go after me one at a time. >> it's her show. >> you can say we learn more facts, which is right, but the fundamental charge that there was inappropriate contact between the trump campaign and vladimir putin and russia is a big charge, and it's a huge charge and i think it ought to be founded -- well-founded and i want to hear what the fbi and congress says and if they say there's no facts there, and by the way they say there are no facts there, and all the rest of this you can take it where it leads, but it doesn't matter like that central charge and
6:26 am
there's nothing to that. >> if i was in the trump white house, i would say everybody stop talking. here's what we are going to do is isolate it and figure it out and at some point we will go forward and tell everybody everything we know and clear the decks. they won't do that. >> they will do that. >> we have to take a commercial, and i have to say, matt, they won't do that, and this is a president we never heard him use the words i am sorry. >> but on the central question, i think they will do that. >> i will be bringing matt back every week to check on that. he has a weekly date here now. and moments away, the markets are opening after the biggest drop in quite sometime. has the trump rally turned into a trump slump? we are overlooking the white house. look how beautiful it is where we are. stay with us.
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. you are watching msnbc, and it's time for your morning primer, everything you need to know to get your day started. happening right now on the left side of your screen, judge neil gorsuch about to face day three of his confirmation hearing on capitol hill. the senators filing in now, and
6:31 am
on the right side of your screen, the opening bell at the new york stock exchange one day after the markets took their biggest loss in five months. and former vice president joe biden will appear on capitol hill to rally support for obamacare. the vote on the republican bill is still scheduled for tomorrow, which is the seventh anniversary of president obama signing obamacare into law. and then trump will travel into brussels, his foreign trip as president. and north korea attempted another missile test overnight, but the test failed with the rocket blowing up within seconds of launch. this is the third major test in the last two weeks alone. and we have to end on a side note, a bit of nostalgic one, game host and producer chuck
6:32 am
barris died. he was 87 years old. a live well lived. happening right now, i want to take you back to the stock exchange where u.s. stocks are dipping again today after taking their biggest loss in five months yesterday. dow fell almost 250 points, and a big drop since the election. i want to bring in alley bell sh all jehova and the president is starting to have signs that maybe he is not going to have health care through and suddenly the market takes that big of a response? >> stephanie what you said last there was what gave the impetus of the market moving yesterday, and it's not about trump losing
6:33 am
overall, but it's the coattails and influence he has may be waning as he approaches the first key piece of legislation he is trying to put forward. the concern on wall street is if president trump -- and this is a big "if," if the repeal and replace fall turz early on and what does that mean on other policies and legislation down the line? will it affect tax overhaul? will it affect infrastructure spending that will happen down the line. the high prices we have seen in the stock market has been tied to the idea there's a domino affect if you will, and you get obamacare and tax reform and infrastructure spending, that's a big show. >> does it show the separation between the markets and the real economy? president trump created tens of thousands of jobs, he hasn't.
6:34 am
the market moved based on promises. >> the tax reform, that's the one they are looking for. infrastructure is good for a lot of people, but they want to repatriate money, and health was not the thing the market was looking at it, and the great dealmaker is stepping in it every few days, and they are saying he promised good stuff and now it doesn't look like somehings may not happen, and it might happen but might not, and we are seeing a little unevenness on the market today, and it's down today but not much. a number of people, including goldman sachs saying cool it for a little bit, and maybe all the things you are hoping to happen may happen or not happen. >> take away the health care bill, and the market has been really boisterous, and is this a time when it naturally should pull back a little bit and say,
6:35 am
hold on a second, this is not going to be the day they are going to get so much done. the fact that we saw financials pulling back, and pulling back dodd-frank and deregulation, that's not a stamp and it happens, and this is how government works. it's hard. >> i will say this, stephanie, we have been around long enough watching markets where we know things don't go newspaper a straight line. conversely, they don't go down in a straight line either. this time around the case is made the stock market has been going on right before the election happened to the last few days, and there's an expectation that perhaps there is room for a pull back overall, and it's not that the bull market is ending, and like you pointed out before, there's going to have to be a lot of, at least evidence, coming out over
6:36 am
the next few months that the optimism president trump is bringing to the markets can be sustained. and it was we will see if that . >> yesterday sean spicer pointed out -- >> yeah, it's just a number. >> you can't have it both ways, sean. if the market takes another leg down today could this work in president trump's favor in terms of getting the health care bill -- >> see what happens if you don't support me? >> yeah. when this goes to the senate, the democrats are going to block it anyway, and i don't want all of the wheels to come off and let me push it through because i don't want more problems on my pla plate? >> the budget is more important, and he is going to have a harder time with the conservative republicans that don't want to support the health care revision, and i don't think the problem is easily solvable.
6:37 am
president trump said it's complicated and this is all complicated. i wouldn't worry too much about the market just yet. if you average the gains versus what we have just seen, this does not qualify as a pull back. >> it's part of his quote. i believe he said health care, nobody realizes how complicated it is, and the thing is, quite a few people do realize that. thanks. next, judge gorsuch is about to sit down and begin day three of his confirmation hearing, and we will talk to our legal experts about what we can expect today. because i was interested in building a career. i came to ibm to manage global clients and big data. but i found so much more. ( ♪ ) it's really a melting pot of activities and people. (applause, cheering) new york state is filled with bright minds like victoria's. to find the companies and talent of tomorrow,
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come on everybody. aleve. live whole. not part. of course there is nothing new about all this, because we quoted ginsberg standard, and justice ginsberg said this during her confirmation hearing -- >> that's chuck grassley speaking about independence. where? at the day three of the hearings of neil gorsuch, and he faces more intense questioning from the senate judiciary committee today. i want to bring in pete williams and msnbc chief legal correspondent, ary. when you talk about how it's gone, what do you think we will see today? >> more of the same, i suspect, stephanie. you have to assume the democrats
6:42 am
have taken their best shots in the opening rounds and they got 30 minutes the first time around, and it's 20-minute rounds today, and so it will be a shorter day. some will puick up where they left off yesterday, and feinstein wanted to get to e-mails, and the big issue in the room was president trump, and he kept saying he would be independent of the president and he never made any promises in his interviews with any white house officials or the president, and he was not asked how he would vet on roe v. wade and did not say. >> if the democrats have taken their toughest shots at neil gorsuch in the last few days, and it appears he is still getting through, and is there a goal to get him on record saying he will be a true independence voice, and they fear president
6:43 am
trump is like, wait until my get gets in there and i will be all set. >> and they have got that on record. i do think it's clear that judge gorsuch performed very well, and i think we are in a period where there are concerns about the political process. i would say you could give so far a compliment to both parties in the hearings and they have been substantive and legal in their focus and not about personal issues or politics or muddying up the judge, and yesterday we heard a lot about the issues, travel, guns, money, politics, and judge gorsuch throughout was able to perry the
6:44 am
thoughts that he would be overly conservative, and he sided with the majority and rarely been overturned. >> have to give him credit for one thing, stamina. thank you so much. we will bring you highlights. we will take a break, and next republicans continue to try and sell members of their own party on that health care replacement bill, but what about their voters? we travel to trump country to hear their thoughts on the bill. we are live -- look at where we are, washington, d.c., just in front of the white house. a big day and a big week, and we are honored to be here. it's time for "your business" story of the week. this woman now bottled her great
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upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. welcome back to a very big day here on msnbc. why? because we are just one day away from a legislative showdown in congress, the president and the republican leadership still trying to convince members of their own party to support their health care bill and it's not just congressional republicans that are divided, republican voters are divided, too. jacob rascon recently traveled
6:49 am
to trump country. yea c what did you learn? i almost called you trump. trump, what did you learn? >> reporter: don't call me that. and while it's no surprise every voter we talked to that went for president trump agreed obamacare is bad, and when it comes to what we should have instead of obamacare, if you talk to 20 of them they give 20 different, often times, conflicting answers. building storm shelters in tornado alley is good business for greg engle. he wants to hire more workers, but under obamacare he can't. >> when candidate trump would say repeal obamacare day one. -- >> we have to have great care,
6:50 am
this is a tkdisaster. >> that's why i voted for him. >> many republicans voters agree that obamacare is bad, but they don't agree on a solution. in brian county, oklahoma, where trump won 75% of the vote, many say give health care back to the free market. >> so you're not interested in this new plan? >> not real interested at all. trumpcare. >> no, we voted for repeal. i believe in november, america voted for repeal. >> in whitly county, kentucky, where trump won 82% of the vote, health care worker kathy eler helped more than 1,000 of her neighbors sign up for obamacare. >> you voted for obama because you wanted this change in health care. then you turned around and voted for donald trump. why? >> i thought that he would make it better. >> antique shop owner bobby smith signed up for obamacare with kathy's help and also voted for trump. >> you and a lot of others signed up, and it was good when you signed up. >> yes.
6:51 am
>> it was cheap. it covered you. >> yes. >> but then what happened? >> the premiums went up and the deductibles went up. >> in 2 1/2 years, her premium doubled and her deductible more than tripled. obamacare, bobby and kathy say, needs a major upgrade. >> you aren't one of those who vote forward donald trump that wants him to just get rid of obamacare. >> no, we have to have health insurance, period. we have to have health insurance. >> reporter: repeal, repeal and replace, and with what? growing uncertainty and disagreement about the future of health care, especially in trump country. so of those we talk to there and the many others who didn't make it into the actual story, they said there would be some satisfaction if any upgrade, in their words, to obamacare but it's worth noting that none of them at the time of these interviews last week were satisfied with what they
6:52 am
understood about the gop replacement. they wanted something more or in one case here, they wanted more repeal. stephanie? >> thanks, jacob. i've got to get my panel to weigh in here. any improvement, any tweak to obamacare would be an improvement. but any tweak isn't what freedom caucus members want to see. so has president trump promised too much to too many people here? >> i think what we're failing to remember is he said repeal and replace. and the replace is where it really gets tricky. as we talked about earlier in the show, there's only so many things they can get on this very first bill because of the senate rules. the second thing that happens is tom price, who is a great conservative, is going to make lots of regulatory changes just like kathleen sebelius did before him in the obama administration. and the third piece is to get a bipartisan piece of legislation that makes the final changes. now that will take eight senate democrats in order to get the 60-vote threshold. it takes three phases to get
6:53 am
everything these conservatives want. >> what's going to go down here? >> stephanie, for years, many of us have been arguing one of the reasons the obamacare numbers were so bad was because there were millions of progressives who wanted a stronger public option. who wanted more government involvement in order to bring the costs of health care down and give people some security. in the attack on obamacare you have seen all those progressives come back and say, you know what? let's defend what we have and fix some of the problems. the problem for the republicans is they just want to repeal it, take away the things people like and are going to help people who are on medicaid. the medicare numbers, for the trust fund. but what we're not seeing is anything constructive. and so until the republicans get over this repeal moment, we can all work together to fix. >> there is a bill, though, that does a version of replacement. it's not fair to say that donald trump and republicans do not have a solution. it is fair to say that there's disagreement on what it should be. >> then why not give it more time. given how complicated this is,
6:54 am
why try to jam it through on thursday. >> let me try to criticize my own team. the way in which they developed this bill and put it out was disastrous. they didn't bring in stakeholders or the base of the party in conservatives. they didn't bring them into the process. when you bake a piece of legislation inside the leadership office, and this works for both sides, it doesn't work out very well. >> and they started taking vote bfrss th s before they had the numbers from the congressional budget office. it was more politics than policy. those were the things that i don't know how you look your voters in the eye and think this is a respectable piece of legislation. >> these are unforced errors. why push the travel ban through? why do this? why not sit back and wait a moment? >> i worked in a white house for four years. it's a lot of woulda, coulda, shoulda. the world comes at you fast and you have to make decisions. that's just how it is. >> we're going to take a break. any minute now, joe biden will
6:55 am
appear on capitol hill. he wants support to keep obamacare. we'll bring that to you as soon as he arrives. john mccain joins grets s his first national tv interview since jim comey. do not miss "for the record with greta" tonight on msnbc. when io book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation, in case i decide to go from kid-friendly to kid-free. now i can start relaxing even before the vacation begins. your vacation is very important. that's why makes finding the right hotel for the right price easy. visit now to find out why we're booking.yeah does your child need help with digestive balance? try align junior probiotic. so she can have a fraction dominating... status updating... hello-yellow-belt kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support with align junior. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand, now for kids.
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you know i like to wrap the show talking about my favorite thing. great women. one of the best ones at nbc, hallie jackson.
6:59 am
listen up, hallie. you know it is women's history month. >> i love what you've been doing with it. >> today we've got a good one. #onegreatwoman, sandra day o'connor. the first female justice on the supreme court. nominated by ronald reagan in 1981. and are you listening to this. today neil gorsuch, she was confirmed unanimously on a day when we are seeing, i'm guessing, some fireworks during a hearing. sandra day o'connor, truly a great woman in history. a great woman for justice. and if you have somebody else you want to nominate, send it my way. #onegreatwoman. that's going to wrap me up for the day. hallie jackson, you're next. i can't wait for your show because you have robert costa on. do your viewers know you went to high school together? >> we are high school buddies. >> i think that's amazing. i think you need to bring a yearbook. >> maybe. thank you guys for joining us here from washington. behind us at the white house, the president on health care has to prove he really is the negotiator in chief.
7:00 am
but the art of this deal is more about the math, and it does not add up right now. it's why later on this morning, nbc news has confirmed the president will make his pitch to freedom caucus members. those are the republicans most opposed to this thing. and at this moment, democrats are pouncing with former vice president joe biden on capitol hill right now to rally democrats to resist. you can see it live. we're going to bring more of it to you live when it begins. i'm also talking with congressman eric swalwell who will be at that conference. team trump still not able to shake russia stories. with new developments breaking this morning on the president's former campaign chair paul manafort. the reporter who broke this story is here live. we're also watching what on any other day would be our number one headline. day two of questioning for supreme court pick neil gorsuch. to say it's a busy day would be yet again an understatement. kasie hunt is over at the white house --


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