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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  March 28, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> i've said it frump the day i got here until whenever. you've got russia. if he puts russian salad dressing on his salad, somehow that's a russian connection. >> sean spicer got increasingly hostile with reporters in the briefing room today. hear a bit more of the back and forth with april ryan there at urban radio networks. >> at some point report the facts. the facts are every single person that has been briefed has come up with the same conclusion. i'm sorry that disgusts you. at some point the facts are what they are and every single person that as the been brief would the situation with respect to russian, democrat, republican, have all come to same conclusion, at some point you're go having to to take flow an answer with respect to
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collusion. it seems you're hell bent on making sure whatever image you want to tell about this white house stays. >> i'm just reporting -- >> you're asking me a question and i'm going to answer. i'm sorry. please stop shaking your head again. >> there was plenty of reaction from that. maggie haberman said quote stop shaking your head again spiers lectures april ryan who is a grown woman and she simply replied lawd! michael, this, i'm looking at the associated press tonight. ap fact check. spicer says case closed on russia. they go on to point out fbi investigation. two committees investigating it.
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you don't see this kind of thing. talk about spicer's credibility right now. >> well, bryan, it's selling pretty cheap right now. i mean, look, he just seems to speak for brute force effect. he has this wonderful tactic where a reporter starts asking the question, he jumps on them midway and when the reporter tries to finish, he says hold on. i mean, it's a kind of brute force, really slightly bullying tactic that he uses and substantively, he doesn't seem to care that much about the vor asty of a lot of what he's saying. it's patently ridiculous to say the press core has russia and the white house doesn't have russia and it's about salad
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dressing. when james comey, the director of the fbi testifies there's an investigation into the question of possible connection between the trump campaign and the kremlin. it's an astonishingly serious historical thing and he's -- >> only charley and i are old enough to remember ron ziegler and the famous scene where nixon shoves his press secretary by the shoulders. it's feeling like that era tension. >> that was a kindler and gentler era. >> when this pres secretary gig runs out, he can play himself on "saturday night live." but to understand why he doesn't care about the credibility and so contentious. keep in mind he has an audience of one. he is playing to donald trump. he is doing what his master wants him to do.
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this combativeness and readiness to interrupt the reporter. he wants to go back after these briefings and have the president say that's great. you need to be more aggressive. right now i don't think he evaluates himself on whether or not he's credible, whether he's advanced the nation's understanding. >> and sean watches these programs. he reads what's been written about them. it's as if he's venting against the press core. for what it's worth i've eent russian food my entire life and never been accompanied by russian dressing. i speak russian, i was born in mull do molduva and none of them have been top bide russian dressing. another credibility not there.
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>> never let them see you sweat. not only is he letting the country know this is getting under their skin, it doesn't inspire confidence and it does not dowhat he wants to have happen, which is go away. these kind of incidents, actually just ratchet up more. today the russia argument kept us away from a very serious story that epa np president's signing ceremony today and this deserves more than a mention by us tonight. what he signed today, executive order that nullifies the climate change efforts and revives the coal industry but the u.s. will not meet obama era co 2 guidelines, quote turning denials into national policy. this network pointed out the
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coal industry employs roughly 70,000 employees right now. hard to ramp that up but this was real substantive news for our children and children's children at epa. >> sure, bryan. there's nothing more important than the fate of the climate and the planet. and it is the case for better and worse for the trump administration that this russia story is clouding everything else out. i think trump is doing some things that are not popular, not getting the attention they would. of course it's blocking out parts of his agenda he wants to show case. and beyond the way this defies the science of climate change that's been well established, it further isolates the united states. we're an out liar on one more issue amongst our allies, the
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industrialized and western world. and really this subject deserves -- i'm glad you brought it up because it deserves more prominence than it's getting. >> and let me show you something else that deserves more mention. we can put this in our opening segment every night and not air it enough. this is steve bannon about the goals while in office. >> the third broadly is what is deconstruction of the administrative state. you look at these cabinet appointees, they were selected for a reason and that is the way the progressive left runs. that's all going to be deconstructed. >> what does that mean to both or either of you? >> they're going to be doing this. they're going to be rolling back the administrative state.
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the concerns about climate change are legitimate and the concerns about jobs and economy are legitimate. remember when president obama says his would cause rate toads sky rocket. so he didt by executive order. in my home state of wisconsin, 60% of our electricity is generated by coal powered plants. this rule was like a dagger aimed at the heart of the manufacturing base of the state. the state public service commission estimated this could cost rate payers as much as $13 billion. so this is part of the balancing act here. yes, we can care about the ploont but don't be indifferent what this means to average middle americans who have go having to to pay substantially higher electricity rates. >> and i understand why they voted for him. he respected them and didn't demean them as far as being
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associated with a quote on quote bad industry they were going to take out of business. having said that he is going to have to say i'm not going to bring back those jobs because we have become more energy independent and we're moving into a more globalized world where coal jobs are not coming back. >> we're not going to run american factories on solar panels and wind turb iens. named today a recipient of the gracie award for her work in electronic journalism. and charley, we have some matter to discuss with you after this break but the money trail. richard angle with our exclusive reporting tonight on former campaign chairman paul manafort.
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welcome back. we may not know when the house intelligence committee will hold another public hear nothing to russian interference and whether the trump campaign was involved in any way but we do know who we could see there. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort has agreed to appear before the committee to answer questions and richard angle has new and exclusive details about manafort's extensive business dealings in a small island nation that have u.s. authorities asking a lot of questions. >> reporter: he's a central figure into the investigations of possible ties to russia. >> paul manafort. >> reporter: long before he was president trump's campaign chairman he was paid millions by a russian billionaire with close ties to vladimir putin. according to one report, secretly promising to greatly
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help. and they're following the money trail manafort left behind. it led them and us to a small island in the mediterranean. we came here to cyprus to a city with a reputation for beaches and a hub for money laundering. li it's been dubbed limasolgrad. banking sources with direct knowledge of the transactions tell nbc news 15 accounts were open for 10 companies all linked to manafort. in one case a million dollars landed in one of the accounts and left it on the same day. >> movements of large amounts of money quickly in and out of account is very similar to what money launderers do.
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>> reporter: 18$18.9 million to buy a media company described as one of two oligarchs putin turns to on a regular base. some of that money went to a manafort linked company in cyprus. he hired manafort to help the putin government, calling it fake news. but eventually, even in cyprus, manafort's accounts raised suspicions. the internal auditing system flagged the accounts for possible money laundering according to the banking sources that said when he asked for more information, manafort chose to close the accounts without answering the questions. late today a spokesman for paul manafort sent a statement saying
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they were legitimate entities, adding he has no specific personal recollection of the shut down of the cyprus accounts which took place during a banking cries on the island. he has repeatedly denied working for the russian government. >> his former position with trump, all the attention in this season of investigations, why is all this unusual and getting so much attention specifically? >> frankly, bryan, there's been so many reports and information not just about paul manafort but so many others linked to the trump administration and allegedly tied to russia. you have to look that chronology. 2005 according to to an ap report. there's this memo from manafort and allegedly in this memo in
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2005 he promises to work to benefit the putin government. then after that he starts a business relationship and manafort says it was nothing wrong, nothing improper with oleg. so, first you have the memo which manafort says he can't verify and then you have this business relationship that starts and while this is hang, you have all of these business connections in cyprus getting a lot of attention. you have to look at the sequence of events. what was the basis for their relationship. what promises were made and how were these business transactions actually taking place and where. and that's where this cyprus piece comes in. >> richard angle chasing down this branch of this story. tonight in our london bureau. richard, thank you as always.
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coming up, forgive yourself for thinking health care reform is dead. the president tonight has revealed a new prognosis. charley siekz will be our interpr interpreter.
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i know we're all going to make a deal on health care. we've all been promising, democrat, republican, we've all been promising that to the american people. >> president trump hosting senators from both parties tonight. that was part of his message. charley psyc charl charl charley sieks. >> it's coming from his imagination. but i think over the weekend he realized it was not good when he basically said after 18 days, we're done. i give up.
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you need go back at least the republican base and say we're going to keep trying. but not likely to happen, is it? >> i can't pass judgment on that. on another topic we saw the president and everyone's learning how words even spoken casually matter when this is your title. we saw his need to add a suprlative to something else. >> we're doing very well in iraq. our soldiers are fighting and fighting like never before. and the results are very good. so i wanted to let everyone know. >> to which people said fighting like never before. never have 170,000 of them during the surge while we have 5 grand there now serving valiantly. just an odd thing to say. >> particularly given the rhetoric that donald trump has deployed against george w. bush and the iraq surge. he was saying at one point he
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should be impeached and i guess it would be somewhat ironic to somehow try to say what's going on now. there's a lot of curages men and women doing marvelous work. >> are we over litigating? >> you know what, the point is at some point we're going to sigh whatever, we give up. just roll over on our backs because there is that point of exhaustion. how do you keep up with this? on a daily basis? you said we're on day 68. feels like day 680. so, yes, we are over litigating but we're in a strange world where what's the alternative? just let it roll off, to not correct him, to not care about the untruths? >> thank you as always. plesher to have you. another break for us. our final break and did someone
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♪ the travel ban is not a ban which makes it not a ban. >> but you just called it a ban. >> because i'm using your words. you said ban. you said ban. >> the president tweeted and i quote if the ban were announced --
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>> yeah, exactly. you just said that. he's quoting you. it's your words. he's using your words when you use the words and he uses them back. >> reset back to real life. last thing before we go and easily the most replayed moment from today's white house briefing on the subject of russia, sean spicer went there and invoked a condiment. >> if the president puts russian salad dressing on his salad tonight somehow that's a russian connection. >> might want to be careful on the subject matter. melissa mccarthy will host snl in her own right. she has taken on the topic of dressing before, playing a focus group food taster for the good people at hidden valley ranch. >> this one's way too spicy for me. >> not me. i could eat a whole bottle. >> i could too.
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it's good to the -- oh. >> okay. okay. just stop it. stop it, please. i will give you $50 just to leave. >> deal. can we make it 30? because i'm going to need a little more of this good stuff. boy, that's real good. testing. >> melissa mccarthy will join the five timers club when she hosts snl may 13th. presumably given her five timers honorary club jacket. that is it for our broadcast
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tonight. for all of us here, thank you for being with us. good night from new york. >> good evening from san francisco, i'm chris hayes, we have a big show tonight, including my interview with a senator who says the president today signed a declaration of war on the environment. the new federal probe into who the president is hosting at mira mara lago and why she doesn't trust the russia probe. they gin with news on that front. eight days since the fbi confirmed with the house intelligence committee it's investigating possible links between russia and the president's campaign the work of that committee has been effectively halted. its subsequent meetings cancelled its chairman devin nunes, concerns to the white house, all this amidst new trump company associates, their financial activities and ties to ss